Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, September 12, 1913, Image 1

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Tillamook, Okkcon, Sbitkmiikk 12, 1913.
NO. G7
1 1 In the film of this hnnk to j-tvu
the lcst ImuluiiK service pot-nlblc
and wc lo it.
It if aljo our nim tci have the
very leM equipment such an
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t.uvuru(. KOCH HILt M"i. m"u i
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Allufitty il nJ Notify Public
Tillamook, Oregon
Sidewalks, Floors, Foundations, Chimneys,
Building Blocks, Septic Tanks, Etc.
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Portland, Mo. Hpmknr John A I'tv
tri. rpubllciin. of Kllnworlh, was
cIiumiii tu (III tlm vacancy In lh- Third
c(inKrrlotm dUtrlct by plurality
of 613 over Mayor William A. Pattnn.
Oil. ili'tnocrnt. of Wntervllle, with Kd
nl M Inference, of Lubfc, n poor
thlnl In tlm rnce.
The returns Iti thin special elation
friini nil but a mul Ulnnil plantation
IMers, republican, 16,IK; I'nttan
Kll, demtwrnt. H.6S3; l,arncu. Pro
grehn. 6487.
Tlm tot for prsldnnt In November
: WlUon. democrat. U.W.ltoose
vlt. l'roKr-nlv,.. 13.236. Taft. rrpub
Moan. 7169
Til" I'rop.rmahn rot" showed n full-
lug off of about 50 pr cm from that !
Klx-ll Colonel lloovelt last Novem
ber. On the other hand the Peter
vte wan 0S per c-nt greater than
lh" Tsfl vote while the I'attatiKnll and
Wllmn role showed llitle variation.
LaFollette and Polndcxter Vote tomo. The assassination of mop ; Events Occurring Throughout
unno au, uirecior or We political
"Aye" and Tarilf Bill
Passed by Senate.
S t bureau of the Japanese Foreign Of
; flco, linn Inflamed the masses, and a
j dramatic chapter In the history of the
new Japan wan written Sunday.
ANashlnglon. Th democratic tariff j nftecn thouaand pcraona Kntherfd
rpUlon bill pnarcd lh m:ate. 10 to i )n mlitn ,,nnK n Hlblya I'ark. call
37, Tl, bum of applaun.j that nwopt tnK t0T mUry ncton Kalniit China,
down from crawdc-d r.nll"rli; found lu j A m,,j0rlty of thcue marched to the
ju!0 on the crowded floor of the en- . f0r.;lKn offlc and clamored for adml
ati. Ita pui,K4K0 wiu attei.dfd with j on. Tnt.y demanded the dlapatch of
urprls.' In thu final momunta of the tTOapn to chna to tuk ,,uch lnca(,ure,
voting wln-n Kenalor l.:i Kollette. n- I a. WBr,. .,ecH,rv to nhtaln .ail.f.,..
tion for the kllllnK of Japanene at
publt'-jin. cnl U'.a vote with the demo-
cna. and n Joined a few momenta NnnkhiK. or fnlllns thl, the reslRna-
Mr, lean Offlerr Killed On Urldoe.
Kl I'aMi llnforn l,letltliant A con In.
an officer In Ueiiernl SolHtar' Knler.
al -i mm run! at Juar. crwwied the
Wanton trrrt Interuatlonal bridge he
rrmarkwl that lm wa 'koIiik to kill
a ttrlnKo" He wn, klllfd by United
Htate Cunlnm lMpitor T I' Jonah
and Immigration liupnrtvr Thoma N.
Ilelfflu. after he had opried fire on
them llli a rifle on the American
Ide df thu International boundary.
JI2.000.000 Fire In Hot Springs. Ark.
Hot Spring. Ark Mere than 2f.O0
peraona are hotnelesa. tl2.O00.nuo dam
aj; l don- and 0 blocko of thU city.
uinrrlUK a iiecllon half a mile wide
mid mile and a 'half lotiii'aro hi
ruin ttirour.li n dU.-introiu fire uhlch
did r.ut burn Krelf out until It reach
rit the foot of Went Mountain, the
ou!lim limit of the city.
later by Hunator I'oludcxter, "lroere-
''Until the imnieit of Sniitom li Kol
lette mid I'oi.'idexter actually were
called, however, no one knew definite
ly the bin ml they would take, and
their vote were greeted with enthunt
rullc applaime. I'reiild-nt WlUon fi
preed Kreat Krntlflcatlon over the
end of the lone atruKKle In the autuite
Hon of the mlnlater of foreign affairs,
Ilaron Nobuakl Maklno. '
The apeakera denounced the emptl-
the State During the Past
nen of Japanene diplomacy In connec-' of power and other features
ead it in The Herald
Mort Widely Read Paper in the County
People In the News
Aero nil tin to an announcement from
miffrnKette headquarter nt Ixmdoti.
Mrn Kmmllne I'linkliiimi. will upend
October In America.
! runner lreldent William H. Taft,
' now a profeimor of law at Yale, wan
elected preiitdent of the American liar
anMclatIou at It nemtlon In Montreal.
' W A (Sarrett. vice prenldellt of the
' ChlcaKO Ureal Wentern railroad com
I pany. hfi lMle.l a ittaMnent at Chi-
caKo predlctluK a HhortaK'e of freight
car thin fall In many parts of the
United State. '
Director Morltaro. of the political
bureau of the forelRti ministry, wa.
Ktabbed to death by two ounK nn'n.
at Toklo. The victim wh considered
luke warm by the Japmiee, lu flKht
liiK thu nntl-nlleti law lu California.
The Panama Kovernment ha beo:i
notified Hint KIiik Alfoimo of Spnli
Iiiih made a peroual doiiutlou of MO.
(too towaril the monument of Halbo.t
to be erected near the I'aolflc en
trance of the canal.
tlovei nor Sulrer has mudo public at
Albany. N. Y., the content of n letter
from Colonel Theodore KooHovelt. In
which the latter ndvlne him to make
a "full and trulRhtforwanl explann
Hon anil answer lu reference, to the
charne" that reunited lu the i?over
nor' Impeachment.
Twenty belt from 10 rattleanake
Hkln In a month t the record of In
dustry ftitiibllshed by Orllo Mc.Mnnl
Kill, star witness In the famous case
of the McNamnrii brothers, who occu
pies a "ulle" of cells lu the l.os An
Keles county Jail ponilltiK hia final
disposition by the ruithorltlm.
Engineer Had But Little Sleep
New Haven, Conn. Testifying t
the public InvestlKiitlon Into the New
Haven railroad disaster KiiKlneer Mil
ler of the wrecked train said that, for
n week before the accident ho had
been coverlns his own run nnd that
of another engineer, who waa III.
"I did my work without the aid of
tlmulantM, No, I drank no whiskey.
I slept when I could,"
W. F. Havcmeyer Is Dead.
New York. William P. Hevomoyor,
one of the orKnlrera of the American
Susar HeflnlnB Company, that abeerb
oil the business or the Havemeyer
brothers' reflnerlee, founded by hla
father, who once waa mayor of New
York, died suddenly at the hoase (
hie eon lu law, WUUaaa IL Wo-fc
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Senate Made Many Change
As II panned thu senate, the tariff
bill represent nn average reduction
of more than 4 per cent of the rates
of tliu original bill that pasted the
house nnd nearly 2S per cent from the
rates of existing lawn. In many tm
IKjrtJiut particulars the senate hue
changed the bill thul passed the haute
and a conference committee of the
two houses will b;gln work to adjust
.thtwe differences at once. Leaders of
both house predict that the confer
ence will consume less than two
Attempt to restore a duty on raw
wool and to raise the duty on woolen
frauitifttetiired goods made In -nuccit-slvo
amendments by Senators Ial'ol-
lette, Catron and l'cnrose were de
feated without the loss of a party
Among the amendments defeated
was that of Senator Norrla for a
heavy tax on inheritances. This was
tn-iiteii 5S to 12. the following republi
cans Joining the democrats In voting
against it: Senators llrandcgee, Ca
tron. Clark, of Wyoming; Colt. Fall,
Onlllngcr, Jackson, Llppttt, 1-odge,
Oliver. Penrose, I'erklr.s, Hoot, Sher
man and Sutherland.
Two attempt by Senator La Kol
lette to secure the adoption of substi
tute for the democratic wool tariff
failed by strict patty votes.
Secretary Reports Adversely on Dill,
Assistant Secretary of the Interior
Jotit'b sent to congress nn adverse re
port on the Borah bill recently passed
by the senate, amending the three
year homestead hill by providing Hint
In lieu of cultivation settlers may
make Improvements on their land to
the aggregate value of J 1 .SO nn acre a
year. The secretary objects to the
language of the bill and further main
tain that many homesteaders nre not
nblu to expend this amount lu lm
proveiueuts. ,
He also maintain that tho Uornh
bill repeals the provision In the pres
out law which gives the secretary of
thu Interior discretion to reduce the
area of cultivation.
The effect of such legislation, he
said would bo to penalize the pool
hnmeseeker and mnke it Impossible
for tho Interior department to extend
him any relief.
New Homestead Regulations Easier.
With u view to making It "as easy
as possible for honest entrymeu to
gain homestead and as difficult aa
possible for speculators," Actlag Sec
retary of the Interior Jones published
a new Hat of homestead regulations.
Tho principal concession to home
steader la a reduction In the number
of acre each Is required to cultivate
under such circumstances a the
homesteader's Illness or of exception
al difficulties In the way of cultiva
tion, No reduction In cultivation are Is
permitted, however, on account of the
removal of standing timber a blew nt
timber speculators.
tion with California and China and In
sisted that thu Insult to the Japanese
flag at Nanking should be wiped out
Csmlnettl Is Found Guilty.
San Kranclsco. The Jury In the
cuso of K. Drew Camlnuttl. charged
with n violation of the Mann white
slave act. In the federal court here,
found the defendant guilty on one
count of the four brought against him.
The Jury was out three hours, and
eight ballots were taken.
Jessie Wilson To De Married Nov. 25.
Windsor, Vt. Miss Jefsle Wood
row Wilson, daughter of the president,
and Krancls H. Snycr. will be married
In Washington, according to announce
ment given out by Miss Wilson at
Harlakendcn House.
J Visit of Newell Expected to Result in
New Work Being Undertaken'.
Klamath Kalis The coming visit
i of Director Newell of the reclamation
service is expected to result In much
good to the Klamath country.
Originally $1,000,000 were appropri
ated for this project, but a consider
able portion of this was given to other
projects, on the representations of thu
senate committee on irrigation. Sen
ator Carter, of Montana, was chair
man of that committee, and at a hear
ing held here so many coraplnlnts
wore made of the work bel.ig done
that the committee recommended that
no new work be undertaken on the
Action on Power Project Desired.
Salem Declaring that delay may
Jeopardize the Investigation, Suite
Engineer Lewis wrote to the mem
bers, so far appointed, of the commit
tee to Investigate "The Five-Mile Ra
pids," or "The Dalles Power Project,
to meet In the parlors of the Portland
commercial club.
At the Inst session of the legislature
a bill w,u5 passed appropriating $15,
000 for an Investigation of the pro
posed work, the cost of transmission
committee Is Instructed to make Its
report to the next legislature. The
plan embraces co-operation of the
state of Washington, which Is to snare
the power to be obtained.
West Commutes Morgan's Penalty.
Salem. Governor West commuted
the sentence of Robert Morgan. 18
years of age, sentenced to be hanged
for killing Vlrgle Hart, his sweetheart.
In Condon In October, 1912. to life
"The youth of the boy and the many
petitions and pleas that his life be
spared were my rcaeons for commut
ing his sentence," said the governor
Girls Sell Kisses at 11 Per.
Sales. Twenty thousand asascullne
Hps dressed those of six fair members
of well-to-do and locally prominent
families In a unique scheme whereby
$10,000 was raised toward u fund to
endow Salom hosplul through the dis
pensing of women's kisses nt $1 each
Mtii, young und old, stood In line to
enjoy the osculutory performance.
Com Acreage Extensive.
Ashlnnd. A survey of the corn
fields of the valley, Incident to the
work of preparing exhibits for the
eastern land shows, reveals tl.e fact
that there are at lenst 5000 acres this
year dovotcd to the cultivation zi this
Orchard to Ask For Pardon.
Uoise. Hnrry Orchard, self-can-fesseil
assassin of former Governor
Prank Steunenberg nnd nt one time
sentenced to be hanged, has publish
ed tho required notice In n Caldwell
paper that ho will apply to the board
of pardons at the October meeting for
a full nnd nbsolute pardon.
Senator May Be Elected Under New
Act, Says Crawford.
Salem. Attorney-General Crawford,
who has made an Investigation of the
state "election laws at the Instance of
United States Senator Chamberlain,
candidate for re-election, announces
that he believes they were adequate
for the election of a senator under the
provisions of the federal constitution
al amendment, providing for the direct
election of United States senators.
"I shall make a further Investiga
tion, however," said the attorney-general,
"before writing to Senator Cham
berlain. I believe now that primaries
for the nominations of the various
elucidates may he held the same as
those In gubernatorial and congres
sional contests, and that the general
elections for United States senator
shall be conducted the same as those
for other offices."
Rancher to Raise Ponies For Polo.
Vale. The establishment of a polo
horse ranch In Malheur county by
W. U. Sanderson and Harry Chapman
has added an entirely new phase to
the livestock Industry of eastern Ore
gon. Thoroughbred horses of a varie
ty adapted to use In the game of polo
will be raised nnd trained on this
ranch, and put on the market after
being thoroughly trained for the game.
Tuberculin Tests to Be Free.
Brief News of the Week
Thirteen persons were prostrated by
tho heat In Minneapolis last Satur
day. The thermometer registered 95
Dispatches received from Nanking
report that the northern armies com
pletely sacked that city. The looting
and other excesses lasted three days.
Reports from Stuttgart, Germany,
say that 13 persons were killed und 11
others Injured, five perhaps fatally,
when a demented school teacher nam
ed Wngner ran nmuck lu two German
Tho championship of the world with
the free rifle which goes to the win
ner of tho International unions 300
meter five man match, was won by
Switzerland nt Camp Perry, Ohio.
Violent popular anger Is expressed
against China In Toklo because of the
killing of four Japanese by rlotlug
troops of the Chinese government at
Nankin. The Toklo press discusses
tho affair with much bitterness, and
the Japanese foreign office has pro
tested vigorously to the Pokln government
J. P. Morgan k Co. has served not
ice on the New York, New Haven and
Hartford railroad that it la the inten
tion of the company to cease uctlug
as fiscal agents of the line. Mr. Mor
gan says it is the purpose to leave
the road a free hand in Management
of it financial affairs.
Eugene. For the purpose of aiding
the Lane county fair and also to help
build up the dairy Industry of tho
Willamette valley, veterinarians of
Kugcne have agreed to make free of
charge the tuberculin test required of
all cattle exhibited at a county fair.
Girl Eloper Stands By Youth.
Albany. Gamely admitting that she
was equally as guilty In planning and
carrying out tho thefts necessary to
their elopement, 15-year-old Stella
Morgan expressed her willingness to
share In the punishment when 16-year-old
Melvln Peebler, her companion,
was committed to the state training
school by County Judge McKnlght
J. S. Hanley, proprietor of the
Sweet Shop, is now able to bo out
after a two weeks illness with pneu
Tillamook, Ore.