Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, September 09, 1913, Image 4

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Mtxlc City -- n of pntr Mti
In mM to lw i ffji'iic over Mexico.
and from man state ami from all
classes. It Is nnnounoed. assurances
of allegiance ni:d offers of service are
biting received J;ll by trvldnt Hu
erta nad hi minister of ar
The war department has been called
an to fumljh military instructors to
a 16sn cities, when ttio fear of be
1MB Impressed fi.r service asalnst the
rtt-oluttotttsts ha given away before
a later patriotic ardor '
la addition to the students of the
proaratory jrhool. whre n!!!nry
Instruction ha bfen enforced for
sOm time, the manual of arm Is b
tny taught workers who nre attending
aig.nl aehoois and the employs of the
tax department. .
The excitement umouc AmerloAn
restdent ovtjr Proldont VIIon'
wnrolUR subsided to a targe decree
over Sunday. A limited number of
persons left on trains to era t rui
and the opinion Is growing that the
warninit. so far as reenrds the lame
centers. til not be generally obeyed
unless further information of deftalte
character is forthcoming.
Willamette hop,roer announce ;
thnt the recent ram niimi un iuu ,,
red spider which do great damage
to the crops.
Portland Is to have a milk show,
September 32 to J7. tts prim ob
jects will be to demonstrate- the great
food alue of milk, and the danger of
unsanitary dairying.
tu lieu of her flrt two puppies,
which died a few da)s after they were
Mo Vou M) Hr It It Sound to
1 Other Pro!u' Car.
l.lMy. u do HiMMHirx to haw' s leu-
.! liiMwtticiitoiI the m.ttter, h-
OUR (5000 ROADS.
(Continued from r'ltst Pane.)
It In rugged and mouic
sine tlx ttxit iK't ml. ihur olio not see I . .
.i .....ir ... ... 1.1.., 1. n 11. . 1 ii. hul'd roads.
.1.- . 1,....- i.i.. t miL.ts. h.vir itnlnou for tho iikmI Prt. I heir roan
him. Sumo liiteivtlitg experiments
(ho I'rviieh savant In
whelms! two orohnn Vltten have been 1 shuv. Hint If pcrMUi record on
adopted by a fox terrier belonging to ' liuHenli disk a few entelnos pro
uuim-ti uy tiitticir. titgctucr witn out
' ors rsrded ly rrleml. ami enusi I lie
mni-hluo to reproduce these. II M't
Nine Customs Guards at San Fran
cisco Are Involved.
San Francisco. Cat Warrant for
the arrest of nine customs guards,
suspended from service. Is the first
step of what promises to develop the.
biggest smuggling scandal ever
a liver) man of Salem.
The JIO round trip rate frvnn San
Francisco. Sacramento and point
rorth to Klamath PhIU will be on sale
September IS and 13 and will bo good
for return within two eeK
Well-known business men and farm
ers slept on cots In the street In front
of the Kouml up ticket office at Pen-
lleton. In order to be the first to pur
chase tickets when the sale beau
at 7 o'olook last Monday mornlnc
To be shot at. the shot mUslnc her
but frlKhtentiiK her horse so that she
was thrown from the saddle and drnts
ced by the stirrup until brtdlj lujured
was the story told by aRed Mrs. John
Olbrich. who came to Maker from UU
Creek to report to the urund Jury.
Sensonnt James 11. Wolford. of Ore
gon's Pourth Const Artillery Iteserve,
landet one of the 1! honor places on
the Cnlted States team that will de
fend the Palma trophy In tho Sep
tember 6 fight with Canada, Sweden
and other countries.
Oregon hunters are threatened with
a big cut In their open season on
ducks. gese and other shoro birds. If
are Hum scieimuoaiiy, wun mumi;
tniallttcs, and they Keep (hem up "'
After IravliiK' HeU. we sped over
thluUKh dense foiesl and
sIoiik- ro'Ky rlvwis. At ti'oloek In the
afternoon we drew UK lit front of the
Hotel Itamsey, PlllamoiV,iiilie refresh
Wo made Tillamook our headquarter
and retmlvod to ?ev all Ui" benutlo uf
fniuentl.v haiiH.ns that the limn m.. re nl,MWHlll t-4mMty which. Imleeil are
numerous : Ita bearliem, river, forest
werv luiido by
this cottuivtton.
In order to nvrtnlti whether a man
rvwiy Knew ue wuiui in iu " ' Jm fOml
rlll1 IJIOM IIHS Ott'll Ml "Willie pun"
ileterinluo the facts. His experiment
Hy Sending Vour Mml OuK-rjiio
102 Grand Ave.
of his
ivixPy roeoculaes tho o(res
friend thai he doos tdn own.
It appears thnt tho differences lies
in tho nunllty of the totie One lunrs
his own voirv not ouly throiurh the
air. as do hl amlltors. bill ertw.s the
solid ports between the orenns of
s'Hwh tim. lhso of hcnrlng. The
, niimd thus trsliu--d has a dliTeront
1 Hiuhro from Hull 1-olnltii-tisl to the ear
, hy tln nlr ntHiro.
. If one entertain any doubt as to thl
let him try tht folio wine experiment.
Take the et'd of , wixmIoii rsl In-twin n
Hie terth wihI prnutie the vowei
i-ontliiuoii-ly. I.et the other end he
taken nllerntttoly between the trvth
and relonsisl hy another person who at
and dairy farm.
The trip ftoin TllUinool to Netart
llesch I aUtut nine mile Id roiled the
mountain oer a newly coiwtrui'led
plank road.
CatibalJi Trip Tlratant.
Oarthaldt Hoel. with it several
little remit. I atHiiit mile from
Tillamook and we chjoved the trip Im
meixoly. The sooner) I sltnoat imle
cribahle. We wouml amutal through
tho im. unt-ilnii with Tillamook Hay ami
the breakers alttwwt constantly I" view,
From TillamiHik to Nehateltl ami
Mount Nnahkahnie i a neverto-bv for
Ph toad, which U tine.
follow atouk' the. Miami Hlver through
a canyon which .1 the narrow valley
of the river. We Jjaw many plrtur
brought to llsht on the Celtic coast. , Uw
I)tnlta of the operation of tho I ,,wW(Bt w,Uo con.
I gress. Oregon ;ortsmen will bo at
1 low ed to shoot only between Septetn-
opium smuggling ring which Is alleged
to bnve gone on for years along th
Pacific coast with the connivance of
thee customs cuartls is In the hands
of Collector of the Port J. O. Davis.
Collector Davis declares that the
opium ring, thoroughly organised,
with representatives in China and Pa
cific coast ports, has ngued tn illicit
operations from which the profit
amounted to bundrsis of thoiicinii
of dollars.
Thaw's Weapon is Used Against Him
Sberbrooks. Quebjc. Harry K.
Thaw's favorite, though Ineffective,
weapon in the New York courts tho
writ of habeas corpus was tureed
against him hy bis old prosecutor, i
William Trav(r Jerome, as a mean
of forcin- Thaw into court here Tues
day In order that the Immigration au
thorities may deport him to Vermont
in what Jerome hopes will be the first
leg of the return to Matte.iwan asv-lum.
People in the News
Krltzi Scheff. the actress, has filed
a petition in bankruptcy at New York.
She places her aiets at J 7 4,923 and
her liabilities at JH&.S50.
Senator Chamberlain has appealed
to the president for the pardon of
C. S. Houston and J. W. Bullock, Seat
tle men who were convicted of sell
ins coal to the government at an ex
orbitant figure.
Announcement was made from Bu
cliare&t, Roumunla, that the powers
have selected the prince of Wind,
nephew of the queen of Roumanla,
a the new ruler of Albania.
Lieutenant-Governor Glynn vom for
mally recognized as acting governor
by tho New York assembly after a
bitter debate.
It has been announced at Chicago
by Judge W. L. Chambers, United
States cotnmistiioner of mediation,
that the danger of a i-trike affecting
45.00C employes of the Chicago. Burl
ington & Quincy ha been averted.
The Ducheb of Marlborough. th
daughter of W. K. Vanderbllt, of New
York, has connented to lend the newly
formed women 'h municipal party.
Two militant suffragettes caught
Premier AiQuith of England p'aylng
golf at I.ostenmouth, Scotland, and
smashed his hat, pounded him In the
face with thlr flfcts and whacked him
over the head with their umbrellas
They were arrested.
j ber 15 and December 15.
J One of the best fruit deal In the,
! Hosue Hlver valley for this year was
made by Preil Hopkins, of Mdford.
when through the Producers' Prult
i company he sold hia entire crop of
j Winter Nellls pours. 7500 boies, from
. 14 acres, to London and Glasgow fruit-
dealers for aprotlmately $10,000.
A peculiar malady eetns to have In
fected the lack rabbits of the Eastern
Oregon section. Rabbits are dylug by
the thousands. When overtaken h'y
the disease the rabbits crawl Into the
first hole they find and die there. In
ziany badger holes as many ns half
a dozen dead rabbits have beon found.
A huge tract of timber hind, lying
20 miles north of Mmlford. comprlnlng
4S00 acre, has been sold to the Ben
ton Lumber company of Hoddlng. for
31O".O0u. The new owners will Im
mediately begin the construction of a
315.000 fruit box factory that Is to
supply apple and pear boies for tho ,
entire vnlley.
That some system should be devls-'
ed to postpone the first payments of
settlers on government reclamation
projucts until after the land has be- j
-tun to produce and that their burden
should otherwise be lightened. 1 the
opinion of Will. R. King. ex-Justice of
the Oregon Supreme Court, now chief
coum! for the Unit-d Stato reola-1
the snui" lime stos Ids eur. The tn t
ter will fltid that everv time he setse !j.uun tup.
in.- ri.i in in irviu ini- miiii iii i-strotigt-r
than when It notches the ear
through the air above and ttmt It ha 11
different intallty Tho iwiiotagv of
sound throuch a sollil .d' ituirmeuls I enue pU, one of which we .elected
Its lntensltv ami moilltles Its nu.illiy ; while wc cooked our dinner, near
llarjmr't We..kly. j tittle school bou.se In the heart of tin
i hill, whuru thuro was n cukl. crystal-
. . j The road from Nnhalcm to Mount
It Wiin'l Titd In a TartyU Juil For i Neahknlinlu nml Ncahkahnle nn I
th Fun ol th. Thing. nt-jep and in pol. aandy. Hut the
Kirr slue dl:lo na.y was ilrst l. ' effort of going over a hit lo rough road
, l ent. si Its ui.n.1 eititio'iit prurtltlon. . -hnvo
epemlesl their Ixt ertorts lu
m.vstlf)lng If not In m-tualiy deeTlii.
their lit ais CIht Ijtml utid Meer lie
an untaxing 11 ins Jot of dltoiiuttl- Uf-'
In tho oU'lilevuth tontury.
In I T 1 1 Count IU-.tu.tn-M urn eir
by the enip.ror of UiumIk to Stovkt": u
tu put the ituotioli of war or Hnre !
i ih SwihIUI' goiernnii'iit t'poti rrl
lug the count made known hi iul..iti
ami then waltisl imtletitly for nti an
Finally when ho had almost given up
hoK of getting a reply he rivUed n
long xjiiiniuiihatton from the Sweiiuh
mliilstiT of wnr. Irfigt-rly Count tt.-stii
shew u(eliel the letter, for ho know
that It coutaltiitl the kmg oHs,'lrd nn
swer. But to tils diwptlr bo fouud It
so enetlttibs-reil with olJlclnl phrnsi-t
aiwi formal. tie that he .-oulil m.ike
nothing of Its tuoaulug. For two hour
Ktrug-.-f.-l In vain to i-umprohutid the
cuufutl doi'unieut. Then he hasleueil
to the minuter of war.
"My disir Count Bottlshew," said
the minister when the count had ex
plained hi dlleulty. "I have no au
thority to rum mil ti h-ate to you orally
the contents uf this d'xtitnetit. 1 could
uot think of It."
"But I lmv. ptizzl.il over this for
two hours, and still 1 can make with
Ing of It ."
"Pray, do not lihwne yotirlf, eouttt."
said the iidlibttur. "V'oi rould hardly
oxpd-t to uurnvel In two hours a doc
ument that took mo two day to knit
1 nation service.
A power and watr system covering; and knot together.
; towns from Stayton to Sale-m I being 1
promoted by Idaho and Spokane men. Painfully Mld.
The proposal Is to bring water from A v,'rJr fn'lonnhle young man stop-
the North Fork of the Santlam with ! " " ,l"tUl' """ ,'"t """'
1.1-1. , .... 1.. a 1 ... . . 1 t order a box of tlowers sent to his
( VJ T " !' h, y T' r '"' At tho same time he also
ville and the ,t t, Instl utlons. also '..,,, n fHf w f
they are promoting an electric light fru-nd. On tho can! for the box h
ing aystefti and trolley line through 1 wrote.
Staytoi and Aurnsvllle to Salem. j "Hoping thl may help you to boar
The movement for city ownership of the limit."
the water and lights haa been renewed 1 'll' "'her card loro the on word, 1
atal iaimI were well reoardwi whon wc
IvokiMt on tht beautiful tavern to
ptctureiuely Itualcsl on the mighty
I'acttlr. After enjoying- this tight we
took our OverUml ami cllmbcsl a far
a an nutumobiki can go up the hmmov
taiti. Then we walVrs) u the ok! Ssia-
Idc trail Th view out ovr the c
was uH'rb,
Tho resit of utir time wo poncd In
taking tithing irlp up the Wllion, tho
Trk atxl Miami Klvcr. wnding In Ihc
rivers wa a largo fartur in our fUhlng
trljMi. In fact, i think, many lime
we did morn wading than AshliiK We
caught many lovely rainbow trout,
which abound In the river therp But
thi U U'K'inning to txi a tlh story
The Variety of porta which aro opstn
to th motorist in TiIUm.M,k (ounty n,
imlccil, rufnarkabje. There l urf
halhing, (Wlmmini;, deep ca lUhliiK,
(Uhinc In tho mountain slmultu and
huntlnk. Ami, always, while uuoiUy
within tho bound of Tillamook County
he will Ik- assured uf kwaI ruod.
FollowiiiL' arc a few of many cut nrier
1 ion iiiiiiicrou to mention:
t t 1 1 1
liiKcraiill 5i.oo Watchc 73c
iytnt tllllcttc Snlrly Ntwor 5,i 7J
$H,ki IU111III1111 Wnfclic 5775
lAUe lllultl NVaichca (tlilu uulc j1Jg
$4t.tMi lliiwnrtl Wntchca J.iu.uo
ItJi: Ucthictloit on All Howard W'ntclic
.... 1 . , . 1 n .. , .
i-,l uu n "i"ihm uicaii, rarscr, votiKlln anj n-l
1 iiiiniaiii icni
WalchcD CIcnocU Ji.txi
Atlittrltiic 50c Hi In it Co Stall Ji.jj
I I I I I I I lift
1 1
Abstracts on Short Notice!
Pacific Abstract CompaJ
Complrtr Srt of Abstracts of the Krcordic,
TilUniook County, Ottoa
omen ckouNt) 1'i.ook todo motel
:ivuh Uuii.1. ivitM.
Mln AU. Moiot
I. O. BOX 147
Turn About.
"Turn nlout Is fair play." fjtiotril the
wUo tuy
"Y nnswernl the simple mug.
the man who throws a bHiiuua kln
on the sidewalk slioiildti t In- nirprU'tl
If the Iwnann skin throw him in ttit-
atne plate. Philadelphia ltev.rd.
Cold Comfort.
"Oh. wn. Mr. Hionnr protM.siil Innt
night "
Are you sure he lovm you?"
lli- ald he'd die for me. papa."
Well, you'll both ill.. )f you try in
live on the snlnry hu'a gettlns." !!
ton Transcript
To Our Friends
Tli it;itt invite you to tttCri.it nir njw
which w ill Ikkiii lonnnllv I o-lrtv,
tcilllxrr twclftll .J Wc Will ustidl
h. initiplctc mttl IkuuiiMiI Imc t no i-mASi
tiou f kihwI juilKinctu, fjotul or.iiiz.tti n. o
cicncv, nnil tot cpcri kntnvlctlc l th- imliirm
lti!titic can ctctitc.Vou lire tltricr wet uiw-si
wc will mcc to it tlutt ytitir comfort iti. wnttttait
cnrcfully lookctl nftcr.N'o ellort will Iksw(p1w
make your vi.111 plcnrifmt m well i. rr'liub.
Come, t j ji $
Reading Declared to Own G3 Per
Cent of Unmlned Deposit.
Philadelphia Attorney General
Mclteynolds' firm and mot Important
attack on the "hard coal trust" was
begun here with the filing of a civil
suit for the dissolution of the Reading
C'ompany'fc control of coal mlnltiK and
coal carrying railroads. The Heading
Company, with its subsidiary and al
lied corporations, are charged by the
federal government with violating
both the Sherman antl-trubt la- and 1 risk
the commodities clause of the Inter
state commerce act.
This combination, controlling at the
present t'tao C3 per cent of the entire
unmlned deposltb of anthracite coal
and marketing about 30 per cent of
tho annual supply, will owu or control
lu time, if not dissolved, the attorney
Keneral warni, "every ton of commer-
nlally available- antbraclU known to '
at Klamath Falls for two reasons. One
is that the rates for water for Irriga
tion prevent as free use of water for
that purpos as would follow lower
tea. This prevents the planting ol
trees and reduces the number of lawns
thus keeping back the work of beau
tifying the city.
A movement has b-en started to
secure ihe closing of Mill Slough, a
small tidal estuary which reaches
back through the center of Marnh
field, dividing the town into two parts
and Just at this time the matter Is at
trading more attenlon that usual he
cause of the Important bearing It has
on railroad construction, and the mat
ter will be taken ap with tho Oregon
lolegatlon to secure special leglsla
tlon by congress.
Notwithstanding the efforts of Rep
resentative Blnuott and other mem
bera of the Oregon delegation to get
some relief for settlers on lands un
surveyed and unopened to entry thero
seems to be no relief for them. The
general land office has ruled that the
statute governs and that If they leave
claim, they must do no at thalr own
This ruling affects a larga num-
Rather Othsrelis.
Is your dmifhler tiitislcnIT"
WHI." replied Mr. Cuinrot. "he
SIH'friH M.1 III i.iiii-i,r.tilln l.ti. ...I.....
i ",wi, 11(41 ll.-ll
. . .she sliitfs ntilnloiis differ." Wnnlitne.
ei v mmiii Hie Ctrl telephoned:. u....
'I haul; you o mil' h for the dowers. 1
It.il why d.l urll.- Svopathy' on j Vou may stretch a trull. Int.. n lie.
"" S"'""" M"""" hut .., ,,,' MuU n lie Into truth. -
Kell lll
CT Urmlnjltan Cukj
i lllto
The Herald cornea to y twice a
week for ?1.50 a year. Sulir- .!. no- . I
ber of Oregon entryman,
Oswald West, governor, and A, M
Crawford, attornoy-ganoral of Oregon
have been summoned to appear In the
United States district court at Port
land September 16, to answer a com
plaint In the suit of K. J, Barnes and
It othc.ru against the Southern Ore
gon company and themselves aa offi
cials of the Btate of Oregon. Tho CO
complainant are people who desire
that land granted by congress In 18C3
to the atate of Oregon be disposed of
according to the terms of tho grant.
s- .1 -
BoWoe. Einiion, SIU Btuth; UimmiAmr. Soft BBBM
W MATS the uj of u rcpeatirm sun thnt
throwi the hells, .moke and Kcain
X "SI 0 your "ir,n.? Thnt' the iue-
lion that atarted n wn,L nn .1.. r
o .t. ktnd or, the market, and u.ed by thouaaf
of gunner, all over the country.
ThSre,idhue ftrn' Perfect,j; B'nced.
inree Inbuilt Safety Devices accidental die.
chnrge imoo.tible. Simple T.ke-Doin -a quart
ter turn of k. . f " Hu-
...w WJtt LI, UlUltUUl IOOU.
B,S?,0n Arm-Unlo. M.t.lllo Certridl. Co.
The Toys of Perfect Baking!
livery lioimewifc IcnmvH the jov of ImkiiiK w,l.r"
comes Irom the oven in lun-e. liulit.'evt'iilv browiinl Iost!
Mut such results nre not. nlwuys olitnined even hy twj
tK, viitt-ii. it iititcs 11 ucioil Hour- better tlum '"c
miiKe ureatl Hint is n joy to see and to cut.
ih Imki: iiiHurnnce. Vou filwuys uct ond results 1
Snow." Successful housewives every u here ure lnsistinKfl
K.weer t euver only Drifted Snow I-lour- t!u v liwi m
Will lltul it nlti.r n In ir frinl Vmii aiw..t iu i liiLI'IUlly l 1
ou ure not absolutely satisfied with the Hour. Ask)otl
i imoi.i uihureyour baking results.
The Herald is the
advertising medium
the county ,T HAScffiuui