Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, September 09, 1913, Image 1

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Tillamook, Okhoon, SmmtMiiKK 9,
NO. 6G
i . l - '
Extra Special
:H, m All Silk TiiiTctn Hair
Kibbou in All Color
15c yd.
Tillamook's Better Store
Extra Special
3 Great Hig Jumbo School
Tablets for
Unsurpassed Showing of the Most
Desirable New Fall Merchandise
lit ttll wizen from fit? to Uy. These
lion .tie fnt black, medium rib.
hoi. n ebtHtic. nml t
nhose (hut will tnnd I I
the went ami tear
The uuc olt outing that you
liau'nn used to paying more
for u stripe, theekN. and all the
ilAtitt vohuK thai come
ill ti i het tor quahtv. on
wile .1' Me w hile t Inula
Come Now! and Enjoy the Benefits of
Our Months of Labor in Your Behalf
FKO.M the Meat Markets of the World complete stocks of the most worthy
new lull merchandise have been gleaned, and now it is for you to come
and gather the fruits of our months of labor in your behalf. As our
labors cease, your activity begins nn activity which will be stimulated to
quickness by offerings beyond compare-the result of our diligent search,
alert buying, and conscientious endeavor to "sift the chaff from the wheat."
so that everything concerned in this great showing would be worthy of this
store's reputation for honesty in values, quality, workmanship and price unite
to make this event a carnival of economy for thrift v buvers.
ml U m
J1 i .rt. rr .ai
C;r K.tl Hk.tn, it Uui
YL' can sec from thin illus-
t rat ion how some of the
new fall models look on men
who know how to wear
clothes; these men are wearing
the late styles in
Hart Schaffner &
clothes; the young man wears
a three-button, two-to-button
coat with soft roll front and
linglish model trousers. And
father can look just as smart
as the son; a two. button sack,
with liixli-otic vest; very
That's the kind of clothes
we're offering you. Look at
the $2:") values;" and then at
lower or higher priced suits
Double fold suiting in
the latest shades. Just
t h e thing for girls'
school dresses, in win
ter weights. On sale
for a short time at
29c yd.
Snappy school dresses
lor girls from G to IS
years in gingham-cotton
mixtures in a big
variety of styles and
colors. Prices range
75c to $3.50
Women Will Admire the
Stylish New
A VISIT to our Millinery
Department will interest
you greatly. We've just re
ceived a full line of the newest
dress and street hats, and there
is a splendid assortment of all
the popular styles and colors.
The popular gray flannel shirt
styles. The black and white
shepherd checks that are so
popular this season, in all
sizes from Hi to -14, on sale
this week at $1.39.
Complete New Lines of
A glance tit our stock of seas
onable weight Underwear, now
display, is an object lesson
k to quality and styles now
i greatest demand. We are
positive the garments will fit
perfectly and be sure to give
satisfaction. For ladies, men
"ml children.
An unusually extensive van
ity of styles and colors in the
Kufl'Neck styles which arc so
popular tit present.
The Best Possible Values in
The New Suits and Coats
Newness pervades every corner
of our popular ready-to-wear
section. For many weeks past
we have been inconstant touch
with the leading New York
producers and have assembled
what we consider an unparal
leled showing of new wearing
apparel for women and misses.
The most fashionable new
Suits priced from $15 to $35.
The newest in Coats priced
from - - $8.75 to $25.
The New Wool Dress
An unprecedented showing of
the new season s
ool,M-mrc nt nnces
ou'll be ghul to pay. The smartest fall and
winter fabrics are in this great display. No
mutter whether a plain weave or staple color,
or an attractive weave of the latest novelty,
you'll find iust what will please you most in
eluded in this broad showing. We invite you
to make selections now while assortments
ure complete. '
Those New
Fall Shoes
Are here that you have been
waiting for. Never before was
the assortment just so varied.
For ladies the heels are some
what lower. Tans arc again
very popular, with the favor
ites, medium weight gun metal,
patent colt and vici leathers,
with hand turned and welt
soles. Our misses' and, boys'
lines were never so complete.
We invite your inspection.
A large size woolnnp blanket
in white, tan, or gray. The
soft, warm, wooly kind just
the thing for these eool nights
on sale nt
$1.83 pr.
Tillamook Boy Writes
From the Orient.
Joseph Atkinson One of Uncle Sara's
Sailor Boys, Sends Interesting
Letter From Cbina to His
Mother Here.
U. S. S. Cincinnati,
Nanking, China. Aug. 8, '13,
Dear Mother:
win try and write- a few lines to
night. We have been here nearly a
week now and don't know when we
will leave we went up to Kinktang.
about 300 miles from here- with sup
plies for the Helena but got there too
late to see any fighting.
They are expecting an attack on Nan
king in a few days but it will be our
luck to lenve la-fore It happens.
Wc have been Retting liberty here
from 1 p. rn. to 7 p. m. 1 was out to
Ming Tombs and took several pictures
there, also a few of thejtown.
It is a great placefor old walls
There is one around the entire city and
several inside the largo wall. The city
wall is about CO feet thick and about
30 feet high and is built of large sun
dried brick. It tnust have taken a long
time and a lot of labor to build it as
it is over 20 milesjlong,
There has been some hard righting in
Shanghai since we left there and it is
now in the hands of the Rebels.
It was thought at first the Japs were
supplying the Rebels with ammunition
but they have found out differently
The relx-ls have lost nearly every place
except Shanghai and Woosung.
There was some fighting at Chink
Kiang about 50 miles below here, and
the reporls are thnt the Rebels fired on
one of our gun boats but don't think
there is anything to it.
This trip has been the downfall of
the Cincinnati. The day we left we
run into the Collier when trying to go
along side to coal, and bent two five
inch guns and a six pounder. The
second day up the river one of the
pumps sprang a leak and used up all
the fresh water before they found the
trouble, so we had to anchor all that
day until they could make more water
and fix the pump. Next day the
pumps wouldn't work and they couldn't
get water in the boilers and burned
one of them so it can't be used any
Yesterday they lighted fires under
three trailers to shift anchorage and
two of them leaked so they had to pull
the fires.
There was a board of survey on here
Auto Party Enjoys
Our Good Roads.
Interestinf Article by Marguerite L
Elbert of Portland, wfeo Enjoys
A Trip Witb Friends Throiffc
The County.
From Sunday's Orogooian ;
Why should we Portlamiers crave the
adventures of transcontinental mo
toring, when wc have within easy
reach a trip which holds excitement
een to the extent of being held up
while a stump is blasted from the road
side? The trip to which I refer is that
beautiful little mountainous route from
Portland to the thriving little city of
Wc left Portland bright and early in
our Overland, which we think, as every
motorist thinks of his car, is tflo enly
car manufactured. The day was per
fect for such a trip, for it was cool and
the sky was overcast ith light clouds.
We were well prepared for whatever
obstacle might confront us. We had
complete outfit for cooking, so we did
not need to worry about making time.
Those in the party were Mr. and Mrs.
P. K. Egbert, myself and Clifford
Out over the Fulton Hill and the
smooth roads of Multnomah County we
sped along at a good rate until we
came to the county line. We needed
no signboards to tell us that we had
entered Washington County. The dif
ference in the road was quUe enough
evidence. The only thing which saved
us from a disagreeable trip through
Washington County was the rain which
had fallen the day before and partially
laid the dust.
Scenery is Beautiful
From Newberg to McMinnville was
passed through one of the rich farming
districts of the fertile Willamette Val-.
ley. Shortly after leaving Willamina.
we came to the mountains, and what
mountains and what scenery ! First
we would climb up a steep grade and
then, suddenly, go down again. We
would ride along a wooded canyon just
above a clear, rushing, stony mountain
stream, then we would go up, up, up
until we were many feet above it. We
traveled along a road winding up and
down through the Grand Ronde reser
The roads were good until we reached
the mountainous region and there we
found several miles of old plank and
corduroy road. During this portion of
our journey, we were kept busy hang-
Monday looking over things but we injr onto our seats, which we were un
don't know vet what their verdict will able to occupy all of the time. After
be but expect to go to Olongapo navy
yard for repairs.
I sent you a bunch of pictures a few
days ago and am sending another one
now. I am putting most of my small
ones in an album and will send it when
I get it filled.
I suppose everybody is busy with
their hay there by now, if they have
not finished. This fine weather makes
me feel like getting out in the woods
or somewhere.
passing over such road ve all felt
ready to eat our lunch. We stopped at
a beautiful open spot in the trees and
built a fire and prepared our noonday
The highest point in the mountain is
just this side of Dolph. The view
from this point is unsurpassable. The
summits of the mountains, with which
we were on a level, are covered with
giant trees and heavy undergrowth.
Toll Charged on Good Road.
iiiwiv la ovum mtv lain, luuu aiuMK I 3 a . 1..L. . ! 1 . 11 t 1
th., river hero. The YnnPtse Vnllev is ! J At Dolph We paid toll for passing
claimed to be the most fertile valley over the only three miles of really good
roau we experienceu alter we bad
entered the mountains. We could as
readily recognize Tillamook County by
its good roads as we could Washington
by its bad roads. Just beyond Dolph
there has been a great improvement in
the road in the last two years. Many
of the steep grades have been taken
down, among these the famous Dolph
hill, which was formerly a 33 per cent
grade. Then, too, the road has been
widened so that two vehicles can easily
pass at any point. The people of Tilla
mook County surely deserve much
credit for their fine roads, for their
county is not an easy one in which to
in the world but the river overflows
every summer and floods the whole
country. The Chinks have dikes built
in some places and raise fine crops.
Corn is their main crop hero, besides
rice. I hey raise quite a lew water
melons but they are not good like thev
are in the states. None of the fruit or
vegetables are very good out here.
Well 1 can't think of any more to
night. Write soon. Joe.
School Books
All new school books hrve arrived,
and we are now ready to make the
changes according to the demands of
the text commission. We also have a
large and complete line of school sup
plies nt exceeding low prices, better
values than ever before.
C. I. Clough.
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The stockholders of the Tillamook County Fair
Association are requested to meet at the court house
on Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock, Sept. 13th, lor
the purpose of electing officers and transacting other
necessary business.
R, Y. Blalock, Secy.