Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, September 02, 1913, Image 7

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est Coast Electric Co.
Tel 130 J
ioods of Merit, Only
The Tillamook Drag Store
E. E. KOCH, Ph. G.
Our stock Is complete In
Furniture, Stoves, R.ingc
All Kinds of Kitchen Utensils
Carpets and Rugs
20 per cent, discount on
Wall Pnper
September 3, 4, and 5
(ilomihlf And I lie South End.
While mentioning the vnriirifs part
ut our county w would not overlook
our itplilir south of us. To them
South ut thu mountain for n tllstanco
of hovcii miles it most picturesque
beach about onclmlf mile In width at
low which extends to thn mouth
1 1 .. n i i .. ....
Tillamook City I, ,H,N n, some ..x-l " T T ' 7' X W,Uf' ,0
for ll.elr liberal iwtrnniimt and ! 'T .7"" ' w,m,u A cwnoin-
pccinllv to
oVHltVlu IhorounLv ,.,! lb. ufcr,M, I " WfwM ,w espc
1.0-1. ...motion.. Of It. resource V' f u,nmclr ""T, U flh,"K 'l""""
and MM..ti,tfM r.,1,1,,,,,. Li ,,r,v,nt; nwl UuneliiriK all of which, and
written and half would only li told, I
We Guarantee Satisfaction
or Money Refunded
Your Prescript tuns Compounded With the Purest
Drills nnd Just What the Doctors Order.
Best Treatment Best Prices Prompt Service
lones-Knudsen Furniture Co.
Popular Priced
dot M or
IKVJbIA"J I'UK. 1 1 IK ml
hCOf h t AS NKAK WAflU
Li'i bJ lUijfi Fiae Clothing, Booh
td Shin, lUti, Furatthint
(ioodi, Etc
rich are th elummitii tlmt go toward
building up u prMMinju community.
t At lloiivnr, tho first town .onto, tho
IciUtwiK havo gon fortlmr than dairy
'KHf, although dairying U the great
source nf revenue ti the ranchers the
same other parts of tlm county,
. thry are ilivelnpltig n tnjw field to itiM
riches to their already well filled stare
;inui- uf wtmlth. Thin now field is
. the culture of loganberries, Several
j acres have already boon net out to this
, fruit, mid an orgnn'xalion perfected
i and Incorporated to huill ml milntain
' dryer. Thf bsmjcImIuii will market
thu product him! otherwise Im uf advan
tage 'o tlm gro.r,
Farther 'iulh, nwl the businett con-U-r
of thtr o.ith half of Tlllnrmmk
county in thu village of Cloverd.il.
flit villnce lm I cun Hi'.- trmllnt; jvtiiit
of thn uuthvrn pitrt of thu cuunty
liicn It wui flrtl rnnitc n !uliw point
or place where lniliin coulil lo
lianilltHl. i'rotn n f-rnnll iK'xlmtinic ft
Itai j;rmvn until today It in onp of the
lirlk'hi ami bony upou of which thin
mor, li nhuinliint nl Nuhalem. Th;
Riim rmr reort Imvc 4cxccllnt hotel
ncco niiiMliitlan.
The New City of Wheeler.
Wheeler Oregon Ih otio of the new
town of TillBtnook County. It hnx
come Into csUtance becnuo of the
chnm:M In tranxirtatlon fcilltlt8. It
prcavnt tlevelopement In ;i result of
the completion of U.e rnllruad and !l
future will he it coum-ipjunce of in-tti r
rnllromi fucllltlcii mid improved wtr
Tlx city of Wheeler I situated on
thuuuth ldu of N'ehalem Bay about 1
-iile from the mouth of tne Buy and
ut the head of deep water riuvicnti.iii
on thu Bay. It ti the ruilroifl .U'.x
Ita nllre frontage thua i?ivinf to the
manufacturer and merchunU of
Wheeler InUh fail and wuter trnniport
ntlon. Thu fact comLlned with the
fuel that the lenl site on trie Bay fur
mill and boominK ground arc si tun ted
mi hitli (de of Wheele.', ii5-iro the
contention of the people of Wiiaeler
ED ' S G A R A G E
ED. SNOOORASS, Proprietor
Mutual Phon Bmll Phot IWw
count may well fool proud. Without that thrlr city will become the biic
dHiM lU larj;el mercantile mock manufacturing city on Nehalcm Bay.
cnrriol ut the county U nl thi place When one coi.iden thai trihut.ir Ui
ami with lU central telephone ofic, Nenslem Bay thew U Twenty Billions
uatrr work. electric llu'ht nwl hi of feel of the firtcM timber nu nitini ,
Unproved tr.iimiHirtiitton fjcililiei. one J
Livery, Feed and Boarding
furnf erring and Exprc Good Tcnmn nnd Drivcr
uatrr worki, electric Hunts am hi
wi t-kly ncwi paKr Itmidot other bul
ner entcrprUer, It l in Importance
urcund unly to the county teat.
Tlir beautiful lumen on the ranchsa
aial In the village clmve referreil to
I --uk tiic uccrn of the who have
put their nhouklvr to the wheel in
. buildini; up ami improving thit lection
of the county.
AiMc from ilnlryltii;. aalmon fishing
In carrie 1 on very cxteniiively and the
Bl and Little .SVstucca rivers have
'yielded to the fishermen thu product
Mhich ha made the pockets of many
! a man jinclu with the yellow metal.
. One of the
'coast I establish
, bay awl during the season Its capacity
! is taxed to handle the catch.
; As to beach resets, ' much can be
'mid of the beauty spots, the natural
beauty sH(suf the beaches hereubouu.
' l'neifl? City ami th- Ikjbc:) frontint: m
Tillamook Meat Co.
M. F. LEACH, Manager
Butchers and Packers
can readily realize that the future uf i
Wheeler is well assured. '
The City of Wheeler, altho only a- j
bout one year old, is alrondy becoming 1 -
quite an industrial center. Located at)
Wheeler Ik the fine bij; new plant of ! ,
the Wheeler Lumber Company, one of
the richest companies doing business in
Tillamook County. This new saw-mill j
plant will be ready to cut lumber with- ,
in CO days. It will have a capacity of
1 GO, 000 feet of lumber per 10 hours and I
will be equipped with thu most minkm
machinery available. The same comp-
laruesl canneries on the j any also ocrAtes n InrRe plai.ini; mul ;
bIiIIsIkhI on the Nestucca i fliilshlui; mill. When the new plant is
completed ami in operation the comp
any will employ about men in tne
mills and tiboul 150 men in the wood. I
Also United at Wh-teler U shlnitle '
mill of 'JO.OUO shingle capacity employ
ing ' men. The Union Fishermens
the ocean some tiny will be the prome- ; Cooperative Pucking Co. opcMte n fine
iiado park of the city man who can af
Urxr stnnlii'c: . finl to siend his vacation bre .thin.:
Lath, Shingles and Cement
tnr Mill PmiI Hv ririKK
r"t ' 71 , - , I.II...I,,,.. f,n.l,r.,f - ....m.
,,V- 1 AIIIIHI ..Ml ...-.'
tnln tephyr and n sea breeze blended
At th extreme south, part of the
county U the famous Ncskowtn resort,
formerly the Salem Camp grounds. In
reaching ttiis place one travels over n
road fully a mile in view of the ocean
and the crazing grounds of thu tide-
1 II..... .l.l-l. I, I...., I t......lli..r
rm Iniplrments and Machinery of All Kinds and Makes J
To fully comprehend the wealth and
, lwautv of Tlllanioou uouniy one must
ie Tillamook Feed Co.
Tillamook, Oregon
Wagons and BuRRies
Welcome Fmlr Visitor to HI Stor
Mil Loomtud At Ihm Formal- MASON'PCNNINOION
traverse the southern half thrcugl.
Nestucca Valley.
Hehaleni City and Vicinity.
I N.hni
F)' K Henderson. I'roa.
John Leland Henderson, See. Tr.-as
Attorney at Law Notary Public
Cillamook Citle & Hb$tract Co.
kith I'Iioiicb TII.LAMlHm, wivr.vixM,
Resident Architect and
Main, for All Kinds ofThtil.linKS. lie can save twice
the cost of his services on any kind ofbml lnj,.
Mr. Stranahan is a Tillamook property
owner find lives here.
it City U the principal in
ml commercial center in No-
ilcm Vniiey It lint a population ot
ISWI inh.unt:i.)l8 and is located on the
west side of thu Nehulem Uiver on the
'opposite bank of the S.mthern Pacillc
j It. 11 . from which point a road and
I steel bridge will connect the town with
' the railroad at n distance of 1 miles.
the same having been approved and
adopted by the County Court.
Thu town of Nehalem in naturally
Hheltereil from thu southwest and north-
west ocean winds, locatoJ no in m no
immediately tributary and accessible
to all parts of thu valluy. It in 95 miles
by rail from Portland and US miles from
Seaside. It has a gravity water Rys
tern with live and six-inch mains and
taking Ita water from a mountain creek
two miles distant, having 00 pounds
pressuru in town. It has a volunteer
lire department with regulation equip
ment. The town has a livo commercial
club which co-operate with the resi
dents or the valley in furthering the
interest of Nehalem in Keneral. It
has ono hank, two hotels, one saw mill,
a large general merchandise stoic,
a clothing store, confectionery, butcher
shop, livery Htables, feed store, black
smith shop, harbor shop, skating rink
(the largest in the county) and two
saloons, a doctor, a modern drug
store and an attorney, ono hnh school,
two elementary schools, a public hall,
town hall and M. E. Church.
Two and one-half miles west of the
town Is the famous Neah-kah-nle
Mountain. This mountain is 1,790 feet
abovo sea lovol and Is so Inspiring In
1 scenic effect as to surpass apy Bummer
resort on inis or
Jalmon cannery ut Wheeler employing
only white labor. This cannery pays i
out about $45,000 per year. 1
Wheeler Is the commercial center, .of j
the Nehalem Valley and draw a large j
part of its support from the dairying!
industry and other businesses of the;
Nehalem Valley. Located at Wheeler'
are It xn.ral merchandise store, aj
drugstore, a large dry-Roods store, a:
fine hotel, a substantial ban!, a news-,
paper, 2 saloons, restaurants, a livery
c table, meat market," p.ir,l roms, bur
lier shops, rooming houses, a doctor
and an attorney. A buildinij for a 1
luundry and n bakery is tn almost,
completed and construe lion on a show,
huildln is jut being started. The '
Wheeler school-district is now building
a fine new school building, having ap-j
propriated $5 H. for tnla purKse. A
line gravity water system supplies the
town with line mountain wiiter and
givts to Wheeler adequate fire protec
tion. Wires for electric lichts are
beinic strung and electricity will boj
supplied by the Wheeler Lumber Co. A
public dock has been dedicated for
public uses and the City is now grading
a number of the ctreets.
The principal property holders in
Wheeler are offering special induce
ments to people who will come and
make their homu in Wheeler. The City
Council by cooperating with the princi
pal property holders are able to, offer
especially attractive propositions to
any oi e who will bring new payrolls to
Wheeler, by offering free sites for such
industries and mills. This matter is
being handled as a public mutter und
inquiries concerning locations fur mills
and factories may, bo addressed to
eithor the Mayor or the Recorder of
the City of Wheeler
Special Attraction Sept. 3, 4 and 5
Magic, Mirth and Mystery
The Talk of the Twentieth Century
Matinee Every Day. Doors Open At 2 O'clock
Kveninj; Performance Doors Open At 7:30
AH Kinds nf Painting. Tinting, Finishing and Paper
. li. ruson $ Company
Painting Contractors
P.ve. Phonk 7SJ
Tillamook, Okui.on
the Atlantic Coast.
Bay City
Bay City is a town of great latent
possibilities, soon to bo developed, If
reports are true, into realities. At
present the town has a population of
some 800. It is locuted on ' tho east
shore of Tillamook Bay, is on tho main
line of tho P. R. & N, R. R. between
Portland and Tillamook, 100 miles from
Portland and 6 miles from Tillamook.
With the Sparkling Bay stretched
before it and the forest cjad coast
range In the close background. ,Bay
Cty is snuggled into one af natures
beauty spots, that can nowhere be ex-
Leave Tillamook
Bay City
44 Garibaldi
" Havocean
1 0:4-0
Arrive at Tillamook J2:0O Noon
heave Tillamook - - - 1:4-5
" Havocean - - - il:00
Garibaldi - - - 3:30
Bay City - - - 3:o0
Arrive at Tillamook 4:45 P. M.
A. M.
A. M.
A. M.
A. M.
Milk, Cream, Sour Milk, Cottage
Prompt Attention Given All Orden
Phone Orders-Both Phones. TILLAMOOK, OREGON