Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, August 29, 1913, Image 1

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issued twice a week tuesday and friday
Largest Circulation of Any Paper in "Tillamook County
Tillamook, Onkoon, ACoi'st 2'J, 1013.
NO. (53
It ih the aim of thin Imnlt to pvc
the bent ha akin,' service pQhttililc
--ami we lo it.
It m also our aiat to have the
tfv lKst equipment such an
Modern lfire Proof Itnnlcing
K.Him, lfir IVool Vault. Hur
i'lu Proof Safe. Modern Safe
prootii llnxcs and wv have
i In. in.
Allwti), N Y Oovemor HuUrr
ffhovttt IMmttM In llm report tmm lhi
hbtftrtnfif V iitnlrtft at llirtttiftirtitt f Iim
I otMtf. imllriiiliiK (tm( mntiy of tti up-
I .I.Im HklHlMllluilll.il ul... ftlH.I ........ ...I
ltl 4lrn-t primary Mil or hud voted
tor lliipeadhliietil wnfii refused
dMrigttatloti hy their parly committee.
"J'lio governor declined to comment on
r of () cIhuikc. bring rout;bi In
the lutrwiniH'l of the itftvmnblv. hut
J nemj) ui ttik It tor granted Hint pub.
I II-. ...... ll. u.. .K,.i,l. I.. 1. 1. .,.
r-WH.IH'M,. "(IP ,,',,, III III in'
'Dip mot ntKMiaiitt change In t la
ttilKlwUoil for til" niimmbly run
afdrtl Urn turn-down of Asaetably
tUjSB 'I'. K. Small (or another term by
PraiMla A. itmiilrlctot. tho Onondaga
county It(Hil4lcti Inadm. i. . xi
tlulcr'n Cnemlci Now Under Flrt,
N.w York. Tli Indictment of
J nrt r, Murph). leader of Tnm-
iaa Man; aiiw j. i-evj. n-nimr oi
tha Pwnacrjar Majority In tlitt i
embty, nid Jui I'ntwlej. rhulr
ita of it omuiltt' hleb inienl-
-VMtt Oovwrnar 8u!tr' ramtrvUta I
President Outlines Mexican
f ollcy lo the House and
Wanhlngton - Tho policy of tho
Unjjid Hum win outlined to the
mttfxSW of two congressional cow
inirvx of foreign relations at n con
ference at tin white house by Presi
dent WlUon nntl Hecretary lirynn.
WVwlnomlay President Wilson wa
tcftftiuled to read hi meitiuiKO to
bolt liotiii'xi of conKrvKK, defining tho
Hutu iiuuhts oi vnamrvfn, imiidiiir, wnj
policy which ho think. the United M oMU Mn
Hist should pur"UD townnl lu
BOUUiorn nHKhbor.
A ti hoar poatiioi
?ow York. -Kilward B. Mcrl.
chnlrrnnn of th public nfrvleo cow
mlKnlon, won (Icnlnnnted uh mayoralty
cnnII)utc hy thf f)cmocratlc city com
tnlttfi. Mr. ilcCair oi-lectlon hy tho SSO
rte!r;at:i n4 lfflJur of tho Tammany
fcrcua wm unnnlmouo. an hex been
forfeaiii alncc It appeared from an
nounrmfita that th Tammany Iid
nra had decided not to n-nomlnatn
Mayor (iaynor and that hu would be
nomlnotHl by tho "(Jaynor longuo"
with a eotnplutn Independent city t!5k;
HfiiiHmntit of tin! tiro
rt;niiit.on of lixv meaaaKi wlilob was
tuDju Lota rirad TutMlny
W to aftor a Joint ritual from ; ,lokt', ln th" al'l-'mocratlc. H.
Knraf rlco Ciamhoa, Muxtean forolun
Mayor CJaynor!! dutcrmlnntlon to
run for ro-lctlan u an Independent
AuarmnteeH ou of the HviillVKt rnunlc
ltl cnmralgnt Nw York baa aeen In
Mvral year. Thru will be three
tnlRlKier, and John Llnd, I'rtwldunt
Wiaon'a purnonal rnprmiintatlvj In
Mvjlco. It followifd rpatl uffortfc
oti tho iwrt of Hucrta offtelnl to
Iihv',' reading of the documnnt di
ferral luduflnltvly.
Too nicMMifi prepartrd by the jiresl-
he Rest the Drug World Produces
T 'l it C 'nlirvr Hut kit-vlc!i:v Uif rcwilt of
t:i Krirtn t with !runti.
Vu ii 't rrv'iiuitrni iMirrn mmimt tmr witi hh-
for- 'ui. 'ui vf ih tmt ka-nv whnt thrv cnaUiai.
(Vj.u .r thrni to Ik juat what tlwy ehiin to They
. . S . I. ...... iiiIimI Ian.- !n
Ion. ..in MM iPIJtCTIV, mm wr, minmnx .
ar, ... ,i,M tu Imfk thi-m t the Haul n the lt tn
I ft. t I fifi.iKYJt.
U ik tU lJi(tiiliylitiJ .Y
Y.hiII itwi inrui Drt f wlaUin.
oni n. u KOCH tSi HI L. L. m-.i. i
iniAciioM nuMiAKTtin. arr'KACti ir nor sAtntAOionr
lOlitflbul'UDi, ha Hea rocucnt.d of ' n,- Maiteari nhuallon n-iv
i ! itlatrtrt aMoretrya of iNhw i orK
I -A Altvy rount! ty l.ynn J. Ar
.id. i f Albany, an araat Bnlmr gp
' rtrr
alon and Indepundont
The Ktietoalstii, who Include Kopub-1Ir.-iiih.
Prognmalva, ladspendence
Ioskuo and nomn Indopendont Dcmo
crata. have Mictcd John I'urroy Mlt-chnlt.
Swltt OrtaW PrlUted If Cajreei Oc
aate P'esltltr.t'i 9tat-.m-nt.
i VImkiph rliv The LminfKl al ttrty
wa ttanifetd In ih rsil:al a to
Wcit In Row Vlth Land Board
Kalnm. Or. The moftt KeHoUS
Ullllk UH HIV ..I.3AIKJ1II nilVA.IUli IWCIl' .
...I'i.,..., .i. -ii. i..-.-,.i i-i.. ; broaoh In the hlatorr of tho detrt
nut ) m. vi-4atii un 1 1 'i m j ' - -
ObUrae of thl BovornitiBiii will be onu ' lat xl oaw t a mcotlnK when
ofirtoa latorrervnco. In thu hopo that Governor Went deflwl th other mem
the fwl of U pnwent effort and (hr to ask for an extension of the
th prwiiiur of fondcu Kovrnmunt6 contract between tho fwlira! ovcrn
w2l eontUut a moral suasion thai 'anal and thu etatf for tho Deachutes
ulfloMUly will hrinB atwtu peace In U"1 company prolcct.
Muilco. i When tho Ixmrtl declined to accede
i rt fimt ' to Mr. Wml's domantlH to rescind
thu will 10 no HfUtis of tho em-' the .'xtension of tlmo granted lant
Events Cccurring Throughout
tiie State During the Past
Clrl Saved From Dre-vnlng Father
Eugoae. Hunhlnj; Into the awlft
current of tho Willamette river to her
armpi'-a. Mra. B. C. Welch fouiiht for
several minuter to rewsue her ID-year-old
dnuRhU r from the clutchea ot her
drownlnn huband. Slttlnt; on the
bar . " e saw her huer.ind suddenly
begin to draK the daughter, Kva Welch
whom he was teaching to swim, out
Into the deep current Three tinea
ahe Kttw her sink. She pushed out a
board, but the girl was unable to
graap It. Then she herself plunged
In, and was succoMful. Just as she
reached the laat ftep she could have
taken and still retained her feet.
J llll, "Til. V "W " " "
ifete4 In tn ce;il.al a to w nrmt; (lmt no (notion or week, during his absence, the govcr
III Uo th dt-vclHiont of the . K?j.(,K3l , v,Si;0 fi w- allowcHl nor ald he would do everything ln
Ji.nn Of thf UnitiHl 8tata fo- , riltMtv muo.iifon ,,f war from tho 'his powur to have the federal sov-
0ilrtak.UJ Of ihv UnitlHl 8tta KO- . , , .,, ,r. ui, nnr l Vinie Iho federal eov
Mxio ntUlUdii to of uuin fifilnt propoao to Increase the Amerl-1 contract.
while th ppl.. tMhlent her. both ; cri dr , ,0 ,IlforC4. thu .
netivn and forin. are iliapwying atp p j(t,.
a)prhenion. T, United Stnte had tiroposc!
thnt ft conailtutlonal ulactlou be held
and that HixTtn bhotild not be it can
Humor are that ll'iertu la MU cou-
'.tderlna renUnlnu In favor of 0nrsl
T n.vli.o. but then. l no souud t. T(J th(iB(( 'ion. through
for thin awertlon. The public opinion d bt)JU,VOT
end This Coupon Today
U will hint Vim i. I-H..A...,. . hw N OU m luf n.
tl, Uinlly 4 v.... lb, 54,, FMb KrIU
of th U,t, cvnrltane r.vfJ and It will a. yu Im
lluu ll yon iy whrn V"
1 J. CtwMiSSHN. TllUinA. Orro
You .,,,,1 ,., frc lUnraturo alxml tl, Sn 1'ra.ideeo l'..xHi-
la Tuurn
it i.t!ire.Hl here tlmt there will be a
' nwift culmination of nil pwietnbl n
Udoiiii If conpr U Blven an oppor
tunity fur fr debate on 1'reiildout
WO.on'n niatetnent of the facta In the
peace could bo restored, Huerta r
plied In the negative. KorelKn kov-
Albee Says "Late Models Find Favc
ln the Underworld."
Portland. Ileplylnt; to a letter from
a youug woman who requested that
he help her choose her fall gowns, to
1........ nitnln.l I HI rr-ll 1 1.1. fit UliV lll&l
ernments generally since that roJc- wojjM xMalu hls X-rny" proseriptioi,.
tlon have (won active In support of M A,boe lpsuoU .(n opt.n re,,y de.
the American policy to persumle fen,nK ,)ls order to thli pollce to ar.
I Huortn to yield. J piat u wcarer8 0f immodest gowns.
Work on Tariff Dill Progressing "You will surely excuso this appeal
. i . wrote the mayor's fair questioner,
Kepiltil can beuaiora nru Kith - - .... ..nc
dence of tirlnB over continued fruit- 'whose name the mayor wJthtoH
Llnd Lcavet Mexican Capital. j
Vera I'ruv Atl'iidw hy St secret
. ... ... .ii.... tMi.
s. rvlre men air. wwi, i-nw' 1 uence oi urinB ur 'nforma-
on", eioy. arrived here from, the 1(88 0I,08,0n to the tariff schedule tho notice dl I no t pi o ex jet -nforma
.. . i si.... ii.. . ...... tJ i...i,. ...n,i. in uon In resanl to the length ana wtum.
.Mexican eapun. i ..in., . BIU. nun., i-.u!.. " , ... , , . ,.. ... fhol,inB
I jV I illil WVM V' .-.
Government Agent Finds 20.000 Have
Been Fooled by Crooked Locators
Portland. Investigation of fraudu
lent locators who located vlcUma on
tractii In the railroad land grant which
was recently declared forfeited to tho
government will continue for several
weeks. The fraud has been so exten
sive and there are so many victims
j and locators that the government au-
thorltles have a veritable mine of cvl
! dence.
During the time the government was
preparing the bring suit for forfeiture
of the many millions of acres in tho
land grant, the country was flooded
vith the advertisements of men who
offered to locato people on choice sec-
an acre, either from the railroad or
tho government, depending which won
the suit. Thousands of people became
Interested and accepted the offers.
There then sprang up a crop of loca
tors, who would locate a victim on a
likely-looking tract of timber and
charge n substantial fee for the trou
ble. There are Instances where a dor
en or oven 20 people have been located
on the same Identical tract of timber,
and the locators charged anything
they could get.
As near as the officials have been
ahle to learn, there have been 20,000
locations made.
wan aerompnulod by Mrs. I.lnd. It Is consideration of the bill.
t trui i mi Mil
flliNfitfAl. !I!,M1;NT eONTUACTOU
Sidewalks, Floors, Foundations, Chimneys,
Building Blocks, Septic tanks, tie.
. ..i
I. ,iM,iii,v HOTliruuixuo
ffiUi OI O TILLAMOOK V. imiw ,..Y
msiuerawon i .. . ..... ,
Ul.,.v,,l here .hat Mr. UndV mla.ln.. Th w, schedule has been dlspos- , nU nfraW to ran
ended and that (Sonenil TriiOito ei c)f so far as It will b? cons derea . -i - . - ,
Htlddeli cull to Mexico Uity menus i,y ti,0 senate in commuieu oi mr , - --- -
,.inl be will noon assume the prest-; w ll0,e. " "T.k u , known to tho
deary. (Jonernl lluoita taking com-! Ttl011Kh no vote .vas taken on free , "It probnblj I. not know n to the
Lnd h, the field against th, rebels. , niw wool. tll0 decisive showing on that , K ood n,n o f h0 ,t-
1 having been deferred until the bill , have adopted various of he late mod
comes from the committee of the ; U of areas lor roe wm.
Z " el .1 " inunee committee rates on most of these Mate affairs find fa or
wo nuuiufncturos were agreed to j In the undreworld. where the unfor
1 L " " "VJ, nnd there was ev- tunatc. who live there have seized
IVllIIUU Mit .....w...
Imliei tlon tint raw vool would
People in the News
I'rt mil i'n t
'raini r I I lVfifl.Cftli.
Tllfamook, Oregon
La Vin The Herald
V Mort Widely Read Paper in the County
The first woman Judge In Norwny
hn- hewn appointed at llnmmerfesL
She Is Huth Soreiiron, 30 yenrs old and
Kninels lhiMou llarrlsoil. a leading
New York lawyer and a member of
congress, has been appointed hy I'resl
dent Wilson to ho governor general
Of the Philippines.
Dr. It. Clurlie Hyde must race u jury
for the fourth limn u larK of
munleilng Colonel Thoiims II. Swopc.
millionaire philanthropist of 'Kansas
Judge Alton l. Parker, former dem
oeratle nominee for president, ha
been engaged to prosecute the lin
peachmenl eharges ngulUHt Ooveruoi
William Sulieer, of- New York.
Alexander Sullivan, a prominent Chi
ciigo lawyer. 1 dead at the ago of
years. Sullivan was at the head oi
the Claii nadael nt tno um"
murder of lr. Cronln. a ease which at
wide attention.
After nn exhaustive exiimluutlon of
Harry K. Tlw 1,1 ,H ,u n" '
hrooke, Quoboo. Hr. Joxeph Noel, the
Jail phywlulan. pronounced him ua per
i ,.., Ills verdict Is expected
to have an Important hearing upon
...I...-.'., rivht for freedom.
Upon recommondntlon of tho elate
. i ....nintiH. (iovernor Dunne, of
DOIIIU I ' . ,.,
llllnolH, has refused to commute he
- i.Hi.ivn Artnur ooiii
?? r,:.r;0 '.Absolute ufo-cuu
Maury I. Dlgg-. one of the Dlggs-
i .ur.ndiinta. convicted at
8a Francisco on four o .U oounU.
.... i... ii-. eliarcllIK whlto UV.
rurnUho by hla father and uuole, and
wlU ho aentencoa soptewuer
remain free.
With only n liart o st- n
pftrtlon of the paper b tll
Biuidrlos sehedule reinaii.- .i. - 5 Ctw--idornd
in committee, democratic lead
ers evprotsod ctmfldence that the In
omo U wouIm ' he disposed of be
fore tho end of Ihe coming week.
a mm' the in doles on tho free list
-..tifhwi were nurlcultural Implements.
beet and susur cane, machinery, lilco
hoi, horses and mules and animals roi
breeding, bibles, breads, biscuits nnd
many others.
Amendment Made to Currency Bill.
-rim neileultural currency amend
ment to tho administration currency
bill was adopted by tho house nemo-
eratlo caucus. After seveml prelim
inary slclnnlHhes. In which outer
amendments were beaten, iho caucus,
...niw.ut ii iilssentlnc voto. adopted an
amendment agreed to both uy u e
iiiirueiit" contingent nnd tho nanK-
Ing nnd currency committee, to put
paper based on agricultural pronucis
on the Hitmo basis as commercial pa
per for bunking purposes. Jt also
would extend the maturity oi noi
and bills admlttod to discount, under
(he amendment, to 00 days, liiBtend
of tho originally proposed 60 days.
ThlB action disposed of the last ot
Iho big controversial issues ln the ad
ministration currency bill.
National Capital Brevities
Figures gathered by the federal
quarantine hoard of Uih department af
agrloultura show that durlnf! the past
flar.al yeara 3.779.041 growing tra
upon them as a means for furthering
their illegal business," says the mayor
9,000,000 Pounds of Salmon Canned
Astotla. Tho spring salmon fishing
season on the Columbia river, which
Just closed, wilt be the poorest In
many years. This Is especially true
ot tiie lower river district. Plants on
the upper river did much better.
a conservative estimate of the
amount 'm-' i,r nlnceo tie canned pscV
at 230.000 cases, "as they run," or aj
prox.maiel i4s.5ou .ua cuoe. l'u.
pack represents 9,000,000 pounds ot
raw fish. The cold-storage pack totals
about 3-150 tierces of S00 pounds of
cured fish, or n total of 4,S9a,00O
Philippine Governor Quits Suddenly.
Manila. Y'. Cameron Forbos, governor-general
of the Philippines since
November. 1009. sent his resignation
to Washington. It Is effective Septem
ber 1, Just a week from when Mr. For
bes will leave for the United states.
R.nk of Voters May be Doubled
Salem. That the enfranchisement
u.n.nnn inn v be double the total reg
lstmtion In Oregon Is the belief of the
.o hnvo made a study of regis
tration figures ln Secretary of State
Olcotfa offlee. The conclusions are
i ,i ,,- rennrts of registrations from
the various counties from June 3 to
August lfi.
and 15,040 poundB of tree seeds were
Imported Into the United binios.
Thnt tho work of Installing demo
, i,. fniinrnl offices In place of re
l.lMia .ii - " " "
.ii,unn is urocoed ng at a rapiu
r,.i Ih shown by the nominations
which have been sent to the senate
since President Wilson too ouice
irv,na nominations number approxl
mutely 3000 and of these about 2000
Mnt one solitary amendmeut to the
currency bill proposed at the Chicago
bankers' conference will be accepted
by the administration. Thla wa most
emphatically declared by Chairman
Olcsa, of the house DanmnB eomi.n.
tea, coauthor of tno "adialnliUaUou"
Thaw Likely to Stay Long In Jail.
Shcrbrooke. Que. Harry K. I naw 8
Canadian attorneys withdrew the writ
of habeas corpus obtained last week
In his behalf and the fugttivo from
Mntteawan wub not arraigned in the
superior court as had been expected.
The withdrawal of the writ may pro
long the proceedings Indefinitely.
17 Cities Dispute Rates for Power.
Portland. Disputed light nnd power
rates In 17 cities ot Oregon, Including
Portland, Oregon City, Salem. Mount
Angel and Woodbum, will come bofore
the Oregon railroad commission for
adjustment at a hearing ln Portland on
Tuesday, September 2.
It pays to advertise in tho Herald.
Tillamook, Ore. '