Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, August 26, 1913, Image 1

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fMzr -RGE'ST cCULATION Any Paper in Tillamook County !
UX' Tillamook, Okhgon, Aiv.rsr IMi. 10115. ?0. CU 1 S
tT NEWS FROM OUR T'Ar"9c aMng'BiatBanw I I
lllTlfUlil ntniTII 1 0nS"t"nly Arthur Attrrlmry. who I CESSFULLY PERFORMED. in Rtil
NAMIINul I , A PIT Al ,m' uh tui.rcuiou for nornu and Goes Dowi filRIi
MMUUI1HL UAH I ML tlni!(Ik,,ia the luwem,, hwplU, l.t week Dr. BU succeMfully aUJ UUeb UUWil IB,
H. , . at Salem on Sunday. The fatner and graftod akin to the scalded lJy of the , fitl
, . f . i I . Adllllflfslratlon Positively Re hruiberCl.iren:e wero w.thhlnat the two yenr old child of Thos. Kdward. Gray $ Harbor Boat Goei to Bottom Off fMlt
, , , . lOjlVc ( Rnrnt.nl7 (tin . time of 'hi. death. Interment took which was M .crfou.ly scalded about Cape Look-Out. No Livei Loit. WW
tllC lCl btlllKin service pOlbiu "at9 iu nibuynC HID pluco at Salem on Monday, twoweeksngo. The mother made the fWH
k I Will We (l0 W. Huorla RcyilllO. - - : the little one. Iloth 0n Saturday evening the fishing boat Sfl
I It fc. alHi our niui to hnvc the uT'T. V" ST " " ZtTZlLrT f 111
H ... 8"0" l",In lrnl.la Wllnoii. H-cr- All ul..ni. mI rlil.lr..n .f ..i., i' Cape Looaout which resulted in her M ,
very best equipment t?uch ns rt iir,a ami u.. mato for-i J"" " """" ' destruction. At about five o'clock the Hi
I Modern Fire Proof Mnultiiiu ?tau"": ""- '"""k"1 about no- ,,,,. umU Tlaii;w; city, ti CHEESE MARKET FIRM. JtT"ncIVnk t'3,pIw,TI bl"ins Cai- Iff
. H U.Hilll I'ire Proof Vt..h 1W . ',.m7, " ' B',ml,,U'I thr., oVIoc. In the -fternoon of S,,! Uta I. Hnnaenout of the pilot bo0, Wg
J IvMUU. I IK I fOl m.Il. Mm. Iw now,l M...IW. ten.bcr. I a ,d 2. at which time and Chceae market i. m pretty fair the .ter. and at the .me time g:
jB lr Proof Snfe. Modem Sllfe ,a l'rMl took .ho aenalara InU, 1 plan, wm lw mad for the :..! h.Ks with price ja.t hoWlnic It. own. ""In fire to the toaL The othr MBft
f I)c-poHit Uoxcs - m.d wc h,.vc 2. SlliT """'"!" "' 0U,1,n,, d"Mn"'' ,,I,rl ,n ,'wr'"k' wHch ,s ?W,BK 10 lhc' tcJts up a", thu Z"nVLlZihtt ffik
, L . . ." to . h part of the proKtnin for the hot weather caui,inK a considerable ' V " " 'inched a life boat
1 'hem. 1htJohoUd.h..ap.ll,v,,yto llw,lUyufthl, fBlr. 'UlnK September hrinkae in the yield per hundred f''l p the capu.n and later
I I I,,X,,W ,0" " "V B. !,K,undof milk. July prices will U- nded.outh uf the cape, rnakinir thetr SI
I I U0 0( th- nreaem altuailon. hut we. , FxMbl,a should be left at the Mc ! considerable lower than June. way inland to Hemlock wh-re C. I. VWM
1 nnPT iMTlAili. Itllll " cowlhn- this Kovrm..,n'a ort fthee bulldlnK. which la now belnif fit-1 Crook fed them awl kept thejn over AIM
I first national bank :r,rr:. ?ft;srs?rs;a: ID
I TILUM00K. 0KEC0N - - fi? 1331 S AMINATIONS, SEPT. 4, 5. Thc'l'ut was tl fe.;t toni: with ten SSI
i I . ui),i prop. to roooB. wwrfc c,c thnl ll)0 firt.riK 0f pmc pi Mh . it i iit.n 8 W" Va.,0ed ' S3'5M- SlH
1 . Slle lluru Korurnmmit. for wrwIucU of bovs and i?lrl Jav !. K ' " h The capUin was quite sorely Injured. W$m
K I Tha. Mr Mm! ha. ko. to Mlo ' J ' the County Court Koom. All .
I , "-r- " of it.. J r, L ir if Z w mad o I "ST ptan?,,,K t0 r'11?' at lime GOING TO THE FAIR? fifl
WaaWnstM adwtwairtulon on tho. ., I J th t , 5 !, o "ill,",4 E,W no,lw ,n "rllin,! '- D BHi
I urouiMl and xp... ,l,n aill.ade of, "xhl i a 52 Au. hell, to make the thu "" Surintendent by Sep From Hoard's da.ryman MM
j.h.. wrumn h.a h, laid fully; jj. ..". tcmber 1. that arranKemenU can be "The fair .on w.ll soon be at it, WSA
laJ f i illi n II In If III II ' w s J, , made according to the number expect- heichu There is something forever lW4
m Thai by itlidrewJuK Amlm.udor ' Duntv Sunt inR to write. All students who failed me-nber of the family. In whatever dt- WM
4ka Re fL nnr Wnll PJ,. ! WHmiii hikI ndltiK Mr l.lud. the pruu ' ' ' in not more than two subjects at the riction their interests may lie. the WmM
llC DLSl lilt; LiTUg VVOllCl rrOUUCeS .!. t,M,nmj l0 jmv ft , on m m hist examination may complete the one will find them represented. The fair Sflfl
I T ...tttVliivr (J.n LmouIcIt is lln- rL-milt of 1 r'ound b a In fcymiiy wlUi ihe HAVOCRAN NIJWS IH-MS. or two subject the case may be is a Kreat museum of the progress of ISlI
kvli , t m vul ruJ M 1,4 11,1 "ilt of j 1,wlhl,tnino(, Uwt , w , l0 without writiK on other objects than the year and aKc. In its exhibits of
M ii . "'" ... ! mwso a ator In llm altuntlon In Slox- . ,. . i l t . ' the ones in which they failed. Students machinery, live stock, and producU of tifailH
UpI,Wc ' "" rtfV,,,,,, ,'mtr,,t nr wrrl fl- j.Tn.y , '"u1, ''''r'9 Whh" TV' but one subject may also tne farm are the latest improvements Will
r" "w '"r NVC ,l0 Ml k,,,W W,mt thCV 'm"m- lil m nK . ontlroly IHmidlr STiSa't tne An-'lriw". "" i"",''CtiVC f f 'ast ,B facluro Amon i
Wr DO RECOMMEND DIKE'S HOUSEHOLD REMEDIES 'Tb prwldont dM moat of th UIM t'Vil Wcduesdav to hi. Wrll,nK ts fine arts and household equipment H
, , , , . . ,. I ml ,-ury llmia mid wembars rl ful V? rt n" un.csun io ins Questions will be sent on applfcatW the women and men. too, find the tlH
fclKu ..rc ihcm tn Ik- JIIM wl.Mt thev il'Mm to lC I l.ry E home in OreKon City. but no charKes can be made for con- most up-to-date and makin-home-at- ill
laff""' " rilicly. mill we, Ul'WUitf Willi llicycoil. r Dr. and Mrs. V. W. Urooks, of I'ort- ducting the examination, this being tractive-and-convenient appliances". fl
3t.i. t. liiuk tlirill ti tile limit i tile l!it the tlr,di(nt j,,c,)M.j v. lantl and Dr. ami Mrs. J. U. 'emple, of the fourth examination for this year. "To every one whj coes in the spirit fl
mrj tt ' 'I priKlui-o dflltr plon for Uii pdolllcnllon o.' I'emltclon. have .been spending the I'roRram : ThursdajSeptj Pbysj- of the studeiiJLthere ii sarncUjin? near " fl
t.jl il: IH MH)i ShJfU Viyittl Vou. Ubxteff. tllo MftitiUcn'tWh renmlnuil ibi.' "Vl"-'v ,lt the Hotel Hayoccan. Dr. olojry. Geography, History, Civil Gov- and interesting The fair is a short taafl
Su1l iwvrr rjjff i fMlV jijIiiUh. o( j j rrtjKlrl, would diiieml to i Hroo' while hero i makinj; nrrnnge- crnmcnt. Writinir. Friday, Sept. 5: course in farming, in breeJinf;, in far.n Vnfl
Hii1i (iif giuMiiU t4 utiiUctkMt hiihU U(l ntstr DUr Kfinfdy. l(,r-p ,,ini u,,, rmutu policy of th. mcnta for having n cottaKo built dur- Grammnr, SpellitiK, Arithmetic, Ag- mechanics, in dairying, in domestic il9
f06B- 'rouniry ing tho winter. riculture. art, in domestic science and in good. fifl
TILL AM'OOK DRUG STORE: ' 8tlon I. Much Relleveo Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Itobbin. of W. S. Uucl. Supt. wholesome entertainment One takei
ILL AMUUK LJKUQ W t. m )n offlc(( j, hpnj fjr - away from the fair just what he takes tfl
JlMX" tt KOCH Si HIL.L. M-.-.1. M... i unw owr oourau of event wees and are getting their property ' BERRY JUICE KEEPS to it. That is, il one goes to criticize, .fM
-mr'4orOA' tWAMAHrrt0.XtaHtYVAaK'.ll HOI SAHSIO1onr , Mxrt, Tlo ,, 0f Kredi-rt. in readiness forbuilJing a coltngo next ' there w, be much to criticize: if 0ro '
..n..,ua. the new Mftlcan mluUter oi spring. n, Vwl ., r,, rP to torn tncre will be much to H
i .i.iii" Oregon Agricultural College, Cor- learn. If one s hobbv is not up to lis 'UiH
I ' ; ' ', ' , , l'Hl " aL" ho fmily here and will remain until the remarkable qualities loganberry ju.ee the fair is degenerating. The fair is a fSM
. - , rt . . 1 ,U,1M n,"l or 1 ,, ,,, ' ' fin,t of SBl,,mbcr whon b wln Vciu h,ls lh(; Property of retaining its fresh- bread gau-ed symposium of the vear's lUll
IT P PT nCTUA l"" U"-po"V,rt,0n ;;,T,7 w.ne.vilhhl.familyto Oregon Cif. ne-s for several wee, without any progress. Ther'e isonething for alt WMI
iitr I r r N.ll HmIJ M..m .h, (o cmm.ri., Wtl ,,,, , , , sterilization whatever, acconilng to , d all things for everyone" WW
'I' V-e. I LLLO VI trXKJ ,,, ..Dn.,,,!- produc,,! in ver, Miss '''t''' 'r' w "S .'" ricent investigations conducted by .'Go to tS f,ir n the same bro.d Mil
fioi.r..tjli liiipnwaloii In ndmliilstnitloii visiting for the past three weeks with , - , " lmr,,lI(Fil!f nf 10 u l lair in Hit same broad &mB
, , rlr,.lr. her brother 1). (, returned to Port- w'- C. 1. Uuw hort.cu tunat of the Bauged spirit that has directed the WM
I C OmOr S AphlZ HQ ,.r. Rl)tom WiiMa pointed out to call land. Wwlnwlay. Ort,,!on r.cltural College About managers in their effort to bring to- 11
UClTlCni )IUt Wair0 ailU ir.ilfnini.ra iimmiumiiui.mi the first of July Professor Lewis took gether a great demonstration labora- Sfl
I " 10 ,,,M' o'-"ul"' Mrs. Vamlu.en .went to Portland, considerable quan.itics of loganberry tory suitcnl to many men of many l
A"lr X r . , WlrAr ,,f"rU ' lmr,,of ,1':,IrH;,,,i,, Wi-Uneaday. where she will remain a juice, without heat, sweetened it to ,inds. If ono is at all disappointed in WM
Loncrete Construction Work i?,,; " .nd it ino bouie. wueh u.m particular t- "-boS lil
I r?T, ''7!,..inrv.,!!iin..0 H,, rulioratei'l M'- n Finnegan and he act awav In the taaemcnt rooms of and see how the other fellow is making
J Fnn.nrP f Ram:PV Hotel ' M 1' I Z 1 h.a Ln m m fn.l. came In from Portland in their the Horticultural building. Thebot- out". fl
I , ?! I ,fow days at the Hotel Hayocean. perature of the room celled below nor- crs who w, be intcrestwl in dairy fH
m ,. .asonnof .emon..dfr,...dlln..SHHol. mal. At the end of six wee an ex- 8t0ck. dairy machinery and dairy pro- ilfl
fi.l.aia2 llll I I laJUaJjJJLaL..ii ' ly Mrs. I-. I.. KersllMV and daughter nnti0I, of the juice showed that its ducts, we hope thev will nav eaoeelal
' . With the air cleared of rumors of Miss Mildred, who have been Bpending .,pcarftc0 wa9 unchanged and that attention to thce cxhib ts nrd if &M
haatlllly In the Mexican capital . tho summer here, returne.1 Monday to fonr.,Iltntion wna ju3t beginning to are not up to the ideal co to the man llfl
'lilW VV wm. dl.Poaed to I elluw th e p. Mr9 p Em amr found to be sweet with no more than they fall short. Do not fail to com- Ifl
(IIINI-kAL CliMI-NI CON'I RAC lOH.s Kra.nuu, c .f tho , .nr Uuino or nine Mn ,, Mr8 , lHilocki of SH(. just a "sparMing" taste to enrich its mend where commendation is due. Fair .US
would 1m. wu rUHl out iiuuj am . Knnt. VMh.. who have b-vn sending ' " vor. Professor Lewis considers its managers need the assistance of friend- $113
.flSirlniunlL-e Knn-c 7(1unrlatmn ThimneVS innnner n . e n.M mi a week at tho Mllilory apartments re- folf-sterilizing power very unusual and ly, intelligent criticism. It is only by WM
ROIUeWalkS, HOOrS, foundations, Lnimntyb, ,mt , Mr. Un nlld the at turMM, homo StltunlB;.. de.t.l to mav It a popular beverage having the week s,K,ts pointed out that III
I Buildig Blocks, Septic Tanks, Etc. JSJt r H
lfma'. OLD TILLAMOOK CO. HANK IILIXi. BOTH 11 lONIiS f,,mM ,),,. course of the dopartmont BRAVER ITHMS Notice is hereby given, thnt I, F. R. 3IirJVua"neTrareatearla,,i5 the HM
I OR AT CHMIiNT HLOCK I'ACI'ORY , Jutu-e In ronductliiK lnveHilallna Heals, as Trustee of P. D. Stalford, exhibilSi anJ whyK,houW h not do S
Into certain Judises. lie refusod, how- i.at Sunday evening Row Ilertha from and after this date until and in- Sl)7 Dairying occupies a great bic M?M
1 . over, lo say which Judges were nub oopies 0f Salem, preiiehwl a very in- eluding Saturday, the 80th day of Aug- place in American agriculture" Wm
iE Jwt to Inquiry, declaring It "Imam teresting sermon at Heaver Church and ust, 1913, will receive bids for the sale Go tQ th(j fair Uh rocei)tivo ;fl
patlble with tho public Interest" to uskci) the ladies and girls to meet her to such bidders of the real property sit- n)im) Bet ull there is to et .aml then B:l
9 Viinr HlVIl AcCOUIlt "",k" " rnntIon imhllc. at t,o chureh Monday afternoon In the uated In Tillamook County, Oregon, 1 WM
M XOlir 1JWI1 iVC..tUIUl Thls report arouHod n ator.n of pro- ntBre,t ofmlaalon worv. Some thirty described as follows: nomo content to JiaNe only tho best K(9
JfM . s tout, which Senator lloralt, of Idaho, resI,0,icl Hml nn organization with Hlock 71 of Heals Addition to the ' , Kn
M i aH thirteen members was affected, with town of Lake Lytic, acconling to the TARn OP THANIfC wH
n,fl fey . "' kn(,w ,,hlH n Very ,u,rloua several moru in prospect. The follow- plat thereof of reconl jn tho office of ur nAn3. Sil
mJ jWS ('VUnW chnrK"," aald he. "but I am so reliably ntr otIU'era woro elected: President County Clerk of Tillamook County, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards wish to thank B
jM SVt' yf ftJIflP Informed that I maku tho statement Mrs. U. L. Kinnninan; Vice President, Oregon : those who hnvo so kindly helped them Uf9
Jt NX CV r! NtfWf that within tho hint four or five years Mrs jr,Ck Davis; Secretary , Mrs. M. Also lot I, block S, Mohler according during the illness of their child. ifl
fM ' lli iipeolul aonlH have cnrrli'd on mich K G,Hiroy. Treasurer, Mrs. Henry to the plat thereof of record in the office . fwlnl
rB bv ' f liivestlgatloiiH with a view to Influone- Davidson; Secretary of Literature, of the County Clerk of Tillamook, Co. ' Mil
fl ,B y'A y rfv liiK JudgeH." Mrs. K. P Gilbert; Collectors. Mes- Ore. n.v,wX fRll
B a)2LHklk. VAT National Capital Brevltloa. a" nines 1. V. Mines and S, C. Woods. That said lands will be sold to satisfy Hfl
, jHW y Tho death of Senator Johnaton, of Tho day chanced to bo the birthday the sums of money duo from said AlVyiAD'C 9111
I IBattk. jr Alabama, has reiluced tho Democratic annvuW,ry 0f Rev. Dora Young who Stalford to said Heals, and that I re- I LjV1V1IX O BH
, PBVJ majority on tho bill to ouo vote. na8 bou tnujK u vacation on her serve tho right to reject any and all kH
'I x v" & The first of tho International peace nul08tt.mj t,ia gummer. Friends had bids received. . Mn
, t i rti noirht treaties onibodyliiK Secretary Ilryan's vixnxm to surprise her by wHy of pre- Dated this 29th day of August. 1913. VARIETY .STORE " 4 Mil
hv.i you any money In tho bank? mrt of your an link ''"K' ,,hMh Ima netunlly been almied. enthg material of nlco gry sorgo for F. R. Heals, Trustee. J U Wll
10 placed thore, anyway. Kvorybody can allcrd to sav p . was between tho United Stutoa and B jre38t ugo many good eatables for tho ; Jlfl
'ing, howovor littlo. Hnvo a bunk account of your ow' "ral J . Salvador, und soon will be aent to tho tub,0i Mrs, yy. k. Godrey made the aonnp tuawvc I Tlflamoofc, OfC.j1 " XI
,M HI fool Impplor, bettor, mow independent. Mnko our m Henate for ratification. birthday cuko mid Mrs, K. II. Godrey tAKU Ur IHAflKa. mm
money oitrn more, and ho grow biKKr. ,,"tl"!' "" ',' "Tr ' '.,llr The end of tho aenate lobby comtnlt- tlu) b,rUu,uy (1,0i Grandma- Huaton , . !! r M il
'oru llro or thluvcH can roiich It. Your Imnk-book isu uieq.v ,,,. lvetlKitlon la not In alsht. rc 80I)t a large colioctlon of choice lloem Tho undersignod wishes to thank the "DROP IN AND 911
y!l wl nn ovldonco of your wImo economy. oordliu; to Reimtor Rood, a member an,nalph DnvtddOn n protty boquet. many kind poighbors ami friends who t a t--attiittn, ' fl
fPB THE OLD RELIAHI.r. of tho committee. jjr8t .'.mm p.bborson wus present and assisted during tho illness and death of ? LOCK AROUND" J; lmm
I m4 4 f Ptanlr i 77, 7. 7, did hor slmro in nuking tho occasion a his father Lars Olson. HaiH
I X ril&lIlOOk LiOUnty U m to ndvertlaiCIn tho Herald. ,tolulaHt ont)i Louis Olson. U t t4W 9
rBja 'H
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'I s .a. . . Vi'T. JmMm
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