Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, August 12, 1913, Image 4

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Will Wot Accept Mediation or
Intervention Because of
National Dignity.
Mt-xloo City Foreign Interference
in the conduct of his task of pacifica
tion will not be tolerated by Provision
al President Huerta. He nropoaes to
nay la th presidency, and "III broon
no twerferenee on the part of th na
tionals or foreigner.
President Huerta himself reiterated
th declaration of hl policy of bands
off in rejdv to a question a to what
ould b hi attitude tn case an offer
of radiation shonld be mad by the
Vnited tatea through John Und. who
In coming her a tee personal repre
sentative of President Wilaon. to act
as adrlaer to th American embay.
I bar Mid publicly.' President
Huerta declared, "that I will not ac
cept mediation or intervention of any
Kind, berause national dignity and
honor do not allow it t have declar
t! also that I will not treat with the
rebels, aid much lea will I do
It doles; so involve a fls aram viola
tion C4 our sovereignty.
All should be joined in the bond
of peace, rejecting all suggestions of
a violation of a sovereign and Insult
that may be offered to our national
Personal friend of President Haer
tn. who appear to enjoy hie confid
ence vigorously assert that he 'tll
not consider reslisnin or any com
promise with the rebel.
Oregon Authcrites on Trall of Fraud
ulent Promoters.
Portland. Ore Prosecution of per
son!! engaged in the illegal practice of
"iocatiP.K" settler on Oregon and Cali
fornia Und grant claims will be start
ed at once by Clarence I. Reamea,
United States district attorney in Port
land "There is no legitimate authority tor
any one soiling location on any of
these lands." satd Mr. Reamea. "In
the first place the property still is In
litlraiion. as the railroad has appealed
the cnr. So locations can be made
until the government finally gets title
to the lan-ls Kven then locations can
not be- accepted, as it will require an
act of congress to open the property
for entr.'. Any locations that ar
made now are not worth a eeat."
Vriting Popular Songs.
Or,l tl: e who h:ivc tried It and
fni.. : tlx- t'l.ippoli:tmew of the
s i:it- - rir'-r t:-tvlnj: rr. Indtre a pub
lisher to ks-S: at hit. work. For those
silm would trv biTp is a tip from one
slio ' i math gHl: "It your sons is
.1 bit tlx air must be hard to
,Ur. flioiii'b catchy and pleasing,
an lie viuV!.-! hr any one wbo
It u e or twi it will not soil,
e publisher will reject it." .Vow-Sun.
r '
I .-ill.
anil t
Wood -Cut.
oi'ic The heroine of your story, old
lu.u xlnij.iv wonderful. Author (de
li ." Vom this;!. o Critic Ye
Y-: - y ,o, ;,,T?e en that i-ho blaeed
-Non .ire it V.xtT' fi'd any woman who
ran !.i- such a sentence as that can't
h.-lo homjr wonderful. Boston Transcript
u.j wori'i ov.-r a.i a
7 ;.r-- 'fit Ovri i.: .t.D
I u.zwuv.vu, v. 'n 1T7UC ! nut '
'. -3 1 ; your fut-1 bL
m I'ae ureatdnd wand
t' Malleoble and Charcoal Iron.
h3ari':r. 'jcrofciijailvofeaturcs.carb
o..o ad- Vj ' ciara uuly wni ijh.. u-
JUl Brvt" , l -..i.Iig tiwi ilAIESTIO UiO
Uit 'r o y.,a can I jy npardltss of
pr.rr-. it i' ( why Cf-i aoUu;rinanu
fixturcu try to nuitate it.
His Qntl Rbukp to DfMrtnint
Chief's Subordinate,
PresldiM.t M Mn.vy -i rupiilou. lo
.tltj to Ii.m .iluiH; orti r U piK'ii f
mk on- of his clMMvieriMI It W Mkl
th.it lie neser went nrr the lioaiU of
hH 'ecn-tarleis to niiitilt mii aouittnt.
but behl each to rMHttlblUt.v for tils
Of all the vtut- of liN Hdmlnlstrn
tloti trtbHlly iioiio u- it !ourv of
more utuviety to htm than the ilivMon
of the mipreiuo court on the status of
the oolotitw. It a.- a nutttor of groat
uiomont wbethor tbo lilehext Judicial
bou.v nhouhl uphold the view of the
Nduilutstnttlon that the coitetltutloii
.tauctloneil tilt" too-tm of t-olonle
nbk h vere not itwuto'l full rereoii
tatlon. Thcro wore co.mU'tinx rumors
and fortHnf: of the color of tho deci
sion, untl tbeo itdikil to the tension
felt l Wnshltitftou Shortly before
the autuuu eotent of the Oml In? of the
court a suHsrtllnato officer of oao of
tlte detmttmeuts tervl at the White
llouro at an unusual hour ami iulKtel
uivn M-eliiH the president on the plea
of UuiHinaut liusim-r. I tar lus bvu
ad'ulttett. b came til owe to Ills cr
"Mr. lreildeut. 1 uavo .unite coil
nW! for you. 1 b-ivo jut leu moil an
thorltntiveiy tbiit the declnlou of the
suireme court Is to Iki in your favor."
tie fnlriy xloweil with the Imporiaiice
of ht welcome mi1!;.
'ITiank you." said Mr. MclCinley
quietly. "Tom l tw news. Hut
taas'e you luforiued yor chief V
"So. Mr. lres-nleut. I thought you
onsht to be the first to kimw it."
"Well. Mr. . Put orry for that.
Now. will you please do me the favor
to so at on - to your chief ami irh
him the luforuuttVon that he may
commuiilcatf it to meP'-Sthvi tlarti
sou lu Century.
i The Frientlshiii Between Him ami
Lincoln and Grant.
(pmu.isnr.u i
l)ri.utnirnt of 1 he lulrrinr.
I. S. I.ANO ilKI-'It'K itt IVrtlniHl. Ore
July a. iota.
NOTIt'K Is hereby (ven that Jrkub
tlrni.-n, of lllfttlie. Oregon, who oil
Jtllv , tlKB, llimle Itoinestenil Knlry
No l3lXH- SerUI. N'o tJl. for N, of
SKI hhI J of NKl. Section tl. Town
hlp South. Ilantje West. Wlllstn
olio Meridian, hits Hlel rmliro of In
trillion to uinko Final Five rear Proof,
to establish clnlm to the Isrsl nbnvc
deseribeil, before J. C. Iloklen. Coonly
Clerk of Tllliaitikik County. Oret,nn. nt
rilliuiKKik City. OroRUM. on the Hfilh
dnv or August, it'ia.
t'lnliimnt iuuiism hi finemios :
lUtrl IViwtte.
Walter Casm.
John Ilrort-nlnif.
Parley It. Coufoon, mII of lll.ilno
II. F. II10HY.
A Thread a Hundred Yards Long and
Only an Ounce In Weight.
When it li'nt tlu cohtilna nunta a
bt'.Ntoi. 1 ac.it to ttio spluiilui; tulll in
baz cout'iintuj: nUott H) miiiu1s. It
Is then Orst cunU-J by a machine
somewlntt resetuliiiiii; the saw tooth
sin een lu cotton lulllri. Thlrt machine
separate tbe tnnicfat tlbers. upon the
completion of wtib h operation there oc
cur a Dnjtt cHniln: on a regular card
ing machine Ieav:us thlK carding ma
chine the aslieatos Is combed i-mootbly
ami tbe fibers are laid iHiralloJ in it uni
form ma.
'itte next step la to treut tht inasn
in a rotary spintdmt nMcUlno. ITrst
the mnw Is spun Into n coarse yaru.
'lTien It If dmwn ami spun until H bo
contest flue and quite strong. In case n
bard, strons thread I required for cer
tain fabric the astwwto yarn Is placed
In a doubting and twisting machine,
where two or more of the yarn threads
are combined. If tbe asbentoa is to bo
Impreffnatetl with rubber a smooth,
bard finished thread U not tiealntble.
For u lorn; time the problem or spin
ulns asbestos presented mnuy dittl
cuitles by rc:i'ii of the manner in
which tbe th rends ierslstel In sllpplni;
past one another. Krentually it was
found thnt. under tbe microscope, a
thrcinl of nti"to dlwplayeal a uotcbeil
surface and that by means of special
twistini; t!io Hji'nuiiiK could bo success
fully accompliMiiwl The result Is thnt.
after many year of uxierlmenU manu
facturers iMfwiuliiy are utile to turn
out a single ailMntus ihrend 100 yards
in leuKth and not exceeding an ounce
In weight. Kscbange.
When the Ulu and tlis Qry Joined tn
UirOuljy Celebrstion A Meetoij
With Grant In Washlnjton Lin
coln's Visit to Mrs. Pickett.
In Mr. Plckctf introductory clmp
ter to 'The Heart of n Soldier. A Itc-iali-l
lu the Intimate Letters of lion
oral Oconto li- Pickett. C. S. A," there
Im mi oAttcinolv inierotliiK story. It
uier tlmt while id lilcluiioml, just
tiftcr tho Miirrcudor, he u Kiiitituott-
ed to the door bj n churl1 rnp She
Slc 4 cli.u-lilliii; iuvon.it of uti.lt fol
lowed: With my baby on my nrtn t nuuo
ed the kuocb, o(oited tbo dimr and
iookoil up Mi a toll, gaunt. Mil flood
titan lu til fitttiik- elothei. who. with
tho necent of the murth. askctl:
"U this O.nrco Plrkett placer
"Yes. sir." 1 tUHorel. "but lie Is
not iM-rv."
-I know tlMit. tim'iuii." tie roplli-l.
"bnt I Jnst wnnttil to see the pluio
t am Abraham Mueolu."
The preeWentT I casncd.
The tnir.. er shook bend nisi '
stitd: "No. ma'nm; no. ma'am. Just
Abmbaut Uuixdn: Oenrce'aokl friend "
"t am Oeu.ge Picketfn wife, amt this
I his bo by." wns atl I could isy I
Mr I vi by pushed away from mo nnd ,
reached hN tmmls to Mr. IJncolu. who 'hsnascun Ik) tunilu after Uie sdj im
tnik btm in bis artna. as be did m mont of the board.
an expression or rapt, almost dltrtne r Dul m Tillamoo, Oregon. Auk-
temieriiess ami love iignteii up tbe sad 1913.
fnoe. It "a a Itssk that I hove iever 1
eeti on nny other fnco. My lby
oiM-nl ht mouth wide nml Insbrtft
uin Klvlti his father's frle:d a de y.
tif-iti'e kis;. As Mr. Lincoln
'tie 'lit e one bnck to me. shaklnj; Id
fltv-.-r nt htm ptarfntlv. be said:
Toll your father, the rascal. Hint I
forgive btm for the sake of that kls
,..,. i.. i.. i.. -
Mrs Pickett explain the Interest ' S- I'AN'U OKFICK at P .rtla , I. .r,
Utt olti showetl In her husband by i August y. l n
.noiico is noreoy given mm Jnn .
1 Kirseh, of 'nilamook, (Jrtirn, wi .. n
on Mumlny, Sumbr Sth. 1015, the
County Itonnl of ttqunliiallon will
tttoet ut the Court House. In Tillamook
County, Uteon. and publicly eta nine
the asrtesantenl roll for utd yesr, a !
correct nil error In valusti ms, de
erlpilone of Und. lots or olhsr pp
crty. Said tnuird will eon'inao in s
sion from day to day, until the cs vnin
nt ion. correction nod eilniii"i
the iissonsutenl roll ahull tt comolst
All ersons Interented in the s.s.-
went of their properly nre re.jinMi:
lo nppooir ut said Utne anl pls -o. n
A, Johnson.
County Asc. i
Depiirtniciit of I'jic Interior.
A Voice Without a Soul.
Tibet's dnlui lama was greatly dis
turbed by the first phonograph he saw.
Edmund Candler, when lu Ijisaa with
the Youiivbusbiiud exiiedltkm. beard
from tbe Xetilese resident how be hnd
recently brou :!:t the uncanny toy a n
preseut fro.u the muharajab of Nepnl
to tbe priest king. The dalal lama
walked o ron ml It uneasily as It blared
forth no ICnslUth bund plecu atwl an lu
delicate Kbntanese song. 'I 'hen he
thought for h long while, and finally
said be could not live with this voice
without a soul. So it was passed on tn
somebody else.
A Paternal Proposition.
"The go rum men t throws nil thu oh
soli t,- ,11'inv weiiMiiis lu the Jutlk pile.
Tln- ere uiixalalile."
"h.c:ij to me the government Riven
very little thought to iluaslMK Itts em
s' ens."
"How imwV
"Think of tho Innocent Joy thnt
would rehiilt If they burlod tlioar
weupons on the various batllofliildB for
tourists to iHk uji." KiinsiiH City Journal.
Ovid and Aviation.
If the nvlators of today wish for a
classical motto, what butter can they
t.'il;e than this pasHiii;o from OvidV
"Ar Ainutorla." -III
'luls rcderct uiniiuam
Aitrlas hointiicm enrpurs (mjhho vlas?
which iiii-iii. "Who would bcUovo that
man uii: ever nlili to tako uerlal
paths';" Vouth's Cmuianluii.
Real Obliging,
Creditor I should like lo know when
you are k'olnt' lo pay thin bill. I can't
come here every day In tlio week
Debtor What day would Hillt you bcatV
Creditor Saturday. Uulilor-Very well:
then you can call hero every Saturday.
London Opinion.
Never Lonesome.
"Yon really like coiititry life, do you.
Hobby V" asked I'ctlow.
"You bet I do." si'Id Dobson,
"Wlint do yon do with yourself
nights?" imkeij IVtlow,
"Oh, ( (rale lo town," suld Dolaioii, -llarpur'H
stating that It was through Mr. Liu
coin's mtlMetwe that her hnsbnod re
reitctl hi appointment to Wst tolnt
f ue Impression the hook ronvoi-a Is
that of the kindly and xeoerous feellug
rhnt existetl betweeu Coafederatiw
nnd Cnlontsts grsdtMtetl from Woet
I'otnt who bail been frfemis before tbo
war. An oxbibitiou of this fesMltuc wits
made at the time of tbo birth of O on
ers I I'lekottV first baby. Mrs. t'lekiut.
telllnc tbe story, say:
On the occasion of my son's birth
bonfires were liehtwl In celebration all
nlovg Pickett's line. Oram saw tuein
nnd sent scouts to hjstra the rauso.
When they reported be said to Oenersl
Ingalls: "Usven't we some kindling
on this side of the tine? Why don't
we strike a light for the young lick
ettr In a little while InmBres were nam
'n; from the Fenral line. A few dars
inter there was token through the lines
ti u-by's silver sorvlce engraved. To
O'eorse B. ticket t. Jr.. from hut
fn tbcr's friends. 17. S. OranL Ituflu lo
an IN, Oeorge Buckley."
Jen-rnl Pickett, lu a letter from
Washington, relates another incident lit
which this some kindly fswUm; wm
After breakfast wo went, as ar
ranueit. to see Ore nr. I can't Jnat tell
;!!. my dnrtltiK. nlsxtt that vndt.
Y' M'II buvf to wait till I see yon to tell
you bow tho warm hearted, modest old
warrior and loyal friend mot me: bow
h t ! In hi the Imnd of your heart
sore sobllor -poor, broken. defeat1,
re-ofession gone-ami. looking at blm
for n moment' wlthuat siienklng. $ttl
'owly. "Mckett. If there Is anything
on the top of Ood'x crcen earth I can
do for you. say so.
When started lo go tjrnnt milted
down n -bo'klHHik ard .'id. "HeUett,
It seeto funny, doi-mi't It. that I should
have any money lo offer, but how
niir h ilo you iimmI?"
".Vol liny, old fellow: not a cent,
thank yon." I sn!d. "I lmv phity."
"Hut Itufus tells mo Unit you have
iH-t'iin to build a hoiwe to tako the
place of the one old ituthir burned, nnd
how om you build It without money?
You (Jo need some."
I have tuild some timber to pay for
It." I told him. nnd to show my appro
clntlnn ami gratitude, unobserved. I
affectionately miiieezed liU leg, when
he callwl out: "Itufus. It's (In; hiiiiid
old OeorL'e I'lcUett. Instead of pulling
my he, he's iUee.lug II"
Mny 0, 1012. (node llomssteal Ki:-i
No. OSto-i, for SKi.N'W'l SWjN'Kt
HiSKl Section t. fownshio t . it
itnngo West, Willamette Mrri ltsn,
hn 011 notice of Intention to msk
Final Commutation llomet l i'r.f
to eaublish rlsim to ths Inn I slv
described, be I ore Tbe C-unty tMr i
Tillamook County. Onoror.. t fill
mook, Oregon, on the inh day of Sep'
Ctsimant names u witnesses :
U"irae T. Kiebm,
Chsrle G. I.yon,
JaoiM tiughey.
Wesley ftooh. all of THIamook,
II. F, HIs'Kv.
National Capital Urevitie
The bruise resolution oiling for sn
loii;"!nri of the tfomey general
r.!-i ir. prstpontug th" ligga 'ami
.etti o hito stnve cas was tabled by
- ct r 3 to It.
Chalrma'. Plocxl, of the house for
"Iga aff..n. comwUiee, admitted tb'
' n (ilrccf re r'em Of the re
;?en tha' WnlnsxnJor Wilson did liot
Dimf b-r:re his committee.
Ti" ''e.Tiertflc tor rat' fa of th
house barking and currency commit
' .vs , :iinl to settle all dlfflcul
'ts over C " etirreuey messore at 4
' "ii'it' 'o be held August II.
,j3ntor 1 Kollftte has informed
.ho senat. at only tt replies have
' rn rec, tve 1 to the 100 sets of .u
4-. . rt . -in, fuoturera through
the ",. .: 'ry. In which they wore
,.. : f -r 1 H li -rmrllon or. to
lie irtwu... t'- .!,rin thr Ind' s
trkn of d- ic-T' 1 t iriff revls'-in
r-"h ' ' ni. 'i 1 rcMp1 t"d the
.t?.ni -.: ;u.,-0n m. M-.:hsi. ex
Ixbbyi the National Ss.-oc. ition
of Manuf intureri, and the .trkiihu of
ifcat Individual will be tramfrred
:ty to hoi.se,
Hedjctlotis In egprcpn rates which
Vlll Co. t the c !; .i, fUHy JJ(, ,, .
IK'O ft sour, am roif loil.dv IC 1. r nut
1 of their gross mvoiiue, were ordered
by the Inlcrstat'. comiaerce commls
klon to hetouie effucllvi on (Jutnher
ID, 191.'!. Notable reforms In practice
nltio were ordered.
Spciiil AtiKtt tit "N'fittiio's I'ltixitiiimio
Tillamook County Beach
New holds with every modern areotntmslatlon, rtjyrno.
I I l ....... I t '!. .... . ft
nirii cmiooi'k kooo w ,i..it,,,i, 1 in, irip
ThrouKlt tho VirK Fornnta of Tillnnumlt Con
Is one that sliuuld not lt Inlssril.
Two Daily Trains Chair Buffet Car Sr
en the sftcrnooti ttnln
Low Season and Week End Fai
from vsrlt us iltits on the Soutliurn l'. ,
Splendid fishing' slotn; ti Nehslnti ami Hslmonlwrrv m,,
as well as on ihe briny deep.
(CMf-OifcUvUTAl I
I t MQUt I
Cnll for our new folder 1
lleuehos." It HilltBtft full ..(
Mil with sty & I. Agent
1 J
john M.scorr
Crnrral i'anrntrr Ajrel
Cement Sidewalks and
Concrete Construction Work
Enquire at Ramsey Hotel
Sorvr yof
An mtf i 1 jw .
wrwujfo sh&m a be as act
iKTE E3 A 1T V
1 1st is ' is i
Itilh lbonri
: AHSTkAC'lS : KKA I, !.Mli:
SfKVI-VlMi ; IXsriUNU.
Tillamook, Oft
A stuftll intrtithlv sjiNtnj;
assutv Yuiir vihii to the
t iMllltlCtH'lll 1
Panama-Pacific International Expcsilion
Hy my ll4tt vtsi tit Assurrd ol Ifjmpoft.ittni,,
bolel scfomoHsUlloos. atlmMsloo Iksrti, .ulr
lilpsi fVftrtWiir iifrar U malt r a cfl tup
Call or Wrilo for Infnrmstlnn
I-. J. LLAUbbLN, :: Tillnmooh, Oregon
Suoar For tho Heart.
Sugar In a splendid medicine for tho
heart lu certain dlm-nxcs of this organ.
In others, such as oedema. It lian no
effect. In the London Lancet In ro
ported the cine of 11 woman of seventy
seven with "rapid. Irregular, feeble
pulse. cyanoilM and attacks of parox
vstnal lireathlng" by the ailmlnlHtrn
il'iii of four ounces or lump sugar
every twelve hours, gradually dfinlii
iHhlng tho dose, ror Heveral weelts.
A Nsw Way of Flnancs.
I'l-oprlulor-ir maihiiiio oirers to pay
ror Iho hat don't show her the hill, and
I will Increase It. Homebody linx to
P'iy our had debts. Miwxeiignr-lliit If
she doesn't offer to pay' I'riinrletnr-
'J'hun bring Hie hat back. Wo can't add
to our bad debts. nieguiido lllatler.
Home conu bear thieo Itludi of trim.
bio all they had, all they have now
and all they expect lo hnve.-Kdwiird
Kvtrutt Hide.
DON'T SI'fill, A (J00I) HOII.SH
by kooplmr lilrn In Hlmhby old HiirnosH.
Wo am BellliiK llarncHH rnrttlo of the
best stock at prices thnt ouoM t
tompt you.
will not only Improvo tlio apnearanco
of your horfo, hut contrlhuto to your
Hi.foty as woll Many ti riinaway t-oul.l
Im avo (led If tho old llariieB had boon
(llH'.'urdcd in tltno,
Tillamook . On
Cement : Coal
Root Paint
Lime : Brick
Drain Tile
Docks ontl Warehouse Fron! St. between 2d and 3d Ave. Wei
.Sixty acres on WiIhoi, Hlver, a part
of what h known as tho '0tur ,
pW with or without Block. I w!!i
wm or more down and will idvo
I'l-Mity oftliuofoMhu Inilancu a nl' ,er
I.iihI Ihhiiu Octolatr fi,
A heiiutlfiil Ktny liorim '
over, will maku tbo following
at Dbu'hou Hi-om. I.lviirv
For Hale: ko ncrct of land on NolnrtH
Hay, 01 now county rnr.tl. DJ t:)0H
from 'I ninoo k triie 1., .-., :. V':. N
oiicicfiamlu.. e,Vt , ' 'r i " ' 'I
t ( liiirgnlti. I'art easli .louio ... "
onoiihy tentiB, J. M. LIlnLorf,
ii.vii iM. !2&J
hi. WZKti