Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, August 05, 1913, Image 2

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    Cbe Ciliatnook fierald
. G. CromUUy, Editor
Entered ' ao-oHl-vUvu m Uter Mnv 17. I 1). .it t.'ie put o Ilea
Oregon, under tho act of March 3, IS79."
Sl'llivCKK'HO.N 5130 A Y.'AK iN AD NCB
Jiik'erttetttt; aU&
Portland. Oregon. JtmolM, P.M.
CucsUnv .ntd Friday N,,ti,H' lt i'1'? k,v,' v
- . Ftnloy, by Edward K. Day. Id ultor-
nt Tillamook, ney-in-faet, whose iotolllco nddroas
in Si. Johns. Oregon, iliil on the -1st
dn of June. lt'l;l, 111.' In till oltk'o I""
implication, as Individual v, liilitiiint,
to soleet umU't the provisions of the
Hat LocatlTd in the CommrrcUl RMc,
SuwVdiwa Ur. P. J. Sharp.
i mn. . i . I"
Vtlnritr lt l
Uti.ti Iff
lilliimook Ihiiltllnu Room 216'
rr-'.ili I . ' )'.': its
INTIIK(MltClTTl CtfilltrJ
AltfllK .t.lllJN TV ' ,w
.. lit.
Olftccilnunu j () j,,' t m
Or Kvnlis Itoui 7 until 8 o'clock
' eirl Advertiswswnt
Firrt Insertion. pr line
Each mibavouent irrtion
Homitad Notices
Timber Cuvroa
Ntvtiewa, rx-r n
OanlN ' ti. :vr li .
Lv.tt1. er Ime. rtrst nwtibn
Keh sulwoo.uont insertion, lino
Ka.dutions uf ' ondolnco awl
1 llfte notieon, per line -0f
? .Id KiistjnwsX- Professional erds.nio. 1. 00
lint '.OS Display Advertisement, pr Inch .26
MA. Disphtv Ada must be in this of-
w fwe on Monday ami Thumiity Morn
.V tin to insure publication in follow -in:
Tuowl.iv and Friday issue.
.? . Reasons arts imperative.
Olhoe in Sluuvon lll.tii.
All WorW l.lMtaiilred.
Attorney t t-.iw
Office Im Gnmnrrcl.1
I). l-'.Jrowl.Hlrt, j.,, (,s
i.nvirniirn r, nf
Tim I'lr.i u 'A 'ra
, Mill.
to i.Nwronfw i: f,,i.
ru.i. v.Mnon.
Ai-iof July I. ISlW. k ottomUtl by tho
Act of Mny 17. 11HW. tho KJ SWl Sc-
t on VX nml US. NV1. Soct on :. i
Township 3 South. Kunco 10 Vot.
Any hixI all tu-Motw oUimliiu u.l ! I p PfCDY. D. V. M,
Th lat word whieh w have in rv The revolt im w rioiH tht I'redcnt
... , la , ... , 1 Wi'son hns vIuUthiIium to ;ivo ut h.
cRrd to harbor improvements Is t the .
jumnier vacation ami t.tv riht on tho
ciTeet thm the piYornment h5 ordeml , .ob jU Washington- hU job, rather.
Major Morrow, who fe locatotl at Tort- -for with the tariH. the currency, Mo
land and bus chante ot hurbor develop- icu ntul all tho rest ho has several of
ments in this locality, to Ro ahead them. K'ood sized ones too.
with the Tillamook project, which in-;
elude the boiklinc of a north jetty at! Bulgaria ! She is imvinc dcarlv
for her mid-summer madness in trying
to ijra'j from her allies an und'ie share
vorsely the Inmt iloserihetl. or dosir-,
Im., )a ..I. !.. Lu.it.n .. t (V.. ... I ........ I 1
character of the Innl, or for nny other i
roa on. to the disooiul to npiilleant,
should their nllllavits of protest in !
this olllce, tin or before the iWth day '
of August. I9i:. !
RlKlxter. I
Notice to be published In the "tttla- !
iuoo Herald" Uicatod at Tillamook. !
Oreeon. '
Ist Issue Autr. 12. T.
(lluth I'lcine)
t t i
I. J . Clausben
TillaniooK lUntK
n ii"riM num.. ai I i i
aUivn timttxl defrf.
j IN 'I UK NAM! iik
OFOI'KODN Y.... ...i
" ltejl
I the nbtivo oi'Htir l (
Dr. L. i. Hewitt
AUemcy-at-l. ami
U, S towmiiienrr
Opi'Oiilr Ctutlliomr
! Uifnre the Ut iUv ftM,ijj
older for tli l.',.,,tftf2J
j tiu.n. hrrtof e it..e ,t,i t(l
'lilt wilt . ' l
.... " ; f TT i(
' HJtl fjf the rri , f
the bar. We understand that Major!
Morrow will arrive here on the llth1
and look over the ituatkn carefully;
and advertise for bid at once.
ine people OI mis loca-uy arc rauc i
Hoth I'houoa
Hes. and Olllce vVhttohutue Kesldenee.
'of the Turkish spoils. Ambitious to be
,'cotne the dominant power in the Balk'
nns. sne linomil to nau an vice, ann oe
U. S.
. . Illicit OHV MVT ivt, ' 4
pltflbeofthtf fact that itll ob. !s.dwafeiirfuua!l0f hn hfLl b,wx, (.Mri. ot
tacler have been overeome and that w, oomo out wilh fmlch territory . 1. 13CWM
finally harbor imirjveme.-.ts are atout
to beetime a relity innttcad of a dream.
Harbor improvements will mean much
for thi? country. U will act as n stim
ulus in the development of la tire areas
of timber land ami in the building
op of our eitie-i. The expenditure of
nearly a million dollar in cons ruction '
work to Ceirui witn h ill be u tine thing '
We understand that s.vne of the mon
ey raised by the sat of rt bonds will
be used in building expensive docks for
Bay City and Garibaldi. This m ve,
we are told, is sure to briri&r about con
tention at the v. - JUUet. There are
many taxpayers of the port of Bay City
who are anxiou to see harbor improve
ments, but who do not care to hnve
their money spent to further the aims
and interests of private concerns or
special localities and for that reason '
there is sure to be trouble if port ,
money is used for the purpose of build- I
ing docks at Bay City or O.tribnldi. The
cities of Bay City and Garibaldi should
avoid this trouble bv nd nir on their
own feet and building and taking care
of (heir own harlwr facilities. A "row
and law suit at this time over harour
improvement expenditures would be
out of place and much to be deplored,
as it would have a bail ellect just when
things oui;ht to move along smoothly.
Department of The Interior.
LAND OFFICE at Portland. Ore.
July 3. It) 1 3.
OTICK is hereby iriveu tint Jekub
of lllntne. Ureeon. who. on 1
XV.3, made Homestead Kntrv 1
l&SOto- Serial. No 021. for Ni f ,
than she fairly earned, that will make ' SKI nd SJ of NF.J, Secti m IS). Town
her the weakest of the Balkan states 3 South, Kantro S West. Willam- j
, .! . t..,u. otto Meridian, has tied notice of In-'
for a generation to come. But for the , u,ntj(,(1 l(j yim K(vo ymf ,. ,
lnte'ventlon of the jxtwers, ntiliraria t Mtabl:.h claim to the laud above
woukl be crushtxl completely; the de- ileertbel, before J. C. llulilen, County
sire to preserve the "balance of power" 'crtc of Ti!!am.Hk County. Oregon, ut
the petty Balkan stales, j " , 7" r" 1 " '
J3r. Jack Olson
Olllce Hours Iro'ti ' a. in. to ? p, in.
Over F R. Bc.nl' Real K.UIr Office
Both I'hoix's
H. T. i3ons,
COMPt.liTl: St:T 01s AHSTRACI .
Ollicc 'Juii-'JOI, Tillamotl
Geo. P. Wirislow
TilUmuu BUx-k
As it is she must give
even among
also saves her,
up a good slice to Roum.nia and an- i
other to Servia; she will hue Saloniki j
to Greece anil possibly all outlet t- the
E;ean sen; ami m.iy have to give Ad
rianople and all of Tnrace bask to Tur-
key. Moreover, she has forfeited in
large part the admiration and confi
dence of the world, gained in her
splendid right against Turkey. Poor
Bulgaria, she has made a pitiful mistake.
Claimant numos as witnesses;
Bert Downs,
Walter Cmon,
John Browning.
Pcrley It. Coulon. all of
Last Issue Aug. 5. T.
J. Wm. EdwaH
Bread Pioneer Transfer Co.
G. L. HICK ft SON. Pivj..
Blh Pluwut
'I lie Sninc Price to livcryone
Editor Bake.- of the Headlight
keep3 harping about attorneys a.tJ
their f-es in connection with the pave
ment case. Tnis is aopare itly done to
cause people to think that the pave
ment controversy ha been caused only
by a desire of attorneys to secure fee,
which idea of course is certainly urone-,
ous. In taking up the case against '
F rl. Egglcston has purchased the
Palm Cafe, serving the first-meal Mon
day noon. Mr. Eijgleston is a veteran
in the restaurant business ami has se
cured n good cook and competent help
and proposes to run a first class, up-to-date
F. Lewallen ami family of Hebo
were in the city today to enjoy the
sights of a live town and incidentally
take in the Wild West show. He hon-
ored the Herald olllce with a call and
t.l ; advanced his subscription a couple of
Tho masons have completed the
brick laying on the Odd Fellow build
ing and today started work on the Ma-:
some building. The Odd Fellow build-'
ing is now in the hands of electricians '
and lathers and everything is rushed
for the early completion of the build-,
NOTICE is hereby given that the
undfrslened adninistratir ef the es
tate of George W. Eleninger. deceased.
has filed with the Unin ty Court of thei
State of Oregon, for the County of .
Tillamook, his t'nal account, and Unit
Tuesday, September Uml. 1013, at ten
o'clock a in. has been fixed as the
time, ami the comt houce of Tillnrnook j
County. Oregon, s the place for the
hearing of tne said final account, and;
all person having any objection to the'
said final account uro hereby notified
and required to present the same to J
the iud rourl on ur before tho hearing
Oated this 2')t'i dav of July, 1913.
Robert Kirhingor,
Admini 'trat r of the estate
George W. Kichinger. drcensed.
Last issue August 2Hh. 1913.
for ttlen
and Women
Painter ntul I'aprr
Contracts Taken
IvstiiuaivM iMinu.siicil.
All WnrU (iiiiiriiitvrl.
TilliuniHitt. Or
i .
....... 1 . .
t..r! . Hei.l.i, 9 , ."
.1-. ... ..... . .""I
U . HHjjJ
rnii no arrr-.i-fc
nf Ai.nl. lMr.1 l. , I. f, .::
re'mif.u iiiki rctu mxt m
rutr.1 by Md dcils-iu( jJJJJ
Samlnr. am) l.rrttiulc y,. J
fr of pUintHT kM(6 hiuJM
Htt,W ami lntrpl, s'WrwirJl
iMK.ni.ii tod ituii 'ullr.l UTJ
K'inir. M'vgwi, net fiij i
to- U TI f Itorthrail qe,'
rt of tho WlllmiKtlr VJj
law In urh eat n
llmt lie prefcrd! f rjtt, M,
i.iirtl Inwards Ihu atnf...iw.
n(t.Oh( line the pt,it f! oauM
n-pfit . wt an item iitif
ptKlUiav I mini ,-4
ehrsl . lliat piairt n 'ny
" riy to thl? M l i . l,,-,
making ale their. ' i
pifeicr of n- ; tmtui
ixakiexlun thffrvf
Tni ntnrtwio. is 'ttds
IKjIillrallilfl Ihrfr I ( orit
llaO. Webatnf It" I t JoJ,-,
t iirtin t ..tirt .r tin sj,
fr the t otiy . f T i'ita.
f.fOor l OMcmJ the ..' I 4lf
A, l . itHa. ml ! NfaWs.
racn wcol lor H r ' M-stlH
ft orcn eoim-ittte H!r4, ti.
lh flf KJIiIlrati. II rtt'4 i.
iinm day of July 113 a 4ti
IflP l tniMlfl( t- UM
2d day of .SptcmV'
l)ln Ju y ' .'1
T. II llASDUtt
AIL t ttttiM
Cleaning and Pressing
On 2nd Ave. Opposite Eu" Garaie
U. S". Hi XM.Ii. Mi-f
Four Ioiir Wrt of BaV -ry.
J'un.ml Dirsclor ik! l.ctiid Kmb.lni.r
lolv Anaists.-.t Wlmn Rr.mraU-d.
Tlio Water t'oirn ao l
Mr loe j.wltlvo '.'lrlksMS
oil watr Mini all - jfn'
m.t pu) tl Br Wfltrr rr't h)
i.f e&rh month
By Otdrr Water l nr.miM?s.
the Warren Construction Company it
was necessary to secure the best legal West S itton has been at Marshfiel I .
talent that could be s.-cured. This the , S. D. during the summer looking after
citizens did with the result that a far j some business interests there he expects
stronger case has been made against to return in about six weeks. He is
the Warren Construction Company, cnrr.ing back with a stronger love for
than was at first anticipated. In fact , Tillnmo k county ami a determination
the citizens have every reason to be never again to wander from its pros
perous atmosphere and delightful cli
mate. Mrs. H. W. Laselle of Por land is
visiting in the city with tier niece Mrr.
M. F. Leach. Mrs. Laselle formerly
resided in Tillamook but it has been
seventeen years since last she was
here and of course notices many
changes and new faces She is meet
ing mar y of her old friends nd is en
joying her visit
Attorney John Leland Henderson has
a son fifteen years of age whom ho
would like to place on a ranch, with
good family, to work for his board and
go to school and at the same tirre learn
the practical side of dairying. Mr.
Henderson is anxious that his son learn
tho dairy business from the ground up.
Should any of our ranchere desire a
good strong boy, they should see Mr.
i Henderson.
' I Mr. an 1 Mrs. R. S. Clark of Port-
President Wilson is finding serious ' nml gent a few dava in the citv visit-
satisfied with the work of Attorneys
Bagley ami Tongue of Hillsbriro, Sena
tor Fulton of Portland and Att'jrnfcy
Bingham of Salem. This idea of try
ing to make out that the pres.it con
troversy is the result of the attorneys'
desire to secure fee is certainly ridicu
lous, in the face of the facts in the case,
and the present condition of our pave
ment whicfi is showing a continual ad
dition of defects as the days come and
go. Breaks are developing here and
there and at different places a multi
tude of cracks are making their ap
pearance. The citizens have a just
cause for putting up a fight and if it
is necessary in hire attorneys no one is
to blame but the Warren Construction
Co., and any move to discourage the
people by howling abjut the attorneys
is wholy uncalled for.
insurgency in
party against
gram. In the house bunking
renc committee, there are
own ,)L. w th Mrs. Clark'H brother f.runt
his cunency bill pro-1 Thayer. She delighted her old
cur- friends by fuvoring them with a couple
stormy f solos ut the Methodist church last
times over the matter. Representa-1 Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clark have
Uvea Henry and Ragsdulo are trying ' Kono to Netarts for a couple of weeks
to tear the President's measures u, j outing at Happy Camp.
tatters, substituting radieul changes. ' Martin Peterson, Charles Dickens.
These southern men want currency is-' gKnor 1Ir,u1ml uniJlit.'i)', Iw,? of
. , i . r Portland hiked over the Wilson li ver
sued on warehouse receipts for cotton, roa(1( BrrivB in Tillamook Monday,
corn and wheit, as well as .pn bonds, having had lots of sport fishing along
stocks und other securities. Henry ; the route. They went from here to
even went so fur as to charge that the . ;0K,r., continue from there
to Bavocean and un thu beach, return.
Department of The Interior.
S. LAND OFFICE at Portland. Ore.
Juno Si, 1913.
i NOTICE is hereby given that Henry
Hinck. of Hamlet. Oregon. who mi Feb
ruarv2l. 11111, made Homestead Entrv.
No. 029-.il. for SW SW Sec. M-NW
NW1 Sec. 23.EiNBi.Ser. 22. Township
I North, Range 9 West, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make Final Commutation Proof, to
establish claim to the land above de
scribed, before Register mid Receiver,
U. S. Lund Office, "at Portland, Oregon,
on the 21st day of August, 1913.
Claimant names as witnesses.
Frank Cole,
Frank Porter,
Otto Gustrich.
SamuelTrumbcl, all of Hamlet, Ore
Ron. H. F. HIG'IP.Y.
The Most Important
Business of Yours
Is where you invest your money.
The Western loun & Savings Co. of
Salt Luke City, Utah, a tried and proved
company, is now ready for business in
Tillamook und Tillamook Co. To loan
you money or build yon a home on small
monthly payments, at a low rate of
nteroU. Write or see
A. C. EVERSON, Loan Agt.
A. M'NAIR, President.
D. L. SHRODE, Vice President.
Bourd of Apprnisors.
E. M. Bales, F. 11. Minlck,
R. F. .ucliman, E. J. Cluussen.
Board of Trustees.
John Luland Hen
derson, H. L. Haul.
L. C. Smith. W. G. McGee.
Unequalled Opportunitiel
lilass bill, wnicn l'resiuent Wilson ap.
proves, was "written wholly in Nthe in
terest of the creditor classes, the bank
ing fraternity and thu financial world,
without proper provision for the debt
or classes und those who toil and pro
duce and sustain the country." These
insurgents want to divide the emer
gency currency authorized by tho bill
into three separate groups "commer
cial currency,' '"industrial currency,"
ing home via thu Ne-kah-nee trail
John Patterson of Tillamook and
Miss Luella Hickey of Portland nero
married on July 29 ut Vancouver. Rev.
I Walter I. Kck of St. Paul's English
Lutheran church odiclating. Mr. I'm tor
son is employed in Billy Stephens place
and is very popular 'among his friends
who gave him und his bride a hearty
reception when they arrived last Frf-
'agricultural currency," And us on. I reside there.
day evening. They have taken anart-
incnu at tho Tilluinook hotel and will
15, 25 and 40 Watt, 35c
60 Watt .... 45c
100 Walt - - - 0c
150 Watt .... 51.20
250 Watt 2.00
I'nmud l.(inii r.c linira.
We ilvllvrr linniin to nny part of
the city Telriilionc tin. Wc do
wlrliiK nt the lowet prliT t-on.
ltmt with Koi workiniiiiHldp,
TillamsoJt Sloctvlc win
Light fc rucl 0o. ri 'MiT'
Field for Investment
For Details as to Investing in Wheeler,
Write to
The Nehalem Habo
jcattary Wheeler, Oregon
Portland Officei 327
Tlllimook Offlcei Ctff.M