Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, August 05, 1913, Image 1

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Largest Circulation of Any Paper in "Tillamook County
Tii.i.amook, Okp.oon, Aw.l'ht 5, 1913.
NO. 56
It s the aim of t His Imulc to jive
tlicticsi hanking service possible
- and we do it.
It is also our itint to lutvc the
vcrv best equipment such ns
Modern Fire Proof Munlon
Room, I'irc Proof Vault, Mur
jjlar Proof Safe. Modern Safe .
Deposit Hoxcs ami vc have
li IK vtntlrf o( hj who luvc uwd Dili lie ctcim.
Mv fim IrUJ i! yl? II rxA, fuo luul ixiUt ti Mxnr ol
4lMrln ! (Kim.
Dike's Peroxogen Cream
Kf jJurmd. Give la It lllit Uul imwlh vlvtf rfirjttf rwfrt-
L.L. . il.l ......t..l . A .li-.. .lt.!,.. kiinilm .k In Initio m.
.M.M4lt lUfl)' .WUIHIt VIMfHI ""-" ...... .
fwi Is Kin tmriud. iifiull ln -w rommvi ll for ullow, r.xir.
A Urge jar for 25c
llamoqk Drug Store
Ii.IL KOCll, Ph.G.
Phmw. 1WII Muluitt) Miln t
kfOon GunrmttccO. Money llnck il Xot Sntinlhctory
United States Immigration In
spector Seriously Injured
by Federal Soldiers.
Kl l'ao, Ti Chr1 M, Dixon, of
Road Interesting.
TMs Road Ract Aloag Bdi, Tareaia
CeveraaMat Reserve, Put TWet
Area Reck aad Oae Tkea
taed Foot Cave.
The Mimmu, a pedestrian club of
... , ., . -vmr.i .i, wi.u.i, u in; Mmmu, a pedestrian club or
Han DIrfio, United Mate. Immlrtratton i Portland, passed thru here a few week
In.peeior. wh .hot In tho back by I on onw of their rricular hlklnjr trlpa.
Mexican federal soldier al Juarez. Uxrtr Itlnary Included the route between
tlfvftl wnn la ltiH tfflr1fct titial. l , . mj
. uaiMWJiari ani MMiMria i nni
nr... lr.vi,,ilKtlliK a whltn c. jm.ny .p,,,,, who Valt cither place
who do not avail themselves of thli dc-
het tm a arrested by a band of
federal ililliir, who started to march
him away from tlm city In thn tlrro
iloti of the foothllli, where many exe
cution tinv (nkeii place. Dlxotl start
ed to run, ami after KnttliiK a block
away, wat firm! on.
Dhon made n utatetnent to Ami-rl-
can official that he ni aatUflrd tho
Metlcann were marchltiK hltn out to
hoot hint when he ran He. aald the
11 r lean toldlcru were, dnink.
"I told the Botdlera when they ar-
rted me that I would ko to the com'
mandant'a office," wld Dixon. "Hut
Instead of taking rim there they Mart
rd lo the foothill nouth of tho city
1 u attired In the Immigration uni
form of Vahkl and I IhouKht jmtIip
they had taken me for an American
py and Intended rxectttltlK me. I
thought the only chance 1 had waa to
run for the border, no I broko loo
from the two drunken lroopr who
held me."
Altonur l L-w tiiA Notify Public
U Til'niook, Oregon
Waahlnieton. Hlrotii; repreneota-
tlon. the moat draatlc In phrasooIOKy
that have been made alnce thn preaent
American AdmlnUtrntlon cauiu Into
power, were made to tho Huerta ro
rnmeut In MeilOA
Tha Unltd SUta nommnt do-
man J rd not only the prompt arreal.
courtmartlal and punlihmnnt of thu
Mexican federal aoldlrra who ihot
hnrlea II, Diion. Jr. an American Inv
mlcrntlon official at Juarez, Mex.. but
the Immediate release o Oharlo Hla
e and llernni McDonald. jatnUvS
manat;,,, tmprlooned by federal iol
dlsr at Chihuahua City and ald to
be threatejind with execution.
HkThtful trip, It can be taken on foot or
In the aaddlc. At low tide all but two
milea of the road la alonx the beach
which U very picturesque. About a
mil on each aide of Cape Meara light
liotMe IIki road lead Into the mountain!
and take one to the lighthouse on a
promontory about two Lund red feet
above the ocean. The lik'hthouitc keep
er and two aaiutanta retlde here in
fine houtes turnlrhcd by the govern
ment, they have nice ground, keep a
fine garden nrKj have pasture for their
cow. A trip through the lighthouse
is Interesting, the lenses and equip
ment for turning them cost $16,000, the
horlton Is 17 miles away and the lights
are seen that far on u clear day, If on
a deck fifteen feet above the water
the lights are seen 21 miles. There is a
ledge of ruck at the foot of Cape Meats
on which many sea lions sun themselves
and the visitor can look down Uxn
them from S0 feet above. The view
up the beach from the lighthouse
Is very fine. Along the beach one can
see tin: little clearing and the ruined
humble cabins of the first settlor who
old his holdings for what he thought
a good price to the farsceing speculator
a nJG remoter. Tha -prica now placed
on these places would make the home
steader diiy, If jou have $25,000 you
can act tha dl to the Maxwell tiluCd.
This is a iampleof the way prices have
gone 07, on propcrtv that has a good
sand beach before it
Wild West Show
Draws Big Crowds.
Laree Number if Tilhmook Cosnty
ffpU Here to Stt First Railroad
Show Eibibit.
Everybody and his sweetheart, unclca
and aunts are if) town today to sec the
Oklahoma Wild West Show, nobody
le't al home but the cat and canary
bird. The show exhibited at Hlllsboro
last night making the run here after
the performance, arriving at nine
o'clock this morning. There was one
long train divided about equally be
tween coaches, flat cars ami stock car
and it did not take them long to unload
ami pitch their tents on the grounds
adiolnini? the derxjL The free street
parade was held at one o'clock and the
show is now In progress as we go to
press. The tents are crowded with
people from the city and the surround
ing country, people having come for
mites to see the first circus to exhibit
In Tillamook. There were threu bands
and a steam caliooe to stir uu enthusi
asm, besides many cowgirls, cowboys,
uossacas, inuians ana ciowns, in me
parade and it made a very favorable
Impression on the big crowds lining
the walks.
Innll Monthly savi-.tg coiiiui:nciiiK now will
prtyour visit to chc
iama-?acific International Exposition
ly rty'an yw ' ln'',J,,'"
htitil'ificommodalloiu. sdmiwlon tlckrti, side
lrhf Vvsrythlnc nwry to nukr K" ,flP
Call or Wrlt for Information
ImACteSEN, Tilhmook, Oregon
rtient : Coal : Lime : Brick
Shingles : Plaster
Root Paint : Drain Tile
nd Warehouse Front St. between 2d and 3d Ave. wesi
Nrtise in the herald
BHef News ot the Week
Tljut a large number of Yacanclaa
x'l In the nominations for West
I'.xjlnt endetshlpa Is shown In a list
published by tho war department. Tho
I entrance examination will take plnco
I next March.
The couriers representing: the New
York division of the woman suffrnse
movement ar assembling there pre
paratory to their Journey to Washing
ton to present petitions to confiress
July 31.
The first payment of $250,000 in an
nual rental for the Panama canal rone
bus been made to Panama. This ren
tal la l luldltlon to the $10,000,000 In
cash paid nine years ao to Panama.
iinrL-enns of Urn AnRule grafted a
. -.1 1 i...r 1 ..rt iln bone on tho
tubercular nplne of Margnrot Habcr
,...r ,1 7.1'ear-old patient, and tho pro-
L nt ih.i rnso ta bolng watched
wllb IntereHt.
Moping to defeat Ihft Intent of tho
California imll allen land law iy iorm-
...piinniiloiiB and later tnumfur
ring atnek, Japanoso land eompunlcfc
. i...i.. i..,u.nnr.-iied lit thu rnie of
20 per day.
o......n of thn aouthorn Chlneao pro
,v.. mine to an agreement for
i..., ..etinn acalnat tho provisional
pn-Kldent nnd tho Pekln government
..r,iinir to n dlBimtch from Canton
1.. inh nt Calumot. Mich., with
Htrlklng coppor mlnera, more than a
dozen deuptlex wore Injured, several
of them BorloiiHly. ' Governor r or
ris wuh awkod to rush Htuto troops to
Calumot. Thu tronbla followod an at
tempt Hy the mlnera to force machine
Hhon omployoH to null work, and some
100 HhotH woro oxchangod.
To "unnoratnblo tho egga" that the
American Telephone & Telegraph
Company has KUtherod Into one nes ,
.ul 11 oqulty wo. brought In the Unit
o - .luiriet court for Oregon un-
Uor tho flhornmn anti-trust law by the
flllnK of n bill of complaint agalnBt
that company and 39 other defendant..
The defendant comprise companies
In Vttnintiiui
Six room housu with jmntry and buth
m two Brood ow. very cnoap.
nqulro of F. I', l'hlllip-,
Corner of
The danco given by Sharp and
Klchm at the pavilion last Saturday
nluht waa a big succeSB. Perkins or
chestra furnished the musk. The floor
was crowded until 12 o'clock when the
dance stopped. The auto service from
Tillamook waa perfect and hundreds
took advantage of It. many staying
over for a Sunday at tho beach. A nne
midnight supper was served at the hot-
..I Ai-..r a mri of lillamOOK RUIO
owners drove over for the dance re
turning home after the supper.
Wilbur Stilwell's boat took out a
large party Sunday morning for a trip
around Three Arch KocUs to see tne
birds and pea lions on the reserve and a
run mit to soa for the deep sea fishing.
a successful catch being reported. The
afternoon trip had to be abandoned on
neeount of the boat being anchored in
too shallow water and the receding tide
leaving it high and dry.
tho Tillamookors who are en
joying camp life at Happy Camp now
are the families of Chester Holden,
IturrBcals, Arthur Stillwell, Eugene
Jenkins, John Dalgren, T. J. Sarchett,
F. 1). Small, Allan Pago and George
ChalTee. The gentlemen spent as much
here aa their business will permit.
Karly Monday morning 'Gone Jenk
ins discovered, what to him was an un
known species of tho animal kingdom
about four feet in length, Dr. Sharpe
upon being called diugnosed it as a fur
bearing seal, evidently having been
shot tho day before by some one target
shooting. Hanjo Louie, an old Indian,
was secured to skin It as tho rur la
considered very valuable.
A noar kidnapping clopemont caused
. C 1 . n
aomo oxctimoni aununy iwnwi
when a lovo-alck fellow tried forcibly
to run oft with an old aWeothoart of
his who waa spending tho day at tho
beach with tho other fellow. He had
gotten a good atart but some of tho
campers thought that tho actions of the
girl and galloping team was suspicious
atoppod tho horses and demanded an
explanation. The girl tearfully begged
of those around her to free her from
tho dosperato lover who utill persisted,
but Anally Rave her up when he saw
tho crowd wbb getting hostile.
Ubv. Father Derno of Dallas who has
.. ftiia lurun enttHL'tS Oil tllO lake hllS
concluded hta vacation and gone back
to his charge. Father Uarne has a
chapel In Ms houso and holds services
thoro for tho Catholics hwuubout when
ho Is t the Iwach. He expecU to re
turn for a ilwrt iUy In October,
On Sunday evening at the residence
of G. W. Purge father of the bride.
Miss Kathryn Purge and Mr Benjamin
Franklin Loomer were united in the
sacred bonds of marriage. Rev. D. A.
MacKenzle, pastor of the Presbyterian
church officiating.
Miss Purge Is well and favorably
known in this city as one of Tilla
mook's popular young teachers. Mr.
Loomer l A stringer here his residence
Is In King's County. California, where
he holds tha position of telegraph
operator. Miss Purge and Mr. Loom
er came to the coast from iNeurasKa,
where they had met and known each
other several years ago. They left
Monday afternoon for their new home
In California, and carrv with them the
good wishes and highest regards of all
who knew them.
Same Fortunate
Auto Accidents.
Goo Roads a Great Texaptatiei far
Aato Mei ta Break Recor it, Wkk
TIk Usaal Resalts. Loss of
Life Narrowly Averted.
Returning from N'etarta Saturday
night at about nine o'clock, in tho
touring car run by Nelson, George
CofTman, proprietor of the Silver Dol
lar Salloon, with his wife an1 Henry
Block, a commercial traveler of Port
land, and Mr. Block's daughter, had a
very narrow escape from being killed
by the overturning of the machine.
The accident happened about two miles
this side of Netarts. The big Maddux
ear was going out with a big load and
was climbing the hill, the Nelsoi car
was coming down at a terrifl c speed,
the brake refusing to work, the cars
meeting on a high embankment, the
Nelson car swinging to pass went over
and turned a complete somersault,
landing right side up. Mrs. CofTman
was the only one injured, and that
slightly as no bones were broken. Roy
Stillwell happened along and the in
jured lady was brought to the city In
his car. On Monday tree trunks were
used to make a track for the machine
and it pulled itself back upon the road
and to town with its own engine. A
broken wind shield, smashed fender
'and bent fore axle was the only dam
age to the machine.
Another accident occurred Sunday
about a mile south of Beaver. A Ford
car driven by Martin Peterson of
Forest Grove attempted to pass a
truck loaded with cabbage wheo they
locked hubs and both cars went over
the grade into the Nestucca river, the
Ford landing oa;top, of the .track.. A
lady riding in the Ford, was slightly
injured, otherwise not much damage
was done.
The many once cleared and tilled
ranches alone the river now owned by
the lumber corporations, for the timber
thereon, are being allowed to De over
grown by brush and fern, and build
ings destroyed, as the owners will not
rent or lease them, not wanting any
one to live in this district. This is
their business but if as rumored they
are using their strong Influence to have
the Wilson River road abandoned so as
no travel can go over it, then it be
comes the public's business. This is a
policy of isolation that the corporations
are attempting, to protect their timber
from fire dangers that follow in the
path of tho tourist and camper. Thero
are still a few ranchers along the riv
er, and they are strongly objecting to
this policy, they don't want to have to
go back to the pack trail, which will
soon be necessary if something is not
James Reeher was called to tho
county seat to appear as a witness in
the lladley case. He is anxiously
nwaitintr the perfecting of air naviga
tion, ho reports the brush along the
road as about having it ciosea naving
grown very fast the past year, rish
ing is good up his way and quite
a number of Portland people have
gotten over the "Barrier" to his place.
Fred BoskowlU and V. Deverieux are
eamnlno- near the "Donkey" expecting
to spend a few weeks fishing they say,
. . ... 11.. J
but their real mission unuouoieuiy is
prospecting as the gentlemen are ex
pert mining men and spent some time
in this vicinity last year.
Mrs. Wesley Sutton is back on the
ranch after a three weeks vacation at
Netarts. The chipmunks and squirrels
took full charge of her garden and ber
ry patch during her absence.
James Hughoy is visiting friends and
Attending to business matters on the
Nestucca river where he owns a fine
Mr. Tlnnerstettjis cutting and piling
a fine lot of cord wood.
Advertlao In the Herald, because
tho Herald has the largest circulation
of any paper in the county.
The board of directors held their reg
ular monthly meeting Monday Messrs
Kraner, Elliott, Dunstan and bpalding
were present.
The board decided to offer prizes for
grade heiferst as follows: Jersey
grades; first prize $3, second prize i.
Holstein grades; first prize $S, second
prize U. Gurnsey grades; first prize
$3, second prize $4.
Erwin Harrison, W. C. King and
Morrison Mills were elected as audit
ing committee.
The following committee on parades
was appointed: H. Crenshaw auto
parade; Dr. Reedy on stock parade;
W. S. Duel on children's parade.
Frank Severence was elected as
marshal of the day for the fair.
The secretary's headquarter? are in
the offce of the old Snuffer building
where you can find him. Call and have
a talk with him about the fair and if
you have not paid your subscription,
settle with him.
Dr. Lytle, state veterinarian is now
in the county in company with Dr.
Reedy making arrangements for test
ing the cattle for exhibition.
W. B. Honey of the firm of Honey &
Hathaway leaves tomorrow for Inde
pendence where he has been engaged
bv W. 0. Morrow, one of the most suc
cessful Jersey cattle breeders in Ore
gon. Mr. Honey is a practical cattle
man and has a great deal of experience
tn that line of work. His son Thano
will take his place in the store. Mr.
Honey is making the change on account
of his health.
For sale : 80 acres of land on Netarts
Bay, on new county road. 5i miles
from Tillamook City, in tracts or from
5 acres and up. Entire tract for sale
at a bargain. Part cash down, balance
on easy terms. J. M. Lilsberg.
Tillamook, Ore.
a :
.."i 1 Asa! .