Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, July 29, 1913, Image 1

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Largest Circulation of Any Paper in Tillamook county
Tillamook, Okhoox, Jn,y 2J, 101.'.
NO. 54
! sP UHCKI VHI Sl lith new model nierieaii l.ady Corsets.
1 hi nil day Friday- double Cold Houd Trading Stamps with
each lOecntdi puichae throughout tin more.
V lulilmi'ri Play ClotU budt ! nigged, lough wear, rompers,
fancy overfill. I.hIi m Miju, iIh-hm s, vu- . 9c lo 93c.
ltaMH l
IJfwe could hanfif this week's Clear-
away Bargains on this page
sulcw vould he crowded to tin- curl) waiting lor tlu- Moors to open. Hut
ofd tv 1 ujHfcniuuM hope to be o convincing, lu the news, io those who rend
, .1 . . . t m.... . . i, . i .. i i... .. 1 1.... ,.r ......
I tt)l M Ml llK,W ' IV H Ml . WUI niuv l.1 ill V llinill Ullll tllilil IIIIIBV III uiw.it
irftii' gicnler ihnn they dare to he. Heme this extraordinary distribu
te At t' ' I nvest priecn known in many years. Come early and often to the BIO
roxiv t week.
it: Goods Special
jjtjr. . - wavy , im iinu swuem-.
tii (' MIV III - J
web Hosiery 33c pr.
Uol.ir I nines, black, dnintilv cm-
Wide Embroideries 9c yd.
Moth edges and insertions; mighty
good 1 ;"e values.
Latest Bulgarian Waists SJ.50.
Knttrelv new Htimmer novelties, neatly
induieil and ttimnud.
btJctt l in colors
Smartest of the Season's Best Styles Arc Shown at the"
ircat Summer Clcaraway of Oxfords, Pumps, Etc.
The Half-Yearly Event You Have Been Waiting For
l I . .11 - If..,, I ... ti.... .....at....,'.? t, ,w1 tmcc.c' o
lomri' ami voting mine cc imhih inn.-. w..,i..
to $;t.U() Oxfords
$l Pumps and Oxford
...,, i ..livn'si.rii) white oo Klorsheim So. 00 Oxfords for s? 1 GC
I3VHH nxloids - - - men and young men - -
Hoy.-' nohhy $11.50 patent colt JJ QQ
ami mm metal Oxfords - 1
en's $18.75 Three-Piece Suits,
ANY a man and youth will hail this good news
with Kindness, bin only ":t men can share in it.
I I . t . . . . .. a .m a . 2 I 41 nil
ovuicil no man ouvs more umu une .mi. ......
inv,ill huv more. Absolutely spring and sum-
rl'Jl.'i models, the newest novelty worsteds and
...... i.. I.V.II ...
pes. .Many good patterns an run
m Wave'! Kin nn K nickerbockcr
Suit K'A.'in
IWIMI-R Clearance of high grade Suits made ol
Hvlihh fanev worsteds, sizes u to n. Jeieei a
it while the iiHsortinent is good.
"EClAL-lIaivv Weight Swatter Cants lor Men
Final Disposal of Summer
At 98c-Heautilul trimmed lints formerly selling
At$t.9a-Sinartlv trimmed lints lormerly sell-
im to $7.85.
At 5i2.9a All imttcrn Hats formerly selling io
tin ... "
Radical Round-Up of Colored Wash Goods
At 9c yd. Were 18c to 25c
ancy Hatistcs.
Flowered Lawns,
Mannish Wnistings.
Motor Linon.
Mercerized Linon.
Novelty Hatiites
Edan Cloth.
At 28c yd. Were 45c to 60c!
Silk and Cotton Pongee.
Silk Striped Poplins.
Silk Figured Batiste.
Cotton Bedford Cords.
Scotch Plaid Chambray.
Oriental Silk Novelties
. ,. '. Fancy French Novelties.
ir,v. nMraWflv of Imported China and Crockery
Fi. c.mmio makes such as Theodore Haviland and
be lowest prices ever put on mich famouH . ftrntwI c,liimware will
ohiiHon , imnortcd Kiiglwh, pl "m nt d house-
hquotcd this week. A great oppo, tuinty km - -
fives. Hundreds of pieces at less nam
' Take advantage of our
NEW TODAY . 1 k .... ...
it I)B,ii.n.. Cretonnes. Xlafl. . V, t,cuvlry rv,cc
a, i ., yl ' ..n.-,.f.l nost to anv ooint
SilUnWneH. Mill lllIlX J Tillamook Co. of pur-
wncy Humine, l)rti)eries llffwww" chases amounting to
fcwias Cottage Drape s, jr c.v.in t. 1" $1,00 or over.
Funcy Chambrays.
Netarts Road
Ready For Travel.
Bit Road u Vtl.b!e Asset to Tilla-
tmok City, And a Delight to
Tbe Tourists.
8Iw tho new county roarl to Netnrtn
has Instn cotnplotfil hutnircds of woplc
have trnvoliMl It by team anj Hu'rno-
IUIa urnl pronounce It to be one of the
finett blKhwNyi loth Ui construction
, and tccnlc beauty there U anywhere
tbruUKh the hills in the western pnrt
ofiOrenon. The right of wy chosen
could not be any better the Kr'lin
I r very liltb. nine find a half bclnc
I iho cn')itet and that U one urnnll
J hill, otiier jfrwJei are more moderate,
t and it run through ome very fine
larK Kreen tirnlcr, alwaya the delight
ol the lourinl The length of the road
Itaeven nmi a half miles from Tilla
mook lo Happy Camp. The mi mm it is
about half way and the first view of
the ocean is about forty mis beyond
the summit. Krom here on a near to
the ocean drive would have been pre
frablu from a scenic standpoint but
It win foutxl unpructirable on account
of the charauter of the country and
nature of the soils on the hills alone
the beach. The contracts for the con
struction of the road were held by
Wells and l.ech, and Mead and i'ayna.
About four miles of road was con
structed by them of which two miles
through the big limber is planked.
The total cost of construction was
$11,000 of which Wells and Leach re
ceive 15,809.00, and Mead and I'ayne,
i 15.200.00. They certainly did a good
(job m there is a goo I wide road bed
anil lots of cuts ami tills were necessary
to mlmlmlte the pradc. The continued
rains during the season has made the
cradlnjj an expensive job.
Thro'mt-to the -beach- frorrr Tilla
mook is a splendid thing for Tillamook,
as N'clarls beach is the finest along the
I'acific coast and Is the one that every
person desires to come to when visiting
Tillamook. The road practically makes
Netarts ii part of Tillamook as it is
only a few minutes run to the beach
and with our improved hotel facilities
many toursla can make their home in j
Tillamook while enjoying this as well
as other delightful hot weather re-j
treat. Beside tho tourist business
this road opens up a large section of
tine ranch country along tho beach
which heretofore has been almoit inac-
cessnble to Tillamook. Ills prodictel
that in the very near future electric cars
will be running along this highway.
Last Sunday several hundred people
went to Happy Camp at Netarts in
every conceivable conveyance possible
to get. It is reported that camping
space I here will soon be at a premium
and people wishing to avail themselves
of the delights at Netarts should make
reservations early. Automobiles make
the trip from hero to Netarts easily
in twenty minutes.
Engineer Jackson is to be commended
on tho line easy grade of the routo
chosen. Tho county court on the
character and pernancy of the road
and tho contractors for their faithful
conscientous work performed in put
ting the road into tho conditions that
it is. The Netarts road, although ap
pearing expensive in the Btart is a
good investment for everyone con
Tho Ashcrofta, who were tho propri
etors of the I'alm Cafe have absconded,
leaving many debts. On Saturday
Mrs. Aahcroft drew $400 from the
hank and with her daughter left oh
Sunday morning for parU unknown.
Onalnnday Aehcroft followed them.
It BAAma that on Frldav Mr. and Mrs.
AseeWt had tomo trouble which cul
minated in tho "bust up." They were
doing flne business, but prosperity
seemed to be too much for them.
' The next Issue of the. Herald will
contain a quarter page ad by the Tog
gery, advertising a cut In price in
men'e clothing and furnlshinga. Look
for the ad In our next issue.
Sixty acres on Wilson River, Pi
of what is known as the Peter Brant
place, with or without stock. I want
fcooo or more down and will give
plenty of time for the balance at 6 per
cent Interest. See N. P. Hanaon,
Uebo. Ore,
Last uwue October 6.
It is the aim of this bank to give
the best banking service possible
and we do it.
It is also our aim to have the
very best equipment such- as
Modern Fire Proof Hanking
Room, Fire Proof Vault, Bur
glar Proof Safe. Modern Safe
Deposit Boxes and we have
Judge Campbell of Oregon City ac
companied by his stenographer Mr.
Ilnnvon arrived in the cltv Monday
evening and this morning the judge
took up the Hadlcy case. The attor
neys for tho defendant Clark Hadley
are S. S. Johnson of this city and
Ualph it. Dunnlway of Portland. The
attorneys for the plaintiff arc Oak No
lan of Portland and H. T. Bolts of
The ease is one wherein the plaintiff
Otelia Hadley. wife of the late C. B.
Hadley, is presumably sueing for a
share of the Hadley estate, which is
in the hands of Clark Hadley. Since
the case was instituted Clark Hadley
mi.il a settlement with Otelia Hadley
for $7,000, said settlemcrt being made
wifhmit tho consent of plaintiff's at
torney Oak Nolan, whereupon Mr. No
lan endeavors to continue the case se
curing deposition from Mrs. Hadley,
which states among other tnings inav
undue influence was brought to bear
upon her in causing her to make a set
Ji mitt inn has been made by the de-
defendants to suppress the deposition
in question, arid this particular phase
of the case is now before Judge Camp
bell lor consiuerauon.
The Board of Directors of the Tilla
mook County Fair Association met at
the Tillamook Commercial Club rooms
laat Saturady afternoon and transacted
business in connection with the fair
which will be held here Sept. 3rd 4th
and 5th.
A. A. Lommen who was elected as
director from the north end of the
county would not accept the position
and H. F. Effenberger of Wheeler, has
bece appointed to take his place. Mr.
Effenberger, Mr. S. W. Elliott. Mr.
Will Spaulding, Mr. L. M. Kraner and
Mr. H. T. Blaylock were in attendance
at the meeting. Mr. Dunstan, presi
dent of the board was unable to attend
on account of illness.
More Building
For Tillamook.
Some Fine Residences About te be
Erected. Outside Capital Has
Coafideace ia Owr City. -
Building activity is on the increase
in Tillamook and many fine residences
are being erected. 'M. R. Hanenkratt
is about to erect a modern bungalo on
his prorjerty on the corner of Fourth
Street and First Ave. West, near the
school house. This building was de
signed by J. F. Stranahan, architect,
and equipped throughout with every
modern improvement. It will be occu
pied by Oscar Schultz.
A new five room home has recently
been completed by W. 0. Kilburn in
Stillwell Park Addition. It will be oc
cupied by Mr. Watkins, the new ex
press man.
Rollle W. Watson is now finishieg a
six room house in King's Addition, the
same to be occupied by Attorney Ger-
Fred Minich has the contract for
building the terminal warehouse for
Daniel J. Frye of Salem, the same to
be completed by the I5th of August.
This building will be 105x51 feet, and
will be placed on concrete foundations.
It will have a capacity for fifty cars of
Money for some of' the above im
provments is being furnished by the
Equitable Savings and Loan Associa
tion of Portland, which firm has placed
$18,000 in Tillarrook investments dur
ing the past week.
Ira Smith is planning on building a
new home on the corner of Second Ave
nue East and Eighth Street This res
idence will be 34x41 feet, with base
ment 22x34 feet. It will have six
rooms and afford every modern conven
ience. It will cost $2500.
Bales and Erskine are now engaged
in building a residence for Miss De Par
on Fifth Avei, above Sixth Street.
On Your Own Account
have yoa any money in the bank? A part of your earnlnga ought
to be placed there, anyway. Everybody can afford to aave some
thing, however little. Have a bank account of your own and you
will feel happier, better, more independent. Make your ntuj
money earn more, and so grow bigger. Better than hoarding U
where fire or thieves can reach it. Your bank-book is a receipt
and an evidence of tyour wise eaoaoHiy.'. .a.
:'TlIImoik County Bank