Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, June 24, 1913, Image 1

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irRGEST Circulation of any Paper in Tillamook County
TlU.AMOOIC, OlM'.liO.V, Jl'NJ', 2 ; 19l.'.
NO. 4-1,
uiliiy, thin weclt. "double" Cold I!,, ml Trading Stumps with
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u . ctiiufurtaldc ihui. and,
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Tillamook Co. Ladies'
Home Journal ' Patterns.
Citizens Consider
City's Indebtedeess
Urge Catherine At Court Hon Fri
day Evening. Committee Appointed
To luvettigite City Warrants.
A public meeting tv held nl thc
court liuuc on FrliJny nlRht for the
uriOtu of (1UcuhIiik thre proponed
fcmcmlificnU to the city charter. One
aincndmi'nt In for the puriwuc of Iiu
Iiik howl o thit ouUtnrvtitin wnrrnnu
can lM' rarcil for nmJ kept at par. An
other of the arnurwlmont would kvo
the council power to maVc a rcnifecft
rnt-nt of pruiwrty benefited for public
Improvcinunta whenever an error oc
corn in the II rat aenincnl which
would bv linhlu to throw the coat of
thc improvement on thu city ns
whole. The third proponed amonilment
i for the puriH)c of ausoniinK property
for benefit derive) from puhlle Irn
provument. hucIi un the opening of
treet. ao that the property owners
bunented by the opcnfnK of the atreet
can ho forced to pay for thu atreet
oineil and xavo the city na a whole
(rum that exponao.
Immediately nftor the mcctlne; wns
calltnl to order by Mayor Hurler, TI10.1
("xinlua wna elected chairman and At
torney GuiToni wns elected aocrotary.
Uikiii refluent Attorney Gersoni road
the propoietl amendment, after whirh
o'ic dlp.cussion followed. The entire
Uiaciaion of the eveninu was centertil
upon the pro)Kal to isue bonds
The oxiionw of the past yoar ha
been heavy and there arc so many out
standing warrnnts which cover Icjjiti
ntHto expenditure. besides the otitatand-
iiiir warrants which are in question and
u.i.i..i. 1 .1 .. ii,.. rn.
&rorti(rr5., that iomethin;rmtJitr "bT
done to keep tho si called Icitimatu
wnrrunta at par. One of thc warrants
in question and which is cautdne; con
aiderablu unfavorable comment is a
warrant for $.D0.0O issued to cover the
discount on 11 warrant previously issued
to the Wnrron Construction Co. After
some discussion in regard to this phase
of the situation a motion was made and
curried asking the chair to appoint a
committee to look over thc outstanding
warrants with a view of finding out the
sum total of the so called legitimate
wurrants and consider thc proposition
of issuing bonds sulficient to cover
them. It wns suggested by Attorney
Johnson und P. It. Heals that the war
rants in question be segregated and
their payment stopped by injunction
until it was learned just how much of
them the courts would compel us to
j pay. The following committee was
appointed; P. It. Heals. S. S. Johnson,
! M. P. Leach. It. T. Hotts, W. C. King.
, Tho committee was requested to report
to the citizens on Monday night after
which thu meeting adjourned.
, On Monday evening the citizens
' again gathered ut thu court house and
tho committee which was appointed on
Pridny evening made n report as fol
lows :
It is tite aim of this bank to give
the best banking service possible
and we do it.
It is also our aim to have the
very best equipment, such as
Modern Iire Proof Banking
Room, Fire Proof Vault, Bur
glar Proof Safe. Modern Safe
Deposit Boxes and we have
the warrant was improperly issued, oninion of a nnrt nf tl, .
!!.. 1 I ......... ... ' "w
i.uiuuim one miscalculation in inis om- ..i.
111 1 1 amounting 10 nearly iw.w, anu;
there may be other errors in it. We
think that thc warrant was improperly
allowed under thc circums antes, and
beliuvc that it should not ba paid, "al
though we think that the greater part
of it snould in all probability be set
tled for by the issuing of a warrant
later on when tho exact amount is de
termined after further investigation.
VVarrant.Ku. 1342 -iuued Nort?mbrr
1th, 1912, to thc Warren Construction
Co, for $SSJ.C0, covers a claim, of
SX30.00 for discount on warrant No.
1320, and $43 CO for other amounts I
.1. .t-ri. it. 1 1
wmcnweinmK are proper. ve ms- We would recommend that the war
approve of this warrant as to the I rant3 whieh we have mentioned aa not
we think that being clear as to the City's liability.
they should be taken up with a view to
re People Than Any Other Paper in the County
To tho Citizens Meeting:
We, your committee appointed to in
j vestigato as to the outstanding war
i ranta of Tillamook City, Oregon, beg
leave to report that we have gone over
1 the outstanding, unpaid warrants and
j find that there are approximately of
, these $15,000.00 unpaid. A part of
these warrants appear to have been
! issued for proper claims against Till
amook City, and wo believe that tho
City has received full value for them.
Some of thu warrants however wo are
' not ablo.to pass on without further in
vestigation, und some of these, wo are
of tho opinion, should not bu paid as
they do not represent any legal or
' moral obligation, in our opinion,
jngi.inst Tillamook City. Wo would
I specify as these warrants tho follow
October 8th, 1912 warrant No. 1320
was Issued to tho Warren Construction
1 Co., for $1G,719.-I5 In pnymunt for tho
I storm power contracted last year. In
looking over the hill for this amount
wo find that tho sumo was O. K.'d by
, thu City engineers, by J. 1. Hess "sub
! Joct to verification," and we do not
I find any verification of thu account,
' Tho contract under which thfs sowor
t was constructed provides tliat nil ma
terials should bo approved'ns to price
before boing purcjised by tho City
Survoyor. Wo found nothing; to show
bucIi approval by the City Surveyor,
und in view of tho wording of tho 0.
K. of tho bill by Mr. Hess, concluded
that this part of thu contract' hud not
boon complied with, und for that reason
amount of $S3G.OO, as
there was no legal right in the City to
issue a warrant for discount, and think
the warrant is illegal and should not
be paid.
December 4th, 1912, warrant No.
13S1 was issued to Warren Construction
Co. for $$4.21. We could not rind any
bill fur this and are unable to say
whether it is a proper claim against
the citv or not.
December 31st, 1912, warrant No.
141? was issued to the Warren Con
struction Co. for $451.20. .This in
cludes an item presented to thc Council
for legal work and engineering work
of $250.00. We were not able to find
what this item was based on and could
not say that it is a proper claim with
out further information.
On April 21, was issued to the War
ren Construction Co. four warrants,
No. 1514 to 1517 inclusive, amounting
to ?IS34.5 This includes several
items, No. 1 being for $1120.00 insur
ance premium on employers liability
insurance for work done in the con
struction of tho storm sewer. There
were somo other items included for
work done, and on the total a charge
of 10 per cent was made, under the
terms supposedly of the storm sewer
contract. As somo of tho items were
not for work done on tho storm sewer
the 10 per cent commission would be
improper us to them, and it is the
readjustment 01 them, ana the issuing
of new warrants for the proper
amounts, where they have been issued
for too .much, ifpon a cancellation of
the old warrants. We think that war
rant No. 134 is not a legal or moral
obligation of the City, and should not
be paid. Warrant No. 1320, the great
er item of all the warrants, should be
carefully investigated and settled upon
what is found to be a proper basis.
Respectfully submitted.
P. R. Beals,
H. T. Botts.
M. P. Leach,
' W. C. King.
S. S. Johnson.
After the reuding of the report a mo
tion for the adoption of the same was
made and carried. By further motion
the committee was ordered to take up
with the Warren Construction Co., the
settlements of the notes in question.
At the suggestion of S. S. Johnson a
iKotinn was made and carried asking
the chair to appoint a committee to
confer with the water commission for
the purpose of securing from the com
mission temporary uid in regard to tho
payment of salaries and other neces
sary expenses, until the whole situa
tion might bo more thoroughly investi
gated. Meeting udjournes.
On Your Own Account
have you any money in tho bank? A part of your earnings ought
to bolplaced there, anyway. Everybody can iifTcrd to save some
thing, however little. Have 11 bank account of your own and you,
will feel huppier, better, moro independent, Make your little
money earn more, anil so grow bigger. Bettor than hoarding It
whuro flro or thieves can reach it. Your bank-book Is n receipt
und.an evidence of your wise economy.
Tillamook County Bank
a ten per cent allow
ance premium was improper.
Taking all of the items which have
found are- not clear as to being proper
charges against thc City, there
remains about 115,000 of the out
standing warrants, which in our
opinion ehould be paid without
any question, and with tb
other liabilities of the City which
should be taken care of, .and,the.jrJl- i
nary current expense to January 1st,
1914, we think that $25,000 would bo
! required to be raised by a bond isse if
one be hail, to put the City's finances in
a proper condition.