Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, June 20, 1913, Image 3

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Cocal Happenings.
Wlx fc- ).H1 KT tJM(HJ (),, rrttCk-
crt lid v,miw un on 2nd A vi). nl
.1oip tlicj rail ltl() 4.
A hitter from tttc Uynl Hon, hiking
mr ly tnt tlmt ttm Ixiy arrived nl
I'orunt (trovu nt mIkiIII ft M k.iii., Ww.
icwlny, i,ft(,f MirounturlitK very heavy
nihil n.'tir the Miiriinll of the inowt
tnlim, where It wn imrjnry to hitch
tin- hoy to it nK rope to help the
hmdul wnon up Miotn of the ok hill
and thriHiKli the di;i mini hole. The.
bull Hume with Korfii (irovit on Wit
iMtMlny dftiiniooii rwultod In the l,oynl
Hon ilfeitl to thti liliio of 10 mid .
K. 15. Koch of the Tillamook Druj;
Hlrt', will ni0 Sunday morning for'
Portland wh.im, he will bt united In
mrrtBi. on the :41th to MIm Aiinn
Man Hick of Portland, Tin- wi-ddlm:
will lw itittilut )Mim irlr, mid will be
hrW i th Imino of the bride' w roots.
Mr. Will Cm.l, of Portland, will
et m iumiMi-Ul at Urn Tillamook
Drug Htorn tlitrtn tJ o itUntu-,. of Mr.
Kurd, who will not return for h week
t ton day.
Mm. W. W. Wltoy and children e-
cotnwnU by Mr. Wilwy' Mir. Ml
. I'ltn Drew, left vn Wwlntwlny morn
, lng for Httn DlrKO, Cl.. where thoy
1 will Join Mr. Wlloy who hm Uen In
i ftiuilinrn California for noino time for
Mho livimfll of hi health. Howard
lirew rcompiinlMl them far n
i Portland, returning here the next day.
f lloaver.
rni u p to rt)rtlml en
i M 1 1
S'etft, w n TtlU-
i rccarorfHe
, ! (cpr.
j tr In half
Jn. Walton Jr., of Portland, urnvotl
llffl) tint 11 tsl llf tint U'.tnll nlul U.-..UI
U,lv wi.Iim viniiWivmniit it L.i,.,r-l ,ll",r,, ,,m ' l" NftiVowIn, where he
hooiKt wtirV. in rtt or ontf. Ail. i "''"'' Tliurwjay, when h? r-
wat In thp tltcM Hrr.ld oltkftor.Mi. Katie Dork. iiun,ni u dly nod UMik th- train
IllUtwtoi Oru ' for 1'ortUinl thin morning. Jltn wa
tU "
f i '
It! ti'
t!f '
He! llaln wfm ha het nttootlltiK fottiioctloti with the Nonkowln ruort
Wlliainolto Unlvirlty ituHni; thu it prorty.
yar ri)tnr in TiltamooV Tlmrxlay. j
Vi fllildl : A inotor truck lino imlab-
,lm Pap I uttltltiK ami eollortlnK , lUhod ami oortoJ botwcn Sagaradn
ftm an ajjfll far ike tlnwr mwIoj machine. Trult I'artn and Tlllanwjk. for tho
Machine tobl on ny jwynmni. ltr jHirjo of rarryini; umall frtilt atM
u I.L.J I .I i . . . , . .
ia iBinni, uumK n Konorai irottnl ami paanuncer
ill.lnn.i I win ..-1 . ...I -tl
, I -. .. . ivvi uuuii'iikn i nil
arrrl at
' C,ii ltavr f,hcTo
r . iinufUy.
1.im,nd of I'afllfic City,
t to tht elty. j
, f Itnatcr, a a Till-
- .itur toly.
ittk.it i- . - .
. " , , , . . 'on FrwU-. Skomcat oi ho(n on Trak
w w xuiunm, uriivriti in nnj t Uivr ,
Rw"l Shop. rhiv Btfont. Itfli; '
talk tl. matter over
0t, l. Ilotnlo, olr ftril clam
!tHM mori In Tillamook (xtnty.
iTWrlT'dve yar In th boli. J'. 0.
' ) price paid far rJitck Itoi Uo. ISL
atl. ..V Mrnt U, Imi1. 1
Dkk 1'ficu had tbr tnlifotiutiH to
uc to hulk at Iho IIIC ml w, rtK 'jHiiay, Whllo at wttrk.
IWu.lBlUrrd A. No. !.) ,(,lfw. HrlklOK hl K' wit"
f i,fita,li, w tranat-' '"" to tniltct a had nm)inl.
n I'-wn T1iuriiBy. ,
t Urtif vitl 1'urtlatnl arl
fosU ! ( . t tht Vrvk.
kb'-jnr of VnwBy ha(
tw f r ll.o fpw day. ,
Mr. (1tt, Urati of I'orlland, hn
Ifcwtt vlit4ni; at the homo of hr fathor
M. V. Slltli.ll durlitK the pal wrk.
Stic ftnurnwl to t'orllatal thU tnornltit:.
Mr. J. I). Itarn'tt cnlnrtalnl on
Dr. Wend I I it the
only Kyt' SfMxinlist
IH'rtnaoently locnUi!
in Tillamook. Your
I rye htrh aro tho mol ncnaitivt or
i Kan of iuur hotly ahouk) ho t-xniitliux)
. by a phymoian who m capahle to recog
nise doti'atei other than the ncetl of
kIao, I guarantco my glanite and
am always hero to mako mxxl that
gMarnntt'. I'rlce are rensonnble it
lfM .rf CloVflHalc. vl.llcd ' WliMUy afternoon In honor of Mr.
Alct. Mc.S'nlr. who ruccitlly
fruin a mivrrol Wettk tav In
l.Mn.ull of CmvcnUlc. , RW, ff
. ... Tlll......t l-.l wV
li Ki. c '.!.! homo loot wroW.
In, t
t jr .r
I-1 (
I'ortland j
't Bthl wfo of Heavnr
tv for a few day till
. I- Hunter of Niw. Cal.. I In
TlllatiK.iV, on a abort vlt. It ha been
a ynar ino he left Tlllamoak for Naun
? wljure he ha lonn onuagod ai a work-
llohll Tone el Tillamook man in wool at one of the Napa plnnl.
1 SUtor Siijwlor, isUter Aloctla ami
left on Thuraday for c..tr itorkMn. twehor at the Acad-
tsc '.rro he will attend umrnnr
fil jour tuar, c.lfce, cgci", flour,
ptat tr ftfi-j tnnke ntlru In got )'ur
l?t th- itii t. :
n Wat. in wn Callctl to I'ort
!Ui, .,n matter of btllnc.
( U i. return tomorrow.
lcr I a ami wife ami ltcr
lWt liwrdav for a vl!l with
al :,! r. !tivci at Itlckreall.
S. Ilr in 'till who I conductlni! a
atwifo at Hnr View, wa a Tllla-
i luii' r, vultor T'liuritlay.
C S i,.it 0f Hmnrnilti lielld oil
rmy. left on Thunday mnrnlin; for
lloavertoa whnro thoy will ipnnd their
Biimmer' vacation.
Dr. 1.. K. llewlll nml wife Into of
I'ortlniMl, arrived here tho lint of the
week ami will locals here. Dr. How
ell I an inloomlh nml In temfiomrily
l.wated at tho A. 0. Uvron hume.
The new m-lictliilc on the T. K. .V
N. will so into rlfect on SunUoy.
when there will be n double trmn
service mtubliiOirtl lietween t It
flly .mil I'nrlliinil w'itli n inotor rer
Vice between Molilrr nntl t'llliiinoiik
Two tibrcrvnliiiit rum will be 'inetl
on the I'orlhmil trniiiti. Tlie ffhr
(Itlle m ni (o)IoWh:
I'oitlnnd-Tillamook Sri vice:
I.eitve I'ortlniiil nt J:l.i u.ni.
I.i'ove I'tirlliintl nt 13) p.m.
l.etivr Tilliiiuook nt 7:0il it. in.
Leave Tillnmook lit M: lit .ii. (not -
aiiiiiinj fit.
Motor Service:
l.enve Molibr nt : CI n. in.
p ni.
l.c.vvc lllllllllOOK in .1) 11,111.
5: 1A p.m.
1 Oftttm.-lcr linker Iiiih miult n re
(iioM to the Chief Clerk of tlic K'ml
wny Mull Service for tin eiiinruency
cncl to lir pl.icetl on the trniii lev
ti lid
If you want U or 3 day old iitrnw
herrte Uiy the tmporto.1 mttw. If you
wintl the ittrictly fruh omw buy the n(. ottliinil nt !".
TtllaimMik berry for nlit nt ull up-to
date itorci.
I Trim li ver. hn buon
wlnci .uriiiir the unit few tins.
' A. Ilu lick of Hank, who vlilted
hfof f,w tlava the tlral of tht)
tctun ,d to hi homo on Thur
'ra. Iladlcy left for Shorldun thU
e will lu iihaent for three
fwr till, Innblfiir nfLir tmalneil
"oulton'a Suulinrv hnrlwr hon line
K'rcih towol for overy e.uatomer.
r fur the rnvolvinji xh.
John Spencel who
Portlniitl hint been In
U employed in
the cty during
"til vott wnnt iinvtliiiiL!
j m
lent !.. iMnt"it a oe II
Drug Store
He also keeps
D"&ist and Book Seller
in tho city . . f.v ,i11Vl. lHiklmr after html-
lien intcreala. I It) expect 10 return
to rorllaml in a fow tiny.
W. H. Stillwell, who is nltciiilliig n
reunion of Indian War Vuteren nt
I'orllaml thl week hit hcen elected
intiitor vico-graml commundor of that
orgnnUtttinn. Thin I the noxt .to the
highettl illlct) of tlmt orgnnlxiilion.
Allien Hancock, who hu heon vtnlt
Ing hi mother, Mr. I. M. Thoiitua for
n wet-U or more, returned to hla work
In Portland iM morning. Ilia iwt;r.
Mlr Inim. went with him a for iih
Ptirthimloiihur wny to Drain wlwro
nhu will vlnlt nilntiveti for n tlmn.
Col. Cooper of McMliinvlllii, who nt
temlcd tho Hiilillcr reunion nt New
born thl week, mint nioiigtt to K.
T. lialtoni on Weilnediiy, which Mtnteil
tlmt a (1. A. K. reunion would ho hehl
In Tillamook in I1H I. Thl wns indeed
welcomed now. Wo uiu sure our
people will give thu old vet n rousing
wulcumu next your.
Applied nt Httemlittg tin' Teach,
rr'n Kxniiiiitiition thlH week itici
PlHie Wliito. Hlmu'li" I'Iiciih, in
,,'ie Ivi.plcit, MhihU- Kdtfur, Irani
Pofigc, I'loru Hdgnr, Unth J.
Clnrk, Dniy Allemlor, Kutic
Iliuter, Hlnie 1.oiiileiHlinnon.
Cyntliiu Scvell, am... lloiiHor,
Mn.iileSiitlon, MrH. iimeM (.oltlH-
woill.y. lvv Wlice.er, we
An M'liiininctl iiiectintr o( the
Coniiiv l t'li't w.irt lielil on Moiulux,
when the following tiiittincpM won .
trniiMoctctl: ,
Cliiiin of C. I. dough for $I.N
wuri cotitiuiieil.
Chum oi John lleilineyer for Sfl.Sl
wiih ctinlinueil.
The Countj Clerk wn niitl.oii.eil ,
to cull for bi ltt for. the conntnuMion J
of .i county i oiid between Helm nml
. M.........I..1.. ..j.. fir.lt. lir tl. III. Illllt I
V. Ill li III II iiin'intiih ' ...v. ...... (.
iiinl upccitlcntiotiH on file in the !
1 1
Baking Powder
is the greatest of modern
time helps to perfect cake
and biscuit making. Makes
home baking pleasant and
profitable. It renders the
food more digestible and
guarantees it safe from
alum and all adulterants.
"Studebaker wagons
certainly last a long time"
"I have hnd this wagon twenty-two years, and
during that time it cost me only $6.00 for repairs, and
that wns for setting two tires."
"And after twenty-two years of daily use in good
and bud weather and over all kinds of roads, I will
put this wagon against any new wagon of another
innlcc that you can buy today."
"Studebaker wagons are built of nir-dried lumber
and tested iron and steel. Even the paint and varnish
are subjected to a laboratory test to insure wearing
"No won made i utj-cled to u many tet or i more
carefully mde than a Studebaker. You con buy them of Stude
baker dealer everywhere."
"Don't liiten to tho dealer vrho want to ell too a cheap
wagon, represented to be jut u good' aa a Studebaker.'
Farm wagon, truck, dump wagon and carts, delivery
vaROtn, bueciet, turrrv. depot wagon and harnrt of all kinds
of the Hon high Undard a the Studebaker vehicles.
Set out Dtaltr m ccrtfe to,
STUDEBAKER South Bend. Ind.
salt LAKjt crrv sam nuxasco romAKD.ou.
reo the: fifth
A modern, np-io-date, medium-priced enr, eruipcd
with electric lights, self stftrter, deinountable rim..
The Reo lias the latest type of all equipments that iio
to make up the up-to-the-minute ear.
no-sat. n ED. SNODGRASS
In tlic
uinttcr of the II. li. John
moii roiul. the rtiiuit! wiw cont
ii.t.ctl. ,
In Ihe mutter of the petition ol '
IV. A .MitkiiiMter foe ifi.tewnv. nct-t
inn iM't' Hie unfavorable report of
the board of toinl viewcrn, tliecout t
rejected the petition.
Hill iillowed .vere:
Iniiicf Clii iHtcnHcn 1S()(H
... .... -?T HI
itch rniiiin
Inch Vint
K N 1 1 unit lo
Siincel Mnpizine
Mend A- 1'nyiie
M. M Meml V Son
Wheeler l.tiuiber Co
I.) OU I
:io ix)
aw oo
Vlfi (K)
toa to
A heniitlfiil urny horo 1800 lbs. or
over, will innko tho followliiK boi.boi
nt Di.WH-ni Hros. Livery barn at Tilln
mook. ,
C. S. Briscoe.
Can't Keep It Secret.
Thu Hplomlld work of Chnmberlnln
woniy, - M . nL.H,oiid. T in HplomlUl worK oi L,nnmuenmn
Harriet 0ylord, N . becoming more widely
Dtinl.a.n, C,ro K J p, ,(m, vor troublea ha8 cvor
Itvviey Inul MHrtiw K. Alley: ' been known. For sulo by all deulera.
Abstracts 01 Short Notice!
Pacific Abstract Company
L. V. EIWMIARDr, Mutmget
Complete Set of Abstracts of the Records of
Tillamook County. Oregon
3(Vlth Koluk Wathon)
Miln 533 Abo Mutual
P. O. BOX 147
fiwSffi Tin
I'.fiS. 'Ju n m tht'
I W 1 k w- It,. .1.1
f I'EKrtr lltrr.lt alirav ut
uvu LaH your i ju uuu
'" It m-- - l - -
Malhabje jnd 'Charcoal rori
laa a cncalctcf nritv'vr featnm.rich
tm lul'X. ,( to iM d j y uvi pi ir-t-nl
en , irjiur. tlxi ilxivmu the
lit rfif yti fin I jy it-rxtiUmn ni
x-ttutra lr lit uoiuia iU
Alex fYcNair & Co.
' Alex fYcNair & Co. I
Hk. i it .t'fv;i':tt 'i w
Make the Home Look
it every j
result? C
'ntw oa r
A 15-vatt M::di Lam? on
your front porch can b lit every
night uatil mI3nijht and rru
not over fifty ccnU per months
th meter.
Tillamook Electric Li?hl &
Fuel Con'Mny
JUNE 13.
I J. C. House, Portland, Ore. ; Thos.
, Hood Port Hnd. Ore. ; G. R. Mills.
I Portland, Ore. ; D. L. Adam, Portland,
i Ore. ; A D. Sickafoose, Portland,
j Ore. ; E. It. Francis. Portland, Ore. ;
M. V. Crocker. Portland, Ore. ; Roy
, Bremmer. Ncvbere, Ore. ; J. II. Cook
' son. New York ; Eli Pute. Netarts,
Ore. ; O. Kerr. Hillsboro, Ore. ; V. B.
Mitchell, Banks, Ore. ; C. H. Stout.
Bay City. Ore.
' JUNE 14.
', A. R. Compise, Portland ; Mts. P.
1 Kurath, Portland ; Philo Kurath, Port
' land ; L. Farar and wife, Portland ;
Mrs. B. Forstncr, Portland ; Rudalph
XorsUller Portland : E. U. Wayjr.
Portland ; R. Proctor, Portland ; M.
J. Richer?, City ; R. S. Acorn. City ;
, J. Perry, City ; L. G. Alberta. Bay
! ocean ; L. Johnson, Timber ; Otto
i Page, Wheeler.
JUNE 15.
j V. J. Gilbert, Beaver : IsHbel Shell,
City ; C. D. Emrnons, Victora, B. C. :
A. D. Sickafoose, Portland ; A. Hau
Ken, Portland ; V. H. Quick, Port
land ; H. Simmon, Klamath, Ore. ;
1 0. P. Churke. Klamath, Ore. ; H. E.
i Johnson, Tacoma, Wash. ; O. K. Man-
hurt, Wash. 11. C. ; G. W Krause,
Walla Walla ; Bartha Van Horn. Seat
tle. Wash.
JUNE 16.
Geo. Aupistine, Seattle. Wash. ; M.
Legarie, Seattle, Wash. ; A. V. New
ton, Portland ; H. Anderson and wife,
Portland ; G. Wliitlock, Portland ; B.
A. 'Roberts. Tacoma, Wash. ; L. L.
Kent, Bayocean ; O. Woittnan, Bay
ocean ; W. Weinberg, Bavocoan ; S.
Blanchard, City.
Methodist Church Notes.
Are you making plans to attend the
World's Christian Citiienship Conven
tion? Our boy's cjass enjoved a splendid
hike to the beach returning Thursday
through the rain.
That banquet Thursday evening was
a mnrked event of the year. Thirty
sat down to a sumptuous dinner.
About twelve were unable to attend
for various reasons.
Noxt Sunday at 10:00 a. nt. Sunday
School. Bring your Bibles and your
friends who want to stay at home.
At 11 a. in. Public worship. Subject
of Sermon: "The View and Vision of
The Pure In Heart."
At 7:00 p.m. Young People's Meet
ing. At 8.00 p.m. Special Evangelistic
Come in time for tho special song
You are invited.
H. W. Kuhlman, Pastor,
Advertise in the l.eruld, because
the Herald has the' largest circulation
f uny paper in the county.