Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, May 30, 1913, Image 1

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    t H .initio fc
Tii.la.mook, Ouunaa, Mav 'AO, VJi'A.
h h tltcum of this foniilr.UMgtvo
the best bunking KcrWce poi-sibfti
ami wc do Jl.
It in nUo our itiin to have the
iy equipment stich n
Modern Pirc Proof Hnnltit)
K.i.iut, I'irc Proof Vmdt, Hur-v-i.u
Proof Safe. Modern isafc
I'rjttisjt Iloxri and wc have
li. K. KOO I. I'ii. G.
I t'. T l
SA TS7-Vl C 770A' f VI AM ST HHP
Sum yur
.SVo'' 7Vvfjf.
Alluftif al U' aikf.NoUry Public
Tillamook, Oregon
neru : uoai : Lime ; dnuk
Shingles : Plaster
Root Paint : Drain Tile
ik J tii . . , . r I I '1 .1 aha udri
- -m narenouse rroni ai. Deiween u mm -
Colonel on Stand Tells of Drink
ing White Wine, but Whiskey
Only When Chilled.
Mnrquottn. Theodore Kooir-ll.
former prtMdnt of lhUnlt-d Huici,
took lint stand here no hU own flrt
witne In 111 null for 110.000 punitive
dtniiBn njtnlntit CcorRM A. Newell, n
m paper lllor. who accUM-d the
former president of "lying and rurslnj;
Jn m most daunting way." and fur
tJjur declaring that "h- gut drunk.
Uk. and that riot Infrequently " '
III dlr?et teitlmony lasted about i
tin hour runl croiiaexnmlnaUon. which '
irtin very briff. followed. 1
lit nubftinrico Colonel Itoasovhlt do- ,
ft-itdi-d hlirmnH n n man of complo'Q
fcohriety. nlihoiiKh not n tolnl abntnln ,
w Tho loading wlnU In hU tetl- j
tnony may ho quoted n follow: i
'I mil not n totnl nbmaltior." I
I hvt never drunk a highball or n
cocktwll lit my Wo." I
"I don't smok and I don't drink I
ll j
Events Occurring Throughout
' the State During the Past
I Week.
Armed Men Defy State.
Mnlheur An nrmed force of wntct
un'-r of tho Jarnloiwi and IlroRan lr
rlpatlon dlntrlcts Kth-red at r--ryolt
No. 3 of thy Willow river, and prn:nt
; fd Warren Heeder, tatc water mauler
from raiflriK the Ratoa and roleaslng
tho wator. aB had bo?n ordered by the
; state hoard of control. In upholding
the- nm-ient riparian rlgbta of early
nfjttlcm Thff water u&ir declared
' thf action would have meant lrrepar
, able (Inmate and alnioht total ruin tc
tho lower conntry.
We have moved to our New
Quarters in the New Bank
Building. Come and see us.
We wish to thank all our
patrons and friends for the
help they have given us in
making our store a success.
We thank you again and hope
to see you in our new place j
of business.
v tc um cnirtja Ami aitador to the ' ' uutner Mccarty, vhite heavy
JUn.trJ 8t4ie. fr m j4:3 who pro. I 1 u0" 1 "n0K" nn,, 1 u"" ! ur,nlc ' weight champfon, who wa. killed by
! tr.trd AQM.nki pit.e of the Caltfor- j hv"r M'"1 1 ,lo"'t iirink re1 wia " I bio dealth by Arthur Pelkey In a
! r, Aiirn i'l but I "l ,mr" n"y,,r 4' hlnky nor pric fight at Caloary.
urnuuj ficcin wniin uie uocior pro-
rcrtlHKl it, or KMlbly on nomc occa
(Ion Hflur criKit oxiKixurc wh' 1 wa
chUlit throUKh."
"The 'only win I hnv drunk have
bi-rn hlt wlnnd, .Madolra, chum-
Pbkiu' or wry oconnlonally a Rlmta of !
"Nevada" Illrtkc. Three Torpedoes In
Cult ef Smyrna.
JSmyrr.u - Mor than 100 swrwitin
ar bllovd to htt Imku klllol wlit'ti
thi) TorkUb tmbltt Knvada nc
C4lly trurk thrrt Uir(vrlo In tin1
Oolf of Smyrna and w unk. Tho
Ftpoch warship HniU. which nu r. ear
by la Ih ittf, plckl up SO of tho
ia!!r nud crw of tha ttrtckn
tHir, Th .N'ovuda currlwl ntiut
KM, and mi far ntt known tio:i hul
tlu.10 rvMuixl by thr llrulx wnn anvrtt.
Tht flrnt tplnlon tort' n larK hole
In thn Ixittom uf tho i lorn i) nr. nnd lit
ittoat iHifari thone on board knew what
bad happii"t ih vimin truck two
moro of tin' nutuinTKiMl in I urn In quick
urcijlun, and nlmoiit tho tuiilro but
tout of the hli waa blown out. SI10
Mnk alinoftt Imumltatply. and tlior
who worn mivisl iild they hurlm! them
.'1mn otnrboard without thouitht of
life or death.
Brief News of the Week
Uolie Mayor exonerated.
HoIhi, Idaho. Tho Idaho iHittrhu
court dtwldinl In favor of Mayor Ar
thur HodKen In the caau broURht
nr,ntiitt him by J. I. Mills. In which It
ax nikrd that 11o!ki'm bo ounted from
offU-o becailHe of bin alleged fnlluru
to enforco certain law. Tho court
held that while evidence showed the
exlNtenco of disorderly hntlHea and the
lllecnl Dale of liquor In llolde, It had
not been proved tho mayor hail any
knowledge of audi condltlona. It wa
held abut that resiotii)lblllty for tho
enforcement of ttio law Ilea with the
pollre dopariment
Calttary. I.uther McCarty, white
honvywelpht champion of tho world
took the count of 10 from lleferoc Kd
Snilili. which marked him the hipcr
In the 10 round flKht with Arthur I'ol
l(iy. nml elKht inlutiteH later wuh dead
HIh death waa cauHed by ti chance
blow, exactly one minute and 4G nee
oihIh after tho flKht hepin.
Iteferee Smith depurated tho men
(lurlni; h rllncli and both aijimred off
Suddenly McCarty wuh noon (o double
up In a croucbliiK uttltudo. To th
upeolatoia It looked nlinply us a flfiht
Iiik I'oho. llo crouuhed lower nnd low
1.1. in . , 1
er, However, UUU inn eyen rimmii, iiien
ho follttpxcd ami foil full leutllh on
thu floor.
The referee, iihsuiuIuk that McCarty
had boon knocked out, Btood over him
to count off tho Boconda. Arthur Pel
key Htootl Ml ono(ahlo of hla fiilleu
itdvernnry. llo iscnivoly renllzed wlml
luul h uppeiiud, lly this (line tho referee
luiil lieconiu nlnrniPd and eullud foi
11 doctor Thu pliynlclnus worked over
the utricke.i man for eight mliiutofl.
when lliey ii'nnouiiouil him dead, hut
continued their efforts for more than
1111 hour.
A coroner m Jury twtmornivtl I'olkey
of blame for tho dualh. Tho Jury do-
llhernted ou'y u uliort tlmo hoforo
rotiiniliiB Hio verdict, which also ox
mionitod nil prluaipiilH In I ho ntni;li)K
f (lie content.
"At homo nt dinner I often drink n
kIam or two of white wine nnd Poland
"Al public dinner. I nometlmen
drink one kIbh of champagne or per
hnpa two. On an average I may drk
0110 lilanH of chamtmcno a month."
k.-Th-r-ai fine mint -txtt at the
While Houee and I may have drunk
half a doxun mint JulepH there In a
ya r."
"On tho African trip the expedition
took aloni? a cane of champagne, a
cane of whlnkey and a bottle of bfndy.
The brnudy wna for me. for I don't
drink whlky. In the 11 moniliR of
tho trip, the doctor administered Just
noveii ounce of It to mo for medical
purposes. 1 never touched It except
on bin advice. Tho champagne was
used for three of our party, who were
111 of dysentery and for some alck
stranger whom we met."
"On speaking tours, by direction of
Surgeon-donora! Itlxoy, I sometimes
took a goblet or two of milk before
retiring, and In each thero wa
measured teaspoonful of brandy."
"Slnco leaving the Whlto House, I
think I have tasted mint JulepH twice
part of a glass nt St. Louis and a
sip from a loving cup nt Little Rock,
Much of tho succeeding testimony
was presented to indicate the witness'
physical vigor and that his functional
perfection, his vlolenco of ojorcli'onnd
his Immouso capacity for work could
not exist In the person of nn individu
al who "got drunk and that not In
frequently." as tho nlleged libelous ed
itorial in the Iron Ore charged.
Los Angelos, Cal. Thirty four per
sona were killed nnd 117 injured when
the prumeiutdo leading from the muni
clpal pier nt Long Heach to the muni
cipal auditorium collapsed timlor tho
weight of u throng crowding Into the
audlturlum for tho exercises therein
celebrating lCmpiro day, tho anniver
sary of tho birth of Queen Victoria,
by llrltlsli residents of southern Cali
Thu cause of tho accident was tho
overburdening of tho pier. Tho over
crowding, according to nn offioinl
statement, was duo to tho delay in
unlocking tho doors. K tho doora hud
been unlocked at tho proper time, It
was iiBHortod, tho crowds could hnvo
got Into tho auditorium instead of
massing nt tho doors, where tho weight
overwhelmed tho pier supports,
Tho crowd mussed about tho audi
torium doors was compound mostly of
women nnd children. When tho sec
tion about thu doora sank (hoy went In
with It nud n half dozen policemen
who hml hopn vnltil) hiriviug to hold
(ho throne in cheek went with them
Comparatively a. small number of men
wen. cniigh. In (ho trap, as most of
,hc malu culohrutors wore tuklut part
In tho pa nulo.
The opening of a new fUsure In the
crater of Vesuvius has cauned great
alarm nt Naples.
Tho portion of the Chinese loan Is
sued In (icrtuany was oversubscribed
five times.
Tho Initiative and referendum reso
lution which recently failed of passage
In the lower house at Springfield, 111,
Is to be rewritten and given another
chance before the legislators.
Tho breech block of a Inch gun at
Fort Moultrie, defending Charleston
harbor, was blown out In target prac
tice, Privates Baxter. Christian and
Dalton of the coast artillery corps
were killed and nine men seriously
A temporary balcony In the Central
high school building at Akron, Ohio,
collapsed and 100 boys and girls were
thrown :0 feet to tho floor. Fifteen
students, tho majority of whom were
girls, sustained broken arms nnd legs.
Candidates for tho police force of
San Francisco must possess the same
physical requirements demanded of
volunteers for the United States army.
This fact debars tho appointment of
three police women provided for by
the San Francisco board of supervis
ors. -
At tho Northern Baptist convention
In Detroit. 35 new missionaries were
appointed for foreign fields. Women
delegates have been given the right
to hold places on nominating commit
tees nnd tho privilege of holding of
fice, which they regard as an Impor
tant victory,
A high pressure cylinder casting
blow out of tho port engine on the tor
pedo boat destroyor Stewart on a
speed test near San Diego, Cal., killing
two men and surlously Injuring one
man. '
Stockmen In parts of northern and
central California hnvo on their hand
about 2t5,000 head of outtlo nnd sheep
which they nre uunblo to feed because
of two years of drought. Tho govern
ment will not allow them to grazo
their stock temporarily In tho Yosem
lte National park, and many of them
are moving their droves temporarily
out of tho stnte.
Fatal Auto Accident Near Pendleton
1 I'endlr.'on One wag killed and thre
i were badly Injured on the Athena-
Weston road near the Dudley placo.
f when an automobile carrying four res
Idents of Milton and Helix, Or., skid
! ded. crashed off the side of the road
; and turned a complete somersault.
I The dead: Leslie Edwards of illl
ton. The Injured: Carl Kngdahl, may
or of Helix; Guy Smith, of Helix;
Clarence ShuH. chauffeur, of Helix.
Government Expected to Complete
Pretent Work But Not Extend It.
Washington. There Is serious ques
tion whether the government ever will
reincorporate in the Klamath Irriga
tion project about 90.000 acres of land
that were eliminated after the project
j was first adopted, either because ot
xceslve cost of Irrigation or because
of the doubtful success of Irrigation
due to peculiar soil conditions. The
probabilities are that the project will
be completed according to present
plans, and then stopped, at least until
the development of the country justl
fles nn expenditure of about $60 an
acre for Irrigation.
At tho hearings had before Secre
tary Lane, It developed that tho gov
ernment went Into the Klamath coun
try with the Intention of building a
project that would reclaim tn the
neighborhood of 160,000 acres. After
the work was well under way, the high
lands, where the cost of Irrigation will
be Jn excess of the department's vlows,
were dropped out nnd about the same
time the lower Klamath lake unit was
dropped because of the discovery" of
a prevalence of black alkali, which
made that portion of the land suitable
only for the growing jf grasses.
Now York. Tho first through cut
of the Panama Cnnnl from east to
west was completed when two steam
shovels working from tho opposite dl
rcctlons met at Culohra, according to
a special dispatch from Panama.
With tho mooting of theso great
steam shovels tho cnnnl was opened
at grndo from ocean to ocean.
Hundreds of workmon quit work and
cheered when tho big shovels scooped
out tho last bit of earth that Joined
tho two continents. Thero Is still to
bo excavated in broadening tho cnual
about 8,000,000 cubic yurds of earth.
CoukIi Medicine for Children.
Too much euro cannot bo used in so
lection a cough medicine for children.
It. should bo pleasant to tuko, certain 1
no harmful bubstauco ami bo most of
foctuul. Chamberlain's CoukIi Remedy
meets theso requirements and is a fav
orite with tho mothers of young child
ren everywhere. For sale by nil dealers.
Oregon Lands Restored to Entry.
Portland. President Wilson restor
ed to entry "5,000 acres lu eastern
try 75,000 acres of land In eastern
Oregon that had been withdrawn on
the presumption that It contained valu
ablo deposits of oil. Investigations by
the geological survey showed that
while small quantities of gas exist, it
is not of commercial importance and
only slight traces of oil have been
Captives Beat Sheriff.
Roseburg. Attacked by three pris
oners as ho entered the county jail to
feed the Inmates, Sheriff George Qulno
was struck over tho head with a stick
ot stove wood and painfully Injured.
According to Sheriff Qulno, he was
handing a basket of food to tho prison
ers through n partly opened door ot
tho jail, when Johu McDevItt grabbed
him by the hand und pulled him with
in tho cage. Eugene Smith then grasp
ed tho officer from behind and held
him while Stanley Gilbert struck him
a violent blow over tho head.
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