Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, May 23, 1913, Image 1

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RGEST c,RCUL-ATiONorANY Paper in -Tillamook County
Tillamook, Okkgox, Mav I'.'J, 101. 'J.
First National Bank
Tillamook, Oregon
WM. G. TA1T, Prc.idcnt.
J. C. HOLDEN, Vice I'rcaidcnt.
Interest Paid' on jTimr. nnd SitvitiK.
Under United States Government
8&; tfav
Tlirco Elcmcn's Likely to Invoke
Referendum Act Pecomes
Operative August 10.
fUrrnmonto -California alien land
bill i n;j,unl by Ouvcrnor J hnsot.
against tli protests of Japan a J the
rproa.ntalloiia or Presldout Wilson
nuil hi personal untoy, Kocrutary Bry
an. Tlji' nurnor atgaiHj Dm Mil and
u iln yd after the adjournment or th
IrKLIatWTa, which wilt i)H AMgUSt 10.
u art brcrre operative.
J Within California the act hm en-
jnt.rnij triple hoeUllty which way
'. in) lm Hctdlii) until November,
1J In the first place, tho dotno
lfM.t upjKMmJ flan- legjahMlou nt this
""i". n matter or irty regularity.
Th Aatalio Kxrlualon I.ongue. an
- rKoriisAilon ur which the president
Mil fllMf TvMffituu. rrr.nl rmivllMl . .. . .
rompllcjiy In the national dynamite Emeu of Cumberland May 24.
"I" 7:
. W" j
1 " ' J
auohter of thi-
Democrats Grant Concessions
Regardinrj Fi:blicity of
- Tari.'i i!ca;ings.
Princess Loulie,
t t r ' c i i T
e nave a value in stationery xou
Can't Beat
i Sffs of Writing Ptifwr tuul Hit retopes.
Item Qttnlity Prince Creie,
far -.a-
Phone In your order. Wc will deliver It.
Tillamook Drug Store:
K. H. KOCH. Ph.0.
T i ill i
atufaction Guaranteed. Money Back if Not Satiifactory
(tcd ttrro.t. United Btatr Senator j ()f
r in ti, ... ..... , .
lr th, u-,ft f jm , th, Snatc. j n,mrwl tttHt t woul(1 ,nvok , rej. ,
' i i i i i ii 1 Jt.M fill rut V tittrfMKiiMt (f riTihiMaui m I
( bill u (lrit ll.mtrl. I
i Thlnlly. ,lb (njwerful I'ajiaraa-Pft- '
riric Intcrtiatlouut Kjjonlllon cwa- ',
tuny. Imcki-d by tttany clmmbcr of :
oomtuvnM. baa (ibicvil lunlf on rconl '
In oioiltloti to tin- btll on the ground
tlmt It la n notation or fnllh.
Brief News of the Week
j .GOVErtHfilEKT hi J ST PAY
, Treatment of III. Wilting Alltn Not
; Sleamthln't Duty.
NV Vurt A dc:mou haiidd down
l) JatUi' Mayer In tit I'nttod tiutuM
dltlrtrt coart will com the t'nltwl
Htaiv evtnttfM al u U.OOO.tKM) a
. )itr lrHn now on. It hold thai lh
govcrnmvnt iut pay fur wwlical aid
to alln brought to tbl coumr' wnl
, found after tbolr i rrlv:U at K!li lalaud
. to b auf.'f rlK fn-ta mmci ipmpgr.iry
oontaKlotta d
' from tho Hollnnd-A'uwriOHD Stoamihlp
Likelihood of Etrjngcmcnt of Peo
ples, However, Admitted.
Tokto. - Knlth In the American pea
tito Ht s"e thai juatlco 1h douo tho
Th 0v.rtimi.nt ouht to eothxit t-Japat:c: Ir the dotnlnatlnp note In
tin? diactiiKlon of tho California ntlcn
Tho bill IncortKiratltiK the Itock
fellr Fouudatkitt to promote the w.l
bei:ik -t mankind throughout th
world haa bwn nlxnod at Albany. N Y
by Oovernor Sulaer.
A fierce tornado swept through
district al btork Hide and 16 block
kug in St ward. Nab., killing 10 per-
sons and injuring 40 more.
I Harper's Weekly ban been sold at
jNVnr York to .S'orraan Hapgood ami
Baswlateh." according to a aUternent j U)0 houg
r'ven out by Colono! Oeorfio Harvey, j
! iu odltor.
Tho flrt in cc lint of the executive
Washington. Annoncr.ment by
, Clutirman Simmons, of the flnnnco
committee, that su'xcKra.'ttees co:i
stlr!)'5 l.e -. arloos acheUules or tho
Uh Jn ood tarirr bill had determind
to graat more tim- to iiroteMlnR man
ufacturer than at flrxt was Inte.ided.
Rr..j. .J ccnsiderabl i:it.reel at tho
Although the effort or M-cuitn Itepub-
nana ut iurc jiuuiir n'-rrig was .10
feated by a cto of SC , 4! h ailn
oruy leaders sf-e in th" i.har.ged tac
tics or the IVmorra!" a ri,ac aslo'i
which thy assort r-j."- l iron tho
denunciation of secret cotim l-ratlon oi
th bill.
Two Democrats. Senators lUaBdell
and Thornton, of I-ouislana, roted for
tlio Kupubllcan nraendmenL Senator
I'oindoxter, of Washington. I'roftres
ilvo, votod with the majority Som
tor Jonw), of Washington, Republican,
, wno prertously bad determtneU iu .oto
against public hearings, aoncunc -1
i Just before the ro'.lcail that he had
( changed his mind becaue the finance
1 subcommittees were givins private
buarln? to some Interests which he
' UioufUit should be public.
I I'residaat Wilson came out strongly
; as the champion or free wool and fro
tuKr-liMhre-years. as provided for
in the tariff bill recently, passed by
; eompany 115 (orauab Iriwlmuuubniniid-onrrsMp-intisl'ition.
was not considcrios; compromises of
nnr Knrt fh.it Hm t rru crttistrlr ruv
commlUM otJhtt-BewiUlcaa jjaUooaLi,,,,,,, .,teMim ft. pat8CiJ tne
th" ruun. In finding for tho Uootiil
nnt. ilwcbtnil that the liiwiilcrnlloii
lav. msktf no provUion for thu Rttiit
ohlp ettttitmny to iay for mtnlicttt trout
innnt fnr dtllng aliens. UnlM over
tulod b) n litRlmr oourt, tho ilcclolon
will nppl) to all strAinahlp linen.
H. M. Plagler Dead.
War talk i denouiictNl ns ridiculous ;
nud only calculntnd to inharraii tho j
two goveranivnt, which nru laborinK
for n peaceful nottlernont by diploma
CJ' It Is coucetled, however, that failure
on the irt of the AmorlcanR to r
nK)Ut! to the Jtipanufle npp.ml for n din-
I uontliiunncti or the alleged dlncritniu
5on;nlttf since tho Ji'ovnmber elis
.lor. -Kill bo held in Washington Sat
FnirbankB. Alaska. Is on an enforced
vestbl diot. Its entire supply or
'niai havlnc been exhausted. No romt
will bo available until the arrival o!
a cattle uhlpment June 10.
The Canadian government demands
Wwii l'alm lUmch. Ha- Honry M. , illiolt wouW UMy ,0 lum, t0 bome j n J500.000 from the United Stat.'
pmoni iria I imp ! hnrk
w f w I aw M mm -mr - - -
Shingles' : Plaster
Root Paint : Drain Tile
- i m mmm m.mrm - ' ' -
, . ..... , I 'ft i a . Ilf.l
l-'taalvr. moclatn of Jolin I). ltockefI
Irr. rallrimd builder nud banker, dim!
nt hi country home Imro.
He vtiik !3 iars old.
Autrallan ileef Cutt Living Coit.
Salt Knimiliwo. A nntlon-wldo flKHt
on the bot'f lrtit tliroiiKh the lmllc
tntlon ol AURtralUu beer, which Inn
lowered tho price or meats hern from
10 to 25 per cent. In believed a cer
tainty Tho first bin uhlpineitt from
the south nea, 200 twin, which arrived
for lumber used in 1900 to construct
the military barracks at Eagle City.
Kan. Canada claims that tho United
..uf T-r.t.rArntflf nf 111,. l,.ulti1M Th.. .1:1 It-
anise public generally Is convinced J !!" ntUltoty barrack, at Eagle City
that the laud bill In a racial nnd not I
au economic mtinnuro and hence n 1
blow to nntlonal pride, and the people t
I reel that the world muat bo taught ,
I tho nucesslty of equal treatment for
i the whites and non-whites.
DIM More Drastic Than California's.
l'hoeulx, Arli. An untt-nllen land
owucridilp 'Mil rar more drastic than
ilui bill roeontlv imuKeil bv the Cnllfor-
hem. In.UHMllately found Us way Into nu ,,.Bllll,turo hnil bt,on 'Kncd by 0ov
emor Hunt, followliiK Ita paKsnKe by i
both hout.es or tho Htato loKislature
nearly 2o btitchurshops. The foreli;n 1
bet r has met thu reiiulrvmenta or the ,
United State Inspection laws and Is j
in great demand by San Krnnclsco '
, housewives
I "lent
i rvr yoc
SiC'lf Tis.
Alloriiry nl Law 4n,i NoUry'ubllc
lINl'nKI'dKV'I'l in
Tillamook, Oregon
Cement Sidewalks and
Concrete Construction Work
Enquire at Ramsey Hotel
ead it in The Herald
San I'ranrim-o Details hnve Just
been made public hero of tho plan of
the s.nretary or war to hold two ex
perlmental inllltur) camim r Insirtic
Hon for htudi'i.t of educational Instl
tutloiiB durliu; tho buininer vucntiou
period, coupled with Iho announce
ment tlul U lliey prove a buccush
tlu will ho held annually, one In each
or the four sections of tho country,
The announced object of these
camps U. primarily, to Increase the
pnnonl Inadeiiuate potHonuel or the
; trained military reserve or tho United
I Slate l a class of men from whom.
I In tune i'f national etnori.mioy, a InrKo
i iirupi'i'loii of tho commlwsloned olli
! ccra will lie drawn, and on whoso mill
tarv ni.Uiiii nf at Mich u time the llvei
' of many oilier men will In measure
Klnu Poter to Abdicate,
(lenova. Swltiorland.Klni; Poter.
of Soi'vlu, IntomlH to abdlcato as booh
mi ho possibly can nftor pencil In the
ItulKan HtatcH ami Turkoy lm boon
Waue Cut ,a Throatoned.
ChrOnRo.- A out to tho Btiirvntlou
point In Hi" wni or women wqrlu-
In lltluolu, piovliled an oliilit hour law
iu imksuu. wna Ihroatoncd In opim hear-
' ins; Dororo tho ulnte soiuUo sub-coin-'
mltteu on labor.
" KO Gola lloml TruilliiK .Stamps with
eiwu yar' BUbsorlptlon to tho Herald.
States bought this lumber from a man
named Howard Page, who cut It Trom
her domains without a permit.
In what Is said to be the first decis
ion or Its kind, tho Wisconsin Hall-
way commission ordered a physical
connection made between the local
lines or the La Crosse Telephone com
pany, nn Independent concern, nnd tho
toll lines or the Wisconsin Telephone,
; company, nnd the American Telephone
& Telegraph company.
It was developed at Chicago at tho
'hearing conducted by n legislative
'committee to Investigate charitable
j institutions that only 7.3 per cent or
' the money received was actually paid
out to relieve distress by the United
A uumbor of Important conventions
" . are scheduled ror this weok, among
noRton. An attempt to prove thit ... nnnl..Pt.nPV. m.,,ini-, nt the
I representatives of capital entered Into Ul)UnrJ:lna ,,, 1)oston: the Northwest
a compact to discredit organized labor . . convention. In Detroit: tho
wus made In the superior court hero,
where William M. Wood, president of
the American Woolen company; Fred
erick :. Atleuux, nud Dennis J. Collins
are on trial. Tho defendants are
charged hpeclflcnlly with conspiracy
to "plant" dynamite at l.awronco it
tho time or tho textile strike of 1012.
Collins testified as a witness for tho
prosecution and confessed n part til
tho alleged plot, though Insisting that
ho was mnwuro at tho tiiuo that he
was handling dynamite.
Collins told of distributing dynn
mlto nt illfforont buildings occupied
by striking toxtllo oponitlvos at l.aw
ronco, but nmdo only n casual refor
enuo lo Wood nud did not niontlon At
teaux' unino. Ho said that nt tho nv
iluVst of John J. llroen, who whb n
uionibur of tho l.awronco school board
at tho tltno, ho carried a pacUnge of
dynainlto front Hostou to l.nwronco
nnd nt nroen'a direction distributed
smaller packages of tho explosive at
various places whore tho strikers co'i
grogntod. llreen liaa boon convicted
and fined for actually "planting" Urn
National Association of Railway Mall
Clerks, In Cincinnati; the Ilrothor-.
hood of Railway Trainmen. In San
Francisco; tho National Association
of Retail Grocers, In St. I.ouls.
Allies Want Cash indemnity
Paris. The Hulgarlan Minister of
Finance. Theodorfr. who is to repre
sent Rulgarln at tho financial confer
once In Paris In connection with the
Jlalkan sottloment. said hero that th
Ilalknn states would ask for a war la
domnlty or 2,000,000.000 rrancs ($400,
000,000, of which FlulRarla's shar
would bo 1,000,000,000 franco.
' Dnrnh'Mny Ub( President.
Now York; Hurpor'a Weekly makes
tho rollowliiu editorial forecast:
"Wo prodlct Hint llio hum republican
rnndldiito for president of tho United
tliatea will bo William 13, Ilorali of
Bible Readlnn Made Compulsory
Harrlsburs, Pa. Under a bill ap
proved by Governor Tenor, 10 verse.'
of tho Hlblo must bo read without
l otiniont In the public school of Pomf
f.jlvaula. Teachers who violate tho
i.rr are subject to dismissal.
Dynamite Cruiser Rent by Torpedo.
Newport, R. 1. Tim torpedo boat
Vesuvius was struck by oue of Iti
own torpedoes itud was bonchad on
Hope Island, Narriignnsott Uny, when
tho liven of those on board seemed Im
periled by tho waters which rushed In
through a two-Inch hole astern,
Mrs. J. A. Matthows nnd childron
and Mrs. Hih took thu train this iiiorn
Inpr for tho bench whoro they are
Bpendinu tho day. xium aMw
house and he regarded It a tho duty
of the Democratic majority In tho sen
ate to fulfill Its platform pledge by
ennctlng the house bill into law.
Tariff Bill Not in Favor Abroad.
While democratic senators aro
wrestllnjr with homo manufactures,
protesting against numerous rates in
the Underwood bill, they uro confront
ed also by protests from foreign coun
tries against administrative features
of the bill and the provisions that
would grant a 5 per cent reduction of
the duty ou imports in American bot
Protests from England, Germany,
France, Italy, Australia and other
countries have been lodged with the
state department and communicated to
the finance committee.
From many countries have come
protests against that new provision
In the bill which would give the sec
retary of the treasury the authority
to exclude from entry goods of nuv
chants or manufacturers who refuse
to submit for inspection by United
States agents their accounts pertain
lng to valuations or classification of
nterchandlee whenever uispuies anno.
Bryan Replies to Japan's Protest.
Secretary Hrynn handed Ambassa
dor Chlnda the reply of tho United
State, govemmeut to tho Japanese
protest against tho California alien
land legislation. Tho ambassador Im
mediately entiled It to Tokio. No
indication ns to the nature of tho re
ply was given out.
On learning through press dis
patches that Governor Johnson ttnd
.Ognod the Webb land act. Secrstary
r.rytin lolei h.-.iieii Viscour.: Chln.la and
invited him to como to tho state de
partment to receive the reply which
he had baon nuxiously uwultlng since
the presentation of his note May 9.
Tho negotiations between tho two
governments are now expected to pro
ceed In regular fashion without fur
ther reference to what tukos place In
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i i
Tillamook, Ore.