Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, April 15, 1913, Image 3

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SOAP 4 :
First National Bank
Tillamook, Oregon
WM. G. TAIT, President.
J. C. HOLDI-N, Vice President.
Interest Paid on Time and Savings
Under United States Government
, .'I
Ui " HIO (ft 2r.
f 1
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ll .
?1 '
' S, ' n.rfn lt town
it - emtni;
,r-tl was H te
I I'i-
..- t f 3U, Lamar'
j in kV aHMtai,"
' (leaver n
' l.c wek,
n. WhcirT At
a 9 tH trip.
1 1 .ti ffar-isfltng HUiltmet
i W cUr u-Uy,
r i- from the it,
' S'rUftt wi a Tills-
Hot. K A. Clark and wlf of Cloxir
dale lnik Ut train lhi tnurnltig fur
I'urfi blooi K (', Mho Ulartd t
-eu. n.M pat .cttiitfuf 16 eg, g
Mm. H. A. Klnn.w.n, TUUmmqV City.
Ilr. Womlt tjMfU it botii of a
daughter to Mr. ami Mr. L II, Crak
a Saturday UmL
CW b.U TlnMUhj II 05 pf ton
In i-.rlo- loU fnrr lMirbana
pouu., tt ru. j ty lt. f. o. b.
fM. M. fcmiwt, tfont,t. Or.
in at the l IU I .ml im Umi Alto line of
grvon VrrgelatiW.
Alloinr) Garwnl and Chat. Vogler
of .N'efealotn war TlltamnuV. vlltor
over Httminjr.
I Vl hwV. containing ppr. with
nanN of J... llachT an tnd. tat.
Finder ptt lvo at Herald
Ooo, Gilbert Haneraf ( I an lraptrn
a tor of oatVn bilily, w(rli for Mm
April th and 2th. lllRh Hrlwol auJl
(orinin. IU at t hiM. Si
Mm. C. A. Ournfortb rtrml on
T)o4j- from a l 4aj- at 1'ort-
I'fit'tr .Uiwk Of Ctovunliilo vm Uan
umtt n(lr.o'i nt Iho hom of h lroth
or-lri-liiw Frank IJfnn for sme tlrrto
with hoarl troablo l ruportsJ to be
lwlJlfiij M own nnltu woll thoOKh till
lltt) M)rloiuly,lf. Mr, Jonck's family
U hire uvnltlnif iffvcloprnctiti. Joha
mix! Mnrlfrt wirnl Imck to Ukj runcli t
Cltrrrilnl on Stirnliy, t; lvi dflc-r
thldKi rularninK the mn 'lay,
II. I'. HIiuMon who was coriflnnd at
in Tillarrfooli Hawitnrtoin under th
er of Dr. Wndt, Iwmuimj of an in
Jliwl y l( bl to b rwt aKn. It
wm Lhoutht nt thu time Ui ' wn
Injorw) Ly would kj the itxht of th
vo, but wo r ploMl to tat? that
h Is nnw blj to ihm with Umi injured
rrurtntHir, nod tli pnwpccU nre that In
iu lime, )m will hve full u of it.
'ITm llltNMOok Drug Store it rrtakint:
nrrn(;o(nnU to move into nrw quart
ri in the County Itnnk balldtnK
Boon m ihNt lu tiding is completed.
Attornt y John llnnd llvndervwn will
tto inovo Into olll- room on thu tirnt
floor of the County Bunk building. It
i uxmciod th t thu buil'liw: will h
rotidy for occupancy by tho flriit of the
coming month. Snrn Moulton who bus
ii bnrlxjr hop on First Strt-ct w.ll
mow into the building nt prenont oc
cupied by the Tillamook Iru Store on
Second Ave. Ka.it na noon a the I)rui
Store vacates the same.
.'.irit to
hy kiv'i, !, rr, . r.
We arc ..rj( fl
et a tor k at f'"-
tempt yon.
' will not only impro the uppesrwrwe
of your nort. but eontributa to your
aafcty a wall. Many a runaway roufcl
b avoided if the oW Ilirneu had been
disrardl in time.
lillcirnook - - Orecjon
A. M. Austin
Civil Km.iskkk
Mutual I'hone.
.iiif on Mprlay. am
Itif'-t r ..n Momtay f rum a ! gallifaellen l wbat wr aro UoaitWS
kjliit. Il-avcir(in. I alMlt ami Owl all there is to It.
T t
! al. you bad Iwttrr j I'"!' l the lUH t tl fr y,,Ur.
i folnit to have "If-
pr ton lit the-
Mr. H Oiw-lwlnof 1'ortlan.l, viiflwl
j with her ntpitewa ami rtincc, cftthlrcm
of FranV HahonVrvtt, ami brother Jon.
, . , . , Her Gr. L llauilln, only flt elm
" i . ii m ii i , :
.fr ,! g-ra lo I'lirtlaml Ihla
F, ! 10 III IIUBIO IMI lllMliiit
i. L"-r v l(f Hobo look the rtllJ. (ut Hin tme h Mw able
"r'riu. m..rnliiif for ouUliln', u,.n.
ltou4 mover In Tillaimwk (xMinly.
! Tbirty-Uve )rar in the Unin. V. O.
1 iin. im'
1! .i pr ton, Timothy j a MH'msar loft fur I'crtlantl thi.
fJi " ,-t ion iwl Straight i (iKirntnk tor the purHo of e.inulu..
K fir., tun. IU) A C4t. iporiatUU In that city In regard to hi
1 1 l vr , ..iui, tin roo.lv to l "ufy.
' ... . . .... i i . .i .
j Wo wish to thnnK mo many inemi(
fur llirlr kindnuta and ,
M tt it. phya.clan ami aur- in (mm ,ft m)r r,nl ,nHtbo 8wl
U tl,..e, amU-uaranlcea llmm. , M , ol.00. s
I ' w.n. . al llultillng oppfwitrl '
ij(tl , rrnnk i-.iuou who own timiiiwi
i to hi Itomo with ruiouiuunia ami iw
to 00
! Wantwl. From 2 to & ncre linurov-
''"I A lierman KiklitK, ml, llh bullilinn. Nonr tfli'
("! iifmMiiwn Ht llnltom'a ocuan bulwoon Whtti ler ami Hay tity.
, Mual bo a bargain. SoJ partlcu- ;
I . . li...;L...n ViiRKniivrr. '
"tst, 3 ,..., cottag.. clo.o In.;'""- V';.",, -
l"l ur u .far.M.hod. Call nt Mr.. ' " ,lu
ht.-.)' i "Uolo" Ivonivlch, hot tor Known na ;
I . i l.....). i l,il al
l , . L, . ,, innoyainr man, " - -(
l linn m I wtr.i in. m on Out ... , ., ,
... ,, , , , '., liar Mow ami wiii erwi miw..-.
w"i 1 ainook ahonnora Mull- .,i I.., .'
liUIUIing IO !' "s ")'
Tim lut ia now bolng prmwrotl for t)n
IV Mr. n if I'ortlanil la looking building. j
itv 14 f 1 frititi(v fiir llm i i ..I....,,... ili.a ItuM hiuifi WiirklNtf ,
mc th Wll.k. ,,. W.m.,)r for nhnrt tlmo rolurned
tWcsn.i rnullllnwrr plnnta now to Tillamook laat Saturday. Mr. John
i t:t pl tr.K.rubhngi iilonta livn son nocurod aome vory nice reh.-a from
iwrdoi. f..n ..i ..r r mi t ho h uh Minn wmn duo rw
p.l .:r. i.iimunu'iifloriioon or tho lumch lat Friday mght.
I'WI phoii... M.
live humlrd kiL'aii berrv nlnnla for
' talo at 'it aplttco at my much on Traak
. H'vor. I'rtjil C. 8kotnp. Hell limine.
; 0. I. Matloon and wife nml their on
Guy of ("tordalc are irauaacting lml
nM at the county oat thi wok.
Mm. Wm. G. Talt gave a luncheon on
U'edr.nadny and another on Satorday
wf laal wok. her gunaU bulns her
many My friend of the flty.
Cbtr llnkivn awl family retnrnmi
on Monday from thlr trip to Colifor
nla point. Hiey rirt a very enjoy.
able time.
CI rem 1 1 (Soon will convene April tint
for th ronular nring term. llowvr,
Judee Gnllowny U oxpoctod to arrive
here on Ihurmlay netl lo dlii of
cwrtafn csmmi bofore tho togitlar term
Dr. Heody, volorinarian, will to at
Kebalem. FrWsy April ISlh, ready for
nil Viml of a peine work. Ilia hand-
tuartera will Ui at Jaa. Tliompaon'a
Cm WicUand who I torving on the
Federal Graml Jury at I'ortlanil re
turned to hl home here on Saturday
ami wnl Sural iy with hit family, re
turning to Portland Monday morning.
Kmll Unnacholdl will be buy at
Vli! for the next alx munth making
improvotnonU at the Curl Haberlach
place. Several fills ami some other
k-enerat improvements will have to be
K. Herring, living east of town, has
a valuable horse which is sulTuring
from blood Hiisonlng. The serious in
fnclion startiil from a bruise on thej
houklur. i
Miss lllanohe McNalr left for Fort-
land this morning to bo with her moth
er who recently underwent an ocjKt
linn at the Good Samaritan hospital in
I'ortlaiHl, Mrs. McNair is gutimg
InriL. verv nicelv ami will nrobubly be
lionio In n few weeks.
A. T. Dolan has purchased from F.
V. Stock, Mr. Stock's cement busliu-is.
The buildings and proverty of Mr.
Slock huso boon purchased by Garrett
Ward who has rented them lo Mr. Dol
nn. Mr- Stock will locate on a ranch
at Uirhileld. Washington, hoping by so
doing to benefit tin' IH Itii of his wife.
Itev. S. G. Huttiis. woll known here
na an evangelist who vis'ted this city
u few jean ago. has just undergone n
very serious operation nt tho Hattlo
Creek, Mien., Sanutiirium at the liundtt
of Dr. Killing. It is opcctod that ho
will soon be able to resume his work.
W. G. D wight and Attorney Talinngo
returned on Sunday from a business
Hip outside. While gone they attemled
ii conference of the attorneys who are
representing tm cltiens in their pave
ment light against the Warren Con
utruction Company.
' J. 12. Hoevo", sherilf of Washington
county win a Tillamook City visil ;;
over Sirsly. This was his flnit trip
j horo aral he came for the pur)sc of
tookinK over the country. He w..
moch Impressed with our future prov-
! iMieta.
G. Mills and sister Mrs.Crawfnrd left
for I'ortlanil Saturday tnorning o be
with Mrs, Crawford's daughter, F.thclyn,
who has boen under medical ti'eat
mont since February 13lb Inal, and win
operated on Momiuy morning for an
alliens in Ute ear.
The Hosts brothers have iKiught the
bulllinys which have beon lo-al-1 on
the I. O. 0. F. property anil are having
them removed to their projKjrty adjac
ent to the Harris livery barn. We un
derstand they have found renters for
(he same as soon us they arc in shape.
H. K. Craig went to Itockawny this
morning for the purMHo f beginning
work on a new bakery nt that place.
.Mr. Crali is a baker of considerable
experience and will no doubt bo much
welcomed bv the beach population this
summer. j
The bateball team will k'lve n big
dance at the opera House next Satur
day night. The boys are trying to
raise money enough to pay for their
new uniforms and for this reason are
anxious for u large nlteniianre. A
Kood time is assured everyone who at
tends. C. A. Cornforth proprietor of the
Spanish Kitchen has opened up another
eating house across from the Ramsey
House. The new eating house will
cater to tho bettor trade nnd will be
first class in every way. Mr. Corn
forth will continue to run the Spanish
Kitchen. These two eating houses will
keep him pretty busy.
Like the Hull Moose, Joe Harrison
believes In passing good things around.
S. C. White Leghorn hen and Fawn and
White duck eggs (pure white eggs) for
50c pur setting. Phono or write J. M.
Hnriison. Garibaldi, Or. P. S. Fnwn
and White are steady winter layers and
hold' record for greatest number of
eggs ier duck.
Kov. C. M. Van Mnrter. iis-iisted by
Mrs. Van Mnrter, vocalist, is conduct
ing revival services nt the Methodist
Church. Kev. Win Mnrter is State
F.vungollst for the M. K. Church in
Oregon, he is a strong preacher and
holds his audience in wrapt attention.
You should attend the services it will
be worth your while.
For Sale cr Trade; For Tilla
mook City or County Property
No. I -Two b.U in Hose I ity Park. Portland, one block
from street car.
No. 2 -Three lots in University Park, Portland, three
blocks from street car.
No, 3 Two loU in Eugene City, one block from street car
ami four blocks from the High School, Carnegie
Librarv and State University ground.
Na4 ."SJO acres of wheel land in Morrow County, all un
der cultivation, in gool wheat belt.
No 5 One lot anil fine residence in best residence part of
San Jose, C'al., 5 short blocks from the High
School and State Nortml School, and two short
blocks from three street car lines.
All Iho Abovo Will Irado For Tillamook Olty or County
Pro&orty. g
Tillamook, Oregon
Cement : Coal : Lime : Brick
Shingles : Plaster
Root Paint : Drain Tile
Docks and Warehouse Front St. between 2d and 3d Ave. West
You Need a Tonic
our giwrastee is back of it
Tillamook Drug Store:
E. E. KOCH, Ph. G.
Phone -J Jj, -Main 1 Doors North" of Postoffice
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Money Back if Not Satisfactory
C L () U G I I
flicii you want anything
I't in it F1UST CLASS
Drug Store
Ho also heaps
DrW and Book Seller
On Your Own Account
.. I., ii,,. Imnk? A part of your earnings ought
- '-"TS
Tillamook Coonty Bank
A dnlry ranch fine location on Tilln
mook Hay in Garibaldi, contains 90
acres and linlf of this land is gcod river
bottom, and tho other half n tine rich
tide land with a hill that contains I'm
hard blue rock, connects with tho rock
quarry, good house ami burn and all
the cows and machinery go with it.
Two creeks with line spring water run
through tho place. Wo will sell nil or
half of this place.
For Further information call or write
to Frank K. Strueby, Gnrilmlili, Ore.
1 1 acres bottom land with buildings,
I cows, anil horse, mile from town,
price $-1,1500. Hrand now 0 room bun
gain with bnsonie.it, li acre of bind, 1
acre hurries, nuar tho now depot price
$100. Fine home nenr town, 10 room
house with 5 acres of laud, acre or
chard, 1 iicre berries, price $6000.
! Acreage in price to suit. See tho own
er, A. Plasker.
All parties owing the liculs Lumber
Co. nro requested to cull nt Mr. Ueuls'
olllco ono door north of tho F. R. Heals
otllco and suttlo as soon a convenient.
First Class Ti
si Shop
Tin. Copper and Sheet Metal Work,
Plumbing and General Repairing
Tillamook Sheet Metal Works
Next Door to Tillamook Bakery
10 acres of tho best cleared bottom
land in Tillamook Co,, half in meadow
and the balance is nil logged and near
ly stumped oft. There are 20 cows nnd
good team, All of farm implements
go with the place, The house anil barn
are new. $18,000 ; 3,000 down and tho
. balance Is small payments. Inquire at
I Herald ottke. tf
Chamberlain's Tablets for Consti
pation. For Constipation, Chamberlain's
Tablets are excellent. Easy to take,
mild und gentle in effect. Give them u
trial. For sale by all dealers.
Subscrlbo for thu Herald,
twice a wcok.
It comes