Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, March 28, 1913, Image 1

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issued twice a weektuesday and friday
Largest Circulation of any Paper in Tillamook Oountv
Tiuamooic, OiMjr.ON, Makcii 2H, li)l.'5.
NO. 10
John H. StcUon Mutn, tlwj new Spring lhnpcB, nrc here; yft nnd nliff style.
-1urhtiii Shoe in low nntl regular cut, the nciunn' Intcst laats for tlreos, business
rwnl mn-nhout wenr.
What's the Price of a Good
Suit of Clothes?
Vou can buy clothes in this store
for less than that-$12.n() to $20;
you can pay more than that we
June very line clothes up to $i$n.
Hul $2o is a ood average price;
most men who appreciate ooil
quality and style in clothes; good
tailoring and lit, are willing to
pay as much as $2n.
Hart Schaffner &
suit- ut will surprise mi: purticularly if you've
Ik n .i -iHtumcd to 140111,' t' custom tnilor to have
cl uh h uwulc to mciisiirc; more particularly if you've
ptfo.uzctl the ?o.cillcl low priced tailor. moMjwr
linL vou tttitik Are made-
t iu- isure clothes nt $'Jf
.u'll cl all-wool fiibrics; trimming, linings atid other inn tenuis of luKli
, ' uilot i..v of a verv high onlcr-the things that make a sun wear well, and
i . J. k.v You'll Kct the value of the hesi style standards and onuinatlity of
. ... ' You'll kci clothe that (it well and you'll Kiiin from $10 to $U0. cither n
; i value at the price, or lower price lor similar value.
Metier m-how true thin S'Jfl i n price you can urtV.nl, and yoiiMI say so
who vm.M'o the clothes. Hrttcr co.ur un.l look al the new Snnu styles.
, ore will di liver hie
t oe to any point in
t .uiumI( Co. 1v pauvl
.t Hart Sehallner
xiiit or overcoat, or
i"iivhase ;iniotintiag
l .00 or over. '
First National Bank
Tillamook, Oregon
WM. C. Al l'. Preuiclcnt.
J. C. HOLDEN, Vice President.
Interc.t Paid on Time nnd Savings
Under United States Government
Read it in
50 "Gold Bond" Trading Stamps
With Every Year's Subscription.
or less.
lhn turner (e.inlit to lervlirfC
The Herald
, j
Or;Htki Man 1-lifMi Mm
lMiiistonSMi-tii)gand out
inu clothes; Kn;lish cot
ttn find velvet corduroys;
Norfolk find phun cut
coats, colors of liht tan,
ii l....
medium ami unri; urww n.
,1.. I, . cli-,'immis U'L'IH".
Humphrey Orothera Do Not Flinch On
Salem. Hxplutlnis Ihelr crime nt
tho murder of VMta C.rtfflth. near l'ht!
oitinih. In -I'lno. 1911. 0irB
Chiirli. MmnphreyH went to their
.I....,,, iviiiimit n murmur. Both of thr
men wiilHed wtolidly to tho scaffold.
t-ondKl thr W '' tirw tr,'a(1
mill without flluehlllK allowed tho pit
mm official l """"I' llll,lr ,,r"H """
Ie8, wli"n l""'r U,H- lcl,"t'(,lml ml"
Ulor. wan deeliiilng their Innocence to
llin nmiiie "" j
Thn two mon dlod nr. thoy hmi hv.m
Htnlld atitl nppurontly Btunntnl to
tholr HiirrouiulliiKH. nnd iieoinliiKly
npprecliitlvo of tho "wful 'u'" wl,,0,,
nwiiltod them.
Veteran Can Attend Celebration.
Hiilem. ArtmrilliiK to tho provlHlons
of'n nietiHUio piiHHcd hy tho IuhI 1okI
latum iiiiil.liiK n 15000 npproprlntlon
for voteriuiH of tho Civil Wnr who par
tlclpatod In tho battle of (lettyBUurK.
to nttend tho celebration or tno ui'in
imulvewiry of th' vcui in roiiim,.
vnnlu. tho Kovornor Ih to appoint ono
or two coiunilHHlonera to net with the
PoniiHylvnnlii commlBlon In arnuiB
Iiik tor the colobrutlou, and thoy nro
t recolvo their uctual truvollns ox
ponaeH. Kurther, It la provided that
w mnny of tho HoMtoni m th. appro
urlatlou will car. fcr uU be entitled
to attad. Ttuuw first applylug iUl
b irtven profereJtc. It u proviaeu.
Chamberlain's Tablets lor Consrt
patloa. For Cointipatlon, Chmberlin'
i",- ....iLnt lu to take.
lld and a.otU in MmU . div lawn a
.txlat. rwMtobyallMaMin.
From 1200 to 2000 Drowned In
Indiana and Ohio
t:ilrrtnn. Partly verified reporta
from tin flood-wpt clue ut Indiana
Ami Ohio showed tin- following esti
mate of tho Iomii of IKo.
Dayton. tOu to IO00; Plntm. MO;
Delaware. Co to 100; Kyilnuy. 230 to
60U. Mlddletown, f,0 io loo. llnmllton,
12. Tippecanoe City. 3 to 5: Scatter
ing 2. Tort Wayne, 2; Total Inillima,
73; tlnitid Total. 1264 to 18 15.
Tint ami rny of comfort from Day
Ion came with report of refugees ar
riving nt Xenln. that the death lint
hich bad Lena entltimteil nn high ;t
6000 drowned, would rntiKn from 600
to 1000. A similar reduction wan re
ported from I'eni to South Bend. In (I ,
the t(irllr figure of from 200 to 600
drowned dlndlltiK to CO. nlthouKh ti
repori fnm Ww-nnw, ind., intlmote
thai 260 poreoni had lout their lltj.
Tut-nda.) tilcht mreiiuoun effort at
relief ere le operation. Tho Rover
or of Ohio had ordered out the entire
mate mllttla to aid In lint work of res
cue In the varloiu cltle. and official
apprnU for help w-ro iient to neigh
borltiK tnte, 'reparation urero
tuadn hy the atate IcclKlature at Co
lumbuK to npproprlntu 1260,000 for the
rnUvt of sufferer.
Tho governor otlinated tho homo
lc In Ohio at 260,000.
Supplies of ovcry description for
6000 pttnunH wero nmhed to 1'eru from
pnlKhliorliiB town, hilt the problem of
penetrating tho flooded dUtrlct wua
only l perplexltiR than nt Dayton.
p nrontor. tiowover, thnn tho prbMom
of nihlilin: In aupplloa. wa the work of
rn('iiltiK thoiiKand of iientoiiH front
poMtlonn of p'Tll to which they hud
cIiihk nil nlKht. with faint hope of tin
mediate, help. Ill l)aton tho office
bulhllliK l thn huvlueitH dlHtrlct nhel
tered In their upper utorleH crowds of
reHldeuia uho hnd renehed there from
itreetit In which water ni:ed
depth of from nine to i0 feet.
to a
FaUlltlc May Rech Thousand ind
Property Lo Will Total Million
Dayton. O. Dayton, except for Its
mom remote Hubiirbrt, wan covered
with it et(hliiK flot water from
to 20 feet deep. Any attempt to entl
unite the Ions of life Ih hopolcus.
ll Ih hiiro to run Into tho hundreds
nnd may ro Into tho thousands. Tho
property Iohh will total millions of
The flooded district comprlscB a clr
clo with n nidlus of a mile nnd n half,
and nowhere wiih tho water less than
iv f..t ilium. In Main stroot. In the
downtown miction, the water was 20
feet tluon.
Tim horror was holnhtened by more
than a tlonon fires In tho flooded ill
Tho worst of tho flooded districts
Includes all of north and wont Dayton,
nil of tho downtown sections, the south
sldo as far as Oakwood and all of tho
residence suburb of tileudalo. Tho
iiiirniiil noiiulatlon of
mm i n ..
nioro than 50.000.
Hoscuors and those nt the houplUls
said an estimate .f f'000 dead might
bo as accurate as an estlmato of 100.
Many Perish at Delaware
riAinuiiro. O. lletween 76 nnd 100
oorsons were drowned In tho flooded
OlotiiiiRy river, accordhiK to estimate
mude bv the police. More coniierva
tlve reports placo tho number of dead
between 30 anil 50,
800 Live Lot and 200,000 Render
Indianapolis. A statewide flood, ap
palling in its Immonslty and terrlfyltu
In Its Bwlftnoss, clulmed certainly
mom than 300 lives, nccordln; to frag
mentary reports, mado nearly 200.Q00
tinmnifiH uud has done property uum-
age of more than $20,000,000 In Udla-
S-a taouaitnd porsoua were drlvon
fron their home hore by tho overflow
of Ue Whit river, Bagle crk d
Pi at Huh.
TmtH at Vort Warn. Ifaett.
BiahsaonA. Marlon. Terr HmU, Mn-
14 Ruahvlllo, ;okomo, Peru. CoBMrts
Ueiersburu. Newow tm
Events Occurring Throughout
the State During the Past
Fire Protection I Dig Drain.
Salem. DurUifi tho year 1912 atocx
flro Insurance companies operating In
Oregon collected over twice a much
In premium a they paid out In fire
IcMe. The total premium collected,
accordlnK to n Utvmnnt luorl by
Stat limunince Com:nlloner J. W.
Krtioti, for the yenr wnr 13,251V
SJ. while the total amount paid out
for flro tome was tl.S47.03S.
Schedule I Arranged.
Corvatllii An official HChedule of
Or'troii Electric aervlce. for Corvalll.
via the branch from Gray, four mile
eit of thla city, announce 10 train
ach way dally. Kach main line train
r.orth and outh will b met at Gray,
ar.d two throuRh train between Cor-
rain and Tortland will bo opernted.
wlrti a runnlnB schedule of three
wah, Marshall end Babcock Are
3m. Horrey Beckwlth and V.'. A.
lUrtall. of Portland, and C D. Bab
cock. of Salem, will constitute tno
Industrial aecldeat commlsalon creat
ed undr the worktnen'a compenatlon
act ped by the lat leglalature. Tho
uppolntment were made public by
Governor Weal and correspond to pr
tllcUoaa . tfcaLJuure Ua.jad. CBUa
tho personnel of tho commUslon.
I'nder tho terms of the act It l con-
...r.if ...t ihn? thrM. rawmbra of the
ni .... Inn ahll ronpnt the varied
.Ui-resls in me state one mi- vmi'iuj-
- one the employe and one member
tint people of the state nt lar-je.
Following out the contemplation of
tho terms of the net. Governor West for minimum wage for womon. rrea
aamtKl Mr. Ileckwlth to represent the ident Wilson was told that 32 states
.,mrinv.m Marshall to renresent the
tsborlng Interests and Uabcock to rep-
rchont tho state at largo.
Glendale Man Murdered In Cabin.
Glendnle. A murder was committed
tit Wolf ( reek, four times trom wn
city, and Jim Berry, n section hnud.
until recently employed by the South
ern Pacific here, was the victim. It Is
believed tho crime was committed by
a mnu named Chnprnsn, who resided
nt Wolf Crook. The body of tho mur
dered man was found In Chapman's
cabin with the skull crushed. Chap
man is missing. When Hurry -vas lst
seen ho nnd Chapman wore together
and are thought to have gone to the
lattor's cabin for the night. Both me.
hail been drinking honvlly and the
crime Is probably the result of n
drunken row.
Hmrv is Acquitted.
Albany. Kalph Henry, acquitted ot
a charge of murder in the first degree
for the killing of George Dodd near,
Corvallts Inst October, was taken to
tho state Insane asylum nt Salem on a
commitment made by Judge Kelly,
based on tho verdict of the Jury, which
found Henry not guilty on grounds of
Henry will retnnln in tho asylum un
til exports pronounce htm entirely
sane and entitled to liberty. Henry
walked out cheerfully from Jail, where
ho has passed tho Inst four and one
half months. Ho expects to bo liber
ated within n few days.
fort, Anderson, Tipton, ,-ouiewm.
. .111,.
1 1 ii n ford Cltv. El wood. Bloomlngton,
fthnii.wlllo. Logansport. Portland and
innuntorublo smaller towns nro undoi
water with many ot the residents driv
en from their, homes and others living
Hi upper floors.
err Haute la Twice Desolated
-p.rr Haute. Ind. Hardly recover
ing from the daio of tho tornado of
Sunday that claimed 20 lives, injured
260 and did property datnoK amount-
Ing te $1,000,000. Terr Haute Tues
4. fwul Its second disaster In 47
idbis, when t waters of Ik Wabash
ln tkstr bank. tUtdimt t th
Subecrlb forithtrnl-weekly Herald.
Fifty Gold Bond Trading 8up wit
a yaar's nlwcrjBtiaa.
President and Congress to Vork
in Harmony on Tariff
WnshlnKton. Committee mtlnRa
nd conference will be held during
the ek with a view to sotting tho
conKreKitlonal mill In. good running
shape- for tho tariff grind that Is sooa
to commence.
The hou';, the senate and President
Wilson have come together Informally
on the prollmlnarica of tariff revision.
A a result Chairman Underwood of
tho house way and means committer
states that the two bouses prncUcally
will he agreed upon details of tariff
revision before the bills reach lh
houite. and that the opinions and do
slro of the president have been con
Kncourased by the rapid progress al
ready made In the preparation of b
tariff revision bill, close friends of
President Wilson predict that curren
cy reform measures would be brouRDt
before the extra session of congreaa.
While members of the Democratic
majority of the ways and means com
mittee differ on what the income tax
bould be. it 1 indicated they will
agree on a tax of from 1 to 1 V4 Per
cent on Incomes upward of $5000 &
year and mlfcht agree to make the tax
applicable to Incomes as low as $3504.
President Ha Wage Material Now.
A movement for a nation-wide caxr
palgn for a minimum wage law far
girls and women took definite shape
here when Lieutenant Governor O'Ha
ra, heading the Illinois "starvation
wages" committee, put the result of
the Nlinots tnvewtbjration before Presi
dent Wilson.
O'Mara eiplnlned the close relation
ship between low wages and the white
i uI.iva rmfftr. nnt urcpd th nresident
i to call a nauouai coan-reutc ui aair
vice comm.asloners from various
I states to meet in Wi.shlnston with the
! object of starting a national campaign
f nlreadv had sin'..ied willingness to
participate In such a conference.
Following his stand that the ,ower
and Influence of the governme :t of
the United States shall not be capl
tallied by financial Institutions seek
ing to make loans to China or other
nations in need of money. President
Wilson was asked what the attitude of
the administration would be toward
enterprises In China or elsewhere in
dependent of government aid.
The matter came up In connection
with a visit of George Dronson Boa, a
confidential representative of Dr. Sun
Vat Son. Mr. Rea said he knew tho
president's attitude regarding the sis
powers loan project was approved by
tho officials of the new Chinese re
public. Mr. Wilson Indicated that the devel
opment of tho administration's policy
toward China would be gradual and
that there was no Intention of with
drawing the potential influence tor
protection which the government has
exerted In respect of China, and that
the administration would make a vig
orous effort to promote American
trado Interests in tho orlont.
The president's viewpoint was that
the United States would be In a far
Iwtter position to help preserve tho
Integrity ot China by remaining out
side ot any particular ugreements
which might have for their object e
voloo In China's political future than
by actual participation.
Equal Suffrage May be Considered.
Ther Is a stroug probability that
congreea will very soon submit a sut-
fruae amendment to Ue constitution
to the people of the country for their
approval. This action la foreshadowed
by th vitalising of the seuate commit
tee a woman suffrage. Tale acaamit-
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Tillamook, Ore.