Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, March 04, 1913, Image 1

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Largest circulation of any Paper in Tillamook county
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Tillamook, Okkoon, Makcii 1 01. 'J.
NO. 12
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Vrom Courlor:
Mis. M,,r iilVli 11IU Mm. Floyd
tlo lino nml mithhiK hut th very IiphI
will ho Hhlppeil liorr. Tlmy will lo
noli! to Tllliiimmlc county runeliorH.
rollowliiK nil opirntlon for Infnntllo
M, nrU ((Vtf (mtl Mrs. Hoy,., I,,,,, ,;,.yo,r-oM
UllHwm roturntd yoatonlny froni u,l ,r' 1,1 ' , (!hltrUH
w.l.y,vhHwUI.Till.mook frlomta. )U (,0 ,,,
'wo ctirlon liiuf HolHtuIn mittlo will . ,iort,H Momliiy svnlnr. Sho liml
w rccolvuil Into 1'llliiinook county t,lH ) i,0oit nllllctfil wllli (IiIh ilruuil iIIkuiiho
"PniiK from thu oiiHt. Mr. Ky wlillo f)ir tiU paHl llirtm yuiim nml H 1 1 t t
I'ortland rupontly, Mwcurcil tho Htir-iinvu ami money couM i lvw "i" '
vliUnir Iuwh. IlllnolH und WIhcodhIi.. 1 wli IlimuKh a lullouto
n reli of tlm ml Krade of UoUtoln 0 ,t.r,,ij,, tho parontu vnlnly Imp nif
leiw. n fow thoroughbred Imlla. tU It wouM pro vo wtm
Mr. KUbrook U n export In tho cut- their coiwonU hho wua opornUd on
hint wicK Thuiwilnv and Friday even
inif Mr. and Men. Johnson returned to
their homu only to lectdve a ines-fiitf1'
Sundav iiiiiriilnir to comu at onco an
hIio was faillni; rapidly. Owlnjj to Iho
pcor enixlltion of her hlood he wiw un
nllii to vvlthi.tand tliooporatlnn autl lilio
i n broken It Iv IouvIiir only the aweet per
, fume ot her memory ulie passed to her
1 olernal real, Mttlu Norma was of a
aiinny dlapoaltlon, her patleneo aiul
i happy amllo all through her allllction
endeared her to all with whom aim
came in contact. Thu funeral wua
held from thu houao Wednesday after
I noon will) interment in thu Union ctni
I etery. Tho aoirowin; frlenda havo tho
I aympathy of tho entire community In
tnuir bereavement.
Exciting Meeting
at Court House.
Citizena' Committee Meet Willi Coun-
cil and Produce Evidence ia Street
f PaviiiK Controvenjr.
On Friday aftcrmxin of Inst wenfc
ho city council met In adjourned cs-
ilun at Uij court houm lo conkidnr
further evidence in connection with
Lhe InveolfKntlon thai have been tnudu
by the citUciu coinuultfu rulutivc to
or utrcct paving. A laruc crowd had
fatticrwi at the court huu.c by Z '
'clock, tho hour act for th proceed-
,1jpi! to Ix-tcln, and shortly after thre
9 clock Mayor Mnrtcr accutnpanieO by
eouncllrticti 1'ach, Sappint;ton, Hales.
nd Dick, Iteconler 'l'old and Attorney
!oll, entered the court room and took
fal scat with council at one of the loot;
tables within thu railing. Tho Mayor i
and council wcru followed by rcprc-
Mntativrs of the Warren Construction 1
Company, ami members of the citizen J
OOmmlOco. F. It. and A. G. Beats j
and W. DwiKhl and other members of j
thu committee accompanied by their '
attorney C. W. Talrnaj;e. took their J
position toona side of tho council at a 1
Ionic table upn which they proceeded
to pile all kinds of street pavinc ex
hibit, which were the results, as was
aeon proven, of an exhaustive investigation.
As soon as everyone was seated and
quiet had been rcatonnJ, Mayor Har-
Ur called the meeting to order and
aaked that all rcorts bo filed and tes
timony be tnken.
City (engineer Itichardson was the
tirit Mltnrs called. Ho was placed
under oath imd wus usked to give a re
port. He tendered the city recorder a
written statement to the clTccl that
tKv rr port of Gilbert & Halt, chemists,
who had examined the ptveraent.
might be virtually considered as his
reKrl and that he would stand hack of
their findings. (In regard lo the
Gilbert & Wall report we will speak
Attorney Tulmagc representing tho
citizens now requeued Mr. itichardson
to answer nomu questions in regard to
the street work, which request was
not complied with. Mr. Itichardson, our
city engineer, stating that he would
not answer any questions unless they
wore put in writing. Mr. Kichardhon
then went to the back part of the
court room in an apparently nervous
atate of mind. At this juncture At
torney Talmago under oath at.tted
that few days previous, he in com
puny with F.- It. Ueals and '.V. G.
Dwiglit, called on Mr. Richardson at
Portland and that Mr. Itichardson told
thorn that ho never was in favor of bi
tulithic pavement for Tillamook City,
that necessary foundation could not be
laid hero and that lie so informed the
council, but tho council paid no atten
tion to his advice, Mr. Taimage fur
ther stated that Mr. Itichardson told
them that our pavement was not up
to atandard or grade and was not
what it ought to be.
At thta point Mr. lticharison volun
teered to oxplain to tho council that
tho top dressing or wearing surface
which tho samples before thorn con
tained was largely made iy of sand
and was not what specifications in
contract called for,
Mr. Do Long of Salem, for several
year an employee of the Warren Con
struction Co., Init now not in their
employ, was the next to testify. Mr.
DeLoug stated that lie had laid many
in lies of bitulithic for the Warren Con
struction Co., in ditrerent towns of
Oregon and Idaho and that in nil his
experience ho had never laid any bi
tulithic pavement that looked
like our pavement. A aamplo
of Tillamook pavement and n sample
of Salem pavement which lay aido by
Hide on thu table were compared and
discussed. Mr. Dol.ong expiaiiaa Unit
while our pavement hail a sheet of
bitumei. anil aand for a wearing sur
face, tho Salem sample showed a largo
aggregate of rock to tho very surface
of the pavement, (which fact could Lo
readily aeeu by anyone) this surface
work being bound together In a hom
ogenous masa and presenting an actual
wearing surfucu of rock which wua se
curely bound to tho base rook founda
tion. Mr. Del-ong further explained
and stated that our beat pavement In
no wise ctmpured with tho Salem pavui
ment, while thu spocidcationa for tho
two pavements were the same. He
ulso atnted that ho had always re
ceived btrict instructions while work
ing for the Warren Conitructijii Co,,
First national Bank
Tillamook, Oregon
J. C. Hoi.DHN
B. C. Lamij
W.M. G. T.UT
C. W. Talma ok
Paul Sciiuaiikk
llfli have just installed some
" Safe Deposit Boxes where vi
Deposit Boxes where vour val
uable papers will be safe from fire. We
will be pleased to show them to you.
Under : U. : S. : Government : Supervision
to sec that all sub-grades were risht.
and that the base rockt were properly
laid so that when the surface was put
on, the work would be considered com
pleted. Mr. II. L. Gilbert of the firm of
Gilbert & Hall, chemists, now read his
report which was virtually the report
of Engineer Richardson, and which we
preTiously made mention of. The re
port in every instance seems to recom
mend our pavrmcnt as being O. K.
The report ia addressed to Messrs
Stannard & Itichardson. Among some
of the things of the report the state
ment Is made that "samples were se
lected as being representative of the
entire pavement as laid and subject to
their report."
The Tillamook samples examined by
Gilbert & Hall were compared with a
sample laid in Portland of about the
same age, and the findings of the
chemist in regard to these two samples
is reported as being about the same.
UKn being questioned in regard to
the extent of his examinations, Mr.
Gilbert stated that he had nat exam
ined the wearing surface separately,
but had examined the sample as a
whole. Upon being further questioned
as to whether he had ever seen any
bitulithic pavement like the Tillamook
pavement he answered that he had not.
lie also further admitted that there
was nothing in our specifications which
required a sand top as found in our
Mr. Gilbert's report ended with the
following statement: "The tests made
on tho representative samples taken
and the inspection of the completed
work convinces us that the specifica
tions were complied with as far as it
is possible to determine by this evi
dence." The report of Gilbert & Hall, chem
ists, was too lengthy to allow publish
ing in full. We think, however, we
cover tho ground quite thoroughly .
when wo say that it puts the stamp 0.
K. on our pavement as it now stands. I
This report is in reality the report ofi
Mr. Richardson. I
A. G. Deals now took the floor and
asked the privilege of asking Mr.
Speaker, the Warren Construction Co. 'a
foremen, some questions. At first thia
procedure was objected to, but late
er Mr. Speaker came forward and
answered some of the questions.
The questions put to Mr. Speak
er were as follows:
Q. Is not our soil of a spongy
character and hard to compress?
A. Harder than some, and easier
than some.
Q. Could it be properly compressed?
A. Yes.
Q. Was this top according to speci
fications? A. Question objected to.
Q. Is the sand dressing figured as a
part of the wearing surface?"
A. Would not answer.
Q. Who authorized the putting on
the sand top dressing?
A. Don't know.
Q. Will this tine dressing last as
long as the regular bitulithic?
A. It will.
Q. Will it turn water belter?
A. It will.
It is quite evident that one of the
things Mr. Beats wanted to find out
through questioning was as to who was
responsible for using sand instead of
crushed rock a3 a wearing surface. Mr.
Speaker said he did not know who was
responsible and to the same question
Mr. Itichardson our engineer, answered
Mr. Wren who run one of the 10 ton
rollers for the Construction Co., here
this summer was then called, ajtd he
stated that in' all his experience with a
roller he never found but one place
that was harder to roll than our Tilla
mook soil. He further stated that
they did not dare roll the soft spots
in Tillamook very much, because by
i rolling theso places tho water was con
tinually forced to the top and kept the
surface wet when it should have been
kept dry.
J. C. Johnston, chemist for tho War
ren Construction Co., now comas for-
(Continued on Page 4.)
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