Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, January 03, 1913, Image 2

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Che Cillaitioek herald
(5. 6.
Issued Ctvlcc .1 tUcck
Crcmblcy, editor
Entered a se.-ond-ol.vw matter May 17. 1910. at the pot o!uVe
On-pin, under tho no; of March 3, 1ST".'.
;t Tilhuuook,
I lion 1" Washington during anlir t -lgn.
ntnl lm hern Instrtininntiil
securing flfly uJho rlghtetMH law
tddo thouc won In th sovvral tle .
It keeps ii iniviiotinry t Uw Port t
Kn try nt Now York.
' It hits sent fourteen inNsimmrio
round the world In the gaspo! toiitpor-
unco enusiv
tt .it, .,-.1 rlrt-tiUtM HteriUufo In MM t'"'" In "tie f Uhiiu
TM Old OaiUy Cii" W.lMtt On of
Alitiottng to UusU,
mtaUiy null UJ..U' m Uue hurl.
Ut u.mnliiV Mihj .ui )! in-Bi" t'-""
In" "hum thrtnttfli lr mil. -i .
Invk W tut u toktty. tHMkei
l, hi run "4 it lime "ii)" "'
U-t.il AdvertHoments
l r.it Insertion, por line i
Fa.-h mil anient Insertion, line .05
Hemeatend Notice S.tW
T-iihor Claims - - HV00
NVtnv.. per line - . .Cft
Oar is it" thanks, ier line - .1
UkmN. tr line, first insertion ."i
Xaoh sub..; lent n-sertion. line
Resolution of omkik'iH'o and
Uxljre notices, per line
Business. Professional cards. mo.
Display Advertisement, por ineh
A t.L Display Ad imtat bv in this of
fiee on Monday ami l nuranay .Morn
-.I. "
""Why tltUn't j'Ai K'uwtr
"Dido t lil g KMM W m"- "
"Then how dill yU " In "lie
(htHiitnit hint)"
H ue. pU I 'w In una " "'
my un wld rtw."
in dldui yon mfco yum mmr
Keaaona arc imperative.
rf;i..-o jri!i "me rue. ne or
establishment of tK-cltutvh in Wale.
franchise refetm, the principal
cla :5e
twenty iliffcrutit limgimRea.
It wa flrt to es'.aMlah r'lflwar
Minion work hieh now i worW wWo.
tl tahllj.hml SerwH Sneinn" Bank.
In Oren lh nrt Hahy'i llom was
founded by the Kast Side W. C. T. U,
The first Heseue Koine, tho first
inirs to insure puhlieation in folk- matron in th dojHrt, tn unt cjnyr M,in t hih ii-w,
in Tuesnkiy ami Ftklay issues, i matron. w lb wr .f Ww w ' "Voii aw nt) M Wlr 4
C. T. U. i "m'!. tieiili. Uonu ! er nuin urn
; 'tu't'hikl'a Wolfai work i carried w ve ntnl p.t
on by more than down dtftrnt l t in. irau tW a feMr (d.t I u
tehild hf at wme point. , . . ,M tl , ,,,,, ...
Before any other smiety had tkn ( nifU,t, r (t((.k ( ,Mnit ,.,
up mother' meetinifs the W. C T. U. V er t ( ,,,,,1,1 ,., ,ivt i. 1 1; 1
bad rirnnli tlufn in 87 talw and M,v ,.,, tSnnn' n-vv. mn' tt?ln
tcrri lories, one stat akn hoWinir, r urn. wtieii k f.i. a- I iH i-rfi er
2,000 maUn in one yiar. 1 1 h.it know, t r t.i ; t. h tnntb'n
The influence of this organitatkn Wrwtve U.u w Kr ..aittrr
has heen ttoniy felt in th purina. be kecrmt ht dl beh
Uon of our literature amt art. and In "T.. 1 1 . V
.uppin -f immoral rtowa. Mil '
HF. i rftu jr acute o lie 0wlt ef 1 had ef
It was smonjl the Brat to aafc for an
appropriation by th United Stntiw
Congress for asnnscment halls, llbrar
ies and better foci for tho sold
to t i
million of dollars.
U has creatad A ra,t literature,
distributing ma :y milliona of pafta
Pablishes an emei arn.
te ao objections, but acienti.U di- n,on wn,cn n", wrK
.U it one oi tho tiuwl danseroua in CtreuiiHwn, anu a uain e p-r".
parhs iHntaty pr t'm of ttw ' W. C. T. U. NOTES.
1 r s.'i invornme''t for t'K- next three ,
-ths will be a livehr including j of tre tip,c, toucnrdupon in
ki i .1 mnv rofBumi Kc.. . -j--k-, M Thom. Pres.
!f the kcal V. C. T. U.. at the Union
'Temperance meetinjf on last Sunday
of wrtci simi at puttinf an c:d nMi frtllrtW4. .... . r,urM0nistiv
to ..jrai voting )of the Woman's Christian tVmperance
Union, 1 am Rlad to join force with
The Canadian LiberaK led by the tfte chuMhM l( lhh citv ,n lho 0,rorts
veteran. 5ir Wilfred Uwner. are pre- , ml lhf te(taiMll lqHOr lr(tf.
parie to take isue with IWier, ..0Qr nwtto: For God. Home and Ev-
5upcrv1rea.lnau)fhU to the British navy. , :.Qu Jtf. . -j- whlU) j,. , wMch appropriation ammtnta
Mr nine aciare xor a aivcincuwiy k,
Our i'ledee: 1 solemnly plede, God
Cj-a ;ian r.avy. to be bunuovrned and
ma tii ,e.l !-v C ana 1 . for the protac-) mv l0 ..hstaj,,. 9tc
ui .f her own chores. This, he says. . .., th pted(ltf a(tain(t vme ! annually.
is .-wtralu. policy, ani u snouia ne
aooetito for Irooirer, uruaier.
tmastsr-General Hitchcock has Ju.ir, - I U hat Ursviv influenced thechsne
creating an
P tmastsr-General Hitchcock has d-inks " 1
issu.-i regulat:ons to cover the work-. "Thi! Trvsti itr Hour Noon ide eaeh i publie sentl-nent in regard W soeint
day; it is always noontide some- iaie ( drinking, equal suffrage. eo,o.l lHr1ty
and across the awakening eontinanta, Ur both sexes, .MJil r,nar-.'r.itio.i fr
from shore to shore, some where our ! ork equally well done, equal edttea-
tion, proretonal ami nltuUrinl oopor
tuniti s tor m" 'kI wo'nen.
The educational value oi theS". C. T.
v g f tho n-'w parcels post system,
w - , vtfit ir.t i -jTe-t January I. The
rec..'.iti.ns provide that prncefe of
'merchandise, i-icludimr furm and fact
ory p-oiucts, (but not book? and print
ed matter, though why they
eluded is not explained) of al.nost
e'er de'Wriotif- up to eleven pounds
in we cht and i..asuring as much as
six feet in lencth and tfirth combined,
exrept those calculated to do injury to
the mails in transit, may be .nailed at
any posto;fice for delivery to any ad
dress in the country. The postage rate
for the first one -that is within dis
tances not excelling fifty miles will
be five cents fr the first pound and
three cents f jr each additional pound.
The rates increase for each su?ces3ivu
one of the eiuht zones into which the
cou iry is aivwert, the maximum rate
prayers are rising evermore
"Our methods are to agitate, edu-
are ex' C3te and orifaniws. There are six dis
tinctive lines of work, under these six;U. loita -vn me i !.. tftrough it
:re grouped over forty department literature, crarae of study. anJ practi
with a National Superintendent at the 1 "J to . .. ,
head of each, the latest, called the New I , i" ' ''"
Department of the W. C. T. U.. i Jfo$ U CN'
Will you njt i in this home bving.
wort anions; and for trie idle rich.
"The six departments are that
Organization. I'reve.uive, ICductittonal,
Evangelistic, Social and Lent.
"In th department of Organization
we have National Organizers, lectur-
ets. National Hvangelista ami National urd i Jan. I, all menS-ft nr-s reti'io:
Superintendents of Departments. ' ed to be prwont as there . ouaiuei t
"Umier Preventive we hnve Heulth. '. Importance in connection wil.i j ;. .i. ,
being twelve cents a pound, wnich will Heridity and Medical Temperance. (
carry a parcel across too continent, or "Under Educational, a Hureuu of
even to A a.id tno Philippines, 'cientilk Tenipurance invc-sligation, .
For a fee of ten cen'e i parcel may be Scientific Temperanee Inslrjouon in
insured and if the parcel is lost in the t'le ub''6 School and Colleges and ,
ma ls an incemnit; :o the amount of Physical Education. Temperance Lit
its value not u exceed S50 will be paid e-ture; circuldtion of nation.il orficial
to the end r. rhe law provides for PafX-'rs. presenting our cnus; to inluen- j
the use of .stir.ctive stamps and there l'a' bodies and co-operation with mis
is i w being distributed to postmasters fcionary societies. Temperance ami'
fjr t.ie use in the parcels post system l-abor ; Ju-enile Courts. Industrial Ed-'
a set of stamps of twelve denomina- ucation and Anti-Child La!or. Parli l
tio-s. Parcel post maps, with accom-' rnentary Usage ; W. C. T U. Institutes 1
pa-vf gudes, are t3 be Sold to the and Scaools of Methods; the Press;
pu i ,-.t heir cost, seventy-five cents, Anti-Narcotics; School Savings Binks;
th j.'i tie chief clerk of the poat- Kindergarten and . Medal Contests.
o!?i' t- I'-ijtrtment, I "Under the Evangelistic Department
there are Unfermented wine at Sicre-!
".at Britian has "put up" to the went; Proportionate and Systematic
l'rit:i Sutes her formal protest Giving ; Penal and P.eformatory Work ;
aga : t ttie exemption of American Work among railway men, soldiers and 1
coast -t shipping from Panama canal sailors, lumbermen and 'miners ; Sah-
kll!el It. , K jou talkwl it.it y l
trouhler uiade yet prwent ' aome d
buck Sv nhiit yon ki. t.) II. wtb""
IJm-le Keiniis llotii." ilnnatlna
It Qlwt Out Tkifty Tm Wof L.oi't
ml Hat Than 0r Sun.
The dtg are lln hie-l of
the yrur a iwrkl wim b the ii-nt-
awwintiMl with tfw ttWIa. hi ni"i of
Sirlu. Ule dit star- ilwl s. whu Hir
ID ii od onr nn sun er-ii lb ni.-rut J
Inn t tii .iin.- ttuir lu iui4uniiiie I
The iffvut iwitt na ii) i'ned tit m'end j
from tw'tit. iu tirr.ut b rtstiii? nt i
ftlriua until iweuly !.nn nffor. b.'iitel
the total d.-s d. ' fortj Ttie tto ;
ninn ilaleil ili rtMl from July 3 !
Aug'ttt I) I
The doc dn.v -iin b nn hnger tdn j
lined with ttn- rtltf r Mlrln owiii lit i
the i-flwn or prwr.Hlmi. ikr lnr rtln
l(r i-vory vwr In tittle Slrtu will j
trtwi the lner:dliu In ttild" Inter At:
pn-wtit the lo dn.ni niv ipul.trlv nuti '
f,mf iu tfleitit from .litlv If. lo Aug
15. Itut art not nHut! with ilmi,r
TJll" U the liottrl and hkmI iih, ''-
ant orll In our l.itlMitl '
Slrlu the tl" lr. mny ln isiaUjr
rworiilrnl. mm b I nr tlOMo iNigltlm
IU:m ii n. other tar lu txir nrdtamnnt
Il aiviM out tliinj lime- moro debt
sill tirat Minn ur own un. Inn l
IBIWW tli- tartltitr awnj ll tw
tUtm u ut ti.'i, degrvt. MNiib r due
nml In our latltul hi with uh from
be nn epoch in the Malory of the W. . Ot mlmr tn May In mldnluier he ia In
T. U. in Till.uimok and as much go-ji full view for tt hour, i-very ctttr
h.ts I'm !ono i'i tho puit 5r-'ar ! t !'' ClirttiMU lleruhl.
every ramVr l pree it nt this
first mec'.i ig of the mow voir.
M ; i 'i i ll i
child loving, h me protecting band. In
the great work fr God and numiintty.
W- C. T. U. iUtWm.
A special meeting of theW. C. T U.
is called at the re t ting rooms nn Sut-
years wnrk. The coming year will
1 1 aiTsaitH iilnl if"
" U 1 I I l! U"
.nn oilit'i N'H I"
'iir mlr ''1
I'toiliu'cd I'Nt'lusivfly Irmit duunst
.iiul iiionI timlnllv "t In tul
nt winch ifiy v., ,, ,H h "inu'ilv
i K aiiMil, w nslu'il nml ill ml
is i ln t tu ntilloil pn u tit (loin liwui
win; r nn' c ft.
riI.l,AM(KK M!IU ' . TllUim-iV
WAX A KIKSCllul; . 'nilamtKiV.
t. 8, IIUYIKIN. N'nhotcin.
mmnmn Dlili nmin ,M
A Miitiltlfu t-oiiihinfitiiMt ' I l. i-'.i"'
lliini Wtu.itantl VctvrSU hvni
'RSltlvK'tf HLHN'lr' w Hit- Ih-i f.n
iiinvtii.iil usf. It lmk- u.i.n ui.t
luixr h .tvtfuul Itcttrr Ui'tutl hi iui
tunntit th:n uiiv utlu-r ht.nil
Whrtliti It ir lirtiul. bincuiti. imm- "i
pa.sii N it i ihr iK'i ciitlnitlc
"Porfi-ct All-Purpose Floor'
I'titv 1 hi -f i-M S.i. t
T1ec I'tat 'li manuf t-.rd I
"Aintrlnm'm t r t'lortst "
Costs -MOPE
per Sack
LESS per Loaf
Abstracts on Short Notice!
i nr.
Pacific Abstract Company
EHllRHAKltr. tmnngrt
L. Y
Complete Set of Abatr.tct.s of the. Kccords of
Tfllamoolc County, Oregon
tnit!- w t It W ..!
Miln i)J Ak MhiimI
.P. 0. BOX M?
t as. It -.ras written by Sir Edward
Or- . Br. tish minister for foreign af
fa r- sresvnted through Ambagsn-d-
r V.r e :o Secretary of State Knox.
Uj Jov n, the British contention is
that w.m; tiori of American coi.stwise
' F-pintr from paying tolls for passing
tr rough thrj Panama canal, while ok-a-
tinjr tvlls from foreign vessels, ie a
vi7iati i i of the Hay-Paunrefit treaty, ' dace 30(1 International Arbitration,
whifh guarantees "equal treatment to " The work f jr thu soldiers resulted
..e vt--ls of all nations" m the use m abolishing the Arrnv Canteen (the
of thf Pan .-na canal. The contention "'oon). It was a hard fought battle
' H'-'iMt Jaft nr.rl thoae who n. hit thu P.iuht won. "
policy which hu been
oome otusr Acnievcnents of I he
bath Observance; Mercy; Mothers'
Meetings and White-ribbon Recruits
(the babie) ; Purity and Rescue Work.
"Under the Social Department are
Social and Hed Letter Days; Flower
Mission; Fairs and Open Air Meetings.
"Under the Sixth Depaptment. Le
gal, are Legislation; Curfe v Law;
Chrim'sn Citizenship; Franchise; ami
D ) n 1' S.' )iU , ) )U H'Jit.-K
by kcpinc htm n naSb, old Il.iri.i ns
We are selling Hiir'-.c tnadi- of the
be-t ht.K-k at prir.- tl.at ou.-lit to
tc-npt vn.
will not -i-ily improve the appearance
of your horse, but contribute to your
safety as well. M.mv a run.iwnv could
lie av.iidH if the i Harness had been
'!""-aniod in time.
Kno"iadgc and Cultura,
v meat ui.'utor.) do., not make n phi
r..,.rer uny mure than u lUi-tluuary
M it- laliwt a criiiunt'ir. Tlri are
! n -n i ii .imbrn. o lu their mliHt vni
uii:lt!!tnlt ir itrt. I til I wl'h 'fe no
:. It', ilini ili.'ir ..-ii nl. i ii. io
l ril .nil ..lir I'lu-t. it. it lit
I o ii.' Ii, niiiin.I-.li.. ii.iliirultrtlM. llley
in.it u. iMtrmnl lo I lie inr; they
inn) (h- trinctl in tnll-tl' Ibejr r
ui.'t useful In llielr ..tvn pin.-..
li.iiiiit alirlhk rr.'i.i M iihliia illreHH-t
fully of tliem Mill, ilwre p. uittliliitf In
.lirli tittiltliioeula to Klliiiniiloe tile il
wine of iitirri.wiiiMM of iiilml If llley
.'ire iiotiiluu iiiore i him well rood man
or men of liifontMtlnii they luive nol
v l.iii pMpilt lieeriiHi I lie name Of
inlli:re of iiiiiid or fulflllo tile typo o'
libenil education Nemuitii
An Obicrvlnu Ooy.
I.'llle It. i,i in lei tin. Juki aeeu hi
in.'ilier iliMinlHM the mr-imt fot ninytiis
n way from home the pievioii iilaltt
live or lx Iioiii-m tililinill liuivei Alum
inn. iVrtHH't vert I'.ms III Mitri to
Mtav out m, InteV A I n in 1 1 mi iliiillifiimitlyi
- itn. Clinrlle. nml ery liiipuileiil. ti
lie Win Hot I won't keep -Hi ll n per
will III my tliiilmi Ml tie Hoy When
lire you uoIiik to iIIhiiiIhm pnpn? Lou-
don TeleKrnpli.
C-'. - ''Of Lov l.Hl.r.
, niii.'ii- int.- letter .tuition ami
rletHf t tn.it wrlltei. (it l) ij I'hlllfi
enri of I lM-.lern. ltt it. llitwH
"Mtltttitll I'lle duixte tif tills ln
..1.1 WIMHi illltll NRi.nl .H.ItllDK Hint .
ritw lu ilfti-n ymi. ..r,it nrrv r
Htri Hint I fnin wttiiHi aiiow me tniili
hi. wiiirii u Urn i I am ..treni.'U in
i with ynu I'm ni iue am.vr ii It
in- true itr un. it - t am evrialn tint
m ttnr inti your-., if ,nu rttfhtlr liuorm
Hie lot If toll tint i,. I In thu hi,. favtHH
oit mui id, tiiti h i am n i..te with
vtwi I imimi ivnuliilt am mi Liu If (.tu
lllli'iiil (it liH'.Hle lltf rtlililly no. tin not
oeiiere unit i am In tnvi- i . mn
mire I Inn ( -mi n,i I'lii. rehire lei uh-
elilreiil l. oi to pill IIH' ..lit .,1 ...IM , . .
viiit-u irime. it,, rwi fiKlri'UI itl j ,.
"Ihni .o'l.titiii coin niimi iilHtillelit
rill tit 'ill ml.
Oou'lioit i MIji.i.
Ak nlit nillMlffl I 'kiiIi oien
iih-ii ur ' Uiinrei. n.n in. n mi.
the t apliai "f ltoi . .!...t. .
litem r.-pli Si c o , .!,m .
uin) Ik n Until mallei i.hi li ii.l
fail the IM.T IMIue l 1'i-ler.l.
The l;iiifllli nr.- l.. mil ftb . Ii
lt tiHin Hie "nlil tin lt
liitilUHtl in relet tit.- I.i.-.t ihj.i
lldlii.l itflel fi lit i. .,.,,.
IVlei Hit line of I'..- n... .-tl-Hr
inelifllUI e.. ii' . ' . tl. .. .
IHi "He tntuldlim e ii,i'i. iiH.it i-'
l ihnnl'iiiii..f m u ,,w
illlipTll' (lelinei 111 mI iu.i .11. .1 .
iwl.tl tif Willi Ml) Mini l - hint I.
Dill Iiiim It Im-miii... ii,,. I ,,-M i, i
plt'it.llil . nt li Ii. I
trfHiili.ii Mull
I'iC- I
provr tht
aootteu, is t'dt the term "all n.ti.n.
not r Ijriu the TJnltwI "st!.f.u
l . riiei,', ., aii other r;atiom,.
t'. .t this ci.Uf.tr. i, frit- to uxempt or
J v r oo--. -r t,;.1? j jt Meg fit-
r,r"'"p. !t' I'e noted that only
Amt r . H,m,u, by oxgtinK
ire . t. a to engage in our
- ' (- tr-cj-," atywher,.. thoro.
I i -ii. ... goor veisels engaged in
''i t- . Ie ' - that is. b tween
uur 'r..-t-, to go free through our
' o '' ' ' making any new
o K'-r.ri..,i,t;oii a..iri..t Hntiah or other
' bi.i, ; ir;-, .iiiicrican
' .'.-V-o I ' f
I- i' o,
r ariv
r v traijo must pay
j Jiit tne itarnu as
ito -r veeseh ; there
W. C. T. U.
The Women, s Cnrist'an Temperance
Union, organized in every atate and
territory, and the Worlds' W. C. T. U.
in fifty countries, carries on forty
lines of worK, all tending to girdle the
rnonfater tree of liquor traffic.
The membership in the world is over
half a million.
Net gains in the United States in
1910 was twenty thousand.
It keeps one hundred evangelist!,
lecturer?, arid organizers in the field.
w i
I A r
It 1..,- .1 . .. ! .
' i" "i i.'-...,i ai coa-i- " ii" uiurmi iiuwii Hociarian nam-
.. favored an l againtt . 01, ""d women of nil denominations
ttiait nriti"n hu never ! are working in unity for a common
' c' cauie.
It has secureiJi Scientific rernnerancu
! instruction in the nubile schools of
4 ! every state, whereby rnilliprm of child
ren are taught tho true i aturo of
; j alcohol and it effect on the nutnan
i j system.
', After heven yeiiM of faithful work it
secured regular quarterly teniperancu
Itssons in the .Sunday Schoola,
It has been Uie chief factor in sequr
ing reform laws in general, and for the
protection of women an I children In
Its vrork against concealed alcohol In
fake and patent medleinei has resulted
in legiulatlon an Jin an aroused church
and press.
It keeps a superintendent of leglbla.
CHIatnook, Oregon
j. c. jioumjn ;
H. C. La Mii
W.m. 0. Tait
c. v. i ai.maoj'.
; Tillamook, Ore.
:: "or.op in and i
i. i
TTE have just inslnlkd sjomi; modevn-
Safe Deposit Uoxe's where vmir val-
liable papers will he safe Iruni lire.
will he pleased to show them to von.
Hlef : : S, : GovRi-nrncnt : Sapzrvlslion
Art It Lang Oisiansa,
An Afner!i nn iiillm ttalked mil of
lil bone i . ii,,. ,,, tviii. iiiiu.iini
euro ii ii t il.'' eiiiliil tin. i..h
III III- 1 nt 1 1 1 1 H'h. ii ..utl'liol iiiiiutluliiu
IiIm (mini, noil iiin.ii,., Nl) M .Ilium,.
lit HIM'll.
At tile gale he met u lirlctit eyed.
rntt'eil llnie Imy enri-ylnu n ml;tit .
(III. it v ii (i .en i'i, ( Mtrini lierrle. purple
dev.eiieM itIiikiiii uiilUlieM. pule
vuiitm 'nl.ui-. (eriliini Hpjinieli uiulglU
i.. ..I.. .. . '
i ".i i- ii it inn KNier wngoii
, neni
I egenliiV ttui i,ir nl,,
' rlett'''
j "No." leplleil the iiiiImi. liriiHlilug
l"iHt "I inn on my tvny m Niinny Imiy
, to lollfll unier nihil .linlli or plc
j liireHiiiio peiiitiiiit ehliiiri'ii '
And he run lot the pout. -Newark
Wn Cnii
III -I llllle Itiu I.,, i , .,i .
rtgtt Hie entire fnlllil. i,,m ...
IIMI. Il mill h,. t ,: ,,, t
itl'ti'ig liiioie in . in t,iiiii .
il iln.liei tin. i tt.-i,. .., .,,,fc, . ,
llll'.iil irtiln. .nil,,!. . ,,,, ,, , it
.'Itt ii " .i, ,,,.( , iiiIIIiii ili l I
'' illllllii .,ii ,,, , i
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