Tillamook headlight. (Tillamook, Or.) 1888-1934, December 19, 1924, Page 8, Image 8

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or two with something resembling leave Monday for their home in On­
grip. This leaves his force in the tario, Oregon.
store somewhat shorthanded for the
A Remington Portable typewriter
Say it with Holly Erie Greenhouse holiday trade.
would make an excellent Christmas
flowers. For sale at the Palm. 10-tlp
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rosech and baby present for the business man or stud­
Mr. and Mrs. George Smith and daughter left the Boals hospital last ent. Call at the Headlight office for
family are going to Rickreall to spend week and are at present at the home demonstration.—Adv.
the Christmas holidays with relatives of Mrs. Rosech’s brother, Alex Sal-
Harold Hanslmair had his tonsils
of Mrs. Smith.
removed Wednesday by Dr. Shearer.
Sam Martin was operated on at
Miss Mabel Harrison spent the week
Roy Phelps fell from some scaffold­
end with her grandmother, Mrs. M. the Tillamook General hospital Wed- ing and received a badly wrenched
W. Harrison, in Portland.
back while he was working at the
Teachers examinations are being Juneau mill last Monday, He was
Mrs. Francis Mapes, Mrs . Bert
Mapes, and Mrs. Earl Blanchard were conducted this week at Ithe court unconscious for several hours and is
house by George Lamb, county school now in a hospital.
shopping in town Wednesday.
C. Larson of the Larson & Hecht-
Mr. and Mrs. Himes visited their
ner firm made a record time trip to
son Ralph and his family at Tacoma
Seattle this week, the time consumed
last week. Ralph is now manager of birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. for the journey being ten hours.
one of the Skaggs stores in Washing­
daughter to Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Hoss and child­
Blaser December 16.
ren will drive to Medford to spend the
Holly Erie Greenhouse flowers for
holidays with Mrs. Hoss’ mother,
John and Fred Guyton left here Mrs. Bessie McCann.
Xmas greetings. For sale at the
10-tlp Sunday morning for their old home
Dr. J. E. Shearer reports that a
in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Both have
Bad luck seemed to follow Harry made their home in this city for sev­ daughter was born to Mrs. Phyllis
Lemon, Art Case and George Woll eral years and are well known.
Holden December 8.
when they drove to Portland Saturday
Party frocks, georgette crepe-satin
when they drove to Portland Saturday
August Spinel is in the Boals’ hos­
as they had six tire punctures on the pital with a broken leg received while drops, silk and metal and flower trim­
blasting stumps on the Paul Fitz­ med in bouffant style. Pennington’s
patrick farm. A flying fragment Special, $19.75.—Adv.
J. J. Powell, wife and daughter Eve­
struck him on the leg, breaking that
Mrs. A. T. Stam of Brighton passed
lyn were guests at the Dolph Tinner-
through the city on her way to Port­
stet home Sunday.
Miss Erna Doering left here Sun­ land for a visit with relatives last
Alfred Gabriel, Gareld Graves and
Margaret Armentrout motored to day morning en route to LaCrosse,
Miss Alyse E. Murry will spend the
Forest Grove Saturday where they Wisconsin, where she will visit for
visited with relatives and friends. two months with her parents. She holidays in Portland.
They went to Portland Sunday, re­ expects to return to Tillamook in the
Don Meldrum, who is a representa­
spring. Miss Doering has been book­
turning home the same day.
of the Hawley Paper company of
keeper at Conover’s grocery for some
Oregon City, and who is in charge of
Mary Jane Shipley of Sheridan is time.
the logging operations on the tracts
working at the Boals’ hospital.
along the Tillamook beaches recently
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cochran have
acquired by his company, made a trip
moved from the McGee apartments holidays with her family in Portland. to Portland Sunday.
into the Bert Mann house on Ninth
Joseph Blaser, 11 year-old son of
--------- —
Martin Blaser, knocked down by an SOUTHERN PACIFIC SHOWS HOW
Ed Johnson was able to return automobile while cossing the street
home this week from the Vidito hos­ Tuesday. The boy was attempting to
A kind of politics that is believed
pital where he recently underwent an hurry across the street to where his to be good, for the time being, at
operation for hernia by Dr. J. E.
take the child home from school least, is being shown by the South­
when he was struck. In falling he ern Pacific. It showed the first sam­
Bert Hudson announces that he hit his head on a dinner pail he was ple, so far as Washington was con­
has received the agency for the Hud­ carrying, necessitating several cerned, when it asked approval of its
retention of the Central Pacific. The
son-Essex cars and will open display stitches.
second was displayed this week in the
rooms here with new models about
Mrs. H. M. Gilliam and daughter form of its applications for permis­
the first of January.
Genevieve, who have been visiting sion to acquire the El Paso & South
A. A. Pennington has been con­ here since July with Mrs. Gilliam’s Western and to extend the rails of
fined to his home for the past week daughter, Mrs. Dale Lemon, will both roads so as to merge them into
an efficient operating system under one I ference and then the fat would have
ownership and control. In both ex- 1 I been in the fire, because the man
amples this thing was noted: The looking for Ashurst’s job would have
given the worst possible twist to a
Southern Pacific had the backing of fact of that kind. But the Southern
a majority of those directly concern­ Pacific people went to the constitu­
ed. In the El Paso case it laid the ents of Ashurst and persuaded them
groundwork so carefully that there that it would be a good thing to have
was no opposition, except two El Paso the two roads united. Ashurst, when
men who filed a written brief as he found his constituents approving
amici curae. In the Centarl Pacific the merger, could afford to appear as
case it did not wholly remove opposi­ a witness for the Southern Pacific.
tion. The thing that is interesting is In the old days such a thing would
the fact that the Southern Pacific have been regarded as political sui­
had the support of its customers. cide by doing what his constituents
How did it get that? The answer is are also doing. Another thought
easy. It took its plans to all con­ about the Southern Pacific's course
cerned, explained them, and then that came to many of those who
came to Washington without leaving watched ithe proceedings was that
any guerrilas at home. Broadly , corporation always sends its top
speaking, it employed the primary men as witnesses, and even if not all
system that has been adopted as the the top-notch men testify, they at-
method for making nominations on tend
the hearings, The Commission
the theory that it would bring purity, is
, never delayed by the Southern Pa-
the prior assumptionn being that ( cific because some subordinate has
nominations by the convention system been
sent as a witness and is asked
were impure. In the old days the a . question that he must refer to his
railroad managers, too often, first , superior. In other words, it treats
went out for the support of senators, ( the commission as being entitled to
representatives, and other high offi- know
from persons speaking for the
cials. Often they procured such sup- ( corporation and not merely for some
port. But the plans of the railroad higher
official, what is desired. And,
managers were not explained to the in
j the handling of the two cases men­
people who were most interested. , tioned, the Southern Pacific made a
The result was the aspirants for office complete
record, specifying every
were able to attack senators and rep- ( document or record in a prior case on
resentatives who helped railroads as which it desired to depend in sup­
they should have, as being the tools port of the proposition advanced. In
of “the interests.’’ The Southern Pa- j the most recent merger case the com­
cific, for about ten years has been pleteness of the record was a cause
ignoring the great ones of public life ( of remark, especially among those
and devoting its attention to shippers, who remembered that the commis­
the local officials of labor unions, sioners were divided on the question
leading men in civic organizations o f whether virtual consolidations
and others who cannot be accused of should be permitted by means of
being the “tools of the interests,” be­ stock control and lease, or whether
cause they are not in office and men everything should be held up, prac­
not in office are not safe persons for tically, until a complete plan for
office-seekers to abuse. It was a sur- ( consolidation has been made and put
prise to some attending the hearing ( out.—Traffic World.
to have Senator Ashurst appear
---------- ♦----------
among those advocating approval of
the plans. In the old days it would
have been quite regular for the
Southern Pacific to have approached
The first basketball game of the
Senator Ashurst first, with a view to
enlisting his help. It would have season will be played Tuesday when
been natural, either for him to have the local high school and the garage
gone to New York to talk with Chair­ comets play a practice game in the
man Kruttschnitt, President Sproule, high school gym Tuesday evening.
Plenty of action is looked for as
and Fred H. Wood, or for them to
have come to Washington to talk both teams are expecting to put a
The high
with him.
In the course of time, fast team on the floor.
has been working out daily
some man looking for Ashurst’s job school
would have, learned about the con- and Coach Sheeley is confident that
his men will play a creditable game.
Boars. See Lee Robinson,
The garage men will probably not
be in as good condition as the high
school boys but they have already FOR SALE—“C” MELODY S
seen action on the basketball floor,
phone and case, slver plated
having taken the strong Whitney mill
bell. $55 cash. H. Wingrovc,
down to defeat in a close game at
Garibaldi last week.
The probable lineups will be: High FOR SALE—6 MONTHS OLD
school: C Mahan and Johnson, for­
istered Holstein bull. Albert
wards; K. Mahan, center; Thomas
der, Mohler, Oregon.
and Minor, guards. Garage: Hamil­
ton and Parsons, forwards; Goheen or CARS FOR SALE—1923 FORI
Sharkey, center; Gabriel and Sharp,
dan, $350. 1922 Chevrolet
guards. Referee, Irvin J Willamette).
ing, $300. Apply Headlight
--------- ♦---------
in running order, $130. Phone
Tillamook county pomona grange
E. F. Schultz.
meeting held at Nestucca grange hall
December 4, had a very good attend­
ance. The following officers were WILL SELL MY STUDEB
Special in A 1 condition jui
new. See Smith and Hani
Dolph Tinnerstett, master; John
Redberg, overseer; Pearl Woodward,
lecturer; Chas. McDonald, steward;
Silverton—F. A. Doerfler shi,
George McKimens, H. steward; Mrs. 000 carload registered Shrop lai
Porter, chap; J. L. Gray, treasurer; California.
Ruth Desmand, secretary; Warren
Johnson, GR; Mrs. McKimens, Ceres;
Bessie Wallace, Pomona; Bertie Tin­
nerstett, Flora; and Adella Jensen,
L. A. S.
The officers elect will be installed
at Cloverdale in March, the install­
ation being a public affair.
---------- ♦----------
I sincerely thank all friends and
neighbors showing such kindness and
assisting during the illness and death
of my dear wife.
cheap. Louis Hurliman, north of
town, Tillamook.
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