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The INDEPENDENT, April 21 , 2011
Don’t blow your tax refund, you can put it to many smart uses
by Jason Alderman (www.prac
Each spring, millions of
Americans look forward to re-
ceiving a hefty income tax re-
fund. And it truly is “hefty” with
the average federal refund in
2010 hovering around $3,000.
That’s a lot of money to be giv-
ing the government through
what is essentially a year-long,
interest-free loan.
If you regularly receive large
refunds, you’re probably having
too much tax withheld from
your paycheck. Instead, you
might want to withhold less and
put the money to work for you,
by either saving or investing a
comparable amount each
month, or using it to pay down
debt. Your goal should be to re-
ceive little or no refund at the
end of the year.
Ask your employer for a new
W-4 form and recalculate your
withholding allowance using
the IRS Withholding Calculator
available at This is
also a good idea whenever
your pay or family situation
changes significantly (e.g., pay
increase, marriage, divorce,
new child, etc.) Just be careful,
because if too little is deducted,
you might end up owing more
tax next April, and possibly
even interest or penalty fees.
IRS Publication 919 can help
guide you through the decision-
making process.
Some people received larg-
er-than-normal tax refunds in
2009 and 2010 thanks to the
Making Work Pay credit, which
expired December 31, 2010. In
its place, most taxpayers will
see a 2 percent reduction in the
amount withheld for Social Se-
curity in 2011 paychecks.
Another change this year
was a Treasury Department pi-
lot program that offered
600,000 randomly selected
low- and moderate-income
families an opportunity to have
their tax refunds direct- deposit-
ed into a prepaid debit card is-
sued through Bonneville Bank.
The pilot explored ways to save
the government money (direct
deposits cost 1/10th as much to
process as paper checks) as
well as to give people with no
bank account easier and more
cost-effective access to their
tax refunds.
Here are ways to put your re-
fund to good use:
• Pay down debt. By increas-
ing your payment amount on
outstanding loan or credit card
balances you can significantly
lower the total amount of inter-
est paid. Say you’re paying $80
a month on a $2,000 credit card
balance at 18 percent interest.
By doubling your payment to
$160, you’ll reduce the payoff
time from 32 months to 14, and
shave $295 off the total amount
of interest paid.
• Start an emergency fund.
To protect your family against
the impact of a layoff or other
unexpected financial crisis
(such as a medical emergency,
car accident or theft), set aside
enough cash to cover at least
six months of living expenses.
• Save for retirement. If your
debt and emergency savings
are under control, add to your
IRA or 401(k) accounts, particu-
larly if your employer matches
contributions – a 50 percent
match corresponds to a 50 per-
cent rate of return.
• Invest in yourself. Enroll in
college courses or vocational
training to ensure you have ad-
ditional skills to fall back on
should you lose your job or
want to change careers.
• Invest in your family’s fu-
ture. Another good use for your
refund is to set up a 529 Quali-
fied State Tuition Plan or a
Coverdell Education Savings
Account to fund your children’s
or grandchildren’s education –
all while ensuring your contribu-
tions will grow tax-free until
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