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The INDEPENDENT, August 5, 2010
Money available to fireproof land
Watch for turtles wandering on ground
Columbia County homeown-
ers can apply for grant funds to
help complete “firewise” land-
scape projects to protect their
homes and property from wild-
fire. The Oregon Department of
Forestry currently has funds
available for those who qualify.
If you live in forested areas, or
your home faces hazards from
wildfire, then you could receive
assistance in the planning and
completion of a project to help
protect you and your family.
Grant funds were awarded
to Columbia County from a fed-
eral fund designated for reduc-
ing wildfire property losses in
the Western United Sates. The
Oregon Department of Forestry
is responsible for the manage-
ment and distribution of these
funds over the next two years.
A large driver in securing these
funds was completion of the
Columbia County Community
(CWPP). The CWPP was a co-
operative effort by local cities,
county agencies, fire districts,
Oregon Department of Fish
and Wildlife biologists advise
Oregonians to be on the look-
out for turtles on roads and in
parks, yards and campgrounds
this summer.
“If you see one, the best
thing to do is let it continue on
its path. Don’t try and return it
to the water,” said Susan
Barnes, Oregon Department of
Fish and Wildlife Northwest Bi-
ologist. Barnes, a member of
the Native Turtles of Oregon or-
land management agencies,
and planning organizations to
address the growing problem
of wildfires in rural communi-
ties. The CWPP addresses the
challenges faced by local com-
munities in planning for these
One focus of this program is
to get individual homeowners
to become aware of how their
actions around their homes
and structures can affect fire
Studies show that character-
istics of your “Home Ignition
Zone” are critical in minimizing
risk of loss from adjacent wild-
fires. Firewise actions such as
pruning up tree limbs, selective
tree removal and reducing
brush are just a few practices
that can possibly save your
home and property.
For more information on tap-
ping into this grant opportunity
contact Kevin Nelson with Ore-
gon Department of Forestry at
Free information on Menopause
The Menopause Years: Take
Charge and Celebrate Your
Life is the title of a free, 90-
minute presentation to be given
at 6:00 p.m. on August 12 at
the Tuality Healthcare Educa-
tion Center, 334 SE 8th Ave.,
This women’s health forum
is tailored to answer questions
on the topic of menopause. An
obstetrics and gynecology spe-
cialist, plus two nurse practi-
tioners specializing in women’s
health, will provide the latest
health information related to
menopause. A fitness trainer
will also be on hand to share
diet and fitness goal informa-
The presentation is free, but
those planning to attend are
asked to call 503-681-1700 so
enough supplies can be avail-
If it is possible,
as far as it depends on you,
live at peace with everyone.
ganization, works to conserve
Oregon’s turtles all year. “Our
native turtles are in decline, so
anything we can do to help
makes a difference.”
She suggests the public can
help by reporting turtle sight-
ings on the Native Turtles of
Oregon website, http://www.
Oregon has only two native
turtles: the western painted and
the western pond. They are
both protected by law; it is ille-
gal to take them from the wild
or to keep them as pets.
Non-native turtles include
red-eared sliders and snapping
turtles. It is illegal in the state to
buy, sell, possess or release
non-native turtles. Red-eared
sliders are relatively easy to
identify. They have red “ears”
(markings) on the sides of their
heads. If you realize you are in
possession of a non-native tur-
tle, contact your local ODFW
Results of July St. Helens race given
By Mike Weber
JULY 24, 2010
Sportsman – Fast Time: Clyde
White, Longview 15.56. Trophy
Dash: White. Heat 1: Tricia Brittain,
St. Helens; Stephen Kaptur, St.
Helens; Ken Bryan, Toledo. Heat 2:
Troy Schreiner, Longview; Bud
Russell, St. Helens; Frank Elwess,
Portland. Main: Russell, Brian
Vaughn, Longview; Clark Tenney,
Scappoose; Elwess, Brittain,
White, Kaptur, Don Jenner, Van-
couver; Devon Reed, Woodland;
Street Stock – Fast Time: David
McDaniel, Scappoose 16.19. Tro-
phy Dash: Mike Crase, Portland.
Heat 1: Ted Slape, Rainier; Matt
Jenner, Vancouver; Ron Dodge,
Vernonia. Heat 2: Curtis Zelmer,
Portland; Justin McMullen, Deer Is-
land; Crase. Main: Slape, Crase,
Zelmer, Todd Newton, Gladstone;
McMullen, Jenner, Tom Zywicki,
Portland; Ann Carter, Scappoose;
Jeff Beehler, St. Helens; McDaniel.
Mini Stock – Fast Time: Adam
Beehler, St. Helens 16.32. Trophy
Dash: Joel Beehler, St. Helens.
Heat 1: Travis Tolman, St. Helens;
Charlie Ingram, Portland; Jenelle
June Harrison, St. Helens. Heat 2:
Jerry Winchester, Longview; Joel
Beehler, Nolan Borders, St. He-
lens. Main: Adam Beehler, Bor-
Scheibel, Longview; Brad Beehler,
St. Helens; Tolman, Harrison,
Steven Schreiner, Longview; John
Oyler, St. Helens; Jake Van Or-
twick, Portland.
Modified – Fast Time: Jeremy
Martin, St. Helens 15.58. Trophy
Dash: Dan Fox, Warren. Heat:
Zelmer, Greg Greer, Rainier; Fox.
Main: Martin, Fox, Greer, Don
West, St. Helens; Mark Hill, Scap-
poose; Zelmer, Larry Benson,
Longview; Mike Harrison, St. He-
Pacific Mini Sprints – Fast Time:
Darren Pierson, Chehalis 14.53.
Trophy Dash: Pierson. Heat 1: Kei-
th Everson, Marysville; Mike Opa-
ka, Portland; Tracey Titus, Man-
zanita. Heat 2: Pierson, Opaka,
Dave Walters, Gresham. Main:
Walters, Everson, Opoka, Pierson,
Dan Beck, Castle Rock; Titus, Tom
Patrick, Portland.
Women’s Division – Trophy
Dash: Kathy McMullen, Deer Is-
land. Heat: Tiffany Gee, St. He-
lens. Main: McMullen, Gee, Sarah
Beehler, St. Helens .
Canning classes offered in Aug.
Have you thought about
learning to can vegetables, or
fish or game this summer? Are
you an experienced canner
who would like an update on
the latest USDA recommenda-
tions? Then plan to attend one
or more of the canning classes
offered by the Columbia Coun-
ty Extension Service. Classes
will be held at the First Luther-
an Church, 360 Wyeth St., St.
Helens (on the corner of N. 4th
St. and Wyeth St.). Each class
will cost $20.00; a small num-
ber of scholarships are avail-
able. Payment must be made
in advance to hold your spot
because class size is limited.
Classes will be:
• Tuesday, August 10, 10:00
a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Pressure
Canning Vegetables & Meats
• Thursday, September 2,
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on
Canning Tomatoes and Salsa.
For more information and to
register for classes, call or visit
the OSU Extension Service of-
fice at 505 N. Columbia River
Highway, St. Helens, or call
Romans 12:18
Lee Anne Krause, Future Directer
for the The Pampered Chef
State Farm ®
Providing Insurance and Financial Services
Home Office, Bloomington, Illinois 61710
Bunny Girt, Agent
1229 N. Adair
PO Box 543
Cornelius, OR 97113-0543
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