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The INDEPENDENT, September 15, 2005
Two days of racing excitement at River City Speedway over Labor Day
September 3 Results
Sportsman – Fast Time: Corey
Cook, Rainier 15.74. Trophy Dash:
Troy Schreiner, Longview. Heat 1:
Schreiner; Rodney Cook, Rainier;
Corey Cook. Heat 2: Don Thompson,
Astoria; Bob Cram, Kelso; Tony Cata-
lano, Vernonia. Heat 3: Tricia Brittain,
St. Helens; Brian Roth, Scappoose;
Tim Williams, Scappoose. B Main: Brit-
tain; Williams; Rick Rehanek, Scap-
poose; Roth; Ray Cota, Vernonia. A
Main: Randy Allen, Sandy; Corey
Cook; Kirk Brissett, Scappoose;
Williams; Catalano; Brittain; Tommy
Elstoen, St. Helens; Schreiner; Thomp-
son; Rodney Cook.
Modified – Fast Time: Shawn Dorie,
Scappoose 14.75. Trophy Dash: Marc
Sayre, Portland. Heat 1: Jeremy Martin,
St. Helens; Dan Fox, Warren; Scott
Puncochar, Hillsboro. Heat 2: Todd
Hardesty, St. Helens; Terry Buckner, St.
Helens; Jim Wheeler, St. Helens. Heat
3: Sean Fox, Scappoose; Nathan
Slape, Rainier; Louis Lain, Portland. B
Main: Sean Fox; Lain; Marcie Kisor,
Scappoose; Chris Quinn, Longview;
Slape. A Main: Dorie; Greg Greer,
Rainier; Dan Smith, Scappoose; Marty
Holmason, St. Helens; Jeremy Martin,
St. Helens; Puncochar; Sayre; Sean
Fox; Stephen Kaptur, Deer Island;
Street Stock – Fast Time: John Nu-
som, Gresham 16.22. Trophy Dash:
Curt Nusom, Gresham. Heat 1: Jon
Gillett, Rainier; Curt Nusom; Scott Pun-
cochar. Heat 2: Terry Moss, St. Helens;
Aaron Prettyman, St. Helens; Randy
O’Connor, Portland. Heat 3: Chris Hall-
berg, Sandy; Tom Zywicki, St. Helens;
Don West, St. Helens. Heat 4: Ian Lam-
ma, St. Helens; Scott Ruth, Washou-
gal; Josh Cernac, Scappoose. Heat 5:
Robert Duncan, Scappoose; Aaron
Bozarth, Rainier; Jacki Graham, Port-
land. C Main: Duncan; Bozarth; Bren-
da Hurley, Castle Rock; Robert Camp-
bell, Warrenton; Jon Gladman, Port-
land. B Main: Duncan; Dennis Krohling,
Vancouver; Hallberg; Zywicki; Cernac.
A Main: Puncochar; Moss; Mark
Reser, Beaverton; O’Connor; John Nu-
som; Curt Nusom; Krohling; Skip Pil-
low, Gresham; Brett Eakins, Vancou-
ver; Prettyman.
Mini Stock – Fast Time: Brad Ruth,
Washougal 17.10. Trophy Dash: Mark
Guindon, Warrenton. Heat 1: Ted
Slape, Rainier; Guindon; Ruth. Heat 2:
Brad Beehler, St. Helens; Erica Flath,
Portland; Mark Beehler, St. Helens.
Heat 3: Marie Sayre, Portland; Tony
Kanics, Portland; Debra Meyer, Ver-
nonia. B Main: Brad Beehler; Kanics;
Kathy McMullen, Deer Island; Joshua
Kelsey, Portland; Sayre. A Main: Guin-
don; Eric Lindquist, Portland; Mike
Harrison, St. Helens; Scott McMullen,
Deer Island; Ben Palmer, Portland;
Ruth; Brad Beehler; Joe Cherington,
Vancouver; Jared Hangoin, Portland;
Mark Beehler Jr., St. Helens.
Women’s Division – Fast Time: Lisa
Faulkner, St. Helens 16.21. Trophy
Dash: Kerry Smith, Scappoose. Heat 1:
Kari Puncochar, Hillsboro; Faulkner;
Stacey Fordyce, Vancouver. Heat 2:
Kathy Griffin, Scappoose; Amber
Smith, Scappoose; Nicole Johanson,
Portland. Main: Faulkner; Paula Tim-
mons, Kelso; Kerry Smith; Fordyce;
Puncochar; Jenelle Tolman, St. Helens;
Tria Prettyman, St. Helens; Susan Wal-
lace, Portland; Griffin; Jenae Ricker,
September 4 Results
Sportsman – Fast Time: Corey
Cook, Rainier 16.20. Trophy Dash: Kirk
Brissett, Scappoose. Heat 1: Tricia Brit-
tain, St. Helens; Tim Williams, St. He-
lens; Rodney Cook, Rainier. Heat 2:
Brian Roth, Scappoose; Paula Tim-
mons, Kelso; Tony Malar, Gresham.
Heat 3: Robert Campbell, Warrenton;
Dale Holland, Portland; Tony Catalano,
Vernonia. B Main: Jacob Brooks,
Longview; Catalano; Robert Heitzman,
Portland; Bryan Collins, Portland; Dan-
ny Asher, Portland. A Main: Randy
Allen, Sandy; Corey Cook; Tommy El-
stoen, St. Helens; Holland; Steven
Canham, Portland; Roth; Brittain;
Brooks; Timmons; Williams.
Modified – Fast Time: Shawn Dorie,
St. Helens 15.33. Trophy Dash: Ray
Elwess, Portland. Heat 1: Marc Sayre,
Portland; Scott Puncochar, Hillsboro;
Dorie. Heat 2: Marty Holmason, St. He-
lens; Greg Greer, Rainier; Marcie Kisor,
Scappoose. Heat 3: Dan Fox, Warren;
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Sean Fox, Scappoose; Phil Sprague,
St. Helens. B Main: Holmason; Dan
Fox; Greer; Sean Fox; Chris Quinn,
Longview. A Main: Elwess; Dan Smith,
Scappoose; Sayre; Stephen Kaptur,
Deer Island; Holmason; Dan Fox; Scott
Puncochar, Hillsboro; Jeremy Martin,
St. Helens; Louis Lain, Portland; Dorie.
Street Stock – Fast Time: Mark
Reser, Beaverton 17.07. Trophy Dash:
Curt Nusom, Gresham. Heat 1: Jon
Gillett, Rainier; Curt Nusom; Reser.
Heat 2: Skip Pillow, Gresham; Scott
Puncochar, Hillsboro; Jacki Graham,
Portland. Heat 3: Chris Hallberg, Port-
land; Ian Lamma, St. Helens; Scott
Ruth, Washougal. Heat 4: Aaron Pretty-
man, St. Helens; Doug Hurley, Castle
Rock; Don West, St. Helens. B Main:
Hallberg; Dennis Munger, Kelso; Hur-
ley; Scott Williams, Portland; Mike
Crase, Portland. A Main: Hallberg;
Gillett; Scott Puncochar, Hillsboro; Curt
Nusom; John Nusom, Gresham; Jereld
Strawn, Portland; Ralph Puncochar,
Hillsboro; Pillow; Graham; Rick Re-
hanek, Scappoose.
Mini Stock – Fast Time: Gary Mey-
er, Vernonia 16.94. Trophy Dash: Joe
Cherington, Vancouver. Heat 1: Meyer;
Ted Slape, Rainier; Mike Harrison, St.
Helens. Heat 2: Eric Lindquist, Mil-
waukie; Mark Guindon, Warrenton;
Brad Ruth, Washougal. Heat 3: Ben
Palmer, Portland; Mark BeehlerJr., St.
Helens; Eric Cotton, Portland. Heat 4:
Adam Beehler, St. Helens; Mark
Beehler, St. Helens; Tony Kanies, Port-
land. B Main: Palmer; David Bishop,
Portland; Mark Beehler Jr.; Adam
Beehler, St. Helens. A Main: Meyer;
Cherington; Slape; Guindon; Scott Mc-
Mullen, Deer Island; Mike Harrison, St.
Helens; Lindquist; Ruth; Bishop;
Women’s Division – Fast Time: Lisa
Faulkner, St. Helens 16.76. Trophy
Dash: Kerry Smith, Scappoose. Heat 1:
Kerry Smith; Kari Puncochar, Hillsboro;
Stacey Fordyce, Vancouver. Heat 2:
Amber Smith, Scappoose; Michelle
Moffett, Portland; Susan Nelson, Port-
land. Main: Fordyce; Faulkner; Pun-
cochar; Kerry Smith; Tolman; Jenae
Ricker, St. Helens; Kathy Griffin, Scap-
poose; Brenda Hurley, Castle Rock;
Susan Wallace, Portland; Nicole Jo-
hanson, St. Helens.
Sept. 10 Point Standings
Modified – 1. Dan Smith, Scap-
poose 1168; 2. Dan Fox, Warren 1147;
3. Jeremy Martin, St. Helens 1134; 4.
Marc Sayre, Portland 1086; 5. Ray El-
wess, Portland 1039; 6. Marty Holma-
son, St. Helens 1011; 7. Stephen Kap-
tur, Deer Island 982; 8. Greg Greer,
Rainier 933; 9. Scott Puncochar, Hills-
boro 910; 10. Todd Hardesty, St. He-
lens 867.
Sportsman – 1. Corey Cook,
W illiams
M etal
F ab
Rainier 1281; 2. Randy Allen, Sandy
1223; 3. Tricia Brittain, St. Helens
1081; 4. Tim Williams, Scappoose
1066; 5. Jacob Brooks, Longview 1029;
6. Rodney Cook, Rainier 966; 7. Tom-
my Elstoen, St. Helens 934; 8. Kirk
Brissett, Scappoose 815; 9. Bryan
Collins, Portland 741; 10. Robert
Heitzman, Portland 740.
Street Stock – 1. Scott Puncochar,
Hillsboro 1229; 2. Curt Nusom, Gre-
sham 1154; 3. John Nusom, Gresham
1128; 4. Skip Pillow, Gresham 1021;
5. Dennis Munger, Kelso 948; 6. Ralph
Puncochar, Hillsboro 939; 7. Mark
Reser, Beaverton 925; 8. Brett Eakins,
Vancouver 916; 9. Jon Gillett, Rainier
877; 10. Terry Moss, St. Helens 877.
Mini Stock – 1. Joe Cherington,
Vancouver 1066; 2. Mark Guindon,
Warrenton 956; 3. Mike Harrison, St.
Helens 900; 4. Brad Ruth, Washougal
874; 5. Scott McMullen, Deer Island
853; 6.Ted Slape, Rainer 836; 7. Mark
Beehler Jr., St. Helens 828; 8. Eric
Lindquist, Portland 802; 9. Mark
Beehler, St. Helens 755; 10. Gary Mey-
er, Vernonia 731.
Women’s Division – 1. Lisa Faulkn-
er, St. Helens 1271; 2. Kari Puncochar,
Hillsboro 1109; 3. Stacey Fordyce,
Vancouver 1037; 4. Jenelle Tolman, St.
Helens 971; 5. Celeste Hardesty, St.
Helens 880; 6. Tria Prettyman, St. He-
lens 844; 7. Susan Wallace, Portland
835; 8. Kathy Griffin, Scappoose 821;
9. Amber Smith, Scappoose 809; 10.
Kerry Smith, Scappoose 791.
September 3 - 4
Race Results
By Mike Weber
Similar to NASCAR’s Nextel
Cup Championship Chase that
begins September 18, River
City Speedway held its own
version to help determine divi-
sion winners with the Reser’s
Fine Foods Labor Day Races
September 3-4. With just one
race left Sept. 17, this two-day
event provided stock car racing
drivers with a golden opportuni-
ty to move up in the standings
and a chance to gain over 200
points in the Columbia County
Racing Association series.
Lisa Faulkner, of St. Helens,
all but clinched the women’s di-
vision title after notching a win
Saturday and a second Sunday
while driving the Mountain View
Electric/Emmert Motors Chev-
rolet Monte Carlo owned by
Marty “McFly” Holmason of St.
Fabrication & Welding
of All Metals
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Robert Williams Vernonia, Oregon
24 H R
Helens. Vancouver’s Stacey
Fordyce won the A main Sun-
day with her Discount Race Car
Parts Monte Carlo. Defending
women’s champ Kerry Smith of
Scappoose, posted two top-five
A mains with her Alliance Auto-
motive Chevy Camaro.
Capitalizing on the bad luck
experienced by Dan Fox of
Warren, who had a DNF (did
not finish) Saturday, Dan Smith
took over first place in the mod-
ified class after he notched a
pair of top-three A main event
finishes as he was third Satur-
day and runnerup to Portland’s
Ray Elwess on Sunday. Smith,
from Scappoose, drives one of
the three identical looking
open-wheel style modified cars
owned by Sam and Jane Jef-
fers of Scappoose. Jeremy
Martin of St. Helens and
Stephen Kaptur of Deer Island,
who also compete in the STC
Racing Parts sponsored racers,
both recorded one top-five
main event finish. Smith, Martin
and Fox are in a tight three-way
points chase, with each in a
good position to claim the se-
ries title.
“I really didn’t intend to get
the division lead while seeing
Dan Fox sitting in the infield
with a DNF, but that’s what hap-
pens sometimes in racing,”
said Smith, referring to Fox,
whose car stalled with a broken
fuel pump belt. “I would’ve pref-
ered to gain first place in a
more competitive and normal
racing situation, but all I can
say is that I feel sorry for him.
We had a good weekend,
hopefully we’ll keep the points
lead and maybe Jeremy or I will
win the title for Sam. It’s not
over yet, Fox has had a great
year and he could still win the
title too.”
Shawn Dorie of St. Helens,
captured Saturday’s modified
main in the S & T Truck Re-
pair/Columbia Tavern spon-
sored racer owned by Al Artero
of St. Helens. Holmason and
Sean Fox each captured B
main victories.
“I’m pretty certain that I’ve
wrapped up the title, but noth-
ing is for sure until you actually
win it, so we’ll have to wait until
Sept. 17, but unless it’s a dou-
ble points race, then I’ve al-
ready clinched first place,” said
Faulkner, whose pit crew in-
cludes her husband Eric, Bob-
by Holmason and her dad, Paul
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