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The INDEPENDENT, September 16, 2004
CCRA races at St. Helens twice the fun on Labor Day weekend
Ralph Puncochar Motor-
sports (RPM) and the Sam Jef-
fers-owned Superior Torque
Converter (STC) Racing were
two of the most successful race
teams among nearly 140 com-
petitors at the Reser’s Fine
Foods Labor Day weekend
races, Sept. 4-5 at River City
Speedway in St. Helens. Hills-
boro drivers Scott Puncochar
and his sister, Kari, both cap-
tured Columbia County Racing
Association wins. Scott, 26,
drove his Oly’s Construction/
Goddard Gardens Landscaping
Chevrolet Camaro to victory
lane in the street stock A mains
Saturday and Sunday. Kari won
both days women’s division
Automotive/Louis Construction
Jeremy Martin of St. Helens,
won Sunday’s modified A main
and STC Racing teammate
Dan Smith of Scappoose, was
runnerup, with Shawn Dorie of
St. Helens, in third. Smith (4th)
and Martin (7th) also notched
top-10 finishes Saturday and
they’re both ranked in the top
four of the division point stand-
ings, behind leader Ray Elwess
of Portland and runnerup Gary
Morris of Boring.
The 12 fastest cars from
time trials were lined up in re-
verse order in all of Sunday’s A
mains. Martin, the 12th fastest
qualifier, took advantage of his
front row spot and led the 40-
lap, caution-free event from
start-to-finish with the Reser’s
open-wheel style modified rac-
er. Dorie won Saturday’s A
main and Scott Puncochar, a
double duty driver who com-
petes in two CCRA classes,
was second, followed by El-
wess. Marty "McFly" Holma-
son, of St. Helens, won Satur-
day’s modified B main.
“The 12-car invert really
helped me get a good starting
position and I just stayed up
front the entire race,” said Mar-
tin, who was 12th in qualifying
on the quarter-mile clay oval
track. “There's no doubt that
Sam has provided Dan and I
with probably two of the best
cars in this class. Getting a 1-2
finish is something that Sam
has always hoped for, so this is
like a dream come true for him.”
“We couldn’t ask to compete
for better car owners than Sam
and Jane Jeffers of Scap-
poose,” said Smith. “I tried to
make it a little more exciting too
when Jeremy and I got side-by-
side each other once, but we
just wanted a 1-2 finish, we did-
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n’t care how we did it and it
sure was lots of fun.”
The women’s division includ-
ed identical top-three main
event results both days as
Dan’s wife, Kerry Smith,
notched two runnerup finishes
in her Alliance Automotive Ca-
maro to Kari Puncochar and
Vancouver’s Stacey Fordyce
took third place twice.
“The 12-car invert was
tough, but everything worked
out pretty good since I was able
to manuever up towards the
front and get second,” said
Smith, who was the fastest
qualifier (16.62 seconds) Sun-
day. “Hopefully, I’ll continue
holding onto the lead during the
last two events (Sept. 18 and
25) and it sure would be a thrill
to accomplish my goal of win-
ning the division championship.
It was great having more cars
(16), which was about twice as
many as we’ve normally had in
the class and that made racing
a little more fun. My pit crew of
Dan, his brother, Robert Smith
and Dennis Blasier always
does a great job preparing the
car for each race.”
Vancouver’s Joe Chering-
ton, 43, won both mini stock
mains, he has a commanding
lead in the standings and he’s
on target to possibly win a third
series title in four years with his
Dusty’s Machine Shop Datsun.
Paul Liner of St. Helens,
won Saturday’s sportsman A
Main in his Lawrence Oil Chevy
Malibu. Holmason, who also
competes in two classes, was
runnerup in his Emmert Chev-
rolet Monte Carlo and division
leader Troy Schreiner of
Longview, took third. Corbett’s
Scott Winebarger won Sun-
day’s sportsman A main in his
Monte Carlo as he led all the
way, followed by Rainier’s Mike
Hagen, Schreiner, Randy Allen
of Sandy and Kelso’s Bob
Cram. Phil Sprague of St. He-
lens, was a two-time winner
Saturday as he won the B main
and heat race.
River City Speedway
September 4 Results
SPORTSMAN – Trophy Dash: Bob
Cram, Kelso. Heat 1: Tony Malar, Port-
land; Steven Canham, Portland; Den-
nis Blasier, Scappoose. Heat 2: Phil
Sprague, St. Helens; Rodney Cook,
Rainier; Jacob Brooks, Rainier. Heat 3:
Doug Hurley, Castle Rock; LeRoy
White, Portland; Stephen Kaptur, Deer
Island. Heat 4: Randy Allen, Sandy;
Troy Schreiner, Longview; Mike Hagen,
Rainier. B Main: Sprague; Tim Williams,
St. Helens; Blasier; Scott Schulte, Port-
land; Canham. A Main: Paul Liner, St.
Helens; Marty Holmason, St. Helens;
Schreiner; Hagen; Hurley; Allen; Don
Schott, Portland; Tricia Brittain, St. He-
lens; Allen Jewett, Longview; Kaptur.
MODIFIED – Heat 1: Jeremy Brook-
shire, Portland; Merle Farris, Seaside;
Don West, St. Helens. Heat 2: Scott
Winebarger, Corbett; Don Jenner, Van-
couver; Todd Hardesty, St. Helens.
Heat 3: Greg Greer, Rainier; Randy
Nelson, St. Helens; Steve Suckow,
Portland. Heat 4: Eric Deeter, Portland;
Brian Timmons, Scappoose; Ron
Greer, Rainier. Heat 5: Gary Morris,
Boring; Ray Elwess, Portland; Jeremy
Martin, St. Helens. C Main: Jenner;
Brookshire; Farris; Dave Ford, Port-
land; Mike Graham, Portland. B Main:
Holmason; Jenner; Greg Greer;
Winebarger; James Wheeler, St. He-
lens. A Main: Shawn Dorie, St. Helens;
Scott Puncochar, Hillsboro; Elwess;
Dan Smith, Scappoose; Jenner; Mar-
tin; Timmons; Holmason; Larry Benson,
Long-view; Morris.
STREET STOCK – Trophy Dash:
Gary Meyer, Vernonia. Heat 1: Namon
Martin, Portland; Chris West, Portland;
Curt Nusom, Gresham. Heat 2: Randy
O'Connor, Portland; Dennis Krohling,
Vancouver; Kelly Moore, Kelso. Heat 3:
Brett Eakins, Washougal; Nathan
Slape, Rainier; Steven Harris, Battle-
ground. Heat 4: Mark Reser, Beaver-
ton; Robert Sterling, Scappoose;
Robert Duncan, Portland. Heat 5: Scott
Puncochar; Skip Pillow, Gresham;
Meyer. C Main: Jim Kelly, St. Helens;
Curt Nusom; Roy Giroux, Portland;
Scott Ruth, Washougal; Martin. B Main:
Curt Nusom; Moore; Slape; Krohling;
Kelly. A Main: Scott Puncochar; Pillow;
Meyer; John Nusom, Gresham; Reser;
Kari Puncochar, Hillsboro; Moore; Ster-
ling; Clark Tenney, Scappoose; Brenda
Hurley, Castle Rock.
MINI STOCK – Trophy Dash: Scott
McMullen, Deer Island. Heat 1: Sonny
Sayre, Vancouver; Todd Nace, Clacka-
mas; Kathy McMullen, Deer Island.
Heat 2: Joe Cherington, Vancouver;
Kelly Nace, Clack-amas; George Dohn,
St. Helens. Main: Cherington; Dohn;
Sayre; Mark Jeffries, Beaverton; Kelly
Nace; Michael Harrison, Portland; Den-
nis Davies, Portland; Kathy McMullen;
Brad Nusom, Gresham; Todd Nace.
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of All Metals
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Robert Williams Vernonia, Oregon
24 H R
Dash: Stacey Fordyce, Vancouver.
Heat 1: Kari Puncochar; Brenda Martin,
Portland; Carrie Melland, Kelso. Heat
2: Kerry Smith, Scappoose; Jacki Gra-
ham, Portland; Bobbi Harris, Battle-
ground. Main: Puncochar; Smith;
Fordyce; Donna Evenhus, Portland;
Harris; Graham; Angela Jones, St. He-
lens; Martin; Laurie Reser, Beaverton;
Kathy Griffin, Portland.
River City Speedway
September 5 Results
SPORTSMAN – Fast Time: 16.22,
Marty Holmason. Trophy Dash: Mike
Hagen. Heat 1: Troy Schreiner; Dennis
Blasier; Ray Cota, Vernonia. Heat 2:
Stephen Kaptur; Dennis Munger,
Longview; Phil Sprague. Heat 3: Tricia
Brittain; Randy Allen; Kirk Brissett,
Scappoose. Heat 4: Holmason; Lisa
Liner, St. Helens; Hagen. B Main:
Schreiner; Doug Hurley; Kaptur; Jody
Turner, St. Helens; Munger. A Main:
Scott Winebarger; Hagen; Schreiner;
Allen; Cram; Brissett; Holmason;
Schott; Brittain; Hurley.
MODIFIED – Fast Time: 15.61,
Shawn Dorie. Trophy Dash: Ray El-
wess. Heat 1: Ron Greer; Steve Suck-
ow; Dave Ford. Heat 2: Sean Fox, War-
ren; Merle Farris; Todd Hardesty. Heat
3: Dan Smith; Jeremy Martin; Don
West. Heat 4: Elwess; Dorie; Marc
Sayre, Portland. C Main: Ron Greer;
Suckow; Ford; Timmons. B Main: Greg
Greer; Hardesty; Fox; Sam Jeffers,
Scappoose; Farris. A Main: Martin;
Smith; Dorie; Elwess; Morris; Benson;
Rudy Chappelle; Jenner; Scott Pun-
16.37, Gary Meyer. Trophy Dash: Mey-
er. Heat 1: Scott Ruth; Brenda Hurley;
Joe Richey. Heat 2: Terry Moss; Nathan
Slape; Chris West. Heat 3: Ralph Pun-
cochar; John Nusom; Clark Tenney.
Heat 4: Dennis Krohling; Pete Kelly;
Skip Pillow. C Main: Steven Harris;
Hurley; Giroux. B Main: Randy O'Con-
nor; John Haugenson; Nathan Slape;
Namon Martin. A Main: Scott Pun-
cochar; Krohling; Kari Puncochar; Pil-
low; O'Connor; John Nusom; Meyer;
Ralph Puncochar; Duncan; Reser.
MINI STOCK – Fast Time: 16.96,
Joe Cherington. Trophy Dash: Chering-
ton. Heat 1: Sonny Sayre; Dennis
Davies; Brad Ruth. Heat 2: Cherington;
Kelly Nace; Todd Nace. Main: Chering-
ton; Scott McMullen; Sayre; Kelly
Nace; George Dohn; Michael Harrison;
Ruth; Davies; Kathy McMullen; Mark
17.08, Kerry Smith. Trophy Dash: Jacki
Graham. Heat 1: Susan Nelson; Tracy
Vermeir; Carrie Melland. Heat 2: Smith;
Puncochar; Graham. Main: Puncochar;
Smith; For-dyce; Harris; Jones; Nelson;
Graham; Martin; Evenhus; Kay Bayot.
Point Standings
SPORTSMAN – 1. Troy Schreiner,
Longview 884; 2. Mike Hagen, Rainier
879; 3. Randy Allen, Sandy 791; 4.
Marty Holmason, St. Helens 763; 5.
Bob Cram, Kelso 760; 6. Lisa Liner, St.
Helens 747; 7. Tricia Brittain, St. He-
lens 718; 8. Clark Tenney, Scappoose
716; 9. Doug Hurley, Castle Rock 705;
10. Stephen Kaptur, Deer Island 640.
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