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    The INDEPENDENT, December 18, 2003
Page 11
Bits & Bites
By Jacqueline Ramsay
To d a y ’ s
helping of
Bites is the
result of
b r a i n
l a p s e
while put-
gether the
Dec. 4 issue of The INDEPEN-
December 4, 2003
It has been so nice to hear
the sound of rain on the roof
and flowing water gushing
through the intake pipe at the
lake. I and the fish, ducks,
swan, eagles and the lone
yearling goose do enjoy it.
Even the three otters.
Only one or two more heavy
winds and the trees will have
shed their golden hair for the
Advice from a dummy to
those that walk the lake – don’t
mop your kitchen floor and then
immediately walk around the
lake. It will take more than “I
think I can” to get back home –
ho ho.
It’s now after Thanksgiving –
I pray yours was as enjoyable
as mine. Baked five dozen rolls
and took off for Portland – stop-
ping along the way at Marque
Cares and Rosewood Manor to
visit with ex-Vernonia-ites –
traffic was slow and tight. Jim’s
house was too small for those
they wished to share the day
with, so he borrowed his
church’s kitchen and five fami-
lies had a good time cooking –
movies, playing Nintendo or
Barbies, etc. Visiting and meet-
ing new friends, and yes, we
set a place for one more.
Strange how no one missed
the gravy that sat in the warm-
ing oven through the whole
Only one thing nearly
marred the day. Perhaps others
of you had the same experi-
ence. Did your “main course”
drain goo all over the bottom
shelf. Stop, remove all stuff and
clean up the mess. Or perhaps
like another lady – her dear
husband put all of the potato
peels “at once” into the dispos-
al and clogged it up tight – stop,
tear it down and then clean
everything out under the sink.
Irk, irk, but after it’s all over
everyone laughs and says –
this I’ll always remember.
December 18, 2003
First off – it wasn’t me – I
may have been full of turkey
but I got my article into the of-
fice on time so hopefully you’ll
get two Bits & Bites today.
Please forgive all for goofing.
The Bazaars are gone for
another year. This one at the
Senior Center was very good,
but tiring for those taking part in
set up – sell – tear down.
Jan Potter was the lucky
winner of the afghan raffle.
The quilt raffle lucky draw
was Judi Cameron, a lady from
St. Helens.
All those who didn’t get
drawn – I did the ticket pull –
your dollars are much appreci-
ated for the good they do at the
Oh – have you noticed we
(the City) have another white
duck at the lake? Thank you to
Happy Holidays
Rick Gardner Real Estate Broker 503-720-6736
Vernonia Realty & Insurance Center
Farm & Home Supply
R ICK & G ALE G ARDNER 503-429-6481
Wishing you
A Joyous
Holiday Season
whomever took pity on the
lonesome one. It learned fast to
head for the shore when some-
one comes with corn or bread.
Everyone is busy cleaning
house, cleaning out rain gut-
ters, shopping, addressing
yearly Hi-ho’s to friends all
around. Some are probably all
caught up with the fuss and
fume part and are reading a
good book on these goofy
days. Me, I’m in the middle
Don’t spend a lot of time
killing spiders – why?
The weight of insects eaten
by the world’s spiders in a year
is greater than the combined
weight of every man, woman
and child on earth.
Have a Merry Christmas, I’ll
be chatting with you next year, I
Have a Happy New Year.
Shadow & Jacqueline
New Holiday Hours
Mon- Sat 10 am- 8 pm