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    July 22, 2016 • Seaside Signal • • 3A
Trial set in kidnapping case
Man accused of
assaulting a Seaside
Police of¿cer
By Kyle Spurr
EO Media Group
A man was arrested last
week for assaulting and injur-
ing a Seaside Police of¿cer on
the beach near U Street.
2f¿cer Elise Parkman
was responding to a report
of harassment on the Seaside
Promenade the evening of
July 6 when she encountered
Phillip Ellis Allen II. He re-
portedly refused lawful orders
and attacked Parkman.
2f¿cer Shauna Wood as-
sisted Parkman in placing Al-
len under arrest.
During the confrontation,
Allen struck Parkman in the
head and she was taken to
Providence Seaside Hospi-
Russell Wayne Deviney, an accused kidnapper and rapist, attends a hearing at Clatsop County Circuit Court.
He allegedly abducted
a California girl
By Kyle Spurr
EO Media Group
A trial date is set for ac-
cused kidnapper and rapist
Russell Wayne Deviney.
The 49-year-old Everett,
Washington, man will face
trial in January. The date was
set during a hearing Wednes-
day, July 13, in Clatsop
County Circuit Court.
Deviney allegedly kid-
napped and raped a 15-year-
old California girl in May
2015 and left her in Astoria,
which, police said, was not
his intended destination.
He pleaded not guilty to
12 felony charges.
A trial was scheduled to
begin this month, but Alex-
ander Hamalian, Deviney’s
recently retained defense
lawyer, requested it be post-
poned. Judge Philip Nelson
granted the request.
Hamalian said he needs
more time to review new ev-
idence and allow expert wit-
nesses to prepare.
The defense lawyer said
in a previous court hearing
that the Deviney case is one
of the most complex he has
worked since it involves doc-
uments from different states
and various computer and
cellphone ¿les.
“My hands as a defense
attorney are tied,” Hamalian
According to court doc-
uments, the girl believed
Deviney was an 18-year-old
named James Russell, or
“JR,” who chatted with her
on Instagram. Meeting him
at a location near her home,
she was kidnapped and later
sexually assaulted, according
to documents.
Deviney allegedly kid-
napped the girl in Sanger,
California. He left the girl
and his 2004 Nissan Pickup
at McDonald’s in Astoria two
days later.
Cannon Beach Police and
FBI agents found Deviney
¿ve days after the kidnap-
ping behind a locked gate in
a privately owned wooded
area south of Cannon Beach.
A passer-by reported seeing
him and called police.
Deviney remains in custo-
dy on $1 million bail.
tal for a concussion. She has
since recovered and is back on
Allen, 37, is known to the
Seaside Police as a transient
with mental health issues.
He was indicted by a grand
jury this week on charges of
assaulting a public safety of-
¿cer, interfering with a peace
of¿cer, recklessly endanger-
ing another person, menacing
and resisting arrest.
He pleaded not guilty to
the charges Thursday during
an arraignment in Clatsop
County Circuit Court. He is
in custody in Clatsop County
Jail on $25,000 bail.
Allen is due back in court
later this month for an early
resolution conference.
Suspect sought in passing
of counterfeit bills
Seaside Police are seeking
assistance from the public af-
ter three reports of counterfeit
$100 bills circulating in Sea-
side. The bills are dated 1990
and have the serial number
E19856329A. The suspect is
a white female in her late 20s.
She is about 5'7" tall and thin
with blond hair. She was last
seen wearing black rimmed
glasses with white polka dots.
She purchased heart-shaped
glasses. She was wearing
a white tank top and black
gladiator sandals with lots
of silver rings on her ¿ngers
and toes. She may have had
a red backpack. She may be
associated with an older gold
sedan. If you have contact
with this person or a counter-
feit bill contact the Seaside
Police Department 503-738-
6311. Police caution all local
businesses to take precautions
when accepting any currency
and report any suspicious ac-
tivity. Be advised the Secret
Service no longer encourag-
es the use of anti-counterfeit
pens and they are no longer
effective with today’s method
of counterfeiting.
July 14
Mother is over the legal limit.
She is warned not to drive. The
children appeared to be fine.
1:04 a.m., Avenue A and Colum-
bia: A person was arrested and
charged with DUII. Details were
1:45 a.m., Lifeguard tower:
Some people caught climbing
the tower were warned against
disorderly conduct.
3:10 a.m., Forest Drive: Police
were advised that a deceased
person was on the premises.
July 4
12:27 a.m., 400 block S. Holla-
day: A disturbance was reported.
No further information was
1:55 a.m., Avenue A: A liquor
violation was reported.
10:09 a.m., Avenue A: Caller
reports a man charging $20 to
tourists to park in a bank parking
lot. The subject tells police he’s
collecting funds on behalf of
the Elks. The branch manager is
1:16 p.m., Avenue A: Caller
reports someone stealing flags
put up by the city. Police are
unable to locate.
9:17 p.m., Avenue A: A missing
person is reported.
9:41 p.m., Parking Garage:
Someone smoking marijuana in
a public place is seen and dealt
with by a police officer.
July 5
4:27 a.m., 300 block 4th
Avenue: Caller reports some-
one knocking on their door.
Police ascertain it is a person
who thinks they are at the right
address when they’re not. Police
help the person get to where
they’re supposed to be.
4:41 a.m., Avenue A and The
Prom: A disputing pair are
advised to chill out and go
separate ways for the rest of the
3:24 p.m., Avenue I: Caller
requests a welfare check on their
daughter who they have been
unable to reach for some time.
Police check on the woman who
is fine. She is advised to touch
base with her mother who is
July 6
2:45 a.m. 800 block 1st Avenue:
Police respond to a report of a
disturbance which turns out to
be verbal in nature. No arrest
was made.
8:37 a.m., Tillamook Trail Head:
Found property was discovered
and turned over to the police.
9:13 a.m., Broadway and
Roosevelt: A broken down semi
trailer blocking the southbound
lane was restored enough to get
traffic moving again.
10:00 a.m., S. Roosevelt: Caller
reports lost wallet to the police
and then calls back a few min-
utes later to say he found his
3:54 p.m., Spruce Drive: A wel-
fare check is requested regard-
ing an intoxicated person who is
sending suicidal text messages.
Police contact the woman who
is sober and says she is fine.
6:38 p.m., 500 block S. Roo-
sevelt: An assault took place.
No further information was
7:06 p.m., N. Prom: Caller
reports child out wandering on
its own. Parents are contacted;
each thought the other one was
watching the child.
July 7
5:06 a.m., Broadway: Caller
reports intoxicated individuals
about to get in a car and drive;
police contact subjects and
determine the driver was sober.
The group is warned to keep
their noise down.
9:47 a.m., 400 block S. Downing:
Caller reports a woman sleeping
on his property. He wants her
2:31 p.m., 1000 block S. Irvine:
Caller reports an unknown
person has poured soda on his
parked vehicle door twice in a
short period of time.
3:26 p.m., Highway 101 near he-
licopter: Caller reports someone
hitting a child inside a car; police
responding determine the
parent was buckling the child
into a car seat after the child had
unbuckled the seat belt. The
child appeared to be fine and no
injuries were observed.
9:11 p.m., 700 block 16th
Avenue: Caller requests welfare
check on a friend sending
self-harming text messages;
police contact subject who said
he was fine.
July 8
2:03 a.m., 400 block S. Roos-
evelt: Caller reports an unwant-
ed subject who has refused to
leave the premises for 6 months.
Police warn subject of unlawful
lodging and subject agrees to
leave the premises.
2:58 p.m., 500 block S. Down-
ing: Caller reports the sound of
gunshots. Police canvass area
and cannot find the source of
gunshots or determine if there
were gunshots.
11:26 a.m., 600 block Duane
Street: A warrant arrest was
issued for a subject who was
already at the Clatsop County
Jail. The Seaside Municipal
Court handled the paperwork
and no case file was necessary
to be provided by the police.
The warrant for arrest was duly
playing basketball is a healthy
thing for kids to do.
1:05 p.m., Gearhart bowling:
Assistance was rendered to a
member of the public by the
Seaside Police.
Multiple instances of forgery or
fraud are reported at businesses
along N. Roosevelt Avenue.
2:02 p.m., N. Downing: A liquor
violation was logged.
2:40 p.m., Avenue A: A hit and
run motor vehicle accident
occurred. No injuries were
3:41 p.m., Avenue A: Caller
reports an intoxicated individual
passed out and unconscious.
Police respond and determine
the person is inebriated but not
dangerously so and no detox
was needed.
7:06 p.m., 300 block S. Roos-
evelt: A robbery in the third de-
gree was committed. No further
information was available.
July 9
2:40 a.m., Turnaround: A rowdy
group of youths were warned
by police they were making too
much noise and to keep it down.
Subjects agreed to go home.
5:27 p.m., 1600 block N. Roos-
evelt: Caller reports a man acting
strangely; the man tells police
he is behaving about “as normal
as can be.”
8:10 p.m. Ocean Vista: Caller
reports a vehicle parked on the
side of the road; the vehicle is
gone before officer’s arrival.
8:45 p.m., 400 block S. Roos-
evelt: Caller reports man being
abusive to his dog; police re-
sponding find the dog uninjured
and in good spirits. The owner is
advised to obtain a dog license.
July 10
5 p.m., 12th Avenue: Caller re-
ports an intoxicated man; police
checking on him determine he
is OK. The man says he is moving
July 11
9:02 a.m. 1400 block S. Wah-
anna: Police conduct a welfare
check on a man who had been
sleeping near a building and was
now southbound. He seemed to
be OK and on his way. No further
action was taken.
11:42 a.m. 500 block S. Down-
ing: Caller requests a welfare
check on a mentally unstable
female. Police checking find no
one at the building had seen her
that day.
2:09 p.m., 1900 block Spruce:
Caller reports a disturbance
in the apartment next door,
describing “drama” and “fight-
ing.” Police determine it is just
new tenants moving in and
everything is fine.
10:37 p.m., 300 block S. Colum-
bia: An assault is reported.
July 12
10:29 a.m. N. Franklin: Caller
reports a man “throwing a fit.”
Officers contact subject and
get him calmed down. Related
issues are determined to be civil
in nature.
3:09 p.m., 800 block 12th Street:
A hit and run motor vehicle
accident occurred. No injuries
were reported.
11:32 p.m., 1300 block 13th
Avenue: A missing person is
July 13
4:11 p.m., 400 block First Ave-
nue: Caller reports subject walk-
ing around with a gun visible
on his hip. Police advise caller
Oregon is an open carry state.
5:32 p.m., S. Wahanna: A miss-
ing person is reported.
10:17 p.m., OceanWay: Caller
requests welfare check on
children whose parents “look to
be on drugs.” Police responding
find the mother is intoxicated;
father appears OK. Both parents
are given breath tests to check
on the breath alcohol content.
July 15
9:51 a.m., S. Columbia: A miss-
ing person is reported.
2:34 p.m., Highway 101 and Sec-
tion Line: Caller reports a woman
in a car littering out her window.
Police conduct traffic stop and
determine what she’s thrown out
the window is orange peels.
7:26 p.m., Broadway: A found
bag is turned into the police. The
bag contains Avon cosmetics
and a lower set of dentures.
July 16
3:26 a.m., 700 block 16th Street:
An assault was reported.
12:10 p.m., Turnaround: A miss-
ing person was reported.
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2:30 p.m., Avenue U: Caller
reports a man urinating on
property and behaving in an
aggressive manner. Police
search the area but are unable
to locate.
5:52 p.m., 400 block S. Roos-
evelt: Caller requests welfare
check on a subject who they
believe to be “tweaking out”;
police contact the person who
admits to using drugs but says
they are not a danger to others
or themselves. No further action
is initiated.
11 p.m., N. Prom: Caller reports
a female customer in his bar
who was distressed by verbal
contact made by a male patron.
Police respond and the woman
said she was made uncomfort-
able by the man’s demeanor.
The man had left the area
before police arrived and the
complainant was unable to
describe any behavior that
was criminal in nature. Police
advised her to go to her room
where she would feel safe.
9:09 p.m., 300 block S. Colum-
bia: Caller reports kids playing
basketball in the street and
blocking cars; police responding
say the kids will disperse for the
evening and also let the caller
know the basketball hoop has
been a fixture in the neighbor-
hood for a long time and that
11 p.m., 600 block Holladay
Drive: Caller reports juveniles in
a nearby residence are yelling
and screaming. Police respond-
ing discover that the 9-year-old
was acting out while his older
brother was babysitting. Police
spoke with the mother by
5:46 p.m., 700 block 12th Ave-
nue: Police and other emergen-
cy services respond to a medical
8:11 a.m., S. Holladay and
Avenue M: Caller reports man
down and needing assistance;
police responding say the man
is intoxicated and snoring and in
no need of medical attention.
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