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    2A • October 2, 2015 • Seaside Signal •
for baton attack, burglary
than six years under plea agreement
The burglary occurred in
October at a house being re-
modeled on North Wahanna
By Kyle Spurr
A Seaside man who at- Road in Seaside, according
Joshua Lee
drain grate, tied it to a bed-
Buzzard requested 90
EO Media Group
Fitch, 24.
sheet and swung it against days to determine the amount tacked another man with a to Prosecutor Dawn Buzzard.
After breaking into the
a window about 20 times of restitution for the damage. baton in May and burglarized
Kevin Michael Burn- Police re-
until the window shattered.
Osborne, 24, was in a home last fall was sentenced home, Buzzard said, Lambert
ham, the Seaside man who sponded to
A couple of more swings custody on theft, burglary Thursday, Sept. 24, in Clatsop reportedly stole more than
$1,000 worth of tools, steaks
tried escaping from Clatsop Providence
and they could have broken and drug charges. He is County Circuit Court.
County Jail while in custo- S e a s i d e
Cameron Lee Lambert, from a refrigerator, applianc-
through the window, which VFKHGXOHG IRU D ¿QDO UHV-
dy for an attempted murder Hospital af- KEVIN MICHAEL is large enough for them to olution conference in De- ZLOOVHUYH¿YH\HDUVSUR- es and furniture.
“He did not have permis-
charge from a hammer at- ter receiv-
bation. If the probation is vi-
get through.
tack, was sentenced Friday, ing a report
“They took a steel drain,
Burnham’s defense at- RODWHGKHZLOOIDFH¿YH\HDUV sion,” Buzzard said.
Lambert’s defense law-
Sept. 25, to more than six of a man who had suffered attached it to a bed sheet torney Rock Pizzo and the in prison.
years in prison.
Lambert pleaded guilty yer Mary Ann Murk told
D VHULRXV KHDG LQMXU\ 7KH and started whaling on the prosecution were negotiat-
Burnham, 26, appeared man reported being as- window and they did knock ing a plea agreement in the to attempted second-degree the court her client plans to
in Clatsop County Circuit saulted with hammers by some of the glass out,” Buz- attempted murder case be- assault and no contest to use his time on probation to
Court Friday to accept his two other men, later identi- zard said.
fore the attempted escape. second-degree burglary. He make positive changes in
The reason he tried to pleaded Thursday as part of his life. Lambert admitted to
He pleaded guilty last
Fitch was sentenced ear- ed a toilet in the cellblock escape was because the an agreement to avoid trial Judge Brownhill that he has
month to a lesser charge of lier this month to more than and added soap to make the 'LVWULFW $WWRUQH\¶V 2I¿FH next week. Other charges of a drug problem. “He assurs
second-degree robbery for ¿YH\HDUVLQSULVRQ
ÀRRU VOLSSHU\ IRU UHVSRQG- gave him such a bad deal. theft and criminal mischief me he will do his probation.”
Murk said.
the hammer attack and to
“There was really no LQJFRUUHFWLRQVRI¿FHUV
However, he accepted that were dropped.
Judge Brownhill warned
¿UVWGHJUHHDWWHPSWHGHVFDSH rational reason to beat up
At the hearing Thursday,
Their plan failed when deal by pleading guilty to
IRUWKHMDLOLQFLGHQW+HDOVR (the victim),” prosecutor FRUUHFWLRQV RI¿FHUV KHDUG second-degree robbery.
Lambert described the baton Lambert that many other
pleaded guilty to unlawful Dawn Buzzard said. “He the grate hitting the win-
“In the end Mr. Burnham attack to Judge Paula Brown- people are unable to com-
possession of methamphet- didn’t steal from them or GRZ 7KH RI¿FHUV GHWDLQHG has discovered, through hill as self-defense.
plete probation sentences and
amine from a previous case. anything.”
“I struck a man with end up in prison.
the inmates and placed the angst of these past six
“The chances are slim that
Other charges, includ-
While in custody, Burn- them in a more secure part months, that however it a weapon. He previously
ing attempted murder, were ham and another inmate, RIWKHMDLO
went down at some point SXOOHG D ¿UHDUP RXW DW PH you are going to successful-
dropped through the plea Anthony Craig Osborne,
The estimated damage he has lost his soul to drugs It wasn’t like I planned it. It ly complete probation, but
attempted to escape from could cost between $4,000 and he wants to spend this MXVW KDSSHQHG , KDSSHQHG I hope you do,” she said. “I
Burnham was arrested WKHFRXQW\MDLO7KHWZRLQ- DQGWR¿[DFFRUGLQJ time to get his soul back,” to come across his path,” he hope you can get clean and
in Seaside in February with mates broke off a shower WRWKHMDLO
Pizzo said.
By Kyle Spurr
EO Media Group
Sheriff Bergin announces Serial burglar sentenced to over seven years in prison
Astoria Ford.
agreement. Judge Paula ochia why he committed so
his bid for a fourth term
“All the
Brownhill noted Friday that many burglaries, even after
By Kyle Spurr
On Sept. 15, Sheriff Tom
fourth term as Clatsop Coun-
ty Sheriff. Bergin started his
law enforcement career as a
Seaside Police Department
in 1985. Bergin was hired
full time in December of
1986 with Seaside where he
worked patrol until 1992.
Bergin went to work for
the Clatsop County Sheriff’s
patrol deputy. Bergin started
three dogs over the years of
Bergin was promoted to
the rank of sergeant in 1996.
Bergin has primarily been
involved with patrol and
narcotics over the course
of his career and ran the in-
ter-agency narcotics team
for several years. While su-
pervising the team, Clatsop
County Inter-Agency Nar-
cotics Team was awarded
Narcotic Team of the Year
2001 from Western States
Information Network in
Sacramento, California.
Bergin was promot-
ed to chief deputy in 2003
earning his middle manage-
cations that were precluded
by his basic, intermediate,
advanced and supervisory.
Bergin has more than 2,344
hours of training in law en-
forcement. He attended Ore-
gon State and Portland State
Bergin ran for and was
and started in January 2005.
He has since run unopposed
for a second term and then
re-elected for a third term in
EO Media Group
A serial burglar who stole
from over 100 businesses and
residents in Clatsop County
is going to prison.
Loren C. Tarabochia, 42,
of Seaside, pleaded guilty
Friday, Sept. 18, in Clatsop
County Circuit Court to
eight counts of second-de-
gree burglary and one count
of attempted second-degree
burglary. He was sentenced
to more than seven years in
Tarabochia has a lengthy
criminal history of theft and
burglary dating back more
than a decade.
He has more than 100 vic-
tims in Clatsop County. Most
of his recent victims were lo-
cal businesses such as Pizza
Hut and the Sunset Empire
Park & Recreation District
in Seaside, Skipanon Brand
Seafood in Warrenton and
victims were
very excit-
ed about the
Scott Cham-
berlain said. TARABOCHIA
L a s t
September, Tarabochia was
arrested on multiple charges
including burglary, theft,
felon in possession of a
weapon, unlawful posses-
sion of a destructive device
and sex abuse charges.
Seaside Police Depart-
ment detectives and the
Clatsop County Sheriff’s
vestigate Tarabochia’s mul-
tiple commercial burglaries
in the Clatsop County area.
A slew of charges were
dropped through his plea
Tarabochia could have faced
a much longer sentence if not
for his impressive knowledge
of the legal system. He and
his lawyer Terrence Hunt
submitted countless motions
to suppress the charges. Some
of the motions prevailed.
A trial was scheduled this
week, but was canceled once
both sides reached the plea
sop County would have been
“You have victimized so
many people,” she said. “It
would be somewhat chal-
been victims of your crimes.
You have to stop this.”

your own
spending time in prison. He
said he had no idea why.
Hunt did not make ex-
cuses for his client, but said
Tarabochia has struggled
ing work and dealing with his
own identity.
“He is not a hopeless
case,” Hunt said. “He is a
challenging case.”
Judge Brownhill sen-
tenced Tarabochia to 102
months in prison, or about
eight-and-a-half years. He
will get credit for time served
this past year, so his remain-
ing sentence is seven-and-a-
half years.
The prosecution has 60
days to submit a total amount
for restitution for the victims.
Tarabochia said he will not
appeal the sentence.
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