Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, February 24, 1910, Image 3

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    Root, New York
lirandt-g««. Connecticut
3,000,000 !
tit her Senators whose wealth Is es- '
“Never Again.” Says Senator Filat of tlmnt««l to ba over a million ar< 1
Briggs, of New Jersey; Hmith, of
California—Will Return t«>
l«i» Preet lc««
Michigan, McEnery, of Ixmlalana;
Owen, of Oklahoma; Penrose, of
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
l*«imsylviinla. Perkins, «if Culifornlu,
Rayner, of Maryland, uml Bailey, of
"The Fulled States Hcliatu I h
♦ no place for u poor mun."
« Flunk P. Flint, U. H Senator
Aiming the ''poor'* Senators are
Cullom, of Illinois; Cummins, or
♦ from Cnllfot nlu
Iowa; Bristow, of Kansas; Galling«-' , t
of New Hampshire; Burnham, or j
♦ Estimated cost of Cali­
Connecticut; Dick, of Ohio; Oore. th«
fornia's next Senato­
blind Senator from Oklahoma; St on«
rial campaign
$ 57,000
♦ Senator Flint's p | rob­
und Warner, of Missouri, un«l Bever-
idge, of indiami
able expenses in
Washington for six
II 17,000
♦ A
♦ Total expenses that
must be reckoned
for term
♦ Total money coming In
from Uncle Baine
Most of tin* prominent sto« k ship­
pers of the county, among them L.
Gerber, .M< Keudrce and Ju« k Horton,
nr« complaining of th«« d«luy In sc
curing curs for th«« shipment of their
stock. Mr. Gerber lias 175 head of
catti« nt Midland awaiting shipment,
uml Mr. McKendree has six cars of
sheep nt th« Klamath Falls yards.
Cars were ord« red from tin- railroad
and the stock driven here from th«-
fci-dlng grounds in th«« expectation
thnt th«- cars ordered would be ready.
When th« stock arrived al the sta-
lion no curs wore in sight, and the
shippers have b««-n put to the ex-
pens« of feeding and th«« loas to the
stock by standing around for several
dnys In the mud. Mr. Gerber states
that h«- request«-«! the ng«-nt to notify
him by lela-phone In case the can
could not be ready when ordered
In that case he could wait a few day*
until cars were secured, but this Is
not done, and stock men are allow«-«i
to drive their stock to th«« stations
only t<> find that cars are not ready
for them, It Is probable that tin­
matter will ta« ■ taken up with th«-
freight department und an adjust-!
ment ««'cured.
Protective Association Is Formed for
Mutimi Benefit of D«-uler
un«i < tautomer
At I u inectiiiK held lust Friday by
the I grocers of the city steps were
taken for the permanent organisa­
tion of un association for the mutual
benefit of th« merchant ami the cus­
tomer. Full pians of the association
have not yet been completed, but the
organization is In accordance with
modern business methods and Is sim­
ilar to such organizations In the
cities. No black-list will be kept, us
is the custom In some places, but
<-a« li merchant will have an oppor­
tunity of ascertaining the reliability
of any prospective customer, and In
this way financial losses can be pre­
vented by th«- merr-hant. Another ud-
vantagc Is in a saving by combining
in ordering goods In car load lots.
This saving In cost would be shared
with th« customer.
Probably the
greatest benefit, however, In the as­
sociation, will be in the establishing
of more friendly feelings among the
merchants of the city. Unjust rivalry
and animosities will n<<<-Ksarily be
forgotten by personal contact and
much good can b«« done by united
- ffort for th« city.
of It was cash. The friends of Mr.
Graven will be glad to learn of his
good rotune, for he has resided in
good fortune, for he has resided In
twelve years and they feel that he
earned »11 he got. The property I m
ideally situated for the purpose for
which it has been bought, and will no
doubt be the site of a thriving city
before many years. It could not be
learned Whether the Hill people were
Interested directly in the deal or not.
Putiti«' Nfs-nding About
on Wagon Roa«l at.
Modo«- Point
Supl. II. G. Wilson, who was in the
city from the Agency last week.
states that In coming here he drove
over a portion of the n--w wagon road
being built by the railroad at Modoc
Point, to replace the old road cover­
ed by its right of way. It I m the opin­
ion of Mr. Wilson that it will cost
the railroad company nearly 825,000
for the building of this five miles of
road, as the contractors have had
over 100 men employed on the work
since the first of the year, This new
piece of road is more than twice the
width of the old cne and I m on an
excellent grade. The greater portion
has been built through rocks and
boulders, but the work has been don--
so well that when completed it will
be one of th- b< rt stretches in Klam­
Bill Introduce«) in l»i--t in ICcMponæ ath Count
lo Rc«|Urat Troni Parlile Coast
MM II \ 1« TIM Hi IX«
After jotting down th«« above figure
l'nited Press Service.
and taking u glanc«- at his bank book,
TOKIO, Feb. 19. President Na­ I l*ow«l«-r < inipauy .«starts Investigation
Henator Flint, of California, held up
kai»«», on behalf of th- Toklo Chatn-
to D- u rmiii«- Cause of
Ills right baud und tried, 'Never
l»--r of Commerce, has Introduced a
l-lll iu the Diet for the reduction of
SAN LEANDRO, Cal., Feb. 18.—
Ho be Is going buck home to lain
the tariff
on oil from 50 to 30 per Eng Sing, a Chinese helper, is dying
Angeles to eke out u miserable exist­
cent. The bill is th«* result of a ami will probably be the ninth vic­
ence with a pitiful law prattle« that
< .«bl«« j in from the Associated Cham­ tim of th«- explosion of the Trojan
will probably net him only *3<>.00u
bers of Commerce of th«- 1’a-ttlc Powder Works at Roberts Landing
or |u»,o«»o a year. But. ut home he’ll
Coast, asking th«« reduction in the yesterday. The others who were In­
not be <>bllg«-<! to accept dinner Invl
hit« rest of trade between Japan an<l jured will recover.
tntlons from Henator Moneybags and
America, in which It was declared
The powder company has started
Ambassador Goldbug und return
that the high Japanese tariff had en­ an Investigation into the cause of the
them next week or month
tirely stopped the exportation to explosion, but there is very little hope
will he I«« «ail'd upon to malntuln a
of ascertaining any information as
political organization In every on«« of
the persons who knew were blown to
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal.. Feb. 19 - atoms.
California's 57 ««iiintli-s at an avurag«-
S««r<tary Burka, of tlie Associated
cost of *1.000 per.
“I hav«? looked nt It from ««very Mill«-r Plinto < ompany Udi O| m -» i I i> Chambers of Commerce, when told of CHETE EXPERIENCES
Nakano's bill, declared that the early
i»ngl-«," said Senator Flint, ' and hav-
Modem Portrait Gallery
¡action on the request was indicative
com« to the com lusion that th" Unit­
ed Stales Senato la no place for a
The Miller Photo Company. com- of success of th« appeal. He said United Press Service.
CANE A. Crete, Feb. 18.—Many
poor mun if he hulls from California pos«*d of Chas. R. Miller and Cr l«-n that the commerce of the entire coast
und must make his campaign every Johnston, has secured a three-yea’* would be benefited, but declared that buildings were damaged by an earth -
six years under the new direct prl- lease on the Mongold Studio and will th«-ro was no connection in the ap­ quake which occurred here today
mary law. How much will the next assume charge on April 1. Mr. Miller.' peal and th«« recent granting to Japan No dead are reported here but r®
«ampalgn cost? I don't know; have who la In the city from McCloud, of a minimum tariff by Congress, al­ ports from Vatrope say that six bodies
not th«« retnostest idea Nobody has. states thnt they will put a firat-clasn though it was apparent that the time have been taken from the ruins ‘here.
Heavy loss of life is feared when the
for It hasn't b«*cn tried yet. Hut J'd portrait man In charge and he as-; for such request was opportune.
reports are received from the Interior.
have to maintain an organization In sure* th«« people of this city that It
The quake is the heaviest that hae
«•very (’«mgreealonal district and ev­ In their Intention to turn out such' GKAVES CIXISES DEAL
Kilt SALE OF KIM II been known here for years.
ery county. Culifornlu la more than work that there will be no necessity 1
1.000 miles long. Therefore. I'd have to go to Han Francisco or Portland
Money I'aid Over Totlajr and Properly HOUSE COMPANY
to rover u territory as lung as from tor photograph work.
l’a»-*-, to New < >un<-rs
Main« to the Carolinas along th«» At­
Th<< studio will be in addition to
The stockholders of the Ready
lantic Const. If the Slate were small the one to be located in the Hot
Charles Graves arrived in the city
and compart, like som«« of the New Springs addition, the contract for the Inst Saturday from bis ranch near Mad«- House Company held their an­
England commonwealths, the case building of which has already been Odell, and with hint camo J. H. We- nual meeting last Thursday at the of­
might I n * different and the expense let. Messrs. Miller and Johnston will nandy, E. J. Bourk and L. F. Wake­ fice of Judge H. L. Benson, when the
Ines. I would really have to make devote their personal attention to field. These are the gentlemen who following dir<«ctors were elected: F
two campaigns, one for th«« primary large scenic work and already bav«« have purchased the Graves property Ferris. C. N. Meyers, Henry Rabbas
and one for the election.
large contracts which will keep them at Od« I), where It is proposed to lay XV. XV. Nickerson and W. O. Smith,
“If the dlr««ct primary law is to busy the greater part of th«« summer. out a townsite and build the metrop­ At a m««eting of the directors held
stand, a poor mun can never hop«« to
olis of Northern Klamath County, i this forenoon F. Ferris was elected
run for th« Senate until after th«-
metropolis which M>mo day they be­ president: C. N. Meyers, vice-presi-
passuge of some extra legislation for
lieve will be the county seat of a new dent; Wm. AVagner, secretary, and
XV. O. Smith, treasurer.
his protection, some corrupt practice 15-llorM- Power Catapillcr Engine county.
and <X>ml»in«-d IlnrvcMcr and
act that will forbid the spending of
Suge Brusii Grubber
any moni-y whatever In a political
action none of the parties interested
Ward Graves, son of Chas. Graves
«ampalgn. or for the State Itself to
would talk for publication, stating of Odell, came down Friday from the
defray th«« expenses.
that they were not yet ready to make reservation, where he has been work­
“Of course. If 1 were so dlapoa<«d catuplller engine, w hich was recently i an announcement of their plans.
ing with the Oregon Trunk surveying
I might allow friends or friendly or­
It Is understood that the price paid crew. He will remain here and enter
ganizations to help mo out. On«« or j
for the ranch was <20,000, and al) the publie school.
two organizations back home have In- ; The engine is 45-h. p. and Is a
tlmated thnt they would I m « glad to
contribute *5,000 or 110,000. But eight tons. It runs equally well on
level ground or aldo hill and travels
hardly. It is bad enough to hav«« an
opportunity to hav«« an organization at the rate of six miles per hour ,
or an individual mako contribution« The combined harvester was also
to th«« party; its out of the question shipped with the outfit, but the at­
to think of them putting up money I tachment for grubbing sage brush
was not ready and will arrive here
for the candidate personally.
about thirty days. The outfit will
“I must say that I like the Sena-
torshlp. If It were not for the sake be taken to Maaten's place at the old
Horton ranch.
of family, I would like nothing better
than to stay hero th«» rest of my life.
But 1 owe my family something, and
if I hnd to spend *50,000 or *00,000
every six years for th«« campaign and While Returning Home la-g Is Brok­
then come to Washington and spend
en l>y Horse Falling on It
more than my salary as I have dur­
ing tho laHt six years— It would only
BONANZA, Ore., Feb. 19.—About
Ixo n question of time when 1 would 4:30 yesterday afternoon Michael
go broke,”
Hueck was the victim of an accident
Here is a list of the multl-nilllion- that will necessitate his confinement
alres In th«« Senate with whom Flint to Ills home for many weeks and pre­
is now associating:
vent Ills conducting the affairs of his
Ouggenhcim. Colorad«» . »50,000,000 farm this spring. 11c was returning
Elkins, West Virginia
25,000,000 on horseback to his homo and when
Stephenson, Wisconsin
20,000,000 about one milt- south of town the nni-
Warren, Wyoming
15,000,000 ninl stumbled and fell, pinning Mr.
Nixon, Nevada
15,000,000 Ilueek under him. The hors«« re­
Dnpcw, New York
15,000,000 gained him feet, Mr. Hueck still re­
Oliver, Pennsylvania
I 5. »00,003 maining In the saddle. He realized
Crane, Massachusetts .... 10,00« 000 that, he was severely Injured and re­
Aldrich, Rhode Island
10,000,000 quested his children, who were fol­
Wetmore, Rhod«« Islam! 10,000.000 lowing him in a buggy, to return to
DuPont, Delaware
8.000,000 Bonanza for Dr. Truax. Ho contin­
Hiii-.h' . Coloriido
5,0 ii ->.- hi ( i ued on to the homo of a Mr. Daniels,
Koan, MOW Jersi-y
.,.000.1101) about half a mile distant, when« ho
Nowlands, Nevada
5,000,000 remained until th«« doctor arrlv««<l It
Lodge, Massachusetts
5,000,000 was fouml thnt Mr. Hueck's leg had
Scott. West Virginia
5,000,000 been broken In threo places between
B ihii ii- . tlrcgon
5,000,000 the knee and ankle. Dr. Truax re-
Smoot, Utah ............... ... 5,000,000 dticcd the fracture and had the in-
Hale, Maine ..................... 3,000,000 jure«! man sent to his home,
Justice King DlaMWts From Opinion
of the Other Four Judg«-s
of the Court
No Htate highway will be built
through Jackson and Klamath Coun-
tl«a to Crater Lake with th«- financial
help of th«> Htate of Oregon, accord­
ing to the decision of four of tho
Judg««s of the Supreme Court, which
was rendered this week at Salem.
Justice King dissents from the de­
cision of the other members of th«-
court, and holds that the law does
not contravene th«« constitution.
Justice McBride, in passing on the
qu«-*Hon, hold« that it Is best to first
consider the intent with which th«.*
sections of the constitution claimed
In opposition to the law, were enact­
ed. He th«-n reviews the early his­
tory of the territory and State in
regard to local road laws, and shows
that. during«th<- early days It was the
practice to appropriate large sums for
local roads, citing numerous instance«
where this was done.
It is significant, the court says, that
these laws, after the organization of
th«« Oregon territory, were not pub­
lished among the general laws, but
were compile«! together in a separate
volume and entitled local laws.
Passing directly to the Crater Lake
roa«l case, Justice McBride argues
that “If the Crater Lake road is a
State road it permits the county
courts of Jackson and Klamath to lay
a burden upon the taxpayers of those
counti«*s not shared equally by the
taxpayers of the other parts of the
Impose-«« Tu\ on All
“If, on the other hand, it is to be
regarded as a county road in each of
the counties through which it passes,
it imposes taxes upon the people of
the rest of the State for the con­
struction of county roads in Jackson
and Klamath Counties and in either
case it is local.”
Sevratjr I’«x»>wng«-n> Have a Thrilling
Ex|s-rien«-«- and Narrow Escape
L'nit«.*d Pr«*ss Service.
JUNEAU, Alaska, Feb. 17.—The
Alaska Steamship Company's liner
Yucatan, south bound from Skagway
to Seattle, hit a monster iceberg in
Icy Straits today. An immense bole
was torn in her bow, and the sea be­
gan pouring through the opening.
Pandemonium reigned among the
passengers and it was with the great-
est difficulty that some of the more
excited were prevented from jumping
overboard. Excellent discipline pre­
vailed among the crew, which imme­
diately mann«’ the lifeboats prepara­
tory to launcning them if it became
straight for the mud banks and sue-j
ceeded in reaching them before the
boat settled. There were seventy pas­
sengers aboard, all of whom were re- I
move«! iron» the injured ship by th«''
steamer Santa Ana. which hastened
to the relief of her stricken sister.'
Th«« damage to the ship is heavy, and '
it is doubtful if she can be put in i
shape for service this summer.
Henry Conn arrived in the city last i
week from Roseburg. Mr. Conn j
came here to close up a deal for the |
sale of his ranch below town.
The corn was simply shocked by
the cutting manner of the farmer.
If he takes the Republican. If he
does not urge him to do it, so as to
lend a hand in the fight for his
Robert A. Moore et ux, to Raney C.
Grimes, deed, lot 9, blk 15, Opport'i-
nity Addition to Klamath Falla.
F. H. Pag«-, et al to Abm-r Weed,
warranty deed, 48.07 a< res in Sec 4,
Tp 34, S. R. IV, E. W. M.
Abner Weed, et ux. to F. H. Pag--
et al, waranty deed lol 1, and part of
lots 3 A 4, Sec. 4. Tp 34, 8. R. 7 *-
E W. M.
Rebecca Eggleston to Horace G.
Falrclo warranty deed, N M NwV*
N% Ne’A S»-c 1 Tp 40, S. R. 9 E.
W. M.
Horace G. Fa ire io to E. M. M- -
Intire, et ux warranty deed, N|*s
Nw«4 N«4 Ne%, Sec 1 Tp 40, S.
S R. 9, E. M. W.
Deputy Sheriff Schallock went to
the upper lake this morning to at­
tach the steamer Hornet, against
which a suit has been filed by Evans,
Hamaker fc Co. The deputy sheriff
found the steamer on the bottom of
the lake and covered with water, but
will hold the property until the suit
Is decided unless it is washed to
pieces by the wave«.
For an ap-to-alate wheel, ge«
a Rambler, on sale at the GUN
For sale or rew«_
Tentx to rent. Guns. We carry
a full line of sporting goods.
Opposite the Amr ricaa Bats*.
in. .. • aos.
And get ground ready for big
crop returns next year.
Some gixMl tmrgains can be
had in sagebrush land.
SWAMP LAND in desirable
locaUons will be higher in price
Capt. O. C. Applegate,
Office Manager
Fifth St., Near Main.