Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, February 10, 1910, Image 7

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    Wil KM K < AMK -Illi; I l NN AM) lug u girl of »Ixtecti; tlm Hecond wua
Ulltrill It IMII.N III. mm
procurisi frotu Ilio Lo* Angeli'» hos­
pital, il « luofher heing a »eventi" n
Ind tli«< I nil I* Not Yet, I'K ii I nto your old girl. Tho llilrd rumo frinii
Till« Ihty, Nor ilu< Next, Nor
Ilio county hoHpllul. und tlm foiiilh
tli«< Om> F<i||oHI«ig
frotu th«i Climi llmton hospital. The
prIn<■ IpuI* bave beoti NUliimoned to
Now III lli>< «lay* wlit'ii Wlllliitu th«>
iippenr before ili« giuud Jury und t«s-
Hitroiid, ■uc<‘«HiHor to Theodora th«'
tlfy a* to I»11 filli* coonected wlth thè
1‘liHt, wiih ruler of (ho I.anil of Do .
< ul|>Mi|liii, on (ho great Plulu (hut1
llcth hoyomt the Mountain* of Hlskl-
you and In the Valley of (ho l«akox i
of the Kliiniulh mid In (ho City that Republican Slut« < ciilral ('«iiiiinlt («■<■
I* llko unto Jorusalem, being the I
W III I'roliiilily Ik- < ailed To-
dwelling place of the ruler* of the
gether on February 12
Country round about
W. M. Cuke, chairman of the 11«
Now In tho Hocond Year of the
Rule of Wlllluin tho Hocond, there publican Hint« Ccntrnl Committee,
dwelt In the City that I* llko unto ha» announced that be will resign
JeruHuleiii many People of many con­ on account of th« pr«**» of profes­
founded tongue* ngroolng only In sional bUMlnes*. It I* the present In
< hii*lng (ho Hhekt'l* from (he rlwltig tentloti of Mr Cuk« to assemble th»
to tho going down of tho miiii , ouch committee In Portland on February
one for hlniMolf, und among them 12. lit which time Ills rimlgnutlon
were certnln Men called "Ihmatera," will be presented. There I* a prob­
und fut mid happy were the ItooHter* ability that Mr. Cuk«' may have to
und Mild oiiu to another, "We will go to New York, mid In that event
Boost for oureelvea only, and woe th«* committee will not be callpd to
unto that Mini who Incite* a 'H c I i I hiii ' gether until hl* return Inter in the
und Boost* a Boost Hint I* not our month.
It Is not known who will *ucce«d
Boost. und We »ay unto You. that '
Man I* tin ulxinilnutlon and »hull be to th« chairmanship, but undoubtedly
It will be Hom« one favoring the as­
< nut Into outer dnrkneu* ■ "
Now, be II known, thut tho Temple sembly plan, a* thl* I* th« sentiment
• >t tho Land In which ruled tho Tux of a majority of th« members of th«
Gatherer und tho Keep«<r of the Rec-1 committee.
II. L. Holguin I* th« committee­
ord* und tho Law Giver of the Pcopl«
was a "niene-mene-toker*- which I m >- man for Klmimth County, and there
Ing Interpreted mean* a dlareputabl«’ i* n question whether he can legally
old Hliai'k and of the pout Pliocene > hold th« position »Inc« he Is no
period and there was much grum-l longer a resident of tho county, it
I* probable that he will be a»ked to
bling among tho People therat —
Then there did come Into tho Lnnd resign ho that th« county committee
n Stranger named "Orejohunon," who can have th«' opportunity to select .«
hnd many Shekel» and Ding lint* and j successor to represent th« Republi­
many Vineyard* In unit round about can voters. It I* quite essential that
(he City, ami then «lid "Orejohnson" I th«* State commltteemaa should
»ay unto tho People, "Behold thy r«’*ld«nt of th« county ,and personally
Shack. I will glvo unto th«w a better ; acquainted with the wl*h«-s of hl»
<>no without Money and without Price, party.
und more, I will give Thee pure
water therefor, und more, I will make CON TRO I ERM OYEIt PIN! IIOT'S
it round about a pleasure to the «ye,
and plcawant for th« Hubble» thut
I'ortin-r Pmf«»»or ««f Tni*«-r*ity of
Jonlle each other on the Highway.”
Then did th« Chief of the Money ,
I l«*nna < ausc* l-'iglit by l>e-
nouio ing l*i*c»i<t«nt
' hanger* und Many Merchant* und
Dealer* In Iron gather themselves to­
gether with the Scribe (name being United Pr««a Hervice.
CHICAGO, 111., Feb. 3
<>f the Tribe of Booster*) and *ay
one to another, "Who hath lni|M>rte<l Stanley Flydrlchowlch 1» dying tn a
thl» pe*tlf«rou* Cu*a, Orejohnson. hoHplial here today as the result of
thut *hall dure to have u Boost that his denunciation of President Taft
I* not our Hoo*t, und proposeth to for th« removal from office of Chief
give unto the People of III* Vine-i Forester Gifford i’lnchot. Flydrlcho
wlch was formerly n Professor of Phi­
Then puke the Scribe and »aid. lology mid Philosophy at th«' Univer­
"Ixi. I think It u Good Thing;" and sity of Vienna and lias been In Amer­
farther (he Scribe did write upon ica several months studying socio­
Parchment, and »ayeth even unto th« > logical condition».
Th«« professor went into n saloon
People, "It »eemidh to Me a Oood
Thing;" und did Herald It forth that today und while enjoying a glass of
all the People might hear mid be b««r started an argument regarding
the Plnchol removal. In which he se­
mad«' wise thereby
Then dl<l the Boosters, the Money verely criticised President Taft for
« hanger», und the Merchant* in Iron his action*. Th«« remark* of the pro­
.nd other Metals *ay unto th« Scribe, fessor Wero resented by soln« of the
What, dareat Thou refuac to dunce bystanders and a controversy began
to our Whang Doodle; dur<»t Thou which resulted In n fight. The pro­
to have n Set lain und conaort with fessor was beaten Into unconscious­
ness with a chair. Ho was conveyed
< *re Johnson ?—
"liehold. It ahull come to pu*a thou to th« nearest hospital where It was
halt f.«'d u(win hunk*, and we will found that his skull bad been crushed
and other injuries received from
proceed to do The«» UP—Proper" -
Then did the Scribe nnswer In un which he will die. Robert McCall
unknown tongue, "Oubednm," which mid John Harold, two of the partici­
I* the Manner of Speech of tho pants, were placed under arrent on a
«■barge of murder.
Then did thn Boosters divide Into
two Part*, the one Part the follower* MINER* CONVENTION ADJOl HNS
of Orejohnson, mid th<> other being
the "Klckists,” mid then did (lie
lilcklHt* gather In a Cave beneath the < In-'li Dm* to Airing «if Grh'Vaiices
AgniliMt I.«H ill t nimi < Htlcer»
Temple of the Money Changer anil
ay. ■'Behold. We will have an Organ,
and It »hall belch forth tire and smoke United Press Service.
and pump the People full of 'tlotare,'
mill It »hull *ay to Ore Johnson. Go-to After a tumultuous session, th«« Unit­
• and describe the place ho la to go­ ed Mine Workers of America, who
to We want not of Your Vineyard have for Home time been In annual
nor of your piennant paths, nor of convention in this city, adjourned nt
your Shi'kcl* nor anything Thou ha*t. 3 o'clock this morning. The clash
Lo, We have told You; Wo Aln’t-ln- In the closing hours of the conven­
oti-lt, and It shall *ay to the Stranger tion was due to the airing of griev­
thnt cometh within our gate*, be­ ances against officers of local unions.
ware of the Scribe; ho wlsheth to par- While most of those seemed trivial
tnke of Orejohnson's bounty, which many of them arc of sufficient impor­
tance to make It necessary for the
1» un abomination io us"—-
And Io, there wiih great dlHsenHlon next convention to take them under
nmong the People of the Kh-klHt* and consideration. The miners went to
the Boosters, anil the followers of tho Toledo today for n Joint conference
Scribe, mid tho end is not yet even with the mine operators.
Indianapolis, Toledo, Rochester and
unto this day.
St. Louis fought hard for the next
convention, hilt St. Louis had the best
organization and won by a handsome
l.o* Angele* Woman Di«l Not Give
lllrtli to Any of the Children
United Pres* Service.
I.OS ANGELES. Cai., Feb. 3.
Tho fake perpetrated by Mrs. W. W.
Wilson, when it was announced (hut
she hud given girth to four children,
is being investigated by the grand
Jury. Mrs. Catherine Smith, bend of
tho »anltarhim where the Wilson wo­
man was supposed to hnvc become
mother of the quadruplets, today tes­
tified before Judge Wilber, of the
.Iuvenil« Court, ns to who was the
parents of tho children which Mrs.
Wilson tried to palm off as her own.
Hhe stnted thnt the first secured from
(he Smith sanitarium, Its mother lic-
Tho bulletin has just been Issued
by the Southern Pacific Company an­
nouncing the successor to F. M.
Thompson as agent nt Klamath Falls.
As previously stnted, Mr. Thompson
has bei'ii promoted to tho position of
traveling agent. C. II. Mills, of Red­
din'.; has been appointed agent nnd
i expected here In about a week
with his family. Auditor Geo. H.
Hamilton will bo here at the time
to superintend the transfer.
F. E. Wright, the present cashier
and telegrapher, is to go to Kennett,
und \. V. Shutt, of that stntlon, will
bo transferred to this city. Mr. Shutt
Is expected to arrive here tonight.
DEt ISlON <1 I. H. < lit Iti Dll,I, of Bsi.aii««
I I • ' Hupn me <’• art up- SCHOOL BOARD AMENDS SPEI I-
holds this contention an«! in conclu-
slon Hays that th« d«iuiirrer to the
G ihh I Team Work of llic Da l'giitlou (‘outeutloii 1» TI im I G« vorumrtil II iik complaint, no far as It relutes lo th" No .N«< •••'•Ity for Shipping in M»t< rinl
Brings Itenult»
No Right lo It«« laliii Oilier
for Public Building»—Mon«-y
deeds of dat« August 21, 1891, and
'Ilian Public I jiik I*
Sliould Be H|M'i«t Hrre
the on« issued In 1893, will be over­
United Press Her vice.
ruled. And as to the one under «late
WAHIIINGTON, D. (*., Feb 3.
BOISE, Idaho, Feb. 1
Tlm con­
At a meeting of the school dlrec-
of January 18, 1893, it will be »u»-
It wus learned authoritatively here stitutionality of th« reclamation act
of the city school Thursday It
tain«d and the decree on facts a* to
today thnt the rivers mid liurbor bill, will be t'»t«-d before the United
<1 «!«1 of date, 1889, will be reversed. was decide«! to amend the speeifica-
commonly known in legislative dr- Htat«-» Clri ult Court of App«al* at
j tlon* for the new *20,000 building
ides as I be "pork barrel," will con­ Han Franclnco February 18, th«« date
i to allow bids on cement brick a* well
tain uppropriatloiiH for three Cali­ net today when th»' appeal In the case
us clay brick.
fornia streams. HucrmiK-nto River of th«« United Stat«» vs. David E. Thirteen Appli« ant* Taking T«»t for
Th«! activity on the part of certain
Peta­ Burley will be hi-ard. District At­
Enuma-rutor» This Afternoon
people recently in their effort to *«?-
luma Creek, *8000; «Napa River, JI 2,- torney Ling «iielter amount ed tlm'
cure a big reduction In the freight
Postmaster Ernmltt conducted the rate on brick would indicate that
ooo. Humboldt. Illver gets nothing, me will app«-ar before the Court of
though Congre .*inmi Englehart made Appeal* on behalf of the United examination Saturday afternoon f«»r i there was a possibility of foreign
cenHus enumerators in the court room material being used In the construc­
a hard fight for It. Ho »luted that States In thl» case.
n«‘<'«HHury to IriHiirv hi* r«- «di etIon,
It I* contended in the appeal that at the county building. There art! tion of the new »ch<M>l house. There
mid on thlu plea be will have a re- while th« Government ha* the right nine enumerators needed for this Is no necessity for this, and It 1» to
All of the money will be to r«Tlalm public land, It cannot r«e «oiinty and thirteen applicant* are the interest of the people of the city
uvullulde next year. The success «net claim private land, for by ao doing It being examined. Among them are: that, th«! material sho*il«l be purchas­
with Is due entirely to the barnionl- «tigag«-* In a private enterprise. Thl* Cha*. W. Sherman, of Dairy; B. M. ed here. This would mean that all
ous cooperutlon of the California del­ contention was upheld In a Colorado I Hall, of Bonanza; J. H. Hobbs, of of the money would remain in this
Merrill; O. A Stearns, E. M. Heppe, city an«l the larger portion of it be
Mr. Buriey I* general passenger ' W. A. Boudinot, Frank Applegate, returned to the merchants and the
RESPONNIHLE FOR THE APRALI« agent of the Oregon Short Line, with Mrs. F. E. Ankeny an«l Mrs. J. S. taxpayers.
headquarters at Salt Lake City. Fields.
Mr. Childers states that he already
Home year* ago h<- entered 280 acre*
ha» about 100,000 brick on band
inriioli of Cobi Air IncrcuM-» Amount of desert land In what Is now the BELIEVE IIARRI.MAN'H LINES
and will put up sheds in the vpry
of Gas—Nugget« Remedies
WILL GO TO LAKE COUNTY near future and begin manufactur­
Deer Flat Reserve of the f’ayette-
lo Prrvciit It
Bolse Project. The Government later
ing so that there will be plenty of
withdrew from entry a large body of Amen«l««l Survey of Ohl Route I* brick for any buildings contemplated.
I'nlted Pres* Service.
Filed ami lu«llcatiotin Point to
land adjacent to Boise, Caldwell and
The Hydraulic Stone & Brick Com­
NEW YORK, Feb. 3.— Tho mine Nampa, with the idea of reclaiming
Imnietliate < oiistruction
pany are already gathering their ma­
disaMtcr* that have appalled the na­ It and building a big reservoir out of
terial and will open the plant as soon
A diHpatch from l^akevtew to the
tion this year, resulting In a lo** of the Deer Flat. This was subsequent­
as the weather will permit. All that
Ilf« aggregating 16 m , I n due mainly ly done, water being taken from it«' Oregon Journal says that on«! of the
either of these concerns ask is that
to th«« atmoMpberlc conditions prevail­ Bolre River through the New York ■ more important of reo-nt happenings
their material be given a fair »how
ing at this time of the year. Is the (.anal to the reservoir, an 1 the !at«l I is the filing of an amended surrey by
in the awarding of contracts.
opinion expressed by John Mitchell, of Mr. Burley was flooded. An at­ the Oregon Eastern Railway a« the
Childers Bros, spent *15,000 in
former president of the United Mln«« tempt was mad«« to purchase the land I Lakeview Government Land Olfic«,
wag««« last Hummer and expect to
i through township 27 south, range 8
Workers of America.
from Mr. Burley, for which he de­
spend as much if not more this sum­
Mr. Mitchell explained bls remarks manded 350 an acre. The Govern­ ! east, which lies in the vicinity of the
mer. The Stone & Brick Company
by stating that the cold air entering ment refusi-d to pay this amount, Walker range of mountains In Klam­
expended *6000 after starting up last
t'l« working* iikh 'I s the warmer air went to trial and a verdict of *20 an
year and already have contracts
u jthln the mln«» and ha* a tendency acre was received. Mr. Murley took one in which the postofflee of Odell
which will mean an expenditure of
is situated. The old survey went
t<> Increase the amount of gas usually an appeal.
between *20,000 and ,25.000. All
prevalent In the working*. He fur-
The <!e« Inion in this appeal Is of
of this money is spent in Klamath
[ through the township east of No. 27,
tint *ay* that most disasters could utmost Importance to the West.
Falls and most of It goes for wages.
: in a series of curves due to the brok-
lie avoid««! If the men were compelled
It means more people for the city
, en character of the country, ranging
t.. serve nn apprenticeship of three
JAS. J. Illi.I. WILL UNDERTAKE from halt a mile to two miles in ex­ and eventually more homes, and it
year» ami certain regulations were
is only right that such Industries
The newly amended survey
enforced. Th«* regulations he sug­
should be encouraged.
gests are proper ventilation, emer­ Appli«-» to «■M-iiator < liaiiilM'rlain for eliminates these curves and in the
twelve miles mentioned in the new
gency eocap« »hafts, telephones and
Map* and Statisti«» of
survey there is simply one long grad­
sounding pipe*, through which liquid
160 acres of land near railroad,
< tregon
ual curve.
f«M>d could be lujured throughout the
cabin and barn, for *300. Running
The importance of the amended stream. I have about eight home­
mines, affording sustenance to min­ United Pre»» Service.
ers who might « »cap«! with their lives
WASHINGTON, D. C. !'• b. 4.— survey is understood when it is steads, level and good running water.
after th« first explosion. In addition President James J. Hill, of the Great known that the survey has been gone For particulars write to
to those precautions he sugg«-sts that Northern and Oregon Trunk Rail­ over several tim»>s during the past
compartments be built for the refuge roads, has called upon Senator Geo. few years by the Harriman interests,
Fort Klamath, Oregon.
of miners, where they could seek pro­ E. Chamberlain for maps and statis­ which are at the h«?ad of the Oregon
tection while the work of r«?scue was tics of Oregon. He states that his Eastern Railway. The construction
In progress.
road will prepare and distribute bul­
Five lots, slgn.ly location. , 15«0.
letin* relating to Oregon industries, very heavy, but initial cost of con­
loan ,750 cn the deal.
similar to those for Montana and struction will be more than offset by
A nice cottage with bath, large
the d«»creas< <1 cost of operation.
There is every indication that the lot, ,1700. A good buy.
The policy of J. J. Hill has always
A large residence, fi’e lot. ,:«S««0.
ASHLAND. Feb. 3.—It Is reported bf-en to settle up the country through Oregon Eastern Intends to build
Three cottage* on three lota. Roons
that the Southern Pacific will soon which his railroads run and it can something more than a mere side­
»«•nd two of their big new Mallet confidently be expected that as fast track from the Juncture with the >ncugn for another cottage; ,225*
compoum! engines, their latest exper­ as hi* road is built into Oregon, just pr«>|>osed main line of the Southern
iment In monster locomotives, to Ash­ so fast will new settlers be brought Pacific now building northward iron«
laud to be put in the helper service in and placed upon the land and the Klamath Falls and southeasterly
across the Siskiyou» to Hornbrook. country settled up and developed.
from Natron to Odell.
In th«' County Court of th«' State of
Those monster machines havo a
Oregon for Klamath County
weight of 390.000 pounds on the I'.l I II \ E Ml RDERI D t.lRI.
drivers, as against 180,000 for the
OFF CAFE HENUM’EN In the Matter of the Estate of Ges-
sine Wheeler. Deceased.
big moguls now In common use. They
Notice is hereby given, by the un­
V««M'l<t Rushing to Assi'.tance—Last dersigned administrator of the estate
are over 90 feet long and on account United Press Service.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Feb. 5.—
of Gessine Wheeler, deceased, to the
Me»<>age l»y Wireh'as, "Mater
of this extreme length the engineer'*
creditors of said estate, and all per­
Gaining in Hold"
enb is plac'd in front and ahead of That the murdered girl, whose skele­
sons having claims against the said
th« txiller to enable him to see the ton was found near Mt. Tamalpais,
deceased, or the said estate, to pre­
was either a tourist or resident of
track ahead.
sent such claims with the proper
CHARLESTON, S. C.. Feb. 4 — vouchers within six months from the
The Mallet compound Is virtually San Fiancisco is the belief of the
two engines in one. There Is no turn­ police, who are seeking Identification The liner Alamo is rushing to the date of this notice to said administra­
tor at his his residence in the Town
table on the Shasta division nt pres­ through means of a watch found on assistance of the liner Kentucky, of Fort Klamath. Klamath County.
ent larg«' enough to handle one of the body and which bears a local which is reported to be sinking off Oregon.
Dated this 13th day of January,
tiles«' monster machines which would Jeweler's number. A whiskey flask Beaufort, N. C. The reports of the
have to depend upon a "Y" track to with the name of a San Francisco sa­ threatened disaster were received A. D. 1910.
loon was also found near the body. here today by wireless. The Ken­ Administrator of the Estate of Ges­
make a turn.
Th«» theory advanced by the police
sine Wheeler, Deceased.
authorities is that the girl was lured Lines and was making her maiden
VI M>S ESPERANZO, MEXICO from the tavern and attacked and voyage from New Y’ork to Pacific
killed. The marine and local au­ Coast ports. The cause of the Ken- ’
Strayed, from my ranch, eight head
MEXICO CITY. Feb. 3.—Slxty- thorities are making a full investiga­ tucky springing a leak is not known.
long yearling heifers, branded P over
threc miners were killed nnd be- tion of every evidence that can be
half circle on left hip. Under bit
twi'en thirty ami forty were injured secured in the case.
WASHINGTON, D. C.. Feb. 4.— right ear, over slope on left ear. In­
in th«' Palau mine. Los Esperanzo,
The battleship Louisiana was ordered formation leading to their recovery,
Mexico, according to tho latest re­ .11 IM.E HENSON REVERSED IN by wireless to proceed at once to or delivery, will be rewarded.
ports received here. Fifty-two bodies
the aid of the Kentucky.
Merrill, Ore.
hnvc alr«*ady b«‘en recovered from the
third level of shaft No. 3, where the Will Havt' to Go Rack t«» Ijike County
NEW YORK, Feb. 4.—The Ken­
explosion occurred. The work of res­
Court—May Mean Cancella­
tucky is a stern wheel steamboat for­
< >
cue is being ptiHhed with all possible
tion <>f Patents
merly belonging to the Joy line, ply­
< )
< ►
speed, the rescuers now working on
ing between Providence and Boston. ;
SALEM, Ore., Feb. 3.—In a de­ She cleared New York ten day» ago
the lower levels.
< ►
cision rendered by Justice Eakin, of: with a crew of thirty men and was
the Supreme Court, Judge H. L. Ben- lab! up a short time at Norfolk. She
DISt ttVERER R. E. I’EARY son. of the Circuit Court for Lake was en route to New Station when
County, Is reversed in the famous she sprung a leak.
Bill lntr«Mliic«Ml to Promot«' Him to Warner Valley land case, which will
Com«' in »eli«'«, |«ains and burn­
ing seiisatioiis.
I'ooltion of Rear Ailmiriil
again have to be tried In the Circuit
NEW YORK, Feb. 4.—Late this
Court in I-ake County.
afternoon every Atlantic seaboard is
United Press Service.
Most «'vcrylxHly feels these
The suit was brought by the Attor­ trying to get in touch with the ves­
symptoms sooner or lat«'r—hut
WASHINGTON. D. C.. Feb. 3.—
ney General for the State against th«' sels rushing to the assistance of the i
few ¡«copie heed them soon
Senator Hale of Maine today intro­
Warner Valley Stock Company to liner Kentucky, which was reported |
duced a Bill authorizing tho President
cancel patentH to 22,4 71 acres on the sinking when last heard from. Since
♦ If you have cauae t«» rul< your
to appoint Robert E. Peary, rccog-
ground that the law had not been the first signals of distress flashed by
nlz«'«l discoverer of tho North Pole,
: eyes When reading at niglit. or
complied with, in that the surveys McGinness, the Kentucky's wireless
to the position of rear admiral and
when sewing, it is anipl«* time
had never been made and that it was operator, nothing has been heard. | « to get the help of glasses.
< ►
pince him on the retire«! list. Tho
useless to attempt the designation or The operator said that the Kentucky
bill will probably become a law.
Identification of the lands filed on by had sprung a leak and that the water
Th«' right glasses will give
the company’s officials.
was gaining in the hold despite the < ► you iniinediate relief.
MBPONni n i \ ui : on 11 i
A demurrer filed to the complaint crew's pumping. "Need help Imme­
in the lower court was sustained ex­ diately; we are sinking; hurry," were
We ar«' abb' to fit you |»'r-
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal.. Feb. 3.— cept on the last deed issued by the the last words from the ship. The <> fts-lly in the quickest possible
Despondent because of lack of money State in 18S9, conveying 5228.11 Alamo picked up the message and re­ < < ► » time.
C. A. Farrar, an aeronaut of local acres, on the ground that suit was peated it to shore and rushed to aid < >
< >
W are looking for the most
repute, ended his life by Inhaling barred l>y th«' statute of limitation in
difficult cases in glass fitting.
According to me Federal Bureau
gas from the balloon which he was that it was not brought within ten
’ >
engaged to fly. Farrar was missed years from the date of the deeds; of Entomology, the work done by the < ►
< ►
last Tuesday and his body was dlc- also by the provision that no suit bees of the country in fertilizing the o
eovered today on the roof of tho Tha- ■ shall be maintained to cancel a pat­ blossoms of fruit trees alone is worth i ♦ Graduate Ai State Rcgistcreil
lln dance hall, which used the balloon ent by either tho United States or more than the *20,000,000 worth of «►
Oregon unless begun within ten years honey that they produce each year.
as nn advertisement.