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    1 and a »rr.ckrg« eMcii ling onlv about
tweuty-flv* miles.
But it Is not alone lumber that the
tie» road »ill ham out of Klamath
E. J. MURRAY, Editor
«ounty. During September c »real ex-
ports employed by the Hill lines ma io
an exhaustive examination of the up-
A special iue«'tlng of lit«' city council
I er pot tion of Klamath county as ft
east as Silver Lake and Paisley into was called Thurstlay night to discus-«)
Lake county, and throughout the Dev the proposed ordinance allowing the
We i <tem Union Telegraph company to
chutes district, tc repc rt upon tbe
All communications submitted for publication In the ooiutuus of tins adaptability of Hat section, and al o enter the ell) and erect poles ami
paper will be insetted only over the name of the writer. No non de plume of the Klamath Indian reservation (< sit ing such wires as may be necessary
article» will be published.
»neat growing. The report was of to carry on their litislne-s. Several
the most favorable character, one of uuieudmont* to the ordinance which
the expert* declaring that no section had been passed at a previous meet­
Eastern Washington has any a I ing on Ils second reading w«»re In­
OREGON I 111 XK U II I. s| IK |<> vantage over this portion of Oreg>-i' troduced by the mayor and members
of the couiuM, It was <l«-eni. <1 exp«'
lle*<«lution to Ik- Scut to Oregon and
i.s a whet t-producing country.
diem to set a time limit of twenty tlv««
< alilornia llcpr.—.iit.K n<— in
Mildi Grain to Stli|>,
Klamath county wheat has long years on the franchise, to be glv«'u
. Ix-en known for its high milling qu.-.t- ihe company ami to allow them no
The members of the Klamath Falls
-tty, but until this year lack of trau-- tights to the pob ahead)’ elected In
Realty board met at luncheon today
i rt 'ion prevented its t lpm-4 f <0 lit«' telephone coKipnuy, this last
An interesting article in the Ore- < utside r.lllls. though it was aougl t am -mliuent to curb their powers
at the Hotel Livermore, with Judg'-
H. L. Benson as their guest. Mr. | gunian lends to uphold tile belief for Id -tiding purposes. This year th«' should they buy out the present own-
Benson was requested to be present i that Klamath Falls is to be the ob- (top harvested was the largest In the «rs of th«» local company. Another
for the purpose of explaining his th«v- ; jective point of the Hill road through 1 ist >ry ot the agricultural develop-i amendment stated that they should
ory as to the sale of the swamp lands, Central Oregon.
inent of the basin, and as a result n ch ar th«» street* nnd rebuild all pav-
There is no longer any doubt that good many cai loads have been ship tt:< nts. leaving the street* In us good
when reclaimed by tue government,
for the benefit of the Klamath pro­ I the objective point of the Hill ruH- t>ed. California millers drawing >1 condition after ’hey erect their poles
I road through the Deschutes couutiy this source ot supply. Three local or change the position of any already
The members were so favorabl) J is the great soft pine timber region mills, at Klamath Falls. Merrill and er< .«I. ns th«' tri ts w. i<> b- fot>-
impressed with the scheme that they lot Kltmath county, and tint Klam­ Ronanxa. are steadily grinding am. they i<>miuen<'< d work.
Th«> orders recc|v«'d by the foreman
appointed a committee to confer with ath Falls is to be the terminus uutil iec« dying their full complement of the:
the Water Users’ association and tbe ) such time as the road is pushed on < rop, but there Is more than may be of the telegraph compauy, who Is now
Chamber of Commerce with the ob­ 1 to San Francisco. Two crevs of en­ required for local consumption dutlt.g In the city with a g.-ng of men ready
ject of passing a resolution to be sent gineers have been engaged lu the the coming year, nnd this surplus will to commence w<uk, wer* that h<>
to congress asking their aid in the I northern part of this cour ty, one be qub kly absorbed by the mills of should erect poles on the northi'rly
matter. It is hoped that a law may making a preliminary serve, of the tie So them Pacific lines In Califor­ side of Main str«*et to about the mid-
die of th* block In which the Liver
be passed by congress allowing the entire route to the east side of Upper nia and t'regon.
proceeds front the sale of thes? gov-i Klamath lake, and going out over
Eacl s creed!ng year will recor I more hotel stand*, Tho ma)or and
council agreed that
« r:’lient lands to be applied toward I the Southern J’aeitlc (rout here, an 1 largely
rvnsed production of cereal
paying the cost of the Klamath pro-j representing that the party was a crops f 1 t ils country, for the Irrlga- wired already on
ject. 11 this is done it is believed 1 baud of timber cruisers driven out tion sy j U ui Is being pushed to com those that the troll«
that it will materially ’ sen the bui-l of the woods by the heavy snows of pletion and will add many thousands have to erect whet
den which has been p.aced upon the) the past few weeks.
of cres to the producing areas for electric car system,
land owners.
Beginning nearly four years ago the seasons of 1910 and 1911. That have as many polet
It is conceded that if the farmers j with tbe acquisition of the Klamath means more tonnage for the railroad« visable. The recor
directed to notify t
are to pay the high cost for water) Lake railroad, extending from Thrall and new wealth for Oregon.
of th«' comjiany at San Francisco that
that some assistance will be necessary I to Pokegama, and some 30,000 acre«
the co'tncll was w illing to allow them
and the proposition suggested by Mr. of timber land that had been brought
to build their line up Klamath ave­
Benson appears the most feasible one 1 into the holdings of that company by '
oslte or near their
yet mentt-ined. It is claimed that lervey Lindley, the Weyerhauser. t»l T OF Sot TIIERN OREGON IXIi nue to a point
office on «Main str- ’. nnd thence up
these lands were given by the states Timber company has bought other.
one of th«» side streets to Main.
of Oregon and California to the Unit­ holdings of the Jenny Creek plateau
After the council met last Monday
ed States government to be used for Î and throughout the choicest belts of
I ion
a new bid for tic «wer bonds was :c-
the benefit of the project, and that in ' the great Klamath forests, until the|
celv«-d by Recordcr Leavitt $40.00>
simple justice the people under the, holdings of the big syndicate now ai>-
at 6 per cent, with a premium of
project are entitled to the proceeds ) proximate 159,000 acres. This rep­
Poor old Oregon, which once in- »250.
from their sale.
resents the investment of several mil­
clud 'd nearly the entire Pncldc
It was
Following tils discussion the board lions of capital by this one company.
' coast, will soon be confined to the
ri >ukl meet tonight at City Engineer
took up several other matters of im­
Shevlin & Carpenter, heavy oper­
Wilammette vbllev. If the many move­
Z1111 salt’s office snd look over the
portance. among which were the sale ators,
have recently made extensive
ments for state division are succese- maps nnd surveys of the city,
to de­
of additions to the city and the en- j purchases. The Deschutes Lumber
' fill. Promoters have long been work­ tcrmlne whether It would be
forcement of the regulations laid company,
formed by Alpena. Mich.,
ing on the formation of a new state abb' to lay the sewer on Main
st reel
down by the board and the commis­ men; the Yocqui Lumber company of
front portions of Oregon. Washington or Klamath avenue.
sions to be charged on sales.
Minneapolis, the Hixon Lumber com­
and Idaho, and it is reported that the
pany, S. S. Johnson and G. H. Gil­
prospects are bright for success.
christ have secured holdings aggre­
Southern California wants to be sep­
HIENA VISTA HEIGHTS gating about 200,000 acres.
arated from Northern California, an«!
Ilill Interests Break Ice.
It will require two carloads of pa
the latest movement Is to create a
To all whom it may concern, and to
Tht coming of these timbermen o new state to be called Siskiyou out per to print Oregon's new code. The
the town council in particular.
this section of Oregon Is recognized of Southern Oregon and Northern code will consist of two volumes, an«t
You have advertised an election on by those in touch with the facts as . California.
there will be printed 5,000 sets, or 1«
December 31st in behalf of the voters the first advance of Hill interests \ At a meeting of the Jackson County total of 1 o.oot) volutri«*», a respecta­
of the additions in question. I wish nto this territory., Confident of the! Press association last week resolu- bly large library. State Printer Dun-
to ask a few questions. Is this to be sjseedy revival of business following tlons were passed endorsing the Iway estimates that the printing will
a case of taxation without representa- the disturbance in the autumn of movement, and committees appolnb-l take 70,000 pounds of book paper.
tion? Before this municipal pump- 1907, these associated timbermen. a'l
Th«» first volume has already been
1 to co-operate with the press and peo­
kin is pulled from the vine, and be- friendly and In close touch with cho
ple of the section involved and call a complied, and the copy Is being placcj
fore we vote we want to know if we Hill railroad interests, sought to take convention of representative citizen* in the hands of the printer rapidly.
are to have the rights and privileges advantage of the existing depressed at Shasta Springs, Yreka, or sont«» William P. Lord, James IJ. Montagu.',
the rest of the town enjoy. Are we cordltlon of ll’t lumber market and , other California point, in the near fu­ James Godfrey and William P. Lord
to vote “yes,” and then lay the water demand for t’mber, thereby driving ture, and formulate plans and out­ Jr. compose the commission created
pipes and mains out of our own pock­ many good bargains in taking over line a course of action to bring the by the last legislature for compiling 3
ets? Are we to vote “yes,” and then I.tiding; of the best of yellow p<ne movement to a successful
culminn- new code. It will be ready for dis­
pay the regular price for our lights in timber It semi- this was done with tion. Common cause will’be mail" tribution In November, 1910.
addition to paying for both the poles an -indetstanding that the Hill roads with the promoters of the new states
and wires for same out of our own would build a branch as soon as in Eastern Washington and Southern I St I’PLEMI- X r Oltl GOX DIGEST
pockets? Four hundred and twenty- necessary to bid for the traffic to its California.
five dollars to light one building one natural outlet in markets of the Mid­
Arthur S. Benson, son of H. L.
In commenting on the subject the
year 500 yards off the main line in die West and Mississippi valley Medford Mail-Tribune says:
Benson, atul deputy clerk of the Hi­
the Buena Vista addition would make states. The market demand is rapid­
“By formally Indorsing the move­ prem* Court nt Salem, and Mita
anyone swear. Are we to vote our­ ly being stimulated in the country
ment of the new state of Siskiyou Effie May King, clerk to Associate
selves in and then have all the old east of the Rocky mountains by the and appointing committees to launch 'Justice McBride, are collaborating on
lfobtailed one-horned cows in the land bumper crops of wheat and corn, and the campaign for secession, the Jack- ; digest which is to bo supplementary
herded round us by the boisterous the roads will make an effort to meet
on County Pres* association struck ’ to Montague's Oregon digest. A h
young Americans of the town? If so, the necessities of the occasion with
popular chord and one destined to Montaguo’s digest Includes only 42
nothing doing. If so, we will continue rates that will place the lumber la
■have far-reaching and beneficial re­ • volumes of the Oregon reports It i
to drink slough water, burn sage
sults. To be sure, no state has ever ¡fast becoming out of date.
that territory.
brush for light, fence against the
The new digest will bo chebply
It is recalled by a man welk in­ been divided after admission except
moon-eyed broncho, the hogs and dis­
I bound, aid Is Intende«] to serve a
formed on the railroad situation that
charged mules of the city.
¡temporary purpose only, and until a
the first advent of Hill emissaries to several should not be, particularly
This question has been brought up
¡new nn«l revised digest can be com-
prepare the way for building the Oregon, where a majority of the pop-
before, but the answers were too
j [ lied. The supplementary digest will
North Bank road into Portland was
▼ague, Be more explicit, please. We
contain the decisions of tlio Oregon
the selection of the site for a gre;.t ; backs and exert most of their energy
believe in expansion, but a bursted
Supremo Court contained In the Or««-
saw mill on the peninsula near St
boiler is worse than no steam, Ex-
“Southern Oregon has nothing in gon reports from the 43d to the 5.!<l
John by the Weyerhauser Timber
tension of municipal lines is good so
volumes. Inclusive. The latter volume
company, which it afterwards deve;- ¡common with Western Oregon, a dif­
long as they don’t rasp people on the
will soon be off the prrwses.
oped was done in the interest of the
bass string.
railroad. Therefore, it is pointed out, different people. Our needs and de­
the entrance ot the greatest timber sires are not comprehended, and no
combination in the country into the ¡inclination is shown to comprehend
The Western Union are having
lumber industry of this section means them. Southern Oregon, like North­ poles hauled and distributed along
that it is the forerunner of the Hill ern California, is utterly ignored, ex­ the streets for their telegraph line
The first association of Theodore
railroad, which .will claim a large cept when it comes to paying taxes, Into the city. Work will commence
Roosevelt with the phrase “the big
share of the traffic that will be de­ without representation In state or na­ on the erection of the poles and
stick” dates from a speech delivered
veloped by the plants of the timber­ tional government, a vast empire, stringing of wires as soon as the
by him at Chicago in 1902. On that
with ocean harbors, with greater na­ franchise is passed by the city cottn-
occasion he said: “There is a homely
resources, greater timber and cil. The poles are to be placed on
Road Bought First.
old adage which runs, ‘Speak softly
mineral wealth and scenic attractions Klamath avenue and for one block on
The first railroad mileage in Ca'.-
and carry a big stick, and you will
than any section on the globe.
Main street.
fornla and in Oregon south of Port-
go far.’ ”
The New York World In an edltor-
ial published September 20, 1904, re­
vived the speech, contrasting It, In
parallel columns v ith Roe • v<T < pa­
cific speech to the delegates of the
Inter-parliamentary Peace Union, on
September 2 4, 1904.
The first cartoon embodying “the
is published
big stick” i«I<
12, 1904.
World of Oct
resented R«x
No. 71<17
nt Klamath Fulls, In the Hints of Oregon, at th« clono of busliuss,
November Iti, I II Oil
land virtually owned by the Hill rail­
roads was the little Klamath Lake
road, for the Weyerhauser company
acquired !t with the Idea of eventual­
ly tearing up the track and relaying
the rails to carry the logs from the
Jenny Creek plateau to the shore of
Upper Klamath lake unless It could
in some way be utilized as a link in
a line that would better serve the
W. A. Delzel, cashier of the First
National bank, and daughter, Mar-
garie. returned Tuesday evening from
Winfield, Kas., after an absence of
three weeks. Mr. D-lze-l reached his
old home on Thanksgiving, and while
there tl. family held a reunion at
which there were twenty-se ven ment-
hers present. He reports a very
pleasant trip.
ICI Sol lt< I S
litui ««'Ilin
siicele. » <«, 0 «i d. t> 0 ;
«3.9 IX h : i
20«. S3
10.000 «IO
MU fit
3« 00
2.092 0?
31.71« 00
14» 11
«.SHI >0
f.Oll 00
* i 4«,r.»fl
II ic.it
Stat« of Oregon,
County of Klamath. Iss.
I- "
I’’ l-'«ll. «ashler of th«»
emnly swear that the uh«>v«* statement
edge and belief.
Correct Attest;
Subscribed and »worn to before tu«>
above named bank, do sol­
Is true to the best of my kuowl-
W A DELZELL. Cashier.
J. A. MADDOX. Directors.
1 19th «In* of November. 190*.
I. FOUNTAIN, Notary Public.
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Lewis, aged 3, asked his mother
wliat he was made of. The mother
replied, “Sugar, because you are 01
sweet.” Soon pfter she heard him
declare to his little colored compan­
ion, "I am made of white sugar and
you are made of brown sugar.” De­
(he flying Ar
tilg a cudgel