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E. J. MURRAY, Editor
work nnd work while you pluy." We
»hould not only take joy Into our
work, but system and purponc Into
otie's duty to himself comes Ills duty 'our recreation.
The lust period of the morning
to his fellow man. Love of country
and pride of cltlsenahlp cannot be »Ion was devot oil t<> department
(aught from a text-book, but the work, where som«' goo«! and helpful
school that is not Inspired with this things ««ere said.
great »durational characters of to- i
Nt Hit E
day In Ilio i - oiii ' ho or ills reminiscent
review of Ills con il urti» h with the In thè Conni) Court of the Htnlu of
Oregon, for Klnmnth County.
work. Ho »ays Hint tho next meet-
thè mailer of III«' «-stale of Nelson
ing may be held In San Francl#co, und
urge# that in that t-iis«* n# ninny of
lhe Oregon tciuht-rs ns po»slblo
be prMeilt.
spirit is not worthy of a fre«' people.
A »hurl recena wns gr.iutcd, lifter
S< I hhi I llminl < '«'mention
which the lent her» met In department
All communications submitted for publication in the ix'lumns of this
"The third great demand Is tl.at
The JÙllOol Board convelli Ioli,
paper will be insetted only over the name of the writer. No uon de plume
lhe youth be taught self-restraint. i-all«*«l by Superintendent Swau lo work.
articles will be published.
The high seliool section, led by Mi
Phis is necessary that men may II.e me. t Mond i«, November ist, mot In
"The High
together in pea«-«-, There are reully t’-o olii« ut thè publie school build­
tory into one city, , under one govern-
till, w uh
but two forms of gtivernnieut th« ing
\ nii nber of thi si buoi olllei-r
tuent and for one purpos«* - that of a
democracy and the
Il the Aiklitious « oui«» in They Shall "Greater Klamath I Falls."
of tho lounty lespondrd lo thè cali,
W. J
human experience has demonstrat«-«! and a «er,v suceessful meeting wa»
Itile tin* Same Adiantages Now
that th«- few can uever be tru«li>«i to hel-L uml rii present hopes tliat ef- Fitzgerald.
Enjoy « <1 By th«' City.
Maior Cit) Klamath Falls
The public hi hoo| Hcction list cued
rule long wisely. Order and peace loft «ili l Iliade liext y.-ur to si-cure
Mayor Sanderson. In response to
depend upon the average wisdom and a targo att -ndam e. Th«» school «li­ to a model I eliding le»»Oll pi eselited
1 I \ \ I. si l.\ I \ M Il's I II l it
¡morality of the nation.
Hence th«' neerà of tl;«' eounty are taklng iniu-h b.v Professor Itessler, n contlnuallon
the wishes of the residents of the ad­
ditions that are to vote on th«' ques­ Oregon Trunk an«l Soutli«*rii l*a«-i!l< | self-restraint of tho minority bectinu* (nt.-r.-.t in < lumi Work ami ar«> anx Ot work given In the nii'inlng; mid
tion of the extension of the city limits,
of transcendent Importuiieo. The Ito improv«. thelr respectiv«- an able discussion of spelling by Mr
Suriey« i* Are Campe«! al North
Fred II. PeteiH«>n, principal of Bo­
has sent to The Herald the following
Reign of Terror tu France shows the school».
End of Klamath Uai-di
aura high school,
signed statement relative to th«> atti­
dangers which may com«* from the
illh'IHlrllt .Vkvrinati led io a
The pillimi) section discussed
Without any blowing of trumpets latent barbarism In th«* ignorant.
tude of the city admin!« atlon to­
Natur«- Study" and "Birds ”
wards thore localities. In discussing or outward show t.nal survey maps of Th«-n, self-r«*stralnt Is a great lesson discussion of school sanitation mid
Noti«-« I n hereby glveu tlmt by or-
tler of lh«> County Court of Klaiiintli
Conni), Htnto of Oregon, muti« nnd
cnterc«t on Ilio Itili day of October,
19119, llowiud F. Sliephei 1 wiih ap-
poilltcd Adiulllhtl litor of l he estui.«
of Nelson Dliiil.-k. dcceiiseil. thrrofor
all persona huvlng daini* i «ilnst Ih«
«»tato of »Hill «Ice.-¡l»e«l di lli pr.ment
III«, sanie »Itti proper vou- irrs, duly
vCrllled, wlthln slx montili frinii Un.
dille of II In tliitli" tu ili-1, thè llllder-
m I kii «-«!. ut tuy i-«I .-stili-- ..ri..- in ih..
Clt) of Klaninlh Fnlls Ih- ;i>n
Dat.-il ibis 7ih «In
of thtol.cr,
1909, ut Klaiuiith l .ili». Or.
llow ARI» F SilEi’HERD,
10-7-10 2 8
Ad'iilul itialoi.
Will I.
‘the South«'rn Paciflc Une* '»tween 'in fair play, so important In a «-oun- school building*, lie «inphaalt«'«! the
the matter the mayor said:
To th.- Btuck holders of the h I n III n I II
I II.- m I u ) I «vlllllg .S.-snlell
i' This statement tnaj be considered Klamath l'alls am! Natron and Klam­ , try Ilk«' ours. Every teacher should ueceMity of providing suitable ven­
Waler l*»«rn' A >«»'liilInti :
The evenllig H.snlon ut thè
only a preliminary. There will no ath Fiill.. and Alturas have b«-en tile«! ’ remember that he Is a missionary of tilation mid showed by whut simple
You are he rob) not I ll.-d that a »pe­
, school auditorium sua lurgei
doubt arise many qut'stlons not cov­ in the bin.I -ilico at Lak view. This civilization, mid so should Insist on in-mis this can be accomplished. By
dui meeting nt (ho stockholders of
t.-li<!< «t li) < itU«.|is ol thè lo« a a . .....
eted by it, and some of those* men- >s th«- first step toward th«> construe- boughtfuluess, moderation, fairness UHlng window boards and such de-
th«» Klamath Waler Users' Associa­
i as 1.« thè tsaehera, and thè progrutu
ti -,ied may need further explanation, tion of the Alturas line, and report and justice.
iviees, air may lie Introduced without
tlon will be hold
III li lanini h Falls,
«a» ent.rtainlng and k « mm I.
I shall at ail times fe 1 glad to reply has It that actual work will begin next
.Ai Opri a Hotis«
"Th«* fourth deman«! is an ambition
The lilgh Scliool orchestra rcn-
to any questions that may arise and spring
With the Natron litn- It is to do the best work both in kind and many questions nske by the school
«ni Frlday, thè klid day of October,
der«"! soni» good scl«-«-tloiis, after
d<- everything In my power to remove different, Contractors ar«' pushing degree of which one is capable. It ,-ifficers. One Interesting question,
1909. ut thè boni «>f 2 »'clock p in,
wl.l« li Prof. Aldertnan <ldlver«-<l «•»•
any doubts that may arise. I feel operations on both ends of that line. is a great advantage to know oue's asked by Mr. R. W. Tower mid dis­
for thè purpon« of Ilio stockIlolderu
pedali) to III«- | arentn of school dill-
tl at the City is going into this matter and it is expected that within two I capacity. We find men preaching cussed with inter« !, was "Winn can
Votlng upon increanlng thè capitai
dren. mi addice» full of hiiinor, pa
on a strict!) business basis, as are. I years through trains between San who ought to be plowing, and there ' «line induitrlal work be Introduced
H'nck wf thè aiuK lulli.il frolli i 2,000,-
thoa nnd personal cxperlcnce.
presume, the additions. Under such Francisco and Portland will be pass­ .are farmers who ought to be preach- i into our schools?" The Idea was
DUO t<> »t.,000,1)00 ami iucr.-u -Ing thè
subj.'ct «a» "Chums, Chuinps. I.tiinps,
circumstances such conditions will be J ng through this city and the line over I ers. A citizen ought to be trained to I advanced that lhe schools of a coiiu-
par value of Ih« »luit, s from |30 to
Loop» and Spooks." lly mena» of
asked for and granted as will be die- the Slskiyous will fall into the class find his own capacity, to know what |ty could have ati « Xpert agriculturist.
»30 per »hare.
many lllustrntlon» from hi» own oh-
tated by common sense and justice, occupied by branches of th«* great sys- I he can do and then prepare to do that I »ho would travel from school to
servailon he enforred thè ihooght
The city and additions will not ask tern. What effect this will have on thing well. On«* should put all his ( I school and teach and supervise work
that thè ideal relation bel» en par-
for or expect anything else.”
Medford ar.d the Rogue river coun- effort into his work.
It Is effort. In agriculture in the rural school#. « ntn and «-hlldr.-n I» tl-.nt of diiims.
Following is the mayor's state- try is problematical, but It is certain I not results, which cuunts. It
This will be done before long
Long, sllm bay borse, brand«.«! S
Is our
11« contidcred Il a mhtak«- for par­
'that the great era of development of
Prof. L. R. Alderman addressed
thè Shook brand «>n left »houlder.
, business to do our best and God's
eti In to over Indulge nnd aacrlflre for
the past thr«*e years will have a sever«» business to look after the results.
Editor Evening Herald:
Ilewaril »III In- pubi for Information
thelr chlldren, but feci# thnt they
In reply to various inquiries as to shock.
He calh-d atten­
leadlng lo hi# recovery Shook Ranch,
¡Trafalgar Nelson Mid: 'England « x- Keep Teacher»."
»hotild wln thelr sympatlictic tielp
wi at outside additions might expect
At the northern end of the Klamath pects every niun to do his duty.' This tion to th«* bad effects of frequent
Dalry, Or«.
and c<> «ipcratlon.
should they vote themselves a part of marsh are camps of the Hill and Har- Is the spirit which should animate change of teachers In rural schools,
Mr# Gamble render«.«! a »ohi whlch
K!::mnth Falls, I hn ■ this to say:
'riman surveyors, the latter paying ‘very school.
He eniphast»>-d the necessity of th«-
w#s lilghlv epur.'dnt.-d by thè uudl- :
If Your Fyes pre Sound
It appears from an article in the, more attention to the wark of their
"The fifth demand is that our Board's peisoiially investigating tho ’ enee.
It woiilal In- a pleasure !.. you
H- raid of October 21st tl at the burn- rivals than anything else. The filing -youth acquire a good character.,This applicants.
Little attention should
Prol. Ressler then addressed thè :
i>> lie to|<| •» after a eearihltig
ing question with the p«»ople in thejOf the plat is indicative of the deter- I is the foundation for all the others. I k - paid to recommendations, but cun-
a w-inbly <>n "The New Educatimi "
ex.iiidiiulb'it, wuuhlnT It?
territory proposed to 1 be annexed is mination of the Southern Pacific to ¡The world is demanding men who tldentlal Inquiries should t,< sent to
I!" showed how thè chang.-d condl- :
Bill, In <u»e th. re alloul.l I m *
"protection from stock running at fight for every foot of right of wav can be trusted all the time. After former boards. He then emphasized
tlons nre dcmandlng iilghcr training :
mhiic slight
IrouLIc or iHlicr
large, and what they might expect‘in the Odell country. . where conflict I , all, it Is not lack of knowledge, but | th« n- - ...ity «>f maklm* condition
In all llnes.
Ile predieta th« tini«
wlihh you may lum- linrdl) no.
in t! at regard In the event tbev j in surveys is sure to occur. No word - lack of sturdy character w hich makes I such as to keep a good teacher, »tich
wh«-n thorc «III he no da*« dlstlnc-
ti "I, Il would la- w.-rth a g.H «I
si.ould become a I art of the city.
has been heard from the crew that num fail when the test comes. Orc-1 as having building In good condition, jtlon baaed on htghcr learnlng, but
,<| t - )■■» to know timi, i.M»,
That question can be easily dis-1 ommenced making the permanent I gon Is the state of opportunity and; providing funds for tie smull thing»
ever.’«me In bis own d<-pnitm«nt of
tl'.T II?
posed of by reference to ordinance survey for the Oregon Trunk north L-reat things are going to be doi.j that ar«* necessary, nnd aiding h«-r in
work w II! he mado efllclen t by careful
Wi ll, our '•«•r» i- « » ii;v at your
No. 38, entitled "An Ordinance to trom Corral Springs, but it may be ¡here in the future, how great no «¡«•curing a good boarding place.
training nnd preparation. The time
Prevent Stock Running at Large." |assumed that no time is ffi-ing lost in man can foretell, and It Is to the
Prof. E. D. Ressler dlscursed the
ha» alr- ady nrrlvi J. he nay«, when
We inn gl»c yeti an « iniiiliia.
Anil assuring the territory proposed completing this part of the program, :*-usted citizen the greatest chai.c«- necessity of training schools for I
thè englneer In understood to have :
mi Hiding |«> Ho a, I.- iik - of
to be annexed that should the terri-
The Hill surveyors now located at »ill come. The wealth of a country teachers. He #io:gi*sti-d the poMlbll- i
. <>tnpl<-t<'<l a harder technical course ♦
<i. Hi» of today.
Ities of doing training work in the'
tor;,- become a part of the city of Klamath marsh are running preiirn- •s based on its education.
than thè B. . A.
The time Is coming
1 <1 f< r nil flic ailment» of
Klamath Falls, the terms and pro- inary lines south for the purpose of I
High Schools, The officer» tire «ent ;
»f ilthy nation is the educated lin­
when every young man or woman
violon r< ll«-f I» acrtaln and quick
«isions of that ordinance will extend | securing a feasible route to the south. tion. Where it pa’s to spend
entered into the discussion ami the I
I must know ffrst of all whut he want»
I ■ and be enforced there as it now D I None of the members of the crew will
by III" nld of right gin»*«-».
dollar on education now. the fntui«- expression was g< neral that Oregon I and then preparo for il on n sdentine
in the present city limits.
talk about their work, nor where they
should provide normal (mining for
will find It pays to spend two. three
So far as lights and water are n are headed for. It is therefore impos- or tour. Th«1 greatest factor in de­ the teachers.
raduatc and State Registered
Ten« lier» in Attendance
The convention »elected Mr. P. L.
f I- '.- r in the growth, development anil sible to determine at this time wheth- termining the destiny of a stat • or
Th«- list of teacher» In attendance
Klamath Falls, Ore.
picsperity of a city, the territory pro- er Ute line will go down the west sid-- ration is the mind. The most Itn- Fountain as president for the ensu­
ing year. The officer# agree«! that at the Institute are a» follow#:
l -'-tc to be annexed will receiv* th-- of the lake or cross over and parallel
roriant problem la its development.”
Kin math Falls Edna Adam», Bea­
those present would be considered as
¿ante consideration as-the pressnt citv the Southern Pacific on the east side.
Tucndsy Morning Session
ii in Its.
n committee to uppear before th«» nie II. Applegate, Annie E. Applegate,
The si*sslon Tuesday morning was county court In January nnd urge the John T. Butcher, W. A. Boudlnot,
In the matter of sewage, which we
•• i :.c Bca*t »n«l the Jungle,” every
<■ ,> ol figh ing blood in your make-
lighlv profitable to thon> who at­ nec«-##Ry of more funds for the Donna B<-I1, R. H. Dunbar, Irene
are all so anxious for, and which
Many people living or thinking of
i.p .- .1 tirnle.
Your iniiignatinn
tended. After singing and rollcall
seems to be an assured fact, the city:
will I c
settling in a large portion of central
i’roi i.. A. Aiderman taike-l <>i throughout the county that
engineer, in perfecting plans and
the Florence Foster, W. E. Faught, Corn
■ ! > t in your admiration of
and southeastern Oregon will
siKclfications for the present limits, I
Some -ron'ts in Teaching. ' some
schools need more fund« to make the Griffith. Agne« Hannan, ('. A. H«iw-
J. '■ I ¡.iiiscv’« j’.imc,«ingle-handed
greatly interested in the proceedings
ard, Mrs. A. Ln Prarle, Ml»» M. La­
. ' t i. .! your rcj. zation that he it
wiieh v.eie: (1) Don't say ■•|k>n’t.’ schools efficient.
l-.as been instructed to develop the
of the dry farming congress now in
man, Nettle McIntire, Mrs. Edith
| .-ror ..ing a magnificent public
Don't neglect school ground*
same with the object of affording con­
Tuesday Aft.-riiiMin S.-*si<>n
session at Billings,
BiKings, Mont.
ot r* ?* **
Newton, Grace Nickerson, A. F. Pan­
i 3 • Don', neglect walls, " s or.
l)r> etc.
nection wiih the outfalls by outside
T i.u’ll find the
The session at the public school ik. J. G. Swan. He len Wakefleld, Mr».
moisture > can be conserved, held in
• -1
(on t fail to g?t acqtm’r-i-,' with
territory as it may be added to the
building Tuesday afternoon opened Wattenburg.
the soil, and made to serve tfie pur­
the h >me. • ) Don't neglect to take
city. And whatever arrangement is
with the usual exercise», after which
pose of nourishing growing crops
lil.jblc magazine.
profe donal papers and tp read In­
perfected for the di ipesal of the sew­
Mr. Panek gave some demonstration
through a
i long, rainless summer, has
Dir p ay by
spirational books. (6) Don't fall to
age within the present limits will be
work in calisthenics, illustrating var­ Campbell, Ki no; Ella t'allalian. Gale;
been fully demonstrated. Many dry
< h< .-rfiil. (7) Don’t forget to have
along lines fully adequate to take care
ious fundam« ntal exercises described Minnie E. Chapman, Elizabeth E.
land farmers are now raising fairly
a plan in school life and a reason for
of the sewage from such contiguous ]
in the mimeographed copies which Cameron, Merrill; Clyde
good crops, and succeeding on soil
it. IS) Don't get old.
territory as may be added to the city
that people would have failed and
had been previously dlsti ibuted. He Odessa; Jessie II. Eldred, llonunza;
In the course of the lecture a list says that the regular calistheuic
starved on not many years ago. This
Re.itora Fi.-nch, Crystal; W. J. Fitz­
|of food inspirational books was
New territory added to the city lim­
drills should not be given in grade» gerald. Dlst. No. 20;
congress will discuss the best meth-
Ida Grime»,
limps Water, Rung
its should feel assured of an impor- ^ods and the latest developments in , worked out, some of which were: below the fourth, but that motloh
Milker, Sepnrator,
Olene; Sadie Gordon, Worden; lies»
¡"Jean Mitchel's School,
” "Emmy games and exercises
tial administration of the laws of the
should be sub- 1 Loooeley, Ft. Klamath; Mr». M. E.
Chops I'fi-tl, Etc,
this style of farming, one by which
Lon,” "Phelps and His Teacher," stituteil.
city; and I feel safe in saving that the
Saves \\ n pei
He gives three parts to ' Lambert, Grac«- Lytle, Bonanza; Veda
millions of hushel3 of grain and groat
Stut.i your needs,
ordinances of the city will be enforced
The Evolution of Dodd,” "The Mak­ every command, viz
quantities of other produce will be
: the explanatory \j,||k(-v, c E. Mulkey, Ft. Klamath;
rlts fnr. stalog. JUmiUon paper
in any new territory that may be
ing of an American, ’ ” "The School part, the pause, the command. Mr.
raised annually on lands that till
Ruby Nichol», Ella Nichol», Allee M.
and Its Life
added in the same manner as in the
"The Heart of a Boy,” Panek showed excellent self-com­
recently produced nothing, and that
Pool, Elsie Pitney, Lorella; Cora E. Orncmn., Mntorl. Sciolina fair-n*a. «taa» r-mpa. ><Hlara
present city limits.
Mrs. O'Calligan's
«raen.a r.yac»,rn.,.-Wi,,3O'|llrn'Bp, riMrbun«a.»a
Boys,” "Little mand and good training ability.
were supposed to be incapable of
Phillips, Bly; Mr». Nellie Parish, Mer­ All <xrri««l le »i.a k >■« l-o|< II.A SO, UHat.oM
The adding of new territory will
jCitizens,” "A Man Without a Coun-
, Prof. Ressler followed with tin ex­ rill; Amy Puckett, Pokegnma; Fred
producing anything. Not everybody
necessitate the creation of additional
jtry,” "How a Private Put Down the
position of the N. E. A. and Its work, If. Peterson, Bonanza; F. W. Rob-
can get an irrigated farm, or one
wards and an increased number of
I Rebellion
"The Boy Life of Na­ lie explained that the National Edu­
sufficiently watered by nature, so dry
ort#, Merrill; Agnes Stevenson, Lone
councilmen, which matters will be
! poleon,”
Kentucky Cardinal an d cational association, of which ho is
land farming was a timely and very
Pine; J. G. Wight, Hildebrand; Call
provided for in an amendment to the
Aftermath,” "A Pot of Green F«-ath- one of the^board of directors, con­
important discovery.- Journal.
j Welch, Spring Lake; Geneva Wilker­
' er».”
charter as occasion requires.
sists of many persons interested In son, White Lake;
Lulu Wilkerson,
A charter commission is now in ex-
Mr. Ressler followed with a most the educational movement college
jPokegama; Kathryn Wells, Dairy;
istence and In due time will report
pleasing address on "Philosophy of presidents as well as common school
* - I - it. I I .r lylr, perfect fit, «imptlelty an<t
Georg«! Whyte, Wampiia.
r- l.-ba-ir nearly
y. o ..
Sold in neatly
such amendments as conditions dic­
Lee Benson and Wallace Thomp­ Life." He says we are all dreamers' teachers.
eyrry < ity ».--I inn n in l!-- t ’nH..I r c,n a an.I
< -n.1.1-, nr l»v in.ol diro t. )l ............. I
tate and warrant.
son, recently of Hartland, Wash., of dreams and seers of visions, but
In the course of the lecture he < x-
any olii- r m.ilre.
Send (or Irta catalogue,
In conclusion let ine say to you as have purchased the equipment of the urges us not to lose the real enjoy­ pressed It as his opinion that Presi­
M ur -..I, . r.t <-ra limn any other laahlon
progressive citizens, interested equal-,O.' K. Feed stable and are now con- ment of life as we go along. He dent Elliot, ex-preuident of Harvard
tnip irinr niillu-n il ou-nlh. Invaluable, lull,
For Klamath county lands. Send me
i t alylea. piinon, drcaamalilng, tuilllnery,
ly with ourselves in the upbuilding of ducting the busines». They will give preaches the "heaven of the now” university, wlil lie known In the fu-1
1- ■"« aewin«., f in-y n.. dlewm k, I-.-InIrra,me,
description, terms and price, and I
■ ' -I 11 e* . a 1 I atorl«», etc. Only 10 cant» a
a great city, that the duty we owe to stock every attention, and solicit the and r«.-vlses the Roosevelt doctrine of ture as one of the greatest educators
i- ir (wortli dnuble), including u fr- e pattern,
will sell It for you. Ramsey Realty
u-n-ril.« today, or a.n-l lor aauiplu ropy.
one another is to unite Klamath Falls patronage of Klamath farmers and. "Work while you work and play whom the world hns ever produced.
Co., 217-218 Central bldg., cor. 6 and WONDEnrUI. INDUCEMENTS
with all proposed contiguous terri-' ranchers.
_ to Agent», I'o Oil b-lnga premium catalogue
while you play” to "Play while you He introduced us to many of the 8 Main st., Los Angeles, Cal.
” and new cauli pelici oik- a. Aildres»
H.E Me t ALL CO.. K» ta 2« VI. j;ih Si.. NLW YOKg