Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, August 19, 1909, Image 8

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    I* McNamara of Grunts Puss wu !
in th«* city Tuesday.
George Ager was III from his i until
G. M. l.ow ut Ashluud Is paying
, f
J. W Fulton of Illy was In the city
Sat urday.
bolli ut Merrill, are In town.
R. II. White« of Ft. Klamath was lu
Wil«l plums nr«' ripe. an<! the binali
boy I» out with bls »ack these morn­
the city Friday,
C K. Mulkey of Ft. Klamath was ings.
In tfcv city Friday.
F. M. Rolfe ami wife returned
J P. Harter of Merrill was In the from Rocky Point Momiii'i whzi v*
city Friday.
they have bet'll for the past w«‘«'k.
Cora E. Key'd of Asiumid I« visit­
>1. William* of Caldwell, Idaho,
lug this city.
I arrived In the city Friday. Mr. WII-
H. Schmoll r Jr. of Dairy visited th«' I Illium Is taking a look over Ihls •ee-
city Thursday.
M Pn i;et and wife of üörris wer.«
May Hntcheldi'r, Mr*. Robt. Me
in the city Monday.
Ke«' and daughter uml Miss Snelling
J. Frank Adams was in the city of Lakeview arilvc«l In th«» auto Mon
Friday on business,
¡day night.
D M. Rhoads of Odessa paid the
Geo. Huniphr*) ha» gone on a vaca-
city a visit last week.
I tion to Rock' Colei where h«1 will |
F. Bloomington was register««! ut ; me«'t Ills friends. I. Grattan and Xfr.
the l^^ktsld«» Saturday.
I Jones of Portland.
J. I.. Carr of Merrill yvas registered I
Colonel Allison Ims negotiated a
at the American Saturday.
1 .ale w ith Denver parties for the south-
J. H Stewart of Merrill was in th«' '«•list corner of Fourth mid Klamath; I
«'tty on business Saturday .
consideration $3,500.
C. H. MrCuniber of Dairy was In 'I
Mrs. Sieve Low was brought to I «insisting of Saddle, Draft and Driving Hors««, inngltig from 1.050 to
on business Saturday.
| tow n Saturdat stiff» ring from nerv- l.iiOO pounds, also. Yearlings, Tao yeai -ol«li> and Sinking Colts,
Io bo
T. F. « ampbell of l.angell valley I on i prowl ration, nml Is undor the
was In tow n on business Friday.
sold to the highest bidder lu Klamath
Klamath county. Ore
care ot Dis. Whit«- mid D«-Pu.«.
G W. Oldfield, Justice of the ,«eace
Died, at 9 p. in. Friday. Lewelia.
<>i Merrill was in the * lty Monday.
i daughter of Mr and Mrs Guy Weih
O. T. McKendree, th«1 sheep owner Ierly, aged four mouth
The funeral on«» year’« time ut H per
I of Lakeview was In the city Monday. took place Saturday afternoon.
Frank t'pp and family left for u va­
Married, ut the Catholic cbur<'ii cusli.
cation on the Upper lake Saturday. Saturday, Miss Mary
M«iran mid
S. C. Graves, editor of th«' Bonanza j Mr. Clyde Patty, both of this city,
Bulletin, arrived in the city Saturday. | Rev. Father Grc nwood oHlclatlng.
J. U Miner and Jas. Ryan returned
Born, Saturday morning, tu J
from their trip to the timber last and Mrs John llurk«», w l.«> resid«* m
w eek.
( the bendquatiers ot th«' «'«'latumIon
W R. Wilson and Tom Caluies of < ,i«*i vice nt Spring lake, a nlne-p«»und
Merrill were registered at 'in- \merl- i boy.
can Monday.
Miss Ruby Hillis arriveil home
Want «id Girl for telephone op-, I from Berk« ley. where sii«» has been
orator; one with experience in th«'1 attending the summer law course, to
fV/////// ///<//
work preferred. Apply at Klamath i
Falls office.
| I resume her duties with the law firm
-^-m qppBiei- •
Dan Driscoll and Fred McKendree J of Benson & Stone.
ot Bonanza were ill the city on b-.isi
J. V.Houston left Sunday mum-
I Ing for Portland to visit his duugh*
new Monday.
Prof Lion! Bridge of Hoch« »(> r. N. Y, Ims l>< < n H« «-tired fot X
Frank Rose, the contractor from ■ ter, who receutly underwent an op-
Principal of th«- Commercial Department Mr Bridge is most highly X
1 Macdoel, is registered at the latice- I «*ratlon for appendicitis nt one of the
elidei »«•«! by E E. Gay lord, ex President of the National lltislm • .» f
I hospitals ther«», and also to attend
side Monday.
Educators' A« - ««« Im Ion. Prof. Zamr. Pres of the Zanerlan Pen Ari X
Henry Schmohr and wife of Swan ! the convention of the moving picture
School. 8 I. Williams, Pres of the Rochester Buln«»« Institute. X
I lake were in the city Friday ou a i «'Xhlbltors.
and other»
Mr. Bridgi* has taken two post graduate courses, um! jr
F. W. Egllngton. who was former-
i shopping trip.
b*ing an >'V|>rrlen<«*>l business roller..* tene hers and an expert pen- X
Mrs. Lee Bell, wife of one of the I ly postmaster at Bedfivld, waa In the
man. h«' will be n decided a>«|tils|tlon to the commercial school fra X
I city Saturday, lie reports that the
prominent merchant« of laikevlew,
t< tnlt' f>t th« coast
Prof Bridge Is an experi«'nr<«t Instructor In X
j registered at the Lakeside Friday.
I postotflee at Hadfield has been discon-
Calisthenics. Gymnast I« .« and Athletics, and th«' young nun ani ?
H. J. Winters and wife returned , tinned, and hereafter mail for parti«"»
women of ilo- Ashland Conimi retai College will have an opportunity X
Thursday from Odessa, where they I In that vicinity should be a
for the best training In these linen,
i have been on an outing.
i to Bonanza.
Mrs. W. T. l.ee, dnughter-ln-law of
Mis« Nina Wilson left
P. RITNER, A. M., President
§ Captain J. B. Lee. left for her home for Irving, Kas, where she ex­
in Sunnyvale Friday.
| pectx to remain for the next year ut-
Leo. S. Robinson of Alameda. Cal., 11< tiding school. On her return aho
who is largely interested In swamp ; may be accompanied by her mint,
: lands in this county. Is tn the city. ' Mrs. L. M. McHugh, who expects to
Police Judge Leavitt left Friday I I make her home here.
I morning for Mono county, fa1 . to
A. Turner returned Monday from
| visit bis mother, who is seriously ill | the huckleberry patch mid brought
I. M. Whitlatch. A. Anderson. A. R. I with him fifty gallons of huckleber­
i Messerly and John Ratliff, all ot Mer- ries and three deer. He says the b»»r-
• rill, registered at the American last rles are line and th«» hunting better,
and if be had not tired of the sport
Have E. W. Muller add an attach­ he would «till be then*.
ment to your phonograph eo you may
The sheriff sold at public auction
enjoy the new 4-mtnute Amberol rec­ Saturday morning in acc«>rdance with
11-17 a decree Issued out of the circuit court
Mr. and Mr«. R. S Barter, who July 10, 1909, wherein the American
attended the land drawing In Wash­ Bank and Trust Co. was plaintiff nnd
ington, will return home at the end E. B. Burwell defendant, the SW *4
of s«'C. 20, twp. 39 S. r. E. W. M.. the
. of the month.
Mr. J. H. Neff and wife of Kansas bank bidding It In for the amount of
City, Mo., who arrived In thia city Judgment and costs, namely
Monday, left Tuesday for a trip to 446.20.
Mrs. H. Hudson and daughter of
Crater lake and Spring creek.
F. W. Riggs, foreman of the Job Montague are paving this section a
department of The Republican, left visit.
Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Gates returned
Monday on a well-earned vaca­
tion. bound for the Upper lake and Friday evening from Hillsboro, Seat­
the huckleberry patch.
tle, Portland and Newport, where
C. K. McIntosh, vice-president of they have been visiting for th«- past
the San Franclaco National bank, several weeks.
Mrs. O. M. 11«ctor, wife of O. M.
and William Berg, both of San Fran­
cisco, left Monday for Spring creek Hector. proprl«*tor of the Boston
on a fishing and hunting expedition. Store, with her mother and two chil­
Mrs. W. F. Barnes, with her son, dren, arrived here Thursday and
Marion, and two daughters. Hazel will remain permanently.
and Goldie, left Friday for the
Judge M. T. Dooling of S;in He­
Lake of the Woods and may take in nito county and W. K. Brown of llie
the huckleberry patch before »turn- Buena Vista company left Tuesday
morning for a *r.'» to Crater lake
L. E. Reed, a real estate man of and thenci! home via the west shore
Portland, formerly a conductor on « of the lake.
the Astoria & Columbia Rivet* rail­
Will V., J. F. Jr. and llobt. S
road, is paying this city a visit. Mr. Adams, sons of J. Frank Adams of
Heating Stoves, Household Utensils, Guns
Reed is an old acquaintance of Cir­ Merrill, arrived In the city Sunday
Ammunition, Cutlery—in fact evury-
cuit Judge Noland.
and left Monday morning for Kan
A white owl, which It is snld Is Francisco, where they will attend
thing in Good Hardware -No shoddy or
only found in Alaska, was recently the Mt. Tamalpals Military School
shelf-worn goods.
killed at Altamont, and Is on exhlbk this season.
tion at the Gun Store, having been
Mrs. J, W. Siemens left Sutidav
Agents celebrated
mounted by J. W. Frey, taxidermist. on the Wlnema en route to Cherry
everything the farmer needs.
The bird Is a curiosity, and worth ex­ creek,, where she and her sons will
enjoy a week’s outing. Captain 8le-
Mr. and Mrs. Georg«' Chastain and uens accompanied his wife as far as
two children and Mrs. Sutton re­ Wilson's camp, where her sons had a
turned Thursday from their out- team in waiting.
Ing on the Upper lake, George says
The ease of the State of Oregon
that the only fault he has to find with vs. John Doe, presumably a man by
bls vacation Is that ft. was not half the name of Thompson, who was ar­
long enough.
rested for assaulting F. E. il effe r-
Mr. and Mrs. li. D. North returned man with a knife, was discharged by
lu-It’l h. WITHROW, Secretary
Thursday froth Odessa, where they Justice
were spending their vacation Mrs count of lack of evidence, the costs
C. E.
Vice Preaident xnti
North savs that she did not kill anv being assessed to the plaintiff.
• President
T reaaurer
deer nor catch any fish, but she laid
The Southern Pacific company has
Map», Plana. Blue Print«, Etc.
to rest 999,7*17,421 mosquitoes, by •«warded to Henry Boivin th« eon-
actual count.
tract for the Installatlon of nil
H. T. Barnett came up from Mid­ the plumbing In i the new passenger
land Saturday to meet Mr. and Mrs. lepot, which Is under construction,
H P. Thomas and two boy*, who ar­ ■ind new freight « depot. The services
rived from Ukiah, Cat, Frldav even­ >f Mr. Boivin were also secured to
ing. They will reside permanently ■ mperlntend the lai Ing of 2,000 feet
In Klamath county. Mrs. Thomas and >f sower pipe for the railroad com­
Mrs. Barnett are sisters.
(111 BRUYS.
Stands Like a Stone Wall
Tanis Ctttlt, ItertM, H«p—1» Practically Indutrwtible
,, »
t irtin n
September 4,1909
Buy yiwir new fence f«*r years to come. Get the big. heavy wires, the
hinge joint, the good galvaniring, the exactly pn>portionc«i quality ot steel
that is not too hard nor too soft.
We can show you this fence in our stock and explain its merits and super­
iority, not only in the roll but in the held. Come and sev us and get our prices.
Poultry Fence, Barb Wire. Iron and Steel
not sell us your
not sell us your
We wish to sell you the CHOICEST GROÍ ERIES, and we also
wish to Bl Y OK TRADE for your EGGS. POI I.TRY, VEGE­
Ji. B.—We not only wish to supply Groceries to the
Farmers, but also to ship their produce at the greatest prolit
to them.
not sell us your
Klamath Fa’ls
not sei! us your
I Pretty and Useful Things
I ♦
in Jewelry
There are lots of things in our store besides Watches and
Diamonds—lots of small, inexpensive articles that come ex­
ceedingly handy every day, either as gifts for another or
for your own use. Lockets and Charms in great variety, and
Chains and Rings at all prices, Hat Pins, Stick Pins, Brace-
lets and Sterling Silver Toilet Articles.
We are receiving
interesting Novelties nearly every day. Come in and see them.
Crisler & St'Tts
The feeling I want to exist between you and me.
I am trying to make my name and satisfaction
synonymous. You can help me.
Don't holler and cuss if 1 have worked for‘you
and it s not been satisfactory, but bring it back and
givi" me a chance to make my word of guarantee
One receives a certain amout of satisfaction in
buying goods and feeling they have their dollar’s
Those are the very kind of goods I carry and are
all made by the most reliable firms. I would like to
have your business.
I have been told that I am on the WRONG side
of the street nevertheless you are not treating your­
self RIGHT unless you see my stock before you buy.
40 Head of Horses
H. II. LOW, Prop
<4444444 444 44444444 4*4’4’ 444 X
b Dependable Hardware
El I wood Fences—
Hardware Man 4
Kr 4 *4 4* 4 4 4 4 4* 4 4 4 4» 4 4 4 4 4 4- 4» 4* 4 4» 4 4» X
GEO. R. HURN, the
Klamath County Abstract Co., Inc.
Surveying and Irrigation Engineering