Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, June 03, 1909, Image 5

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Itigli Melloni Muilclits Al quit Tin in. Tin- Mo<l«ru 'IKutiiM-iit of an Old
HEATTLB, Wash., Juno I
■elves Very Creditably.
is to hold her accredited place at the
The problem of purifying sewago Al iska - Yukon Pacific Exposition,
Il wav a well pleaseit audience i «i that it no longer tiausforma the which opens st Meattie the first of the
that wltncsJkd th« High Hcbool gtu ilv«rs Into whli li It Is dlscbargod Into month and continues until October
dents in th«lr opening play of grad open newer» bus boon mo far solved tilth The leading bands of the United
nation week Monday evening at the 1 that these streams need no longer be Hiutes will be In attendant' • to give
Opera House Houston's big th«at«r disgusting to th« sens«H and danger­ daily concerts, and varlou > soloists,
was well packed before the curtain ous to the health of people living choral bodies and orchestra*
went up on the first n«t. Th« eight along them Tin- task of destroying from time to time assist.
mouthers of the graduation clus>. tho dlsease-bris'ding bacteria in thu
The Alaska-Yukou-Pacific Exposl
were assist «d by thro« of tho under sewage aud once more making the lion Is fortunate In having as Its di-
classmen lu th« presentation of I rivers available for drinking water luctt r of music on« of tbe most noted
"Sheridan's Rivals " Th« High Hchool .bus not y«t buun worked out <m a Icrdera of th« country, F N tnnes
Orchestra, under tho leadership of practical busts, but Invimtlgatlons r<> •1« Is the leader of the Innes' Orchaa-
Professor Wirts, furnished the open < untly mude by the l'nlt«d Hiatus Geo­ I »! Band of New York, an urgantz.-i-!
ing music.
logical Hurvuy In co-operation with lieu of sisty pieces, uud many tinted
7 Vincent Yad«n sustained the dim the Hnnltary Research Laleiratory of, sob.lala, Including Vlrglnli Llsto-
cull rule of Hlr Anthony Absolut« In (lie Massachusetts Institute of Tech in -nn oj Boston, soprano; Dr H 1.
a moat commendable manner .mil nohigy ami local authorities nt lio.i- 'Millams. Wales, K iir ., harpist, Ku-!
«tori the hi-arty applause of tho ns tou. at Baltimore am! at Rob Bank, T hynca, Budapest, Bohemia, string
aemblage* Ills display of passion N. J, show that this end, too, may, ba.--- virtuoso, und K< g*l. tbe weli-
and rage nt th« conduct of his son be attained nt a ti’asohabbi coat
. knowu cello soloist
attained just th« right degree of
The essential ag-iils of acwag--
Liberal IT Concert Band nt Now I
heat and were not overdone Miss purification are provided and cm ! York, fifty picc< *, with th* famous
Klein Hloul, as Mrs Mahiprop,' was plnve'd by nature,'and sewage purlfl ' I cut net virtuoso directing, and 81-'
ideal, and her display of dictionary -atlon ns practiced today Is but th« lory's Royal Italian Band of filty
knowledge kept th« audfnm « In a ilntenslvi application of those natural i j plucea, are other Eastern orynnl/a-
laughing humAr the <ntlre evening j-roci^iH-s Tt>« improvements that lions to lie In aril nt Health-
Erwin Rolfe, in th« double char­ have been tuad« have hot Involved th«! Tlie
Exposition Administration
acter of Ensign Beverly and Captain 'discovery or application of new prln Baud la one of tho largest musical or-
Absolut«, displayed a wonderful t avi­ < Iplcs, but have merely Increased th« . gauizations ever asaotnbled. March-
on the singe for ,m amateur lie ap working efficiency of the natural In« bands from all parts of the Pa­
peared perfectly at home In the char ug«nci«s From th« old-time »«wag«I cific Coast, and the famous Phi.Ip
acters and got everything out of the | Irrigation field, with Its maximum ca pin« Constabulary Band, are ex­
parts that they would stand
Ills parity of possibly 10,000 gallops an i pected Mexico will send lending mu­
smooth acting was an agreeable sur­ [acre in twenty-four hours, to th«! sical organizations
prise to Ills many friends In the present day trickling filter capable of | Hcotch pipers from Ottawa, Can
audience Miss Mamie Boyd, as the dealing with two or three million gal uda. will furnish a sensational nov-
capridou* Lydia Languish, -bowed Ilona an net*« a day. improvement has tdty.
some clever acting It was hard to ; been sti-ady
Director Innes has written th« offi­
^b-lleve that h«r disappointment at
The o|d time methods, however, j cial march of the ex|>onltlon to I m
tbe failure of the planned elopement rr-ally destroyed the poliutlcg sub-« called Gloria Washington," and Carl
was not real
| stances, while the modern s«wagn Busch, tho celebrated Danish com­
No belter selection could have i filter does not
The liquid flowing poser. has compound a festival march
been mud« fol the character of thu . from thus« filters looks to tho un for the opening exercises.
brave "Acres" than that of Garrett ftiilti'-rl «ye Ilk« tho original sewage.
McDowell and Wagner concerts
Vau Hiper lie was a veritable man . Tliere Is almost us much organic mat­ aro planned, with other numerous
eater when Will llurn, the big Irish­ ter In It as In th« raw »«wage, and special events
man, ns Hlr Lucius O'Triggcr, was som«tim«s more
Its nature, tiow-
back of him, but the realities of n < ver, has been changed, the organic
Sa«- O .-ttiurt's auction ad on page 6
genuine duel wore almost too much 1 matter, though not burned up. has
for him. Sir i.udu», with hi« brogue been charrod or partly oxidized, and
and red whiskers, was a fin« ap* cl­ tills charring lias been sufficient to M-.U
m«n of a husky Irish gentleman
rob It of Its foulness In other words.
Carlisle Yadi-n did not hav« a par­ Its cbemlcul composition has been so
NEW YORK. May 27. A new
ticularly pleasing character as Faulk- altered that it can no longer undergo
land, but his portrayal ef the part rapid putrefaction and cause a nuls- comet which Is flying through space
at the rate of many rnilllon mlle» a
was good, nevertheless The part of ame.
Lydia was well handled by Mit« Atta
The waler, however, still needs fil­ minute may be soen by the naked .
tration Io make It fit to drink More­ oyo just aftor sunsut any «vcnlng
Agnes Marple. Roy Fou<h and over, it may and in many ctuo-s doc» on the Southwest horicon. sccord-
Henry Price gave excellent support contaminate oyster beds, thus spread­ Ing to Edward Fnirfax Naulty, an
to the leading characters, and their ing disisue- and tendlug to ruin a astronomer. who ha« confirtned the
discovery of th« comet on Monday
acting la evidence that the future I great Industry
graduating class will have good ma­ , It has not yet been decided upon by Professor R. Brooks of Hobart
terial for tbolr performances
1 whom the responsibility rents for College. Geneva, New York
keeping tho rivers clean, but the con- Naulty says that the new comet is
CINTATA WAN A HI '< < i;wt*
L -ynsus of competent opinion requires spiwidlng toward the sun and should
thst If sewage Is discharged within lie visible for a number of days
The auditorium of tbe High .the region of Important shullflsh bods yet. Because of the direction of the
1 or Into a stream which la used as a
A party of railroad surveyors start­
Mr Editor: My attention has been
«n appreciative audience to llilten to 1 source of domestic water supply with tion of the earth, Its head Is not
ed in this ufornlng to plat a portion called to an assassin-like attack that
the rendition of Cowen's "Rose 1 out flitration, such sewage shall at
of thu old Hanks place east of the was made upon my motives from the
Mald«n " Till» cantata Is rather diffi­ least be free from disease-bearing Brooks say that its tail, which is
A location is being ambush of an anonymous correspond­
several million miles in length, can new -aw mill
cult work for ll<gh School pupil«, but germs
made fur track and docks on the ent professing to be from Bonanza,
under the direction ot Mr
Results of <e-el«gi<*l Survey Ex|*-ri-
but which, from its earmarks, I judge
era agree that there Is no danger of watei front.
was given in a manner which evoked
be from the pen of a prominent
only praise from everyone. The
The Geological Survey experiments, a collision with the <<arth
Happy Hooligan. Is in commission. county official. I have too great a re­
chorus work
which arc set forth by Earle B Phelps
He used h<-r for a few days as a pile
the result of faithful training l*er- In Wat< r-Hupply Paper 229, Just is­
See O Short'« auction ad ou page 6 driver boat while working on the log spect for myself to stoop to hla level
or waste my energies in a reply to
haps th« most pleasing and melodious sued. show thnt the application of a
boom at the new mill, but is now up one who. from ambush, stabs me in
one wus the
small amount of available chlorine In MENATOI! BAILEY STRl't’K
the luk«- after a raft of logs.
the back I could easily prove that
number of tbe cantata beat known to the form of bleaching powder to the
The steamer Mazama is again 10 I have no selfish end to promote in
the public
; customary "purified" sewage effects
commission, and looks gay in her advocating the improvement of the
The soloists acquitted t homsclves «atlsfactory disinfection The removal
Just new coat of paint and other improve­ shortest and best road through the
with great credit Ml«« Mantle Hord. of bactnriii by this means averages after the Senate adjourned today ments
county, instead of throwing away the
«s soprano, sustained the role of the •iver 95 per cent, making th« removal Senator Bailey of Toxas and W. 3.
Something very much resembling
Rose Mnld«n and charmed the audi­ I for the whole purification process !»s Manning, a representative of the New- ciopplngs -if coal has been unearthed public funds on a road which goes
ence with the clearness and richness tn 99 tier ««nt of the number In the York Times, engaged In a fisticuff on th-- west coast of Howard Bay­ It "around Robin Hood's barn." Let
my assailant come out into the open
of her tones, her high notes being crude sewage. The cost of disinfec­ in front of the room of the Senate will do to investigate further
where men can see him and know
tyrtlcularly b«ll like
Mlaa Mildred tion rang«» from $1 to $1 50 per Committee on Finance.
Another prehistoric or antediluvian who be is for a certainty, and then I
w'llson, contralto, as the gardener's mlllioh gallons of sewage, depending
There was a referents- to Bailey's' specimen was picked up on the shores
daughter, made tier- initial appear­ i «hlefly on the six« of th« plant. Five chanrcterlxat Ion of the New York of White Laki- a few days ago, nd a will give him a "Roland for his Ol­
ance ns a singer tn Klamath Falls pnrts per million of chlorine prob- Times' editor is "infamous liar." and lovely jasper was picked up by a gen­ iver." A man who tells the truth
and is conscious of tbe justice of his
Her voice Is rental kaltle for its sweet­ abli repre «nta the maximum amount too soon for bystanders to apprehend tleman tn the suburbs of the town
cause need not, and I believe would
ness and sympathy, nnd it in to be | required for the treatment of trick- what It was alt about. Manning
Th« i ivlaators of the steamer Hor­ not. attack and misrepresent another
hoped she will b< heard often.
ling-filter effluents of poored quality. struck Bnllcy with his umbrella and net hav- r-'ceivi-d from Portland a
in the open while he remains hidden,
Mr llurge Mason, always a favor­ Th« results obtained do not. of the two men clinched
They were splendid -<and pump, which they will like a snake In the grass
ite, sang the baiitone role, and al­ course, amount to complete steriliza­ Immediately separated without tn- us« in loading barges with sand at the
Yours respectfully,
though lu- In usually heard as a tenor, tion. but they may reasonably lie Jury.
mouth of Wood River and Modoc
" he delighted bin listeners with his called "practical disinfection.” Con­
work, hi» voice appearing to advan­ siderable additional coat is required
Tom White, former watchman of
Set- O. Short 's auction ad on page 6.
tage In thin register He In to be con­ to improve them hut slightly. Mr.
the Long Lake Company. Is very sick
gratulated especially ou learning the Phelps' paper may be obtained free
Reports from the outside are so at present writing. He came up from Of Klamath Falls and vicinity. All
part at very short notice.
of cost from the Director, United
Yuma. Arizona, and the great change
ladle«' hats M, »4.50. »5 and »5 50
Mr. Erwin Rolfe, In the tenor Htatea Geological Survey, Washing- ravorab,° f,,r “ ,“rR'' attendance at In climate Is too much for Tom.
Railroad Par celebration that the
at 13.00 All »6, »6.50, $7 and $7.50
'•’-•i. w:. •’’art nc- to t’’e public, hu* ton. D • ,,
I 'the
Mis Jamison has been nearly blind
directors of the Chamber of Com­
hats now go at $5.00, The $8.50, $9.
surprised iiln hearers by I i I h ability I
I fur the Uoi month, caused by a r.-were
Ilia voice Is very mellow and swoct. IHE PORTLAND HTORE'H
j spell of the grip and cold settling in $9.50 and $10 now at $7.50. Re­
member this sacrifice sale we make I
NEW ELECTRIC H1GN two largo coffin» pots to supply the I her eye«.
particularly in the middle register,
demand. The pots are of monstrous
the ladles rather than carry them '
although he Is possessed of great
Much more business is being done
commences June 3d The Bos- '
The Portland Store Is tho first
! by the railroad than anyone had rea­
Tho duets between Miss Boyd and bUMlnesa house In tho city to install 1 Dolboor, the manager of the barbe­ son to expect, and the yard men think ton Store
Mri Mason and Miss Boyd and Mr. an electric Illuminated sign, such as lcue, to go swimming In one of them. a switch engine will be needed soon.
I It Is likely that the Chamber of Com-
T R can «trike a mean for simpli­
Rolfe wore gems, and the trio by all the lending retail stores in tho
A large acreage of small grain is
MI ssuh Boyd and Wilson nnd Mr. cities aro equipped with. The now ' me roe will use the po's to run an on- ' planted east of here and Is doing fine, fied «polling In Africa somewhere be­
sign contains 107 electric bulbs, 1 position sanltorlum to F. T. Sander- ¡and the farmers «ay that it Is an ideal tween gun and hippopotamus.
Mason was delightful.
Tho wholo cantata went smoothly which nt night spread a ray of light j son after the grand celebration
I season for crops of all kinds.
and would have done credit, In Its thnt gives tho postoffice block a mot-'
It Is not generally known that an
See 0. Short's auction ad on page 6.
rendition, to older nnd more experi­ ropolltan appearance. It Is a first-! See O Short's nuctlon nd on page 8 cx-Central American Insurgent officer
enced singers. This was due to a class advertisement both for this pro­
of high rank Is a resident in a suburb
largo extent to tho assistance of Mrs gressive store and for tho city.
Klamath Falls is to have an of Klamath Falls, but such is the
Don Zumwalt, the accompanist. Most
A half dozen such signs on Main
automobile garage. J. L. Hendricks case. Having bocome weary of strife
if tho singers received their excellent street would give Klamath Faile tho of Hendricks Bro«., Santa Barbara, In a country whore no stable govern­
musical training under Mrs. Zum­ nlrs of a city, and would make tho has been In tho city the past week ment exists he has taken up hts resi­
walt nnd through her thorough business street an attraction to tho
| looking over the field, and has de­ dence under tho old stars and stripes,
knowledge of tho ability of each she visitor from tho country nnd the out- 1
cided to locate here. He left today which Is ronlly tho land of his nativ­
Veterinary Surgeon
wan able to get tho best from ench side. Strangers coming to tho city
I for California to settlo up his busi- ity. He has followed tho phantom
and Dentist
voice. Tho High School and all con­ would bo Impresaod If more such ad-1 ness and will return to this city In of a revolutionist and found It a glit­
nected with tho production aro to bo vi’rtlslng methods woro adopted,
about 30 days, when he will open up
congratulated on tho decided success. city council should oncourago * '' 1 a general ropalr shop for automobiles ! wish his name given In this connec­
| Improvements
Klamath Falls
and gasoline launches. He will keep tion, not wishing to court unwanted
Mon will frot and mon will «cold
notoriety, otherwise he Is personally
Oregon < ;
several machinos on hand.
A fighting record In the Hay-
about hats women wear, yet never
known to many of our citlcens as a . ; PHONE 94'
fellow townsman, not the ex-soldler
think of setting a good example by markot riot la a sort of patent or
I nobility for a Chicago policeman.
See O. Short’s auction ad on page 8. of fortune
reforming their own headgear,
Geo. Constable, D. V. S
A scientific bill of fare made la
Germany lists whale's milk as th«
ideal human food, but buckwheat
cakes and sausages still hold first
place in this country u the real
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ts a
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