Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, December 31, 1908, Image 3

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Nili i.> r» bill AND
V. Il Vf II IH G I «G TO D >.'
il II
t to
Ml HUI' K< h«««»l t ill i«d IIU14 «'VI-.
1 -<
«*l,i’iirn<-I ii nt 4
iiud ii Cln I m I iiium tri-«-, bunk« t »up|
nr, 4, there are very t"w Mt' '1/*
■ nd ptugium.
I Im»«- wlm took p
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and coi.greasme.-i left at th Cap
In lii«« «-iitt-rtuluim-iit weru ua I
♦ Hal, a. nearly all of the l<-glalalor»
> d ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ I are gone horn«.’ for t! «« Holidays.
Opi-iiltig Addi««KH . . . Walter Hm
'1 1 «- « Li’-f basin«’«» of Congr«-** dur-
A M«-rry Cl,rim mu i and u Happy
O ik Tiling ht u I Ilin-
Alfoi d Hm
Huffman Is In town on buslm-ns New Year to i-vi-ryoim.
(lnp the past two weeks wa* to listen
Tli<- Chickuna....................... Earl Iloy
Mr. and Mrs Santa Claus visited to meHsage« from the president. The
H«>nit ........................... V«-rll H«-linivli
:.:llt I.!'.’.I In brcnl.t.:g brush f ■ I > '!■<• ChrUtla.i S I,,.!., iliHdrin in u e-i ate paMsed n few minor measure»«
Mr*. Rabbit'* Hchool. . Muud Hot
Mr. Ag««r.
lilg white boat, laden with toys, pr- s- of lot’al Interest, such as bridge bills,
Little lifiip* of Water Ixum- Lil
O W. Smith left Tii'->«liiy for hk <«nts, oranges, nuts, randy and pop­ etc . and confirmed a lot of peopl«» for
Violin Holo......................... W. P Ml
corn. After th«- presents were given oilb e,
ol-i horn«« In Kentucky.
Mr. Tongue............... I.nun-n«-«* Bo*
’th«- r«>w over the colored »«»Idlers
Hoy Vernon I» lidplng to haul k ■ out and enjo -<!, refreshments of
ClirlMlmu* Eve......................... Olu Mini
.of «he Twenty-fifth Infantry.who were
for W. J. Darroch. They finish««! Oil
Mong ...................................... I huik I .li
It was just a private affair, giv- <««’«< «-rued In the Brownsvlll«- affair,
Wi «IncHtluy of till* weea.
»Jo Your Heal.........................Ruth Dlx
. Iii'il some Incidental attention, chief­
<n by
A. Bunting and wife
Mrs. Archye Klrk>-n«lnll closed her
Mother'* Kia*«-»................... Ruby Hml
Mr and Mrs. Haskin* and children ly b«-rause of a presUientlal message
school on Thurnduy, Dec. 24.
Mmlthy .............................Auxtln lloo|
enjoyed a nice Christmas dlnn«-r at on the subject an«! Hcnalor Foraker’s
E. W. Hmlth butchered sixteen bead
Little Bo Peep....................... Jim l.li
th«- home of Mr. an«l Mrs. E. E. spirited reply. There were two or
of ii«igM for the Ankeny ranch last
The Boy Who Never Told u Lie. .
thr«-«- speeches on the postal saving* 1
Elf- h.
Charlie Llnxl VV «-«I ncHdny.
Th«« pupils of th«- lower ro«»ms of banks bill and the senate recorded
J. D Hooper I* now foreman of
When the program wu* concluded
this school hud u Ghilstmas tr<-<- and it* Indignant, though dlgnifi«-«!, pro­
Huniu CI uum distributed the preaent* bears' railroad contract.
proguia on Thursday.
The upper le t against th«- language of the pres-
Ml»» Hti-llii Hooper, who has been
|ld«-nt III that part of hl* annual m««s-
to the children. Tho evening w-n*
rooms had a program.
th«-n concluded with «upper to th«« fciylitg with Mrs. Daniels and attend­
Little Erla Carlo« k ami Josephin«- -ti>'<- r«‘lntlng to the employment of
ing school at tbe Falls, I* home to
accompaniment of * giMphuphon«-.
Lee enjoyed a nice little Christinaa »«•< ret service officers. There was no
Thonc preeent were: Mr mid Mr*. »pend th« Holidays with her patent*, tree at the home of Mr. and .Mrs. «■onstructlv«- legislation attempted. It
II. I,. Hogg* mid family, Mr. and Mr and Mr*. J D. H«»op«-r.
I* apparent that It I* tbe leaders' In­
< 'arlock.
Fred Hmlth I* hauling bay for II.L
Mi*. E. W. Hinlth uml family. Mi mid
Frank (>ruyba<-l fillcil his ice house tention not to do mu«-h more than
Mr*. McMullan, Mr. mid Mr* J. it. Hoggs.
Monday. Also A. It. M< scrley and pass the usual appropriation billa at
On«1 of our pupils, Ruth Dixon, f«.-ll
Dixon and family, Mr. uml Mr*. Will
this, the last session of the sixtieth
<!«•«> Wilson. ,
Humphrey and family, Mr. Llnxl and and broke her collar bone ln*t week.
Th«- Pr«-sbyterlan Church ha«l
family, T II. Ilrown . Ml** Addle Lin­ Dr. Mi-rrymnn ■< t It and It Is now Christmas trees and a log cabin and
On th«- first «lay after th«» holiday
>1. Mr. Carrick, Mr». Hchinelwr ead
It Is expect»’«! that the senate
program. Everyone hud u fine time
V« rdy t'arrl« k I* spending th«- Holl
family, Mr. and Mr* W. P Mlle* and
The Methodists enjoyed a Christ- will receive a reply fr«im the wcretary
to visit
family. Homer Hmlth, Nelson HmItli. day* with hl* sister, Mi*. Will Hum mas li«-«- given in Carlock Hall.
of war In response to it* resolution
MI h * Dalny Hmlth, Mr*, Ed Jamison phrey.
A fur« well purty was given to Clif- asking under what autIWirfty detec-
We think wi- bnv<‘ n good John on
mid daughter, Roy Vermin. Fr«-«i
ford.Harter Friday evening
Tho»«- Hv«-s were applied to Investigate the
Young, Fn-d Hmlth, Mr. ami Mrs our t«-a< her, Ml»* Garrison. Hhc han present were: The Misses Garrison BrowtiMville affair atxi what was the
Brook*. Mln* Brook«, I. Brooks. Mr li<-«-n priding herself on having the Herbert, Pearl, Claude, Ruby and I character of the investigation,
and Mr* Lloyd and family, Mr. and •■•ntli-st. I><- h 4 ht-havod hor««e nt the l-'ay Demorest, ami Rev. Johnson and | On January 6 the senate will tab­
Mr* liarroch mol «on. .Mr. ami Mrs «cliool, but th«- other dny, while •he family. Everyone had a nice time. up the so-called omnibus claim bills
HEN. summer Las passed in these
M J Maynard, Mr*. Kline, Joint was < in v I m I i I h # a nelghlxir th» hor
.— I legislature,
. „----------- executive and , jurfi-
The Merrill Valley was vlaiud by The
Moreboii»«-, <1 W Ht-wnit.
another large anow storm last week
northern states, the sun is only
ami Ntitrt«-d homo. Another neighbor
Th«- prix«-, "Longfellow'■ Po« n
The luidh-s* Club nu t at the hoiuc I lie money for most of th«- salaries of
mild under the bright blue skies of
for i Inning the donkey '* tall m-nr- •st
¡the various governm«nt departments,
of Mrs E. E, Fitch Saturday.
I I k - right »pot wu* iiwanb'd to V- r Iv
Southern California. This is one of na­
Tin- I « him - bekiuglng to (). E. Ir­
that our t« acher muflt I m » enjoin*
Carrl« k.
in • ami occupied by Malvln Mitchell
ture’s happy provisions—eternal summer
u nap. A* It was dank nnd ho could was destroyed* by firn Wvdm-sday. ( Th«- bou- ■ while It was In ««-sslon
Tom niul John Shor
not seu v«-i y W«*ll be called, but no i
for those, who cannot endure a more se­
a liew
! lit ring the excitement I»r. Al«x. Pat- puKsi I on only two measures of con-
7-d. II t U h n wont up and
torson allpped from the roof Into the
which he recou­
Mi Rhodes h«-lp- <1 him out >».!' of tl,«- next r nsn-. and th« legls-
California has been called the “.Mecca of
rt to tho
nation. !
working on I
lint her a cool bath, wasn't it. Doc toi ' li-.tlv . «x-ctitivc and judicial appro­
the winter tourist.” Its hotels and stop­
w ut to
Mr. and Mt
Mont I Robinson and Miss Ro'.li i «on priation bill Divershin was afford-d,
the Full* lait
tr d
< k
ping places areas varied as those of all
.ijoyi-d a Christmas tree out at the
«■ornmliti-i- appointed to consider th«.-
Gale school house, given by Roht. An-
well regulated cities. Visitors can always
i pri-Hldi-nt'a message. The resolution
Wesley .Mil • a emin ovi r f
dny wi.l
find suitable accommodations, congenial
Horton ranch yesterday to t luit
C. A. Hunting spt-ut part of thin
itm will
But It gives the president a chance to
his parents and «1st«-is.
and varied recreations
nor»«- v
"get back.” A vain raid on the Reed
Master <1-<irg<- Mll-s, one of «III r Slewart ------ - ---- - „. ., „ ..._v ... <■<! in time for Christmas.
rules of the bouse, led by li-prt-sen-
pupils, lias been dangerously ill » It h Iiit.k. Th«- immelodloiis sounds whli-h
Jesse Crist I«- di«-«l at the Carr ranch tative Gardner, R«-publican of Mass­
In fhi tn nintory ri. eu mat lam.
- mul«t«-d from wltblti the wagon, Friday. December 25. His remains achusetts, was the Incident of the
W. 1*. Mlles went to the Falls,to w«-re too much for Lydia's unstrung will be kept at tlie ranch until Ills
past w-<-k. The only bills passed dur­
buy lumber lust w«-vk.
Will be glad to supply some very attractive literature,
n« r < k . She gaiu on«- wild leap mid folks com«*.
ing tlie past week were of minor Im-
Mrs. Maateu's daughter la ugnili went galloping down the school yard,
describing in detail the many delights of winter in
iportan«-«- ami related to the District
abb- to attend a- hool »ft«-r her km - til while w« looked on with some sur-
California. Very low round trip excursion tickets are
Paper money is popularly suppos d if Columbia and pension and war
, on sale to California. For full information, sleeping
prise at that gentle boast. Upon to be a carrier of Inft-ctloui dlnea-ws. «-laltn*. The pt-nal code bill remains
l.o ulc Dixon found the overcoat <Milling th«- »chool fence, -the gave No doubt microbes do find a resting
car reservations and tickets, call on. telegraph or
th«- unfinished measure and debate on
loat by th«- little son of Jack Horton oi.e high filtig and *all«-d ov«r the place on many of th«- bills now In rlr- ' It
write any S. P. Agent, or
will he resumed after the holidays.
The little daughter of Mrs Mlles f«-ii'
the buggy following close I««-, < ulatlon. hot Investigations which
WM. McMURRAY, G€P. Poss. HQI Portland, Oregon
cam«» botile with sore throat Inal bind The dogs th«-n helped out the have been conducted at th«- research
situation by barking their loudesL laboratory of the New York Hoard
Shipping lumber to Klamath Falls
A special school meeting was h--ld After u long < has«- tin- boy* who had of Health indicate that although pa­
seem* a great deal like the proverb­
at the Kummers school Saturday, horsen at the schraib succeeded In per money is by no means free from
ial "carrying coals to New castle."
Thom- present were:
James Dixon. icornerlng the mnre.
The tea« her bacteria, it fa. nevertheless, not quite Especially in view of the loud noises
E W. Smith. W. I*. Mlles, Everett d-ie» nut l-«ia*t any more of h«-r g«-ntle so prolific n br«-»-dlng ground as may
we have heard in the past to the ef­
Kirkendall. II !.. Boggs and W. J . bar*«’, but *ays *h<- will have to train be supposed. On clean bunk bills an
fect that the Klamath people were
Dinon. W. I’. Miler was elected «Hr her dlffi-ri-ntly. On account of the average of 2350 bacteria wet discov­
able to cut so much under the lum­
ector tn the pia«- of Sum Simitn-r» . 4«<ep snow B<» damage was done to ered On sidled bills the average was
ber prices which attain down this
Jam«-* Dixon was through th- (either th«- horse or buggy, but tho 73.000. This Investigation was made
. way.
country horseback collecting for th.- idlr«-ctoru are looking with faces some years ago. Its results have now
But Manager 8. P. White of the
Spring I.akv cemetery.
iiiknnt nt tho d «- w fence which lay* b« en checked by Warren W. Ililditeh Big Basin Lumber Company has re­
J. W. Musien, father of \V. W. , very low.
of th«- SI.« tbeld labortory of bacteri­ cently loaded a car of lumber In the
Mu-«len.l« very Kick nt Klamath Full*
Dave Wade sp«-nt Christmas at the ology and research at Yal«-. Th«- dirt­ Dorris yard for Klamath Falls. This
1'om l.ov- Indy took n lou«l of grain | Fslls.
iest hills which banks and railways
makes about n dozen cars which have
to the Horton ranch thin week.
Mr. and Mr*, lllram Roberts and could place at their disposal showed been shipped from here to the Falls
Will Humphrey wan at th«- Ankeny 1 family spent Chrbttuas with Mr and an average of only I42.000 bacteria
In the pa«t f« w we -ks
Dorris Boos­
buys a lot in Lakeview and a farm
rum 11 liiMt week trying Io *>-ll a team Mrs. Homer Roberts.
for each bill. Th«- lowest was 14,000, ter.
of home* ami two colt*.
J«-»*«- Turner left Christmas eve the highest, 586,000.
varying in size from ten to one
Inquiries mad«- around town result­
enough, th«- cleanest-looking note.was
Charlie Seed* I* hauling hay for for Eugen«-.
thousand acres.
ed in an absolute failure to find any
Charles Horton.
Our school wan again divided taut charg«-<l with 405.000 bacteria, and trace «if the lumber above mentioned
One of Mr. Manteo's horsen got I w«-< k Into equal numbers.
Five acres of each ten-acre ranch irrigateti.
Austin the dirtiest with 38,000, which seems «•ver being received in Klamath Falls.
through the fence Into the Ankeny Hooper's side won the largest num- to prove that there is no necessary
The editor of the Booster must either
The price is the same regardless of the size of
ranch lu*t week.
i ber of stars and also a life *lxe col- conuectlon between dirt and bacteria. have had a pipe drcam or been in­
Mr. Pointer killed two hog* last [ [ ori-d picture of a bin«» jay.
Mr. Ililditeh finds that guinea pigs
tentionally stuffed. It is true that
week, which ho Itilemla to grind Into
There were four Xma* trees In'our inoculated with these bacteria con­ a few thousand feet of flooring was
These lands are cheaper than to homestead land
neigliboiliood this year. One nt Pin«- tracted no disease, which would mean «received here within the past month,
free from residence restrictions.
MI mh Ola Smith went to the Fall» i Grove, Lone Fine, Spring Lake and that money bacteria are not m-iff-s-
but further than that no evidence of
Saturday to bring home her sinter our own. It Is reported that the ut- sarily virulent.
the twelve cars can be fquml. If any
--------- «----------
Settlers are coming from twenty-five states and over
Dalny, who I* attending school at I tendance was good at all of them.
lumber was shipped here it must have
quarter of the contracts arc already sold.
that place.
Mi»« Lennie Hooper is visiting at
According to cable dispatchc*. the ; come by team, which is unlikely, as
Charles Masten ba« arrived from I he Fall*.
French people uro urging Wilbur the Navigation Company and other
Berkeley Colb-g«-.
At tin <p-«lal school meeting In
Look into tnis great Land
Wright to make a flight across th« bouts on the river have hauled no
Al. Mellmsu visited Nelson Smith nt our kc I ioo I on the IStll Inst., the En igllsh Channel.
Grant Opening at once
As to his abilify 'such amount of lumber.
directors dec ided to give us a plass to do tills, there can lie little doubt;
The Hire« sawmills locate«! here are
W. P. Mlles Is building two wagon flout library for our books, a double
ns i to the expediency of doiifg it, there well supplied with common lumber,
boiled oil f1«w»r and to paint onr school Is no doubt whatever; for ft would and while they are short on finish
W. X. Darroch mid IL L. Boggs aro building. Inside and outside, In the bo
the most foolish thing that he lumber, it Is stated that by spring,
cutting Ice on tho Miller ranch.
*|ii Ing. Also to put the building on could attempt nt th«» present time. A when the building activity starts, they
Chas. Willson bought twolvo head n
slight mishap to tho motor would will be able to supply the demand. 1
Lu tn Short I* papering Ills house. I ¡mean a descent into the sea and n
of cattle la*t week to be butchered.
At present there is very little build-!
Stott Barnes butchored a hog that
Roy Smlxer fell into tho pond up - |ir(,i,nble catastrophe, The work al­ Ing being done on account of the cold
weighed 400 pounds dre«aed.
to Ills neck while trying to skate the lready done by Wright should prove weather. It Is alwnys quiet in this
Hcr-tt Barnes visited Mr. Ronmes | other dny.
'sufficiently- spectacular to satisfy even line during the winter.
Charlie Willson has gone to Port­ ¡the excitement-loving French people.
----------- ♦----------
Scott Barnes finished bis plowing land to spend the Holidays with rela-
J.E Bodge left Monday morning for
con 11 act for Mr. JohnHon last weak | lives.
San Francisco, where he will Join
Home Smith has finished bi* con- I H. Anderson went to the Falls last WANIS TO III-: PRESENT
tract at the Falls, aud I h going to week to get a load of Huie for bls j
AT SENTENCING OF Rl EF. his wife. Together they will return
haul posts.
chicken house.
In order to be present In San Fran- ( to Medford, where their daught-’r is
choice line of invest­
Minn Lovelady In now working for
Charllo Seeds Is taking the horses cisco In time to bo present in Court stopping, and from there they will go
ments that will make
Jack Horton.
In his care to tho Jack Horton ranch when sentence is passod on Abraham East for a trip of several months.
---------- «-----------
Miss Ola Smith visited Mlsx Helen to be nearer tbs feed yards.
tlie purchaser money
Ruef Thursday, Rudolph Spreckels,!
How's This?
Willard Friday afternoon.
Charlie Wright Is going to the Falls who flnanct-d the graft investigation |
Miss Daisy Smith, Mln* Ray Farton, to get two hand pumps with which to mid prosecution In that city, and who; We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any
| case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's
and Mlns Marlal Jellett spent their water bis stock.
I* a passenger on the Japanese liner Catarrh Cure F * rHENEY * co Tolcdo o.
evnlngs last week at the homo of
Jack Brown left for California last Nippon Marti, which sailed from Hon­
We. the iindereisned, have known F. J. Cheney
their teacher, Miss Applegate, strlng- Friday.
olulu on Monday, has agreed to pay for the tail 15 yearn, and believe him perfectly
Ing popcorn for the Methodist Xma*
Chas. Horton sent a bunch of beef for the extra coal burned lu the effort honorable In all buaineae tranaactione and finan­
cially able to carry out any obliaratiima made by
cattle to Oakland, Calif., for the Hol- to reach port a few hours ahead of hie fine.
WALtMHO. K ihman A M a * VIM.
Nelson Smith and Tom Brown went day trade. He will send another next schedule. The Nippon is due at San
Wholesale Druniata. Toledo. 0.
Hall’» Catarrh Cure 1» taken Internally, actins
to the woods last week with two four month.
Francisco on Thursday noon, and
The thermometer registered at 4 Ruef I* to be sentenced at 10 o'clock directly upon the blo-U anil mucour »urfacee of
horee teams for poise.
the eyatem. TUettaaenlab »ent free. Prtoe 73c per
Mr. McMullan is going to food cat- degrees below sero one morning last Thursday morning.
bottle. Sold bv all Druniete.
Now is the time
Cal ¡f ornia
The Southern Pacific Co
Opening of Oregon
Central Military Road Grant
------ «------
City Property
Farm Mortgages