Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, September 05, 1907, Image 6

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    Parpatua! Motic
In tin» dais of tin- Mayflower the
first perpetual motion Inventors took
out their patents for "Engines which
J. W. SIEMENS, Proprietor.
being put in order will cause and maiu-
teyne their own uiocions with continu­
ance and without any borrowed force
of man. horse, wind, river or brooke.” Cleanliness and Good Work
and In the last century they have ap­
plied for about 000 patents which are
based chiefly on the force of gravity,
lost of equilibrium, specific gravity of
floats and weights immersed in water Also Agent for LONDON AND
or other liquid, accession of receptacles LANCASHIRE FIRE INS. CO.
inflated with air or gas under water,
compression and subsequent expanden
of gases and of the surface tension of
Notke for Publication.
liquids. So sanguinely hopeful are
State« Land Office. Lakeview. Oregon.
these ingenious designers that In many
cases they provide brakes to stop their | August 13. 1907.
Not1«« 1» hereby given that In compliance
machines If necessary or to prevent ! with
the provisions of the actol Congress of
any dangerous Increase of speed. The , June 3.1S7S, entitled "An act for the sale of
care and thought expended on the prin- ■ timber lands in the Stales of California, tire-
ciple and detail of many of the inven- gon, Nevada, and Washington Territory," as
tions demonstrate that many men of extended to all the Public Land States by act
mental ability cling to the idea that of Angusl 4. 1892. Delta Brewbaker, ol
perpetual motion is possible and that Klamath Falls, county of Kiamatn. State of
they themselves are successfully solv- Oregon, has tiled ilk tn*8 office her
sworn statement No. 3761. lor the vurchase
ing the problem.
Votinj In t'.q Senate.
U oik i-'or l ite llugue, ?
Jefferson's Man il .tya; 1. When the
Thi.-i country is now Involved in two
yeas ami nays are ordered. the names
of senators shall be called alphabet­ dl-puled wtierelu International treaty
ically, aud each senator ahull without right« nppenr to conflict with I ik ' ii I
delay declare his assent or dlaaent to rights. The case of the Japatte.se In
the question, unless excused by the the public schools of Nan Francisco I«
aenale, and no senator shall be permit well known. That may bo arranged
ted to vote after the division shall without reaching the dignity of an in­
have been announced by Hie presiding ternational episode to date from In fu­
officer, but may. for sufficient reason«, ture cases.
with unanimous consent, cluing,' or
The case of the Newfoundland fish­
withdraw his vote. No motion to sue
pend this rule shall be lu order, nor eries. however, 1« of deep moment be­
shall the presiding officer entertain cause actual and |>ermauent cominer-
any requisì to siuqs'nd it by unaiil clal Interests are Involved. Thia matter
inoua request (section 41). 2. Wheu a was temporarily arranged, but the
senator declines to vote on call of his opening of the herring season of 1907
name he shall be required to assign finds It still unsettled. The Newfound­
bls reasons therefor, and. having as­ landers claim the right to legislate lo­
signed them, the presiillug officer shall cally tor tlie fisheries s> long as they
submit the question to the senate
"Shall the senator, for the reasons as do not discriminate against Americans.
signed l>.v him. Is> excused from vot­ They say that the treaty rights of the
ing?” which shall tie deckled without Americans In the Ashing grounds go
debate, and these proceedings shall tie no further than to protect against dis
held after the roll call and liefore the crimination. Apparently the British
result Is announced, ami any further goveri.mcut tun recognized the sound-
the se'.-w1.
o( Seclion No. 2, in proceedings In reference thereto shall lies;, of th! ■ cant at:o:i. The American
Township No. 41 8. R
No. 6 E. W M, Is* after such announcement (sections fishermen assert that the laws of New­
How to Shoot a Rattler.
aud will offer proof to show that the land 17 and lfl).
foundland o|>eriite against profitable
The writer once saw an Indian kill soueht is more valuable for its timber or stone
a rattlesnake in a very peculiar man­ than .or agricultural purposes, aud to estab­
fishlti" with the outfit nee.ssarj for
A Fiery Speech.
ner. T|je rattler was about ten feet lish her claim to said land beiore the clerk ol
thetu to carry on l>iisi;n*u so far from
William O'Brien in his "Recollec­
from tiff* Indian, who was resting the Klamath county. Ore., al bis office al Klam­
niark't. The Newfoundlanders
rifle on his kuee. apparently taking aim. ath Falls, Ore., ou Monday, the 4th day ol tions" gives this picture of Timothy have offered to refer th* matter to The
Whenever he moved the weapon a few November. 19o7.
"A quarter of an hour after he took his Hague. As the ca o has been handled
She names as witnesses:
Inches the snake would move around
Jennie Seehorn. Milo Estes, Cora Estes, aud seat as member for Wexford he started It Is distinctly one of state rights
and get exactly In line with it. Then,
VI tn. Lashuaall of Klamath Falls. Oregou.
up to make his maiden s|>e«*eh tiny of agnlnt t treaty r’.rhts, and a decision
to show how the thing was done, the
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
Indian moved about the snake in a cir­ ■ above-described lands are requested to file frame, sardonic of visage, his hands in upon it by the court of arbitration
cle, and the reptile moved as If Its tail I their claims in this office on or before said 4th his breeches pockets, as coolly Insolent would be held to establish a precedent.
as a Parisian gamin, as entirely de­
were on a pivot, always keeping Rs ! day of November, 1IM7.
testable as a small Diogenes, peering
head and body in line with the gun.
Tile fact behind the Georgia's long
J. N. WATSON, Register.
over the rims of his plncenez us front
The Indian then agreed to bandage his
list of dead and maimed gives a whole­
eyes and shoot the snake lu the mouth.
Notice for Publication
contemptible audience—and horrified some warning which the uavy should
The writer bandaged the Indian's eyes,
United States Land Office, Lakeview, Ore­ the house of commons with the follow­ not neglect. The men of the gun crew
and, holding the gun by his side at
ing exordium: 'Mr. Speaker, if the were in a hurry. They were after a
July 19.1907.
arm's length, the latter pulled the trig­ gon,
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
ger. and the ball entered the snake's with the provisions of the act of Congress ol noble marquis (Hartington) thinks be record. Lives should not be iiti|>erlled
mouth and passed the whole length of June 3,187». entitled. "An act tor the sale of is going to bully us with his high and just to score ut target practice.
Its body. “How do yon take aim?” was timber lands in the States ol California. Ore­ mighty Cavendish ways, all I can tell I
the query. "The snake, he takes aim.” | gon, Nevada, and Washington Territory,” as him Is he will find himself knocked Into
a cocked hat in a jiffy, and we will Notice for Purchase of School Landa
was the reply. We have talked with I extended to all the Public Land States by act
have to pnt hltn to the necessity of wip­
an old hunter on this proposition, and . of August 4, 1N2, Fred L. Bunderman ol
Department of the Interior, United
ing the blood of all the Cavendishes
he claims that a rattlesnake will al­ Klamath Falls, county of Klamath Stale ol .
G^Yon. has this day filed in Ibis office bix from bls noble nose a good many times States I-and Office, Lakeview, Oregon,
ways range directly in line with a gun
Jnly 23. 1907.
sworn statement No. 3751. tor the purchase of before he disposes of us.' "
or stick pointed at it.—Exchange.
of Sec. No. 13, inTp No. 38 8. R No. V K W
Notice is hereby given that the State
M.and will offer proof to show that the land I
Oregon has flits! their application to
Snake« a« War Weapon«.
sought is more valuable for its timber or
A singular dream la related In a well select tlie following described lands,
When Hannibal, the great Cartha­ stone than for agricultural purposes, and Io
ginian, was fighting Eumenes of Per- eatabliah bis claim to said land before the­ known British magazine. A woman State Indemnity Igimia. to wit:
Liat No. 228, for tlie aw.^nwl^, ae,1^»
gamos with a fleet of very inferior eler k of Klamath county. Oregon, at bls office suffering from anxiety caused by re­
strength be hit upon an artifice which nt klamath Falls. Oregon, on Wednesday, lire duced circumstances dreamed that she ne'4', nel4ael4. and Lot 2, Sec. 3, Tp. 29
would scarcely be sanctioned by the 2nd day of October. 1907.
go out one by one. I looked around ‘ 8., R. »E„ W. M.
He names aa witnesses:
laws of what we are pleased to call
Any and all iieraona claiming adverse­
Archie Johnston. Fred Applegate, Charles and inquired why they were leaving
civilized warfare. He discovered by Donart and Wm. Mendenhall all of Klamath
the church. They said: To look for the ly the altove deecribed lamia are re­
means of, a bogus message under a flag I rails. Ore.
of truce on. which ship thj king was. i Any and all persons claiming adversely the magic bird In tlie churchyard. You quested to file their claiaia in thia office
He then caused poisonous snakes to be ' above-described lands are requested to file will always have luck If you find It.’ I on or beiore the 13th. day of September,
Inclosed in earthen jars, These be dis- 1 their claims in this office on or before said thought I would try to And It. went 1907.
out and swept away the fallen leaves
tributed among several sLips and or- I 2nd day of October, 1907.
J. N. Watson, Register.
J. N. WATSON. Register. I and found a speckled thrush, and as
dered them to close up on the king’s i 7-25—9-26
The a I wive notice will Is? published in
soon as I took it up It dropped £1 in the Klamath Repnlftican a weekly newt-
galley. In the melee that followed
my hand. The next morning I went
the jars were flung on to the deck. The
Notice for Publication
into our back garden and there among paper of general circulation, published
curious liombs were greeted at first
United Slates Land Office. Lakeview, Ore­ the fallen leaves was the speckled at Klamath kails, Oregon, lor a period
with ridicule, which soon chi nged to
gon, July 19.1907.
thrush, which had just been killed by of five successive weeks.
panic when the nature of their contents
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
J. N. Watson, Register.
made itself manifest. The galley was with the provisions of the act of Congress of a cat. It was yet wartn. I said, ‘Here
extricated from the fight as soon as June 3,1878, entitled "An act for the sale ol Is the magic bird, and the money I
possible, and the captains of the others, > timber lauds iu the States of California, Ore- know will come liy fxjst.’ The hope
believing that the king bad taken flight, ' gon, Nevada, and Washington Territory,” as was justified, for £1 came In the morn­
followed suit, with the result that Han­ extended to ai. the Publi: Land States by act ing and a check from a friend In the
of August 4, 1892. Esther O. Applegate, evening."
nibal gained a complete victory.
Cat« a« Retriever«.
It is claimed,” said a Chicago an
tlquary, “that cats may be trained as
retrievers—trained to swim to your
slain birds and bring them back to
you in their mouths. The thing sounds
incredible, but look here.”
He held up the photograph of an
ancient Egyptian painting. Men with
spears rode on the Nile. In some of
the boats large cats sat on their
haunches in the stern, while toward
others several cats swam with dead
birds in their mouths.
“This picture,” said the antiquary,
"proves that the Egyptians used cats
for hunting dogs. If they, why not
we? The original of the picture is in
the British museum, where there are
also several pieces of carving that dis­
play the cat In the role of a retriever.”
of Klamath Falls, county
of Klamath
ol Oregon.
has this day filed
in this office her sworn statement No. 373»,
for the purchase of the a’^aeJi and sc1,»»1, ol
Sec. No. 20. in Tp. No. 3* 8. K No. 10 E W M,
and will offer proof to show that the land
sought is more vsluable for its timber or stone .
than for agricultural purposes, and to estab­
lish her claim to said land before the county
clerk of Klamath county. Oregon on Wednes­
day the 2nd day of October 1907.
She names as witnesses:
Herman Scbmor of Dairy. Ore., John Jens-
sen, Fred Colhaan and Gottfried Neubert ol i
Klamath Fails, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims in this office on or before said 2nd
day of October, 1907.
J. N. Watson, Register. |
Notice for Publication
United States Land Uffice,. Lakeview, Ore­
gon. July 1», 1907.
1 Notice is hereby given that in compliance
Ths Garman and the Fatherland.
A German always remains a German. 1 with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3, 1878 entitled "An act for the sale of
He respects and loves his fatherland, timber lands in the States of California, Ore­
although isolated and separated from it gon, Nevada, and Washington Territory,” aa
by boundless oceans and vast conti­ ' extended to all the Public Land States by act
nents. A German heart always re­ j of August 4, 1892. Bertha C. Harris, of
mains true to the country where it first Klamath Falla, county of Klamath, Slate of
commenced to beat until It is silenced Oregon, has this day tiled in this office her I
by death. As a rule, to which there are saorn statement No. 3732. for the purchase of
Sec 34 and wjgnwJi of Sec.
few exceptions, a man who is loyal to | the
the country of his birth will be loyal to | No. 35, in Tp No. 38 8, K No. 10, E W M.
the country of bis adoption.—Dr. Nicho­ and will offer proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for iu timber or
las Senn.
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish her claim to said land before the
clerk of Klamath county, Oregon, at hl« office
Niagara is a corruption of the Seneca at KlamaMi Falls, Oregon, on Tuesday, the
word "neagara,” meaning "across the ! 1st day of October, 1907.
neck,” an allusion to a strip of land be­ I she names as witnesses:
Wm. Lashua, P. L. Fountain, John Sheppard
tween the lakes. The name has been
subjected to many changes since the and Clyde Bran.lenberg, all ol Klamath Falls,
discovery of the cataract, more than I Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
thirty different readings being found in
above-described lauds are requested to file
the writings of the various early ex­ I their claims in this office on or before said 1st
plorers and geographers.
day of October, 1907.
| 8-1—9-26
J. N. WATSON, Register, j
What He Would Do.
Grandpapa — Tommy, Tommy, you
aren’t behaving well. Do you know
what I should do if I were a little
boy like you? Tommy—Yes, grand
papa, you’d do the same as I do,
'cause if you didn't you wouldn’t be a
little boy like me.
The Universe.
The heavens '.hemselves, the planetn
and this ceutar, observe degree, prior­
ity and place, fnslstiire, course, propor
tlon, seasob form, office and custom
and all in Use of order.—Shakespeare
Ask« ■ Good Deal.
"How about the rent of this house or
yours. Flitter? Doesn't the landlord
ask a good deal for It?”
Flitter—Yes. lie often asks five and
six times a month for It.
The kangaroo readily jumps from six.
ly to seventy feet. The highest record
M leap of a horse la thirty seven feat.
In the Circuit Court cf Oregon, for Klamath
Clara M. Nelson, Plaintiff, vs. John M. Nelson.
To John M. Nelson, defendant.
In the name of the State of Oregon; Von are
hereby required to ap|a.*ar and answer the
complaint filed against you in the above en­
titled suit, on or beiore Friday, September 6,
1907. being the last day prescribed I d the order
for publication of this summons, the first pub­
lication thereof being July 25, 1907; ¿and If
you fall so to answer, for want thereof, the
plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief
demanded in the complaint, to-wlt: for a de-
Creedisrolvlng the bonds of matrimony exist­
ing between plaintiff and defendant.
This summons is served by publication in
the Klamath Republican, by order of Hon. J
B. Griffith, county judge of Klamath county.
Oregon, dated July 2.1, 1907, which order re­
quires summons to tie published once n week
fopsix successive weeks from July 25, 191/7.
J. C. KlTENlC.
7-25 »-5
Attorney tor Plaintiff. I
Do an ay with barbed wire
Investigate the Sliding Loop Top
-- ! J 1—
—■ 1
—! —«f
__ - A.
All styles and height
■ J
l entes for every purpose
or.Vt’I.NI-Y' DIXON, 1 ravelling Representative, Klamath I alia, Ore
/ IZ/ /> WH/HW
The American Bank and Trust Co
Capital Stock $100,000
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Interest Paid on Savings Deposits
B. M. RIHR. CuMr
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon Ribbons
- in all colors and for
all makes of typewriters.
Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbona of
different weights suited
for all classes of work.
AII Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known as
the Highest G rade
Goods Manufactured.
Ths Unexpected.
A curious story Is that of the late
Colonel Harry Mcl'almont of tlie Brit­
Bolder of License No 29.
ish army. He was a poor man wheu
he went to the reading of his unde's
will, hoping that perhaps the departed
might have rememliered him to the
extent of an old watch. Trite cuotigh.
the lawyer rend out the words. "To
my nephew, Harry McCalmont. I leave
nty watch and chain.” The k "atee
was satisfied, and, leaning back, he
drowsed, lulled by the monotonous
tones of the lawyer as he road through
the long instrument. At the close bo
arose to go. “I congratulate you.” said
the solicitor. "I don't know why yon
should,” said the other. "You are
residuary legatee,” remarked the law
yer. “You will have £4,000 annually
for the first five years from thia date,
and afterward you will Inherit some
Office over Klamath County Bank
Klamath Lake Railroad
in connection with the
Hclntire Transportation Co
and the
Ore. and Cal. Transportation Co
Unlearned, but Wise.
“I'm after justice rather than law.”
said John Dudley, who for twenty-one
years, from 1770 to 1791, was one of ;
the most popular judges of New Hamp­
shire. He was unlearned in the law.
and bls education was so defective that
be could not write five consecutive sen­
tences In correct English, yet so ac­
ceptably did he discharge his judicial
duties that Chief Justice Parsons of
Massachusetts, one of the most learned
of lawyers, said of him, "We may smile I
at his law and ridicule his language,
yet Dudley, take him nil iu ail, was the
greatest and best fudge I ever knew In
New Hampshire.”
The only through line for freight and pas­
sengers between the Southern Pacific and
the Klamath country, Quickest service
and Lowest Rates. Tell your troubles by
Phone or Letter to
Office in American Bank A Trust Com­
pany’s Building
E. T. ABBOTT, Gen. Mgr,
Thrall, Cal
or to Mtl\ IIRl. IRANS. CO. at Klamath Tails or Bokcgania
All kintls engineering and draughting
The Strain of the Glass Houses.
"The son of a glassblower Is rarely
found in the game employment,” said
a speaker nt a child labor conference.
"I would rather send my boys straight
to hell than send them by way of the
glass house," one glassblower is quoted
as saying. It appears that the charac­
ter of the men Is greatly affected by the
extreme heat and consequent physical f
strain of the glass bouses.
Wlthrow-Melhase Building
The royal Infant of .Spain link been
photographed. It la only proper fore-
sight to get him accustomed to the es­
sential formalities of modern great­
That racing man who wait jilted by
bis sweetheart bearne li!» horse felled
to win a race tnuy conclude later on
that the borse did him 11 favor.
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Just so soon as Japan and Russia
learn to trot In harness some outsider
will want to drive them. And maybe, i
they won’t cure to l,e driven.
American dentists are wanted in In­
dia to fix up the teeth of Tommy At­
kins so tiMt ho cuu chew rations
General Blacksmithing and Wagon Work
livery and Feed Stable
Both Saddle and Driving Horses
Phone 456
Civil and Irrigation Engineer,
East Main St., below 4th
Joo Worte
Best Aliitorlfkl
-»vt *tiio
I ■