Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, May 30, 1907, Image 7

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    Not Ice for Publication
tracks, depots, water stations, cutting*
embankments, will condemn and
Department of lha Interior, Laiel Gl­
ib-« at Ukevinw, Oregon, May |H, 1907. appropriate two strips of land each
Notice 1s hereby given that Jesse C. forty-five (45) feet wide, lying one on
Cravens, of Dairy, Oregon, lias filed the northwest and the other on the
notice of Ills Intention to make final southeast side ol the aforementioned
commutation prrsif in sup|>orl of his right of way for its entire length, ami
claim, vis: Homestead Entry No. 34MI immediately adjacent thereto, in the
ma<l« Sept. ] I, I9U5, for the net* Nee. said East Half of the Soutlieast «¡uarter
24, Tp. 37 S, I; lo E W M, and that said of saul Meclion II, all or said tracts
pr<aif will la- made In-lore the Cb-rk of . containing nine and five hundred seven-
Klamath County, Oregon, on U.u 2nd three tliousiimlths (9.573) acres, ami
that the damages for taking and eon-
day of July. 1907,
He names the following witnesses to denining >aid right of wav la< assessed.
This summons is published by order
prove Ins continuous residence il|stn,and
of lion. J. It. Griffith, County Jitdg«* <il
cultivation of, the land, vis:
Klamath County, madeon the 30th day
R. E. Dunlap ami R. F. Whitney j
April, 1907.
Bv »aid order of th«-
Isith ol Klamath F m II m , Frank Johnston,
ami II W Crawford both of Dairy, * 1 < 'ourt, it is directed that this summons
lx- published in the Klamath Rrpubli-
5-23 -7-4
I. N. WATSON, Register. ' I cun once a we« k for six (It) c«>nsecutive
I w««-ks. The date of the first publiia-
I lion of this summons was the 2ml «lay
Mothe tor Publication.
I of May, 1907.
UiiHr«! HIM«-’ I an«i «ilflcv, I.Mk>*vhi« , Oft gon.
Dated this 30th day <>( April, 1907.
April N M
W. |>. FENTON,
Nolle« 1« hereby glvrn that hi roinpilancr
with Hi« provision« <>f the art of <*ongre««ul
June 3, l«7M. entitled "An art l'ir the »ale of
timber land« In th« elate of California, or«
6 18
Attorneys (or Plaintiff.
gun. Nrvatla. and Washington Territory,” a«
eglnnded to all the I'ubllr l.aa<l Hlat« • by a< l
•fl lii|ii>t 4
MM, William J < arlivl.
of Klamath Falla. « ounty of Klamath. Hlat« of
Oregou baa tbl« day Sled lu Ibl« office bl«
«worn statement No T.W for the purrhaae of
th« n't na‘^ of Ker. No 13 In Ip. No. 37 H, R
Nu l<> K, W M, and will offer proof to show
that tbr land sought
la metre valuable
for It« ilinlrer ur «ton« tban fur agricultural
pur|M>sr«, and to ««tabheh hl« rial in to said
land I m * fore ;<lrrli ofKIamath (wnmty at hla
office atKIamath Fall«. Oregon, on Wednesday,
th« Nr»1 day of July 1W7
He uamra aa witness«»
Franli Jobnatua and ltu> r Whltnry of hairy,
Oregon. Nvaaie » arllalr and William It Ba/uca
of Klamath Falla. Oregon
Any and all ¡M-raona rlahnlng advrrarly th«
above dr ar rl bed lands are rr«Aiieatc«1 to file
their < lain»» In tills older oik or brforr »aid 3rd
day of July. IW7
« A 77
J N W ATKIN . Rrghtrr.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Lakeside Inn,
The Pioneer Bank of Klamath County
moi m r.n
Ixians and Discount* ..................................
Bomia ami Warrants.............................
Banking House, Furniture and Fixtures
Real Estate
Ilue from Banks
Cash in Bank................................................
• • • • • • •
• ••••• •
• e e e • e
• • • • • • •
Capital Stock, fully paid ...................
Surplus and L'mliviued profits..
Individual Ih-posits, »iibjecl to check
< ashler’s •
k- outstanding
Perniimi Certificates of Dejxisit .......
M rs . M. M c M illan , Prop’r
Modern improvements.
73 rooms and suiteH.
Sample Rooms, Bar Room, Parlors, Two ( lub
Rooms, Etc., Etc.
n i
j I j
I, Alex Martin, Jr.,( 'ashler of the aliove named Bank, do solemnly
■wear that the above statement is true to the best of my kriowledgeand belief.
A lex M aktim , J a., Cashier.
Subscribed ami sworn to la-fore me this 7lh day of January, 1907.
I seal J
fi. V. Ki vgunuu,
Notary Public for Oregon.
.Notice for Publication
foo, April 13.1W7.
Nolle« 1« hereby given that in compliance
with th« pruvlvlon« <»t th« act of < oofr«M of
Jun« M, l«7M, «ntiti«<l. "An act for lb« ■«!• ot
llmlxr )«n«1a In the Htat«« of ( aiWornla, Ore­
gon. Nevada, and Washington Territory." aa
ritrndrd to all th« l*ubl < ¡¿and Htatra by art
of Augutl 4, 1M3, Philip
Hnydur of
Klamath Fall«, county <»f Klamath Htat«- of
Oregon, ha« thia day ni«*<l I i thia office hi«
• worn atalc tut ut N<> 3676, lor th< purc hase of
Her n and fiw^nw^ of
Nrc No 9. In Tp No. 97 H, Il No. 10 K W M
and will offer proof to ihow that th« land
sought la more valuable for Ha timber or
atone than for agricultural purpo«««, and to
«•laldlah hla claim tn «aid land before the
rtrrli of Klamath county, Oregon, at hit office
at Hamath Falla. Oregon, on Tuesday, th«
lad day of Julv, 1907
lie name« aa wltneaaea
Kdwin KchHnaw, oacar worth, Robert ll<>rn
Ing and John Hrett all of Klamalb Fall», or«
Any an<1 all i-eraona claiming adv«-ra«iy the
above dearrtbed lands are raqueated lo file
their claim» In thia office on wr before »aid
2nd day of July, 1VU7
J N WATMON. Kegkater
Hr (¡inter.
Petition For Liquor License
In the Circuit Court of the State of To the Honorable County Court, of the
State of Oregon, for Klamath County.
Oregon, for Klamath County.
We, the undersigned, residents and
California Northeaalern Railway Com­
pany, a eor|M>ration, plaintiff, va. I j - o legal voters of Klamath Precinct, raid
S. Robinson ami the Klamath Water I County and State, respectfully jietition
I’sers Association, a cor|wiration, de­ that a licence to sell npirituoui, malt
and vinous liquors, in lese quantities
To Leo S. Robinson, one of the aliove- than one galloon, in the precinct afore­
said, fora |ieriod of six months from
named defendant*.
In the name of the State of Oregon, the 8tb day of July, A. D. 1907, lie
you are hereby required to appear and granted to John W Dyer at Keno, in
answer the complaint tiled against you said Precinct, and your Petitioners will
in the al>ove entitled action, on or lie- ever pray.
Al Decker, Satn Deal, John W. Lou­ I
fore .lune 13th, 1907. Raid date lining
r-ix weeks from the date of the first pule den, N. W. Ih-al, Harry 11. Pearson,
lication of thia summons, ami if you Montgomery Sherwood, C M. Madison,
fail ao to appear ami answer, Plaintiff I>. .1. James, Geo. C. Way, Wesley Cole.
will ajqdy to the Court for the relief de­ B. J. Poole, E C. Robbins, R. Curtis
manded in complaint, namely for judg­ I). Ilavilin, J. A. Poole, G. G. Kerns
ment for the condemnation and taking (i. F. Serits, A. M. Oronbev, L. A
of atrip* of land within the East Half of .linkens, M. Martin, T. N. LeClain, B.
the Southwest quarter of Section 11, W. McCormick, II. L. Chapman, Char.
Townahip 40 South of Range K I'.aat of Marsrow, J. E. Ilernby, A. <*. Gillnian,
Willamette Meridian.
A atrip aixty D. I.. Gordon, Eugene Spencer, F. II.
(00) feet in width, being thirty GIO) feet Downing, Burk Wilson. E. I.. New-
on each aide of center line of a railroad banks, C. M. Wilson, Thomas Wilson,
now located and aurveyed along and Olner M. Sly, E. H. Cooper, John
upon the aaid East Half of the South­ Connolly, Jr., R. A. Emmitt, G. M'
west quarter of said Section 11, more Sorrel“, J. A. Grimes, J. P. Hitchcock.
particularly described an follow*: Com­ Dan Doten, John Connolly, I N. Siu-
mencing at a (mint on the North line of derson, A. Wise, Wni. Daugherty. I>. S.
the East Half of the Southeast quarter McCollum, Geo. W. Ken'. S 1 5 ruz >,
of Section II, Townahip 40, South of Chas. Gordon, J E. New l ii'ik., <;
Range H East of Willamette Meridian, Rückstrom, L. W. Andersiin, C. E
at or near a point know n as “Engineer's Phillips, Joe H. Moore. Eeli Morgan
Chare. D. M
Survey Station <1 No. 2903-40,’* thence Jim Burner, George Chase,
running south sixteen degrees fifty- Brown, Salon Allen, J. A. Zion, F. T.
three and a half minutes (ltl w 53',/) Maxwell, C. A. Barneburg. C. W. Gra­
west through aaid Section 11, to a |M>int ham, Hugh Kerwin, A. I'u-lay, C. E.
Biddix, R. M. Krain, M. E. Spem-et,
on the south boundary lino of aaid sub­ lr., W. P. Pradig'k, 1 i.-d I. Chapimiii,
division which is at or near the point A. D. Brier, Joe T > I-, J.diu Cole, W. II
known iis ‘’Engineer's Station (I No. Wall.
Notice is hereby given that the f >re-
2975-00” ; alao for the purpose of proper going
petition will be prerented to raid
construction, security, convenience and County Court outlie 3rd day of Julv.
operation of said toad and for side 1907.
Every drop
Of Old Continental Whiskey
Water Mill Whiskey
Normandie Rye
F. F. K Rye
is as pure a« Government inspection can make
it. It is bottled in bond under Government su­
pervision an<l that carries the guarantee of abso­
lute purity.
Horses Boarded by the Week or Month.
■Special attention given transient ttock
4* and rpeeial ratet to freighted.
by thi lack. Hay by tht bale or
Cor. Main and »th iMe.
Ion. Phone-Mam U
_ .. r j .
KKJW' ¡T j, UL KB! Eftl
City Meat Market
is the word that tells the story, and when the
government places its O. K. on whiskey you may
be sure it is pure.
Sold by
Wholesale and Retail Dealer
First-Class Livery. Anything from a saddle horse to
a 4-in-hand. Parties conveyed to all points in South­
ern Oregon and Northern California: also to favorite
camping, hunting and fishing grounds.
To acquire riches if you start right
Here is the way :
Buy* one or more lots in the Hot Springs addition
to Klamath Falls. The investment sf a few hun-
dred dollars NOW means a profit of thousands in a
few years
Hot Springs addition is in the heart sf the city of
Klamath Falls, whose population will be 25000
in less
than 10
Hot Springs Improvement
FJ irnath F alls, Oregon
FH«, 075.63
Cnllct tittle« Lan<l Office, l^Keview. Or«
In the Circuit Court of the Slate of
Oregon, for Klumsth County
W. F. Arant, Plaintiff, vs. Albertine
E Finck, otherwise Allu-rtine Finch,
whose true name is unknown, Defend­
To the atsive named namml Albertim-
E. Finck, otherwise Alliertine Finch,
whose true name i* unknown.
Notice I or Publication
In the Name of the State of Oregon
You are hereby re,|ulrcd to ap|u>ar ami
Cniti-I States Land Office. Iwki-virw,
answer the complaint filed against you 'Oregon, April 12, 1W7.
in the aliove entitled suit oil or before
Notice is hereby given that in com­
Thursday, the Sixth day of June, 1907, pliance with the provisions of the act of
that l>elng the last day ol the time pre­ Congress of June 3, JH7H, entitled "An ,
scribed in the order for publication <>f act for the sale of timla-r latuls in the
this siiaitiiohs a. luaile by the Honor­
able J. B. Giiffitli, County Judge of States of California. Oregon. Nevada,
Klamath County, Oregon, dated April and Washington Territory,” as extend-
2filh, 1907, anil which order also directs' i ml to all the Public Iuiml States by act
that said summons I m - served by publi­ of Augu«t 4. 1992. Bessie Carlisle, of
cation tbereid once » week for six suc­
. Klamath Fr.lla, County of Klamath,
cessive weeks, the lirst publication to be |
| State of Oregon, has this day filed in
on the 25th day of April, I!si7, in '
i tins ollie«- her sworn statement No.
the Klamath Republican, a weekly 1
Maxi, for the purcliaee ol the n%nwt4
newspa|M-r |iiilisln-i| al Klamath Fsl's,
■ I
No. 11. m Ip. No. ST S, R
Klamath County, Oregon, ami if you
No. It) E, W M, ami will offer proof
fail so to anawer, for want thereof, the
| to show that the land sought is more
plaintiff will apply to the Honorable
valuable for its timla-r or stone than for
Circuit Court of the Mate of Oregon, for
purposes, an-l to «-stablish
Klamath County for n decree ol aaid
Court, that you, the said defendant, ’ her claim to said land la-for«- th«- Clerk
have mi interest or estate III or to till- .of Klamath County, Oregon, at ins
follow ing descrila-il real pr«q>erty: The "Hi-«• ut Klamath lulls, Oregon. <
S. W. *4 of tin- S. W.
ol Section 19 tn Wednesday. the ,'<rd «lay of July, 1907.
She iiaio«-s aa witnesses:
Tp. 3H S. ol It. 9 Fl. W. M. hi Oregon .
Mark T. Ilowar.l and Frank Johnston
that the title ol tine plaintiff thereto is
Dairy, Oregon, and William Barnes
good ami valid ami that lie is the owner
Ben Carlisle ol Klamath halls,
in b-e thereof; that you, the defendant,
l>e forever enjoined an<l debarred from Oregon.
Any and all person* claiming advrrs« ■
asserting any claim whatever in or to
ly the ala>vi-d<*ecrilM*d lands are re­
said real proj*rtv adverse to this plain­
in this
tiff; and for such other relief as to the quested to tile their claims
Court shall seem meet in equity.