Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, November 29, 1906, Image 1

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    Official Newspaper
of Klamath County
Chief Engineer Stevens Writes Canal
W ill Be Built On l ime
able nvvrt will la?.
But i »bn Hlvwm»
never miner»! matter* lador«' ami it i*
not at all probable !•»• miiirrJ mutter*
It i« n»»t going lar a«tiay t<<
liarar I a gu«-** tliat hr ' lad down flu­
law’* to tl««» l*ie-id* nt o| thv I nit«-«l
btatrv j'lai a< he laid It down to th»»
l’f«*»ldrhl oi th« Northern l*.««ific
11 «•
went to I'aimtna and •’111«''* he lia» hern
thi*r» he ha» dune thing- a* well a- run
That hv ha» won th«* high favor
1' 1 Abla*tl, p'lii lai loMLi'g' f o| th« o( the adiiiiiiiBtration i- t*vid«*iic«*d Ly
t»iv fact that hr ha» ju»t lM«vh pla<*rd
Klamath I «kr rail»« “»I, »• 11« t«vvi|*t »»I
»»•«*• »h I »n « ohirnan-l next to Shout*».
a letter iron« John fr *“•« vrna ■ i.lrt imi another *urr fact I« that a* bo »» ii
riiginwr <»( th«» l aiiama ('anal, and «* hr IB iiainjM’fv I or l'iterlvred with,
tlivre w ill ta* a UV W < hn I EllglliVVf
BtfCOtid in <»»ntr««l oi thv <ai>ai
Thv letter, in part ib a - loll »w*.
General Manager Abbott
Mas Direct Information
F' rom the Chief in
Charge I inc Climate
and Condition All Right
‘ l*thiniati l 4‘iai i‘»»liimiM»ion,
Ih'pMrilllrht ol
< oliatin« tl«»l>
Eng invvting,
l*o»tma»trr Hurdoth Sa) » the Pub
found a
Whrn the» powt'dtn e wa»
(ruin tin* <>ld to the new h* 11
il a a * thv hu|H* «4 l*»>*tina*h*» M n • • 1« 1»
that it* iin| m m> 111g Miid rlvanly appear-
antv, tfg«*tlivi mh I i an aiiiph* Miipply oi
«Igli*, Would
*i|tfn lent to dvtvi thv
p«tr«»n« Inun making it thv filthy nui
• hih ’«* thv <4d olhcv had tH*en. But hr
ha* l»v, n «1 i*a|-|H»ililv«l. It is a r.-giri•
ahlv la« t mat »»«mv ol thv patron* »»I th«*
olht «• haw no r«*gatd l»»i thv ««»uim»»tl
iiilcn «4 <lr<■«-«»• y. and p« i*i*l in vijau to-
rating on thv Hour, W'»<*lw«»ik ami wad
atid *catt«*riiig rvhi»v hilh«*» a><*l Hi thvr
I I»»* tun»* ha* v»»inv, h» w**v» i, a hvn thi*
inu*t *t»»p, i»ir «Mr. Mnrl'M h i* dvirr
inihf’l t<» mainl •
an «»Ith«- ll at
I h«*
i « ivdit to thi* » il
In tin* un h-rtak
i' g In* *h*»«ilii han* thv I»« arty *»ipj»orl
• 4 vVvryoim. In ivivrriog I«» thv pivM*ht
lf**ut«lv thv |H«*tinaat«*r *aid :
' f’liv |M»*tal regulation* require* mv to
kvvp that offit ** *o «’Ivan that the m«*t
*«’li*itivv may enter It wilh«»ut I »ring
«Jiatiiri* d by tiltli. I have |*»wtvd signs
«*on*pi«*uuu*ly, hut without avail, I '
tuiiaivl) th< *»• *amv i«*gulali»»lia provi<lv
wm»iiii'l inrana lur enforcing clraidl-
n«-** on th«* pari <4 thv '«uhlic. Il thi*
»pitting oil thv tl’Mir i* n«»t *top|*«»d, I
will prohibit «inoking in tiie lobby, and
takv *tvp« looking toua d* thv vnlor«*v-
lot-fit *»l that rv*tii< lion, ll thi* d«a*«
not *t««p it, I will «all <»n thv civd au-
th«»rill«** loi a**i*l »•»♦«• I»» r«.l-*f» v thv
rule* and iv^ulaiioo*. ll tiu« d»««** n«»t
avail. I will cl*'*v th«» <«rti»'** enurvly.
1 ‘hr p »wtal regulalioli* pr««vi-iv l«»r lhe*v
"I do m»t « arc to a-*uine the r«>!v of a
dictator, and I only m - k th«* puhl.c to
nevoid I«» th«» |<»hby of the |«»atoffi<«* thv
»atiiv i "11*1 iviatloh they give thv hank-
or olhvr «»ffi» t* >»! thi* city ll it «!••<••» n*»t
«!•»*<» without thv adoption «»I atringviil
mva*urv«, tlivy may « XjH'Cl BUt'D
to I m * tak rti.
•‘It la IMMMlIvna (or : me to go into thv
dangvr lurking in I ludiecrimiiiaie VX*
|*vrt«»iating in public e places.
Il ha*
collie Ur I m * lvt ogtu£t«d a* a liH'llHV to
public livalth, ami I lor one Mtll l|»»l g »-
lug to l»e a jMtriy
party tu
'««•mihMtihg ui disease
«I imvmmv by |M*( UHtUflg
the |*»«tuffi.
lliv tl»*»r
»»I thv
v tu »a* turiiV'l
Hit" H holln-d ol i || w «'. im * pl'-il‘lh> gel Hl-
dv|M»>it«*»i there by thv iivvdlv** cait-
|«*»*BMn«*-* ul thv patrons «.d thv other.”
I • <Uh| I«*»* it Will hUt I m * ll«-Ci***Mf y lor
Mi Murdoch I«» put mi i»»rcv tn* ml!
autlioiity t»» miry out the reform hv
t’li«» p *tii»a*lvr i* auvremv in
thv po»l"ih v ami hr ha* a<uplr a litiur
Ity t»> liilohv hl* r«-gulation» , but thv
public will «ioiit»ilv*i" hraikvn to hi»
w.unihg H’ul «lv*<*t irum a praclicv due
IIHU V to thoughllvaMit i» toan a di«pu-
II, however, ll
«itiön lv I m » iiuc Iran.
h ill not liaten, ll 1« to l*v ho|n* I that
the |ssitu,»slvr Hill i*tingeiit1v rnfoicr
tliv ngulslloii. Hu<l bling alluit this
iihil I i i * i - v <I ivloriu.
Klamath fall, i-to haie a t'ommer-
mer« lal < iuli. 11,i» w ill la- the ■ internile
ol t he act io,, taken by (he t'hamla«» of
t *<-iiimi*r< ■* at the -| m *. lai meeting held
last -at'ii'lay evening. Al that meet­
ing a riqsirt of the committee, appoint­
ed to dev ise way* and mean, governing
the new licadcpiarters, was submitted.
M lieu the decision was reached to re­
tain the lease of the re,ms contracted
for in tl.i Murd'S'll bliek. the question
arose a. :■> whether it would la- adv»a*
Ide to int i (wluee the social feature into
lire Chamber,
Some ot the niernliers
were opf>»»»e«l
to tin.
other« heartily tn fav«>r of it. It was
to solve this knotty problem that the
committee was ap|M»intrd. and its re-
I*<»rt undoubtedly di*|»>scd of the ques­
tion Di a wise manner.
Tiie rv|s it submitted provided for
th»* 1» a»r of three of the rooms to a
•»'rt-ial chib.
l olievh^ihle t<» meml»er*
ship in the SiM’ial Club, the applicant
must I m - a nirmlwr ui the Chamber of
Commerce. Provision »» made against
gambling ami the sale of intoxicating
lieveragrs in the Club r<s»m«, and the
('hmiiler will have authority to see
that thi* pr v i*b»n i- enforced.
It wid
thu* l»e possible for ll>'*e who wish
*oc.al connection* with the Chainlier to
have their wishes gratified, and for
liiosr who were op|s»*»* l to the innova­
tion l<» relam In* mvm'M-r*nip in the
V hMtn**er under present condition*.
Tin* move al*»» *o!ve* another vex ng
quv*tloh—that ol revenue.
At present
the H vrriiie of the Chaiul>rr I* a*M»iit
»»nr hail w hat it* vX|a n-e* w ill In*. tn*
der the new order, its cxj»er.?<*i will I I*
r»-lu<e to a niiuimum and within it«
pre ent income.
Ihe ui-<|*m of th»* prnpositlcn to
organize a Commercial Chib, an idea
that originate I with Mr. II. L. Holgate,
uliv oi t ne mriiilwrH »»i the committee,
is proven alrvaly by the lively intereat
uiai-ifesied in the new organization,
That it will start out with a large
K meeting
n»etnlM*rahip it certain,
will l»e held at s u\k»ck toinoi row
evening in the court hou*c, when the
first step* looking toward» it* organiza­
tion w ol la* taken.
K delightful Ilill.l.alr «»• liivrti ill
the i<r ms <d th» Klamath <'«»»»»«»tv at« »ry
l‘uiv>*ia( anal Z »nv, S< h u , I;»» -.
"Friend AI»» m » i
\»»ur chat a* t«-ri»ln • I Mti-ic last Saturday when the im-m-
n »!«• «>1 the Hth ircvivr«|
| did hot lH»r* «•( the Allcgr«» Clui» «-nlertained
know Voil utiv in that part «>( thv upwards of a hundred *»t Ihvlf Itiend*
* Ith
•elect 1» »n*
W fid.
show «-»I
w ondvi lui
protieiem y
•’I am ver) well, ami •*
t «letit. I he luusic an I r«Mif>ti«»n r< MUU»
much a» on»' « an —■«'»•ii»i»l«
< ■ fiiMO Valor V
w ere
t a •» 111 v
of the
a tin«* « limat»- and no mu
»i lu .'r | rtiid de. ■ «ra'»- I, and M »** A ppie­
«hanvv ot it. than in a
gate and Mt*, Zumwalt
were tin-
»late*— p *B»ib’y nut •<« m
te.-••ptfiits <4 many well <lvscrvv»j rutu«
“Thi* 1« u ha»«l j»»*», but «m«* that
Alter the rendition of the
l*<* dour in a r«»a»» ■nabiv time an>l VA • l»iliM* lit-
piog : am, light i « I r«’-hln« n t - w ere *cr \ c»l.
“I have I h ' vii well ever siine « «Ullllg
her«» ami • <n *rv m« rm*»»n a liV. W ill, I a < radie s«»tig
I* “ R»* k-a-Bvf Ba by,” i ip
care, any mauvaiim»! keep
< K Sf'iynrr
Sim « •«•!) y o«if b ,
itoi »T»»a
MIBB liai
lohn 1' . r*irv»*i«w ‘’
•» *• »nätim* « »p LM, N.» . I
A uh hl u
It will I m * » v <- ii (tutu thv h»rrg'>mg that
thv I'anama i anal whhv a lUHtanal ami
<iHith «nt timivi inkiiig, i» n-»i hvp aitdv .1 Minuetto .
of i uhBtrnet pm in a reasonable titnv:
A link
and that thru i» m» rva*«»n why a man 4 Sr fier z»»
cannot m) <\ p»’»lrcl heailh in th« «.anal
*■«-i«i.ad» iLidm«’
«•ilia, Ml
tvvvlia W.tivlitly look» at It
like Mr. Mt 1» mall I •*»«»»' I at the »ul»
way in Nrw Y»»rk.
U hvn a-k *i il hr
did not Ivar tin* bai«1»!«ip» aitd ditiicul-
tlr* o| hi» ta»k. hr rvphvl ; ' No
It n*
jll’t fig«» digging A tt i.tf uni) it Ha
Ilttlv h»lig» i•**»» it ib with Mevvu*
I F Willit« ha» di ■ |Mi*«<d uf hi* gen­
hr ha* i«t* 1« mi «4 acvoinphthing hi» ta-k,
eral metchaiitliM* hiisinrsM to \\
lor hr 1» a mail without Ivar.
Ami tin*
tall* to mind m «t«»ry <4 th«» litiir, h I khi I >lnve A Son-. I »*car and Hex. aho will
I a eilly y » ar* ago, a hvn hv a a- » hlrl vn take po*se*-|ot| 1 »''leili I H*r 11.
glllvrr o« th** .Northern I'aciln
Hr will pa«» from the busy mart of tra»lv
came to thv Hill t«»ad Iroin thv t atiadi otte 1.1 Klaiiukth Fall- most rr-|H*eted
an i'a« itir, where hv and Mr. Ablaut n «I l»v*l known merchant*
wriv m *»< m lalv*.
S«**i« alter goti g lo the n auv years Mr. Wilht« h«»* Iwen hi
th«* N»»rthrrn l*a« itlv he ■ an up against busines* here hr ha* l»erii honored by
hi« fellow hiisille*.- men ami ha» always
Dull* llill, J. J b sun.
steen- is a
man ol non will
II«- will n«»t lolerat«* p«M*e»*r«l (he coiilhlvncr <»f the pur­
llitvilv»vm «- iL'iii anyoiiv, and w hvn lb«* chasing public, who will hear with re­
found Dead at the Moore Ranih in
young »tiipiing uml«»il<»ok to liah*grv*B gret his determination t«» retire.
are well known
Poe \alley.
htvvvii* promptly wullopvd bun,
went af»« r Hill ju»t a* hr went allei throiitol»<»ut the county, the senior
rwr) thing-—hammer ami tungn, and inrinlter having l»rf»»rr Iwen engaged m
J no McKay, who * m * quite well
when hv got lhi«»ugh with thv job rv- the mcr» ant ile hiisin«»** Isifh her«» ami
known hi this city was found »lead cari)
aigueds He immediately joined A fehl«* at bort Klamath. Oscar hasa h(Mt <>!
Saturday morning at the Claia M» »ore
Guthrie ami t<»gvtlivr thv) loiinvd a con­ Iticiul* throughout the county, gained
rancli in l*t»e Valley,
He went to the
tracting cumpaiiy.
But thi- venture
incili he has alway s accorded the pat­ place Thm^lay and remained at the
wa* duunird to »hurt III«*, lot when J. J.
Friday the metu Itera of the
Hill, wh«> whm away at lliv time of the ri »II* of tiie county clerk'a office, where
iauiily went to a dance, and on return*
r«»w, n*turnr«l home anti hrard tin* tact* hr was a deputy. Alex ha* h»r some
nig inisHvti Mr. McKay,
Search re­
hv went to »«•«• MrvviiB and pur»ua<lr«l lime lieeu «»lie ot Mr. \\ ilhts’ clerk*.
vealed his remain* at the gate between
Inin to irtui n.
llill *aw what huh in
the ht»u<*e anti the l»arn.
him. SiwriiR wmr tn«« only mail on thv very lavorala* vii virnistänee«—succeed­
Coroner Martin was summonetl and
Northern Baciilc la»l'»rv or tincr who
an investigation inthcatiNi that tleath
rwr had th«» ha«khonv to "«tand pat”
was due to natural causes, pi\»bably
with llill and run In* oilier alter hi* selve* |n»*sv*se»l <»! tfiv rcqiiisiie integ­
heart failure. Interment whs mad«* hi
own idea*. And llill liked him, lur hv rity, |M»pularity ami business acumen
the I’ue \ alley cemetery.
«aw in th«» chirl engineer a gr« at future. m»cessaiy to ass lire BUCCfNl«.
Mr. McKay was well along in vt ars,
l hv R‘ m k Inland had it* rye oh Stev­
and was for years a resident of Wood
en* lor a long while, ami tinally sue*
River vallv... A lew year« ago he re-
cvr«lvd in getting Inin away from “Old
moved to Klamath Falls.
Man" Hill. It wan n<»l lung alter hi«
The San Francisco Examiner oi laut
The Seventh mid Eighth grades of
going to thv K<ak Island that t'ncla Sunday contains the billowing
the public school guve hii entertainment
sain wanted a man to look alter hi«
That "journeys end in lovers' meet*
railroad affairs In th«» Phihppiiiva, and Ing»'' MM exemplified at the court* tn Assembly hull last evening that whs
hv picked M wviib .
Giratvr work wan house in Oakland yesterday afternoon, aeiedit Isith to the tin ttltv mid the pu­
waiting on him, however, and belure w hen .lohn I*. W. Thouiv, it Healthy pil» participating. Due ol the notable
he had ina plana Compiateli to go to builder ol Fort Klamath, Ore., traveled Iviltlirrs connected Hilh it »»« the large
Manila, Wallace, who wmb < hiel riigi* from the latter city to marry Martha attendance, which denoted the deep in­
n«*t*r ul the Panama ranal got into a Matilda Taylor ol Fitchburg.
lie is terest lilUlilleNted by the citlsei» tn the
row with thv
the powern
|K»wvrM that
he at fifty-three, »lie is fifty-six, and both wotkol the pupil» ot tin» institution.
Wanldligtoii, and «tvp|H»d dow n and out. had buried llieir former spouse», but as The facility i» to lie congratulated,
There wan only one mail in »iglit I>IK the blushing bride expressed it, 'We Principal Dunbar eapecially, who ha»
enough to till the vacancy, and I lull were so alone ill the world flint he »hoHiithal he Hilly deserve» the high
man whh John I*. Ktvwn«.
lie HIIN decided to sluiie my burdens and I his." esteem mid confidence reposed ill him
vailed tu Wauhington and the prupofli* The bi idegiisiiii stilted that he intends by the patron» ot the sehool ol which he
tiun laid Iwlurv hiiu.
to engage tn the real estate business in 1» the head. Through In» ability and
indelatigatde energy, uh well as that ot
Now Steven« had already made it a t lakland.
ilia corp» ol UNNiNlmit», the public
rule to try ami prolit by other men'«
If you want a home with cement
experience. Ur *aw wherein Wallace sidewalks, nice yv ide and clean i Mrecta, school ot Klamath lalia today stands
in tiie flout lank.
had trouble and where lit* might al*o sewer system, Hot Spring*
fall into thv hand« of the Philleatine«, beautiful view of Mt. Shan I a and Mt.
Mr. and Mr?. L. B. Yaden are back
ami he proceeded to guard against it. Pitt, and a view from l ake to Lake, in the city again, preferring this me*
No authentic lnntory ul that interview don't fall to but in the Hot Springs tropoli*« to lite on their homestead dur­
Iia* ever been made public, and prob Addition.
ing the winter.
Ik Mull be Clean
I. Moure. district attorney for
this district amved inibisciti Tues-
•lay. He commented vere favoiabli on
the ab*rm*r ol « rime in this city during
the past summer.
“In view of the fact that a large
migratory |*»puh«tion poure«l into Klam­
ath Falla during the pa*t spring an I
summer, it was natural to *u| |*»*r that
m or or les* crime w»»uld follow in its
ft i* remarkable, however, ami
sjwaK* well t»»r the men who have come
ami gone, that tiie city ba* been free
ftotn unlawful acts, l ew parallels are
t«» i»v luumi, and tiie citizen.* can c»»n-
gi.».t. ate them*» Ive* that they were
toitunatv enough to have the woik on
the great irrigation work* carried on by
such a law abiding element.
“There is nothing oi *|»ecial interest
in legal circle*, (»lily the tegular routine
t>ne of the prettiest weddings that
ever took place in Klamath Falls, was
the double wedding at the home id Mr.
and Mrs. Newham. Tuesday evening,
Nov. 27. when occnred the marriage ot
tiieir daughter, Miss Lilian,to Mr. I. S.
Vorliees, and llieir niece. Miss Nellie
Waring, to Mr. William Dunham.
Miss Newham and Mr. Vorliees were
attended bv Miss Louise Sargent and
Mr. Phil Goodwin as bridesmaid and
la«st man, an«l Mias Waring and Mr
Dunham by Miss l.ita Nickerson and
Mr. James Newham. The house wat»
decorated in Oregon grape, sinilax and
orange blossoms, and the brides carried
shower iHinquets of white carnations,
and the bridesmaids bouquets of pink
carnations. Promptly at eight o'clock
the wedding party took their places,
iimler a canopy ol mange blossoms and
smilax, and theceremonv was preformed
bv Rev. W. G. Smith of the Presby­
terian church. The ring service was
Used. After the ceremony, and a song
by Miss Nickelson, th? bridal party and
guests repaired to the home of Rev, and
Mrs.Smith, where the wedding snp|>er
ha«l Iwen prepared by Mrs. Vorliees.
decorated in sinilax
ami carna­
tions, and a bountiful refiast served.
The brides'gowns were of white cre|>e
de chine with chiffon trimmings. M n».
Newham's gown was white, and MI '8.
Hale, «.it California, was dieSsed in a
NO. 35
Mason, Davis ¿k Company Will Build
100 Miles Out of This City
cream la*»* g>wri.
Many U-autiful
present* were rv<eive«j fjy the young
people, a* they have mail) friends. I»oth
here and in their lormer homes in the
ea*t. Mr. Vorhee* is of the Reclama­
tion Servii v, and highly esteemed tx>th
in trie s»-rvi« v ami social circle«.
gift of the I . >. R. S. to Mr. Vorliees
and his bride wa* a cut gla*tt water
l*jftle and glasse*
Mr. Dunham has
but n-centlv come to Klama'h Fall*,
coming here from Ala-ka, where he has
extensive holdings. Mr. and Mrs. Dun*
ham will make tiieir borne in i'aiii-
The bri«lal couples left Wetlnrsday
morning for the o»»««ii>, Mr. and Mr»,
Dunham on the way to Pa-alen»,
where they will remain until the first
of the year, when they will return to
Klamath Fall*. Mr. ami Mrs. Vorliees
will go east on an extemiod »>ri ial tour,
► topping m W laconein at Mr*. Vorliet?»’
old bom«-», and on to New York to Mr.
Vorliees ti.«me. after which thev will
leturn to Klamath balls.
They carry *
with them the i«r»l wishes <>f their many i
triends. lurrneJ during thru reeideute
in K amath.
Contract Was Aw arc ed
5everal Weeks Ago —
Just Made Public—Sue
cessful Firm Have Large
Store of Supplies.
The contract for the first one hundred
miles «»I road between Klamath ball«
and Natron has been let to Mason,
Davis A Co. This firm is now engaged
in completing its contract for the con-
sttuctiun uf the first division of the
government canal, a work that will l»c
finishe») before Spring.
When the Reclamation Service a*ke f
for bi»ie fur the secund division of the
Klamath Project s«»me surprise wia
manifeftted that Mas«»n. Davis
Co. did
not bki on l fie work. They had'given
excellent aatulaciiuu, and tin- progress
they had made on the tirat divi-ion far
l-Xcey’leil lb. u««».t »anguine ex} **< at too.
Tiieir tauure to put 111 a bi •
explained, lor li.e railroad con. act war
under con»i«>eration at tnat time an<
wa. awarded to
u.« weeky arfe
■ .. m , —... .■.
«pl aecret and only IrakO
lout th» wrek. A «cine Ma-on, who ha.
Next Sablatb will be a lay of special
' ha«i charge of the government contrxs
interest at the Presbyterian church.
» bow in i'urtlatxi making final *r-
F<»r ? i;ne time the pa*t<»r has had under
consideration a subject which every
How »oon work » to commence i<
citizen knows something about, the
problematical. Il thia aectim » fav-
women more than the men, and it re­ oie<l witli an o|«n winter, ,roun«f *w .11
quires a nigh degree of manhood ami
U,l >.nui. esxl to la* e the subject equarr- lie broken ju.t a* »oon a» the last sec­
tion ot the canal i» completed. If on
b- * - ;■» »g .ave people refused to ‘io
thi« tlmt it has isBCume our national the contrary the weather » loo revere to
•in. I d » not refer to the liquor traffic, admit ot immediate operatTma, the
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what all chri> ¡an aud good mural ! tie finished, outride oi the tunnel, and
j»eople know t<» t*e wrong. In nothing I only climatic condition will prevent
i*» the wi?h»rn ol Satan inore evi lent railroad construction beginning at once.
The awarding of th» c intrant i- indi­
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11 , -gi.iZt u eViiS. a tact cative ol tbe intention ot tiie llainman
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recent »'«tern to rush construction work on the
i cohap*e oi bi» false sy*tvms which Natron branch, an«l if p-w-i «le tiring
I directed it« chiet anathema« against aliout itr completion by tiie end oi 1907.
what its leafier to k to i>e our national Every effort 1- leing put forth to facili­
»in. ami am >*t ever) body agreed w ith tate the rapid conrtruction of the Cali­
him, but n»»w they see tiie h»lly uf fornia Northeastern, and it is now gen­
>atan’* a i»dom.
I: was the purpose to erally H.lmitted that this part ot the
»I»rak on thi' subject at two successive line between Wee.! and Natron will
morning services, l»ut
hut realising the reach titir city by next summer. The
difficulty ol carrying the thought over question of pnaurring laborer» ba« iievx
a w hole Week, it wu« i»v presented next carefully looked into and plans have
sabbath in »rning and evening,
All been made to furnish not only Mu-on,
may not agiee with the sp»..kei, but all Davia A Co. with plenty of
but also the contractor, on the Califor­
will i>e inieieslv l.—U . M. >MG.l.
nia Northeastern. The labor problem
haa grown to be such a serious one
that a thorough re-organization ot the
employment bureau ot the entire Har­
riman system has been effecte«l, and
The f*t**ckhoitler« of the Klamath the result of this change will soon tuanr-
Agrienlturil aatM.K*iatit»n are lest itself by a large influx of laborers.
Ma.- n. Davis, A Co. have for the past
hereby called lu meet at the «tot rut B.
>t. Geo. Binhop in K amath Fall«» several weeks lieen accumulating im­
Ore., for their regular annual meeting mense stores of forage snd other sup-
on Satur-lay. the rirs*t day of December, plie» in anticipation of this contract
BK m », at the hour of S p. ni.. for the kt first it was Mip|si»e<l to lie the in­
pur|M»*v "f v et'ting ditvv lui!» ami ufticei« tention of the tiim to make an offer on
for the enduing year, and for the the second division of the canal, but the
tran»acti«tn of oinvr bu»ine»s that may real purpose of their heavy purchases is
l>e necessary.
by now apparent.
The letting of this contract assures
proxy duly appointed in writing and
the completion of this road anti settles
tiled with the -vc ret ary is allowable.
the question cf Klamath Falls lieing os
<» ko . T. B aldwin , Presiilent.
the through line between Portland and
B. > t . G eo . B ishop , Secretary.
San Francisco.
Klamath Falls, Or., Nov. 23. HUM».
Postage stamps of the ¡»sue of 1907, at
WkXl Presidential postoffiees, will liear
on their face the name of the state and
city in which the {Histoffice is situated.
The chief reason for this innovation is
said, at the l’ostotfice Department, to
t>e the belief that it will help do away
with post office roblieries and make it
easier to trace criminals.
The barn which has occupied the lot
at the corner of Third street and Klam­
ath avenue is being removed—a prepar­
atory step to the erection of the two-
story office building by the Telephone
C. E. lleitkemper of Portland arrived
here Tuesday evening, lie has entered
the store of his brother G. Heitkemper,
tie expects to remain here per­
manently and will make a valuable
addition to our popluathm.
Nine of the little folks of this city
were treated to an ice cold bath this
morning, while skating near where the
dredger is now operating. The children
got too close together for the thieknei«
ol the ice. Fortunately the water was
only waist deep and aside from a scare
and a thorough wetting they got off all
Thia should be a warning tn
skaters not to la* too anxious to get on
the ice before it is safe to do so. Had
this accident occurred on the lake, nine
homes might have lieeu roblied of it«
dear ones. Be careful. Ilon’t risk toe
much and if doubtful »Inuit the tliirk-
ness of the ice skate only over shallow
Mr«. R. E. Lee Steiner and little buy
Ciiaties Horton of Bonanza was in left for saiein Tuesday, where she will
the city Saturday.
trinain lur the a inter.