Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, November 01, 1906, Image 1

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Official Newspaper
ol Klamath County
Dr. Yenny Submits Dis Report On
the Situation
| rurti
I* Due
Coiitaininati >n
vnl , and all garbage should be M«*gr«*-
gated and <lis|>*»« I of by huuling to
some place outside ot the CB7. Th<
wor*! pin«’ s In th«* rear of th«* city
should I •• 1 !!• «1 in. us they are uonatur
u’*»l With th«* til'h as to !•«• L< \<»nd Kips
|s-»’«ihility <4 <•!• anm/.
AH manur»*
should b«- haul d • tf at regular irit«*r-
vhl . Wh«*tln*r or not ‘br u h I-»* at
’* * •• I to r«*m.«i’ - v .*». th»* p« "| 1«* ol
KhifiiHtli Falls th *m *lv***. bit I am
Mir«* that urd«-«■» »».»metliing H «lone al
uric«*, a serious c«»mnti«»n will arise on
th«* influx of th«* large number of i»eo
pl«*, which will undoubtedly happen
«luring th** next Sun in« r.
Th«* wat«*r supply comes from bub­
bling springs along th«* •■ !/«' of the
Klamath Rn< r a few* hundr«d yards
from th«-outl«*t of th«- riv« r into th«*
la1.«*, ami 1 pu.iip«*«i into a large
v* ir on the top of . hill a. <! fi >m to- .* <•
hr OA.-1 a
• I • .
fr* n
to Local Cause*
rrgalatly • uttwd. and so far a« I was
able to determine ir'>iu u cl* se inspec-
ti*»n «-v«*ry thing w.< - done that could h«-
to |>r« v «-nt diA« t. « among th«* employe«-«
I hurl th<* opportunity of visiting then
camp* through the courtMry of Dry.
S»«-m«-r arid < ;«rtright, who havecharg»
of th»* run < mployrd in th«* works.
B»- j ♦ ct fully s ibmitted,
R. f‘. Y lnni . y , Secretary.
To i
it «* Boar«! of Health: I
ha\e to re|«ort th«« examination of six
s|M-cim«r * <»f water received from
KA mil th kail , October 7, from Dr.
The •• sperimens. numbered
frt-tn 1 t
\ sh«»w« <! the absence of gas
I.vu ria and mo far a:: 1 was
i *» .’ ndn«*. W’ere suitable fur
pd domestic purposes.
o f - | *»rt ♦ xi n.ir.atn.n of six sj
men rec« ivv«l from Dr. Yenney i
turn from Klamath falls. ’ Tl
- and iv-
I as the
»Ublr which i*
un iiimH'ii»'* h«-ap at the r<*in
producing organism*
n the r* rrrvoir and
could therefore rec-
•tervoir be thoroughly
11 seif
during «11 < a <e. I Ut
act that it contains
ani-tms which arc not
I f
i ••ini V
• d II.
led hi
gas pt*
ami ahi
and the eri
t •
i '
i» -
1 her«*
kt prcii«n
i »st «■ X t
(rum ll
imn t<
I < «
«•n tn.i
I no
th .
» ft*
!*• 411 right t»«it t* 4*
• « th«*
r *!• Ju**» th«* r»-*rn
4 rhrtiigi* I
I tlhil 4U-« • th«* tlrvrlupliiriil
11*111* tb.it rt«-.«'•
4 «m «II i «-r*
*»f gat. I li«* r» p «( 4>*u wh«»u-
w «»»tulit "h I- *»J»I««I l«i 4» th«*
thitvigh tiu* muin*
!•■•«•» %« >r crtii I «•
m MriiHMng I*
w hi« h V . ; I I «* nt *»i H •* • Il > J lut I
the llil-hing out *.| thr mmn«
I re«
dure t<> a minimum thin trivial
The «umpi«« of wni l<*r t«ik<*it (r<»m lh<*
tap in th«* rewt»i«*nei* «»f I N»«»ti Tin lui
show •» h.tt'tv! 14 . Hol I, h«»wuv<*r. ol
«ilHen-«* pf"dnt mg « I Kitivla-r.
taken on th«* east rttyl W«»*t s|«l«»* uf
the city «|o not «how th«*»«* «•hrtrui*!«
bacteria, ami can, th*‘fvt»»r««, I n «
accounted fur by !•» « ili -I« f«**'t*, by
um * of *>c«‘oiid lian»l
pip»» «Ill'll
service wio original llv it»-hillrtl, or by
«lead ends of pip»’. U*«- I fol >r th«* |»ur|H»«<*
«»I an air ch.iiiil>«*i
Miimtg'-r Gal»** »»f
the wat«*rcompHny, h>me\«* , i* im’lim»*l
t" t h«» "pl hl-
that 1 ’o’ I I H|h|'* l’ <|l|*‘ to
1 he em| »yineiil • ■: - - *o i hand pii->
nt the t inii* th«* -«i \ ie** w .u* th M ins ta 11«»« I
lor h«» 1 «•im’tnher«’d having hn-l tn in*
«pm« b»r smh hum the owner «>1 th«»
prvml-' S.
D i* hl* rec.»II 11 »u that
the pi,»«* n*od wns originally employed
in procuring wii(«*r fmm th«» \nk«»nv
If hl* tiH'inoiy 1* coi’nvt, it
would ........ ..
for the ap|H*nriince «»t the
foreign oigaiiu*iiis refvrre «I to. U bile
lowering the high Mandaid ol lhe waler,
th«’*»’ hacteini do not by any mean*
r«nder tin* water unfit for «loinvstic
The result of th«» examination and
inve-tigatimi by th«» stat«* Boaul 1* very
gratifying to the p«*opleof this city, fora
perfect ami pure water supply is so
rsMcnlial to the prosp«*iity ami health
«>( this community, that it would be
little short «»I a calamity if it were de­
monstrate«! that the city was not
present. This was. that all open clos­
possessed of such.
ets should In» converted into dry earth
The ii p«»rt of Dr. Yetiney is
cloaeta ami emptied at regular inter-
fo||«»WR :
P ortland , Oct. 25. i -. hn ;.
To the Oregon State Board of Health:
At the request of Mr. Alexander Mar­
tin. Mayor of Klumiith Falla, I visited
that city on October 5 for the purpose
of iiivt'xtigiiting the waler supply, dis­
posal of aewerage and general sanitary
conditions of the place, and have to re­
port as follows:
Klamath Falls has a population of
probably 2500, the business portion of
the town being situated directly along
the edge of the lake, extending prac­
tically as one street for a distance of
[limit half a mile. The rear of all of
k «• 1,11i 1»tin...........
thi 4 Ul lin
a> »■
t I o ■ VI .I
it ,I
Klamath Republican Move
Into Republican Block
Repu! ! ■ ;«t
. th«* chana
made durine tl
• '.li t i - k
5 ...... w
I li I
i A TV
I he Campbell Newspaper Press
used in printing The
Klamath Republican.
in the growth oi a great paper. Ear
many years 'I'he Republican eked out a
Reant existence, but from the time it
|»ii»*«*«l itito the hand* <»f \V O, smith
to thr present «lav it has forged ahead
until it is now recognized a** Southern
huiding wreklv. Complete in
it*» new* service it enjoy* a wide cireula
ti*»n, a circulation that i* growing every
Great in ita circulation, it has an
advertising patronage that i* niiMir-
to clcv» to the givat command to “do
nut»» your neighbor*« that which you
w i*h y<»ur neighlror to <lo unto you.“ It
ha* led all other* in the up building of
Klamath Falla and Klamath county. It
has always Iteen conservative and pro-
grrsMvr, an«i what it ha* l*ren in the1
past it wilt continue to be in the future,
and thus remain in the forefront of1
Oregon Journals.
Line New Sch
jo I
l ilt Dagnlfkant New H » nr of the Ktamatli Republican.
H ou
t weck’*
.'it*, next
•W ! «*n the
za and the
»-v w«*r<*
i iw-
an mg of
wn e
last year, it was
>larsh lao I along the
ol l.aXe Ewaima should IM*
» xp-timenia carrie»! on r»»
icaritiTv axn vati K.
fi:M. I. kx >wx reganiing
The I:
»h,utut»*’1 it* tei » liity or value; n»»r doe«
Mr. N rue!’.
\\ hen !;♦* s.ii i “nothing
! j- kn< •wn ol its fertili ty or v slue/* the
jd« a j
wished t»> convey was that
loitlri ig wa* known officially.
In ail
matte i*,
where governin«*nl money
; enter* into the uffsir, nothing is ever
*ai¿«*n b»r granted.
It must t»e proven
by a.tt-«piate test* an« 1 experiment»*, con-
•iwt«*«l either uoier tn«* stipe i vis tun or
next year, ami at the »lin*-*t.-»n •! th«* «/••vetnmerit.
tr -en-es thev I hi* I.a- not
«!.»ne uih to «* Marsh
many hnmlnd lam; . and it * as tin- that M». Newell
h «4 in mind w en he ma«le the remark
pul'ii-L«-«l it.
•• week's Kepnl ,«.- ih
Mr. New» . «!- s * j « not «limit
the immense < •«* an<l irnm-rtanre of
Marsh lands.
\\ ■f»»r»*vey* they have
Viii.<-y* a J
l«een pia- «-d under »•- i i*..«» ..<» there ba*
he pr-.gram of the R«-c;
•ern l»tit «»he re- Hl— nurv.-lvis yield*
•rvire ment much t »
ir p
• ♦I cio;.* planted, ami when these land«»
ano it is only naturai, a- you m.,% k
aze r ciaimel th«*v will add hundred*oi
that it stirred upa warm s¡-jt
ibonanda of dmiar- tothe taxable value*
lies its tor TI « R«*puh:i. an.
"f Klamath County and million»* ol
“lhe e o« t* ot the informa' 1 »n » al •i Eats to th««se who cultivate them.
m -*t electrical on Bonanza ami sur­
rounding country,
It mean* a in« »st '
phenom inn I gr*»w i h
our town, ami i
•• Liking i.!
here to «lav
it. 1
K am..
I- <hipli«*at ted next (
Mr. D?.
’I scy* in thi* issue,
ye «r m the little ni«*tr«»p»ii* 1 ha ve the Í tin* Lew* th... work on ti»e l*p|«»r I'ro-
honor to hve in.
1 very r* -i.lent is il I»-«*! W«Ull< I b, _:i next year was “almost
B.»r.anr.iit? tin ugh an*l through. \v< H,., g ,H| I»» t-e true.”
It came like
have none »»Í that: *p«*cie* km»M n . «* tli« I t htimler iron, a clear skv, and the
knocker, unie«* i1 i- t » kiKM k the
¡ ;»rcjetty < • a i.er» under this | art of the
• »t any <»» -ta»• thmt e me* in tin* path- great
r« daination
4».’v i ::
* pf gr»-w, ai d then stunned. It i » h k "ome little time for
them 0» gm*p the fa«*t s> a r-alitv—to
fe* 1 h it at la*t liit* fond dreams of years-
wor?t - «-a rrahty. Then things begat«
to move, ami t-- lay is *terring a spirit
throughout that section that puts to
shame t’ « nthnsiasm that greeted the
first la w* ti at reached Klamath Falls,
that the government would undertake
<»ur uw n tow n, L»r we realise tl . t t . * tne iv* n.-.u. -n of (be lanUs in the
gie:it *»,hemv ■! j-r*-g• -*• and up •Ho­ Kian: «th Basin.
’ g is !■"! a ’• cal a *.i. ■ it i* a counts un*-.
An 1 why n ' ‘
In the beginning few
and each j»ers«»n is t'te»e*te* Hl ll* | r*‘»lire the real value "t the undertaking.
■th» r man’s w»■ ¡are I* r 4 hat he - - i
Fhvy were *1 w t»» grasp the great bene­
ht ip* the other.
fits t«» accrue !••»::» it. But with the peo
*‘To-«iay K»»rai:za i* *ufferit .■ grater
uiiiler the Vj»per Project it ia differ-
hard’hip- that, i* «.»or city i r laxk Í «-ut. They have seen the results of the
ho is« *. I; w»* ¡.ad f- rty h« •
* toxlay «• ntri-ncemviit <d .voik here, aud ace*
t.i'-v w i:hi be .»ecu: ;c 1 to-m
a . ai. 1 in a j>os:ti n tu take advantage uf it»
at a go >d n ut. to ».
An! th.*
only a:id they are doing it.
t ie it*gilining. Bcit g the renter • t one
Did y. u mukr that the program of
n of the state, H n- the Keclaniati n ■oi vice wa- published
the first t«» feel the exclusively ifi The Republican?
«‘r«ler of thing-; but you know what this means to the peo-
sm*n everv m k am! pie of the Upper Project? It means
valleys surm nding thou-at Is a t I* Hara in their ¡tuckets.
le-w signs of the m u Every f.M»t oi hind that comes unde!
* ” ■ -
one. thU part of the Klamath Project was«
wi»h a new iife, for worth more money and could be sold
they iit»c,-««ntiiy piniml Ihrir fanb to quicker after The Republican was iesuetl
the irrigation ptopvt, an»l m w the. last week,
___ _____
than _______
it was ....
the day previous»
know that their l."|»<■•» are aboil, to l»e | H the Republican
hail I not hustled
realize l, they are extremely happy.
1 «round and got the tact., if it had not
“Arrangement, are now under wav given them the wide publicity that its
for the voting of «li.soo i i |,>ndr for onr circulation affords, then conditions in
new zchool.
.Not a vj|ce i, rai«ed the I p- er country would I* the same
again,t it. That i, the Bonanza rpirit. to-day as they were a week ago, anA
I veryotie for Bonanza ami Bonanza fot every sale that was made at the old
everyone it- our rlogan, and rooti yon figure. would mean a loss of sever«)
will hear its ring come thundering hundred dollars to the settler. In view
down the valleys, and when it conies, of this fact, don't you think you ought
know that Bonanza is growing, and to be. a subscriber to The Republican?
in our gtuwth we won’t forget the Re* If you live under the Upper Project you
can realize the importance of the work
Ami thus changes the tide in tl e oi The Republican; if you don’t, you
affairs of Bonanza, the hub of on«* (f can see the value of it. And if you do
the richest *«’,’ti<»n* of Klamath ( onnty. just remember that most any day this
Tinlv «l<»e* Mr. Driscoll present the pa|wr will by in a position todo the
view* of every.me, for the most same service that. H lias done lib -»'liv­
|H-*imi*th’ iiidividual will rea«lilv ad­ ing under that part of the project about
mit that Bonanza has a givat future—
*rcoiul only to Klamath Eall*.
Last to be commenced.
Fri lav wa* a it d letter day in Langvll,
> "ima and I *t river \ alley* ind other
The Presbyterian church »f Merrill
section»« coming under the Vp|>er Pro­ was dedicated last Sunday with fitting
ject. when the Republican brought the
news that the day of reclamation wa* ceremonies. Dr. W. S. Holt of Port­
at hand and that that l»ooii so long land deliverv«! the <lv«licatory sermon.
wished foi a 4-
an ive.
In a lew day« E. B. Henry will leave
for Oroville, C alif., where he will enter
the employ of the Western Pacific rai!
road, now building from >alt Dike to
Mr. Henry is an vngi
neer of marked a'ulii v and hi* manr
friends w dl »«• glad to’»,H:lr that it ha*
vt n so -ignd.ix itv _ ....j 1.
ir.i'i a.ic.w B lock
—New lira of Prosper­
ity Is Inaugurated
1 the pond
g bacteria
* of
■e -een lr»>tn the lejort •<ll>-
n D fr« m *pr ng at entrance
to spring contained neither
'.ng l ucter.a nor other patho-
r < il
U.K*» iM>r»i< ring <>n th»' Inke, Lut al.o in
<ith<*r |H>rtioti, of th.» city, manure
h. »p, an- allowol to accumulate with
ap|»nr<»ntl\ no utt< nu>t Io remove th. n>.
1 lie old At.k. t>> liriguiirig ditch which
run, thri.uffh a portion >>f th. .^.»y
l-» en dratne.1 nn»l qi-itr a numltrr of
cl» »1». which w. re built over the Hitch
n*»w «le|H».it their content, il.r.-ctly mt»*
the loti» m of the dry ditch.
A« an exampl»., of condition, found,
not«! that the MWer fr tn one of th.
prominent building« in the
■ I m < n ,to|»;M».i up duiituf the e
tn.»r and it, c» ntent. had u»z<
■ to a >t.igr.;,:i- | <o| >>, wate uu;<<ir,ii
the livery atat-le. AI ho noticed that in
one « f the n.'Ut ,t buildltiif. the m , u |» i
|Hpe, have 1. » i c.»nnv
IC »t.-<l .iirectly with
an o|x r> ditch in the street, and it i,
prexumeil that the ,CWUK«' will be de-
|K>site«t in tin- ditch when th.» building
la occufile.1.
The city hud an engineer at the time
I vibited it 1 »» »l.ing over the ground with
the idea of deviMng i«>rn<» ni.aiu- of dis
I o>dng ot the ..»wage, which on acc. unt
of the small unioiint oi lull in the lake
and the tlatnes, of the ground bonier-
ing the lake, will be u very difficult
pro|H»siti,>n. It wa, not considered ad
viaable to empty the aewvrtige directly
into the lake Irotn tile fact that it would
be |'D>l«lily sw.pt lack to the Jily
again by the wind . A ,eptic tank was
apoken of, but any method of ,ewag<
diaposal for Klamath Falls will In» a
aeriou, problem and involve the e :per.-
diture of quit.» a uni of money. How­
ever. from the fact that the city is
rapidly grow ing and haa nil evidence,
of a large increi.ae in population, some
method on a large scale will be abso­
lutely neeessurv before the city can le
rendeted absolutely cl.an. This, how­
ever. I believe ia realized by the pim­
ple them, ehes ami I have no doubt will
he taken up as soon ns possible.
In order to meet existing conditions,
the following was recommended to the
< ouncil ami I believe if carried out vig
orously would result in making the city
practically clean and healthful for the
Good Effect
(•¡men E f:
of th-
p jmjM '<! contained no g:
ria and n • pathogenic bacteria,
cirm r. G from Mr. Taylor’s hor
am«*d ») j er c« nt gas. reduction
■utrai : «d and ga< f«»rrr.ula consist!!
n the of 1 CO-2 am! 2H. a mure suspieic
•»c< ,:m n and lib* ' to I <• unsafe.
Y« urs very truly,
R alfh C. M at - \, M. D.
Bacteriol« gist to S ate Board.
lll|< t«*d l<
!•» A
! I
ti >n and
gmi th«*
NO. 3I
to o vd from B to (¡.
from th»* reservoir showed
g»f. r» 'luc -d neutral red
die tub«*, an i gas formula
I CO-2 and 3H, probably
■’»ducing bacteria ot a pr>-
i i
m t»i
V. Il
« I
of Klamath County
Source of
Of'iclal Newspaper