Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, September 20, 1906, Image 1

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    Ufficiai Newspaper
of Klamath County
The Reclamation Service Apprechite
the Good W ill Manifested
Secretary I . I. Applegate
II thi« «*uy« ali)thing, 1’ «h"w
I «»rrr a» roiint work i# a* rapid,
»»ugh and rln-ap a- if carried on by
tractor«, and thia Liig-a l«»»« • al».11! «le!» y
ami extra coat »trik«*« in« • ■ A# t Itu Ilio-
\u|H*riny» of a dc*»gruntied mimi. It I*
mv opinimi tliat iho»»« who Mtr p • »!»••• •
mg 4gaiii»<t H "*ii Iitti«-, il ADV J mi d
under the »hteh, ami, like D»n
win »’ hr tried Io buck th»* WimimiL, a r
lie teii.g ju»t t<» I m * lining «'4nellil«ig
Learns That I his Pro-
Jett is Fasorably known
and Has Good Opinion
of Officials
of Klamath Count/
Throughout the
Official Newtpaier
'TI««* Klamuth l‘t«»p < t i« «■•r»«i 1« r«-«i
th«- gr« u!e«l ami I h **1 pr«’i« ct m w Uhdr r
ioh«*trm ti*«n !•) th« go\«-tiiim’nt. i«ml I
l«'Mf fil’d till» L|| ! u! B*l*c W till«’ a!t«nd-
ing lb«- Nati ’iiui Drig»»th‘ii * «»ngr«-*-
»•Mid I
Xpphgnt«’. *«•< r« t «r\ ■ f tl «
latrui atri
water UM-r*« a««‘H'iati'»n
and new y»
el«'ct«-»l *« « r«*!ar\ and 1 t r« MMiirer of ! I»»'
< «»ntinuiiig I •’
uftilint«-«l amh *< iatlotl.
Mt hl!
I «rl i.u.aily
While nt P- u«e I
-.1 will
blipM-awe»! withtli« I«-«-i
by the
manife«t«*<l t»»war«l* our
higher ofthiul* I th«-
ate ||| c U mm - touch will
rti»ting in the vnrbui«
gov«»rhinrnt w<*rk 1* u
little friction «an a«»»*
• - 1 ...
Xm»»ng th»- firwt thing tin \
«uni to im- wa* all expr« **i‘»n of gr»t*
iflcatioll «»ver tii«’ c«»r«'.ial M ¡Ati«*h* «•<•
t«ting ) m ’I w «’»» u tii»- *rr«ic«’ and tin- laml
owner», Ahd tin* hAtm »n\ ha* w»«n I* 1
11» a m«*l frn-mlh 1«*eh*»g A*n-»ng ft.»-
m*-ii who iiiak«’ or mar tl»«' pr««gr« ** > !
mi) w««rk
ld«>m«t wi«h l" la- uifl« i-
«t‘«*l a« «aying that tl»»-*«
•« iai» («•r-
mil th«-1^|«'rx > ii a I lik«* « 1 «liwhke« to
«•nt» rf« re with ihrir work, Lilt I <*ould
not but fc«’l win!«' talking w.tfi tlotn
tliut if it were n» « «»««ar \ to »train a
jMiint in favor of u* they c»»uhl lw n*«»rr
apt to d<> «0 under rii»! th g «'«4ithti'4i»
tliAn if we were aflicted with that
mterninn«* »trife that luv at Jim.-s
«how n it«rlf rl«M’W her»'
■ I bo|»r nothing will «-v«-r ari«<
rhaiigr th«'»» lUniral'l« • nditioii*
r«*iation». for th«4 mu«t «•v«-nt,mllv
«|oun«l to the advantag«- «»f th»- w
I,. -
"Another thing I
i mt i*«h
the Klamath Water I
1« uMny in tlo* b-ad ««I ill. \
Tl «
elation on th«- <|U«’*tioi of
mvmb« 1« of no other#
«’A II,
to our
w a*
They all wan(«-«l to k
done* and th«* only r<
w a * that it war due t>
ineltiliero of our a*«««-u
of a higlo r degn...... f 1
i«m than 1« found tuo»»t unywh« i<* ••I*«*,
and that they were willing !«» mak«- at>y
«a« nth«* i i order m»t to haiii)*-r the
|M*ak well for our
"The«»* two fact#
cuiinty ami the public *pnit«'«liiv** of its
1 itiaen# ami I hoj«* that nothing will
«■\«*r ari««* that will mar the harmony
pH’\aihng through out all the branch«**
of the great vntvrpri«e."t
When i|iic«tom*d a# t • what were the
n*«ult« oil other pro|»v« t# where the
government wa« doing th«* work umler
th«* For«*«' account, be «ai«l
"I’ve read with inter» *t th«* nt ate*
ment ol la«t w»*«*k« Republican that the
c<iii«truction of the mtiiik I unit by th«*
guverninent would r«*«ult in a «aving to
the land owner#. While at B»une I di«
eUMicd thin very queation with the head
oflicial# of the Service, ami they gave am
their opinion that after the work w am
fully organiBed, the government not
only did the work quicker and better
than th«* contractor, but at a I«*# m coat.
"Chief Engineer Nvw«*ll «tat<‘<l to me
that contractor# umially figure on a
margin of 50 ¡« t «*«*nt.
It atrikee me
that if thia figure i# correct, and I have
no N' amoii to doubt it, that umler Force
account construction, th«* Service will
mhvc <»ur |w*oph* quite a tidy sum,
to th«* work being done a# quickly
by the Hervice as by contractors, I can
only base my judgement on what ban
lM*en accomplished under our <> wii ryes.
"When the government undertook the
eonstuction of the lateral system of
the first unite, it wa« feared the work
would not I* cutnplvled by the time
Mason Davis Company tinieheii their
What wa# the re«ult? The
work ie practically done now, it is first
H amm in every respect ami was carried
one without the slightest interference
with irrigation during the past season.
W orden Will
on 'lain Strc.t
i *i « Ir I» going to l»e AO »’her Wtrib-n
K . Tl I» time it Mill I m * a ! the W« •!
«•I Mam »treet, and it look« a- f
M a )*» ha I Aml’itiun# that will l«-#d
)«.* i n,‘ig th«- main th<»r«» ig‘»t.»re
i l.u k «truc ur*. At any rate In- »
g m**ie ttiAii bi« »tiare in 1111 •« dm-« -
I" ,|«..c.l !.. i :dir»g w .'I el
It het »•( Uni n an I .1 uri|| er, o|-
-Iti». fl) e Klamath A'.-l
Al il Will l-r 1 1.7o het, two
lb «»• «I «»I bi n k const rm ti n
It *.il hm«- piu'«- k
front And w ill ’•••
>1 ..«I tt HiitMApp n tin«-nt. Pxcavali'»n
I ■» oik Aili i«»« I ably livgAn Unlay, a »I
ti.»- in line r i-l.» »! tn rarlv cotnplvll »11
lrg.niiing t'«ni#l»t ut
r«»nl inuing b.r in*, dat - u IH I h - ! h»* 1« : •
io»| i f . »-h>hri«tioii «flit J»*wri»h Ih eh a
Miotto oi .\«w \«ar<4 ak»7. « U h * w »*«X
!•-»«;•-r t •• •» night w ili !•«• U h »••«■•»n«!
h< li*ìa\ )N*ri«N|. km»un a* tlir Day <d
Th«••«• two lioli'lay# ai«*
I At<>n«»m«*n!.
t»f >gm/» d l»\ all .Ir a », and are <»l»«t»i’v*
«d |«v th«-« i«in*n»>«-n "f nll buain«*#-. In
u. e..r
I loll
gai >
until «» • <1 k 1 iid.iv <*v«*ning.
m »? F i .da* it w il) ch»#«’at «1 «»'do *
r» in.i.n • 1 -« l ut il
<• « 1« ck *at n «lay
vwi i g
Scores Aro*, he* XL tory
I ai d I tau i Cases
T! <• •iry in !’.«• « a*«» « Í the I uit«*«l
State- va I renki n P Mays. W
or»*n««»n. laet Thur •
.l>,|ie» ,11.d * o
dal r.-turtied a v. rdl.'t « f guilty of th«*
duiige >1 fraud >11 <« nil«*« tioii with th»*
e 'lablishm, nt <d th«* I hit* Mountain
I ori'-l I»' sen
It wit- the contention of the govern­
ment that 'lais. Jones and II
Smith c >li>rived ti e idea of cst llilishilig
the reserve, and hud already acquired
title therein to .'ttlJHHI acre» of «el ool
lamia by the "dummy" process, mid
had plmmed to get title to all t* e other
achiH.I lands in the reserve, aggregating
ala.nt l'al.OOO acres, which, hud the.
succeeded, would have entailed a Io«»
on the public ach.M.l fund of this state
of nt least »IMMi.tMXt additional.
Enough fraudulent applications had
been filed with the State land Board
to cover all the vacant school land sec­
tions within the limit» of the pro|x>»ed
reserve, but the scheme was nipped in
the bud, so far as the 150,0110 a res was
by Secretary Hitchcok
making provisional su»|ien»ion of the
whole affecterl district, an I later con­
gress passed ail net repenting the net of
June 4, 1HH7, no that whatever school
lands were in quired in the reserve were
useless an base for other selections un­
der the “scripiier*' law.
The indictment against the th re* de­
fendants wan returned by the federal
grand jury February 111, lHOh, accusing
them of a violation of section 5440, of
the Revised Statutes of the United
States, in ha ing conspired to defraud
the government of 200,00.» acres of the
public domain by pro»ess of a fraudulent
plan whereby United States Senator
Mitchell, Commissioner of the General
Land Office Binger Hermann, Congress­
man John N. Williamson, State Senator
Franklin 1’ Mays, ex-Representative
Mat»- Il I o.lanan ws» a nativ.* • Í Klarn nit
O < I’D county, tiaving l*ren l,.,rn at the < ’olla-
lm ■ «!» han tow It,. .-t,,,ok ram b in Y «rma
iälle, m the month of .’.lay, 11)73.
w .1« tlir »on of .laine» < oliali»
I1 na lillu ami Wall A il.
« hi »* «4 tln» pimi»*«i*r •«•ttlvr» <4 lh»*<*«»iintv,
Tn <* pian uiu«L* i • • un mplated « n
having »«4ti**'l a1' F’»rt Klrtinutb Indori*
'■r... ng !
f ' m ! ■ i i qU««ti«m within IL«» M*#I ìm war. 1 !•• #■ >LÌ th»* ranch to
h»* 1 ..... . • < i* pr.q. *•■ ! f<»r«*#t f»H4TV' ti.v M i . mm * »«*m»• .ìli \»-#«* ag . mii «I t'M-k
kn*»wn a» tbv 1 »lm Mountain f*u* up a pl.ti .• »«»mv mil«** nurthw t*#t of the
-! r« •*«’! A •*, W lilch » « n •» r ti m t « f Juiu* vull.-v which i* «»'¡•A am u n a» thè < <4
»7, w »ul 1 p«-.i mt th«* h<4d< r> «•! laLaii fa» « Il. W 1; ich he in»pro% vi into a
I h *-« w .Itili«*«* *« .1' »<>! *«< i4.n» t«» »X- tii**- projsvrtv.
Ihvr» h»» alni
• io-'l fiinr _o art» ago.
L fill grew t»j
pr.q. MU* I
IHAlibo«>d there, an«l he ir«riVe«| a e itit-
lit*>n m h<«il education. Patti fcar.«l tne
Ii««'<h f»*n«hi!it*in tli*- «■.»•«- j’Mt I » ;•-»I
iitnarin«l rnrndM-rn of ti»»- family «till
ar»- all profilili ut « ìi/«•.»« >>f ti»»* »tal«- oi.'ikr tifeir fiotto-at the ranch.
I I* Ma’. *» liA .'mg 1 « li a »late *«-nat‘»l H. married ««»m«- vein« ago ai.d *»*ttl»-d
at Ilo* l;i»t legi*latf **, and w.»« I*>rm« ri\ -n a hume*>trad m the t ortlo-rn pa<t oí
I i» i t<■■ I Ma!« « Di*l. ict \ 11 -rn • v f• *r < h«
11»- va !|. -, , Mitri«« lie <he«l on ’lie liti»
II»- ir a metili «*r of thè flrm of
. th«- frauh <»f inpirieti received in a
< ar* \ «X May», ami ha« I h » i idclitifhd runawa» «d hi« team while Larve«ting.
H.y» tln «■•* iul and | hta al int«*rvrt« of I he »jr» rawed wa* a w!ra<ly going indu«
U h * «tate f««r a gr« at many v-.ir*.
tn-»uw imtii.oi g».«»<j habita and rt'oniJtiiic
diani \ Jufrtw wa- likewi*« a rnt-m* <ii«|A>Min<»n
ilo* wile mmk an excellent
ber of tiiv fari h-gi«laturr. fiat ing I « «n iiuilM'greater ami a m«M»t fitting lirlp-
« |< • ti-d to fin lowi
llollne Ji « 111 Mm- iioil«-. 1 wo c!iil*irrn hav»- blrFreij the
n<m.ah <«»ui.ty.
He La» ‘»|M-ralr*i in
»I |«y union. JhN'eawe-l wa » 4 m»-n»i»rr
t.jiiiN*r lari«!»« of thi* «tat»’ I »r «»rue tim«-, • «I tii«* iraternal insurance order known
ami 1* r« , tvd to I «• «,u.t«- w. H df tinan* a» the A.’L L. W , bring inbüte»! for
f J.tXA». w im ii w ill m«ure to bia w Hr airi
Oeorge Korr:iiH»n .« .in« <»( thè ix-rt* aii'i chlldieii a m»»«t fortunate lieliefi» •
km»wn nrii arot tid t«wn, and for a enee
The binerai took pime at Bo-
numi« r ut tran» ha* i««-n »-hgag' d in Haltia, •ffVi.ui» t»eiDg held in the M. I.
lii« M*ai » «ta!«- btl-dni««. I h -idei- l «-.j g H churtti. Rev. I. B. Grirtith, ol Klamath
F«»tar\ Public.
Fall*, ofh-'iating. A long ¡»r-weaaion oi
mourning relative« and ay pat fuzing
friend« 1 «li >wrd the remain« to their
last renting pla*r.
All of the in D y
memlter« of th»* <’ 'liaban family WHI e
It wan ah apple« latiVe au i.rn r tliat prr*ent at tlir binerai, a* follow#:
gr«-» !»-«l tl»«» m«»«t *el«# t a* Well a * t» »•
R I. >attei, <»t Klamath Kalla; Mr». C.
l«e»t tale »t «»I Kiamat » Fati« al th »1. ('hipton. of Bonanza; Mr». H. B.
in i*lcalr la*t Fri«iat ev.-im.' Tl ••’arge Hudson of M«»n<agtir, <
al.; Mr«. .1.
* »r ui'l) f ‘««ii» «1 U h H*»t» > l*«A»i ñutid« Brown, ol Ashland, ami
Mi*«e* Kaiie
mg AHI Weil dl.e,
Maggie and Mill r #i«ter«; J I*. ( 41a*
» c I mmi I , w he were attraeteti to #
lian an<l wile ami .lames and Stephen
ho dotlbt. ow i mg to it la i . «g i
( «dial an. *-• -»t!••-»» ol ti»r «ieceaae«!.
fur t|»e pro» r» ed* were applir«i
\ v» ry pba-ant n»-4«!ing t»» »k place
|M) trient •»! lh< »e liratltlhll Vuiict ii £ru«»U
on Tu»-*d:i;. »-.riling l»*t at the home <»f
piano tliât v* ««» n «H -I during the ••Vrlii- tf-
tm* bride, at th«* Fitch ranch in the
The real I« w nr i^ it mo!ive ol 4*t«*n»t-
h .ti» p.i t «4 the valley, at which time
Allf»-, though, wp» th«* laet liiAt Mr«,
Me I. M. Fitch wa* unit«-1 in mar-
I Mil Zimw.iit, tiie «oprano •«»loift, a
r.a/v t • Hal ves E Nam-v. E*«p >l»vr-
local lavorile; th«- Mi**«* Ap| ph-giit«* All*!
man • rt«c:ating. in th«* p:r*ri*cv of a few
M.» Oliver (»ate* were lo iUfll|»b
mutual friend«.
Ti»r c«»ngratillation«
«-vt-ning <»t
ol amu*M*!i>etit
AiiHHM-in«<nt Mixl
ami «*hi»*rt aiii -
over, the < om|mnv «at <b»wn t«» a m»wt
ii>«-j>t. There
Th«-»t* «iia
waa n«»t
not a «lull n» «invnl
t«H»tbM«me rrpH*t, and ti*«- evrning waa
(r in tbr <>p**ning till the vl«-i»«-. and the
whiled away hi pleasant »«»riai <d»at.
g.-dt-rou» App
«-nt ii
Tl»v lug:» < ?»tra« ting parti«-* ar«- both
DUiiilicr, and tii«« •i»»»“f gmetoua ruanrit-r
favorably known in the « ommuniTy, an I
in a lilt’ll tbt- mrllilie-r« rr-|>* •n-l«-*l !«• tiie
it g««-« without «aying tii.it their mar-
heatty rinorri». vlt-arlv •i«-ni<»nst rat«*d
riagr came a« a v«-ry ph a*ant «urpriM*
that th«-» ut-rr happx in realising that
t<> their many friemi» Then- were pre«-
th«*y u«-re pirating their a«nlirin r.
«*nt a very few d««M- friend# and nrtgh*
I hr k»**riiit to *111 it« an nlral place
l«»r>. am«»ng them Mr«. N. **. Drew.
in w I iif I i t'f h"i«l tiiu»h*Aie». Tlo- aconi­
(’ A Drew ami wife. .I»-**«- Drew. Mr.
tic pr«»|»ei I lew AM* ¡»rflv«t.
The «tudent
ami Mr»
< '«»burn, w if«- ami laughter,
b»«lv aa* there in ioice and the) u«*ie
I Ili • . and Mr. an i Mr*. < .1.1 \ l«»m*.
gt-nriun«* an«i not in the lea.-t bit partial
<«. «rg»
L •!!« !. th«- Kl.i iiath Fall*
III »homing thrlf applet lal l««li <>l the dr-
*•’ í \ 1 lig ulH*«, Ali I li» t Hu in»h-«l r\ t-r v team*’ -i. t«» k a party of timber crui**
m» m<’«*f »4 !¡.r «pia» •
1« a. art n» • «•i> : • tm- Ya:u-«-y mountain country
He *ai«l the men were in
1 !»«• t>'ll«' an 1 w >i ?h •<
hr iiif ! r u tiH'ii t. n * a » •» k
1 the empLi V • •f ti»«» \V«-verliau«-*er colli*
wa* thoroughly t«**!e I
Mi#« Evely ii
\)*]*i«*g il«* in bri
- le II •
. 5
i «* i
tb*li of
•*t. I
it '
luon»! i Bird tin* t'allllUg and til.l»l>
ti »? g
» her
M i ». /.unssit wa» .n
perfect i ice.
i.e. while »lie
»tie earned
carried lúe
the ar
she captured all with
diem« in ■(•
‘tin »lie
" Villanelie.
V ibanelie."
tier effort, **
” She wa« called
a d 11" called, and »lie alwavs came Lack
smiling wiih ».une little ditty that ap-
|eale,l to all.
Ml»» El*ie kpplegate is a violinist ol
ability, having that control of he ' art
ol art*" winch stirs the soul, and in
the difficult moven.eiit« cleatly dlsplaved
that »lie I» a t>tu lent a» well a» a natmal
Mr». Gates has long Iwen iec-
ogniBrd lit the soloist« as the one tier-
fe.t aecotii|iani»t of the city, and her
work during the evening wa» up to the
high Gan lard that I» »o resident to her.
When the last nuntlier arrived, "Kpring
Kong.'' by Mrs. Zumwalt, with violin
.ii hgitlo by Mt»» Elsie Applegate, and
al the dose, alter a rousing encore, the
audience remained seated, notone Iwilig
willing to go, the applause *eemiiig to
ring out, ' Just one more, please."
When the dose did come and the audi­
ence tiled out. exclamations of delight
and appreciation were heard on m H
•1 le», and the efforts of the various
n’emliers were extolled ami applauded.
The exchequer of the high school fund
was swelled, and to the members who
bo generously offered their talent to an­
sist in the noble work of helping other.
to enjoy the ability of "knowing how ”
in the musical world, a generous ret urn
of thsnks ami deep appreciation is due.
vturned from ! er
rn < aiifornia ls»t
M ti 1.1 . all.l wa. me
the Fall» by
r-, .. ,, < »-' .(I
Manv friends are iv
, jh "'1 at l.vt 1 i *.| ih — »’..Ini’
5 .tit
II, ttrv -.-Itui'T ati-l lit» »¡»ter»
Mar, amI Maggie. returt>e<l from their
hm klels try mountain outing last a<, k.
having l>«*vn gone i.,r a month.
It na­
il great treat i r the girl».
Sila» Grittie of i ) h * Fall» was in the
vallev »un lay la»t. Rum<*r ha» it that
titer, are otln r attractions 1» »i.ie» ordi­
nal) l>u»ine»B that bring» him thi» way
quite often
The apple crop a a not very large in
Yonna valley tins year, but the Shook
and Flackus orchards I ••»rv enough for
the use of the families of the respective
Peter Petersteiner returned from
Portland Sunday last, lie was entirely
»uccessful in accomplishing the pur|»>»e
of his trip.
Miss Anna Smyth is general manager
of the Smyth ranch during the alienee
of her father and mother on their Ash-
laml trip.
The potato crop in I angell valley is
nqs.rted short, but there seem, to lie
no shortage here.
Frost lias injured
some of the late ones, however.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Rtoehsler, with
Mrs. Geo. Biehn as their guest, visited
with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beck last Fri-
Mi»» Rosa Beck w ill attend to domes­
tic concern* at the Henley ranch for
awhile. She de|>arted Sunday.
Mr and Mr». Orrin McCumber are
rejoicing in the arrival of a new lioy
Philip Ihlen went to Klamath Fall» Istby ro add to their flock.
on hurineae last week. Hie wagon broke
down on hie return trip.
The following facta have l>een gath­
ered respocting the late John H.Cblla*
[ han, of whose demise the Republican
Willard L. Jones and George Sorenson mentioned last week:
late John
Street Car Controversy Is Finally
Settled Amicably
»laughter •>( Mr. and Mr«. >. K. N’-»«*l,
pre-nit-d at the organ. A « hoir of l«>ur
v u,«---ang to the i^HUtifnl »train« of
m one brought b»rtfi by the young f»er
former, who receive«I her mu-ical edu­
cation from the Benedictine .“’inters of
Mt. Angel Ai-ademy, Mt. Ar.gel, <tie,
The voice# were Mr#. J. M. Nel.oii.Mrs
*• K. Noel, soprano»; .Mr#. Ro#enhaain,
alio; »*. K. No»-I, tenor and director.
Ma** wa* ceieLrate«! by Rev. Father
Feu«i. **. J pariwli pneet. w)m-e . 011-
gregatmn j # rapidly increasing." Ac*
« orripMnvmg tlie article wa#a «plemlid
picture of Mi## Noel, who i# |>erhaps
the youngest organist on the Pacific
Devel o p -
ment '0. and the Klam­
ath Falls Land and
pany Signed
All «leiail of the agr»*ement Iw*tween
the Klamaiit Development Company
ann the Klamath Fall# Und and Trans-
. |M>rtat»«4i C- rnpany
were c«*mplete«l
WeGneedav an«l ratitie«l by l«»th eurpor-
I nder the term» of the eon-
tract, the Klamath Fall# latnd and
Tran*piriation Company acqtifre«i all
City Council Meets
the street railway track« lai<l by the
Klamath I*rvelopment Company be-
>t the regular m«*eting of the city
twe« n Payne alley and Seventh street,
cotnn il wa* indicated the rapid growth
the burner company paying to the latter
of this city, in the increa-rd demaml all ex|»en#e c«>nne<*lvd W Itll
the con-
for tlie extension ami improvement «»f ; «traction of the *ame.
»treet# an 1 the a< quirement ol pr« |<e» ty
I mler the trim# of the ordinance
for tin* purpose.
’ grant«*») to the K ¡amath Fa - Limi and
The «fie#lion of the grading of Main Transportati* n
Company all », •vt car
#!r«*et. at the intersection of ('<J!ig«-r i I c».*n)panie# a-e
(«rmitted to it-, e the
avenue. «M-cnpied a g<»od deal of tne J track« on .M «i:
»'reel, and in l.r this
time of th»* council.
When tid# w<>rk I provision the
Klamath l*ecelopment
wa* undertaken it wa* the understand* Companv will
U»e I he track recently
mg that it w«»uld cost $750, and the | cede»I to the other company.
for thia
council readily ag eed to have the work
privilege they will pay one-half the co#t
done upon the offer of the Klanialh ■ 4 maintenance and 5 per cent, interest
Canal Company to l*»ar one-half ol the
• »n one-half the investment.
expense. On the completion of the ninety day* after noti *«* ha# t>een served
work, it wa# found that the cost bad
by the Klamath Development Company,
reached almost $ttOO, but the council re- : the Klamath Falls Und ami
fused tn pay* more than $375, the amount i tati 'n Company shall have
the track
originally agreed uj#»n. ami directe«! the
: rea«lv h»r use by the former company.
• ••ii«n. e <»f a warrant tor this amount, I Thi# notice, however, cannot
I m . «erred
¡»ayal>4e to the order of the Klamath
until Aller January 1. 1*4)7.
Fall# Land and Transportation Com­
In me«!iately on the agreement living
pany, successor- to the Klamath Canal
«■vache»I. the Klamath Fall# Land ami
Frat sportation Company Iregan the la\-
The extension of Fif»h street towanl#
ing <»! trat k fr-»m their line on Conger
the high school has la-en dually settle*!
avenue to conne«-t with the newly
by the acquirement of intervening
acquir«*d line at Payne alley, and a force
proj»er!y. lor which thei-itv will pay (<• •4 mtn were <L taile«! to till in the gaps
in the oi l lin«*. This w«-rk will be cum-
1 wk
ple*»*d within the next ten «lay-.
F . F. Henry claim«* ! that a p »rtion .«
<»r h r* have liven placed with Moore
hi# j • ei \v at
ixth street and the
Br- - L»r sutli' ient tie- to complete tire
< «»ui.tv r- a ! i* l»eing UM-d y the cit' ,
::.e to the I’pper lake, ami when thi# is
and the matter wa* «eferre ! t«» City En-
aiC ’C ’ i-h«*«! the Klamath Fads Laml
ginret /. 1:.¡wait for 111 Ve*tig;«ti.»n.
an i Tran-iorlation Company will have
An ef« tr C light \ i* »r . r»-«| pla«*«-d
a i line from lake to lake.
at the corner •! **ec ml • ; Line street*
N • definite decision ha- as yet t»een
on i«*HUe#t -1 a iiiiiiiler <d re*: lent* in
«•ache»! relative to motive power for
that #«*«r»on.
the cars.
An ¡»»«I...ance chat.g g the vaudevi’.»•
-Imw li< «*!i*e to
p«’t war ’Li? pa#*r<:. COL. U ILKI.NS INJI RED
Thi* appiie* only t »-h »w - c »nducte i
by ’.«Hal peop’e am! mit to travelling
Sprains Ankle and knee Wednesday
»hows, the !;cen#e ¡er L-r which remain#
a# heretofore.
Seventh street, lw*tween Main a» <1
C I M. G. Wilkin«, president of the
I* t.e, wa * «»i.lered improved an-’ the
Navigation company sprained
bld- tor the gra«img «4 Third -treet. c«*st
his left ankle and knee yesterday morn­
of which will nut exceed $500, were ord­
ing. while superintending the construct­
ered pa i»l.
The Klamath Falls Land ami Trans­ ing ..f the large warehouse his couipanv
portation Company called the attention is contructing on the lake front.
of the Council to the fact that the e«- ace d nt was due to his catching the
tablndir l grade of Main street. ln-gin- toe of hisshoe <>n a nail, mid in his ef­
ning at Conger avenue, gradiiallv got fort to save himself from falling tore
loose the tendon of the left ankle.
uwer until Center street was reache I
great was the strain that the muscle
at w hich !#unt it wa* t wo and «me half
was practically torn in two.
The knee
leet below the present gra le.
a peti­
was also severlv strained, it and the
tion of the piupertv owner# was pre­
ankle are badly swollen.
sented. requesting the council to grade
The injury is a very painful an<l
the street at once, and the transporta­
serious one.
It will necessitate the
tion company staled that if the work
Colonel remaining in bed for at least a
was done in conjunction with the re­
week, and this is the hardest part of
adjustment of their street
ordeal on him.
Possessed of that
tracks, it would save the city consider­
tirelees energy that knows no restraint,
able money, put the street m good con-
dition and prevent interference of traffic, he has already commenced to rebel
If the street car tracks are put to grade, against confinement. It willbea month,
however, before he will be able to place
it will leave a gully in the center of the
his weight on the injured limb, and
street that will not only be an eye-eore,
then it is not at all unlikely that he
but a menace to everyone using the
will N* a sufferer formally months if not
The petition, however.
was denied.
Hie many friends will be extremely
The bill presenter! by C. P. Willson
sorry to learn of hi* misfortune, and
for the improvement of Klamath ave­
they are already endeavoring to make
nue and Center street was referred to
life as pleasant and enjoyable for him
the street committee.
as can lie done under the circumstances.
Coming Next Week.
Tailor Made Sult*
New »ample* for fall and winter.
A full line of ladies' and children’»
Suit», Coat* and Cravenettes.
cloak«, suitsand skirts; up-to-date. Will to see old as well as new cuctomers.
Orders taken for the Halin Corset. Call
The last issue of the Catholic Senti­ lie here the first of next week.
at Pelt* * Flat. Mrs. Wm. Whitlock.
T ub N ov « ity S tobk .
nel, publish«#! in Portland contain# the
following: "Un Sunday morning, Au­
It will pay you to Bee F. W. Berger,
When in need of anything in the the Portland contractor, Klamath Fall»,
gust 12, in the new Sacred Heart church
of Klamath Falls, for the first time a medicine line, ju»t call at Newsom A Oregon, for anything in the building
choir rendered special music during Underwood. Sat 1.(action gauranteed.
Plan* and »pacification* fur-
mass. Bernice Noel, the 12-vear old
Newsom A Underwood, the druggists niehed.
The first thieshing done thia year by
the Bennett machine and crew was at
the John II. Collahan plan*, at the
special request of the dying man.
NO. 25