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    Official Newspaper ol Klamath
County and Leading Journal
of the Interior Oregon Country
The Larfes( peculation and 1«
the Best Medium for Reachlnf
a Prosperous and Trading Public
NO. 14
FREIGHT SERVICE And Every Form of Gamb
Mera Making a Collection of the Birds
of th« Tule lands.
F. M. <*h«ptnaii an<l wlU, Ofcom*
pentad by C. J. Hlttell th« well known
Hsu I'raiicisco artist, arrived in this city
last Friday. Mr. Chapman is one of the
I h - s I known ornithologists in America,
an author ol noli-, whose publications
an- u«o»l as text liooka throughout th«
world llu has, among other worka,
pnhlish<<d the “llamllMs.k on Birds ol
Aavaa Moura I-rom Orata lake To
Eastern North America" ami "Key to
Ktomalh lolla In the lime I:«-
Birds of North America." lie is Editoi
of"llir»l Dire,” a monthly publication.
potted tu lie Made
Mr. Chapman is engaged in making a
collection of the birds of North America
If plane that era rapidly rwo<-hitiic ma
f-»r lliu American Museum ol New York.
lurily do H"l num ant, Klamath I.ill*
The work ol preparing this collection
will have a «tally, imlmling Munday,
Mas Ix-g in f-rir years ago, ami will con­
pa»»«Hi|(vr arrvir«'
thn California
tinue fur |«irliaps three years longer.
Northeastern railr«>a*l.
It will al»«'
When seen by a Republican represen­
have a through freight ar r vice, ami it
tative Mr. Chapman >«i»l:
will hr pnaailde U> hara freight biMrwi
“The work I Bin doing in for the
direct to thia city fnoii any point in thr
American .Museum of New York. This
Vnitrd Kiatra
Thia raanlt liaa lw*en
institution is making a collection of the
arv«>inpli»li<*«l by Maaira Itavt». Laird
birds of North America. Y*-s. it is doing
aa*l other» through negotiation with
more than that; it is reproducing liieir
thr official» of thr California North
haunts. An immense hall has l-een set
aside for this collection, the* installation
When |>. II. Campbell, who rrprr-
of which is original and unique. To il­
arnta thia big «•oqwratu»n in thin city,
lustrate, I m ill explain my work here.
wu i|uratlonr«| in rr^anl to thr antici
•My visit is for the imr|s>M» of Mxmiing a
pat ml change hr w«»ul<l neither affirm
collection ol the lurda that almund in
nor deny it. nor would hr vouch»uh* any
the rookeries, |M-licans, gulls, etc. I
Information whatever on the question.
procure s|M*ciniens from the fledgling to
Thr IL* publican, however, 1» in a |x«»i-
the full grown bird. These are pre­
tion to at at r | huh I ivo I\ that thia < hrtiigr
pared in th« usual manner ami sliip|aed
will hr made, ami that in a very abort
to New York In addition t make a
collection of the titles, weeds, grasses
Thr railroad w ill Iw* completed to
and sueh other vegetation as is Indigen-
Cera«« l-akr hv July I ■» Th in I n .17
oua to the rookeries, ami thia collection
tml«M (min Laird* landing
Thr road
is forwarded to New York, where they
between ibear two point» ha« just I wen
will 1« reproduced accurately in was.
com jUrled and it i» one of th«< l»r«t in
“Whenever I go into a locality, 1 am
Northern California,
It 1» a «town
accompanied bv nn artist of note and
grade from thr terminus of the railroad
reeogniu-i ability, who n-pnxliieea in
to Isaird«, with thr rirrption of an un­
detail a well kn-iwii piece of landscape
important hill between Pavin’ ramh
that w ill inclu-le the haunts of binls I
and Ijiinln It i» an ideal thoroughfare
am c-llis tin -. <>n this occasion 1 am
/or freighting, and a»idr from thr »I f -
4o-»Hii)uiu«l by Mr. C. J liittell of Han
•rnrr o( hills, oilers many advantages
One of the ino«t humanitarian and Franri- >. 11« is making a painting
over thr r»»ad lie! wren I’okrgama and sensible improvements made in Ibi» 11x2'1. taking a» a starting |«>int on. of
Klamath Kall« Nrgotlatioua are m»w city w»w the placing of a drinking foun­ tin- floating title islands mid having as
Minier way with two of thr large«! tain ami seat at the corner of Fourth the center piece Mt. Hhnata. When
freighting outfit» on thr r »a«t !•» grt ami Main street«, in the court h >u*i- tlii. painting is im-unte-l, in the mus­
them to handle thr traffic I h - iw n rail grounds. The person re<.poii«il>l for eum, the wax title, grasses ami other
rnad and I m * m I, and
Lind Ibis I« deserving of prai-e. Thm 1 I ve.et iti-n will Is- j line I s > skillfully
and other latgr land mid «1
ownrr« Hamariian act should le lol! > »e-l by lb« with that painte-l on the canvass, that
in I hat aertion are rvadv to put up a 1 installation ol «eats in the court holt we it wdl b -nlni .st imp i.silile to detect it,
I miiv I to th«' California X.oth«*.i*!crn I t yard, for the use of women and rhil-l- nn I st j nd in.- a few h -t MX ay one will have
thr prompt and aalinfa« lory drill« r\ 4 rvn
I he espen»« Mould Is» lu'initc.« > panorama - f the tule Ian U, the lower
all freight to Ijurdii landing In addi* miai as comi>.ir<-d with tlx go»sl it would lake, Mt. >li i-ta iiml surrounding coun­
ti«m they »land mady to r«m«tru< t am­ do. As it is now, there i« no place of try tlint will Is* unequah-l for beauty,
ple wharfage facilitiea for th«* aerotuino» recreation where siilfl.-ient «baile can aivnrm y of detail ami grandeur. The
datlon «if thr I* ml al I iird*. It i» nn l>e had. except in tins |dace, ami it canvass will Is- slightly curve I and the
den*L*Ml that plan« air now under wav slioulj l»e s<> improved a« lo make it ends corneal. I from view, thus j»crfi-ct-
for the billing through of all freight available. The benches can lie placed Iv completing the illusion.
/mm point of shipment to Klamath thore umh-r certain reateiclions, and tlie
“Tlx n wili U- put in place the binls 1
sooner It I« done the better.
am coll.., tinThe inatallation will Iw
The California-Xorthra»trrn lia« made '
D V. Kuykendall, president »*f the a- true to life mid natural as it is |swsi-
a rate «4 |l .’») |**r ton (mm Wml b> i
Klamath Commercial Ag»'iicy, i v|«, ts t>le to make it, thus not only show­
firaM l«ake; thr rate from tiraa« Lalo
to ¡rave alsoit the loth for a month's ing the lnrh, hut also repro lacing the
le Udrda will not rseerd |IO per ton ;
sojottin on the roast
While away lie home mid surroundings and it will ri-
and from Ijiird« to thia city by boat will i , expects to put in some gorsl work h»r quin- no stretch of the imagination to
roat 11 25, making a total of |12 75 per I
Klninath Fall«, and thus maintain tlie grasp the idea sought to Iw carried Olli
ton from Weed to thia city, or «lightli
reronl of the company of which he ia —i e. to show the limints, birth, life
more than one-half rent per pound.
and m.sle of existence.
thr head.
“This woi k has been carried on for
I four years by myself and a large corp of
p-aicfully trained assistanls. In that
time 1 have visited the gicat lakes, the
mckics, the dewrts, the plains the coast
and elsewlieiu, only going away from
< the main l.iml of the I'nited Htates
'once, and that to Jamaica for the
H.itning . In <.i h care the work has
j U-en canied on along the lines pur­
sued here.
"When this collection is completed it
will Iw the finest in the world. Aside
from its value from an ornithological
standpoint, it will l»e of inestimable
| north geographically,for there will Iw re-
pr.sluced on canvass and in wax actual
scene., the dominant characteristic of
which will bo existing conditions, so
that it will Iw possible for one to go to
the initseuin and get a good idea of the
topographic, scenic and climatic con­
ditions on the North American con­
Mr. and Mrs. Chapman are preparing
their speciinuna in the suih II building
adjacent to the home of Mr. II. L. Ald­
ridge, w ho has sought to render every
assistance possible to them. They met
through the «eqiisititmieo of mutual
friends of the Smithsonian Institute.
Mr. Chapman expects to bo here for
o or three days longer.
Arránceme n t s Almost
Completed and Cheap­
er Freight Rate
Will Result
It is also pr»>|M»a'»l to put on a stage
service to handle tlie passenger Gallic.
Tlie lime, it I« «aid.lirtwcell Grass laike
an») Ijiirds will lar four hours, Ilina» re­
lays <•( IxTsr-a bring u«r*d ; from lairds
to this city will l»e tnivh- III three hours
by ls*at, which would rut tlie the pre­
ent time "lie hour, It has also tin* ad
vantage of giving the passenger» a
siiMMither «tage rid»' an<l .1 trip by Liat
that will give them a Initier idin ni Hu­
greatness of tlx* Klamath Basin, lt al-
so I,rings them along the light >>f wav rd
the railroad, and gives them ocular
proof of the fa» t that Klamath l ull«
w dl have a roa I —>oii.
E. II. Hall «I Whitelake, the well
known real estate hustler, who liar don«
so much to advertise Klamath county
was al Grasa Lake last week
wanted to satisfy himself as to the pro­
gresa Ircing mail« in railroad construction
as well a« to gel po»l<sl on con«litlons in
that sr-ction. \t lien m *« ii by a llrpubli­
ran lie said:
"<'oustrui'lloti is la-ing pushed on the
Calilornla Northesstvrn w ith a nrrvous
energy that présagea ra|>l I r'»onpl«llon.
No on« realize« Ilia d i Ihr-U11 Io« Ur Ire stir-
moiintcil, lint judging from the eflective
organisation of force« at tlie Iront, I will
Ire greatly surprised if it Is not com­
pleted on s« hrsI h |u time, Tlie con i
trecloea have law'n and are non greatly
han»licap|M-d, but they are bending
every eff'i-t to overcome all olartaclcs,
ami I believe will I« successful ill doing
so. They will reach Grass Lake try
July 15 ami ox|rect to lie al Ml lint,ron
not later than Noir-mlx-r I. Tlie great
question ia lalarr, an»l if this were easily
solved, the roa I w mid Ire here lad »re
January I. I was mf >rme»l whils there
that an early sol»ilion <>t thr« vexing
question is harked lor, lull m what man­
ner was not i I ím I oms I.'*
Correct Piano Tuning.
Only a con eel scale ia satisfactory to
I tlm musical ear, and there can lai no
|compromise with ono partly so. R
I Madsen, a piano tuner ol ex|ieiience, for
| imne than ÜOyeara identified with Sher-
! mini, Clay
Co., San Francisco, now
here for a limitisl time, will do tuning
ami extenaivo repairing at reasonable
| prices. Orders left ut the Red Star
Drug Store will lx» promptly attended to.
I’. I.. Fountain returned Timaday
evening from Bogue River valley, where
Im had been for aliout a week. Ilo was
accompanied bv his younger son, Glen,
, who has been attending school in Ash-
, laud.
ling Ordered Stopped
Last Patients
Mayor Martin Says iu»w
Will Be Enforced To
the Letter
Will Be
The last of the smallpox ¡nttiente will
I»- discharged from quarantine next
Hun-lay, and thus will a |M-riod Iw placed
at the end of the stnall|s>x business of
Klamath Falls. As has lieen contended
by the Republican there was no mxeasi-
ty for any uneasiness on the part of the
residents of thia city and county at any
time, and tiie wild stories spread as to
the extent of the disease were too ridic­
ulous to receive any credence. The few
rim-«, however, may have been a bless­
ing in disguise, for in the future a
greater degree of precaution is sure to
lie tak>-n in ease any contagious disease
should make its appearance.
H. B. Gates of the light, water ami
telephone companies, arrived in this No Accidents Marred
city ta«t SaturJay for the purpose ol
the Occasion and
looking after his extensive interests
Gambling in every form must atop
Ideal Weather
and salmins remain .losud on Sunday,
mains will 1« laid thia year ami that
is the edict issucl by Hie City Council
upward« of $25,000 will lie expended on
and Mayor Marlin at the regular meet­
improving the water sy«tem during the
ing held last Monday evening. The or­
preant season. Never liefore was there
der com« as a great surprise to the sa­
such a demaml for the extension of
loons and ramblera, and was totally un-
mains a« at present, ami the company
ei|*s U-d but tlie order is explicit and
ha« lieen taxed to its utmost capacity to
no evasion of it is to bn toleratol.
meet the requirements of the occasioo.
Tlie unanimoua opinion was that the
He further stated that improvements in
Klamath Falls wit nearer I the greatest
time was at hand when greater restric­
the telephone system are living made celebration of its history on July 4.
tions should Iw place-1 on gambling and
every day. A new metallic line ia to be A rouse»I st sunrise from their alumbere
saloons and the law enforced to the let­
installed between here and Merrill, and the citiscna and visitor» were made
Pelican Bay Lodge
the line in use at prevent will serve Hie i aware that the hour of calelrratlow b»t
When seen in regard to the matter
district lying south oi and midway be­ arrived by the boom, boom of the anvil
tbo Mayor eaid:
Mr. J. D. Carr, wife and sister, Min tween Merrill and JJ^s city. Tlie pro­
- chorus, which was continued until near
“I have notified the saloons that slot
I>ouxie Carr.spaat ten day« at the lyulge, position of extending the system to 1 noon. The weather was ol the i»l«a|
machines and gambling in every form
returning by way of Ashtaml to Loa lakeview has been almndone»! Ixx-anse 1 sort, and the pleasures ol the day were
must atop and that they must close up
the company operating in that city is not marrod by the customary downpour
their plai-ea of business on Sunday.
W. H. Lcemann and J. H. Peck of I making preparation to extend their line of rain. Tlie people were early aatir,
There will be no equivocation. No back
door evasion will lie tolerated, and 1 j Sacramento are spending a few days at this way. the poles for which have al­ and long before the hour for the parade
ready been cut.
to move, the line of march was a moving
pn.|«isa to see that the law in this re­ the Dxlge.
Mrs. 11. L. Minnier and daughter,
Charles Graves, of Odell, accompan­ sea of humanity. Irrepreaaible Young
spect is enforced to Hie letter."
This is the first mon nieut of the wave Mrs. M. Ayes, of Chicago are «[«tiding ied by his two daughters, Marnl and America was in evidence everywhere,
Clarias, and J. L. Ringo of Oregon City, and with his toy putol, fire-creekera
of reform that ia threatening thia city, the summer at the Lodge.
and it is not unlikely that it ia gather­
J. H. Rice, of the Ixsige, his pur- were in the city Tuesday and Wednes­ and torpedo had more fun than aavosie
Invitations to the marriage of else.
ing sufficient force to overwlielm the op­ chased a fine span of horses at the Fort day.
Main street from the river to the
position manifested in the j*st. The for use between Crater fake and the Miss Mau.l Graves ami Mr. Ringo are
ioat. Mr. Ringo ia a pharmacist, a re­ steam laundry was one string of bunting
action of the city council has and is re­ Bay.
ceiving the hearty approval of the peo­
Ira Hanson was an Ashland visitor cent graduate ot the Corvallis Agricul­ flags and evergreens. Many decorations
tural College and a young man of ability were elaliorate and effective, and it was
ple, the general opinion being that too tills week.
great a disregard of the law has pre­
Tlie many friend.« of Miss Graves are evident on every hand that Klamath
The win<l milt and liath rooms are glad to hear of her go»»l fortune and ex­ Falls intended to make this Fourth a
vailed and that the time was ripe to
under construction; and the spring tend tlieir beet wishes lor a long and memorable one, an»i succeeded tar be-
call a bait. It was quite evident that
yood expectations. Practically every
the council is in no humor to tolerate 1 water is to be piped to all cabins at the happy hie.
I Ixslge.
any evasion of the «diet.
precinct in the county had its repre­
Ralph Iangston, who severed two toe«
When city attorney Kuykendall was
sentatives here, many seemingly hav­
Klamath Navigation Company on the
wen lie stated that it was up to the from In« left foot is able to get about on
ing sent its entire imputation, and the
, evenings of July 4 and 5 were enjoyed
general feeling of good will manifeeted
council and mayor to issue instructions
! by a targe crowd of people. Wednesday
as to what action he should take, ami
Hon. Wm. M. Colvig of Jacksonville evening the launch Ewauna was used to by the visitors attested to the fact that
they had a good lime and were glad
ho would move promptly anti vigorous­ I has Ixen electeil Supreme Master of the
transport about sixty people and Thurs­
they bad come.
ly. Further than this he would nut A.O.I’.W. of the United States and
day evening 125 participated. On this
The Parade.
commit hiinself for publication.
i Canada l>y the Supreme lo»lge in session occasion vocal and instrumental music
Promptly at 0 o'clock the parade
The question of an increase in the
in Toronto, Cana»ta, last week. Tlie |>o- enlivened the occasion, and a quartet,
loon license was Lroaclie.1, but no
! sitioti is for two years and carries with composed of Misses Worden, Sargent, started. Great as bail been the antici.
tion was taken on this question, though • ' it a substantial salary and the honor of
palion, the Sfiectacle tar exceeded it.
Waring and Newman sang many pleas­
a strong sentiment was present in favor living at the lieaii of the oldest and one
The order of match was down Maia
ing songs. The trips were thoroughly
ol a higher license
of the largest lieneticiary orders in the enjoyed by everyone, and the general street to 6th, up 6th to Pine, east oa
Three saloon licenses were gran tel. world. The duties of th« office are wish was for a recurrence of the event. | I Pine to9th, back to Main and weet on
the following being the granteea: Ike quite important as the Workmen carry
Main street to the court house, where
J. I). Carroll, president of the Orepm the official services of the day were held.
Wright, J. C. Higler and C. Roes Ander­ on an insurance business larger than
The following is the order of partici­
any of the old line life insurance com- California Development company, and
J. C. Smith was appointed pound­ )«nics, and Mr. Colvig will be required who is at the head of the movement for pation in the parade:
master, with instructions to enforce the , to spen»l much of bis time in the East the construction of electric roads to
Grand Marsha), Capt. O. C. Apple­
Merrill and Bonanza, arrived here Sat­ gate.
provisions of the stock ordinance.
lor the next two years.
urday. lie had nothing to say for pub­
The time cf meeting was changed
Assistant Marshals, Mark L. Burns,
The carpenters ol this city have or-
lication relative to his enterprises, sim­ C. T. Oliver, B«rt Withrow and Neil
from once a month to «eun-montlily.
ganised a union, aud at the meeting
ply confining himself to the statement Campbell.
Tlie meeting was more of a “get-to-1
. held last Saturday thirty-five memlvr»
that he was quite well satisfied with tlie
gather" one than of real business. It I
County Judge George T. Baldwin and
were enrolled. The following officers >
status of affairs.
is practically the first regular meeting1
Mayor Alex Martin, Jr.
were elected : president, George Hauiil-1
held bv the city father« since their elec-
Mrs. E. R. Reaincs an»l Alex Martin.
ton ; vice-president, W. T. Taylor; sec-
Te|(or,i & Son are prepare! to build
tion, and they were tri ing on the new
retarv, A. E. Itamber; treasurer, M . P. vou a launch of any eixe desired and at
liarnes«. Th« manner in which each,
l McMillan; conductor, George North; ' a price that places it within your reach
[ Con tinned on Page R.j
member got into the collar indicated |
| warden, O. E. Hurst. The scale adopt-
that there will lie “something doing”
ed 13.50 to |4."0 per day, eight hours to
in the way of up-to-date legislation, and I
: constitute a days work.
that many of the practices heretofore !
tolerated are going to lie put down with 1 Charles Pattce, the well known real
an iron hand. It «n recognize») that ; ' estate man of Bonanza was in the city
this city ia no longer the infant of the j j Saturday. He has just closel a eontract
past, ami that the time is at hand when for the erection of a new home for Frank
the city administrator must rule and ace Grohs, which i« expeclel to lie the finest
that every law and ordinance is en­ in the county outside of Klamath Falls.
forced. Such an altitude is commend­ Mr. Pattee says Bonanza is growing and
able, and it ia to I« hope»! that this that more property ia changing hands
spirit will prevail throughout the en­ in an»l around that town than any other
tire period for which they were elected. section in the county, with the possible
exception of this city.
Ralph Ross of this place, who has
Ed. McClure Drowned
been employe«! at the Odessa sawmill,
bad his left hand caught in the edger
James Edward McClure of Toe val­
machine last Monday and so lacerated
ley was drowned while attempting to
’ that it required the amputation of his
ford Lost river near the Horton ranch
little finger. The operation was per­
Sunday, June 24. lie had l>een to see
formed by Drs. Ma«ton and Cartwright.
the Horton's mid left that ranch about
It may lie necessary to amputate the
11 o'clock, telephoning to his father,
third finger also, although the doctors
W. II. McClure, that lie would lie home
are putting forth their best efforts to
for dinner. Nothing was thought of hie
save it.
failure to reach home on time, for very
The contract for the erection of the
often he would fail to keep such ap­
Withrow-Melhaae block was
pointments, being detained by a cattle
deal, or other business connected there­ awarded Monday to George W. Brooks
of Yreka. The brick will be furnished
with, for he was a cattle buyer.
When he failed to show up after a few by Chihlers A Hose. There are to be
days absence and nothing was heard (our store rooms down stairs and offices
from him, search was instituted, and on the second floor. It is to lie com­
the remains aero found last Saturday, pleted on or before January 1st. The
■lune 30, a Inuit 200 yards below tlio ford, store rixitus may lx» ready for occupancy
Hosting on the surface of Lost river. It by November 1st.
Capt. 0. C. Applegate spent several
was fully dressed, mid about
gold was found in the pockets. The »lays at the Agency last week making
horse was found a short distance away, preparation« for the employment of In­
dians on the laterals now being con­
saddled and bridled.
The conclusion reached is that the old structed by the Reclamation Servu-e.
ford bad been washed away, and as the He expects to return to the Agency in a
river is much higher than usual the few days, when he hopes to ba success­
horse was unable to carry his rider ful in securing quite a number of the
against tlio swift current. Seeking to redskins to work for Uncle Sam.
lighten the burden, McClure jumped in­
C. J. Heidtnian of Bonanza was in
to the river, his intention lieing tn swim the city Sunday. Mr. Heidtnian is a
or float alongside the horse. Being en­ recent arrival in Klamath county, coin­
cumbered with boots, shape and cloth­ ing from Frisco. He has the faith in
ing and iHMsibly losing his lmld on the Bonanza that makes towns, ami ia pre­
horse, ho was unable to carry out his paring to o|x»n an n|«to-date drug store
plan, and was drowned.
there just as soon ns his goods arrive.
County coroner, Dr. Merryman WSS
The sage of Horsefly valley, Ia'wis
summoned, and after mi investigation
concluded that an inquest was unnec­ Gerlier, accompanied by Mrs. Gerlier,
arrived from their ranch Tuesday even­
ing. They expect to remain here a lew
Bring your prescriptions to Chitwoods days superintending the construction of
Drug Sion» where they will be promptly their magnificent nesr home ou the
and carefully filled.