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Spring Humors
Impure or effete matters accumulated in the blood
during tlx- winter cause in the .spring su< li disfiguring
and painful troubles as boils, pimples, and other eruptions,
also weakness, loss of appetite and that tired feeling.
'1 lie best medicine to take to rid yourself of them is
Hood’s Sarsaparilla, which thoroughly cleanses the blood,
and effects ¡»ermanent cures by giving healthy fuiji tion.il
activity to the stomach, liver, kidneys, bowels and skin.
Ibis is the testimony of tens ot thousand'» who have
taken this great spring medicine.
Accept no substitute for Hood’s Sarsaparilla, but in­
sist on having Hood’s and get it today.
Sold by druggist» everywhere.
Uau»l form, liquid, or In new form, tablets, 100 Dose» One Dollar.
Bfan Ilf Great A IM l»l I In** Bild Wraith
I'nuld Maks
< ring«,
■ ks
•» <l»»
as« lives« “f • limo»» |C»e.
Teacher- Elmer, can you tall me
what the largest illamoud In til« world
la called? Elmer
Teacher Johnny /’an you tell rne
what a h>|u>crlts Is? Johnny Tes,
ma'am, it'a u boy what comas to school
with a smile on his faco.
Mamma —Hut, dear, th» g'<od book
tells us to love our neighbors as our
selves. I.ltlle Ethel Ym, mamma, but
people didn’t lire In flats ttieu.
Mamma Are you ashwp. Bobby?
Bobby Why do you ask. mamma?
Mauima In-cause if you are awake you
must tako your medicine. Bobby—Oh,
I'm asleep
Hina II Tommy The teacher wanted
to box my »are this morning Grandma
How do you know be did? Hmall
Tonimy 'f'nuae be wouldn't have boxed
'em If he hadu't wanted to.
Home one asked Gale, aged nine,
wluit she wanted for Christmas. "Noth
Ing," replied Gale, "’cause I don’t like
anything but dolls and I've got two or
thia-e of them, and anol her one would
Just lie another child to sew for."
Office Boy Hoooo! hoo oo <»l The
Boss What's the matter, Jtmmle? Of
flee Boy My g grandmn's d dead. The
Hoes Well, don't cry. We've all got to
die sometime Office Itoy- It but alie'»
g gotu' t* be b-burled on a b holiday.
B<»> boo oo I
"Mamma.” •nld little EHIe a« the
looked up from her liook of Bible
•turlM. "1 don't believe Solomon waa an
rich as ¡»eopte think.” "Why not. my
dear?” naked her rnotfier. "Becanae,”
replied the unall Inveatlgator, ”thl«
book «aya ’ba alept with hla father«.’
and If ha wa« no awfully rich 1 gu«w*
tie would have had a l**d of hla own.”
Wliat about I lira« aona of tin* rich,
There are few things more cruel than
three prltirv« vf our money arlstoc ridicule can be. and few wrongs to
racy? How much chanr« la thrr« Hint friendship greater than to hold up to
one of them will develop the gvnlua of mockery l»-iilnd Ills l>n<k the weak-
the founder of hl« line, and Inntend of Maaes of n friend. Hut tliere la a
•«luundering million« will nrrutuuliit«* leiulwr laughter with uelther mockery
tens of mUlloiia; Inafritd of living In nor mall»*» In It. but rntlu-r of th»- very
Ox-leng luxury nn bl« income will prove fll»*r of nffei-tltm, which may be evoked
lilmawlf u fofet In flie Industrial mid by the folbltw of even those whom ws
ti nn nr I a I world, a mnii able to fight moat love null honor.
and «Conquer |<k« hla father or grind
There lived a few years ago In Nevs
Cut her I
England a very a gw I woman, a teacher
I:xtraordlnary happening« are al In early day’s In our of the pioneer
wiiva unexpected, yet unre In a ren
tury or •<», hke (lie advent of a mighty
«..u.Bierer or reformer, they do <'«“••[ l.-»«>n In tt.« right way'to laugh, lanigb
tu |mas And If there should arise in ' ut li«*r one uiuat.for a qu«-«*rvr (bough
this land a man of-thirty or forty who, in
I dearer old lady never lived.
starting with two or three billions
Kb*’ wore ti»e clotb«** of n begone era
fownevt or rontrnlled by him) ahotild he never cbnnglng her ffthlilona; she
(real enough to bruah aside the tram (bought Itk thoughts, «<*rlouMly die
mels of Indolence aud temptation, trinding (be uk » n ( lun<x*vn( Innovation?
great enough to «■-» that uever lu mod nnd cultivated the most curloua little
ern times hgs th«r« been offered to a "by products of ths virtues.” ns t!>e
mail, uot svau to Napoleon, So stu­ grnndduiightcr of one of her old ptiplla
pendous a chance as this to wield ah (vruifd tb*‘in, wbh'b were nt once tlx
«•■lute power, crrut enough flually to deliglrt nnd the dcnpnlr of her friends.
Real KWorl« lo llrown Il«elf In n
Use hla two or three billon.» to its full
Mho hnd been taught, for Inntsncti
llweke, ut Water.
|>otrullallty, then well, there would that wnMc wui n »In. (JotneNpicntly
Ito animate etcr commit aulddo? The
eurely be interesting history made lu •be would throw nothing away, nnd h<-r
Imlnt la ralaed by a <orresp.>mleut who
that man a lifetime! U’c have had our prcinlsM were burdened ultb the most
vouchee for the following facta:
Iron kings, rsUroad king«, copper I (»repoeteroua accumulnttona of rubbish,
"A small tabby eat In our [«Maeealon
king«, sugnr kings nnd others, but She an vol old ncwa|Mi|M*ni and present-
recently develo(>ed an affe<-tlon of the
there Is one kind of king wv Lave uot e<l them to her friend« to "cut patterns
eyes, which evidently cauaed It grent
End yd A real king? Yea. for how from.” Twine wns never cut or ch st
palm Wo did what we could for the
long, pray, would thia republic stand nidde. but patiently untied and anted
cat. which Is a great favorite with Um
Sgalnnt life aggressions of such s tnun. In Innumerstfle wndn mid wts|>o, which
Junior mvmlieni of the family. Pussy'«
S geest minded despot without con-
were continually escaping from forgot* eysn. however, continued to give her
gcleme <>r tiounds to bls ambition, on» ten ro*rpfaclvH to ennnnrc the fret of
trouble, and she wandered about the
tn comparison to whom our Rockefel­ unsuspecting visitors. Kb** was odd
house In a ¡aa-ilah. Irritable frame of
lers end <’nrnt*g‘»s would seem like nllke In napect, mnnnen« nnd hnbltn;
mind, rejecting all affectionate over
blundering l.egluuern? Already our
mill her *|**<•<• h wna |M*rhnpi* the oddeat turea. One day laat week one of the
mllllotuilre ningiintea have begun to
of all. for nbe never spoke colloquially, maids h-ft a pall of water at the foot
buy our courts and legislatures, to enr
but Invariably employed wbat »be her of num» steps lending to the garden.
rupt our cities, tn debauch the public
•elf uiico designated n* "thnt elegance Two memtsrs of the family uiw punay
eonaclenee, tie would finish the work
nnd prvclalnn of language w hlch nlonn deliberately walk down the
and do It thoroughly, he would make
In-fit a the lipa of n gentlewoman In straight Into the buckeL and to all ap-
the laws, own the newspapers, sub»!
penranr'ce calmly resign bermdf to
; polite society.”
dltc churches and colleges, mold public I
But no on wbo wan n "gentlewo­ drowning. 8he waa rescued, dried and
opinion, direct the machinery of Ju«
man” could have ridiculed tier, an no set In her banket by the fireside, to be
tire control the Industries, the bank«,
one bl «••nr? I with humor could have fnll warma-d back to a more reasonable view
th» Insurance companies, the coudl-
*•1 t<> be nmmoNt Hhe whm of too kind of life.
tions of labor, regulate supply and <b>
"Ko long aa a watch wan kept upon
tv. a nd. fix prices, absorb profits, cen n soul, too charitable a tongue, too
arrvne and fine n temper. Once an III her pussy stayed by tho fire. The mo­
treble everything, bo everything Why
ment It whs relaxed she again walked
not? Even aa things are, baa the wo.l.l dlM|M»*«*d woman hnd lied about her i
Into the bucket of water, which wan
any klug more powerful than J. I*. although the lie ¡w>•*••***•*?. an the most still In Its original poalttom. Thio time
trvublraome Ilea ununlly do. nt (lie I f »t
Morgan or John I). IO«'k«feller? Ro­
the rat would certainly have drowned
teember how Europe cringed to Mr tom of It* ulld exaggeration* Ju*t th hud aba nut been observed In time. The
grain of truth aulll«l»*nt to innke It lie
Morgan at his Inat visit, with emper
llrvable. The old Indy learned of h fnct that nite de 11 be ratal? went twice to
ora seeking Ills favor and prln<-»« wait-
nnd wii d<«cp|y grieved,
latter a the water would neem to Indicate that
tng at Ills door. A real king? M'liv,
even tabbies can tire of life and wish
We practically have two of them «I- friend. In ftprnklng of the offender t- to put an end to an existence which has
her. rnllrd He nnd Ihtr by their plnlu
ready! I'lsvclaud Moffutt lu Succass
mt! new ; but a he appear«*«? perturbed lieutM more of a burden than a plea»
ure."- Ixmdon YlulL
und made a slug of dlsnrtit.
llrolsen and Mended,
"Well, what In ahv. then. If ahe Isn’t
On swspt the little red automobile n liar?” challenged the Indignant < ham
that waa built for two.
A large touring automobile contain­
pion of truth.
“You you seem ao quiet.” whls
Tin» ancient pre<*rptrrii? and gentle ing a man and his wife In a narrow
pored the beautiful girl, anxiously. “Is woman ^Iglied, and did not nnnwor nt road met a liny wagon fully loaded.
there anything about this machine
on«*e. Then alie n<lmltt«*«l, with delicate Tiie womau declared that the farmer
that la broken?”
ly reluctant Indirection, ”1 am nfrald must back out, but her tiu«t>and con
"Yea.” hissed ths tall man at her
my dear, that Henrietta la addicted tended that she was unreasonable.
able, bitterly. "My heart.”
"Hut you can't back the automobile
to hyperbole.”—Youth » Companion.
Feeling remorseful at having Jilted
so fur,” ah» »aid. 'and I don't Intend
Idr n tlflraf Ion Nrreaeary.
him so cruelly the beautiful girl leau
to move for anybody, lie should have
"la your mlatreas at home." Inquired seen ua."
ed over and added:
"Cheer up, George! If,your heart la Mrs. Itoreni. standing In the shadow of
The husband pointed out that tills
really broken we can stop at a repair
waa lmi«'sslble, owing to an abrupt
"I don't know, ma'am." replied the turn In the road.
all op.”
"Nonsense! What kind of a repair servant. "Can’t tell whether she's home
"I don't care," she Insisted. “I won't
or not till I git n k •■■■I
nt y.- If move If we have to say here all tilghL"
Shop could mend a broken henrt?*’
"Why. the parsonage, George!”
The man In the automobile was start­
Twenty minutes later the "repair noae, ma'aui, she uln'L”— Philadelphia ing to argue the matter when the
shop" was reached.
fanner, who had t>een sitting quietly on
the bay, Interrupted.
"Never mind, sir," lie exclaimed. "I'll
try to back out I’ve got one Juat like
her at home.”—Phllndelphtlt I,edger.
9 o<> D rops ]
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
t.>! !.• i I’ rvpninuuiiiur/m
rcpnrntion for As
For Infanta nnd Children.
I slmilatimj IhcEotxl and licitila -
I luig the Stomachs and Bowls of
I nfan is .♦’(
Bears the
hiluki n
rronClc.s Dige3lion.ChfcrruF ■
ne»» nnd Rest.Cunlaii» nciilwr ! |
a num.Morphine norMuicroL .,
N arcotic .
For Over
Thirty Years
Aperteci liemeity for Consti™
lion. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoen
Worn» .Convulsions lewnsh-
lu-ss ami L ohs of S leep .
Facsimile SuliuUfirt of
Vole» ot
Robert—old and black, and of no
superfluous courage had allowed hit
master's flery thoroughbred to get away
from him nt the stable floor, and gu
careering off net»»« country,
••What wits the trouble, Kotiert?”
nnkptl M h master. “Were you afraid of
Robert shuttled his feet mutinously,
and niutterel something under bls
"'Frnld? Ole Robert 'frald? No.
nub, I ain't '/raid er ary a hon» eber
foaled." he replied, with great dignity.
“Hut w'en er ho»» 'gin ter ramp roun'
en pull at de rope, sunip'n hit keeps
n-w'lsperln', 'Tu'n 'Ini loose! Tu’n 'lm
looso!’ twel I let him go !"
Not for Sfrnn*rr«.
"What In the world doea that mean?”
naked the traveler through a sparsely
settled region on the Cape, “There'»
no huc I i place on my roadmap.”
The man whom lie nddressed first
took a lelaurely survey of the traveler
and Ills horse, and then turned hla
eye« towaril the weather beaten sign
which bore tho single word. "TOI*-
"That In't a nntne,'.’ ho said, with dig­
nity ; "It'» Jeat an Indication. It mean»,
'To Ixitig Pond one tulle.’
“It'a plain enough to folks from near
by that's hunting for the pond, and we
don't reckon on strangers taking much
When n man takes Ills wife's picture
with him when he leaves town, she
Is three times as long In dlscoverltu
that he doesn't take her, as »tie would
lu> If he didn't.
Pay a man of fifty a compliment,
and when he walks away he will car­
ry himself as If ho were ten years
There Is no other disease quite so
contagious as gossip.
«• N»eb«l.,r«.
“I hnv» fieeri wond<-rlng for »u»rrie
time, " aald Hi» glrl In tlie stilt» shirt
waist. wbO uses ali of tlsise little
hand sewing niachlnew thst we sell
uow adayw Yeeterday I fouml out. It
la tlio men. 1 ha<J uotbisl for sev »-rs I
weeks that llw masculine shoppers lie
vesting lu those handy little contrlv-
nuces far exceeded the fetulnliu-. but
1 set their poDdermue down to good
natured olM*dlvn<*o wbkb Impelled them
to buy al tbelr wives* ur alAtero’ be
Hut yesterday aHerm.m a good
looking, helpless Horcule« came In und
made Inquiries about a machine Ills
manner showed me he was not ham­
pered with many women folk, ao 1
flually plucked up enough courage to
aak him for wte-m hla purchase was
lu tended.
** 'For uiyeelf,* bo said, luuoceritly;
'I've swu so many of the fellows up at
the achool fooling with them this win­
ter I'm a mwlleal student, you know
that I thought I would see wbat kind
of a stagger 1 could make at my own
mending. You bare no Idea what ex­
pert sewers aoino of U m - boys hare b»
come. I believe they could make a
whole suit on one of the»» little ma­
chines I've seen them make all kinds
of repairs. They were all pretty awk­
ward In the beginning, but they per
severed until they got so they could
turn the crank with one band and
guide the cloth with the other as well
as any woman.
“The young mau's breezy explana­
tion nearly floored me, but In the light
>f preceding experiences 1 knew It must
be so, and 1 fancy that If «earns bad
voices a goodly number of them could
tell of their origin on hand «ew lng ma-
chinos that have la-en run by the ba< h-
»lore of New York." New York Proa«.
T he W inning S troke
• • • »
Altarka 1 »on th. Klank and Hr.«,«
th. Animal*« N.«k.
1 have taken considerable trouble to
find out bow tigers kill largo game,
writes un aaxlsiattt controller of for-
ft* La at I’erah. Some time ugo I was
asked to come and ace a full grown bul­
lock that hud been killed by a tiger.
On examining it I found the animal
had Ila neck broken and tliere were
claw marks on the now» and »boulder,
but nowhere else. There was no doubt
Unit the tiger had Jumped at the bull
and lam let 1 ou the shoulder and when
the bull turned his head to gore the
tiger lie must have put bls claw out
and with a sudden Jerk broken the
Ou another occasion I went to
a young buffalo which had been killed
by a tiger «nd found the same thlug
marks on the nose and also on the
rear shoulder, which clearly Indicated
tluit thia animal had been killed In the
same way. Malaya who have actually
seen a tiger killing a buffalo told me
they aaw the same thing happen, also
that In dragging off a heavy earcaaa
such aa buffalo or bull be geta most
of the weight across bls shoulder.
Thia must be fairly correct, aa I
have often followed a kill and the
marks left Indicated that ouly a |sxr-
tlon of the animal was trnlllug along
the ground. 1 have knowu a full-
grown bull which ten men could not
move dragged for two miles by a tiger
in heavy Jungle, where roots of trees
and swaiqp had to Is- gone through.
In no canes have I m>n the pug marks
facing the wrong way except when
stopping to feed, which proves he must
carry a iwirtlou of the animal over his
The old idea of a tiger killing large
game by a blow from his paw Is non­
sense. Besides, In this country a tiger
never faces his prey, but attack» him
ou the flank unless charged. Another
curious fact that may aeem like a
fairy tale Is that a tiger does not seem
to mind a small lamp being tied over
a kill about ten feet high, but will
come and feed, I have known three
oceitslons whvu this has been tried,
and each time a tiger has come to
feed upon the carcass.
FRihltin I'lnle Pretty
lilt th«- Mark.
Loufsvlfl«. W
Ï ufqrnia R g S yrup
5>n Francisco. ¿»L
• omrwhat Chilly.
Tom—How did you know the girl 1
"Shay, off'sher," the man with the
liquid burden remarked to the police was juat talking with Is from Boston?
Jack—I beard you sneeze twice dur­
man, “shoe all 'em houses ruunin- by?"
"Sure." replied the policeman good ing the conversation.
bumoredly, "I see them.”
“Well, when nnm’r alitwent'fi’
BROMoqnlnl«.T«bl«v Droe
comesh 'long slitop It. causbe 'at'« Tak.LAXATIVE
V1«U r-fund money If a m. to cuss.
E. W.
GHUVL'ö Signatur« is on each box. 2ic.
mine!”—Philadelphia Ledger.
Have You Ever Caed
Bemis Bags?
Too Bet!
S100 Reward, >100.
Stranger—I don't like your weather. It
The reader« vf th!» paper will be pletaed tc
learn that there to at least one dreaded disease it too fluctuating end nncertain.
that acleaco haa been able lo cure in all Ito
Mr. Old»-I*ort—Why, great Scott!
■tagrs. an t that is Catarrh. Hall « Catarrh
Cure 1« the only poottivo cure known to the That'« its charm.
I've already made *2,-
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a con»titu- 000 this year by betting on it.
Uonal di»eaRe, require« a constitutional treat­
ment. Hall ■ Catarrh Cure u taken internally,
acting directly upon the Mood and mucous
VRT on . BOWABD r...-Ávt»T9T and <'hemtat, I
surfaces ot the system, thereby d« «troylng tho
iseadvilie. < uiurad«A >prctnien prke«: Gold.,
fuun lation of the <11 «ease, and giving the po­ silver, I»>*ad, |i ; Gold, Silver, TSv : Gold, 50c ; Zinc or i
llen t strength by budding up the constitution < ripper, fl. Cyanide tev’n Mailin* **nvel«-p**« and
an 1 assisting nature in doing it« work. The nill price Hat wnt on application. Control and Um­
proprietors have so much faith in its curative pire Work Aulici led.
lirlcivuc«; CaXbuuaK Na­
powers that they offer ono Hundred Dollars tional Bank.
lor anv ca>e that it fails to cure. Send for list
ot testimonials.
See that they are placed on your
next order. We are manufacturers
and importers of
BURLAP of all kind«.
A l tress
F J. CHENEY A CO.,Toledo, O
Sold by drug*!»«*, 75«.
Halil Faiuilyrllto are the best.
THE original
i 33
Accordlag to Sias«.
An Irishman was walking along a
road leeside a golf links when he was
suddenly struck between the shoulders
by a golf ball. The force of the blow,
says a writer In the New York World,
almost knocked him down. When be
recovered be observed a goiter running
toward him.
"Are you hurt?" asked the player.
“Why didn't you get out of the way?"
"An' why should I get out of the
way?" asked Pat "I didn't know there
were any assasslna round here.”
"But I called ‘fore.’" said the player,
“and when I say 'fore.' that Is a sign
for you to get out of the way.'
"Oh. it Is, Is it?” said Pat
thtn. whin I aay 'folve,' It la a sign
that you are going to get bit on the
nose. “Folve."
llchms. Bl nd. H e-llnj, Frolmdlng 1*1 lea. ___
Cate »rv authorised to refund money If FAZO
IM MENI fails locura lu» to 14 days Wc.
If more than ordinary skill in playing brings the honors of the
game to the winning player, so exceptional merit in a remedy
ensures the commendation of the well informed, and as a reason­
able amount of outdoor life and recreation is conducive to the
health and strength, so does a perfect laxative tend to one’s
improvement in cases of constipation, biliousness, headaches,
etc. It is all-important, however, in selecting a laxative, to
choose one ot known quality and excellence, like the ever pleas­
ant Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co., a laxative which sweetens and cleanses the system effect­
ually, when a laxative is needed, without any unpleasant after
effects, as it acts naturally and gently on the internal organs,
simply assisting nature when nature needs assistance, without
griping, irritating, or debilitating the internal organs in any way,
as it contains nothing of an objectionable or injurious nature.
As the plants which are combined with the figs in the manu­
facture of Syrup of Figs are known to physicians to act most
beneficially upon the system, the remedy has met with their
general approval as a family laxative, a fact well worth con­
sidering in making purchases.
It is because of the fact that SYRUP ©F FIGS
is a remedy of known quality and excellence, and approved by
physicians that has led to its use by so many millions of well
informed people, who would not use any remedy of uncertain
quality or inferior reputation. Every family should have a
bottle of the genuine on hand at all times, to use when a
laxative remedy is required. Please to remember that the
genuine Syrup of Figs is for sale in bottles of one size
only, by al) reputable druggists and that full name of the
company — California Fig Syrup Co., is plainly printed on
the front of every package. Regular price, 50c per bottle.
Bags of Burlap and Cotton
manufactured by ua
Bemis Bro. Bag Co,
1508-1514 Colorado Street
Portland Trade, Directory
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cannot be equalled at any price.
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in<: write fur price«. Woodard, Clark« A Co.
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ELASTIC HO-IERY ; Supporter«, Bract-R; Knit to
hit; fr«*e turtMurvuieiit blanks: Wuudard, < larks.
Maggie, as plump as the butter she
had just been cburulng mid as rosy as
the dawn, entered the general store,
An accommodating young clerk who
waa so tidy be made all the boys jeal-
ous of him, approaeh<*d her. Till» »»me
clerk, whose name was Homer, had
only to any, "This 1» tiie kind of goods
1 buy myself." and there would Imme­
diately be a run ou that brand of
Muggle stood near the door, holding
the basket of eggs she* tind brought In
payment for her prosi'cetlve purchase«.
Homer approached Maggie and
asked: “Something?"
"I guess not now," Maggie replied,
After twenty minutes she edged up
to Homer and asked to la- shown the
enough for a dress.
"Was there something else?" asked
She faltered mid said;
"Where’» your white Rtocklu's?" She
Iniught a pair for 10 cents.
"And you wnut some white shoes,
too?" asked llomer. She bought a pair
of white shoes, wondering how lie
'The milliner will be tn In a mo­
ment," said Homer, "and she will show
you a white hat”
"Yes." faltered Maggie. “Bow'd
you Irtiow?”
Homer looked like a seer and re­
plied: “Is It a wedding or a tuner-
ill?"—Indianapolis Star.
Hla Habit.
HORSES of nil kinds *or sale at very reMonabl*
prices. Inquire 2T5 brunt BL
Towne—Yes, Polkey Is dead, after
a two weeks' Illness.
Browne—You don't say? Wbat was
the trouble?
Towne—Heart failure.
Browne—Well. well, alow as tunal
The Idea of taking two weeka to die
of heart failure.—Philadelphia Press
TRUSSES sent on approval; w* guarantee fit la
moat difficult casts ; Woolard, Clarite A Co,
»» SET l>KAB— »»nd 10.- for pc««. aM.I KalrOold
Met lai pea*«. J. J. Butz er, iSB Front streeL
UKhAM BE FA RATORB— We guarantee th» U. &
Bepara:or to be the best. U rit« lor free caia.og.
Hazeiwuud Co., Fifth and Oak.
To Break in New Shoes.
M EN’B CLOT HI NO — Raffo m .♦ Pendleton, no!«
»gin » Alfred Ben jam o it Co.’s correct clothe».
Everything m men*» furnishings. Morrison and
Sixth streets. Opposite posiotlie*.
Always «hak« In Alien', Foot Ku*, a powder
It cure« hot, ■wealing, aching, swollen t««t
Cure, corn,. Ingrowinf nail, and buniona. At
all druaglst« and ,ho» «torea. XV Don't accept
any eubatitute Sample mailed FRKK. Addrew
Allen 8. Olmited 1« Roy, N Y.
FREE LAND IN OREGON u-.der the Carey Irri-
fation act. Doed d-rect from »tat*-. Write today,
took let and mat» free*. B. B. Cook« A Co., ¿¿I
Alder street, l urilai d, Oregon.
t a«e<i«a»d curiMirr.
“There Is one thlug I'd like to know.”
said Mr. Peck.
"What Is that, Henry?” queried bls MAMUFAOTURER
Cl fl nnf)
to in,ons .ho can
better half.
<5 I U)UUU
dispra». this statemant.
“I'd like to know If the women who
HI could taka you Into m, three l«r»e lactorlea
marry pugilista succeed In having the at Brockton. Maas.. and show you ihe Intinlt.
**sre with » hlch e. era pair of shoe, I. made >ou
last word.”
would resllr« whv W. L, llousla. »J <U1 .hoes
PITA F.rman.atly Cured. Ko OU or nervottsness
I I I V after first day*« urn of Dr. K llnV «Orrai Narva
Kaalorer Sand for r rea OX trial boltlacn.1 treatise.
Dr. H. U. Kila«, Ltd..«II Arvh St.. Philadelphia, Fa
Hie Only Ooaeerss.
"John," whispered his wife, shaking
him. ”1 hesr somebody in the basement."
John groped his way, half awake, to
the wall, and bawled down the register.
"Yon Infernal scoundrel," he said, "af­
ter you have satisfied yourself that there's
nothing worth stealing down there will
you please push in the upper damper rod
of the furnace? I forgot to do it.”
Then be crawled back into bed agsla.
Mothers will flail M—. Window** Soothing
Syrup th« best remedy louts tor their ahUdren
during the teething period.
Rorry for the (2room.
“I suppose you’ve heard that I’m to
marry Mr. Green!” a he »aid to one of
her old friends
“I never saw a man's opinion of
"No,” he replied coldly.
himself so thoroughly justified as was
'You don't seem to be very enthusias­
young Softy's at our place tba other
tic «bout It."
“Why should I be? Not knowing Mr.
"What happenedr*-
Green, I haven't any grudge against
"Well, he thought be wag ths biggest
him."—Philadelphia Itedger.
gun In ths satabllslimeuL"
The motions the brakeman makes
"And so be was always booming him
are these, nceonllng to prescription,
which will give one a beautiful bust self."
Any man who la capable of thinking
"Well, the boss just fired him.”—Bal­
real thought» never get« lonesome
ti mors America*.
coat more to make, whv the. hold their .hape
tit better, wear longer, and are ot greatei
latrtmb value than any other Id. JO -hoe.
»LjL. Ooua/as Strong Mado Shooa for
Mon. S3.SO. »2.00.
CAUTION.— insist
Bago’School A
upon baring W.l..Ik<ug
las shoes. Take n<» aubstitute. None genuine
without tls name and price stamped on bottom. |
Fast Color Eurfets used : they mil not u/oar brattu. 1
Write for Illustrated Catalog.
W. L. DOUG Lals. Brockton, Mass.
POULTRY FOOD—If you want your hen» to ’ajr
mure egirs writ« u» for free parih iJlMr.** h I miui PU­
RINA POULTRY >EEiM»—Acne Mill» Co^
Port and, Oregon.
TAI LORS—Columbia Woolen Mills Co.. Portland,
Ore. latest style clothe« mad« to measure cheap,
Our salf measurement aystem Insures per.ect nu
Write for free tain pie« and prices.
FI A NOB «* ORGANS — Oldest piano house on P^
citte coast. Organs anti Pianos on easy payments.
W rite for list. lA»t us quote von a price. Allen A
GHbert-Ramnker Co.. P< rilm d. Oregon.
iiuiimn Hair G ooa I r — -wiuhrn. Pompadours, Mm’«
Toupveo and W! kr ; but quality:
sana fur i ree price lit ; mail onh-r« » ap^fialty.
Far » ilair stura, <»>3 Waahingiou st.
h*»t inn K
No. 14 -M
P. N. U.
nrx writing to advertleors plana»
mention this paper.
“The people of the Fast and Middle West will fall over themselves to
come to the Pacific Northwest when they find out how much belter the
climate and advantages are.”
Buch Is th«- written ■tstamentof W. R. Felratl, who has
been living lu ike Facllie Aurthwsvt twelve years.
We Want Them “to Find Out
And tho beat way to tell them 1« to «end them our publication,:
"Oregon. Wethington, W.ho end Their Resource«." a handsomely Illuetrslod M-| age
book, telling al a >ul the three state«, (our cento In poHtage
"What Farmer. Hose Done In Oregon, Washington and Idaho, as Told by Thenwelvee,”
two <enis In et«u>p«
"Restful Recreation Resorts."'Icscrlptlve ot ths summering places ot ths Columbia
river eud Coast, two cents In stamps
"The Columbia River Through (he ( es<«des to the Pacific Ocean,” large p«n< r«mle
m«p <>f t e Culum loa river, win. «tory on reverse si- e, 'our c. ots
large «nd accurate well mao ot O egon, Washington anil Idaho. 25 cents In stain 1«
Handy pocket map o( Oregon, W ashington and Idaho, st.IToover, two rente.
For any ot the above, address, enclosing stamps
A. L CRAIG, G. P. A., Southern Pacific Company Lines in Oregon)
Write today
Portland, Oregon