Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, May 10, 1906, Image 4

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I The founder ol the h>«'ne wn. Cap!
¡Rolu. Raid ill. The e«i R'it«> i» locale,i -.
J N««w Y. iki'iiv .in I | r Veiy c.rln.i'-lv :
E. J. MURRAY, Editor
i hr- lii'-.Hiie I.-jug ri HiHlh>n dollars a
iye.<r. Aworelliig Io lhe terms of Ibv
will, all ot the i■■> me lu l-l Iw ex|a nd-
each year. T1 ■'» itievtntv trouldvi» the
itustvvs ol -.. . . -tale, a- llu* iiuu.la-r ol
deep «a »ailuis mm ' ius I o vhvrvrt’e, w bile
the income »Ic.t lily incrva«vs. The
Home is luiurioiisly li'ted with all mod­
ern improvements. There is a CI i .«| h I
on the groitn-ls. and a theatre vrurnvi-
ed a few year» a,-
T' e.ttneal troupes
come from New Yoik City to amuse the
old sailors. Every one of the inmate»
of the Home 1» g wn every comfort.
Tliu trustee-*, however, uro at a loss in
rx|ieudiug tlu* money, as the ex|ieuses
are much less than the income.
Klamath Falls, Ore., Thursday, May io, 1906
Irrigation vs.
“Going; to Canada'’
vm I
to allo« in severalty to the Klamath In­
dians tin* lands comprised in their res­
ervation. It ia held that the title to the
lamls is still in the gwveimueiit. anti
lhe court will not interfere in the gov­
ernment administration of the land. It
is understood tliat the District Aitor
Thursday morning. Prof. Mulkey told
nay's office in Portland will take up the
matter now ami aid Commissioner K k -I i - of the event which hap|a.'ned sixty
anla in carrying out the law l>y admin- ' three years ago. on May -J. On tliat.lay
totering the land as public domain • ' in I.MI, a provisional guvernmeut was
The case has lieen |>ending for some organised m the territory now compris­
time The decision of Justice Brener is ing Wasliington. Idaho, Hregou ami tbs
a victory for the government.
j western pAil of Montana. This was
, eallevl the Oregon country, at that time.
hrari-g txt. re a full hovse The profits
of the organiser vary
Ills «'barfes lor
a "one man affair' are »muli« r than tor
I siting vp a show for a »trike fund or
Hie «mido,es of a firm
There is no
question in this business of obtaining
mon,y under false i relci.ces The mettl­
ed* are above repr* s<*h and the organ-
Her han throe weeks' hard work to uo In
Tulet S M Here. iM-tiire for the »en
[siting up most >f th, lièrent«.
»mi, 12 nule» Ir >m Ywinnx ; umlvi gr«»l
iene«* mid aUimilauev of water. A)»o
Deadly Worry,
Enquire of Snow
therapeutics. Islepath, and kindred |n- two Jacks for eale.
goose, Keuo, Or«-gon.
t-.rests maintains that thousands ot I
people actually think themselves to
ForS.de- tlJOaeies g.svd farming land
death every year by allowing their
two mile« due Will oi KIntintili Fidi» at
minds to dwell on morbid subject» It
f|.« )wr acre. lls*i my lumie isuch nt
v. uld be mere accurate to »a, remarks
Keno, Oregon, II. A. Emmitl. tí
the Philadelphia Leaser. and truly, that
these persons worry themselves to
Notice of I King I Inal Account.
death, it ia r.ot thinking
To think
Null«'«« 1» here I»« «!«••*» Ihw» Ulla« Ohenchaln,
would be to fortify the mind against a*h«UiU»lra|ttr «•( the «»«tai«< «4 «'hwrle* Butler.
tn. rbldlty. There seems to l>e no doubt t1vr»-a»etl. ha« lllv«l hl* rt tal auv«uml ««• liU w«l- I
that unreasoning and unreasonable in ini«! rai ion, atul that lhe Uutirl ha* n«e<l
worry has a distinct and pernlcto«u ef­ Haiuttta«. lhe jHih >la« «4 May. \ D l*m. ai
fect on mind and body. That It It prac­ I I k * hour t»i lu«»‘cl«w k o( mi hl day al ill*» ctmri
room of ihr run nt yr rmirt, In lhe ciljr <4
ticable to overcome this cause of trou­ Klamath Fall» «»rufun. a« th«* lime a»*! plaue
ble Is affirmed by speelvl students ot fur bearing ubjivituu« au«l »uiillng »aid ar
psychology, but there In an attraction cuunl.
I»<!«>«I at Klamath Fall«. Uruguii. th«» Hl »lay
to some minds In tuorbld melancholy
ot May. itaa.
rii . ih ohkxi main .
«nd a dlst'ocltion to shuu whatever U
.Xdailiii«l ralur of th«» e»iale ol Cliarht« Hut
cheerful ai.d wbolesotne
ler. «letua'vl
The tarnw-rs who are parting with
th.ir acres in Ohio, Indiana, and else­
where in the Middle West, itecause with
the proceeds they c»n buy more land in
Manitoba ov the Saskalcltewan region,
ara not wtor. Tri». tlw-y m -II the old
homeateatto for fdO to »<> an acre, and
buy Canadian land for fit, to ||», or
even leas; and tire» they figure that
they have a leg cash surplns left to put
to the bank, or lend on mortgwgvs. But
•hey quickly And out that it coats vastly
Fiidav morning, Prof. Hanby. of Cen-
more to erect homes hi tire Canadian
i tral |>oint gave the students an inspii ing
Northwest, at comfortable as those they
The Y. IV. C. A. met Wednesdsy iio.n talk on “Tlie Valin* of an Education.”
toft, that Onwlian tariffs make their in lhe Ch .pel. The subject. ‘ The I'rof. Hanbv is principal of the Central
farming tools and machinery coat about Itower of s Loving lafe,” was pre-w-uted Point schools. A new school building
26 per cent more than in the United by Miss Jessie Darby. After the dis­ w il! be erected at Central Point this
Slate», and that wem-ing spjiarel and cussion of the subject, the members of year ami two more gra.lv» added. Tin»
groceries are proportionately higher. tlie Association decid«*i to give an en- makes the course in the High school a
They are fartl»er from a market also; tertsinmeut Saturday evening, for the tour year course.
therefore, tliry get considerably less for lieiielit of the Bus fund. The program
their prod tree. Then, too, the growing will consist of readings, and vvxal and
The DcncCt Promoter.
Of al! the strange forms of employ­
season ia much sherter, and the certain­ instrumental selections.
ment tn which men arc rnraced not one
ty of being able to harvest a crop much
Miss Maude Minear left school Mon­
is more unusual than that of a second
leas than in the regions they have left.
day for Medford. Site, with her mother
■ rate actor «ho has given up hts profes­
As for the difference in climate, a single
will go liai k to tl.eir old home in Ohio,
sion to become an erganiier of beneflta
Canadian winter is often enough to sick-
sometime this month. Miss Minear is
F or F ai r - My preqwrty near ptwl*
His calling is not generail,' known and
ea the emigrant and all hie family ol
a good student and we are sorry to lose
only some misfortune would acquaint otlicii on Muin and Klamath atrwta.
their “bargains.”
Henry .laniHk'ii.
you with It. Suppose you were a butcher
Doubling production is vastly letter
The Euterpean Club, met last Satur­ and your shop and its contents bad been
•ban doubling the area of one’s farm.
Th«» Klamath I all*« Ijtml ami I ive-
If the Ohio, Indiana ami Iowa farmer, day evening in the Normal Chape). ! destroyed by £ro. propounds the New »¡ttiuk I’omiKiny iw I «»in pom ri lx* l«wnfttol at
who possesses from 80 to 200 acres, or 1 Many goo.1 musical numbers were giv- i | York Herald. You wjuld undoubtedly lhe Ln: C thin tf«!HHii*iit. Il avi II th» ix
real e«!«ie
ami ha« ail-
en. The remainder uf the evening was get a letter from the man in question, l
more, of land, wants to improve his con­
I iw ritir fa«*ililt«*H i«»r plnt-iiuc pro|«rrtv «« uh
spent in social games.
dition, let him set np an irrigation plant
ieaatein people. Avoid a I mmhii . Ia*t ua
The students of the Academic depart­ ised at a local music ball on behalf ot I glOAV.
—getting his neighbors to join him if he
If ro he would be
cun—and then sell oil Italf or more of ment organised committees and brought the workpeople
his land in small tracts ot 10 to «0 acres, the necessary articles, Friday to dean pleased to organise It free of cost and
with advantage to all concerned. Should
•nd proceed to cultivate the remainder the campus and the Academy building.
>ou hunt him up at the address given be
intensively; planning to get at least two The students worked with swill, and by
in f . ffh T m IV Hl IÜUV
w 111 be delighted to tell you how be came
crops off of every acre, except perhaps, evening, the buildings and campus pre­
to adopt this profession and bow be goe s
such as may Ire given to orchards.
His sented a very neat, dean appearance.
to work to orgaaiis a benefit. When­ Arrive H or -. m
Chapel Notes
income from tire smaller area will al­
SU-cl RrUlge
ever a disaster befalls anyone be Is on
Fall rres-ir
Tuesday morning, tho Primary de­
most certainly be larger than he receiv­
the tpot at once offcricg s, tup-.th, and
Klamaih», mes
ed from his wlrole big farm before; and partment iiad charge of the Cha|>el ex
services. If he gains the consent of the
After a May song and a recita­
he will have quite as much money for ercises.
unfcrtucate to help them out of their
by tho Primary pupils, the mem­
loans and investments, as if he had tion
Leave t-ukeganra
trouble be at once tortus a c. tamittee of
of the Faculty were presented with !
Arris e Pi*re
yielded to the “Canadian fever.”—Max- bers
r> ctpathisers. There patrons are ob­
Klamath Rprings
May baskets. The May baskets were
well's Talisman.
tained by means of a circular asking tor
Fail r rev-k
very pretty, especially one received by
the patronage of the addressee in the sad
Sled nrldge
Pres. Mulkey. This one was made of circumstances. The patronage Is gener­
crepe paper in the Normal colors, or- ally given, end often a donation toward
: ange and purple, and filled with purple the fund is sent. A proprietor ot one ot
l>ansies and poppies. All of the child- 1 the music balls, a friend of the organ­
l.rave Thrall
1 o r 'f
an nnininn
T.-Btiz-A Brewer *1.„
In an
opinion hi'
by Justice
the ren •” ,ho Primary grades received May iser, usually gives the use of the hall on Arrive Bogus
Steele Hri«!ga
2:13 ••
Supreme Court of the United States has baskets from the Primary tead.ers.
on off night, expecting to make some­
Klama’h Mprtngs
2:bl M
dismissed for lack of jurisdiction the
Wednesday morning, Prof. Van.'-eoy thing from the increased takinrs at the
la-av K a*.*a’h Sprint«
2 r. r m
2 a> I’ M
ease of the state of Oregon vs Secretary read an article on “The Home for tm- bar. Then there are plenty of budding Arrive Fall <*r«» k
3 :«W M
Sleek' Bridge
Hitchcock and Commissioner Richard», 1 eriean Deep Sea Sailors,” which is lo- music hall artists who are glad to donate
3: 3» -
.1 A» ••
involving the right of the Government I cated al Snug Harbor, Long Island. their services so that they may get a
llervay Lindley rrcaidunt,
Ashland Normal
1 " 11
Sill I* K
Ch II N iia I v C I xmtun <<l««n
Thr I' **. i nil S vi at «’«- l • i i
A« Ul l«»»l«i 111 «A-llllllUillMll Illi III«* !«<•
»»( "h*n»I K äiirit **, May
HAH, hi t '.
lt«»rtînil«l, li»M’biiry, luti • i HHtl«* Hiili
l*i ••»«• vi I .
I* xa11»i•<:«11»»ii í»»r “ l'<»i«‘Ht S i || h « i « i «»r ’*
aa ill U» l»vM I-4IIIV »1.1« ai ««M la«|»v « un it
in lliv Slate.
Klamath Allot­
ment Decision
Notke to Credit Jr*.
Nitile«» 1« la it-bt intfit that ibv untlrr»igni*«l
ha»» beoii a|*(M>hit«*«l. bi th«* iNttinH I'ottri t4
Klamath f«»nnty, Or«*r»»n. a«1minl«irairlY t»i
the uitatc ttl Jtw»u|»h V liraham th»eua«t’»l
All luTMtit* having « I tiiu« agaiu«l m »I«I «'»
I at-1 Kre n«»t iheil I«» pr« M'iil t hi’ imiu in nt«» at
I orv Ha. Oregon, duly wrUle.l a» by law re
qiilr«*«L wilbiti »I k umnlba Iron» ihu date ul
ihi» not lev.
l»au«l ai Klamalh Fall». Or«»gon, ihK .1r»l
«lai of Ma« 1*0«
Hannah I. Hitwart.
.Vlinlni'tratrlK ol lhe e»iatu of JtMrjth A.
(irnham. «1e<'ean«H|.
II \\ K«*u»«*a, Attorney for idinr.
S 3 A 31
Notice for l,ubilv..ll.>it.
D» i nrlnient «4 ih«* ltih'rh»r. Land (MH«* al
lake« lid , Oit'Hitn. spiti ll I ***
Nolle* 1« hereby tfhtfli «Hai lhe lol low Inf
nami»«l nullIvr ha« tile* I ii«»lh-»e «»I hl« liiluiUlon,
It» make i I iim I
In au|«poi4 «4 hH claim,
an«l (hai »ahi i»rot4 u ill be ma«la bofur«« Ueo
T llabl«« In. Judfto of K iauiall» r«»mu «, Or«*it**ii
•I hit» urti«'«» al K lainaili b1«. •
«HI Ih«»
Jn«l «ls»\ «tl J.mu |*«Ul. vi« I >hu I Mptrk» l| F
W feMW » ton I " , ' s •»« 'H « .■ *•
H . II K W M
Ih* liani*»« ihv (tilinä inn » line»««*« I«» |ir«»v*
hl» <*«»iii I n uitu « r«*«iilviiu»' u|*«tii an>l aulii vai luu
til »abi lauti, vil -
H I. Kllgtw.U K VanUl|M*r. Juhli Hradburil
an I IV \\ W acron, all »4 H“ii«»in'». i»r«*a«»ii
J. N. W n .
4 I» A JI
iXotke l or Publication.
Department of the Interior, Land Ollier • t
l.akevirw , I ireg«in, April II. IWC
Not;«'«» 1» hereby given lhat th© htllsiwlng-
named wutllrr ha* file»! ii«»iic«‘ ol hia intention
to make final pr*»»»l In «»q imri of hla «•’* m.
and that »aid proof will be made before ««»>•
Chastain, (‘ounti <T»’rk at bi* «-fl ■ si i-la« ••
bti'lnr*« at Klamath Fa’!* »»
Itui. vii: AA Hmm N AAi*i»oti
■gc 4, Tp »R . • F. AV M
lie name« I hr follow tug wrHnr»*rs lu pro««»
hl« conilnuou» r»*»idunt'e upon an<l cullivailou
of *ald land, vli
J K Rallard. Albert Btablman. Tl»«ima« Mar
tin anti Clay Ratliff, all <tl Klamath Fa la. ore-
J. K. U atwom .
4 It & >4
Klamath County Abstract
The Pioneer Al—tract Office of Klamath County, Ore gon
Have you a Ihlcli to siirvrv ’ I" vour I’reqa-rtv I me in dould?
la ,onr
Titb p-ifcct ' Ue have a nuuph-te Al—tract ami Engineering otn«v.
AMrv,» P. U. Ik>, I,. kl,»lh r,a>. Orefsw
i \
PUviw. Maia jj
i \ i ,
viisi i; ttTlNt;
Buff Cochin Chickens
Pure Bred Stallions
Notkc to (.reditorà
Notiee I» hervbv fimi lliai ili«* «M»4ur»i||iw<l
Ita* bruii tini) a|>|M»lnU»«l h« ih«* t‘ »uniy <‘«»urt
»4 K amaih cotiut) . Or« fo t. uneotor «4 thr
ewiair »»I Daniel (‘»»Iwull. tlre«*a*e«l
All |*r*on» haviiif rlalm« w«taiit«i «at<l •*»
tate aru n«>tlrtu«t lo prv««*nl ihr « ahi «» io n»r al.
Merrill. Orrft»o, tluly «erlfiu»l a* hy la«v rw
<|tnre«l. wtihtn alt niotith» troni thè «lato ul
Ihl« n«»tlre.
Daini ai Klamaih Fall». <>rrf«»n. May 3r«l
Juhli <‘ularri!,
Karcutor ot lhro*talcof ttornici ('ulwrll. de-
uumm -.L
Il AV Kre>ru. Allume? fot rieru.ur.
3 3 3 31.
I t
I MU I «».¡I» • f Hk v I. « to. ». It
i »•’•• m 1 ’ ••
> I» ht r« ••« »Ju e tu »t
in I .1 . jil in. • with the I .i .kiwlous • I pi. a. I
ol I ..ligi«><» .4 June 3. |a?l, eiilllh.l
t., «t
forili» ««l< ol ilinl»*r land» in ihr M'atr« »4
I allhtrnla <>i«g«»n, Keia»la ami Ha>hingiou
Tremoria< rviumb d lo a'I Hi» ptiltlh«
I and ma»»« In a» i of VigH'l 4. IR*»J Harry K,
Hmidliml ul Klamath Fall« r<t<iiily ol K latitai li
Miair ••« i»r»'g>»n. haa liila »lay llleil III Illi.
uAlc«* hl« »wttrii aiaiemuni N-t MUI !... ,1...
put I*ha «• «il Ih»» N K'* NW\. «K , MW,.
RK»< MWt%. H.« Il, T|» • • HIJ K
W M and will offer protil Iti •h-.w
ih« land »«iiighi i» mora valuatHa
ber or aitili«» Ihan for agri» ullural |>ur^«»a •
and tn eatabllih lila Claim •«» »aid lami twfttra
Uvu iTiabialn.ro 1‘lrrli ai hl« |«la *«• iiFtni«|-
hra« at K lainaili Falla, tlrrgun, on T>t»ira«lav
IhalOthdar «4 May, IVitd H«» ttantr» a«wl|
no-.i AV hi l.a«hita. tlura» North »»f Klamaily
Falla. <>r , K AA ruwu. I*vi vivai rthall, »4 K » im »
□ r
An« and »H per Mini vlalmlng adrrr»cly Ihr
alnir-<1 < «ri O«».I laitoit arr rw»|ur«le«| m MU
Ibelr claim« In ih.» urti« e on m brforr mi M
IWh day ul Mai, luna J N Waitoii, |lrgl«i»r
• I M
............. .......
a «
Largest and Best Equipped Stables in Southern Oregon
A?. '1'. < >I-eI Vl€ W, Proprietor
Í *
On th
Falls will
I Iw <> '1' •
! i
No liability tor damages.
» .*• It
Charges Jio lor season.
*T. R. ¿4? J. 1^. Mliort
Will, about the first week in
May, offer for sale Lots in the
This property is very favorably located, and we shall make such improvements upon it as to make it attractive to those
wishing to build nice homes.
grade the streets.
lay cement sidewalks.
provide perfect drainage.
construct sewers.
provide a water system.
secure Ictric lights.
have a great hotel on the tract.
We shall make a park around the splendid Hot Springs, situated almost
in the center of the Tract.
We shall have the depot of the California Northeastern Railway.
We shall have a Street Car system as soon as required.