Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, May 03, 1906, Image 2

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Official Newspaper of Klamath
County and Loading Journal
cl the Interior Oregon Country.
The Urtest Circulation and la
the Best Medium for Reaching
a Prosperous and Trading Public
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E Ì,;
/'■ '■*
NO. 5
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•'»y :
. J
Magnificent Panorama to bo aeon from the Heights in the Buena Vista Addition to Klamath Falls.
At a inrvtiiig of the t’hamlier of C’om-
inerir, held la-t evening 15 new iik - iii -
lairs acre elected. The pnqerflition of n
woolen null was again presented, and
Mr. Clark of Oregon City ws. invited to
com. here arid make dctlnlle proposi-
Branch Line Tu Run South vu lion. Cun.iileraMe buainea. » m trans­
acted, and mme Intervet «sa evinced
Mkevlew to Alturas to Connect
lluiin at auv prvvmua meeting lor some-
With N. O. A C.
I time. A »fa-eial meeting will lie held
Friday ■•veiling to eunaider lit. pret-
Cliitd Kiitfinf<’r I H. Gmlmm
th«» offi.-e matter, ami every memlrer la
Or«*gi»n F.ANt«*rn ItaHri»««! ww> in KI miii . urgently requestor! to lx* present.
«th Fill« till*»
Elmer I. Applegate returned from
(or hi« mirvt’ying < t>rp«, And rrliirned tn Han J.»e, California, laat Fr’day even­
. Tin* <>rv|fnii Kami* ing lie *><«■ anconaisuiied by Ilia Bla­
•nn ia th«*
that in
■nrvuyr.l tera, Mlanra Evelyn, Buaaic and Elate,
fr«»m O ii U mio an<! Vai«* wrH t<> t*nnur< t who were atíldenla al tiianloraf I'mvrr-
• Itli the tin«« Irotn Xatmn tn Klamath ally. The young ladies haul a liarorw itag
Fall«. Th«* junction * til I*** tnad** in ex|K-riom» anal a narrow eai a|*. but
th«« vicinity ol F«»rl Klamath, p« rha|M fortunately received no more I han a
a G iu I twelve inilrw from
that |*oint. nervous alias k, lavili which they are re­
Mr. Graham hi » ii Id vulunterr httlt* In- covering.
/•>rni«tmn relutiv«? I • Ibr pr«>p.MH*<| hie.
Tim Klamath Falls las ml will give a
11. -Aul:
ixmcvrt at the opria bouse <m the lath
°I have a rnrp of 20 tnifinrer« and A"- of tins month, tfaas pro sa-’la of which
aiatanl« Wr art* now running the pre« will garlo rompiste the |a«yur.rita 4ue
llinmary ||nn and a« * mm > o a« tin« »■ dun«* <>n the new Instruments, This urganl-
wu will iHsgtn the )<«Mmam*nt «ttrvry. Mlhro is ilew-rving of hearty sup|»art,
<»rwding <i|mtatioua will follow the ami it la Ira lav leqaed their contort will
lar well attendasi.
•’Y«*«,“ "iid Mr. Graham* “thia line
J. W. Baiata arrived hero from Frisco
Mill c< m mt t with tbe mad from X.i trim
Saturday night. 11. ia one of the vie-
<«» Klamath I .di*. 1 lm «tirvi lev ora lor
tima ol han Francisco, lisving occupied
tbi" latter mad are now in I the Held,
quarter, in the Raphael Imuae in that
«n>niewh«*rr ch»*« to th«* divide and arc
city. He haa buvir employed by Ilio
working aouUi a * (a*t aa mndltimi« will
Boston store.
admit. A" t<* when c<»i»*lrucii<»n work
will begin it ia liar I to «ay, «« tlmt luuat
I ks r»*aiily u ail on th«* ¡«ermanent *ur*
vrv, hilt th» ie will la* mm liltlr d«*lay a«
jstrnsil»U*, cmivi-triit with t*a**y grade*
amt prA|«»rlo. atmn«.**
“ f>o ymi think that the Nnn Frgnciw’n
«li«;i"trr ulll have tin* <*fTrvt «»( delaying
the c<»ii"tr*it lion of either of tlieae him«,
a « reported?”
“No, 1 tinderalAtid that it will have
alMuiiitrly none, and work on l*»lh ol
I hear road" will go forward ju«t tliu
ramr a« if thatcataatfophy bad nevaruc.«
When qurntionrd a" tn tin* probability
E. T. Ablx'tt of Minneapolis has Ixxrn
<»i a line miii II i from the Oregon Ea*U«rn
ap|K>ml<s| general maiiagr rcl the Klam­
through l^ikrvnw tn eonnrrl with thu i
ath railroad, which iqxrr.lre Irelween
N, (. A <>. in (.California lie Maids
“There u ill in ail probability lx* ancli u I Thrall and I'okegauia. Mr. Ab|xrtt la a
line. It will touch l.nkr\iew . nr a* nt*nr | man of recognised ability, and has had
aa grade« will ;a*rniit and make a junc­ wide experience in the l.x-ating and con-
tion with the N. C. A <>. at Altura« hi
Mod'M* co«inty, (’al|lt»rnia, for I iintler- alruction of railways in the middle weal
atand Iht* N. C. A (). in to l»r eitviided Since ha aaamurd the management of
to that city.”
the Klamath railway he haa tier n “do­
It wa« very evident tlmt Mr. Graham ing tilings." A Marked change for the
knew mu h more aixnil the line noiith
than Im cared tn tell. Krgarding ttm i letter is to lie found on every aide, and
other two linea lieu a * more communi­ a systematic regime baa been inaugu­
cative, ami hi« mu vernation nmdr if rated.
quite plum that tlir««* road« Would br j
aa to the
43ou«tru<-t«*d nt once.
Oregon Eastern Is Being
Sort eyed to Fort
This Beautiful Tract is
Almost Ready.
Reasons Why the Klamsth Basin is
Forging Ahead.
If You want to be
Dressed in the
Come to the
For your Clothing, Hata, Shoes
and Furnishing».
Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Money Back.
The Boston Store
A Communication From Miai Steph*
ens on the San Francisco Disaster
(traded Streets. Sewerage, Electric
Car Une, Magnificent Hotel and
The following letter ia from a sister of
The Republican haa lately received a
Other Improvements.
T. F. Stephens of thia city, and ap|*ar- N., over on Haight .tract, ao off we
large numlx-r ol inquiries in regard to
ed in the Ashland Tidings. It is truly started. Such acondition aa the streets
were in—people walking about, the pic­
The Buena Vieta Addition to Klamath original in style, and varies greatly from
ture of desolation with a few valuables
therein, and in many of the letters ia: Falla, which ia being platted by the all ol like communications published.
Miss H. B. Stephens of this city haa in their hands; others sitting on the
What is the cause of the rapid growth Klamath Abstract Company for the
of Klamath Falla, Merrill, Bonanza and I Klamath Canal Company, ia almost received a personal letter from her sis­ side-walk surrounded by their posses­
the county generally? Or why are such ! ready to be placed on the market. Un­ ter there descriptive ol the earthquake sion, ¡chimneys down, windows smashed
great claim» made for the future of your der the direction of W. K. Brown, men in ban Franciaco. The story has lxx-n streets filled with debris, houses out of
county? the answer of these questions and teams are at work grading the told and retold in the newspapers but plumb and some down flat. In the
■ an lx* summed up in one word: “Irri- streets and boulevards, and when the the Tidings requested permission to down-town district clanging of bells,
gat ion.”
plana are compieteti the addition will print thia story ls-cau«e it was different­ soldiers marching, automobiles hither
and thither and any other confusion
When the United Htatea government,; ¡,ave more the appearance of a pert ly told from any it had yet seen :
Oakland, Cal.—Georgia and I are your mind can picture; although the
through the Kvdamatmn Nvrvice, de- ihan that ol the ordinary platlial ground
alive and quite safe. We saved w hat ; crowd looked miserable, I saw no cry­
< idrd to lake np ihe Klamath I'roject for residence pur|*oaea.
and build reservoirs - -----
ami ---------
< seals that
G radinc lor
tor the
th., street
slreef railway
is pro- clothes we stand in, two night gowns, ing.
Yon shonld have seen onr room after
woiild carry the w«t«*r«
water. of
«1 Klamath and irr„,„g „pidiv, and the tire for the some silver, a few pieces of jewelry, and
Clear lake, throughout the great valleys hllr ,,o n<JW („¡„g .awr<1 Bt the txfeess a little money and onr lives. It was an the event—not a piece of anything left
and reclaim nearly ^>0.000 acres ol , IH|11 The entire cut of this mill for the i awful exfierience and all the worries of on the shelves in the front room. In
practically worthies« land, the ryes of ,ea.)n b„ )wn purchMMtl. .„j lhoM1 our lives dwindle into nothing in com­ the kitchen the kettle was on tbe floor,
nivrelorw were turned thia way. They ^,1,1^ |n lh„
uti, ,UIUin,.r parison. I was dreaming of you and of the china cloaet was laid flat on the
knew tint the expenditure ol »4,500,000 wl|| havu Ur»t call on theoulput, so that I your being homeless when the quaking floor, and everything in it amashed;
by the government would mean the em i u^y win be tore oi liavjn< an ainple lagan. The walls swayed and all the everything in tb>-closet waa down and
ploynn rit *d an immeiise amount of la- ,upply „( |UIulM,r for their home. Nev- lioii-ehold idols came tumbling down desolation was its name. All my house­
bur ami a eunsequent increase in all I eral handrome houses are planned for and the agony of the mind as the hold goods that I loved were gone and
I trad.*, that the.q.ning op lose- tin. summer, and the architects are at thought flashed through—ito tile end of we left them to their (ate. I beleive
t.ial selttera cl such an immense tract of WOrk now preparing the plans for the everything—the rocking and the noises the house is all burned up.
We were terribly tired from the walk
land WO.11.1 meat, a large influx rd |xxe inaniUcient hotel that ia to bo erroleii | and I couldn't pray—didn't have lime
out to Haight street and bac k to Wash­
pie land that the incrrare.1 |.q.ol.tion t|lcn.. w..rk on which will probably be- although I have tried to do it aince.
ucxild mean new town«. ' 1 l.at their
I jumped over Geòrgie and velieri, ington and then to the ferry, but thank­
«¡thin a couple of months.
judgment u a « correct iv evidrnerd by ' A complete sewerage system will be "Get up, get up.” blie got as far as the ful to be alive.
III«* jtrrMt inert*«"« in ]o»|Hiliitt<»n of* constructed, and arrangements will I m » edge of the lx-d and never said anything
All services as usual at the Presbyteri­
Klamath Falls, which ba. jumxxi from n,.de tuTuppl/um r^ñleñts with light Then I tappeti her on the shoulders anti
' .. ............. ..
400 ,o *
»'»'* ; and water. Tlioqsaii.l. ol shade trees shoved ber towards the door and she an church next Sunday. The sermon f
na nouu.i the rate <>l about 1*.» |.-r ,,MVU ....... purchare.1 and are now on fumbled with the lock anti couldn't I at < :30 p. m. will be of «pecial interest
wck; the founding ol Merrill mid it. Uie ground resdy for planting this fall, open it. Finally I got it open and I Ho young men. Interesting and vital
« caught up our w rappers and we thrust subjects are being discnsaed at t the
rspbl ria««,
rise, th«
the birth of Wluts.lak«*
WhiUdake Í'iív
City Among lheee are 31XJ cork
elm, noted
and ila «ucce»«, a id the present growth for their rapid grow lit and luxuriant them on. Geòrgie was saving “Lord Wednesday evening service. Come aud
have mercy on us.” Then we tore down bring your Bible.
and activity in and around Bonanza. foliage.
Klamath county and some of the Viwns
T. Abbott is Made General Man
ager of the Klamath Lake
The Boston Store
future plana of his company, In fact
lie has that stereotyped reply, “1 don’t t
n-a.lv ______
'when ______
asked ___
a. to
know,” ever
what changes or extensions are pro-
pnaed. But in view of the feet that he
The view from this addition is beyond
l description. The Republican prints a
panorama taken from the Buena Vista
, tract,and a faint idea can lx- gained from
at of the grandeur of the natural beauties
I that are spread taefore the eye. But the
camera, brusii nor |x-n cannot portray
a truthful reproduction of the scenic
wonders that are to be seen. With Mt.
hbarta to the south and Mt. Pitt to the
north. hmx<ed with their covering of
exerlar>ting snow, surrounded by hills,
valleys, lakes and streams, form a pic­
ture of such wonderous beauty as to
beyond diacription. So im-
pressed were the Sisters of St. Francis
«“h thia aectioa that they purchased
all of Block 70, representing an area of
I,wo ,nd “no l,«lf
Mocks, for their
has an enviable reputation aa an eogin-1 l’roP0**^ Academy. Here will center
rer, it would not lx* going wide of the
the fir*» educalio"«! institutions
mark if one guessed that the Weyer- . ■ of the stale, and will form the nucleus
hausaer l.umlx*r C»m;>any had an ex . ­ ’ of the future supremacy of Klamath
tension of their lino toward Klamath , Falla aa an educational center.
Falla in view when they placed Mr. Ab- '
bolt in charge. This, however, is abso­
Bank & Trust Co.
lutely denied by him, as might natur- :
Major C. E. Worden returned to
ally tw ex|x*cled.
__ _________________________________ Klamath Falla last Friday, and l*egan
almost immediately to make pre,«ra-
Recently tlia Bonanza Improvement
tiona to improve some of his property.
Company wax incorporated, with such
One of the first things he did waa to
men as H. E. McKenney, who is heavily
' interested in Klamath county priqwrty, place a sign on his lol corner of Main
and Fifth atreet, to the effect that when
J. D. Carroll, one of the principals of the
the proposed building to be erected
Oregon and California Development
thereon was completed it would be oc­
! Company, H. L. Holgate of the Klam­
cupied by the American Bank and Trust
ath Commercial Agency and others of
Com pan e.
equal prestige and business standing.
Major Worden informs the Republi­
It ia practically assured that thiscom-
can that on Monday brick will be placed
i panv proposes extensive o|x*rations in
on tbe ground for the erection of a $15-
and around Bonanza, and thia together
WM building, and that when it waa com­
w ¡th the marked activity of other large in-
pleted it would be occupied by the
lereata, augurs well for the future of this
banking institution referred to. He war
' town. Situated as Bonanza is, it is con­ not diapiuxtl to make public Ilia names
ceded that it will make a city of consid­ of those interested in the concern, but
erable size. When the upper project is stated that ainpio capital was already
nnder way, which will be the case ere subecrilied to make it one of the moat
long, property in that vicinity ia bound solid l«nks in the state. No stock is
to increase rapidly in value. And when for Mie.
the great valleys directly tributary to
Tiro memlrer. of the First Presbyter!-
Bonanza are under irrigation, this town
will torge ahead with rapid strides, anil an Church of Merrill purchased from
its natural location will inaku it sesoud the Klamath Commercial Agency two
only to Klamath Falla in size and im­
Iola and will erect thereon thia summer
It ia due to these things that lai rge in. a church to coat about IlHOO.
vestment» have lx*en and are being
___ _
J. W. McCoy, of Fort Klamath waa in
made m Klamath county; why the fail­
road is coming; why the street railway Klamath Falla Monday. He and Lind*
system is l*elng put into Klamath Falla'; aey Kiaemore have just juirchaaed a
why the electric railways have been perclieon stallion from La Fayette, In­
projected throughout the county; why diana, at a eoat of 14000.
development ootnpaniee are spending
James Emery of Fort Klamath, ac­
upwards of half a million in improving
their projwrty ; why the eye« of thou­ companied by Ilia two daughters, are iu
sands of investor« and homeaeekera are
the city. Mr. Emery expects to make
lurneil this way; and why Klamath
| county ia destined to l*e the largest in application to the County Court lor a
liquor license.
| Ureguii, outside of Multuumah.
Head of the Oregon & California De
velopment Company
is Here.
I. D. Carroll, one of the principals of et.
Ami thia confidence is not mis­
the California A Oregon l>evclopment placed. as will arm lie seen.”
Company returned to Klamath Falls
Further than this Mr. Carroll would
Monday, lie was accomjainied by his not commit hiusaelf, but shut up like
eon, and they expect to remain here (or the proverbial clam. When asked as to
some time.
the electrical railroad, all he would say
“I expect to remain here for some was “wait.” From other sources, how-
time thia trip,” said Mr. Carroll when I ever, it was learned that there will 1«
seen by a Republican representative, something of importance develop along
“and complete the plane I have on hand this line within the next few days, and
for future operations. There is little to ' it looks as if thia enterprise was an as­
say at this time for publication. Every­ sured fact, aud that within a very short
thing is progressing quite satisfactorily time.
and liefore long our plans will 1« suffi­
ciently advanced so that the public can
As we go to proas Mr. Carroll handed
two for itself their scofie. The flatter­ ua a telegram lie received this morning
ing success met with in the rale of lots from E. B. Hussey, one of the beet
in the Bowne addition to Bananas in known engineers on the coast, stating
the last two daya is wry pleasing to me. he would reach Klamath Falla Friday
and shows that the people of Klamath evening. He comes here for the pur-
county have confidence in their own ;xiee of making the preliminary exami­
nation of the route for the electric rail­
community, as well as in the corpora­ way from Klamath Falla to Merrill and
tion placing this projwrty on the mark- I from Henley to Bonanza.
the next Hight of stairs and aa I opened
R. M. Richardson, formerly station
the dixir, that stone arch lx*gan to fall, agent at 1‘okegama, arrived hero Wed-
so 1 drew back and a woman residing in nemlay. Mr. Richardson will enter the
the bouse tore past me, for the time be­ ¡em)4oy of Mason, Davis A Co., ditch
ing a mad woman, screaming at the top contractors.
of her voice. 1 Hew after her and as she
Mrs. H. C. Chamlaerlain arrive«! here
struck the curb she fell fiat and a very from Albany Tuesday night, to join her
drunken man hcl|*ed her up. Then she husband who is a contractor and brick
rnbbed her face with her hands and manufacturer.
looked a sight.
Mrs. 0. H. Harshbarger and two
Mor husband did not show up, aa he
children, who were in Frteeo during the
waa dressing and we then prevailed on
earthquake and fire, reached Klamath
her to go into a house and there waa
Falla Friday.
another tremor ami out she rushed and
E. B. Huston of I’ortlami arrived here
up tbe street yelling “I won’t go into
tbe house” and I ami another lady yell­ Wednesday anil will assume the duties
ing out “Catch her.” It took three of chief eaigineei ol the steam-'r Klam ,
men to hold her.
G., brought me my slippers and we
Mrs. LutieCaliff, daughter of Mrs. J.
stood on the street and I got Mrs. H., a T. Henley, anal child arrivoai hero last
wrap, then her husband came and I left. Friday from han Francisco.
We got dressed, made a cup of coffee,
Can you sell Klamath county proper­
and then there was another alarm—the
chimney was on fire—ao we rushed out ty? If ao see or write E. B. Hall. Lib­
again, then came back and packed a few eral terms to agents.
things and there was another shock and
Mrs. Archie Mason, wife of the gov­
we rushed out again—dreset«I this time. ernment contractor, arrived in thia city
We concluded we would go see Jessie I Wednesday eveuiug.
In Its Construction-Only
Equipment Destroyed
By Fire.
Thia Can Be Replaced Within a
Few Weeks and the Road
Will Be Ruatoed.
The report that the Fan Francisco dis­
aster would delay the construction of
the California Northeastern railroad
and possibly prevent Ha completion in­
to Klamath Falla Ixrfore next March
gained such headway and received so
much credence in thia city, that the Re­
publican, on learning that President
Naftzger was at Bovee’s ranch, cam-
municated with him over the telephone.
When asked aa to what foundation
the rumor hail, Mr. Nzftzger replied
most emphatically.
“Absolutely and positively no foun­
dation at all. The only delay or inter-
ferience with the rapid construction and
prompt completion of the California
Northeastern will tie duo to replacing
the equipment and supplies of the con-
tractors which were destroyed in San
Francisco. This delay will be very
.light-not more than a few weeks, and
after they are replaced the work will
be pushed with so much energy that by
the time we reach Klamath Falla tbe
|,^, wji| probably be mure than made
“Will the unsettled conditions pro­
duce. 1 by the financial losses sustained
bv all classes in San Francisco have any
. effect on your other plans"'
“None whatever," replied Mr. Nafts-
ger. "The calamity is so great and the
shock ao severe that it has affected every
1 portion of the coast. Thia is not due so
much to financial stringency as to the
fact that the people of the entire Pa-
i citic coast have been etunned by the
magnitude of the horror.
"Conditions are rapidly adjusting them-
selves, however, and before long there
will be greater industrial activity than
the Pacific coast has ever known before.
' San Francisco will rise from its ruins in
greater splendor than before ita distrac­
tion and when the plan < for ita re-con­
struction are carried out it will lx» one
of the most beautiful cities in the world.
"As I said, we are going to go right
ahead with all of our plana, and the only
delay, if any, will lw due to our inabili.
ty to promptly procure such material aa
is absolutely neveasaiy for their con­
Mr. Naftzger, like so many thousand
of other citizens, hwt heavily. His home
waa destroyed, and what few effects he
saved was only accomplished after mov-
ing them from one point to another five
different times. Great as waa his Issa
and the ordeal through which he passed,
it waa easily discernible from the force
of hie remarks that he haa the utmost
confidence in the future oi Nan Francis­
co. Ilia confidence is the same as that
<>f every business man in the Bay City,
and where men of such sterling quali­
ties stand shoulder to shoulder, it can
have only one effect—the tip- building of
a greater and grander metropolis on
the I’acitic coast.
The Merrill creamery is offered for
sale. Enquire of Gua Newbury, Jack*
sonville, Oregon.
New and Second hand house furnish­
ings at Ilia bridge. Heoond hand Store.
Virgil and Son.
Choice locations can Is* secured in Bo­
nanza if yov buy now. E. B. Hail,Gen­
eral Agent.
E. B, Hall and wife of IVhitalako
were in the city thia week, returning
home today.
Mrs. R. B. Hatton and daughter ar­
rived here from Oakland Saturday even­
James D. Fairchild of Yreka to reg.
istered at the Lakeside Inn.
James F. Farraher ol Yreka arrived
in thia city Wednesday.
For Iola iu Bonanza aee K. B Hall.