Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, September 14, 1905, Image 1

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    Otllclal Newspaper of Klamath
County and Leading Journal
of the Interior Oregon Country.
The Largest Circulation and is
the Best Medium for Reaching
a Prosperous and Trading Public
NO. 24
FRANCHISE Midway Company To Put
Plant Could Be Put In By
Operator In Central
Langen Valley Phone
Ordinance Is Too
A special meeting >■( lhe town roitmil
held Monday »»»nilig to con»! I»r
th« granting <»l • Iram ht»« to ••>» Ian-
,r|| V.diey T»lr|-h«n» Company. Tl>«
«r-tiiiaiue a. intro luewi !•» Cmincd-
man W illlta provl.lv« lor a light ..I • av
thnxigh cvrlam str»e<. for th» erw llon
ol a l«l«ph»i>e tin« coming into tl>» city
aud ••vhiirctii'g • llh a icnlral office at
p. hallo, k A Dagg»«l. «tor», and l*.|-l»a
it .-enta.i» • blanket < lauao allowing
0.« .vim|‘.»y l»> vr»«-l p .1«» and do a
mw '.I telephone Inisltie** »■• any <4
the .trecl«. even nr« or allrve through
ont the town.
While the francl.lae has passed to It«
««.'»•d raadtng, it is peohabla that II
wit <■> n» (either miles* It I. rewritten
IK aaiei>.|r.l. ao aa Io .|*cl(y definately
th. »treat« »poo will, h ll.a |rde. ar» Io
k» rrartrd Th» Company, through it.
aiturr.ey Mr. B.uiriev,cot.tend, that it la
not the ir.tanti.in to-io a general loui
uru in Klamath I all. ,btit ll at all that
I. le.i'a-1 i. to «omiact with tl.c town
an.l the !ew »lockholder« living here
Tim th« member.
th» Council .tated
(hey • >uld gra .l ll an ordinance »aa
drain upr vc’itig that p»'Vll»ga.
Judge Willila. ntio ir.tr.el i< e I th« or
du.alic«. .tat. 4 that lie <|id eo t-e. aua.-
tlo-re |«-..pie «ere kin> king al our ihm«,
and be ll.unyht they ought
be ail“» < h I
tirom.ii. Iluwaeer, lie wm not in
fiW. ol gr...ling tlirin the privilege .4
pllting in a g»u»rai lelej.lioi.« ry.letr.
throughout lhe illy, aa ll.e tuwn now
had an ex. .•L.nl telephone •< .Irin • 111.
night M-rv..a and l>e «a. opf-med lo
dun g ai ytl.ii'g il at n.igl.l weaken tl at
»»rvic» llr.l lr», lie did not »i«h 10 lie
com pel io. I lo and force other hum -ar
men (o pm in and pay lor la > ph ><>«••
when they could gel Irellar aervi •• «Illi
cm and at • lc.< axpenee
Councilman Bi.I.op, who al»a< •
Ukc. . definite atan-l on one al l» or th»
other «very qooMi >n Hut (onii up,
*»» in faror ol allotting the Company to
eua» la and connec ting up with their
prearnt at ekliol Icr« in thia illy, but
• M Uppiwd to then ilieniptlng lo do a
graeral exchange bu.lnea. unl.aa they
»»«Id agiee to put m •• g >el a plant a.
th. Midaay Tr'eplioua (*otn;>«ny ha.
aarl give a. gooi .erViCe, tn that cam
h* might Im tn lavirol granting ihrtn
s Iran l,iw and let tl*u t « . eomp.ides
figlrt it nit II., did not bvlievii in pro
teeting any carparation or individual
unleM it »a. for the intereat ut the
town, but if ihea» people could not pul I
In .» good • at aleni a. «e have at pl«.-
rut. it would only re.tilt m harm lo lhe
vfllcicucy of lhe proaanl aci Vie», «nd he
dii not believe in'’gauging'*. I am in
fcvor of allowing tho Mngell Valley
Omipany loenme in hut I am nppoaed
to giving away privileges »hick they
•ay they never expect to me,
H V. Gitoa, of the Midway Tele
phone A Tvli-graph Company, wa. pre.-
•aland »aa given permission to ad.lreea
UwCminril |o qn'nu , lengthy talk he
»ipl»ine I lhe effect of nwemg two tele
phone .v.tema operating in one town,
'■«•taied ihaleoinpatiiion In the lelu
ptuinc lui.inca «ai not a good thing aa
Hha.| been deinonstiated that it did
Government or Water
l'sers Asso.
lions Are Now In
Chamber Of Commerce
If it »bould tai necessary on account
•f tin, < > t < f shipping c, u.« i>l bare, the
| R< < lamaliun Seivio» may manufacture
thia mateiUl in Klamath county.
J -Oil’ketU mad« of cement manufac-
’’Resolved that it is the sc rise of thia
I turwl from material found tn Klamath club that the city government (hall en-
county liave I mmsu received frtni tho force the provisions ol th« charter in all
N«naiy-flve per rent <>f al! the land i factory and the results are OXCeilxnt.
matters requisite or necessary for the
under lhe lower KUtnalh project ha« Ill revan «lays »et it stood tl>« tust of 2-35
policing of the town and the abating ot
»ecu tigned up with thu Waler U««ra ' pounds. f urther investigation wiii be
nui.anc«» therein, and lo that end has
\»socialion, and about eighty jmt cent ft nd» nlong these lima.
the countenance and support of this
-i the excess land holding*.
II it Income» necessary it wi I be poa- I Chamber of Commerce.”
This mvuni that the Klamath project
• ible to uianufactur« icmeut right here
Nme.een application» were approved
* ill
coimiructcd without any delay,
for use on head works, turn outs, bridge for mrmber.bip with the Klamath Fail«
a* Chief Engineer Newell, when here, |«i»rs, pipes and in numerous other ways
Chandler of Commerce at their meeting
atatrd that d the Atauriatiun got 75 |ier '« heia lasting qualifl«ationa a,e neces­
Friday evening. The following are the
cent o( the land signed up lhe Service
sary and iu building tb'Ae portions of new members: E. R. I’eames, George
* oul i tin I a way to wore the rr*t.
tire canal where concrete work will Iw Biuhn, Arthur C. I.ew;«, ('. Ro*» Ander
The tpeiifl< ationa and planj have Even used.
•on, L. Alva Lewis, John R. Stilts,
•ont to Washington along with the re­
III one other project where the Ser­ Thomas Drake, W. A. DeCordova,
port <d the Water t'svr* A**oc»*Hon.
vo» could not obtain cement at a reason­ i George R. Burn, Fred Biehn, A. J. 1
It the breretary consider« that «uflkient
able rost' they decided tn put In their Manning, J. E. II >dg>-, C. C. Chitwood,
land liaa i**eu signed up to justify con­
own plant, with the rr.nlt that bnn I L F. Willits, J. W. Siemens, A. L.
struction. hid« Hill bo advertised for in
d'cd. of thousands of dollara weie saved Levitt, MattG. Wilkins, J. C. llutenic,
4 very «hurt time fur the first ten inilea.
to the farmers, besides tho starting <t and Rufus 8. Moore.,
Dii« includes tho Un<la north of the
the industry had a lasting beließt to
The report of the committee appointed
L»at river ab»ngh and Mt*il of I/>*t river the community.
! to arrange lhe excursion for lhe im
is far aa lhe (jap, involving 12(K>) acre*,
I roremrnt of WooJ River, was read and
rbla la the main canal ar d forma tho
approved and the evmrnitteo discharged .
fee ler of th«< main distributing system
The report showed that there was
•n the cat! aide of the Klamath river
received for tickets sold tn Klamath
It la atated that unlraa ae have very
Falls $161,69 and at Fort Klxtuath $15.,
*ewrr and inclement Heather thia Uli.
wl.icli the Government will exin-nd in making a total of $169.50. It was
* unsl ruction on (be tunnel can be cun
moved and passed that Totten A Hans
musd (liron|(h the winter. The con- the construction of the Klamath Pro­
, Iwrry be paiJ $5J out of lhe proceeds of
•«t ruction involve« besides the building
the excursion in settlement of their ex-
uf 1 lie tunnel, tlie construction of tun i Mr. C. C. Ilogue has been »elected as
i l«nsaa a. per agreement.
Disbutriiig Officer.
mil«»« <»f caul! and lhe ex|»und:lure of a
The folios ing bills weru allowed and |
A. the Government will advertise for
naU million dollar*.
hid. a. toon as lhe plans and speci­ ‘order«*) paid: *
Hti|$ernsing Engineer Lippincott aided
... $!5o
fication. are formally approve.! in Wash­ W. O. Smith, printing
by the projet l engineer, Mr. It umphery a,
ington. Mr. Holgate, tho attorney for f. Seidl Taylor, printing ............ $3 00
hare hern making every effort |*oMMble
Lakeside li.n, banquet to 8. I*. Officials
to biidge dil!i< iiltiea and «tart construe the project, has received instructions to
sc-tire rights of way for the first nine $22.2».
lion tin« tall. W uh proper aid from the
Secretary Worden was authorised to
mile« of ditch to be constructed. He
farming community and corporate sup­
will ask for options fur the rights of way engage some one as assistant to devote
port, till« can be accumphshe 1 and l>o-
Iroin thu land owners this week. IN-eda one hour each day in answering cor-1
gin the construction of uno of lhe great­
will not be asked for, however, until rospondence etc., at a salary not to ex- i
est project* ever undertaken by th«
R>me lime next year. The lands tr« ! coed $10 a luuntli.
Reclamati.m Service.
An informal discussion was then held I
versed by the flr.t nine mile, includes
l tracts owned by (ho folio« tt.g persons : ' relative to the necessity for improving I
; M Hank», Klamath Improvement Com- th» appsarauce of the city. Every mem-
, pany, J. C. and 8 8. Mitcliel), Mrs. J. , iter present expressed himself as in
' W Bryant. Mis. McMillan, C. N. Mey­ favor of helping an J encouraging work
KUmalh Falla wboola are crerllowing er, Thom li. Moore, Mrs. Ji. Summers. along this line, and the above resolution
and il i. alniosl im|*»*ilde lo accomo­ IS T > :mm> :s. ('arm di E-’.ale. Ahk- »it passel offering tho support of the
date all <*f Ibe rcholar». Thu Counly ’ eni-Cantrell, J. an<l P.. W. Short, 11. Chamber to the town council in their
Il igli h^l.ool Iwd «n cnroliment o( .'X) L. Arant. Mrs. Anna iboma« and llcn- effort to enforce the ordinances relative'
sciiulaia on thè tir.l day and in.ny I iy i'arrish.
to the policing of the streets and the ;
ruoru have entcìed .ine». Il ha. twen
While it ia not probable that ditch lieautifying of the grounds aud public
necv.'ary to wcure thè M<-lhodi»t ; conatrttcli >n will begin until nex t places of the city.
Cliureh to accom'.U'o some ut thè spring, tire contractor, may find it poeti-
eia»»»«. Tliv puullr »chool i» in woise hie to commence work this winter and
conditi.>n than thè iliuh 8, hool. A. thè their seems every reason to believe that
new lugli .elioni building »ili !■» c. m tunnel construction will commence this
Mr. Holly F. Swingle, of Lorella.l
plctcd iielore the public k I ioo I il la year and I e | uslied rapidly during the
Klamath County, and Miss Artie M. I
probalde II al •riangcmaiita «ili to winter months.
Bennett, of Medford, were married at I
madu to u*u som» ot thè rooms in the
the residence of the pride’s parents, on
high school dii ring thè wmter.
Thursday rveiii: g. September 7, 1905.
The main ranal m ill bo approximately
The ceremony w as performed by Rev.
20 irrt wide on the b< 'tinni and 70 feet
F. W. Carstens, of Medford.
McCloud, Cal., Sept. Sth. 1905. I The bride is the daughter of 8. L. Ben­
on top, and will carry half at much
4gam as is now flowing in Link River Messrs. Marlin Bros.,
nett, a successful fruit grower of Jack-
Merrill, Ore.
son County, bhe is a graduate of lhe
llig line of watches at popular prices. Gentlemen—
Soutberon Oregon Normal School at
I.. Alva Lewis.
I address thia letter to yon ae von tire Ashland.
the first signed on the petition received . The groom is the son of Frank Sw ingle,
The Monarch
Will give with every 50 cent pnrehaae a a few days ago, requesting this Company , a well known and prominent stockman
coupon. The <»ne bringing the in<»st to build a Railroad to yonr town. It is , of Klamath County. After a visit to
coupon* by Bo*» Im k, p in., Saturday gratifying to know that the people of, Portland Mr. and Mrs. Swingle will re­
night, Septvni»wr 30, I.K)5. will receive your district are taking an interest in I turn to Klamath County «here Mr.
4 cash priie <»l 110. t»ec<»hd beat |5. Also
n|XHaial Rale« ev<iy Saturday. 25 per our Railr 'ad and we trust that we can Swingle will »sturo» charge of his
t-e of mutual benetit to each other.
lather’s stock ranch in I Angell Valley.
cent off ou bulk and ca«e goerf*.
ResptM'ifully \oura,
In regard to your petition, I will be
Geo. Biehn, Proprietor.
Married in Ashland.
very glad to take this matter up mth
■ ■■
■ ■
........................... —
our rirectora and any proposition that
Mr. Frank Certade. formerly of Mich­
you wish to present 1 will present that igan, and Miss Mtnnio Wilson, of Duns­
to them also. We are pushing the work muir, California, were married in Ash­
with all possible speed and trust thit I land on Saturday, September 2. 1905.
liefote long we may be near your town, i The bride is a sister of Mrs. J T. Totten
I understand the roa I front Pummice, of this city, und lias been visiting here
Non» to our Railroad is not inthe very I and at Odessa for some time. Mr. Cor­
best condition at present, but, I feel1 iarie is engineer for the Klamath Lake
sure that after the first rains in the Mil) A Lntnlier Comp.mv
Fall, it will ba far superior to any road
yon have in your country.
ft is not our policy to have the people
and citixens of your country subscribe
and build onr road for us, all that we
will ask, will he the entire and hearty
eo-operatioo of the people, and in our
turn we will try to do what we can to
benefit all coneerned. I do not feel
that it is policy for any Railread con­
cern to ark the farmer» »nd towns- i
<!* pcopl» to cripple themselves to help a i Get under a
Railroad build into their country, on
the contrary, it is tho best interests ol
the Railroad lo have such people in
good pros|>eroii»condition.
Complete up-to-date
lines of Dry Goods,
Ladies' and Gents'
Tinware, Crockery, Etc
Tailoring Co’s
Only first-class up-to-date
merchandise carried
Rights of Way For Canal
East End Phone Main
-? -b +
^-1- -? ¿-
<x>oo-o<><><><><>-o-o oo-o-o-oo oo-o-oo r
Schools Overflowing
• H Mr. lîroig’g
Wr h«Vr Irivd I*» *h-'W the Lit tfcll Vai
l$*jr Company (hit thinir many time*,
but they have» 1» i-consi rurl our motive
• nd we* have not l*en able to do any
thing with them.
‘•Wo will let lhe Langvll Vnllw poo-
pie romi in here *»n our «Hitch hoard at
• coal, which hc will drtn »nsltafo to
any comm'iUr, !•••« than they can put
in their own office* lor. " r will «« II out
our mitral eschar gv to anv corpora­
tion, individual or to the citv al u hat it
hat coat u«, p nvlding they will give ua
th* iimo privileges that *c a»c non
giving Mr llrMig or offer the Lang' II
Valiev Coni (»any. W»» do n<»l oppose
their coming in. hut ne want »«me reg
illation «.( ilii« raelral ex< hangr."
R. R. Headed For Merrill
The Most Complete
• oo-o-oo-o 0-0-000-0 o-oooooooo<xxy^
ÂFtfivinà öaily
Dry Goods, Ladies Fancy Goods
and a fine line of Ladies Cloaks
Agency for Perciville B. Palmer’s
made-to-order Suits for Ladies,
also Skirts, Shirt Waists, etc.
The most complete line ever of­
fered on this coast will be here in
a very few days > j * j * j *
We are going to give away
worth of Crockery, Dinner
Sets, etc. Look for our an-
nouncement later
Fall and Winter
Ever Shown in Klamath County
Thsnking you for your interest in the
matter, 1 »tn,
Your» very truly,
♦ >
8. 0. J ohs » ox .
♦ ‘
Notice of Dissolution,
Tho firm of Merryman A White prop,
of the City Drug Store ha« been dis­
solved. Dr. Merryman having sold his
interest ta Dr. White, who will continue
the husinsss. All accounts due the
firm, will be collected by him, and all I
obligations assumed.
♦ ’
Dr. Geo. H. Merryman.
♦ •
Dr. F. M. White.
* >
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