Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, December 15, 1904, Image 5

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As Delivered to the 58th Ses
sion of Congress.
lrrl(*Ation, Forests, Public Lands, Alaska
and Our Island Possessions Re-
ccive Due Consideration
right directing, all the lima making progress
1» Ihs disposition With Which I ha*» »</«•
am ng you. easing yVUr gu«Ml will and ««•
< out sg»m»nt
Ths day has gon« by whan a corporation
» an l»s handled ay< > * »«fu'ly In daflan'• nf the
public whl, even though that will be uarea-
•onabla and wrong
a public may b» led.
but not driven, and I prefer to go with It
• nd shape or modify In a measure Ita opin­
ion, rather than be swept from my bearings,
with loas to myself am! the Interests In my
• barge.
Violent prejudice »slats toward corporate
activity and capital today, much of It found­
ed In reason, rr<ors in apprehension and a
large measure Is due to th* personal trails
of arbitrary, unreasonable. In* omp*<*nt and
offrtislvs men In positions of authority.
a« c'.mpllshrrierit of results by Indirection ths
endeavor to thwart tha Intention, If not the
expressed lettsr of th* law (the will of the
people), a disregard of the rights of others,
a disposition to withhold what Is due. to
force by main strength or Inactivity a result
hot justified, depending upon tha weaknvss
of th» claimant «nd his Indisposition to b*
coma Involved In litigation, has cr*at*<l a
sentiment harmful In th*- sxtrerne and a dis­
position to "insider anything fair that gives
gain to tha Individual at the expense of ths
"If oorporatlons ars to continue to do ths
worlds work, as they are best titled to.
the»» qualities in their representatives that
have result"! In the
prejudl* *
against thsm must be relegated to tha back­
The corporations must come out
Into th* open and •*» and be seen
must take th* public into their • onfidenre
and ask for wiust (hey want, and no more,
and be prepared to explain satisfactorily
what advantage will a< crue to th* public
if they are given their desires, for they
ar* permitted to exist n«t that they may
make money aoi»ly, but that they may ef­
fectively serve those (UtlD whom they da-
rlve <h»lr power
"Publicity, arid not secrecy, will win here­
after, ami 1« ra be construed by their Intent
an<1 nut by their latter,
lettsr, otherwise public
utilities will be owns«! and operated by the
public whl'h create«! tli»m, even though
the serviefa b» less efficient and the result
less satisfactory from a flnan< ial stand -
The Bureau of Corporations has
careful preliminary Investigation of
Important corporations it will make
clal report on ths beef Industry.
Th» policy of the bureau Is to acco
fnrreas« nf mortality, and eep»« lally nt In­ plants and their products every year Stren­ I
I have repeatedly called at taut low to th«
fant mortality, with the darrease in tha num­ uous efforts are being made to Import from
confusion which exists in Government forwt
ber of rooms used by tha family, an«l with foreign countries such gains as are suitable
matters because the work la scattared among
th* «onaaquent ovarer«/Wdlng Is startling Tha to our varying localities.
Haven years ago three ln«lep*ndent organisations. The Unltad
slum exacts a heavy total of death from ws bought three-fourths of our rice, by help­
Mtates |S the only one of the great nations
thoM who dwell therein, and this Is the ing the rlregrowers on the Gulf mast to se­ In which the forest work of th« Government
<••• nor merely In the great f-row<|er| slums cure seeds from ths Orient suited to their Is not concentrated under on« department.
of high buildings In N*w Y««rk and t'hbag'o conditions, and by giving them adequate In consonance with the plainest db'tataa of
but in th* allay slums of Wa«htngt«>n
In protection, they now supply b«m» demand good administration and <umm«>n sene« The
1 III ICM|»A Î, DF C|- Mill- Il I A, |U(>4
Washington people • annot afford to Ignore «nd export to ths Islands of th* «'arlhbean
present arrang*m»at 1« bad from every point
tha harm that thia causes
No <'hr 1st lari and Hea and to other rir«-growing countries
of view
Merely to mention It la to prove
civilized <-'«rnrnunity «an effort! to show a Wheat and other grains have been import­ that it should ba terminated at ones.
Aa I
happy gn lucky lack of eoarern for the youth ed from light-rainfall «-ountrias to our lands have r peatedly recommended, ail th« forest
••t today, for. If ao, tha community will have in th« West and M«uthw««t that have not work of the Government should be concen­
to pay a terrible penalty of finan«lal burden grown crops because of light precipitation, trated in the Department of Agrbulture.
• nd social degradation In the tomorrow
resulting In an extensive addition to our where the larger part of that work Is already
There should be severe child labor and fac­ cropping area and our home-making terri­ n n*. where pra< tlcaliy ail of th» trained
tory -ln»pe« tion laws
It is very desirable tory that can not be Irlgated
Ten million foresters of the Government ar» employed.
that marri*«| women «huuld m»t work In fac­ bush»ls of first-class macaroni wheat were wh*re chiefly jn Washington ther« Is com­
Th» prim* duty of the man la to grown from these experimental importations prehensive first hand knowledge of the prob­
work, to be the bread winner; the prime duty last year Fruits suitable •«» MW solio and lems of the reserves acquired on the ground,
of the woman Is to b* the mother, the house
< limares ar» being Imported from all the where all problems relating to growth from
All questions of tariff and finance sink countries of the Gid World
the fig from the coll arg already gathered, and where all
I Into utter inslgnlfi« an« e when compared with Turkey, the almond from Hpain. the data lb* scf«news auxiliary to forestry are al hand
the tremendous, the vital Importan«* of try- from Algeria, the mango from India
We ror prompt and effective co-operation. These
Ing lu shape conditions so that the»« two are helping our fruitgrowers to get their i
-r* *1*''*•**• in themaelvee, but it
dull»« of tha man and of the woman <an crops into Europe«n markets by studying should be added that the great organisationa
ba fulfilled under reasonably favorable cir- methods of preservation through refrigera­ Of clfisena Whoa« Interest« ar» affected by tha
¡f « race does not have plenty tion. packing «nd handling, which have been
«urn as the National Mv«-
of children, or If the children 4«/ not grow quite sur* »««ful
We ar* helping our hop­ stock Association, the National Woolgrowerr
up. or If wh*n they grow up they «re un­ growers by Important varieties that ripen
the American Mining Congreas.
healthy In i/*>dy and stunted or vicious In earlier and later thun the kinds they have the National Irrigation (‘ongreea. and tha
mind, then that rare Is d»< ad»nt, and no been raising, thereby lengthening the har- National B«»ard of Trade, have uniformly,
heaping up of wealth, n«» splendor nt mo- vewtfng seaann
The cotton crop of the emphatically, sad moot of them repeatedly,
m»ntary material prosperity. < «n avail In country is threatened with root rot. the bnll-
themselves in favor of placing
any rlegr«« «« offsets
worrn, and the F h ,|| weevil
(tur pathologist a ail Government for—t work in th« Depart­
Tha Congress has tha sama power of l*gls
will find immune varieties that will resist ment of Agriculture because of the peculiar
latlon for the District of Columbia which the root disease, and th» bollworm can be adaptation of that Department for It
th« Mtat* legislatures have for th» various dealt with, but the boll weevil is a serious Is true, also, that the forest services of
The problems Incident tn our highly menace to the cotton crop
ft is a <*»ntral nearly art the great nations of the world aru
complex modern Industrial civilization, with Amerhan Insect that has become acclimated un«l«r the respective departments nf agricul­
Its manifold and p«-rpleaing tenden« |*« i«r/th in Tesa» and has done great damag*
A ture. While In but two of the smaller na­
for good and for evil, are far less sharply wl»niist of the Department of Agriculture tion« an«1 In one colony ar« they under tha
arerntuated In lhe city of Washington thin has found th» weevil at home In Guatemala <!• partment of the interior
This is tha
In most other cltia«
For this very r«a»>n being kept in < her k by an ant, which has r*ruit of long and varied experience end It
It Is easier to deal with tha various phase« been brought to our cotton field» for ob­ agv*es fully with tha requirements of good
of the«» problems In Washington, and th« servation
It is hoped that It may serve a a«!m!nlstration m our own case
District of Columbia government should ba good purpos«-
The «reatlon of a forest service in th« De­
a model for the other muni' Ipal g > .ernmants
The soils of the country are getting atten­ partment of Agriculture will have for Ita
of th* Nation, In ail such matters as su­ tion fr«>m the farmer's standpoint, and In­ important results
pervision of the housing of th» poor, tha teresting results are following
We have
First--A better handling of all forest work.
< reatlon of small parka In the dlatricts In­ <lupii< ates of the soil» that grow the wrap­ b*<au«e It Will be under a single head, and
habited by the poor. In laws affecting la­ per tobaeeo In Huma’ra an-l the filler to­ because the vast and indispensable experi­
bor, In laws pr«>vidlng for the taking rare la« ro In Cuba
It will be only a question of ence of the Department in ail matters per­
of the children, in truant laws, and In pro­ time wh»n the larg* amounts paid to these taining to the forest reserves, to forestry In
viding schools.
countries will be paid to our own people. The general, and to other forms of production
In the vital matter of taking care of chil­ reclamation of alkali lands Is progressing,
from the soli, will be easily and rapidly ac­
dren. mu< h advantage could b* gained by a to give object-lessons to our people in meth­ cessible.
careful study of what has been ac« ompliahed odi by which worthless lands may be made
Second—The reserves themselves,
in such states as Illinois and Colorado by productive
handle«! from the point of view of the man
the Juvenile courts
The work of th* Juven­
The insect friends and enmiec of the farm- In the field, instead nt the man irt the office.
ile court Is really a work of character build­ er are getting attention
The enemy of the Will b* more easily and mor* widely useful
It is now generally recognized that
Man Jose scale was found near the Great to the people of the West than has been tha
young boys and young girls who go wrong
Wall of ('hlna. and Is noi
leaning up all case hitherto.
should not be treat»'! as criminals, not even our orchards.
Burrai of
. _
Third—Within a comparatively short time
The fly-fertilizing
Insect Im-
must be obtained by
as n»»ding
refot mation.
ne< »««arlly
ported from Turkey has helped to establish the reserves will become self-supporting This
rather as needing to have their characters an Industry in California that amounts ts is important, because continually and rapid­
fairly and h
formed, and for this end to have them from 50 to 100 tons of dried figs annually, ly Increasing appropriations will be neces­
before the <
tested and developed by a system of proba­ ant i* extending over the Pacific Coast A sary for the proper «are of this exc««din<|r
and not
Mui h admirable work has been doh* in parasitic fly from Houth Africa Is keeping important interest nt the Nation, and they
many nt our commonwealths by earnest men in subjection the black scale, the worst
can and should be offset by returns from tha
and wum»n who have made a ap»' Ial study of the orange and lemon industry in
National forests
Under similar Hrrum-
r»i*n wh«t refuse to give promises which
of th« n»c<ls of those class»» of children fornla.
stan«es the forest poswes.dons of other great
I annul in r«»n«cienra give
Th* Admin-
Ftter «till, the which fut nlsh th* greatest number of Juven­
• a i ful preliminary
is being done nati ons f«»rm an Important source of revenue
Ion lias already taken step« to prevent
engaged in legitimate ile <<ff*nd»rs. and therefore the greatest towards produ* ing our ow n____
to their sovernments.
•ilk. ______
The ____
>unlsh abua»« of this nature, but it will
number of adult offenders; and by their aid, berry Is bring distributed in large numbers.
Every administrative officer concerned 1«
Th* bureau offers to the Congress the and by profiting by the experiences of the
•* for th* t'oitgr««» to supplement this
‘ ggs ar* being imported and distributed, im­ ccnvlncad of the necessity for the proposed
means uf getting at the cost of production different states and cities In th»»» matters. proved reels were Imported from Europe ronsoltdati« n i/f forest work in the Depart­
« by legislation
i it can b* done l»y the Government In of our various great staples of commerce
It w«iu)d I»» easy to provide a good code for last y»ar. and two
reelera were ment of Agriculture, and I myself have urged
Of necessity the careful In v eatlgat|..n of
mallets merely by giving publicity to
th* District of Columbia
brought to Washington to reel the crop of It m«-«re than once in former rn««»ages. Again
Th» Bureau of l«al*or has •P». Ial curporatione will afford th* r’ommla
Keveral considerations suggest the need 1 cr». oon» and teach lhe art to our own peo­ I « rr.m»nd It to the early* and favorable con-
of this kind In many al«>n*r kn«>w iedg« of «»rtain business farts, for a systematic investigation Into and Im­ ple.
slderati-.il of the Congress.
Th* interests of
the ;»ubll> atl'«n of which might be an im­ provement of housing conditions In Washlng-
I shall shortly lay
« he rro-reportlng system of the Depart­ the Nation at large and of lhe W’est in par­
The t«.n
before you in a spe­ proper Infringement of private rights
Tha hidden residential alley» are breed­
ment of Agriculture 1« being brought closer ticular have suffered greatly because of tha
Bureau ut I-ah *r.
cial message the full method .,f making public the result« of th*»* ing ground» of vice and disease, and should to accuracy every year
I: has S5O.000 re­ delay.
th» law, a be opened Into minor streets.
report of th» Investi- Investigations affords, under
For a num­ porter« selected from people In eight voca­
I «all the attention of th* Congr«aa again
< aphal ami I «Nor.
gallon of the Bureau of l«abor Into th» Colo­ means f«»r th» protection of private rights
ber of yaars influential citizens have joln«*d tions In Ilf*
ft has arrangements with to the report and recommendation of the Com­
radn mining strike, ns this I» a strlks In Th* Congress will have all farts except su« h with th« District Commissioners tn the vain most
mie-Ion on the Public)
European countries for interchange
gsnttrd |«i>*>r i * i •«. » other end t< (!•<* iubi
which certain very »*11 forces, which are a* would give to another corporation In­ endeavor to secure laws permitting th» con-
Public I ms nd«.
Lands, forwarded by
of estimates, so that ftur people may know
at larse
odd m importance ml) to m«>r» or Issa at work t everywhere under th» formation whl«h would injure tie- legltlmats demnaten of insanitary dwellings
me to the «econd ses­
The local as nearly as possible with what they must
ihr Intimai» questi ns of
rnndit Ions
>1»rn Industrialism, became buslnes« of a competitor and destroy th» death rates, especially from preventable dls- compete
sion of the present congress The Commission
|w< ull«r form
f government. with its «harp startlingly
and ••«ses. are so unduly high as to suggest that
II I» S r eat i ) Io I - in'«ntlve fur Individual
During the 2S years that have »lapsed ha» prosecuted its Investigations actively dur­
diviMiim <>f euth-*rti) l«itwn th» Nation »nd wished th
Department of (‘«»mmerc* thrift
the exceptional whoie»omenesa of Washing-
since the passage of the reclamation act ing the past season, and a second report la
th» «v«rf«| stair»
has be»n im th» Wt)ni» and Ixalnrr.
Th* bureau has also mad» exhaustive ex- ton s better sections Is offset by bad con­ rapid progress has been made In the sur­ now in an ad van« *d stage of prepara lion.
far rn :
sdvantagr ■■•« t<>
tur •!*'*
compile and arrange for the i'ongr»«« ■ list • minath r>« into th* legal condition under ditions In her poorer neighborhoods
In connection with the work of the forest
A ape
veys and examinations of the opportunities
than « more strongly centralized govern
whl« h corporate business is carried on In the rial "Commission on Housing and Health for reclamation In the 13 states and three r- - ■ r . • a I deni re ag-sin to urge
««f th* labor laws of the various states, an«!
-a tt »
Hut it I« undoubtedly r»»|M»neibi» for shoubl be given the means to Investigate cn<l various states, into all Judicial de<i.t«>ns on
Conditions In the National Capital" would
territories of the arid West
Construction Congress tba importance of authorizing ths
•»»»»« h of th» difficulty uf meeting with ad*
report to the t’ohgress upon th«» labor condi­ the subject. and • Into the various systems not only bring about reformation of existing
Fret idrnt tu set asrtdo
•lue'.r legislan n th» new pf>l-lm>» present"! tions in th» manufacturing and mining re­ of corporate taxation In use
certain portion- •<{ tne^«
I call sp*< Ial evils, but would also formulate an appropri­
gun on the largest and
by tii» total «hange tn Industrial CMhdlilon» gions throughout th» country, both aa t<* attention to the report of th« chief of ths
reserves or other pub-
ate building «ode to protect the city from
mod Important of the
nti thi« « ontlnmi «luting th* last half «en-
for the _ pre^erva-
wages, aa to hours of labor, as t«» the labor bureau, and I earnestly ask that the Con- mammoth brick tenements and other evils irrigation works, and plans are being com­ lie lands as
— w
____ ____
In actual praetlre It has proved ex- of women and rhlldren and as !<» th* effect are«« carefully
consider the
which threaten to develop here as they have pleted for works which will utilize the funds tion of the biaun. the wapiti and other larga
CSr-i dingly difficult. and In many cas*» Im- In th» various labor centers of Immigration r»r • mmmdatlons of th« Commissioner on
our woods and
The operations are being
In other cities
That the Nations capital now available
g»t unanimity of wiæ action fr««m abroad
In Ihla In * aatlgallon especial thli ■ subject.
should be mad* a model for other munici­ carried on by the Rec la mat ion Service, a muntilM and on our great plains, and now
am<>ng th» *arl«i OUS stales «m th»»» subjects
atientt' H should be p«id to the conditions of
Th» business of Insurance vitally affecta palities 1« sn Ideal which appeals tn all corps of engineers sel*« !*d through competi­ tending toward extinction.
Ft«*tu th» very nature of th» 'ana. this la child labol • nd child-labor legislation in the th» great mass of the people of th» United
This corps en »uld be given to the authorides of the Tel-
patriotic «It lx» ns everywhere, and such a tive cl vil-s*-r* 1« • examinations
•specially tru» of lhe laws affecting the •»'«■ral t’ate«
Much an Investigation
Mtatrs and Is National and not local In Its sp*« Ial commission might map out and or­ Includes experienced consulting
and con­
Smpiny in»nl of capital
In hug» mas«»«
n»< »«aarlly take into account many of the
application It Involves ganise the city’s future development In lines structing engineers as well as various ex­ preserving the large creatures therein, and
labor, th» problem Is no problem» with
With r»g«/4 to
hlrh this question of child
• multitude <.f trans­ of civic social service, just as Major L En­ perts in mechanical and legal matters, and
1»«« lm|M>rtant. but II Is simpler
As long labor is connected
domain In other regions which are wholly
These problems can bs
ths fant and the recent Park Commission planned Is composed largely of m*n who have spent
a« the sixes r»<aln the piimary control of actually met. in moat rases, only by the people of the different states and between the arrangement of her streets and pa. ks.
most of their Ilves tn practical affair» con­ urM>l’.»d to agricultural settlement could bw
lhe police pow»f tn« > Ir« um«tan> •• must be stale» (hrrn»»lvew. but ths lack of proper
We owe It to future gen­
American companies and foreign govern­
The larger problems Mrr.llarly utilized.
At Is m«»rtif>lng to remember that Wash­ ic« t*d with irriga-ton
altogr'hrr extreme w hl< h re-qult» ln<»if*r
legislation In on» stat* In such a matter as ments
I urge that the ATongr»«« carefully ington hag ao coraputoory ««hool attendance have been solved, and it now remains to erations to keep a live the noble and beautiful
en. • 1») fh» F*e-1«ral «uthp'IUes. whether in child labor often renders M exreaslvety diffi­ ron»l4er wtmthsr the power of the Bureau law and that careful inquiries Indicate the execute with car*, economy, and thorough­ creatures which by their presence add su h
•»>" was .f aa|«g«4a «line
cult tn Mtabllsh protective restriction upon of Corporal lun« cannot constitutionally be habitual absence from school of some 20 ness the work which has beea laid out. All distinctive character to the American wilder­
The limits of the Y»llow«tone Paris
•r tn «!»• ssr of Welng
Is rm
th» work in another stat* having ths »am» extended to cover interstate transactions In per cent of all children between the ages of Important details are being carefully con­ ness
should be extended southward
The Canyon
d«>n* by unruly persona
ih*m- Industries, •»» that th» worst tends to drag Insurance
N and 14
It must be evident to all who sidered by boards of consulting engineers,
C-.-I'/rad-v should be made a National
s«lv»s t»*hlnd th» name of lato>r
If lh»r« down th» belter
For this reason. It would
Above all sis* we must strive to keep ths consider the problems of neglect'd child selected for their thorough knowledge and Park
and the National park system should
1» realstah«» 1» th* Federal courts. Inlsrfer-
tor well for th» Nati-n at least tn endeavor highways <»f commerce ox>*n to all on equal life or the benefits of compulsory education practical experience
Ea< h project Is taken
include the Yosemite and as many as ;-oMib «
• nr* with the rnalia. «r interstate rommsfi»
to seiur» mmpr»h»nsiva Information as to terms, and to du this It Is necessary to put In other cities that one of the most urgent up on the ground by competent men
of the groves of giant trees in Calif > nie.
nr molestation of Fwteral pHiparty. or if th* • ii.lllh n« ..f l«b r ..f rhlldirri In th«
a complete atop to «II need» of the National capital is a law re­ ViMrgff from th* standpoint of the cr»»" ■
veterans of thw
(he Mats authorities in som» crisis which different states
Much Investigation and pul
Whether the quiring th» school attendance of all chil­ of prosperous homes, and of promptly refund­
Civil War have a claim
(hey are unapt* tn face rail fur help, then llratlon b> th» National Government would
shipper or th* railroad dren. this law to be enforced by attendance ing to the Treasury the cost of construction.
upca t e Nation such
th* Federal G<>v-ammsat may interfere, but tend toward th» »»curing of approximately
I» tn blame makes no difference; ths rebate agents directed by the Board of Education. The reclamation art has been found tn ba as no other body of our citizens possesses,
i such Int *r f*r»n«-a may h» caused uniform l*-gi»iatl<>n of th» proper character
Public playgrounds are necessary means for remarkably complete and effective, and so The Pension Bureau has never In its his-
must be Slopped, the abus»« of the private
ondltiun rf things arising out of tr«>u
among th« eevsrai »tat*»
• ac and privais terminal-track and aide- th* dev«h>pm»nt of wholesome citizenship In broad in its provisions that a wide range of lory been managed in a more satisfactory
nnectad With Moms question of labor,
When w* mm» to deal with great corpo­ track systems must b* stopped, and the legla- modern cities
It Is Important that the work undertaking» has been possible under It At manner than is now the case.
hlerf»ren«e Itself simply take« th* form ration». th» need for th» Government to act
latl -ti of the 3hth ('ongrrat which declares Inaugurated here through voluntary efforts the same time, economy is guaranteed by
The progtess of the Indians t<>ward civiliza­
of restoring order without regard to th» directly is far gr*at«r than in th» caw of
the fart that funds must ultimately be re­ tion. though not rapid, to perhaps ail that
up and eztended through
It t" be unlawful for any person or corpora-
question» which ha«» rau»*d th* breach of labor, hr« «use gr*«f corporalInns ran becom«
turned to be used over again
t tlon to offer, grant, give, »«licit, accept, or Congressional appropriation of funds suf­
be hofxd for. in view of the cireum-
•trdrr for to keep order Is a primary duly such only b, engaging in lnt«rot«tw rom
receive any rebate. conce«ainn. or dlsrrlmi- ficient to equip and maintain numerous con- ;
ft is the cardinal principle of the forest­ stances
Within the past year many tribe«
and In a time of disorder an«1 violence ail
m»r«» and Interstate naii- n In re«pect of the transportation <»f any venlrnt Mn/kll playgrounds upon land which reserve policy or this Administration that have shown, in a degree greater then ever
•rther questions sli»a into abeyance until,
< orporat tons.
commerce 1» peculiar­ property in interstate or foreign commerce can be »«x-ured without purchase or rental I
the reserves are for
before, an appre iatlorx
dr.ter has h»*n restored
the field of ths
whereby such property shall by any device It Is also desirable that small vacant places
Whatever Inter­
In th* District of Columbia and In th« General Government
Il 1» sn absurdity to whatever be transported at a less rate than be purchased and reserved as small-park I
feres with the use of
» rk
TMl h MMN I •*»
terrltorlee. th» Federal law covers th» »nth» »ape« t to eliminate ths abua»» in great tor-
that nam«xl in the tariffs published by the playgrounds In densely settled sections of ' their resources Is to be avoided by every tltude is in part due to the policy recently
nf g>.»ii>m«ht. i-in tha labof qtieattoa {»oration» by »lata action
It Is difficult to • arrler, must t»e enforced
But these resources must pursued of reducing the amount of sub.«t-t-
For some time the city which now have no public open possible means
• cut» In populous centers of e««m
t* patient with an argument that such mat
after the erac-tment of the art to regulate spaces and are destined soon to be built up be used In such a way as to make them en.-e to the Indian.«, and thus forcing them,
manufactures, or mining
tars should be left to the states. I.*« auae commerce It r*maine<| a mooted question solidly
Ail these needs should be met im­ permanent.
through atieer necessity, to work for a liveli­
both In th» enactment and In th» *n
more than on» state pursues the policy of
The forest policy of the Government la hood.
To meet them would entll ex- ' 1
The policy, though severe, is a useful
whether that act conferred upon the Inter­ mediately
forremrnt of la*
«resting on easy term« corporation« which state Commerce Commission the power, af­ pen»»»
but a corresponding saving could just now a subject of vivid public lntereat one. but it is to be exer deed only with Judg­
within Ita reetrlcted sphere should set an st» never operated within that state at all.
and to’the people of ment and iith a full understaadlag nt thw
ter It had found a challenged rate to be un­ t>e made by stopping the building of streets ; throughout the West
example t«» lhe stat» government». e»pe< tally
but In other states whose laws they Ignore
to declare
thereafter •nd levelling of ground for purposes largely' the United States in general.
The forest re­ conditions which exist in each community for
In a mailer eo vital as this affecting labor
The National Government alone can dezl ad­ should, prima fade, be the reasonable maxi­ speculative in outlying parts of the city.
On or near the Indian
serves themselves are of extreme value to which it is intend<d
I believe that under modern Industrial con
equately with th»»» great corporations
To mum rate for th» transportation In dispute
There are certain offenders, whose crimin­ the present as well as to the future welfare reservation!« there is usually very little de­
dltlons II la often necessary, and even where I try to deal with them In an Intemperate,
mand for labo~. and if the Indians are to
The Kuprem» Court finally
ro«olved that ality takes the shape of brutality an<1 cruelty I of all the Western public-land states,
not nr< eesary II Is yet «»lien wiae that there destructive, nr demagogic spirit would, in all
question In the negative, so that as the law towards the weak, who need a spe«'lal type of powerfully affect the use and disposal of earn their living and »hen w<»rk «-annot b*
should be organization of labor In order probability, mean
nothing whatever n-«w stands th* rommi««lon simply po««»»«»» punishment
The wlfe-beater. for example, I , the public lands.
They are of special Im- fumtohed from outride (which is always pref­
better to se«uir the rights of th» Individual would b» arrornpM«he<1
and. with absolute the bare power to denounce a particular rate Is inadequately punished by Imprisonment. . portance because they ,_______ _____ ________
erable ) then It must be furnished by the Gov­
preserve the water
wage worker
All »W< «'Uragemeht should be certainty, that if anything were accomplished
Practical instruction of this kind
as unreasonable
While I am of th.» opinion for imprisonment may often mean nothing supply and the supply of timber for domestic ernment.
given to any such organisailoi*. »•• long as It would be of a harmful nature
The Amer­ that at present It would b» undesirable. If to him. while It may cause hunger and want
would In a few years result In the forming
purpose« and so promote settlement under
It Is conducted with a due and de »nt regaid
ican peopl» need to continue In show the It were n«»t Impracticable finally to clothe to the wife and children who have been the
the reclamation act.
Indeed, they are es­ of habits of regular irdustry. which would
for th* rights of others
There ar* In this very qualities that they have shown
the Comml««l<»n with general authority to fix victims of his brutality Probably some form sential to the welfare of every one of the render the Indian a producer and would effect
rountry a<»me labor unions which have habit
Is in«»«leratlon, good sense, the earnr«t de­ railload rate«. I do believe that, as a fair of corporal punlrhment would he the most
a great reduction In the coat of his ruain-
great Interest of the West.
ually, and othsr labor unions which have sire to avoid doing any damage, am! yet the
1 tenance.
-r.urltv t<> shippers, the Commlv-l-w—Jh..qld ade<4uate way of meeting this kind of crime !
Forest reserves are created for two prin-
oft«n been among th» most »ffectlve agents quiet determination to proceed, step by step,
It is commonly «leclared that the slow ad­
The Department of Agriculture has grown ’ ' elpal purposes.
be vested with the power, where a given
The ------
first is to preserve the vance of the Indians is due to the uneatto-
In working for good citizenship ami for up
without halt and without hurry. In < Imlnat
Into an . lucatlonal Institution with a far-[ i water supply.
rate has l«f»n challenged and after full hear
_ is
_ ______
most __ Important factoryr character of the men appointed to
lifting th» condition of th«»ae who«» weifarr Ing or at least In minimising whatever of
Ing found tn be unreasonable, to decide, ulty of 2900 specialists making research into use
The principal users of the water thus
__ __ l»e closest tn our heart«
Hut when mischief nr of evil there Is to Interstate <-»»m •
The Congress preserved are irrigation ranchers and set- take imme<ltate charge of them, and to some
subject tn Judicial review, what shall l»e a all the sciences of production
any la1»<»r unl-«n seek« lmp»««p»r ends • « «eeka rnert e In the conduct of great corporations
extent this Is true.
While the standard of
reasonable rate to take Its place, the ruling appropriates, directly and Indirectly, gft.ooo - tiers, cities and towns to whom their mu-
the employes tn the Indian Service shows
I«» achieve proper ends by lmpr<«|»er means, The* ar» a<ting in no spirit of hostility t«.
<M»0 annually to carry nlclpal water supplies are of the very first
of th* ('««mmlulon to take effect Immedi­
that of bygone years,
all g»»*d rltlsen» «nd m«>rs e»pe«|al(y all h«>n
wealth, either imtbidual nr corporate
It importance, users and furnishers of water
ately, and tn obtain unless and until It Is
and while actual corruption of flagrant diw-
nrab' • public servants,
tnu«t «»pposo lhe are not against (he rich man an» more than
state power, snd the users of water for domestic,
reversed by the court of review The Govern­
h«»nesty is now the rare exception, tt is never­
w.««ngdolng as re»<>lut»ly a» they would <»p-
against the poor men
On the contrary,
ment must In Increasing degree supervise «nd and territory In the Vnlon and the Islands manufacturing, mining, and <ffher purposes, theless« the fact that the salaries paid Indian
pos* tha wrongdoing of any great eorpoip-
they are frlen.lly alike toward tlch man and
regulate th» working« of the railways en­ .-f the sea totely rome under our flag Co- ' All these are directly dependent upon the agents are not large enough to attract the best
toward p«»<»r man provided onl) that each
gaged in Interstate commerce; and such In- operation 1» had with the state experiment 1 forest reserves.
men to that field of work To achieve satis­
of cour»». any violence, brutality, nr cor­ acta In a spirit of Justice and decency toward
< teased sui*erv l«l<>n I» the only alter native stations, and with many other Institutions
factory results the official in charge of an
The second reason for which forest re­
ruption ah<»uld n«»t for one moment l»e toler
his fellows
<lr»at cor**oration« arc neves
The world Is carefully
to an Increase of the present evils on the one and individuals
serves are created is to preserve the timb- r Indian tribe should possess the high qualifica­
Wageworkers have an entire right to ■ary. ami only men of great an.I singular
hand or a still more radical policy on the searched for new varieties of grains, fruits, supply for various clasees of wood users. tions which are required In the manager of a
organise and by all peaceful and honorable mental power can manage such ror>vni atl«ms
In my Judgment, the most Important grasses, vegetables, trees and shrubs, ault-
mean« to en.leavnr to pereuade their fellows •urce»«fully. and such men must have great
Among the more Important of these are set­ large busines« but only In exceptional cares
legislative act n««w needed as regards the . able to various localities In our country;
They r« wards
tlers under the reclamation act an<l other Is it possible to secure men of such a type
to join with them In organisations
But the»« corporation» should be
regulation of corporations la this act to con­ and marked benefit to our producers has re- acta, for whom a cheap and accessible sup­ for these positions.
Much better service, how­
have a legal right, which, a • .»rdlng to cir­ managed with due regard to the Interest of
fer on the Interstate Commerce t'ommla«t<>n , suited.
ply of timber for domestic uses is absolutely ever. might be obtained from those now hold­
cumstance*. may <»r may not be a moral the public as a whole
Where thl« can be
The activities of our age in lines of re­
the power Io revise rat»w and regulations, the
practicable to get out of
right, tn refuse to work In company with done under the present law« It'muwt l»e don*
search have reached the tiller« of the sell
revised rate to at once
‘n serious danger of losing their timber sup­ them the best that to In them, and thto should
men who decline to join their organisations
Where the«r laws come short, others should
an«l it»»’irevi them with ambition to know
to stay In effect unless
constantly into closer
The, have under nn clrvuinstances the right be enacted to supplement them
more of the principles that govern the forces
of review reverses it.
An agent
tn «««mmlt violence upon those, whether • ap-
panies when timber lands adjacent to their touch with their superior officers.
Yet we must never forget the determlnlng
of Nature with which they have to deal
Hteamshlp companies engaged
_ _
In _
mln •« pass Into private ownership; lumber­ who has been content to draw his salary , glvln«
Itallsts i»r wageworker» who refuse tn sup­ factor In every kind of work, of head or
Nearly half of the. prop]« of this country
in ef­
port th«4r mzanlsatktps. or who side with hand, must be the man's «»wn w
men. transportation companies, builders, and
good sense,
devote their energies to growing things from
fort and service, may. by proper treatment.
i commercial interests in general.
those will» wh««m they are at odds, it»r n»«»b routsgr and kindliness More Impori tant than wise trade. «h«»ul<! be held to a strict observ­ I the soil
I'ntll a recent date little ha.« been
rula 1» in’ -i«-'atota hi «•" ft im
Although the wisdom of creating forest re­
any legislation la the gradual _
gro< iwth flf u
In pursuing the set plan to make the City done to prepare tlxse millions for their life serve« 1« nearly everywhere heartily recog­ »nt urglhg, be stimulated to gr-ater effort and
The wageworkers ars peculiarly entitled tn feeling
responsibility and
In ntc
of human activity col-
Induced to take a more active personal interest
the protection and the encouragement of the am ng capltallgta and wggcw.irka*» alike, n nf Washington an exam."'«- tn other American
yet in’a few localities there have been in his work.
I lege-tralned
e the leaders
From th* very nature <«f their occu­ feeling of respect An the part «»f each man munl< Ipalltlea, sever* points should be kept
misunderstanding and complaint
The fol­
I'nder existing conditions an Indian agent In
In the first
pation. railroad men for Instance, are liable for the tights of others; a feeling of broad In mind by the legislators
ing until the Congees made provision for It lowing statement is therefore desirable:
the distant West may be wholly out of touch
tn b* maimed In doing th.- legitimate work community of Interest, not merely of capital­ place, the people of this country should clear­
The forest-reserve policy can be successful with the office of the Indian Bureau.
ly understand that no
of th»ir profession, unless the railroad com
ists among themselves, «nd of wageworkers
only when It has the full support of the peo­ may very well feel that no one takes a per­
< ity of M aehlngton. nm un; of Industrial has been nude and teachers have been pre­
panics are required by among themselves
but of capitalists and
ple of the West
It cannot safely and should sonal Interest tn him or his efforts. Certain
prosperity, »nd above
Fn.oinrrr’a I la-
make ample wageworkers In th»lr relations to each other,
at our State Agricultural college«« The Fed­ not In any ease, be Imposed upon them routine dutiee In the way of reports and ac­
Employer a 1.1«
and of both In lhe|r relatl«»hs to their fel­ all no leadership In International Induatriai
against their will.
But neither can we ac­ counts are required of him. but there Is no
blllty l«w.
The Admlnls- lows, who with them mske up the body pol­ competition, ran In any way atone for the eral Government expends 410.000.000 annu­
toward this education and for research cept the views of those whose only Interest one with whom he may Intelligently consult
tiatlon has been seal- itic
There are many captains of Industry, sapping of the vitality of those who are In Washington and In the several states and I In the forest Is temporary, who are anxious on matters vital to his work, except after
mis In enforcing th» existing law for this many labor leaders, who realise this
Such a man would be greatly
The Department of Agriculture to reap what they have not sown and then long delay.
That law should hr amended nml recent speech by the president of one of our The farmers, the mechanics, the skilled and
encouraged and ilded by personal contact with
has given facilities for post graduate work I move away, leaving desolation behind them
Wherever lhe National Gov­ great railroad systems to the employes of unskilled laborer«, the small shopkeepers,
On the contrary. It Is everywhere and always some one whose interest In Indian affairs and
ernment has power, there should be a strin­ that system contains sound common sense. make up the bulk of th» population of any
the interest of the permanent settler and whose authority In the Indian Bureau were
country; and upon their well-being, genera­ years, preparing them for advanced lines
gent employer's liability law, which should
It runs In part as follows
the permanent business man. tjie man with a greater than his own, and such contact would
tion after generation, the well-being of the of work In the department and in the state
apply to the Government Itself where the
"It Is my belief we ran better serve each
stake in the country, which must be con­ be certain to arouse and constantly increase
Government Is an employer of labor
I the interest he takes In his work
other, belter understand the man as well as
The facts concerning meteorology and Its sidered, and which must decide.
opment In wealth and Industrial leadership
In my meeeage tn the 52«! Congress, at Its
The distance which separates the agents—
The making of forest reserves within rail- 1
bls business, when meeting face to face, ex­
second session, 1 urged the passage of an changing views, and realising from personal Is a K-»d thing, but only If It goes hand In relations to plant and animal life are be­
the workers In the field—from the Indian Offica
hand with Improvement, and not deteriora­ ing systematically inquired Into. Tempera­
employer's liability law for the District of
Washington Is a chief obstacle to Indian
contact we serve but one Interest, that of
tion. physical and moral
The overcrowding ture and moisture are controlling factors In hereafter, as for the past three years, be so progress.
I now renew that recommenda-
Whatever ehall mure closely unite
our mutual prosperity.
all agricultural operations
The seasons of managed as to prevent the Issue, under the
of cities and the draining of country dla-
tl«n gnd fwi1 ' h i i -' ommt M IIMH I•»«• < m
two branches of the Indian Service, and
"Herloua misunderstandings cannot occur trlctn are unhealthy
___ j even dangerous the cyclones of the Caribbean Sea and their set of June 4, 1897, of base for exchange or shall enable them to co-ofterate more heartily
gross appoint a commission to make a com­
symptoms In our modern life
prehensive study of employer's liability with
We should paths are being f. ecasted with Increasing
and more effectively, will be for the Increased
The cold winds that come frem cases where forest reserves within areas efficiency of the work and the betterment of
n<»t permit overcrowding In cities.
the View of extending the provisions of a nity for personal explanation Is present.
In certain accuracy
the north are anticipated and their times j covered by land grants appear to be essen­ the race for who»« Improvement the Indian
"In n»y early business life I hod experience European cities It la provided by law that
great and constitutional lew to all employ­
tial to the prosperity of settlors, miners, or
with men of affairs of a character to make the population of towns shall not he allowed and Imensity told to farmers, , _ gardeners
ments within the s<ope nt Federal power
Bureau was established
The appointment of
others, the Government lands within such
The Government has recognised heroism me desire to avoid creating a like feeling of to exceed a very limited density for a given and fruiterers in all southern localities
a field assistant to the Commissioner of Indian
We sell 1230,000.000 worth of animals and proposed forest reserves will, as In the recent Affairs would be certain to insure thto good
Upon the waler. an<! bestows medals of honor resentment to myself ami the Interests In my area, so that the Increase In density must be
upon those persons W’ho by extreme and he­ charge, should fortune ever place mo In au­ continually pushed back Into a broad sone animal products to foreign countries every
Ml 1
Su<h an «official. If possessed of the
year. In addition to supplying our own peo­ ing the completion of such negotiations with requisite energy and deep Interest In the work,
roic dating have en­ thority. and I am solldtoua of a measure of around the center of the town, this sone hav­
The ple more cheaply and abundantly than any the owners of the land grants as will prevent would be a most efficient factor In bringing
dangered their Ilves In confidence on the part of the public and our ing great avenues or parks within It.
.Mentala of Honor.
Into closer relationship and a more direct union
saving, or endeavoring employes that I shall hope may be warranted death rate statistics show a terrible Increase other nation is able to provide for Ita peo­ the creation of so-called scrip.
It was formerly the custom to make forest of effort the Bureau In Washington and Ita
Successful manufacturing depends pri­
tn save, Ilves from the perils of the sea In by the fairness and good fellowship I Intend In mortality, and especially In Infant mor­ ple.
tality. In overcrowded tenements. The poor­
marily on chrup food, which accounts to a reserves without first getting definite and agents In the field; and with the co-operatlon
the waters over which the I'nlted Mtates has •hall prevail In <»ur relationship.
est families In tenement houses live in one considerable extent for our growth in thto detailed Information as to the character of of Its branches thus secured the Indian Bureau
"But do not feel I am disposed to grant
Jurisdiction, or upon en American vessel
The Department of Agriculture, land and timber within their boundaries. This would. In measure fuller than ever before, lift
This recognition should he extended to cover unreasonable requests, spend the money of room and it appears that In these one-room direction
<-a«»M of conspicuous bravery and self sacri­ our company unnecessarily or without value tenements the average death rate for a by careful Inspection of meats, guards the method of action often resulted in badly up the savags toward that self help and self-
health of our people and gives clean bills choden boundaries and consequent Injustice reliance which constitute the man.
received, nor expect the daya of mistakes are number of given cities at home and abroad
fice tn the saving of life In private employ
Therefore this Ad­
In the Postofflc« Department the servlca
of health tn deserving exports; It la prepared to settlers and others
menta under the jurisdiction of the United disappearing, or that cause for complaint Is about twice what It Is In a two-room ten
Htstee. Miul particularly In tha tond com­ will not continually occur, simply to dorrect ement, four times what It la In a three-room to deal promptly with Imported disease« of ministration adopted the present method of has Increased In efficiency, and conditions
to revenue and expenditure continue sat­
such abuses as may be discovered, to better tenement. and eight times what it Is tn a animals, and maintain the excellence of our
merce of the Nation
The increase of revenue during
the isfactory.
flocks and herds In this respect.
There followed by careful examination on
The ever-increasing casualty list upon our conditions as fast as reasonably may ba ex­ tenement consisting of four rooms or over.
year was 49,358,191.10. or 0 9 per cent,
railroads 1s a mntter of grave public concern, pected. constantly striving, with varying suc­ These figures vary somewhat for different should be an annual census of the livestock
and descriptions, before any forest reserve i I the total receipts amounting to 414.9,382.-
end urgently calls for action by tha Con- cess. for that Improvement we all desire, to cities, but they approximate In each city of the Nation.
624 34.
Th« expenditures were
Wo sell abroad «bout 4’KX, 000.000 worth of Is created.
In the matter of speed and comfort convince you there is a fores at work In the those given above; and in all cases the