Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, December 15, 1904, Image 1

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15, 1 íh »4
dawn would bring tbe aoutbsid.ra up­
wwwwwwwwwxrrw V V -r ...........................................................
on their enemy. The noitheiders were
counseling one another to stand Arm to
Monday, December 3.
ths end. If they could only stay tbe
The short session of the68th congress
deetructioa of their traps until the ar­ Newsy Items Gathered from All
fly PXUL DP.l.AM’.Y
met at 12 o’clock.
No business waa
rival of the soldiers they feared no
Parts of the World.
transacted jn either hona>- excepting
author ot “ Lu rd ut tho Llorar!." "Ora fua Bhatatiaa,"
further trouble.
and othar radilo Cuñal hturloo
Willi the Hist flash of the red in the
east the .outbsiders moved out to the Of INTEREST TO OUR READERS Both houses adopt« d reeolntioua ol res­
pect to the late Senators floar, of Mas-
north. They did not apprehend any
wbusette, ami Quay, of Pennsylvania, Coming Season will S«c Rapid Ad­ Congress Io
danger of interference from the Sol­
be Asked la Make Use
diers. They left that to Gabe JaivL (renerai Review of Important Happen- and their adjournment waa a fuitl.er
vance In Irrigation.
of Plant Already Installed.
Their purp'Hie waa to make the tight
pcnlgs Presented In a Brief and
Echo— Tbe coming reason will mark
Eugene—In view of the uncompleted
final tliia morning.
They knew that
Condensed Form.
more improvements ami enterprises in I condition of tbe liar improvement at
Tuesday, December 0.
they possessed the numiiers and should
irrigat ion for Echo and the vicinity tlie month of tbe Biualaw river, prom­
President’s message nad.
they succeed in destroying tbe north-
A number ol résoluti >ns have been tributary than ever before experienced. inent citizens of this county are now
Tbe first snow of tbe seas«n has fall-
eiders* traps and return to their homes
th« «lark <xean, now an«! then lit up by on the Southside the victory they had sn in Eae.ein Oregon.
introduced in the boues looking to a Not only aie there Immense extensions interexteal in bringing the matter be­
planne 1 for old ditches, but new ones fore tbe river aau«l harbor committee
a «lash of spray, while tlie officers look- so long fought would 1« complete.
iu the tariff laws.
Hanks a to the Wheel.
HI. Petersburg authoiPies <l»ny that
e*l on in doubt. They di«l not believe When once at their hornet the enormi­
The president sent a large ntimier of are being constructed, an«i land lying of congress, hoping to make it clear to
Captain Budiong «ml thsalieiiff held the man. Hut still they «lid not l«e- ty of their crime would be lost eight of a fam lie exists in Houthern Russia.
appointments and nominations for pro­ under both old ditches an I prop .eed that laxly that the continuation of
a confert nce with Hankala.
The girl | lleve that lie Woubl take them into a in a measuie ami the future would
Ths torpe«lo I k , ate at Port Aitbur motion in tbe army and navy to the ditches is prepared for cultivation for work on that harbor would be wise.
the corning year.
Many yeara ago the government be­
had much to t«4l them that was of In­ dxalh which would carry him will« find them masteis of tbe river.
have not been sunk, and they may try senate.
With the Hope of having more fav­ gan the improvement of tbe Hluslaw
terest to their ailMion.
A bill has been introduced in tbe
When the traps sere once destroyed to escape.
orable irrigation laws passed in tbe harbor, after abumlant reports b*A
Hhs had hex Hl all of the plane of ths
The point of the ialand butting out it would lie difficult to rebuild them,
It ia report»«! that the czar Las order­ senate providing a pen »ion ol $15 a coming legislature, thoee who have been secure«l from eagineers regarding
eoutliehleia and bad wat had for the toward the l>ar was now close at hand. and through the prejudice they expect­
been planning project» ate beginning the proper methol of deepening the
approath of tlxs l-«at that abs might . Wlills II;» breakers from tlie <xeau ed to cieate against the tra|>s, they ed the Baltic fleet not to proceed to the diers, sailors and mannes.
Heretofore the preeent laws water on tbe bar. The plan adopted
Intercept II and inform ths officers <d collie nearly to its sl,or«s, the men be­ hoped to interest their own state and Far East.
or the lack of laws pertaining to water was the jetty system.
Bmall appro­
tbe treat heiy of the pilot and the pur­ lie veil that the island could lie passsxl the Unit*! Hta'es congress against the
Hccretary Hay will ask congress to
Wednesday, December 7.
poses ol the law btraking gllluetters.
by I lie flat bolt urn wt river Ixiat.
The legislative, executive and jndi- rights have interfere«! with the devel­ priations were made and the work
construction of tialitraps in the Colum­ increase the salaries of a number < f
Water has progreeeed to the extent of the funds
Mie had heaid them, long Itefore
Hut Jarvi headed straight on.
iai appropriation bill, catrying $28,- opment of tbe country.
bia river. They had already sent a diplomata.
been in dispute.
Ijin«! has been in avaiJsble. Then all would
___ ____
rest until
mi<I ii Ight. agire to |e«tp me the attack
••Why do you not turn tothe right?** long |ietltion to their congressman, not
Governor sleet Douglas will appoint
litigation, and those who have been another small appropriation would ba
upon the southsiders until «laylight on asked Captein Bwdlong.
only showing that the traps were de­ General Miles ss adjutant gineral of
account of ths delay of some of their j
**We would run her into the tsoil," structive to the tish industry but wore the Mass« buaetts militia.
timate and $236,881 more than the anxious to see the betterment of Echo made. Tbe jetty was only fairly under
and its splendid lands have hesitated way and just lieginning to show wbat
reinforcements and hail also heard replied tlie pilot.
current appropriation.
also detrimental and hasardous to nav­
The School c««l mine, near Peoria,
them state that Gabo Jarvi, tlie pilot
"But you are running her into the igation.
Platt, of New York, cause«! a at ir in in risking their all in projects that might be done, when appropriations
There were 100 the senate by iotrodeucing a bill pro­ might at any time be taken into court ceased to come.
on the lest to bring the *>ldisrs, would breakers," replied the sheriff.
Axes, drags, arms and dynamite had lllnoia, is on tire.
The Butter creak water company has
Tbe business of the harbor has been
keep away from them until they had >
"Il is Ix-tter for het theie," coolly i>e«n provided by the eouthaidere. men at work at I tie time the flames viding for a re<iu< tion of the congres­
finish«tl with tlie uurthalde fishrrmen. | replie«l the treat beruus man at the They did not wish <i|>on the whole to were discovered, but all »reaped, Tb» sional representation of the southern purihaa»«! an elevating grader and has increasing and now amounts to consid­
j commence«! widening and strengthen­ erable, and business men of Florence
Il had been agreed by Ga>«s that Its m heel.
states, on the groun«i that many of the
resort to bloodshed. They csrne, how­ property loss will tie heavy.
ing their ditch. T*
The Cold spring irri- and Eugene hope to prevail upon coo-
wotiM run al>out tlie river until «lay-
The boat l*gan to rock an«l leap like ever, determined to win.
They ex-
Tbe house < ommitlee on rivers and citiswns of theses states are deprived of gation company is preparing to extend _
____ tbe
__ ______
. .
J gross to _
go ahead and finish
light, pietemllng to he hunting f ir the a wild animal which fount! iteelf sud- pected to do this through intimidation harbors has decided to arnd for some ol the right to vote.
fisher,uen, when in fa« t he woubl I* ■ lenly in the clutches of an enemy. It and overwhelming numtiers.
Senator Hale introduced a bill to re­ the company's ditch aen.es to their now well begun. The government has
tbs district eng users, as they detire to
lands on the north side of the Umatilla a plant with which to work and could
studiously avoiding them.
Ill the was but a shell, on y intend*i for the
But theie were those among them hear from them on the nee«ix of rivers quire the employment of venseis of the
rankness of bls tnachsry he bed prom I smooth waters of the liver, and could who are always found in a mob organ­ and harbors in their respective dis­ United Mates in the transportation by nver and a company has been formed in a abort time deepen the channel
__ < -11 ....._' rO huibl a smal I ditch to watar a tract MVerai fw»t bv th« mnflnino rd fka
la*I to take the b<«t aa near tlie bar as not l«e ei;«ect*! to live on lheix-ean and isation, that preferred bhsidehi d to any
sea of al) supplies of every deerription o ouild a small ditch to water a tract several feet by tbe confining of ths
tr icte.
he dare«! to approach where ths sea especially on the river liar, one of the other feature ol the fight tietween the
for uee of the Panama «anal commis­ of land of 160 acres adjoining Echo, water to the channel,
Many shells sent to the Russians at sion or the contractors in tbe construc­ now in sagebrush. Tbe Maxwell ditcb j
waa rough end ouhl U|>set ths stoiu- ' roughest places known to seamen. The two factions.
people are improving and enlarging!
Mukden have proved defective.
ache ol ths ritiaen soldiers.
meti dinsn stairs fell about tlie «let k
tion of tbe Panama canal.
The southsiders moved along like so
Hankals bad r*ap«d Irom ths ol«l like drunkards an«! while some became many shadows to tlie attack.
Senator Morgan, of Alabama, de­ ttieir ditcb until it will reclaim nearly
A son of Geneial Nogi was killed in
A cou­
shark while the men were oat on the «leslhly sick, others were alarmed.
ple of launches uaed for towing in the the attack on 203 Meter hill at Port clares be will oppoae to bis a’moat
Besides these ditches smaller ones
^or Pucl
Getting Scarce
Iwacli artaiiglng for the a.teck ami had
Hankala cotihl conceal her fears I no Orbing boats on other occasions had Arthur.
! the propiwed change in tbe Panama
About Pendleton,
watched for the coming ol the boat. longer. “That man," she said, “is I wen secured, and sailboats had been
I « anal from a lock to a sea level canal. are constantly being built, and in a
The Japanese have sunk ail tbe Rus- I He save it is a s< heme of the trans- few years the entire section of waste
Pendleton—Fuel dealers of ths In­
Hhe knew that it would go on the *«utli taking ns to our doom. The boat i can- converted into rowhoata for the mom-
lian battleships and cruisers at ^or continental
alile of the islarnl in outer to avohl an not live in this sea.
He could have trig attack.
---- .—. — I railways to delay tbe con­ land will be homes for turners. Thia ; land empire are of tbe opinion that ths
These wen manned by Arthur.
season a large number of land holders «lay ol wood burning is sixm doomed,
encounter witli the fishermen who were passe«l the point of the ialand without large forces and formed a line for the
struction of an isthtn a i waterway.
aie clearing laige tiacts of land vary- as coal is rapidly replacing it.
lined up on the north side, and when corning Into the breakers.
The watei main encounter.
Japan has signified her willingness
ing in size from 20 to 60 acres, and r>e«t of coal from the Wyoming beds Is
she saw the light of the vessel far up le deep there.
Old Headog had assembled his men
nold at this place for $8.60 a ton, and
the river she launched a Ixiat which
Khe had come from her place of con­ near the center of tbe largest group of conference.
The senate held only a short session will sow to alfalfa.
the coal from British Columbia and
was eome distance Bom the plotting cealment ami spoke with all of the traps and took active command at this
and adjoined until Monday.
Bo far in the Far Eastern war Rus­
Turns Out Many Bricks.
Washington beds is fast becoming gern-
fishermen and struck out to intercept earnestness of a woman, and the cool­ 1 point. It meant more for him than
sia has lost 23 warships ol sll classes
Weeton—Clark Nelson, manager of
Uied> ,M>U1
O'*««“ »“d Wash-
the big craft that she u ight inform th«- ness of a man.
of the pnie food law by Senator Hey-
for all the other northeiders combined and the Japanese four.
officers. Mie ha.I l«een successful, as
Jarvi looked arouml at her with a end he iutereeted himself accordingly.
the Weston brickyard, las returned
birn was defeated.
ttie trader knows, but a dilemma now ghostly smile of contempt, but did not
tbe case of ______
Dallea, ___________
where he haa been on
Meacham, from
__ from The _______
Roosevelt has altandoned tbe ides ol
lie poser sa r d an iion nerve and this
_„ea vu..»™ «.«.uuev.eu w.cu ui.y.iu. The »here W al la W alia an J Pc ndleton draw
confronted the officers that waadifficult budge the wheel.
was wrought up to the highest tension. a special session of congress in the j D. Crum, the colored man nominated , business connected with bis yard.
..cs.vu, 8. w
D*w I- O. O. F. Umple, for which he 1
8reater part of their wood, there
to solve.
"Uonanler youiself a prisoner,’’ said It was the critical point of the long spring to consider tariff revision.
for w»we..«w..w.
collector ..
at Charleston,
C., , into
Neither of the ««fibers knew snytlnng Captain Bmllorg.
prominence by asking for a report from . furnished brick, has just been complet-
to I* immense quantities stacked
struggle and should he lose, thousand«
A bill will be introduced in congress
and will — be dedicated
at —
an • —
''tke ,,
for shipment,
slxiut the river ami none of the men
“All right," repli*! the pilot. Then of dollars Worth of property would psss
, - .. \ but
. „ competent
. •
to connect the canal tone on t„_ ..— -tatus of recess appointments.
date. Four hundred thousand bricks judges of fuel sey that but about 26
had the alighirst i«i*ta about naviga he released the wheel and walked out
from bis bands. With bis traps de­ mus with the United States by cable.
In the bouse tbe civil service com- »er« used in its construction.
While P*r
*• clear« dry, green-cut
Hon. Hankala tol«l them that the b.«at of the pilot bouse.
The Ixxrt leaped etroyed his cannrey would 1« useless;
waa heading stialght for the ocean and I and reeled. The profiling wheel al­
commands the high
Becretaiy Shaw will urge cotigrees to I mission was attacked because ol a pro in The Dalles Mr. Nelson cloeed a con-
with traps and cannery both out of uas
«--- —- ot XS employee to con- vswea tov vtw vmlw
soo ixxi brick to be ’
tensely nee the timber sup-
that they had ;>eaeed all of the fiahsr- ternately rose atrave and sank <toep into tbe men would be out of employui.tit Inciease tbe appropriation for tbe Ta­ i
of tbe new P'i been cut away that two trips s day
men, who were lined >ip al the bead ol the water revolving as uselessly as and could not pay their bills at his coma public building Irom $400,000 to stitute tbe rural examining board.
' used
— in the
— construction
------------------ -----------
the island lor the early moeuiaa artaek Is
, a-tv~—III. lbs Tessa I was left to store; neither could they pay their $800,000.
The pay of stenographers to tbe bouse bank to be erected at Condon.
-—-« t*,u'e *re being
. - ma«ie from back in the
committee» has been roluced from $5,- ________________
brick will not be delivered
until the
six aml eight
mi lee.
____ __ ____
__ mountains
_. Al-
“This fellow Jarvi ia a very mean the mercy of the breakers.
rent. The traps were tbe life of tbe
The handwriting experts in tbe Den­
railrnad. which rune from Arlington, 'bough spurs from the main line back
wian. " said Hankala.
“He is now
The last extremity had been reached. town and the town was owned by Bea- ver election frauds found evidences of 000 to $3,000 per annum.
Umler btm«l for the murder of his ag*l The sheriff drew Ins revolver, and, dog.
A proposition to increase the salary to Condon, is completed, which °wiH in the mountains might easily be built,
repeating for both tbe Democratic and
they will probaily never be built, as
tai her and is said to t«e the most brutal pointing It at Jarvi, said
of tbe secretary of tbe civil service be early in tbe spring.
ilia dark flotilla rose and fell with Republican ticket».
j coal will be much cheaper than tbe
of the ignorant Finlanders on the south j
“Go back to that wheel and take us the swells of the bay like a school ol
con.m ssion w«u defeated.
Senator Mitchell has a fight on bis
construction of a road.
si<le of ths river. 1 do not believe lie out of thia or 1 shall shout you like a whales lying at rest, and old Beadog
Land Sales Fatten Off.
hands to secure tbe chair manehip of the
Friday, December 9.
woubl stop at even tunning this boat dog!"
was as silent and watchful as the bull
Salem—The 6 per cent land ealee
out over the l«i where it would surely
“All right," repli*! Jarvi in a con­ leader of such an agrgegation. He war cknal committee, made vacant by the
The house pa sect 1 tbe legiela'ive, ex­ fund in Oregon this year is $64,662 24, i
Safe Cracked at Hood River.
temptuous voice.
as rugged aa a water god and feared the death of Hanna. Tbe stand he took ecutive and judicial appropriation bill ______
_ $90
Hood River—Robbers cracked the
"What shall we do*"
Then the man started as if he would waves no more than did oid Neptune,
almost aa it came from tbe committee This fund is received from tbe United j
H00*! River poetoffice and
ia the cause.
Captain Bmlhmi of the sheriff.
enter the door of the pilot house, but who ruled them.
and adjourned until Monday
States and is 5 per cent of tbe receipts
,way with $227 in stampsand $173
“Arrest him and put him in Irons," he turned quickly and lea;>ed Into the
Throughout the session today the from the Kies of government land in *n nion«y- There is no clew as to the
The suspense waa finally relieved.
Liberal appropriations for Columbia
replied the county oflh lai.
foaming Io eskers below.
policy of retrenchment held full sway, Oregon. The yeai 1903 was a bumper 'hi«*«*- evcept that a crowbar and otb-
In the shadows of the slowly approcah- river jetty are assured.
"But who would laae care of the
Hankala, keenly alive to the impend­ ing morn could l>e seen the boats of the
and all attempts to increase salaries nne in public l«n«l business in Oiegon, er
'n effecting an entraneo
Russians have lost 3,000 men trying failed.
boat?" inquire«! the captain.
ing trisis, lisle hrmd*i and liars armed southsiders stretching up and down
due in a latge degree no doubt to the cam<* from the railroad shops here. On
The two men weut out on deck. Han- f sprang to the wheel.
Hhe glanced the river like a great black wave.
The house passed a resolution to ad­ activity of men who were securing tim- discovering hie loss Postmaster Yates
kale fol lowed them
They could ere down into the angry sea. and hutrimlly Their numiiers looked as ominous ar
Cooos county will spend $100,00 on journ December 21 until January 4 for ber land through the mediumship of ’""■«diately wired the postal inspect-
the breakers now leaping high In the examined the shore line to the north; did their dark line of advance.
the usual Christmas holiday.
I swis and Clark fair exhibit.
people who fought it and soon there- or9 at Portland, who will make efforts
air far away to the front of the vessel, then w lib distended muscles she bore
“Men, to your arms and oars!'*
after transferred it to tbe men who i to apprehend the culprits.
A grand jury has been empanelled to
and knew that this was ebere the river down on the lever that governed the hissed old Seadog. And Ibis command
furnished the money for tbe deal.
bl,ck P«»der »»«
in cracking the
met the waves of the ocean.
rudder, an«l rang the engineer to turn war taken up and passed down the line.
safe dooi. One or two persons sleeping
"The sroundrel seems to l»e carrying on the steam.
Taft acknowledges Le made a mis­ Hitchcock VIII <ro to the Bottom of
The arms consisted principally ol
Sold Half Interest in Ranch.
ne*r b7 cl»in' t0 have belrd • slight
us straight to our death,'* said the cap­
long poles. These had l«en cut for the take in extending Dingley tariff to ca­
La Gramie—An important real estate eaPl<*ion during the night, but paid
the Land Frauds.
double purpose of keeping liack tbr
deal^bas oeen perfected at Elgin, 35 no attention to the noise,
“We will go to him and remonstrate,"
Washington, Dec. 10. — An official
boats of the enemy and at the same
miles from here. H. Towner has sold 1
said the sheriff.
time to be used as cudgels in care ol reduce the representation of several
Big Business by Sugar Plant.
••Is that a boat or light on shore?’*
“And compel him St the muaiie of a
terior department today announcing one-half interest in the property knowD
insistence and hand to hand conflict.
states, particularly in tbe South.
__ _____
“It is a boat, you aee she is to the
Ia Grande—The whiatle of tbe
Jnn to turn the cmiree of the veeeel,"
the government's purpose to prosecute as Hindman A Towner’s Indian creex
While it was s justifiable care for
latm to J I.. Hindman, the considera- smrar factory here has sounded tbe last
right of Chinook Point and tbrie la a
repli*! ths captain of the militia.
employing firearms,
the fishermen
| lion for tbe half interest in tbe land call for its employee and has sbut
The officer» climbed the narrow stair­ Wide channel of river there.'*
found that they were not accustomed tc and defiance of the law are ruining the frauds to the full extent of the law and
and livestock being $90.000.
This down after one of the most successful
“She may bring the soldiers.*’
way again *n«l approached the pilot
their uee and they realised further that salmon industry of the Columbia riter. ' regardless of position in life. The
“1 hope to God she will. Those
farm is about two miles from Elgin, runs it has made since its establishment
house. Jarvi disregarded their coming
statement follows:
the lees bloodshed on the occasion ths
The jury in the land fraud cases
hi aeilenncas. He held on to the vhrel follows are reinforcing their strength
“The conviction in Portland, Oregon, andjcontains 1.160 acres, and is one of in this valley, it having consumed
better it would lie for ttieir cause in
a>d kept the nose ol the vessel point­ ami we can't hold out much longer the long run. This was the sentiment found five of the defendants gnilty as of five persons for Isnd frauds, which the best agticultural properties in something over 21,000 tons of beets,
charged, but cleared M im Marie Ware
1 which yielded over 55,100 pounds of
ing townril the bicakers. Hankals had againat them."
will be followed next week by the trial | Union county.
on both sides though many bad brought
Thus S|H>ke Ohl Beadog. A hand to
followed the officers and sttxx! behind
sugar. Tbe entire season's run was
along rifles and revolvers to uee in the
tbr smoki-atatk where ehe availed her­ hand fight had just taken place on the direst extremities.
War on Scabby Sheep.
made without a bitch, much to the sat-
shelling Russian fleet and have sunk offense, is but another step toward the
me lino* water an«l while the encounter was a
self of Its warmth and at the
Engene—County Stock Inspector A. isfaction ot all concerned, and the many
one battleship and set a number of consummation of the policy entered up­
coul«l listen to the interview with the draw the northeiders knew that their
other ships on file.
on by the secretary of the interior when G. Mathews is now engaged in an at-j persons who embarked in tbe raising
(To te continued)
strength was l«eing exhausted while
it became known nearly three years tempt at purifying the sheep of tbe of sugar beets expiess themselves aa
“You hsve brought ns past the fish- that of their enemy was being in­
Opal Fossil of a Rhark.
ago that frauds weie being perpetrate«! county, reports having been received weH satisfied with their venture,
ermen and are taking us toward the creased by force of numtiers.
Bluer they were first discovered tbs
in connection with tbe public lands, to from some sections that scab has been
The only ho|>e of ths northsiders was famous opal fields at White Cliffs, N. ;>ott on the Shan Tnng peninsula, and run down and prosecute tbe guilty ones observed. Mathews went out to the
ocean," said Captain Budlong.
Insures a Good Crop,
The 8. W.. have yielded many curious fos­ sending there an experienced officer to the full extent of the law without district northwest of Junction to in vex-
The pilot Ignored him in the accua- tbe arrival of the state troops.
Pendleton—The rains that have fall-
militia wax not ordered out for the pur­ sils, particularly thoee of prehistoric from the Admiralty staff.
tomed manner of steamboat men.
regard to their position tn life.”
tigate reports of stockmen driving d.s- en the past few days have proved of in-
“We want an explanation,” demand­ pose of taking part In the fight, if it marine life. Rut the latest discovery
eased sheep on the county road in vio- estimable benefit to the wheat growers
Eighteeen persons were injured, some
could lie avoided, but to patrol the Is a moot extraordinary one. and will
ed Bild long.
lati< n of the law, and expects to make of the country, although not a great
Experts Examining Ballots.
of them seriously, in a New Yotk fire.
"Yea, ami «e want It at once," spoke river an«l prevent bloodshed.
prove of tbe deepest Interest to tbe
Itenver, Dec. 9.— The ballot box s line arrests. One a nest and convic­ amount of water has fallen.
The state maintained the right of its scientific world.
tbe aheilff, who waa a man of personal
Simon Ijtke, an inventor, is building from precinct 6 ward 5, was opened tion for this offense hee been made.
rain has fallen has dampened tbe
courage and accustomed to the nature citizens to flah to the middle of the
ground sufficiently to insure the sprout­
It le that of a foaelllsed, or rather a submarine torpedo boat at Newport today by order of the supreme court, in
of the rough men at the mouth of the stream wherever that might be determ­ opnllxml. luemlier of the shark family, News in which he expects to cross the the contempt proceedings against offi­
ing of the grains ami
and heavy rains later
Will Chop the Alfalfa.
1 I rnaiim
a t.rxextl
L a AxvtMina
Echo—Robert Btanfield. who resides u-i
'nBUte •
K00*1 nvon
CI0P frt»
,or 4 ,he
which waa found on block Na tl. at a Atlantic. The new vessel is to be 83 cials of that precinct, and its contents
“I am running thia boat," repl ie<l protect their life and property north of d«ptb of thirty-five feet from the sur­ leet long and proportionately large. were turned over to two handwriting on Butter creek, »6 miles west of here, **“’on. Some of the gisin sown sev-
that point.
face. The Sydney press says that ths She will carry four topedo tubes.
experts, who were directed to examine has received a large hay cutter to chop ‘>r«1 w«‘k" «8° >• •*»» >7'0« in the
It waa a question of boundary line epevliuont measures 3 feet 6 Inches
“But you are running her In the
the ballots and report their findings to alfalfa hav for winter feeding. A ga1- «found uneprouted.
It is aaid the large shipment of beef
an«l aa is usual where there are disputes from tbe snout to the tip of tbe tall.
wrong direction,” sal«l the captain.
the court tomorrow.
The court ad­ oline engine supplies the power.
"You had better run her yourself alxiut such matters, each side constant­ The body Is |n seven sections, the cir­ from Omaha (or the Russian aimv will journed until tomorrow without its de­ feeding the hay ttnehopped the large
Indians In Better Health.
then, sines you know so much about
cision on the question of lejecting the stems remain uneaten and are wasted,
Fendleton—Dr. T. M. Henderson,
cumference of the largest of which ol Portland.
er. The first bloodshed hail brought
It," retort»«! the pilot scornfully.
entire vote of precincts in which its in­ but by chopping the stock eat the hay who has been in attendance upon tbe
(the head and shoulder portion) le
“We understand nothing about out the worst element of the southside
This tip clean, saving a large per cent of the cases of diphtheria among the Indiana
eighteen inches; each section is six
J a men M. Tyner, poetmaater general junctive order was violated.
sleainboating, but we do know that end they determined to drive back or
at the mission on the reservation, re­
Inches iu length.
under President Grant and assistant would change the result ol the election. hitherto waste.
you are going in the wrong direction," «leetroy, even to the line of the north
ports that no others have taken tbe dls-
Hie deeply Indented eye-sockets attornefy general until forced to resign
repli*! the sheriff.
Govd Roads Bill Is Reported.
New Shipping Point for Coal Mine ea«*e, and that thoee affected are rapid­
show plainly, "and thin velus of pur­ under the recent poetai fraud investiga­
"Well, if you know nothing almut
Washington, Dec. 10.— Senator Lati­
Coquille—The Coquille Coal <!k Lum- ly recovering. Only one of the patients
running a boat you bad better go The lielligerent fishermen watched it ple opal encircle the fish from tip to tion, is dead.
company has rented part of the | has died, the others having been inoc­
with Intense interest on both sides.
down ataiia," said Jarvi.
A Banta Fe train was held up and and forestiy, today reported favorably Beavei bill bunker at Marshfield and is ulated with toxine in the early stagse
“I hops to Gml she brings the sol- an oblong and dourly defined course,
"We will do nothing of the kind,"
on the bill known as the 1-atimer grxxl now shipping coal by tail to Coos bay ' of the malady.
said Bmilong who was also a spirited disere,*' repeated Ohl Beadog as it came though the continuity Is occasionally robbed between Ludlow and Dggett,
John [
toads bill. It carries an appropriation wheie it goes to San Francisco.
follow . "I, aacommander of the forces
Coming Events.
of $24,000,000 to be available in three Tawse, manager for the company, is
foi which thia vessel was chartered, «le- take cate of them," casually remark*! are given, but as the tossll has been ed. Drafts and money t > the ¿mount
annual installmentsof $8,000,000 each working a five-fixit vein of coal of good I
Poultry shows—Salem, December 16-
sent to London these ond other mat­ of $6,001 was secured.
maml that you turn back and proceed a eouthxide leader to hie companion.
for road building in the states. Under quality. A large contract formachin-, 17; Portland, December 20-26; New-
It did contain the soldiers, and the ters of Interest will soon Its deter­
to the head of ths island.”
The effect of prevailing bail times the provisions of the bill states are to ery has been let. Delivery will occur oerg, January 10-13; Albany, January
It was pure hast'd from the
reader already knows of its movements, mined.
"I can't do it,” replied Jarvi.
throughout England will tend towards do the work and pay one-half of the in tbe spring.
finders by sn opal buyer.
and the treachery of its pilot.
“Why" asketl the captain.
a lean Christmas
coat, the national government paying
Oregon Good
Roads convention,
“I am in the south channel anil will
Worse and Wona
the other half.
Salem, Itecember 13-16.
Eugene to Springfield.
now tie compell»«! to round ths west south ol the Island, the northsiders re­
The Portland Ministers’ association
"My wifs and I went to call on the
Oregon Htate Dairymen's association,
Eugene—A project is on foot to con­
point of ths ialan.l and ratuin on ths laxed into a feeling almost hopeless.
Duuileys last night.
I can't Imagine is msking a strong effort to have the
Will Prevent Running Blockade.
nect Eugene with the bustling little Decern tier 20-21.
The night was cool and csltn, but an anything more tiresome thau spending aa Lewis and Clark fair closed on Bun­
north aide," said the pilot.
Inland Empire Bunday Bchool insti­
Berlin, Dec. 10.—According to a die­ city of Springfield by a six-foot si«le-
"Why did you come so far out of the unusual darkness settled down upon evening with them.”
patch from Tokio to the Lokal Anzdg walk. The distance between the two tute, Pendleton, January 3b.
“You can't? Wait till they rome to
the waters. The stare shown out and
way?” asked the sheriff.
Ths supervising architect will re­ er. the placing of heavy cannon on 208- cities is three miles, but only a little
“rwapt into the old south channel gavs forth shadows that darkened the spend tn evening with you.”—Philadel­
commend appropriations of $100 000 Meter hill will enable the Japanese to over a mile of sidewalk will have to be
Northwest Wheat Markets.
A black veil phia Press.
by act blent and couldn’t get out," re­ surface of the water.
and $85,000 respectively for Federal fire on and eink junks and other craft built to connect them.
Portland—Walla Walla, 83c; blue-
Thia walk, if
hung above It like a mantle.
plied Jarvi, doggsdly.
It la generally mor. profitable to reck­ buildings at Oregon City and Baker
bringing supplies for Port Arthur from built, will be a great convenience to stem, 88c; valley, 87H<-
The boat continued to head for the contending fishermen lay upon their on up our detects than to boast of our at­
Tacoma—Bluestem, 86c; club, 68c.
bicyclists and pedestrians.
The first blush of tainments.—Carlyle,
breakers. Jarvi looked coolly out Into oars and arms.
Toilers of the Golumbia