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    Supplement to the Klamath Republican. Thursday. October 20. 1904.
face ami another bail gash across the
breast over the heart. The latter
would undoubtedly have proven
J. H. Whittaker is Killed in Shaft fatal but for an account book which
Bradburn carried in his pocket. It is
\t Klamath Canal Campa*
claimed that the Indian was drunk.
ny's Works.
What thi«.country wants now 1»
men not a few of them, but a mul­
titude avast majorit y of her cltiiena,
who shall I* Just such men as Tlnsi-
dorv Rix»sevi'lt, of strong and nigged
physique, shirking no labor, however
hard, able to stand the strain ot stur­
dy integrity, guided by high civic
Ideals, standing Intlevlbh and inexor­
ably for the (rutli and the right. Ills
own words trom Ills address, "The
strenuous Life," may lx> taken as the
very hasls and foundation for anew
»•»urve of philosophy and national pol­
icy which will guard against all six'ial
dangers if the people of tIlls country
will but Ins'd them:
A very sadaccktait ocenrrcd Satur­
day atlvrniMMi at 2:45 In shaft no. 3 of
the Klamath Canal (Annpany'ii tunnel.
J. AA. Whittaker and Albert Sher­
Garrett AV. Fish, who waaoperated
man. a surveyor were climbing the upon tor appendicitis on tkUolier 5th,
I wider In the shaft. It appears they died Monday morning at 3 i»’chx-k.
were car-'leiHi and wen* racing to see agist 37 years, 3 months ami 23 days.
which would reach the top hrst. The While tile patient lingered for nearly
shaft is 51 f<*et deep and when aixiui two weeks after the operation Dr.
10 feet front tile top. Sherman who Maston claimed there was no possible
was ahead made a misstep and lost Impe of recovery.
his balance, lie fell on Whittaker
Garrett W Fish was txirn .lune 25,
hut succeeded in catching hold of the |StiT. at llix'kfnrd. Illinois. Ileeaine
wire cable. They both fell tn the west with llis mother when alxiut
bottom. Whittaker striking on his nine years old anti spent 14 years in
head, killing him instantly. Sher- I'aliforni'i. He then moved to Klam­ tn the la«t •nalroi« ia healthy »late can i - a
man somehow miraculously escaped ath county. where he was married til i«t an!y when the men an*l womev who make
it t p trad » lean, v igeroun. healthy Uvea, when
with nothing more than a badly mm Mary E. I*ur«ly rm Nov. IS, tsss. ||, the A’hddrvtt at«- »u I rat nett that they »hail eu
hand. Assistance was summoned anil lived near Merrill, where lie owns a dravttr nut tn shirk ItCIvuhte» but to over
ci»mc them; not to »evk va»e but t<» know how
the laxly brought to the top. \ cor­ ranch.until alsrnt a year ago when tie to wrcxi triumph (rout lull and rl«k The
oner« jury was empanneled compos.-d moved w th his family to Klamath man mu»t tw glad to do a »all's work, to date
of J. G. Pierce, Frank Wark. IL E. Falls. The «ns'easisl leaves a wifi and ritdiir»' an«! It» labor, to keep hhnnell and
to keep tho-v dependent upon him
The wo
Hunsaker. C. A. Lenz. A. C. Watson and three children to mourn his loss. man mu«t lw the hauv»He. the helpmeet of
and John M. Lewis. They brought Tlie funeral sevtoes ixvurred from the the h*»metrakvr. the w I m - a tv I ;ealou« nvdhvr
oi many healthy children
in a verdict as follows:
resilience at 9 ixtlock Tuesday morn­
Help is a remedy that gix-s to the
in the matter of the inquest over the ing. Interment w is made at Merrill
foundation. The wools ar»' those of
remains of J. >1. Whittaker deceased.
a leader and carry with them a warn­
G. H. Merryman, coroner.
We. the
ing and an admonition. Tbyixlore
jury duly empaneled and sworn in
1; xiscvelt lias coined a wool that we
the above entitled matter, do hereby
Attorney.General Crawford was in »liould take as « national watchword
tlml tbai the name of the deceased the City Saturday, enroute to latke­
was J. H. Whittaker, aged 34 years; view, where he will represent tiie and M'f It up .uya beacon light on ev­
that he came to his death on the 15th state in arguments in the suits lie- ery hilltop throughout the nation:
day <>f October, 1904. at Tunnel No. tween the Warner Valley settlers and "Homemaker."
3 of the works of the Klamath Canal the Warner Valley stock Company.
Company at Klamath Falls. Or., that This case lias tx'en before the court
the cause of death was a fall from for a number if years and tlie suit
shaft causing fracture of skull, and now is to test th»' title of the Warner
we further Hid that it was accidental st»x*k Company to the lands which
and no blame attaches to anyone. wer.Zsold them by the State as swamp
Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker have been lands. The aeturns m Hie d x-ket. for
residents of this city only a short lilts term relative to thi» ease are:
In a leading editorial In Maxwell’s
time. They came here from Oroville, State ot Oregon vs Warner Valley Talisman, Georg«1 II. Maxwell, one ot
Cal. The widow, who is only 17 Stock Co. To s»'t aside patent: War­ the best informed men on Irrigation
years old. is ieft with an infant child ner Valiev StoekCo v-. \ FTonningson in the I'nited States says: And tlxis ■
to care for.
A sulwcriptton paper Ejectment, and Warner Valley Stock of this generation who will enjoy
was circulated Sunday and over $100 C’s vs I’. E. Taylor. Ejectment.
these Ix'tietiis and a<lvantages ami the
was realised besides a contribution by
Col. C. A. Cogswell is attorney for untold and countl»*ss iinllions who will
the men working on the tunnel. the Warner Valley Stix-k Co and C. in th»' years and in the generation» to
The lunera) services were held Sun­ S. District Attorney John II Hall come Inhabit t hose lands and live in
day aftermxin f rom th»- residence ot lias charge of th»-case for the Hettiers. homes which will >»• there created
A. C. Beals.
Mr. Hall was unable to he present will owe the »great lx »in Which will l> •
A. L. Bradburn.a brother-in-law of
H. W. Kessee, who runs a saloon «t
Pfcard. was badly cut up last Satur­
day evening by > has. Heard a half
breed indian. Heard had been across
the street at «'has. Silvers’ place gnd
had trouble with a man by th- name
of Win. Mekee. He attempted to use
a knife but Mckeegot the best >»f him
and took it away from him. He then
gave it back and told him to keep it
in hfs pocket
Heard then left but
he evidently wanted trouble for he
went over to Bradburns, with whom
he wa* unfriendly, and began stick­
ing his knife Inta» the bar. Bradburn
orders) him to st ip but as he did not
comply, h'tslepped from behind ’he
liar and tirjs h »to of him. Picard
then tnrm-dand ’»*gaii using hi» knife
upon him. instead of th»1 bar. Brad­
burn was v»*ry serin.tsiy cut, a bad
gash across bleeps of arm, cut on the
Il I* Ant natuial that the I'euio
ernia xhvuld try to tlnd an Issue in
the l*hlll:p|iines. Everything ai hum»»
Is all rigai.
Grover Cleveland Is i-mitributin«
very tew uf his words that weigh a
|xilllld aplis’e to tile silppirt of tlie
lieiimeratlc ticket.
The I X'lnix'rat Ic opinion In a nut
shell mo'ins to lx> Hint the President
is a Ixul man. resulting In prosperity,
civil service and an 1st liinlaii canal.
(Lakeview Herald.)
J. IL Redding ami Mil Hluuniliig
camp went to AA’arner the ttist of tin-
Week to liny sllei'p.
•I N. Fitzgerald traded a tine heavy
team id mares to Gm. Ilogu» of Pals
ley, for twenty cows.
Will West the Oakland hor*-liuvei
laiught 54 head of tine li»»r« '» trom W
C. J ms ills Iasi week,
sheepmen report th«' rang«1 In lln>
»ha|x* and say that the recent rains
are bringing out tlie green grass.
The heavy rains that have tall« i
the past two weeks will put thrfal
range in excellent ciaulltlull.
A crowd of tllillx-r erillsi is [xisseo
through town Hie tirst uf th<* week »»li
their wav to th»' Silver Lake countr
where they will cruise a’xnit so.me.
acres of tiinlx'r land iwaatging to Hi--
Saginaw X Alanlsi«*»* Lnmtx>i <’»• >t
Alanlstet*. Midi.
Th»- old R o I h 'H s ranch «1 l»ai»
»iwnixl by ■•I’ncle" Billy Huberts wa-
sold tills we» k to Airs. 1 r n»'»-s I
and s »i> »>f Oakland <’»'
i'll»- prop-
ertv C’dltalns 4X0 a> i.-» and Iseinisid
• r»'d one >»f Hie best farm» m Alknl
valley. Til»' e«iiisiderat l-m wa» *J7o
Or»ler yu»ir lumlx'r at the new him
her yiini. Gisxl dry lumlx'r fkxiring
celling etc.
I5«lll Hrietensteln. Agent.
price |so I f >r eliiek
••ns at tlie Cential r>.>tanr.iiil
L. Alva Lewis fur rings.
is amici »x r»>H» I .4. iwn
.nd asked Mt. Crawford to argue the theirs to the clear-sighted colintge im»» lea««
T:» I v
motions for him.
and intli'xiluhty of purp»>se of Brawl-
&trr! Bridie*
7:46 ’•
Fall CrrN-k
•rio ••
dent Riiosevelr
It Is not possible to
k lauiftlh Mpr.nrf»
explain In such a way as to lx- under-
• .» A
stixxl bv anyone not familiar with ev­
»:.» ••
Ixv* l*’»k*’<Bf »«
!• M
Charlie Willard, a Mexi»*an and 1 n ery detail of th»' situation how much
Arrive |>HI«»
1 lo r M
•han. who has been boarding with til»-friends of tl^-national irrigation
K latitath Spring»
-1:M ••
intone Prairie, got on his ciMtmuary inove’nent owe to Praaidenl Ki»Mie-
Fall t irrM
m«**’ Rri.t«.
• : IS
weekly jag and preceded Sunday veit for his aid In bringing about th1
morning to work of! his surplus amendments to the irrigation lull in
S O»
K tail»«»' i: ¡AM» H R Co
energy on .Antone, with tlie result this S'sslon of Congress.
that the latter is wearing a very his interest and friendly interposition
much disfigure»! face.
H* was it is d »ubtfiil wheth»T the amend-
O. < - IV a WKS*
brought before Judge Grau-» M inlay moots of l he hill could have Ixs n a»-
charged with assault and bi'tery. to coinpliktied. Hail it not been for th-
which lie plead».*«) guilty.
II*' was Pri*ident. th»'friends of th»' Nation
»;n thr
hi n
tin-d *50 and in default of payment al irrigation movement who stand for
w i» committed to jail for 25 day.
Klamath Fall», (Iregort.
hoine-making as against land sp»s'ula-
t.ion. won d have had to light and de­
L. Alva Lewis for lodg»> pins.
feat : h»1 compromise committe»- lull
Wlien trotting your moth ■ -m .w
ind then i-gin all over again gatl»-r
yo i should tie careful not t»» give ner
their hire» a and make a new »tart hi
a glass of Graham A <r\.-t"- iron
I iiav»t i»»r »«at»- rtv»»t 2h »if th.
the nexM'ongTMa. As it Is now. th»-
beer, if you do she will slay with
» II*He*'»» I -sidi'n»-»' !<»•» on th ■
« irk .if the last three years has is—n
you the rent of the year.
. reserved by the action of th»' Preai- : Ew tuna lleighta. Easy terms.
See th» new line of shirt w . sis a’ >i»»n* and the bill Is now In such
M»»nlluy payim'iits.
the City Novelty
W it. '»•'■I’ii Klamath Fall»
sti.it» '. i.it every friend of th»» horn»--
L. Air i L»*wls fot el»x*ks.
teal •• in I eirtlly support It.
Notary Public.