Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, February 11, 1904, Image 4

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    - Jr.
M Values
Reames $ Jen
We have already placed orders for an unsurpasse
room MUST be made for these. To
Sale to continue
Dress Goods.
• *
«5 cent All wool Albatross
75 cent all wool Henrietta
«5 cent, Casaimere
65 cent plaid dress goods
25 cent Jacquards dress goods
•5.50—9 yard pattern Snow Flake
5.50— 6 yard pattern Woo) Covert
7.50— 8 yard pattern Zebeline
6.00—8 yard pattern Zebeline
2.50— 4 yard pattern French flannel
35 cent Venetian waist Inga
40 cent Tricot
Ä0 cents
55 cents
45 cents
50 cents
16 cents
4. 25
6. 00
4. .75
1. 75
25 cents
30 cents
Gloves and Mittens.
« ♦ 35 cent
35 cent
’ ♦ 25 cent
4» 25 cent
25 cent
ladies special Golf gloves
ladies fleece lined gloves
ladies wool mittens
Infants mittens
Misses mittens
25 cents
25 cents
20 cents
20 cents
20 cents
Ready to wear Garments.
»10.50—1-42 Ladles Jacket
7.50—1-36-Ladies Blouse
5.50— 1 40 Ladies Walking Skirt
8.50— 1 42 Ladies Walking Skirt
7.00—2 42 Ladies Press Skirt
4.50— 1-8 years Child's Jacket
5.00—116' years Missess Skirt
Ladies Underwear
• 1.25 Ladies All Wool Underwear
1.50 Ladies All Wool Union Suits
75 cent .Misses All Wool Union Suits
1.00 Ladies Outing Flannel Underskirts
1.50 Ladies Outing Flannel Underskirts
75 cent Ladies Outing Flannel Underskirts
1.00 Ladies Knit Underskirts
1.50 Ladies Outing Flannel Night Gowns
1.25 Ladies Outing flannel night gowns
1.00 Ladies Outidg flannel night gowns
50 cent Child's Knit Skirts
Knit Goods and Hose.
»1.00 Ladies Knit Fascinators
75 cent ladies knit fasinators
40 cent ladies knit fasinators
1.25 ladies knit slippers
Mens and Boys Ready flade Suits, Overcoats, Pant;
Country Produce taken in exchange for Goods
Groceries, Dry Good,
Clothing, Furnishing Goods,
Boots and Shoes.
a complete and up to date line of
Staple Goods.
W. W. HAZEN, Proprietor,
Horses boarded by day, week or month.
nay an(] Grain bought and sold.
Passengers conveyed to all parts oi Southern Oregon
and Northern alifornia at the very lowest rates.
Telephone Connection Between Stable and Hotel
Linkville. Phone Main 14
VC1 y •
We are still Doing Business
at ttie old stand
We now have the
and the effect was palpable during
the week. But a war in the Orient
is not at all certain. The truth te
both nations halt because the great
sinew of war, money, is not in abund­
ance In either treasury. Russia h&j
a big gold reserve, but on It is resting
millions upon millions of paper
Take away the gold and the papei
sinks rapidly in value and every busi
ness experiences trouble. There may
be war. of course, but it is far from i
certainty at this time.
According to the Washington P(«t
already thousands of theorists anc
doctrinaries In all parts of the count
ry are agitating governmental contro
of public utilities. We are asked t<
advocate the absorption of railway,
telegraph, banking, and other faclltie,
involving, of course, the creation of t
countless swarm of salaried official)
and leading up to a condition undei
which the public functionary will tn
the rule and the private citizen th<
exception- By a very slight project
ion of the theory thus far developer
we shall have the government It
charge of our marketing, our fuel, out
weekly wash, our diet, our drink, oui
theology, and our moral and intellect­
ual codes. Individuality will be abol­
ished; personal merit becomes a thing
of no account; from cur theology dowr
to the cut of our trousers and the man
agement of our families, the whol<
power and responsibility «nd discre­
tion will pass to the government.
Nearly 3000 Sheep Shot and Clubbed
to Death in Lake County.
• .->
d .»wuat
t ■»•h, W sutaii»^ •'
esq v T m !
ramento, county o! Wacramento vta'e nr
Calif, sworn statement No 2765 lor the
purchase of the s,qr »rqr, xsqr HKqr,
» half seqr, aec*4, twp 40 h r 13 r.
Annie h Browning of 2107-22 at, Sac
ramento, county of Sacramento, utate of
Calif, sworn utati mi-nt No 2766 for the
pnrchaAe of the ewqr »wqr, w half swq,
sec :t5 twp 40 h r 13 r. ami swqr swqr
sec 2 twp 41 a r 13 r. w m .
That they will offer proof to show flint
the land nought in more valuable for it.
timber or atone than for agricultural
purposes and toestablinh their claim to
said laml In-fore C H witbro« , I' 8 i-orn-
miseioner al Klamath Falls, Or, on Mon­
day the L5th>lav of February, IGO*.
They name an witnesses: 0 H Erick­
son, If A Foster of Klamath Falls, Or,
Charles Hrownmg jr, Annie 11 Browning
of Sacramento, Calif, eloyd it R oss of
Centerville, Calif, Gordon St Clair of
Sisson, Cal.
Anv and all persons claiming adverse­
ly the above-described lands are request­
ed to file their claims in this office on or
before said 15th day of Feb, lt«04
E. M. Brattain, Register.
The following report comes from
Silver Lake. The herder for the Mc-
Kune sheep came In from the sheep
camp near Christ mas Lake Wednesday
on hand we have ever had made up.
bringing the startling news that the
Our Stock is complete in every detail. Our aim is to treat camp had been visited by five masked
men the night before and the larger
trade right and give the best values for the money
part of the band of sheep were slaugh­
to be had. Repairing and Carriage Trim­
ming done by competent men.
The five masked men were all heav­
ily armed and proceeded to do their
work in a deliberate way. The herd­
er was first taken care of and while
Main Street,
Klamath Falls, Oregon.
one man guarded him the other four
Those who opposed the purchase of proceeded with their part of the work.
The sheep had been corraled for the
Alaska in 1867 were firmly of the
opinion that we were putting our night and were easy to get at. They
Republican in Politics, and devoted to the money into a dreary waste of land, took the night for their work, using
Tlxubcr, Agricultural, Stock and Wool interests from which the government would knives, clubs and guns In the whole­
TIMRItK LAMP, ACT Jt’NR 3, 1878—
of the great Klamath County.
Notice for Publication.
never receive a dollar in return. The sale slaughter. With the approach of
United States Land Office, Lakeview,
country to-day is one of our richest day they took their departure with
the parting injunction that other Or, October 27, 1903. Notice is hereby
Published every Thursday by
that in compliance with the pro­
sheep using that range would be treat­ given
visions of the act of congress of nine 3,
The Exposition Transportation ed In a similar manner unless they 1878, entitled “An act for the sale of
timber lands in the states of California,
Company, of St. Paul, have published were moved soon.
E ditor and P bohhstor .
Oregon, Nevada and Washington terri­
an artistically illustrated booklet out­
tory,” as extended to all the public laml
• VMCBirTION ratu :
lining a trip on steamboats via tha only a small remnant of a band of over states by act of August 4, 1892,
Ove) A Hilliard of Klamath rails,
Ose year (tn advance)................................ *2 W Mississippi River to the Louisiana Pur­ 3000 sheep were left. Upon receipt
county of Klamath, state of Or, lias
chase Exposition next summer. The of the news Guy McKune came to filed in this office his sworn statement
THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 11, 1904. project is as attractive as It Is unique this place and telephoned Sheriff Dun­ No 2748 for the purchase of the sw'j
sec 14, sk ^ mz H H e <:
lP 38 s a
for it contemplates the use of the lap who will make thorough investiga­ 9 swl^,
steamboats as floating hotels during tion of the affair.
ond will offer proof to show that the
Of course war la “inevitable” In the the tourist's stay In St. Louis.
While only a meagre account of the land sought is more valuable for its tim­
ber or stone than for agricultural pitr-
far cast,, but somehow oi other the There are other features of the trip
killing can be had at this time enough ixises and to establish his claim to said
blamed thihg seems to be tn a side­ which will doubtless appeal strongly
has been learned that the killing was ami la-fore C II withrow, IJ 8 Commis­
to the majority of the World’s Fair done by five masked men and certain sions at Klamath rails, Or, on Satur­
day the 13th day of reb, 1904.
visitors, many of whom are already parties are suspected and start 11 ng dis­
lie names as witnesses: will Humph
The statesman who opposes digging making their reservations.
closures are expected to take plat« in rev, Theodore Bryant, II A willis, C It
DeLap, all of Klamath rails, Or.
the Panamacanal will soon be able to
the near future.
Any ami all persons claiming adverse­
see hta finish without the aid of a tele­
War news from the east works In
The cause for the killing is attri­ ly the above-deecribed lands are re­
two ways. A probability of war un­ buted to the fact that the sheep were quested t> tile their claims in this office
on or before Raid 13th day of reb, 1904,
settled financial affairs, but at the on range used by cattlemen.
E. M. Brattain, Register,
A gentleman In Switzerland claims same time It has an excellent effect
While the amount of sheep reported
that he has invented an electrical con­ on almost all of America’s leading killed may be over estimated It Is a
TIMHHR I,AND, ACT .tt’NK 3, 1878,—
trivance that will kill off an army at product*. Wheal, corn, cotton, anil hard loss to Mr. McKune and he will
Notice for publication.
one single shock. Here’s a chance provisions are sensitive when war is leave nothing undone to hunt down
United States L-iml office Lakeview,
*••• Columbia to lick Uncle Sam.
rumored and always strong in price, the parties who done the killing.
oregon, October 27, 1903. Notice is here
Fingst Line of Harness and Saddles
• l> ...
Herbert n. Haiming of Mrt'loarf,
couiity of siskivou State of Uslifomis
sworn stHisnivnt Nu 2MI for Ilie pur­
chase ol thea'.NRU, Nw'.-E', NEL
Hw', sec 25 Tp .38 8., R |J E « (|
rhat thev will öfter pr.sd t>> show
tliiil tliv l.irnl «on^ht im mort* valugblH
Inr itn thnhrr or »Um« than for a«ricti|.
*"r“' l’"rl....... and to eatablt.li their
Claim to sind und hrforeC. ||. aithrow
I .8. Commissioner at Klamath f-sll.
oregon 011 Tuewlay tf„.
,|My ,)( j.-r|,
"* wi*"'Amy
I . I-l.esl, llerlert s. Maiming’ Florence
Mannmg. Ellis a. Clark all „f M.-Clmtd
< Hhlornia, Mike Ds.her of Ktamalh
Falls oregon. Any and all is-ranna
claimmg adversely t|w als„«.,|,.w.ri|MMl
to Hl.. t|„.lr r|,iw.
m Hits oltireon or twfore seid Ultli <lay
Of reb. j‘.MH
_________ M- B rattai » Register.
The first action when you have a
cold should be to relieve the lungs.
I his is 1« st accomplished by the free
use of Chamberlain's Cough Retnerlv.
Hus remedy liquefies the tough mil.
eus ami causes Its expulsion from the
air cells of the lungs, pr>shi<es a free
expectoration, and opens the secre­
tions. A complete cure wsm follows,
fills remedy will cure a «ver,. ,.(,|d |n
, n it leaves the systom In a natural
and healthy condition. It. counter-
acts any endem-y ,.OWMrf|
F >r Hale by C. (X Chitwood.
If r°wr
are IVeak and
Sight Poor
Eye W m I i
testimonial .
t*-.rmIetWArMt,Tut’r':::,,’j*h *'**•
»t«.m ,ny
am b. II.-II . .I wonderfully
with hewlmlm,
','"1 1
ebanccs in Klam*
1 atb County.
Jas. Sigler, Prop’r
First Class Horses
Fine Carriages
Feed Stables.
Teams with or without Drivers
Phone. Hom 193
Daily-by Daylight-betwcen
Klamath Falls and Pokegama
Connecting with Klamath Lake R. R. for all Points on S. P- P- P‘
Shortest Route, Best time and Accommodations.
WslUr .Morrland.
Mammoth Stables, Largest and Moat Centrally Local*!-
flamed F;,.H, st,,;
For child or adults i,v „
- H
Address DK. j.\ ¡N'":;1 ,1'V7,U'
gon Insinui,, of ttpi, ,„'¡r ’’Or,j-
I ravolorH oonvoyotl to nil points <*t rciiHontil'h*
care given to stock.
Telephon« 101.
R. W. MARPLE, ?ropr,ct°r'