Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, April 03, 1902, Image 1

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l Al.I.s,
KLAMATH COUNTY, (!|{E<i(!X, Al’KIL 3, 1902.
Pa««rd Awiy ftutlully .t Hit Homa Near
A Cornpr»hen«iv« Review of the Important
Itappanlnqi of the Paet Week, I’reeentrd
In a
Condeiued form, Whnh 1« Mint
likely to Prova of Intereit to Our Many
The Indications are for an early ad­
journment of ««ingress.
Cecil jtliish*», "tin* uncrownisl king
of South Africa,” is dead.
Nlnlit ha» quit» «l**»«*l 1». • »'«bl »«
Miss Ellen M Stone, the American
„.mon illy Wild aud vluleut. wbra on«»
missionary , ia on her way home.
m lPr tl... »..I1U«I **r wheel, upon th» «ravel
There may Is* some difficulty in the
• Hh mt • af lie. Vera'a ear
.he had l*een llat»uli>« far It
Unil«l States getting u coaling station
. |. rxeu In • n>»a»«ir» prepare«! for It,
in Cui«
bui e«.n If •**. Ihla *!**ea not prevent th»
A passenger train struck a buggy in
„i.hl.ii «»Hated .han«» that ov»rapr«*a*la
the suburbs ol Pueblo, killing its three
I,rr f.,,w aa ah» heae» It.
Iler pulaea Idctnze ** torve t« m.m-rve h«*r.
qni.keu utipl»a»anll/ aud diis half rl»»a
And I* * a •)>. i from the beach! A is-cuplillts.
■la.k *,l.y.. t being dragged forward, a
|o her feet
Another mount«! force of 2.0(H) men
p.-rhape meant to reach
An h'»Ut ’w*
&»•••« •n‘’
’• ,n valiant
|ier reooi
for dinner.
a th ••» mi.eta* » «.,ula hovering on death's is Is’lng raised ill Camilla for service hi
blink ai l ■ k-
, ouragi. to their falling South Africa.
•ervaut btlntf« her • note.
I h«»r J »
y»*» for the hind In
• tbe fr b**at. amt now
Two mask«l men held up an I
Tiiail»n which Grtnrldn
' 1,11 t, ire he. suddenly
become pot in, Kali., hotel, but wen* unable
nraui «Hitler» hate ««»inpclled me tn entne P
,.r n|,,,* r .Il
break into the safe.
brrr again f«»r the laat time tonight,
IL |g »«I.lently ad
t«. tre-pa»«. h»r the laat time, upon jrutir dre».mg th* m w th passionate words, and
The president Is receiving dozens <4
I brg >ou will not let mjr
' r I."at, end with applications lor the governorship of the
pre.« n r disturb you. my atajr will be au renew,-d el ■ |U* I- aerina to Cotll|H*l those Danish West
Indies, should tb«>H-
abort that I dare to hope you «111 U"t present to f->||ow him
III« Toler, In Its I.lamia Is* sold to th«* United State»,
vehemence, rises even sbovo tbr storm.
mark the u<»n<lng or going’*
A ;
<»f color dy*a Vers’t Not that the etri* Lun girl rrou* hing with
A force of laigtina rela-ls has »nr-
face, dir lay* »ha letter with
her KH'lt nrmls that tea n*n*lered.
ah>wnr«a upoa ’ - table near
that It la be whom ber
Cuba will Is* turn«**! over to th«* Cub­
My iwtiiiplim* • to Mr. !»yaart, aud I
hupr be will dine with tue tonight.** ahr
v »ra sts.-g.ra tn her feet and «tare« ans May 20.
aaya, calmly, but with an unruuarloua blindly
*b» asmi darkoeaa A hearty
Thera have lawn 40 cholera «'axes and
loiirb <>f hauteur
liuw dur« he date to *«y g «■ .p fr..m those crowded together
30 doutlia at Manila.
treat her like thia, to pcralat In believing ■ •a the l.ra* b
Tb» mista bave clear»«!
• or rather, tu pretend to believe that away from ib» muon, and aba can a»»
A St. Joseph, Mo., man is under ar­
la eu diataatefui to het 1 fi» Wril
tbu»r eager watchers that the rest for having 13 wives.
What la he t > her. unr way or the other,
at were upon tbe rig
Ein|»*ior William’s new yacht, th«*
that «hr ahould rare «barber be waa In glu« et» u longer ther».
bet hnuae nr OUt of It?
Ilo» bai» been aiicieaaful, then, •• Meteor, will Is* ready to cross the ocean
At dinner, however, abe w’ll have an <•
I«, tabs* thoae five half. in a few’ day«.
apportunltjr of widening b'.a knowledge d*-a I -o-at nee into the bl«-aaed lifeboat.
Two men, charg«! with grand lar­
aotn« what
It will l>r the aimpleat thing H
t «b» rea* io re could go through
ceny, sawed their way out of a Mon-
t * Irt hint are how utterly unimportant • ba »ea In safety, they can return.
au itrn* hr la hi the aa heme of brr ellat
A bl».»* J r»l »f comes to ber, so sharp Una jail ami esca|>o«l.
*pa rdly, (bat she almost give»
I‘r»-sident-<*l«t I'slma. of Culm, i-
rjr« a* altr (itrna to rr«Tive the Wuman •ay
* th It
11*» good ship. Indeed, confiilent that the earner of the n* w re­
who haa n-»w rutne bark with an auawer
* g' : . U !.*■ < the black. Indiatim i mesa
public will is* siicces-ful.
(<> her ii>«*«aagr to I>y«art.
• t 4 a nun-ite aim», now all le bar»—
I’b'-re la a timidity In the woman'« air tl.».» la but a»a and aky, and tb» memory
Judge W. Van Drvanter, of Chii-ago,
of It' Bit the lifeboat still livre.
that « arna her
has l»*en prominently mention«l as u
"Mr l>yaart*a rompllmenta and thanks,
ward la«h of tb» temp»atuoiui su<'c«*»is>r to Secretary of the Interi r
ntndamr, but he haa already dined !u »at«. ! >r. tba lifeboat tb» mor» sur» Hit*li«s*k.
!• I ’ ■belter,
a! » <rr. until al laat It touches
town **
The M*nat<> ia working on the oh-e
A Litudre«!
I ftah tt thia bracelet.” aaya Vera, hold
lotudred «-»ger
eager banda ara
Ing out her arm
Kbr 1« aware that the • list* bed fl it to prrvi-nt th» returning margarine bill.
*> a* • ft .in ■trying It backward, sotue of
woman ia watching her, rurlomdy If nrr
An Alalsima negro was lyncii«! for
v ialy, and abe •<» m<»vro that the atidden the men to re «dimturou« than the root,
pallor ■ f hrr face, the aole thing that ru»b Into th» «urging tide up to their tli<* ax-ault of u little white girl.
•h v « her Itidlgnatk»n. shall n >t betray • . > * ani — •» the boat an t drag It for-
An agent of the Southern China
' That will du; you ran go.” abe cibiy Into safety.
el« has arriv«l in thia «»untry to
•a)« after awhile
She aw«-epa down
•ta'ra alnmat In the arrvant’a fooUttrpa. re. u»d h t* t iw eaha*ret»d by fear and
and Into the green drawing room, a
Governor General Wo«si. of Cub
• mailer apartment than the uaual re« ep r-l * it there at» kindly anus open to ts-ing talked of as a sun ess«ir to I
than r<*«>m«. and n«»w looking delicately r» » <» * * n> and kindly vole»» to bld oral Miles.
euty iMtiealh the touches of lamps an*! them w. ..tn» and to praise the God of
An ex-premier of Japan aaya hi
ftrel ght. and with the perfuma of many ... a t land for tb»ir delivery from
«■entry «not going to have any trouble
death thl. n gbt.
flowers banging around It.
W h a hurried wav» of the band he with Russia.
I be wind, the thunder, the lightning.
•HU rage, but the rain has ceased, and turn, al * iptly away from th» cheering
A Kansas |*<>»t office roblier ha» been
**d and the dancing torchlights, and
'□ the murky heavens above, a pale, sick
ly riio -n la striving f«rbly to break a way niah*-e hie way through the heavy dark captunsl <>n th«* Pacific coast after a
thr** jgb »he denar clottda
Suddenly the n*-.a ' iwa.-d thr small pathway that will churn* of over 5, 000 miles.
d<»»r is thrown open by an agi’ated banal, lea l I * the t a*! above. Stumbling, un
Ttie mineworkers «»«ocistion of Penn­
and the woman who had attended her *■» tan • I freling altogether »xhauated. sylvania has issu«l an ultimatum, and
upstairs comet hurriedly, without cert lie ne*erthe *»a hmia It. and puts out his if it is not accvpt«s| by the mine owner»
baud ’ gr■ ;•» for the rock that he knows
m<>ny, Into the room
a re|M*titi*m of the 1900 strike w ill oc-
<>b, madame, I thought you would like steads at tb» right aide of It, where the
cur in tin* anthracite region.
to know that you should be told ** aha beach contmrni eo.
‘Go l heavetMi, what la thia?
at »I»«, tflghteurd by tbt aBpresalvn on
A ntnn has liven arrested in
eta ta v! uitly. and then hla fingers fast
Vera'a face.
«in for burglary who «»nf«*»se»
Well?'' says Vera, going a step nearer en with aln st convulsive energy over is an anari'liiat anil that lie
rhe ams'l * "Id hand that haa been thrust
to her.
Into his
A shsrp little cry breaks handkerchief over tin* hand of Cxolgosz
"There la a ship In great dlatrcwa. ma
through the darkneM. and then th» «9*1 just prior to th«« sliisiting of McKinley.
dame somewhere out
there,“ pointing
hand Is burilrdly withdrawn, and two
Cholera has broken out at Manila.
vaguely in the direction of the ocean,
arms sre thrown round him, and cling to
“upon the rm ka. they aayt
Tbe<e Is
him «Itb pae.lonat» vehemence.
A coal miners' strike in Virginia and
a< ar< ely any hope
"It Is )ou you! And you arw safe! West Virginia ia prolmble.
Hut the life boat?** crle»! Vera, aharp
Oh. Seat«»! Ob. thank heaven, tbauk
ly. forgetting everything now but the aw
A hardwan* trust lias ts*en forn>e<l
ful thought of death and death to near
a capital of <30,000,000.
Whoa» voice ia It? Not Vera’s? Vara!
- out there upon those cruel rocks, with
A combine ia living fornusl in New
tbe boiling, murderous wa>ew leaping to and yet the dinging arms ar» warm, lie-
g. and genuine; thr sobbing voice Is York which, if complet«!, will control
receive their prey.
res! a small disheveled head la very do»» th«» entire nickel output of the world.
“Yea. madame, but that accident yea
trrday you will remember It? they say to him very Wbat haa happeued? lias
Tin* new Chine»«* exclusion bill o»n-
It baa disabled all of the men. and It la hr gone mad?
Il*- Is «li'islly pal»* white aa th» death tains a clanm* which will prevent China
almost certain death to go at all, and the
from wbi< h ha baa but Just now so nar­ from participating in the 8t. louis
hands being short, there must be volun
rowly e.* »p»d, aud acr.ma bit right tern (air.
terra, an >1 who will risk their lfv»»---
tli» towiibred girl »top, »h*»rt with a pl ' there 1» a »light streak of blood, atill
Th«* Canadian Pacific freight sheds at
qulv«^1, ami covers her face with b»r wet Thl. add« to hla pallor. Vera, see­
Winnipeg were burn««!, together with
ing IL shudder» violently, and Involun
"Volunteers! Wfiera la Mr. Dyaartf tartly, almoat unconsciously, lifts her all freight r«*cor«is for tin* past 22 year«.
rrlrv Vera, auddenljr, with prophetic In ham!, ami preesea her handkerchief to la*ss, <150,000.
allncf. "Mp»ak, girl!’’ tunilug llercely uu the wound.
Th«* senate pass«l the war revenue
Speak’." aaya he, and now the word
her tnai«l.
rv*)«eal bill.
"Gone down to the beach, madame. to is a command. It rings sharply. Thera
la a very anguish of doubt In hla tone,
Th«* house has pass«**! tin* rivers and
tee what can lie done.”
“Gone!" aaya Vera, alowly, aa If daaed. anil hl* ay** burning Into here, are ao harlsirs bill.
and th»n ngain, ‘‘«on»!” A llttl» convlu
President Risisevelt will retire Gen.
alv» idilver ruua through her It la the terly unnerve her.
The strain of the paat terrible hours Mile» in tin* near future.
final breaking up of any lingering d«~
hna been to*’ aevere. ami now ahe sinks
««'Ha, any ln»t lllualon», that abe may
Th«« bill for the protection of the
beneath It Bhe bursts Into tears.
■till luvve clung to.
"Oh. ya* X»"* yes!" ahe cries, giving president has pa»i*«l th«» »enate.
"<>rd«T the carriage," ah» aaya, after n
him thus vaguely the answer he require«.
minute or two, during which miatnwa an*!
The anthracite coal miners of Penn­
In a moment his arms are round her,
niiild have remnlnn! silent. Thia aiiddcn
criiahlnc her against Ilia heart. To him sylvania have demand«l an eight h"<ir
wnkhiii up ha» hern no far a shock that those Incoherent words are full of sweet
It line kill«-*! all lnim«ilate nervouan«*»»
r.t tnearnn«
Yes, «hr loves him. Wh<>
8lu* frrla chilled, calmed, atrrngthrn«!.
Another delay in the ratifleation of
»hall tell the Joy this knowledge brings
The moon haa In a meaaure * onqner«! him J**? that la almost pain?
tin* Panish treaty by the Danish gov­
th«* cloinU, and now alilnea out with a
"Darling, darling!" whispers he. softly. ernment lias ln*en brought alsmt by the
pale, watery luster, (bat rather adds to
And th»*1 «R»r * "t’1» while, "I am too upfxisition.
than take, from the weird wildness of
happy* I •**’ n,>, know what to say
the night, Tli» thunder still rattles over
lairge holdings in the Rock Island
cannot apenk.” And then again, "May
head, atul vlvlil tluahc. light the black
have been purchased by the Harriman
I kl"«« you?”
be»». Here and there, aa the carriage
Hi* J*«*» not welt for permission, hut interests and now that road will not lie
paaaca by the outskirts of thr wood, these
prr.acs hla lip* to hers dear lipa, that extend«! to th«« coast.
Intermittent burets of light show where
ki.a him back again, with honest, heart­
a tree hna been felled, or the road ripped
An inventory of Collin P. Hunting-
felt gladness.
up, or a ainall bridge carried bodily
(The end.)
ton's estate shows it to l>e worth altout
away by the force of the swollen cur­
rent underneath.
The British marquis working before
All through the deadly crashing of the tin* mi-*i han turned up in St. Helena
William J. Bryan celebrated his 42d
•torui a booming sound may be heard at
on n nailing vi*sael plying between En­ birthday by moving onto his farm near
long Intervala.
Half maddened by It,
«nd l>y that other greater fear, Vera Ilea gland anti Australia, nccordlng to the Lincoln, Neb.
Mt. Helena Guardian. It 1« the Munitila
liack In the carriage, pressing her flu
Santos-Dumont, the Brazilian aero­
g**ra row to her eara, now to her throb of tlraham. eldeat non and heir of the
I Hike of Montrose, 21 yearn of uge. lie naut, is in London and expects to make
I'ing brow, that feels aa If It were burat
want« to Ond out nil about the mer­ ascensions during the coronation sea­
Arrive«! at the entrance to the village, a chant marine aud to earn a master’« son.
drive of about a mile from Greycourt, certificate.
Parisians are discussing a plan of
■lie stupa the carriage, and opening the
erecting wireless telegraph systems in
door springe to the ground. A sudden
Jnpaneae Clock».
gust of wind passing by almost da«hea
Japan Import« American aprlngs an<1 that city to tHke the place of tele­
her to rhe earth, but by a superhuman
manufacture« clock« no cheaply that phones.
effort she defies It, and half blind«! by
J. A. Alexander, a rich and respected
the fiashlng lightning, and bewildered by only the very loweat grade» can be lin
• he raging storm, she turns aside, and ported.
merchant of Casa, Ark., turns out to be
runs panting, struggling, down a aide
I,Ire only for to day aud you ruin to* James Huddleston, an escaped convict
pathway that alia knows leads to the
from Texas.
morrow. Slmmoua.
beach below.
Cap« Town.
Cape Town, March 27.—( « ¡1 Jtlmdw,
■ lied |.«*aei,fully a;
,7 p v| ye-t.-r-
«lay. II*' slept in th«* aft«*ru<N»u, but
Ilin breath Incum«* dillu tilt ami his
stri ngth i-.r* . ptihly diniini»h«l until
ho pa,-«•<! away. M
w i*»ii« until 6 ;55 1‘. M.,
l«*r«l a few word» and rank ipnetly.
fho immediaU* cailMi of hi» death wa»
two sue«esaivi* attic ks of heart failure.
Mr. RI iim I m ' lunl word» were the
names of hi» brother and a«,me of the
«»them present, which were meant to lie
The Isnly will 1« taken to Groot-
UIN hiiur, tin* residence of the deceased,
m ar La]»* luwn, on a »|» < ial train to­
day. There it will probably lie in
stab* for a day or two, ami the publie
will l«e u<lmitt«**l to view the remains.
It lia- not yet l»< n determined where
lie will I«* I»uri«l. 11 wan the wish of
Mr. Rbtxlen to I»- interr«! at Matoppo
Hill», l;ho*l*.-i.i. (ertsin of Inn friend»
will pr*z*«-l to Matopi»! Ililln to deter­
mine whether it m pra* tn able to iurry
out this wi«h.
Th«* government han d«-i<leJ to give
Mr. Rb*ide» a public funeral. Hi- re­
mains will I»- brought here tr >m Hr mt-
eM'huur lor the burial service, which
will le held in the cathedral.
I he
Indy will -etlien t.ik**n back U» Gr«»»t-
escliuur, and < ventually w ill I«' iuteir«!
at Matoppi Hili.
NO. .»‘J.
Maaiure follow« That of Coopar.
W Judya TafL
Washington, March 27.—The Repub­
ON MAY 20.
lican member« of the house committee
on insular affairs are rapidly j*erf« ting
Commercial and I inancial happenings of Iwv the bill providing a civil form of gov­ Secretary Root flat Ordered th« Withdrawal
In th©
of All Troop« Excapt a Small fore« of
portance A Brief Review >f the Growth ernment for the Philippine«,
Artillery, which Remain« Temporarily —
and Improvements of the Many Industries
Treaty Obligation« Mutt b* Aitumcd
Throughout Our I hriving Commonwealth
and favor«l by Judge Taft.
Naw Government.
—Latest Market Report.
In its prenent form the bill provides
for the institution of civil government
Die i ri-anu ry plant at Junction City in the Philippines when the govern- I Washington, March 27.—Secretary
will soon Is* in operation.
inents all certify to the president that Ror>t has wadi* public bis order to Gen­
A party of alsntt 20 immigrants ar- a state of permanent peace has l«*en se- eral Wood directing him to turn over
rived in Yamhill county a few days ago enred. Thereafter a census is t*i he the government and control of Cub« to
held ami tbe i-lands divided into dis­ its people May 20 next. The order re­
from l'eniiessee.
tricts. A legislative assembly is cre­
A commi rcial club has been organ­ ated, consisting of two houses. The up- quires tbeCuban government to assume
ize! at I re. w iter to further the inter­ j*er bouse is to some 'extent a contin­ all treaty obligation» and directs Gen­
eral W«xxl to lontinuoan artillery force,
est» of that city.
uance of the Philippine commission. to avoid leaving tbe i-land entirely *le-
The Golconda mine, in the Cracker The lower house of Philippine assem­ fensele-s, until the Cubun government
< rec« dirtriit, seven miles west of blymen is to be elect«l by the people. »hall have < p|s>rtnnity to organize its
Today’» tension of tbe senate com own forces. General U«*o«l also is di-
Sumpter, has Imeii sold for <250.000.
mittee was devoted to a consideration rect*«l to convene the Cuban congre»»
Tbe btiHinesa men of Salem, now of that portion of tbe Philippine gov
before May 20. He al»* is direct«! to
that a flax mill is assured, are working ernment bill which refers to the land
cormult with President-elect Palma and
for the establirhti ent of a linen mill. held by the religious order». The prop­
-ubstitute such persona aa be shall de­
osition was not formally dispose«! of,
Preparations are being made to re­ but members of the committee general­ sire for those now holding official posi­
ceive a D) etamp mili ami complete ly expretu-ed the opinion that the pro­ tion» in Cuba.
The text *,f the order follow»:
«• piipmeiit at the Maybelle mine, in vision would be allowed to stand prac­
“War Department,
the Granite district.
tically as it was after the «immitt«
March 24, 1902.—Sir: You are au­
The Grant county <l«*l«*g it«*-* to the concluded its work today.
The only
Republican coni/reMtional convention materia* amendments made today re­ thtirized to provide tor the inaugnra-
next _______
of the
.. __
nr*- for \\ ilJiuri.Non. They are not com- lated to the pavment for the land tion on the 20th of
government el« c e*l by the p«*|*le of
mitteI for governor.
Gne of these pnreided that the bomb Cuba, at*‘l ii|s>n the e»tuhli-l ment of
The note«! Roaring Gimlet mine, in to Is* issii«! to «s ure the means for t1 e -aid goveri m*-*it to leave the govern­
the Gold Hili district, has caused! purchase of the land, by the govern ment sod control of the i-land ol Cub.
am ther **> n»ation in the nature of a I ment from the friar» shall Is* made to its people, pur uant t*> the pr vi-
rich »trike, 'I he mine was pun haeed piyalde Ingold or its «(uivalent ii -ions of *he act of congress entitled, ‘an
liiet w«*k by Iudiana men lor <10,000, Philippine currency, and another that a t making appropriation f r tlm army
* ml since it- purclms«* the new owner» tl.ey shall dr_w interest at the rate ol i'r the ti iul year «ndiig Jui.e 30,
hiiv** r-truck a big |x>ck< t ledge on the 4 l*j per lent, instead of 4 per cent, a* 1902,' approvtd March 2, 1901.
main vein ami removed a pan of near­ originally provided. It was stated in
“Upon the transfer of g. vem’i ent
the course of the meeting that theland-
ly pure gold, or ate ut < 18,000.
iml Control to the pre-ide,*t ami con-
The Prohibitionists of Washington would not coet to exceed <7,000,600.
,*r*-i« »<> elected v> u will advi.e them
' "lint* will lio.d their <«invention April
bat »uch transfer is up >n the express
'*. It i- the intention to place a full
inderstai.di: g and «-■ niliti* n that the
rsiuntv tiiket in the field.
ew government «loes ther<U|M>n and by
ratii- primaries were heli! in Umatilla Unusual Tribute Paid to the Old Soldier by he a* ct pt.mce thereof, pursuant to the
•■unity March 25 and the «onnty con-
provisions of tbe appendix to the con-
the War Department.
*«-iiti* n in Pendleton March 29. The
titu’ion of Cub.i, a<h.pt«l I y tl « con-
vetc at th** primaries was very light,
-titiitioni'l convention oa the 12th of
then* living no contest over the elec-
June. 19ul, asr unio and undertake all
ti "ii. A full county ticket was named. in the army t*»lay by reason of age. an and several th** obiigations a.**-iiiu<*d by
will go into retirement. He will La
The Columbia River Development -ncceeded in command of the De|*art- lie Unit«! Stat«« with re pect to Cuba
C mpanv, of Arlington, ha» tiled arti­ ment of the I-akes at Chicago by Major by the treaty between the United state»
>1 America am! her niaj«-ty, the queen
Capital, <500,- General MacArthur.
two cles of inc**r|wjration.
egriit of -p in. sign«! at Paris un tbe
The war department paid an unnsra 10th day of D«*eniber, 1898.
The settlera rates given by the rail- tribute to General Otis in issuing a
It is ttie piir[«>-e ol the Unit«! States'
roads are bringing many new arrivals general order reciting the distinguish« government forthwith up ti the inaug­
He laml*»i wi'li m<«!cr.ite means ami inun the J'.i.-t ■ aily, who are buying services of the officer, not only through
uration of the n«-w government of
t*»*k to diamomi mining, ultimately homes in various parts of the state.
the civil war, but in his management Cuba to terminate the oc< upanev of the
«mwjjilating nil tlie mining itit«*re-t»
at .Manila
In conclusion Secretary
The Baker City A Snake River rail­ Root says: “General Otis goes into island by the Unittai State- and with­
an*l «» ntrolling the diamond »apply of
draw from that i-land the military
Africa. 1 he warm African climate ha«l
his retirement with a consciousness of force- now in occupancy thereof, but
inaile a mountain of energy of a Meanly has fil«l articles of in«*rporation. Its duty well done during 40 years of con­ for the preservation and care uf the
English youth. Cai e |»>litics a*»>n at­ "bject is to build a railroad from Baker tinuous and exceptionally meritorious c<*a-t defen-es uf the island, and to
trai ted him. lie eliteri«l tie lolonial City northeasterly to the mouth of service, which entitles him to the grat ■ void leaving the i-land tntirely de-
parliaiiK'iit aaa nietnlier for Barklv West -quaw creek, on the Snake river. Capi­ itude and best wishes of his country­ fen-ele-s against externa! attack, you
ami lat«T t<»*k otti*«* in the ministry of tal «tock. <2,500,000.
may letve in the coast f' rtifieatioua
Sir Thomas 8catil**n. On the fall of
Republican county conventions and
-uch »mall nnmler of artillerymen as
Detective 1« Mi>«ie$.
sir Gordon Hpiigg«' mini-try. July 17, primaries were held in a number of
may be m*ce»eary, for such reasonable
1890, lie became premici of the colony. counties Saturday. In the S«-ond eon-
Wellington, Kan., March 27.—A de­ time as may la* required to enable the
In 1891 he visit«! England, ami while gresi-ional district the fight la-tween tective nam«i Ferguson, who has lieen new government to organize and substi­
tlier«* <lonat«l <56,(XH) to the
Irish M«.ly ami William-on was the chief working on the murder case of Mont­ tute therefor an adequate military force
llonie Rule fumi. In September, 1893.
._* Results s«*ni to have left the gomery, the Santa Fe Railroad detec­ of its own.
betook th«* field against lx»l*engtie'a, ! content in as great doubt as ever. tive, has been missing for several days,
“You will convene this congress
the warlike king of Matabelelaml, | Misxiy appears to have the best of it in ami is believ«l to have lieen dealt with elected by the [>«*ple of Cuba in joint
with a living a|iia*lr*ui of 600 tr<»>pere. Baker county, and Williamson in at the hands of the gang that kill«! -ession at such reasonable time l*efore
When the Ang!o-B«ier war broke out. Union. Wheeler and Gilliam are for Montgomery. Montgomery was killed the 20th of May as shall be necessary
Mr. Rhodes was at Kimberley, where Williamson ami Sherman for Moody. at his home last fall at Winfield, while therefor, for the purpose of petformiug
In* remain«! «hiring the siege, pia ring Columbia county is said to be mostly prosecuting a case for the railroad the duties of counting and ratifying the
hiniM-lf at the liea.l ol a reg nient <*f for the Wnwi county man. Clatsop Ferguson recently was instrumental in el«-torial vote for president an<i vice
guar*!» that he organi«»! ami main­ w ill g i for the man from Crook. For the arrest of two men charged with pre-ident tinder the 5th article of the
tained. Dn the relief of tin* city, lie governor, Geer has carried a numl>er of Montgomery’s death.
Cuban constitution. At th« -ame time
hurri«l to Ixindon ami met Mr. Cham- counties, and Furnish is in favor in
von will publish and certify to the peo­
Iwrlaiii. but the subje* t or result of the Eastern Oregon. In many of the more
Ctcil Rhode«' Condition.
ple of Cuba the instrument adopt«! aa
«inference waa never announce«!
Hi» important counties, however, the dele­
Ca[*eTown, March 27.—Cecil Rhodes the constitution of Cuba by the consti­
health l»*ing 1 ti'I. Ite return«! recently gations are n*>n«>mniittal.
exjierienced a very bad heart attack tutional convention on the 21st day of
to th«* (■«!«• m the hop* that the South
yesterday afternoon, from which he did Febuary. 1901, together with the ap­
African air woiibl benefit him, but his
not rally as he has done from previous pendix added thereto and forming a
omdition steadily grew worse.
attacks of this nature. At midnight part thereof, adopt«! by the said con­
Wheat—Walla Walla, 63 (364c, lie was weaker than at any time during vention on the 12th day of June, 1901.
bluestem,66c; Valiev, 64(jf65c.
his illness. Oxygen has la-en adminis­ It is the umlerstanding of the govern­
Barley—Feed, <20(321.;
brewing, ter«! daily, and he is frequently tap[>«l ment of the United States that the gov­
for dropsy. Hie friends enterain little ernment of the island will |*a-s to the
Chief of Agricultural Department will Visit <21(321.50 |ier ton.
new pre-ident and «xmgress of Cuba as
Oats—No. 1 white, 11.15(31.22 *« ; hope for his recovery.
g vernitig concern, all the laws pro-
St. Louis. March 2** —The work on
| mitigated by the government of occupa­
To Study American Methods.
Hour—Best grades, <2.80(33.40 per
the world’s fair has progressed ao far
Berlin, March 26.—At a conferem-e tion continuing in force and effe«*t, and
that it is possible
for a casual visitor liarrel; graham. <2.50(32.80.
cotton exjwrts held at the Colonial all the judicial and subordinate execu­
Millstuffs—Bran. <18 ;>er ton: mid­
to make out roiigldv the main features
today it was resolved to dispatch tive and administrative officials contin­
shorts, <20;
of th«* picture which is to
t lie pai Utili on dlings, <20;
a commission to the United States to uing in the lawful discharge of their
th«*-ite with buihling». lagoons, , t 1 rees <16.50.
study the cultivation of cotton, with present functions until changed by the
ami avetiu«*».
Saturday plans
Hay — Timothy, <12(313; clover, the view of the establishment of exper­ constitutional officer of the new govern­
s|s*eiti< atii'i« will Is* ready for the
<7.50(38; Oregon wild hay, <5(36 per
imental stations in German East Africa ment. At the same moment the re-
chinery building. The estimated cost ton.
sponsibility of the United States for the
on American lines.
<>f the building is <660.000.
Potatoes—Best Burbanks, <1.10(31.30
collection and ex[s*nditnre of revenues
The department of works has pre- percental; ordinary, 70(380c per cen­
and for the proper performance of duty
Government Orders Stumer Libeled.
par««! plans for lining*"* which siali tal. growers’ prices;sweets, <2.25(32.50
by the offi'-ers and eniploves of the in­
«invert the St. loins Athletic Club on per cental.
Washington, March 27.—Attorney sular government will end and the re­
General Knox today telegraphed in­
the world’» fair site into a temporary
Butter—Creamery, 25(330c; dairy, structions to the Vniteil States attorney sponsibility of tbe new government of
The large increase in the
Cuba will, therefore, commence.
number of men employe*! "» the site
at Port Town-end, Wash., to liliel the*
“In ordei to avoid any embarrass­
Eggs—14c for Oregon.
makes some provision for emergency
steamer Wilhelmina, whose captain is
Cheese — Full cream, twins, 13(3 stateti to have brought into port two ment to tbe new pre-ident which might
aid t** the injured n«s*ssary.
ari-e from his assuming executive re­
F J Hart, areliittvt of the Arkansas 13'jc; Young America, 14(315c; fac­ Chinamen whom he put ashore and as­ sponsibilities with aubordinates whom
world - fair building, has arriv«! in tory prices, 1(31 'gc less.
sisted to escala* the inspection officers. he doe-not know, or in whom he has
Poultry—Chickens, mixed, <4 00(3
<t lxuiis to make final survey and
no confidence. Hnd to avoid any occa­
hens, <5.00(36.50 per doaen, 11(3
preparations for the erection of the
Prendenti Dav at Chvrletton.
sion for sweeping changes in the civil
12'sC per pound;spring« 11(311 \*c per
Charleston, 8. C., March 20.—April service personnel immediately after the
chief of the department
9 has been set apart as President's day inauguration of the new government,
C. F. Taylor,
' ure ami
chief of the per dozen; turkeys, live, 12(3l3c, | at the exposition. The feature of the approval is given to the course which
of agriculture
........ acting
dressed, 14(316c per pound; geese. <6'« (
department of horticulture
day w ill 1>e the presentation to Major you have already proposed of consult­
(it7 per dozen.
world’s fair, ami Charles M. Reeves,
Jenkins by his former chief of the ing the president-elect and submitting
s»*cretnry of the j joint committee on leg- ed. 7(37'«c per pound.
Rough Riders of a beautiful sword lief re the 20th of Muy, wherever he
* • am! territorial ex-
islation ami -tate
from the South Carolinians.
shall so desire, for the persons now
hihit", have left
.. on a Western tour of per pound.
holding official positions such persons
«»xploitation. to
Tu.-kish Troep« for Albani«.
as be may designate.
Veal—8(38Si for small; 7(37S for
will meet the governors of New
They v*
“I de ire tl,at you communicate trie
Ixindon, March 27.—‘‘A report has
»» contents of this letter to Mr. Palma,
M1.X11,*. Nevada. California. Oregon. large.
Beef—Gross, cows, 8*«@4c; steers. been received from Constantinople,
Washington. Idaho. Utah and Wyo­
4(34'gc; dress«!, 6 '«(37 V per pound. cables a correspondent of the Daily the president-elect, and
ming, as well a* the members of the
Chronicle,"that 40 Turkish battalions whether the conrs *,above described ac­
1 business organizations of the capitals
Wool—Valley, 13(315c; Eastern Ore­ have been mobilized for service in cords with his viewsand wishes. Very
of those stnte«: also the leading eit:-
gon, 8(312‘ge; mohair, 2l(32l!qc per Albania, where there is a reign of respectfully,
„.„H of scleral other cities, including
“ELIHU ROOT, Secretary of War.”
San Franeis-o. Portland am! Tacoma. pound.
About 32.000,000 tons of water roll
over the cliff at Niagara every hour.
has appr*>v«l tin* n*'« rifles and they | It takes the constant lalsir of 60,000
will probably »«>'i Im issued to the |a*ople to make matches for the world.
whole British s«”.'- The new arm ia
lighter and its barrel is 5
From a twenty-year-old mulberry
19 oun«*s I-
indies shorter hut it has the same tree 218 pounds of leaves can be
“■ in iff*
I* ha-* plucked yearly for feeding silkworms.
range a» the rille now
th«* Mauser , breech
I-.— - ' mechanism, but an
Hop growing has so greatly increased
¡;;;priiV«| Mt action.
It is provided
with a vvindgange ami a foresight. It n the United States that last year
240,000 pickers were employed to strip
will hold 10 rounds of ammunition in
| 72,000,000 hop vines.
the magazine.
New Britiih Army RHI«.
American Governmant Sounded.
London, March 27.—The Daily
Chronicle, in an editorial this morning
on the* statement that France and Rus­
sia have sounded the United States
with regard to its attitude in regard to
the Anglo-Japanese alliance, says it
looks as if France and Russia were al­
ready reckoning up the chances of the
game. The Chronicle asks what might
happen if they could reckon on Amer­
ica’s friendliness or even neutrality in
the far East.
Intent of Anglo-Japaneae Treaty.
St. Petersburg, March 27.—Accord­
ing to advice« received here from Port
Arthur, it ia believed there that the
real intent of the Anglo-Ja|*anese treaty
is to comjiel Russia to evacuate Man­
churia The Japano-e have already es­
tablished a Japarieve-Chineee bank to
coni|*e>e with the Rusaia-Cliinese bank,
and a Japanese institution han secured
concessions to explore for gold in Mao*
i ehuria.