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    HEAR YE!
Klamath County.
A Grand Ball to be given by the
Ladies of the Degree of Honor, A. O.
U. W., Friday, Feb. 22nd, at Opera
House. Supper, Hotel Linkville.
and Celebrate Your Uncle
Geo’s Birthday.
I’ d bl l«hed every Thursday by
On the island of Alaska, 50 miles
west of Juneau, a large deposit of
gypsum has been discovered.
E ditor « and P kopbibtobb .
The Philippine islands are already
covered with a fairly complete tele­
graphic system. Under Spanish rule
O b « y» ar (fn advance)
« « this probably would not have hap­
THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 2 1, 1901. pened in a thousand years.
The remnant of the once great Pe­
nobscot tribe of Indians now living on
Bryan and Cleveland are wrangling an island near Oldtown. Me., have
•ver the principles of the minority their own form of government. At
party, while tile affairs of the govern­ their recent election they chose a pro­
hibitionist chief named Mitchell At-
ment goon smoothly and prosperous­ tean by a vote of 25 to 23.
ly under republican guidance.
Property owners in the Fox lake re­
gion of Wisconsin have united to drive
The closing days of state legisla­ German carpout of the waters in that
tures are here and several arc still vicinity, nnd it is intended to seine
deadlocked in the matter of electing the Niagara river for the same pur­
U. S. senators.
These tie-ups give pose. The carp are malKng havoc
among the game fish.
reason to the popular cry to elect
Efforts are being made in Beaufort,
V. S. senators by direct vote.
S. C., to get an appropriation for re­
habilitating and preserving the “old
Gilstrap Bros. have bought the fort” wliich stands on the spot where
Eugene Register, which they had Jean Ribault landed 300 years ago. It
previously run under a lease, Since was built by the Spaniards after they
their management, the paper lias had driven out the French.
It was not until 1S27 that the two
been made profitable as a morning wings of the national capitol building
daily and has established a reputation were completed and not until 1S67
as one of the leading journals of tiie that the dome was finished. The total
expenditures up to that time reached
♦ 13.1 0.000. Since that date two wings
Less than two weeks m<>re of the have been added, with a marble ter­
race. which have brought the entire
present session of Congress, Many cost
of the building to *18.000.000.
pending measures will be
which is a small sum compared with
Wrought the two houses before the that expended upon several of the
close and among the rest is the In­ state capitols, which do not approach
dian appropriation bill which gives it in magnitude, dignity or beauty.
In the crypt under the dome of the
assurance of dealing liberally with capitol
at Washington is a «ubter-
. . , ,
, .
the Klamath Agency.
ranean chamber, intended as a tomb
for Washington, but his family ob-
tiUSE & SON,
It is greatly to the credit of this
Climate that there hasn’t been a case
of grippe in Klamath county within
the past year, while the disease has
prevailed, with frequent fatalities,
not only in the East, but in Califor­
nia and other parts of the Coast.
The excellent health with which this
county is favored, should be a strong
Inducement to those seeking homes.
The fact that colonists are arriv­
ing on the Coast by the hundreds
should inspire
this town and
county to attract a share of them
to come and locate here. Klamath
county offers unsurpassed induce­
ments and can easily meet tlie closest
Let each resident
make it a part of h’s business to do
what he can to advertise the county’s
resources and opportunities, and en­
courage and assist those who come
here with a view of finding homes.
On the 15th, in Congress, Senator
llansbrough referred to the Interior
Department for an opinion on his bill
providing that ail moneys received
from the sale of public lan Is in the
arid and semi-arid regions shall be
set aside as an “arid land reclama­
tion fund,” for the construction of
reservoirs and other hydraulic works
for the storage and diversion of water.
Commissioner Hermann, of the Gen­
eral Land Office, has recommended to
tile Secretary of tlie Interior that a
favorable report be made on the bill
with amendments to meet several
suggestions he has offered.
Millions of people are familiar with
DeWitt's Little Early Risers and
those who use them find them to be
famous little liver pills. Never gripe.
J. L. Padgett & Sons, Keno.
Bargains in overcoats at Duffy’s.
There is always danger in using
•ounterfeits of DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve. The original is a Safe and
certain cure for piles. it is a sooth­
ing and healing salve for sores and all
skin diseases.
J. L. Padgett A- Sons, Keno.
For News of the World
Read the San Francisco Bulletin.
Fifty cents per month, including
krge 28-page Sunday edition. Send
for sample copy to Tlie Bulletin, ¿33.
Kearney St.. San Francisco.
A powerful engine cannot lx> run
with a week boiler, and we can’t keep
up the strain of an active life with a
weak stomach; neither can we stop
the human machine to make repairs.
If the stomach cannot digest enough
Jbod to keep the txxly st rung, such a
preparation as Kod->1 Dyspepsia Cure
should be used.
It digest s what you
•at and it simply can’t help but do
you good.
J. L. Padgett & Sons, K< no.
Vice President.
B«Mfl«r < rail
The first airship to tw built '«' ,h'’
L«B«*h It» ri««l Arrl«l
.Tile following statements and
facts pertaining to Klamath county
are mainly taken from tlie Portland
Daily Oregonian of January I, loot,
and may be considered reliable in all
Klamath county Is preeminently
fitted by nature for stockratsing.
The possibilith s of the industry are
practically unlimited, owing to tlie
natural systems of irrigation.
ta) lias tieen interested in tlie county
In recent years, and many miles of ir­
rigation canals have been made.
Water has been turn«! upon the
waste lands, making them produce
from tive to Keren tons of alfalfa per
The most valuable natural re­
source of the county is tlie pine tim­
ber, which corers 1,2.50,000 acres.
Tlie largest and most valuable tract
lies north of tlie Klamath river, and
is known as tlie Jenny creek belt,
It contains fully .5.000,000,(810 feet
of the finest sugar and yellow pine,
Klauisth county produee* grain,
fruits, and even imps and tobacco in
small quantities.
Last year Klamath county Is'gan
an era of rapid progress along all
lines. The unusually large influx of
home-seekers and new capital, and
enterprises, either started or project­
ed, contributed to greater develop­
ment and materially aided in spread­
ing the spirit of improvement among
those already here.
About a year ago, the Oregon Mid­
land Company, composed of people of
Klamath and Jackson counties, Ore­
gon, and Siskiyou county. California,
was formed to promote the construc­
tion of a railroad from Klamathon,
Cal., to Klamath Fails.
From the
start memliers of the company wotk
ed diligently for the undertaking,
with every prospect of success early
Besides opening a rich
in 1901.
stock and agricultural country, this
road will tap one of the choicest
bodies of sugar and yellow pine on
Not only will
the Pacific Coast.
transportation facilities be afforded
for many miles of forest on either
side of the line, but, connecting at
Klamath cMHinty lots 4,811 Imrsrs
vthrnd at *70,574; 14,048 cattle val­
ued at *232.363: ’’,281 sheep imil
goats worth *9,302, anil .’>82 swine
«orili *1,817.
Cu«tar«l Airship votiipsuy '• "•
tory st F.lniott, 15». "'ll •■« «'"‘
pleted in n few days still Isioi. h««! .«i>
Its initial trip. Tin« rompali.» wi« or
gsnlasd »»»vrai month» ng«« «"•' “
eupitnl «to««k of »ICO.«««'
B I» ........
poM-.l of W, l> Cii.tiinl, O>e ia»»»t®».
and a number of prominent Imsiiie.»
men. who closely inie-(tgnte«l the
working nuxlel of the ne» »'rial '»
hiele ami pronounced it praetieal'l«’
The conipnny endeavored t»» manu
facture machine« hi time to ealtb hh
a line of them to ply between New
York ami l’aria during the piogi.-
of the exposition st the French cip
itai. but their construct ion wa« d<-
laved, and it will tw Mirrai month,
before regular line« of airship« «’ ■
be established Iwtween th.- prineljial
cities of this country, «houid the om-
which 1« to l»e launched nrxt week
prove tiie success that i» elaimrd f«»r
The forests on tlie eastern and
western slop« s of tlie Cascade range
of mountains show that on th«1 west­
ern slope 27J per cent, of the timber
Is yellow pine and 2 8-10 |x r cent, is
sugar pine. Tiles«« peieent iges are
more thutl doublixl on tlie eastern
slope. On the eastern slop««, where
Klamath county is. the yellow pine IL
is 88 percent, and sugar pine 9 per The complete machine weighs •.’50
cent. The yellow pine easily ranks pound* amt it has a eap-iclt) ««f from
three to fi»e people
K» masini'im
alxive all of the other s|xs«ies on th«« s(we<l ia e»|»cted to be li«> mi!., per
eastern slop««
in brief, and from hour The first trip »III *e from > !
the al>oye figures, an acre of timtier mott to Waco, a «balance of 2tl mi e»
on the eastern slop«« contains more
than ifi'nibh* the'valuable limber than PALMER LOSES MODEL GUESTS
docs an aero on the western slope.
That the timber on the eastern side
is more valuable in tlie market, is
also shown by th«« table in tlie Ore­ The other day for the first time Iti
gonian of tile lumber cut in 1900 in 21 year« and ten months room 3M of
Klamath county and its value.
The the Palmer house. I'hieag". was «n
timber cut was 22.000,000 feet, and cant. The Interesting part of It is
that during a>l that time it ha« been
its value is ♦275.000. In the county «wcupied by one coupie. Mr and Mr»
adjoining tills on tlie west and across 11. L. Seixss. amt in their depature
the mountains, 25.ooo.ooo feet was for New York, «her» they will make
cut, (exceeding ours by 3.000,000 their future home, the hotel lost it»
feet.) lull its value was only ♦250,- »tar boanlers Mr Seixa» wa« a mrm
tier of the firm of Cook, l.jman A
000. being *25.000 less than tlie value Seixaa. which wa« for a numtwr of
of ours, l'rotn these figures it may years engaged in the who.evalv hat
lie correctly assumed tliat eastern buaineaa on Market street Atniut a
Oregon timber, while yielding double year ago the firm went out of bu«i
nets. It was on January 4, l-T«*. that
the amount per acre, is of a quality Mr and Mr« twixa« went to th,-
which brings a higher price in mar­ Palmer house
They eelected r«s«m
ket than timber in tlie oilier parts of 35H. where they remained all during
their long »tay. and every Sunday
tlie state.
morning promptly nt right < dock
Mr Selxaa appearcl at tnr caahirr’»
window and «ettleil hl» Mil for the
He never missed « payment
and ne«er varied more than a minute
or two from exactly eight o’clock
The stay of Mr and Mrs Seixas e«
ceeds by several years that of any
other gue»t of the house.
In addition to tlie foregoing, we
will briefly refer to some of the facts
above alluded to:
Klamath county Is about the size
of tlie state of Massachusetts. Com­
pared with the size of tiie county,
the population is not large, yet it is
rapidly increasing, tlie gain during
tlie past ten years having been (14 p««r BANNER
In a county so large and witli THKOLOUT X>< «Sài IN TH t » • RII» I |tV»Tf D TU
this p,,int wjth Upper Klamath Lake, sucli a boundless supply of excellent
... ..
. . . _ .. .
Spiritual Philosophy
its northern . tributaries,
it is land and timber, and such great ad­
placed in touch with thousands of vantages and resources, there Is. as a
jected to the removal of the remains acres of excellent pine, besides that matter of fact, abundance of room
from Mount Vernon. A “keeper of on the Indian reservation.
Th.« out- for thousands and tens of thousands
At 104 Dartmouth Street. Boston.
the crypt” t TM CTi^nOni.,he P’r look for the building of the road
en­ of settlers.
rolls at a salary of *600, whose »ole
Tlie land hi’rc is of the richest qual­
business was to keep a light burning
In Ils pnxluctions of grass,
in the vault. This practice continued prompted 100 persons to exercise ity.
until 1863. when the appropriation wa« their rights to 160 acres of timber grain, vegetables and fruit. It is equal BASXER or I.1GIIT l’t'BI.ISHINo < oMI’ISV.
discontinued, and the light, which had
each. Others bought all the desira­ to tlie tx«»t anywhere. Tlie only
lllllirai l> H. bsktt M ito «
burned constantly for 50 years, was
ble timber belonging to tin« state in thing needed to make the whole a gar­
allowed to go out.
THE HAN’N’EH 1« • flrat <•’«•• Family Srwa
this county.
Representative* of den, is more irrigation.
And that paper
<»l biuht (<»« w« bk ) faukb mtitatmng up
FALCON ISLAND REAPPEARS. Eastern and Western capital inspect- wil! soon be supplied. Mention lias war»l< <»f furty unLuMWa <»p t mt Kng*ri•»<« ¿ mi » i m
-THl < TIV ► PF »1«! MJ rn ’ •< Ibi * I '.’nit I».
pertinent; Report« of *uirHu«l l.cuture», <»ri
Th. LUU. I.is.d 1B4s.p.era,wi,srb «i Klamath coun’y timber last year been made of tiie irrigation plants trinai
E*»at w spiritual, l*btl<M<»phl» «I and
Disapprsr.d cum.« a ». i >
and bought a considerable number of now in oporatiou in the county.
In Kulrntlfte; E'lllorlal fb*i>artmml, w htch tr» at«
upon aplriiual and aecuiar reent«;
Into View.
addition we learn from a source which
I»«*partmrnt; l(«-|N>rt« ul Spiritual I’h«
ii'imettA and <‘«>niribnth»n« by tb<* moat talrnt
Falcon island, which early last year
Another propowd railroad is head- is reliable and unquestionable that ed writer« in the world, etc « it*.
was reported to have completely dia- ing for Klamath E’alls from the north, the irrigation ditch at Klamath Falls
appeared beneath the waves of the and while the date of its construc- will tie enlarged in tlie spring, and . Per Year .......
| • m
Pacific is again showing it. flat rar- Uon n);lv
n,„re n.nl()te t)|a|, th;,t that preparations are being mad«« to 1 Sis Month»
| ia«
Three Muni h«
f.Tce above the water. The life bi>- _ .
..... . .. ’
Mj*cimrn Coplrg went free.
tory of this »peck of land has been <’f the Oregon Midland Company, It is
unusual and interesting. A cable dis-1 reasonably certain of being built uncultivated, will be assured of lux-
uriant crops of alfalfa and grain.
patch from Europe printed in April within the next few years,
last vear said that after a brief life ,
As we have seen, there an« in the
of 14 year. Falcon island had cea.ed Immigration, which was larger In
Banner of Light Publishing Compati)
to exist. It was thought that no 1900 than for many years, was about county 1,250,< m >0acres, (or about 1,900
A!*<> pijbliahc« and farei»« L»r «■»*'(•• al H
trace of it would ever be seen again, evenly distributed over the southern
• nd Kutall « • ornplFL a
>rti. « ni <■! Spiritual
half of thecirtintv, and the value of cent, of which Is yellow pine and 9 Ko-k «
(kvultism I
of France in the Tonga group, an­
farming lands uniformly advanced per cent, sugar pine, lx,th of tlie lx«st «cripti ve <»tBi«ur «rni 1r* t»n api < ni •«.»
nounce« that Commandant Itavenhill.
l*<»ok published in Knglan»! <<r Xtnern-a
Un-irri­ and most marketable quality. To not Any
of the cruiser Porpoise, has returned with the growing demand.
nut of print, will be Mut by iii>ll ..r . »
to those islands from a cruise in the
Pacific with the news of the re- bougnt a year ago for from *2 to *5 did water powers, and unsurpassed
emergence of Falcon island. He says
per acre now command from *5 to *10 facilities by lakes and rivers for get­
that the highest part of the island is
acre. An an instance, 600 acres, ting logs to the mills. The water
now about 16 feet above sea level.
a year ago for *6 per acre, power at the outlet of Klamath lake
The island was formed by a great
volcanic eruption at the bottom of the soldin November for *15 per acre. bas a fall of 64 feet, and exceeds
Sea in 1885. It took the waves and This land is dry, but accessible to fu­ Spokane E’alls in force and volume,
storms of the ocean 14 years entirely
Stage Line
ture irrigation. Land under tlie being able at all seasons of the year
to obliterate it. Mr. J. J. Lister, who 1
visited the island a short time before
tlie 350,000 acres of timber tributary
it disappeared, said that it wax rap­ acre.
idly being torn to piecea by the action
to Klamath lake and the rivers that
Irrigation lias made gixxl progress.
of the waves. Unices a fresh volcanic
flow into it.
outburst occurred he thought it Two large ditches, fed by Sprague
i c
To take all this princely supply of
would soon disappear,
His predic- River, have been built in tDe vicinity
lion came true, and a steamer that
"al | of Bly. H. E. Ankeny has secured a
visited the place about the beginn
n|f|half interest in the ditch leading is needed. As to that, wc can say
of last year reported that not a trace
that tlie discouragements of the past
of it was to be found above the water 'from near the source of Klamath
alxiut over, and there is no doubt Office: At the Telegraph
River, and iiis object is understixxl to
next spring will see the com-
The island was built up in C
1"e ' be to so enlarge the system that it
inenceinent of tills great enterprise.
neighborhood of the Tonga group
about 35 miles from the Island of
A railroad will come because It will
Tofoes. A submarine volcano had range, John Sh<x>k and Clark Ham-
pay to come, and Ixxtanse the timber
reared from the lwttom of the ocean aker have plans to make a ditch from
as well as the crops and cattle and
a mighty mass of ejecta, and on this Lost River at Bonanza,
It will have
other great resources, are assurances
foundation rested the outpourings
j capacity to irrigate 50,000 acres,
which rose above the water.
that such a railroad will lx« profitai,le
Daily from Ager to Klamath I.
Stockraising is still the chief in- from the start.
island consisted of two distinct parts. j
Springs. Keno. Klamath Hills, Hairy,
One of them was a hill of gentle slope ■ dustry of tlie county. Sales last, year
Bonanza, Bly ami Lakeview.
With tlie enlargement of tlie ditch,
nnd wider base, whose height was 'were: Cattle, *210.000; slieep, *10,-
Daily from Lakeview to I’.lv, Bonanza
153% feet. On one side the hill ended
the building of a road giving access
abruptly in a cliff, whose base was j 800; horses and mules, *00,000; hogs, to outside markets and the coining Dairy, Klamath Falla, Keim, Klamath
Hot Springs ami Ager.
washed by the sea at high water. Tie *7,500; total, *288,300.
in of mills and manufactories, will
other pnrt of the island was a flat, ex­
Makes connealion with all trains at
The acreage untier cultivation lias corne a growtli and settlement far in
tending away from the base of the
Ager, Cal.
excess of what it lias been in tlie
hill in a northerly direction and only
ten to twelve feet above the high tide falfa, wheat, oats, rye, potatoes, tur­ past. A prospect so bright for tlie
level. The whole bit of land was just nips, cabbages, beets and other vege- Immediate future, should not lx; over­
a bare, brown heap of ashes around
Frultgrow Ing, looked by fanners stockgrowers, luin-
I tables are grown.
Easy Coaches.
which the grent rollers broke and
swept up the blnck shore« in sheets | wliicli received on!y slight attention beriiicn and enterprising men in all
Excellent Accommodations.
of foam. The island wax entirely des­ until recent years, is now developing branches of business.
To them it I
titute of any vegetation save for a rapidly. Dairying receives more ai­ may tie truly said that, a greater and
half dozen seeding plants that had
i tention as tlie adaptability of tile better opportunity never presented
found lodgment there.
It will not be strange if the ¡aland soil and climate to tlie industry be- itself than the one now offered here.
I’axxenger, express and freight trnllic
Is torn to pieces and again disappear, conies more fully appreciated,
Be- And finally wc will say that we have solicited. All business ei;iriMte<| to us
from view within a very few years. sides supplying tlie home demand, an unequaled climate, tiie purest will be expedited.
Its renppenrnnee now- ia doubtless due
, the two creameries al E'ort Klamath water, the tx«st of health and the
to another volcanic eruption.
In tlie United
canic, islands seldom endure many and the private dairies in all parts of grandest scenery
years unless they are so large or so tlie county ship many thousands of States.
well protected against the sen that
there is time for them to Iiecorne cov­
ered with dense masses of vegetation I
before ocean storms have an oppor­
tunity to tear them to pieces.
Big line men’s and boys' suits at
, Duff» ’s.
Bargains In overcoats at, Duffy’s.
II«- 'ti' c'l prlceson clot hl ng,'.Duff j ’s.
Collections Attended
to Promptly.
J. F. GOELLER, Proprietor
Plans and Spccifications Purninhed on All Kiiids o|
Building* and Contrauting and Building
<>n thè Installincnt Pian.
i:xci iax ( ;i<:
-AM» OFFICE---------
Klamath Falls-Merrill
Stage Line,
\V. W. HAZEN, proprietor,
Ashland and Klamaih Falls
Slaçe I.ine.
('mod Stock mid ILqtilp-
Careful Attention Given
Traveling Public.
I’ mitip Hriw» I am* Orrur.
l.aki’Vh «, Orrtfi’ii. Krbtuary lut. ||«)|.
p V»lt» r I«* hrrrhy giviti I hi* l m <•1
l»h.ni» v Midi il»r
t*l lb* .*> I •-(
< ungrr«a «»I Jun«* X. I r 7M, rniillml
j rtd l»»r the «ah* ul
I ihm !« in tl»««
nlttiui* <»l l nlih»riiia, <>rrtf'*i*a SitB'Is,
»lint U t«»hi»i|t!>>n Turrihuy," u nii-ni|.
i’ll to ail Itir l*«|hh<
blair« !>» «■ t
«>1 'ii4«'ii»l I. IW.*, kVilhaiu I* Kh .ul«,
ol Meirill, »»’Unix «»( Klatiiaih. *>lsiu <>l
iht'^i'ii, ba* I bn* *lwy lb «’J in Hu« • tht<*
lilN BUuril Btutrlliriil X»». ‘.bC fur U m *
pun !<«•»* *•! iU
< |0,
• anil btk 14 ul .*»I
ami bl.ul
>«-«I m »| i Si». 3. Ill Tow I»«I* 11» X«». U» M ,
Hauge So, 10. I and
(•»•- I I»*
nhuW that ill«* land «ought 1« m<»ru \ a I ii -
4*l»h* h»r 11» Iiciil4*r or «l«»i»*’ Ilian G»r
«tgriuultural pur|Mi»«’N. and Io
hl» « lain* to »«al land bndoir the
J ter am! U**vri««*r ul ihi« oltir«* at l«akr
vo w. Or. uit baliirdgy, the 13th day id
Hr iMlliir» a» wifn**»r«
<»»•«». W. <‘*»iif.rr, of Merrill, ,,f»v»»n.
(h.irl«*R T. U ilaon, of Merrill, < >rrgtai;
< harlrw A Hunting, of Muri ill, < in-g»«ii,
Am «ml all |*rriM»n«
rlaliuiig ad*
wrwrly Ihr al»«»Vr A« mm -||U^I land» an*
n*<|U«*»lr«l I«» tile ihrir ulaim« in tin»
• •Hhu on or bvforv »«id 13th da*
.'U|<nnlf it Jell
\olkc I or l’Mhlkatlon.
!»rp.ir!lurtil of ll.c lut**ri<»r,
< Mth v ut l«rik**YÌ«*w, <>rug*ui,
FrbruMry |A, I1MH.
Notili* ia lirn*by givi-ii (fiat lb<* f<J
h»u mg nauti <1
Ima lUvd rmlh e of I
In» int’ niii ii tu maku Unni |»r<a>f in mip-
|M>tt "i iti« < bum, uml ibat »nid primi
v< ili la* Hit lt Iwforu .1,1 fu»**» II. Prtaimll,
Cminlv < .crii, «t «tatuati Falla, Or., un
Man b
l’-'i. \la :
■hdili Al. TipttUI.
! ’
' NI ’4
hue 12, Tp. 9. S., li ¡0, E.,111 d IxH 4,
S at . 7. a I E ’-j i»l X W 11. iiud Iy*l 1 ni
• I h , Tp. ' **., K. 11% E. Hrtmiiiw»
ih** ftdloM mg wil ii *** m * c * tu prove liia c*»n*
liniimi» rt «-«iduiii-u U|M>ii nnd culthu
of s i|«i Intuì, vii : bnlnUul l’IRoli,
iifOlenr, •’iuguli •
W. Aiidcr»*»n. uf
• ilciiu, < ir» goti . < ’l>.irli•» Hi»rti>n, uf H* h
iinnan, < >rt gnu ; .fidili Stolli, ul Olcnr,
• Hvgun.
F. M. BKATTAIX Itrgi-^r.
j. n. nooRE,
Proprietor of Freight Wagons.
Xotkc I or Publkatlulle
I Cleanliness
and Good Work
Also Agent for LONDON AND
M N aughton ,
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nini NW4 of
I, H., Il 12 E.
g witness*« to
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land, vix: Al-
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tire.; James
. ; John Dixon,
I’< ’v ns wlm c uinol take ordinar)
pil!s fimi il a pleasure lo tak«« De-
Bit U h Ut tic Early Rlxcrs. Tlwy
are thè lx«si little llver pilla ever
L. l’adgelt A S'inx. Keno.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
11 aril ficlally dige«U the food and aid*
Naturo in Htrengtb?ning nnd recon­
structing tlie exhausted digeHtive or«
garix. it I»the latentdiscovcreddlgest-
nni and tonic« No other preparation
can approach it In efficiency! It in«
stantly rt lievesand permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
5, 1l’!,.,r,c®» your Stomach, Nausea,
o ck Headache, Gastralgla.CranipKana
all other results of imper feet digestion,
fmfi’i*?®- •.n<l
Largs«lutomulm 2'4 time»
•m«ll«l«o H'x.HAliAtx.uidyipeimlsmiille'lfr«»
Prxper»« tty C. V oewiTT »GO, Chicago
Notrn,- in hi-rvliv given tinti therr • •
fumi» in Ilio t'mirily Tri n.m» <"»,l'*
redempliou "I Ih«' lollowmg 1
wnrrnnt» protei.lrd «n and
NoVemlxT 12, 1892
Interest nlllrr»*
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!MM>5, 5(123, M«.»7, fiH22. 5I9L 51’27. ’"£«
• h >37.5I28, 522U ftl-V». 52i.|. '«W. ¡UH
5173. 511»», 5198. 52.56, ftl'«5. .'«» hi ,
503.5, 6O7H, 5123, 5209, 5187. .'«NW, 47«*-
5180, 5140, 5271, 5139. 5901
5112.5272, 6145, 5122. 1714
5275,5140, 51(12. 3580 511’
51(3, 1977.4972.5111. Ml>7,
4978, 5111, 5322. 5114. 50*1.
olili, 51141. 5217, 50.59. l'-*’2. 6147,
5330 , 5220 , 5115.
r.?57. «Ì«.
5032, 5100, 52(iO, 5183. 4007. h-1™«
5033, 604(1, 7X195, 5002, 5250, 7it»«2, w
IH 17.
Diited ut Klnniath Fidi«. Oregofii
lotti «Iny <>l .Inoitiiry, 1901.
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