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NO. 21
A i.'-rinuii gunboat ha» boati orH.ri»l
\ |»h>t to burn Shanghai
lelitaiirllig nf Aaaasali
I for Killing
m F King Humbert.
has been
A Heavy
l.onn of Life by
tliK North.
Drowaltig -at»
August 81.—The trial of
Seattle, Wash., Hept. I.—The steam­
was returning from a gymnastic exhi­
bition, opened here trxluy.
An im­
mense crowd of jaxqrle gathered aixmt
the court rrxrin from early morning,
seeking admission. Only a few places
were reserved for the ticketdiolding
Tlie hearing began at 9
o’clock. Bresai sat in the dock, calm
and almost indifferent. His rxmusel,
"tgnor Martelii, bead ol the Milan bar,
I and the anarchist writer, hignor Mer­
lin, made requests on various grounds
for an adjournment, w hich was refused.
It is said that Breaai wrote to the
judges declaring he would not reply
to lire interrogatories.
Wiiile the indictrnenti which was
very long, was being read, Breast Was
apparently unmoved, and scanned the
fm es of the audiener, without any signs
• j I fear or effrontery.
lhe indictmgiit showed that th» an-
Mixsln indulged in Incessant target
practice, and that he prepred bullets so
ax to tender them more dangerous, Tbe
witneixuM were then iutnxiuced tor the
Tbe examination of Breaai followed.
He declared he decided to kill King
Humbert after the events of Milan ami
Sicily, "to avenge the misery of the
people and my own.” He added: "I
acted without advice or accomplice».”
The prisoner admitted the target prac­
tice ami tile preparation of bullets.
He x|»iku in a low, firm voice, ami said
be firs-l three shots at three yards
w ith his revolver. Two wooden targets
were her» placml on the table la-fore
the judges. Two hours' suspension of
the court ensued, and then the wit-
m-xhua were heard.
A brigadier of gendarmes, Falvatori,
recapitulated the story of thu assassin-
atiou of the king. He said be saved
Bressi from the crowd, who nearly
lynched the assassin. Bressi, wiien
rescued, wax covered with blrxid,
Bressi escaped with life imprison­
ment, as that |>eualty is the most severe’
which can be imposed under the law»
of Italy for murder, on which charg,
tlie anarchist was tried, It was at firs
believed Bressi would tie tried on the j
charge of treason, in which case the
penalty would have been death.
thu city, she brought nothing bill
Nome news. There were 250 return­
ing passengers, many of them who had
made the round trip for pleasure. The
Senator brought about $320,(KM) in
treasure, $300,000 of it consigned to
various companies and tanking institu­
tions in thia city. The $20,000 was
owned by private individuals.
The recent storms at Nome created
terrible loss of life. Thirty-eight bod­
ies have taen recovered on the beach
and buried by the officials. Captain
Richaidson, of the Sequoia, which is
engaged in the fishing trade down the
coast, says that 17 dead Indies have
been found awl buried tatween Topkuk
and <iolotinin bay, and 21 between
Topkuk and Bort Safety. The major­
ity of the drowned men are supposed
to lie victims of the late storm. It. J.
Nelson foiiud two bodies at Chinik.
On one was found the address. 21 Third
street, San Francisco, but do name.
So far as known, none ot the bodies
were Identified before burial. Captain
Ramwell, agent of the steamer El­
more, says that passengers arriving
from down the coast say that fully 25
dead bodies, washed ashore by the
waves, have l>een buried between Top­
kuk and Golofinin bay.
Reports of drowning have also been
received from up the coast. Men who
have come down from York and Port
Clarence lately, say that without doubt
many persons were drowne-t. How
many will probably never be known.
Epitome <>t th-’ Telegraphic d ìncov t’K'il. *
First Prize Awarded Oregon flreeai, th» anarvhiat, who, Julv 29, Greatest Parade in History er Senator arrived this morning from
Nome, bringing advices up to Augus^ John R. Rogers Renominated
shot and killed King Humbert, of
Bryan has decided on an Eastern
News of th' World.
and Washington Grain.
Italy, at Monza, while his majesty
of the G. A. R.
21. As she made the trip direct to
stump t«»ur.
for Governor.
Eitxsiinnions ■nnauncM bis reti »•$*
mriit froiu •In’ Hng.
Tb» dl-trb't west uf l'vkln su» takeu
try ll>e alllrd (oh «s.
Deuver's laqHilalioli Is 133,859; tliat
of Hslliiiroro 5118,95 L
The siilo" »'••
bave lo«t l,8<HI
uiru in a l atti« Iti l’ekll».
Henator Carter will accom|nny
Kismvrlt <>n hi» Western trip.
Minister funger r«|»'rte ih» sltnatlim
i rseli aUv mieli inged In l'iklti.
|!re»l, tir» a»*a""lu of Kllrg Urlili-
|».rl, atleinplerl lo commi! suicide,
1MT loMllor,
tisneral Olivier, Ilin
ws» caplnred by ih« British Mt W in*
t>«ueral Lung W ii Is declare,’ to let
tbe r<-al aulbor ul tiro anti lorelgu out-
The IlankoW uprising
bv fullowwr» ol Kang Yu Wel, tire re-
Gold IHIi |s'»totfi<-e ami »toro rwle
w»> «ra< k*l bv burglara ami orar $sori
Taro rn»n wrre billeri ami three
nieu euri a woman w<>uird»<l In a Gli-
inali, III., rio!
l'aniills d'Arivils, Ih» opera singer,
ws* itisrrled to E. W. Uroliti, au Oak­
land brillluualre.
The l'i'puhrt nati >nal cornurltt. » se-
rvpte>l Stevenson «■ Ilio v b o-prvaoleu-
lisi »"uituro uf thè iwrty.
The nevai velerai» para-le wa» tho
’retai« ot IÌ m ■«-ond day <>( thè G. A.
•li' iinipriirlit al Chhago.
Work «»li Th« lui Ir* |>»t trttfn
■•|<»»od (or wunt <»( (unti»
tring orgniiiiml U> compiuta t« mu -«*.
orchiti ti
’hMtK’i’ h>r
Stthf'l.i« Aylward, age,I 7», an in-
inni* <>( tho county iutlrmary. at M.
lo»t’pil, S||> , did Iroui the etfiH ts i*f
l beaUUg M«linlÌlÌNturr«| by Ja< k llntl*
••li. «li Mtt< ii«bint. Hanlon « aom»t le
A wholr*alr jail delivery o. ourred at
lu i U>dge, Moni , Persona «»utaide
Ine«l > fT a window l»ar atei o|«rne«1 tlw»
celi« w llh *>keirt«>n key«. Mini fotir
Montana duw|an adora inado thuir
Hcventv miwsionariea from ( blns
rea« hud Vancouver, H. U.
W MNhlngP»n fusionista rule >mi naled
John II. |»o| ’U«rs l«»r governor.
Saury U, I'.ofT, gr- at aunt of (iov*
•rn<>r < ««’« ' f, db’tl at Maeluay, Or.
l r<*B*|, thu asKussiu of King
...... J Hum-
i»«’rt. WiiR »uiituncotl to life imprison*
4 Million Special,*rs Haw lhe Processive
jhe Pageant.
Through the efforts of the O. R, A
Chicago, August 30.—For four hours
N. Company a display of Washington
and a half today, the thinning ranks of
It is r*’|Mirt«<l that I'rinco Titan and
ii lx I O »gon grain was made at th»
the <>. A. It. passed iu review their
I.’»ou Ikisera Wert» killed in a grual
Paris exposition that Kx>k first prize, a
leaders and before 1,000,000 spectators
gold madal. Tim wheat of the Colum­
packed in aluiu-t solid lines along the
I arl Li ask« the Nppfdntincnt of sev* bia river basin in Washington and Ore­
four miles pf tho parade. It marked
••»al < hlmwHi oftluialN to the lint of peso* gon is thus declared to be the best iu
the climax of the 34th annual encamp­
the world.
ment ami was, according to Command-
Tim exhibit wm preps red under the
er-in-Chief Shaw, the greatest parade
u. tin* governor of the pruvince ol
»luce the <lav in Washington when the
Nhrn si, in rr|«ortud t<» have in\lt»”l th«i direction of I'ol. IL C. Judson, indus­
hundreds of thousands of veterans, the
fori’I^n«'»" in hi« pmviui*e to come to trial agent of the O K. Ac N. The
most )s>werful army on earth, marched
his protect!• >n
Alxiul Augunt 21, bn principle jsirtlou of the exhibit came
in review to their final disbandment.
acct ptal thu invitation and all were from the company's exirerimeutal farm
at Walla Walla. But large quantities
Probably Bo,000 members of the
mu kFMi*r«'ii,
of grains and grasses were obtain'd
army ot veteran» took part iu today’s
It in »aid th.it the standard »HI Com* from several other places in the two
parade. For exactly four hours and 20 .
puny Will UM’ii la, ) tirchaning th«» pro* states.
minutes, most ot the time with ranks '
i «Iu« t of California w«»lls, now having
The exhibit consisted of 68
almost perfectly aligned, but occasion­
oht.iliii’d in th«’ l.H«t a ntimb««r ot tank» varieties of wheat, and a few
ally faltering under the burden of
(or tlm »forage, ahich will Be locate«I of oats and barley. "1 was r-oiilldent
years, they tiled past the reviewing ■
at Haki rntMd. where grouwl has fawn that Wiry would prove world-beaters.'’
staud on Michigan avenue, saluting as
m »< urv<| h.r them.
remarked Mr. J miaou. “I bad ex«r-
they marched bv General Nelson A.
lhe I iiit«d Statas trantfmrt Thomas k-lae.1 great care 111 the selection rd the
Miles, Commander-In-Chief
Shaw, I
i»rrb»’<l at m I riinulneo, 29 «lays from seed. The display was certainly a
General Daniel E. Sickle» and the '
Manila, via V>k<>haiim. She has on inagniticent one, »ml we are more than
Spanish minister, the Duke of Arcos, i
J • ard ..‘•>1 nick and wounded soldiers, pleased to team that our opinion la
Weather conditions were almost 1
31 military pri* nerw, M l abfn pa^M’n* ■hared by those in authority at Paris.”
ideal fur the parade. The rays of the
ger», 173 in the «tarrage, ami seven
sun were veiled by light fleecy clouds
Tim grain went from Portland by ex
nt* tvawnvn. S«’\«*l| death* UOCUrTvd press in a neatly framed ami jMlutid
nearly all day ami even when uuol»
durhu the v«o age.
m o red their effect was greatly lessened
by a cool breeze which blew steadily
A large lx>x of grain iu quart sacks
Iti Isondoii, thu Duke of Manchontar
off Lake Michigan. The line of march Crim» of It-Year-Old Arthur Kelly
wa« loljoiln nt» il a bankrupt, entailing w as a, ut, *1 he sacks were marie of line
of MiltoB.
too was much shorter than ever before
bin re«ignati<>n ln*in all his clubs. The
Pendleton, Or., Sept. 1.—Arthui
|M’tition«« to Hi«» bankriiptcy court in*
notwithstanding, he-e ami there a vet­ Kelly, who is not quite 12 years old,
« lodrd Hpr from the voting nobleman inscription, iu bnlliaut scarlet ink:
eran exhausted dropped out of the was brought here this atternrxm by
liiiiHH'll wh'**«’ a« « «’I'taiireM lire wo ''Ksised along the Hue of the Oregon
Especially was this true after ' Iiepu’y Sheriff Blakeley, for themnrdei
w idely <li"trP'Utr<l hi unknown lends
the reviewing stand wax passed and °« ••** father, 45 miles northeast oi
that hi* fri«*h«ln l -r m»iue tliiov have
many pathetic scenes were witnessed Milton. early Tuesday morning. Frank
each package was a neatly printed card
strongly urg««l thin radical course.
duwn the long stretch of Michigan Kelly, the murdered man, was about
bearing tne name of the grower, the
Dr. P. >. Ke||<»gg( who ha» just re variety ol the grain, the yield )>er acre
avenue as the veterans fell by the way­ 50 years old, and lived a few tnilet
turned from tw«» vuar»* n<»ni* e as a stir* and hla pristottlce address. These sam­
side. The one especially sari incident i from Milton. He ami Arthur had beej
i «M»n in the I'hihppinvs, denies th< ples are intended for distribution in tho
occurring to mar in a degree the glory iu the mountains for a week. Arthui
«hargen <>( negie« t on the transport i>riiicl|**»l wheat centers of the United
of the parade was when Charles Beck­ returned home Wednesday and said
sheriuau, made by Captain C 'renNhaw. riingdom, sud It is left to the depart­
with, of Algonza, Mich., dropped dead that his father had left him. Blood
of Atlanta, hi hi* ai>te*mortam state* ment of agriculture to see to the suc­
as the line was tiling past the corner was found on the blankets which the
nient. Dr. Kellogg, who tanic home cessful carrying out i f this programme.
oi Michigan avenue and Madison street. tav had brought back with him, ami
oil the ^hrimaii eitli < I<• IndiaW’, wavs
MMiiitr C'utrh Aahor«*.
The parade was halted for a moment, un investigation was made. The boy
Mr. Judson says his idea iu accom-
the captain w tn baillv w<nind«»*l; that panying these small packages by tire
Port Townsend, Wash., August 81. tho bony of the veteran who haff re­ then said that his father had killed
it was only a question nf time when mentioned data wax to satisfy tho sev­ —The steamer Topeka arrived from the sponded to hi, last call was tenderly himself with a revolver Deputy Sher-
he should »lie, ami It was at his own eral recipients, should they coni|>are north at 11 o’clock tonight, with 150 removed, and hia comrades passed on. iff Blakeley got the boy at bis home,
r«M)u«*«t that th«* captain wan allowed notes, that the samples were from sev­ passengers arid $100,1881 in gold dust.
It was shortly before 10:30 A. M. brought him to Milton. and at 3 o’clock
to come borne
Dr. Kellogg avers that eral fields and not from one particular­ The officers of the Topeka report the when the head of the column started this afternoon he confessed that he
( rwnshaw had every posNibltt attention. ly favorer! section. The effect of this British steamer Cutch ashore on Horse­ from the corner of Miciiigan avenue murdered his father by shooting him
Im hidlllg the I m ’ n I phv Niciaii» and remarkable recognition of the resources shoe reef, in Stephens’ |«ssage, 25 and Randolph street and an hour later with a rifle. Arthur said his fathet
abused him and threatened to kill him.
of the Northwest will lie far-reaemng. miles front Juneau. At low tide the it was tiling past tbe review ing stand.
The killing occurred near the bound­
Boxer» attempted t<> min« th« Ameri­ The attention of the newspapers all
ary line l>etween Union and Umatilla
over the world will Dot only lie arrest- damaged. lhe Cutch was in charge of walks along the line of march were counties. The remains of the murdered
can legation.
the second officer when she struck on packed from curb to wall, the windows
\ strike <d t tu,tax) anthracite coal e>l, but a mighty far ter in ths direction the night of August 24, and rapidly of the immense office buildings, gay man will be brought home. Mr. Kelly
left a wife and niue children. The boy
miner» I» threatened.
<>. R. A N. Co. has covered itxelf with tilled w ith water. The sea was smooth with fluttering flags and bunting, were
Giumral t’haffce I» pnqrariug to win- glory, and at the same time rendered at the time, and the passengers and tilled with sightseers, w hile along i told the details of the crime, evincing
neither emotion nor callousness. Ap-
let IB. I men in IN kin
the section tn which it operates a crew succeeded in reaching the beach, Michigan avenue, whete were erected iwrentlv he does not realize his position
lhe lattlr -hip A Mirarne m«rnged 17 service of great worth.
barge masse» of Boxer« are stili in
ami the enormity of his crime.
All this recalls the fact that Hood Topeak passed. The Topeka offered the court of honor, the crowd was so
kitols oil her ullir ial trial.
Reduction In Wages.
The Nehalem and Tillaiurark lisher- river apples took first prize at the cargo was being thrown overboard, great difficulty in keeping clear the
< hineM« rally thidr formi and pre­
world's fair iu Chicago, and Ashland
Fall River, Mass.. Sept. 1.—An
pare l«i sttauk thu alile» in Pukin.
meu’s strike lx at an en L
peaches took first prize there also, 'lhe steamer .Flossie, from Treadwell, line of march. And all through the agreement is being circulated among
Several ■>( Minister Conger's guests Washington timber and minerals were wax dispatched to the assistance of the hours that the veterans tramped by manufacturers in this city calling for
Hi” Ru«sian rotniiiundur in Pukin
rbids rum in unication with Ubine»«*. have arrived at IT«n Tsin.
lenders and that state took many first stranded vessel, but it is thought she this sea of humanity roared its wel­ a reduction in wages of 11 1-9 percent,
will become a total wreck, as she was come.
to take effect September 17, affecting
Il wn « Priore Tum and n«»t Prhi«*«$
A mrnement to dear tho country prises.
In the grandstand erected down the
full of water aft and rapidly settling.
all Fall River operatives. The signa­
Imiti who waa Cftplurod by III«« J n | m * ii * south of I’ekin is tn progress.
slope of the Lake Front Park near the
tures of mill agents representing about
Union Par I fl c Holtl-Up.
ttffidsl American dis|uitchex are be­
lxigan monument were gathered scores
Cheyenne, Wvo., August 81.—Th* of officers who won fame in the Civil 1,000,000 spindles, or one-third of the
Ilir« «’young Womrn were drowned ing lauqx rv'l with in China.
Popultat N a II oiim I Committee Accepted
Union Pacific passenger traiu, second wai. In the center box of the review­ cor|Njiatious of the city, have already-
«hi!» iMthmg m Flnrllay l^k», N«w
Him am V Ire-Preaitlenll«l Nominee.
Inrm st, Petersburg it is rc|Hnted
been obtained.
The cause for the
No. 3, was held up by bandits
that p- ■ace negotiations ha>e Iregtin.
Chicago, August 29.—At a meeting 2 *« miles west of Tipton Station. 58 ing stand were Lieutenant-General Nel­ secrecy observed in circulating the
l 'xr. Inlff n trnp for General Bullcr'x
agreement lies in the fact that, by
Prltnarv returns lidieatn that <’n>ker of the people's party natioual commit­
'•»oilry ami ru<'c«e<la<| in capluriug a will r'r ulrol the New V>rk Ibinociatlo tee today the declination of Charles A. miles west of Rawlins, last night at Commander-in-Cnief Shaw. General making the plan public now, stock­
Towne as tho vice-presidential nomi­ the hold-up. The express ami baggage Joseph Wheeler, General Daniel Sick­ holders opposed to a reduction at this
Crrln elltlotl.
Tbe Unitari
for tho party was accepted, and the cars were blown open and the sale les, Slayor Harrison, of Chicago, and perils I of tne year might thwart the
Senator Scott, of West V irginia, says
>»« Kui<nruteo.|
of Adlui K. Stevenson was put blown to pieces. • The railroad com­ W. H. Harper. To their left were plan of the selliug committee and buy­
the Republicans will lose 100,000 votes
Warder, Speaker ers might discount the effect of the re­
• 'bina.
in his place. Thia result was obtained pany says the loss is nominal. The Acting-Governor
in N«w York.
Henderson, of the house of representa­ duction and insist upon a proportionate
Fumi »npply at Tl«n T»in is insilili-
Heavy lighting is itqortad hr have M. and ending about 6:30 P. M. In baggage and express cars were consid­ tives; Bishop Fallows and Senator Cul­ decrease in the priut-cloth quotations.
ctent for relog, ?'«s ani a fallitile Is Im
at Macharlralorp, ire tween the beginning there were three courses erably damaged. United States Mar­ lom and to their right tbe Spanish
shal Madsell, who was notified at Raw­
Emery Wheel Burst.
Muore ami British.
advocated by different members of tho lins, organised a posse of 25 men with minister, the Duke of Arcos, with a
Salem, Or., Sept. 1. — W. A. Rum-
party of friends stood an interested
Jnpa» ha» notili,..I | •i Hung Cluing
P. G. Stewart, inemlair of tho pro-
•h it tu'... tintimi,, will
v,;;; Im impossibili visional government of Oregon, is dead list, to leave the place vacant, or last­ horses and went on a special train to spectator. Warm greetings were ac­ mel, proprietor of the South ''aleni
the seelie of the hold-up, and is now on corded General Miles and tlie Duke of cider mills, was injured at noon to<l ay
'"'•il pl«ni|«lt,'tit|nrtes Iiccptulrl« to at Tacoma, Wash.
ly, to indorse MraStevenson.
the trail of the bandits. No one was Arcos as they entered the reviewing by the bursting of an emery wheel,
• IMWor» are np|xrint«<L
Senator Marion Butler, chairman of injured on the tiain. The Union Pa­
I Four townships surrounding Sho­
which was running at a high rate of
T>‘* l’opuUtlon of New Orlonns as shone I alls, Idaho, hiun been reserved the committee, in a warm speech of cific offers $1,000 reward for each man. itand.
speed, and died at 9 o’clock tonight.
some length, advocated leaving the
H,"l.lu'tól *.'*
••”’ censiia bureau is j lor it national park.
Pieces of the stone struck him in tlie
Leadville, Colo., August 80.—The
Nearly a Tornado.
place IdHiik, contending that Bryan
‘”»1.94,,^m»t 242,039 In 189". un
forehead, splitting the skull and lacer­
The thirrl day of tho G. A. IL on- and Stevenson would receive more Pop­
'•" ’«»■x» ul 46,0115, or 18,02 per cent,
St. Ix>uis, Mo., August 29.—A spe­ Weldon mine, located just east of the ating the brain.
Rummel was im­
Hre rioritroyeil thn top fhsir of n carni.... 'tit nt Chicago, was given up to ulist votes than if a candidate for vioc- cial to the Post-Dispatch from sedalia- city limits, was toally destroyed by mediately taken to the Salem hospital^
I I the old soldiers' |*iarle.
ptesidrnt. was named. But one test Mo., says: A storm, closely reeem,
where he was attended by Doctors
*!' ?"’w v"rk * 'l.v
engine-room, but the engineer remain­ Byrd and Smith. Mr. Rummel was
Pan Francisco’s ixquilntioii, atcord- vote was taken. A motion was made bling a tornado, raged here at noon to­
t,. r "
•'ompaiiv, ninuii-
ed at his post until nearly all the men
"f Ltlio»’ umlvrwonr, cuuaing Illg to the I tilted States census, is to mdorso Mr. Stevenson. For this day. Three brick buildings on Main were hoisted from below. The rest about 45 years of age, and left a wife
motion, Mr. Washburn, of Massachu­ stieet were blown down. Woods* opera
» io»» of $300,000.
and several children. He had been a
312,782; Bostons', 560,899.
setts, moved as a substitute that a Pop­ house was practically unroofed, and made their way out through other resident of Salem for 10 years, and was
fl’hing smm ks wore
The presidi nt haxrequcshsl ex-l’resl- ulist bo placed upon the ticket. The doxeiis of smaller buildings damaged. mines in the vicinity. A large quati-
3' »>"• "Il •Irnlr anils fiat on thè dents llarrixrui anil Clevelaud to act on substitute was lost on a call of the roll Thousands of shade trees, were broken I tity of giant powder was removed safe- an energetic business man.
British VrlMoners Kelea»e«i.
f„,,'r v"
"f •••'orgin, 15 inlI«» I tlio international arbitration Ixianl.
by a vote of 24 ayes to 71 noe*. The and torii up by the roots. Street-car ' ly from the building by the miners.
" Vancmn„r. K.
Ixmrenco Marques, Sept. 1.—The
original motion was then adopted by a traffic was suspended and telegraphic The tire burned for over an hour, burn­
ing several houses in the vicinity. The British nriaoiwtrsat Mooit Gedbacht (on
the Sun Gabriel reservation, near lare viva-voice vote. There were 124 mem­ and telephonic communication was in­ loss is about $60.000 including a valu­ th.
Angeles, Cal., have alrsudy been swept
l'iKtoeMl",“'‘“,' *h"
fall of rain anil the water in some of able plant of machinery. The engineer bet
__ iiern by lire, anil still the llaiuos aro devour­ presented by proxies.
tile streets ran up to the doorsteps ot a was saved from the building in a badly ma
hsvx xuo,! fI)r . ••xi«,an troopR in Motiorii, ing tho timber. It was reported from
burned condition, and is not expected at
Yellow.toil« I’»» k Fire Ont.
number of residences.
ths I... I.
I'wu thousand of Stiirtcvniit's t'limp that th«( tiro had
to live.
Washington, August 29.—Acting
join th \ 5 t
Mr^ta refuse to spread <ui the north side of tho west
Rtnrms In Germany.
that 11 '
"«"gtiatluiix, fearing fork of the Sun Gabriel river and the Superintendent Goode, ot the Yellow­
Bankruptcy l»e«*l.lon.
Berlin, August 30.— During the last
stone National Park, in a telegram re­
Winona, Minn., August 30.—An im­
south sidcof theTejungit river, between ceived today by the secretary of tho few days territic thunder storms have
l,l,c'<fnK house cm- Devil's ciinyou ami the Short Cut.
interior, says the forest fire that has caused much damage in the districts here this morning by Judge Lochren, ha:
""<« lx. t'li, " ,I"U
,1"’ crruntry
raging in the park has been ex­ of Stutgart, Leipsic and Rostock. in the case of W. S. Trowbridge, in­
bimbe» I """
«niplojmeiit s»p-
The fire was confined Near Rostock the clops were destroyed solvent. The decision in effect is that
ki aeviir '' ?"*
of bokiig iinabln ed in Havre, I'liince, on July 20 last, tinguished.
by hail, which lay four inches thick
•’I" rulin'i* "'1 th"v ,'",1’*,’ler '»P "quite- charged with absconding from Porto mostly to dead and down timber, and In Saxony and Thuringia, on the other under the bankruptcy law, no creditor vii
>"t nent of tl„, WHg„
Rico with $12,000 of Uniteli States tho loss or area of the conflagration is
hand, lightning has caused many de­ can have his claim allowed until he
funds, linanrrlved in New York. He uot known.
' Hiicv«» stola was in the custody of Luis Barrios,
structive tin's.
or property he may have received from nt
0|lii:» of ii"rti'
fr”''' th« assay
Thu g„|,| '"¡.'7 G"uld
Plant. assistant chief of the insular jarlice of
Augustine, the chief of the Sequoia the bankrupt within four months piror in
Potto Rico, who wont to Havre to
New York, August 29.—The extreme
r<| h .
11 " rutort nml reprnsinit-
in California. died in San to bankruptcy, without regard to the su
H h M i ’ "’ w ,’ h V s ' el«iiii-ii|i of R A. brhig buck the alleged enilrexsler. By hot weather continued today, and the Biego. He had ruled the tribe for 100 creditor’s knowledge or ignorance of I n
his extradition tho French government weather bureau says the heat will last
the fact that his debtor is iu danger of in
the sovereignty of tho Unit­ two days longer. Eleven deaths were rears, hu J was reputed to lie 133 years bankruptcy.
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from th« olile«, ...... ..
ed States in Potto Rico.
reported today.
X J'i’t conn, from tho flirtili««.
•mir»1»»»,'1'''! t,lnt
thrill urn
will take
'/4’H ,,t 1 •>« Buris exposition
M‘»w‘ll'>n, <>., left
'T h I iiis „I,
"’,ll'rH th«y w ill tako up
• coiouj'Wnil,"u‘ '1UI1' IH"* «e»b-
l,*Nied'l'|l!'l]tr"l,w'l,f •T'" tfOHsiiry ban
for ti '! cnil,nio»> carrier in res)M>u-
H. .ven
'T" "f emrln recoiveri by
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nt« not no-
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or "hip-
English army experiment with a bi­
cycle corps ns n defensive force is pro­
nounced it success.
After living with her husband for 41
years a Topeka woman Ims discovered
that he is uot hor affinity and asks
Work Ims begun in Baltimore on- »he
silver serlvcs for Rear-Admiral Schley,
to bo made from tho silver coin cap­
tured on the Spanish cruiser Cristobal
Colon. Tho cost, when completed,
will be about #8.000.
Npanlah War Order.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Augunt 29.—
Tho United Ntatee Volunteer Aaaooia*
tion, the membership of which it ex*.
IHTt^d to exceed 200,000, was formed
here today, with Colonel Richard.
Henry Savage, ol New York, who com­
manded the battalion of engineers in
tho Cuban campaign, as president.
The objects of this association are ideiU
Heal with those of the Spanish war
ohb rs. Tlie association will be strict­
ly nonpartisan, nonsectional and non-
Tartar City of Canton llal,le<l.
Defeated With I.o«s.
Hong Kong, August 31.—Two hun­
dred bandits raided tho Tartar city ot
Cauton, Monday night. Several houses
were halted. It is believed that the
motive of tho raid was the Cantonese
hatred of the northeriibra.
Lourenco Marques, August 30.—
Heavy fighting is reported to have oc­
curred at Macliadodoi pr The Boers
ate said to have been defeated with
great loss, leaving their guns and am­
munition in the hands of the British.
New York, August 81.—Tom L.
Johnson, of Ohio, who arrived on the
< iceanic, said today that he received
a request from Mr. Braytt to come over
and take the stump for him, and that
he expected to do so soon in Ohio.
Eureka, Sept, t.— iu« ».. ,
the John Vance Mill & Klamath River
Railroad Company wore sold today to
A. B. Hammond, of Missoula, Nlont.
The John Vance Mill A Lumber Com­
pany is one of the oldest and largest
ted wood firms on the i’acific coast, and
Idaho Shingle Plant Burned»
, has a large foreign and domestic trade.
• Wallace, Idaho, August 28.—The The properties will be owued by cor­
Eureka Shingle Company's plant at porations incorporated under the laws
Harrison burned, today. The loss is of the state of New Jersey, with a capi­
tal stock of $2,000,000.
115,000, and the iusuiauce $5,000.
llogrri Men Forced Nomination of Itolx
•rt*»on, of Npiikitiir, mid Konuld,
of Meattta, for Congress.
Congressmep-at-large—F, <>’. Robert­
son, of Spokane; J. T. Ronald, of King.
Governor—John R. Rogers.
Lieutenant-Governor—W. E. Me-
Croskey, of Whitman.
Supreme Judges—E, C. Million, of
Skagit; Richard Winsur, ot King.
Secretary of State—J. A. Brady, of
Attorney-General—Thomas Vance, of
Treasurer—W. E. Runner, of Spo­
Auditor—L. Silvxrthorn, of Douglas.
Land CommiiMioner—O. R. Hol­
comb, of Adams.
Superintendent of Public Instruc­
tion— F. J. Browne, ot King.
Presidential Electors—James Me-
Neeley, of Pierce; N. G. Blallock, of
Walla Walla; J. G. Heim, of Pacific;
George T. Cotterill, of King.
Seattle, August 31.—John R. Rogers
was. renominated for governor by the
union Democratic convention on the
eigth ballot, at 1 o’clock this morning.
He received 708
votes, or 6S more
than the necessary number. The con­
text throughout was most exciting, and
great disorder many times marked the
conr-e Of proceedings in the conven­
tion. Rogers on the first ballot re­
ceiver! «33 votes, and gained on erery
ballot until his final victory. He was
a< tually nominated on the seventh bal­
lot, but in the confusion and through
a mi-un ler-tanding as to the vote of
the Walla Walla Populists he lost four
votr-s intended to be cast for him. He
then wanted only t^i votes. Tbe
chairman ordered another vote, which
was decisive.
The unexpected turn of events in
Roger’s direction came about with the
nomination of Robertson, of Spokane,
tor congressman. Thia state nominates
Imth congressmen-at-large. It was the
plan of tbe anti-Rogers faction to put
J. T. Ronald, of King, whom a great
majority undoubtedly favor,’ against
Robertson, for one nomination, and
thus kill off Robertson, and leave tbe
way open to Voorhees as a candidate
for governor. Robertson proved a very
strong candidate, and led Ronald, and
as the balloting proceeded seemed cer­
tain to defeat him. Many delegates
voted for Robertson, expecting to give
Ronald the second nomination. The
King county man had made a combi­
nation with Thurston Dauiels for the
other nomination, and he could not
honorably enter the second contest.
Dauiels tinally solved the problem for
King county and saved Ronald’s neck
by offering to withdraw. Ronald and
Robertson were then nominated by ac­
The Platform.
The following platform was adopted
by the convention:
We, the representatives of the Dem­
ocratic, Peoples and Silver-Republican
parties of tne state of Washington, as-
serubled in joint convention this 29th
day of August, 190U, respectively re­
affirm our faith in the priuciplefi
enunciated by our respective national
conventions; and we pledge our earnest
support to the peerless representatives
of the people, William Jeuniugs Bryan
and Aillai E. Stevenson.
We still lielieve iu the Declaration
of Independence, and therefore hold it
aloft in preference to the imperialistic
policy of the Republican party.
We oppose trusts and combinations
which corner the products of industry
aud levy tribute on the |>eople.
We denounce these twin relics of
barbarism—imperialism ami militar­
ism—whether in the form of trusta at
home or greed of conquest abroad.
We pledge our repelsentatives in
ootigresg to work for the passage of a
measure providing payment for the tints
consumed by our state volunteers in
the late war with Spain.
We favor just and liberal pensions
to the true and faithful soldiers of the
United States, including the gallant
Indian war veterans.
We demand such legislation as will
insure to the farmers and producers ot
the state of Washington a reduction of
freight rates and fares to a just basis.
We demand the inauguration of
■h measnrM as shall give the people
right to express themselves, when
y so elect, upon all important ques- •
is, by the system known as direct
Ve commend the official conduct ot
our state officers, and cull attention
the contrast between the present ex­
lent financial condition of the state
I the blight and ruin prophesied by
e opposition to surely resalt from th«
-ction of our state officers.
Wo commend the wise, courageous
i! patriotic manner in which the Hon.
■orge Turner, our representative in
e United States senate, has defended
p honor of his country and fulfilled
I duty to the people of the state of
S'ancouvor, B. C., Sept.
Ros' tn, wife and child were burned to
death here this morning. Their tw
story frame house was discovered <m
tire about 3 o’clock and as toon as the
flames were partly extinguished, tlie
firemen entered and found the charred
remains of Mrs. Rescia on the lower
floor. Rescia was in bed with the
burning clothes wr«p|>ed around him,
suffocated. The baby had rolled froia
the bed to ths flour in it» agony.